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Updated: Saturday, October 13, 2001

Current OS X news

Grammar Checking App For Mac OS X Released - Casady & Greene has released a grammar checking app for Mac OS X called Grammarian X. Grammarian X is a grammar checking app designed for use in the educational and professional fields, and is compatible with several popular programs

The new Mac OS is fast, clever - Apple Computer thinks it has seen the future of the personal computer. And its just-released new operating system, Mac OS X 10.1, aims squarely at that vision, turning your computer into a digital hub that makes downloading, editing, displaying and sharing digital pictures, video and music as simple as plugging a device into the computer.

Apple puts final touches on OS X upgrade - Although the market buzz may be about Windows XP, Microsoft's much-anticipated operating system release slated for next month, Mac OS X 10.1 is an important operating system release for Apple--one that could open the floodgates of new software applications and of more Mac OS users choosing to upgrade

OS X 10.1 offered in two different flavors of free - The upgrade will be available from Apple by mail for free + a $19.95 shipping and handling charge. ThatÍs not exactly what I call free, but I guess itÍs just a matter of marketing semantics

Get More Info On OS X Files: Check Out Super Get Info - Sure, the OS X Get Info command gives basic information about a selected file, but it could do so much more. Fortunately, the good folks at Bare Bones Software, best known for their BBEdit product, have noted some of the shortcomings of the standard Get Info command. The result is a spiffy new utility called Super Get Info

Wolfenstein MPTest Released for PC, OS X Pending - According to Graeme Devine, he has yet to receive the latest data from Nerve Software (the company which created the multiplayer aspect of the title) to package with the OS X MPTest

Mac OS X 10.1 to ship next week as planned - The latest version of Apple's next-generation operating system was expected to have been the highlight of CEO Steve Jobs' keynote at the Paris show. When Apple cancelled the event in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, some observers were concerned the release of the OS upgrade may be delayed too. All the indications are that it will become available exactly as planned.

Captain Bumper Carbonized for Mac OS X - French Mac game developer MacRun Games has announced the release of a Mac OS X-compatible version of their side-scrolling arcade game, Captain Bumper. This new Carbonized version is now available for download from their Web site

More Web Site Authoring For OS X - CreativePage 2.8 is a Web authoring tool for use on Mac OS and OS X platforms. The update has some new features and bug fixes

Mac OS X Finder Enhancement Released - A Better Finder Rename 4.0 is a contextual menu plug-in for the Mac Finder which allows users to rename multiple files, and now has full OS X support

Hang Ten: Why Mac OS X Is Faster Than Previous System Software - It Makes Nice And Cosy With Mac Hardware - It's not just the system software that provides the performance advantage and reliability for Mac OS X. The new operating system has special support to harness powerful features you might already have on your Mac

Clustering And Distributed Supercomputing Applications For OS X - Scientific Computing Associates (SCIENTIFIC), experts in parallel and distributed computing with more than 21 years of experience, have announced Linda for Mac OS X. SCIENTIFIC's Linda is a unique programming tool which allows developers to parallelize existing applications to run efficiently on a parallel computational cluster

Miss That Classic Apple Menu Feeling In Mac OS X? You Can Bring It - Sig Software has announced a new release of Classic Menu, the utility that gives you the Classic Apple Menu in Mac OS X. The new version, 2.5, brings the app up to speed with Mac OS X 10.0.4

Edit Your Romantic Lighting With A 2.0 On OS X - CDS advanced technology bv has released a new version of LCedit+, bringing the lighting editor to version 2.0. LCedit+ is an app used to control ambient lighting in theater or gallery settings. The new version of LCedit+ adds support for Mac OS X, in addition to other improvements and new features. According to CDS advanced technology bv:

UNIX Geeks Rejoice! Fortune Now Available Under OS X With FortuneX - For those that have had any UNIX experience, and were using a system whose administrator was sufficiently geeky, you may have experienced the "fortune" command. This small utility will, usually upon login, display a random, hopefully amusing or useful, quote. Unfortunately, Mac OS X, even from the dreaded Terminal window, doesn't seem to have a fortune command. Sure, you could find the source code and compile, but wouldn't you rather have a graphical Cocoa version? Then FortuneX is for you

Digital Spielbergs: QuickTime Effects For OS X - Buena Software, Inc. has released new QuickTime Effect Packs, bringing them to version 2.0. Effects Pack 1,2,and 3 are effects plug-ins for any app using QuickTime effects, such as Adobe Premiere. Version 2.0 has new features as well as bug fixes, and works natively in OS X. According to Buena Software, Inc

There's A Candy Crisis In Mac OS X - there's a Candy Crisis in Mac OS X, brought to you by John Stiles. Mr. Stiles has updated Candy Crisis to version 1.1, and the new version includes support for Mac OS X, among other things. Candy Crisis is an "action and puzzle" game, that used to be called Skittles until a certain candy company got tense about it.

Windows Site Adds Follow Up On Mac OS X & Windows XP - Yesterday we linked to an article at Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows that called Mac OS X and the Linux OS mere copycats of Windows XP's features. A few hours after publishing that story, Mr. Thurrott modified the article to say that Mac OS X and Linux were competitors (as opposed to copycats) of Windows XP, but that both were still copying Windows XP's feature set. Still later in the day, Mr. Thurrott added a sidebar to his article that talked specifically about Windows XP as compared to Mac OS X, his history with Mac OS X and Macs in general, and a bit about Linux. While this may surprise you, this article made us reconsider our opinion of Mr. Thurrott's opinions

Time Tool Goes Global With OS X - Time Palette version 5.0, the premiere world time tool for Macintosh is now available. With new support for Mac OS X, Time Palette 5.0 includes numerous new features and enhancements. Time Palette displays the current local time for any city worldwide, renders real-time, photo-realistic maps of the world with correct sun-shading, and calculates a wealth of global time, geographic, astronomical and weather data

Wall Street Journal Offers Hint Of Possible Change In Apple's 10.1 Pricing Plans - Walt Mossberg has written a preview of Mac OS X 10.1 for the Wall Street Journal that included a tidbit we found interesting. Mr. Mossberg suggests Apple may be planning on offering users a free way to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.1. Currently, Apple's official policy is that the Mac OS X 10.1 update is a free update, but that one can only get it via a three CD set that will carry a US$19.95 shipping and handling fee. Mr. Mossberg's comments include something that may indicate that Apple is working on alternative ways for Apple to distribute the update for free

Adobe posts X-compliant Web vector-graphics viewer - Adobe SVG is a browser extension that lets current versions of popular Web browsers render SVG. SVG is the World Wide Web ConsortiumÍs emerging, open language for describing two-dimensional graphics in Extensible Markup Language (XML)

Is Mac OS X Still Mac OS? - There are stirrings in the air these days that Mac OS X might not really be Mac OS after all. Let's take a look at some of the issues

Here's what you need to know before installing OS X - Why? First and most importantly, it's more stable than any version of Mac OS 9 (or Mac OS 8, 7, or 6 for that matter). I use Apple's Final Cut Pro to create videos, and, because that program still hasn't been updated for OS X, I am forced to use OS 9 almost every day. Frankly, I dread it. With Mac OS X, I rarely even think about having to restart my Mac because of a system error. With Mac OS 9, I think about it constantly. On the Mac I'm using for Final Cut Pro (which is running Mac OS 9.2.1), I have to reboot at least once or twice a day

WSJ: 10.1 update to be free from some stores - Writing for The Wall Street Journal, Walter Mossberg has recently done an analysis of Apple's forthcoming upgrade to Mac OS X, version 10.1. Mossberg's comments come in a new article entitled Apple May Go Mainstream With New System Features

A Flexible Mac OS X Notepad You Can Fit In Your Pocket - Pocket Software has released PocketNotes 1.0. PocketNotes is a Mac OS X notepad app for outlining and planning and has many features

CorelDRAW 10 coming to OS X this month - CorelDRAW is an illustration and page layout application that offers users a variety of effects and creation tools. Corel PHOTO-PAINT is a photo-editing application that offers image creation and enhancement, effects and artistic media brush tools

Mac OS X could help boost Macs in China - Liu, who was spotlighted by MacCentral back in November 1999, has been getting ever more involved with the Mac industry in China over the last month. He spoke on Mac OS X at an Apple road show and has talked to Chinese resellers all over the country. Plus, he works part-time for one of Apple's distributors (Founder) that's looking into bringing software from the United States and other countries to China.

The Mac OS X Shell

Student developer group starts Mac OS X forum - Mac OS X is generating so much excitement from users and developers that the Apple Student Developers of the University of Michigan Macintosh User's Group has started a forum to address Mac OS X issues and topics

Adobe Update: Illustrator 10 and Photoshop 6.5 for Mac OS X - According to sources, the German unit of Adobe Systems invited journalists there to a closed-door meeting set for the first weeks of September. The meeting is a typical one, and journalists in attendance will receive a preview version of the Mac OS X-compatible Illustrator 10 ffor testing and review

Archer 1.0.2 for OS X - Archer is a small, fast slide show player that supports audio and video as well as still images. Archer supports multiple players running at the same time each with their own set of images, speed setting, and size

Scientific image analysis app released for Mac OS X - The Laboratory of Plant Systematics has announced the release of Carnoy 1.0. It's an image analysis program developed to help scientists carry out measurements on digital images, especially on micrographs obtained from light or electron microscopes

Puma: Reader Questions on Mac OS X 10.1 Answered, Part Two - Last month, we published a reader Q&A with regards to Mac OS X 10.1. We've compiled a second round of questions and answers here

Opera, Carbonized for Mac OS X, now available in beta - Opera Software today announced the release of Opera 5 for Mac OS X Carbon Beta 1. Opera 5 is the company's small, fast, standards-compliant Web browser

MacDentalSuite not dead, OS X beta due next month - MacDentalSuite, the management software for dentists, is still under development, according to its developer James Bredijk. Those looking forward to the product were concerned that it had vanished because the Web site and e-mail had shut down

MacGIMP for Mac OS X - Today I would like to look at a bona fide X application called MacGIMP, made expressly for Mac OS X. It may well be the very first shrink-wrapped X application ever produced for OS X, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to review a copy. Affectionately known to unix users as The GIMP, this program's full name is the Gnu Image Manipulation Program. As the name suggests, GIMP is licensed under the GNU Public License. Its purpose is image manipulation and graphic file format translation. Functionally, I'd place it somewhere between a standard paint program and Adobe Photoshop. This new Mac version sells for US$25 from, which about covers their packaging and mailing costs, I'd guess. At that price, it must rank among the top ten deals of the year.

Regarding Quicken '02: OS X version has limits - I just read the above article, and I don't understand. There is no OS level issue of compatibility in formats supported by Quicken. Why isn't it Intuit's fault that whatever format they need to support are supported?

DragThing gets enhanced visuals, performance boost - DragThing 4.1 has added options to use icons in layer tabs and minimized docks; speed up DragThing's startup time; quit at startup if there is another copy running; and search only local disks for missing items. Plus, you can set the same hot key for multiple items again

DockSwap saves multiple OS X Dock settings - DockSwap 1.0, a dock switching utility for Mac OS X, has been released by piDog Software. DockSwap lets you save multiple Dock settings and access them later, according to developer Jim McKay

Brain Innovation, Trolltech praise Mac OS X - BrainVoyager analyzes and displays functional MRI information for cognitive neuroscientists and medical professionals. About two years ago, Brain Innovation customers started asking for versions of BrainVoyager that ran not only on Windows (where it was originally developed using MFC), but also on the Mac OS, Unix and Linux. After evaluating (and rejecting) several "API emulation" approaches, they went with Qt, Trolltech's cross-platform GUI framework, which allowed them to have BrainVoyager run natively on multiple platforms with a simple recompile

Quicken '02: OS X version has limits - The first major third-party consumer application for OS X is here; but despite impressive efforts from Intuit, Quicken 2002 for the Mac does not measure up to its Windows counterpart

TenBITS/03-Sep-01 - Mac OS X 10.1 should be arriving soon, and Macintosh developers are lining up with compatible revisions of their Mac OS X software. Here are a few of the ones that we found most interesting

Puma News: Optimization Continues as Gold Master Nears - In the final stretch of development, optimization is the key issue, and sources familiar with recent builds agree that performance continues to improve. Premier developers have been provided with 5G41, a build that is rumored to carry a "release candidate 1" designation. "It's just about there," said one informant who has used recent builds. Another user was enthusiastic about OS X's DVD Player, which until recent builds has been somewhat buggy. "No crashes at all so far, and not much of the spinning beach ball," another said of 10.1. "5G41 is very fast. Noticably faster than 5G27."

Macmillan to package OS X-friendly accounting software - Calling MyBooks and Moneydance "a strong alternative to QuickBooks and Quicken," Appgen CEO Jim Kelly said that his company hopes to see an expanded market base both domestic and internationally thanks to its relationships with companies like Macmillan and Apple

RealBasic 3.5 Make OS X applications without the fuss - Creating custom applications used to require knowledge of some programming language and the use of a compiler such as CodeWarior. Often, users would fail the daunting task of learning complex languages such as C++. Now with the dawn of OS X, developers must learn Cocoa or Carbon and decide between them which requires prior knowledge of C and either language. RealBasic changes all that by allowing users to develop their applications in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) using a modified version of BASIC for a programming language. Not only can it develop applications for the Classic Mac OS, it can also do so for OS X and Windows. RealBasic gives everyone the power to develop professional software without programming language expertise

random notes on Puma (MacOS X 10.1 build 5G40) - It rocks. I can't find a single thing wrong with it. OK, that's totally a lie, but it is the single best OS X build I've seen yet, and I've seen 47,002 of them

Newsroom tools get Carbonized for Mac OS X - If you're in the publishing industry, take note: Baseview's NewsEditPro and NewsEditPro IQue text management systems have been Carbonized for Mac OS X. "Both versions of our popular editorial software now take advantage of everything Apple's new operating system has to offer, from its groovy Aqua interface to its new innovative memory management," said Jodee Taylor of Basevivew



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