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Updated: Friday, October 19, 2001

Current OS X news

VOODOO Server 1.4 Available For OS 10.1 - UNI SOFTWARE PLUS has released an update for VOODOO Server, bringing it to version 1.4. VOODOO Server is a version control system plug-in for developers using CodeWarrior from Metrowerks. The new version has new features as well as some bug fixes, and now has support for Mac OS 10.1

Iomega's QuikSync gets Carbonized - Iomega has released a new version (3.1) of QuikSync, its backup/synchronization software for Zip and Jaz drives. The new version is Carbonized, so it'll run natively on Mac OS X.

The Mac OS X Version 10.1 Upgrade - Fortunately for me the first things I did notice were improvements. But a few glitches also showed up fairly early, and in fairness I need to deal with them up-front

The wait is over: OS X 10.1 easily lives up to its promise - Last April I told you that Mac OS X wasn't ready for prime time. I ended that column with: "I can't in good conscience encourage you to pay $129 for the privilege of beta testing this release. My advice: Wait for the `point-one' release, coming this summer." I'm happy to report that Mac OS X 10.1 shipped last week, and it's everything we've been waiting for. I've been using it every day for the past few weeks and, unlike the first five releases (10.0.0 through 10.0.4), release 10.1 rocks and is rock solid to boot

Apple betting audio pros will like Mac OS X 10.1 - In promotional/review materials for Mac OS X 10.1, Apple boasts that the operating update "introduces an array of audio capabilities that will ensure Apple's place as the preferred platform for music and audio." The new audio services are designed to make music systems more powerful and easier to configure than ever before. So what's included in the feature set that "lays the foundation of the next generation of killer music and audio applications"? Let's see what Apple is promising

How Fast Is Quake 3 Arena 1.30 Beta On The Dual G4/800 Running OS X 10.1? - The latest version of Quake 3 Arena screams when you feed it the latest, bestest hardware and software from Apple. It also helps to tweak Quake settings (just like the Windows guys do). If you are a game freak, you gotta get 10.1 and you gotta get a GeForce3 and you gotta get a dual G4 of some sort

BBEdit Lite 6.1.2 for Mac OS X 10.1

Updated Tri-BACKUP, Tri-CATALOG support Mac OS X - Tri-Edre has announced the release of two applications developed to support Mac OS X: its backup utility Tri-BACKUP 3.01, and its file and picture cataloger Tri-CATALOG 5.01. The two applications have now been Carbonized to run natively under Mac OS X.

HancomOffice 2.0 Integrated Office Suite MS Office Challenger Coming For OS X - HancomOffice 2.0, like StarOffice, will be a multiplatform product running on Linux, Mac OS/X, and Windows.... The toolbar and memory footprints are small enough that you can leave it running all day without making your machine gasp for swap every time you do something else. "HancomOffice 2.0 will bring a mix of applications from its previous releases. The component list includes a word processor, spreadsheet, graphics tool, presentation tool, database, flowcharting/diagramming tool, HTML editor, and an e-mail client.

It's Time to Get Ready for OS X - Apple released what I consider the first true commercial release of its new operating system, OS X Version 10.1. And it is truly a triumph. Gone are the maddening glitches in speed, performance, and stability. No longer is OS X just for the first-adopters and professionals with a Mac to spare as a lab. At long last, I can recommend it to all Mac users -- the writers, artists, small-businesspeople, animators, students, and teachers who use Macs for everything from gaming to Web browsing. OS X today is truly a stunning piece of engineering, beautiful to behold, fun to use, and as sturdy as any operating system I've ever seen

Online documents available for Mac OS X - Interested in a 290-page manual for Mac OS X, written by Apple?

Explorer leaves dock after upgrade to OS X 10.1 - Launching Internet Explorer will put its normal blue "e" icon back in the Dock, but only as long as the application is running. You probably want to put a permanent icon in the Dock so you can use it to relaunch Internet Explorer in the future. To do that, just drag and drop the icon from the Applications folder onto the right side of the Dock

An auspicious debut: The Dock revisited, and other 10.1 niceties - Letęs get some of the basics out of the way. Yes, it is much faster. Yes, itęs much more complete (DVD playback, DVD and CD-R burning, etc.). There are new versions of many applications, including Mail (which no longer pops open a window whenever no other windows are open), Address Book, iTunes and the final (very snazzy, I must admit) version of Microsoftęs IE 5.1, to name a few. Classic seems much more useful; I am now using my regular OS 9 volume as my Classic volume, instead of one prepared especially for OS X. There are, however, a few problems that I have encountered with 10.1

Questionable Dock icons in OS X 10.1 - I just installed the Mac OS X 10.1 upgrade over 10.0.4. It seems to work OK, except that the Dock now has two question marks where icons for Internet Explorer and Late Breaking News used to be. Nothing happens when I click them. What's going on?

Omnis Studio 3.1 improves OS X support - Raining Data Corp. said that Omnis Studio 3.1 is coming in mid-October. Omnis Studio is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool designed to work on multiple platforms, including various flavors of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

New Screen Saver Pack For 10.1 - illumineX has released an update for Screen Saver Pack, bringing it to version 1.03. The illumineX Screen Saver Pack update has new savers as well as support for OS 10.1.

Get your OS X kicks with Route 66 mapping software - A new, and Carbonized, version of Route 66 is now available for the Mac. Route 66 Route USA 2001-2002 for Macintosh offers up-to-date maps, over 2,600,000 streets in the USA, and more than 725,000 points of interest. Route 66 Route USA 2001-2002 is designed to calculate the most reliable and accurate trips between any number of stops

Grab the Mac upgrade - Wisely, many Mac faithful decided to sit out the first version of OS X before switching over to Steve Job's revolutionary Unix-based operating system. The first release was like an aging antelope ® slow but still beautiful to behold. Saturday's release of OS X v. 10.1 marked the halfway point in Apple's efforts to craft a speedy replacement for the system that has served it well for more than 17 years. And, from first looks, it appears to be a winner

More good notices given to Mac OS X - The positive reviews continue to roll in for Mac OS X

The Net Effect: Apple's X Factor - Apple Computer's new OS X marks the death of one of the world's great operating systems. Rejoice! I write this not as an Apple-basher, but as a long-disappointed Macintosh fanatic. Since its birth, the Macintosh has always had an excellent user interface but a crummy underlying operating system. Those problems date back to 1984, when Apple shipped the first Macintosh with Motorola's 68000 microprocessor rather than waiting for the more able-bodied 68010. That choice prevented Apple from incorporating technologies like memory protection and preemptive multitasking into the original Mac. The legacy of that mistake was nearly two decades of system crashes. But all of this history is about to be rendered moot

inetd: OS X 10.1 - the power of AppleScript - Watching Sal Soghoian, the "AppleScript Guy" himself, demonstrate the new capabilities of AppleScript in 10.1 was more than just good. For the first time in a long time, AppleScript got center stage at a Steve Jobs keynote and it's been needed.

iDisk under Mac OS X 10.1 may pose security problem - If you're using iDisk, the Internet hard drive feature of Apple's iTools service that runs under Mac OS X 10.1, be warned: the latest version of the next generation operating system appears to be less secure than previous versions of Mac OS X

Darwin 1.4.1 gets 10.1 improvements - Apple has released an update to Darwin, the open-source core to Mac OS X. The new version, 1.4.1, corresponds to Apple's recently released Mac OS X 10.1.

Apple Offers Mac OS X 10.1 Developer Tools For Download - With the release of Mac OS X 10.1, some have been hoping to lay their hands on a copy of the updated developer tools. Those people will be pleased to learn that Apple has indeed now released the "Mac OS X version 10.1 Developer Tools" for download.

Multimedia apps Carbonized - Macworld Daily News Tuesday - October 02, 2001 Multimedia apps Carbonized By Macworld staff Acrux Software has announced Carbonized public beta versions of iBuild Lite and Pro 1.1. iBuild is a multimedia-authoring package. Applications developed with this version will run on Mac OS X and earlier Apple operating systems

Labeling, mail merge software ready for OS X - Mail Merge Pro is a professional label and mail merge application that lets you choose from over 800 Avery presets or create your own. It also sports built-in drawing tools. You can merge data from a text file and use different font, style, size, justification and color for the label text. MMP lets you design your own borders and backgrounds, adding just about any type of image

Mac OS X Security Part Ten: Online Resources & Tutorials - This week we'll take a tour of some available online resources and tutorials that pertain to Mac OS X security.

Now Up-to-Date & Contact to Offer Full Mac OS X Support - Power On Software, Inc. will be taking the wraps off its new, native Mac OS X version of Now Up-to-Date & Contactĺ next month. Version 4.1 of the best-selling Macintosh organizer provides unequalled ease of use in contact management and scheduling software

ATI ROM update improves retail cards for OS X - Graphics chip and card maker ATI Technologies, Inc. has offered a new ROM updater developed for several of their Mac-compatible retail card product offerings. The new ROM update purports to offer improved Mac OS X compatibility and other changes.

Symantec says products Mac OS X 10.1 ready - Mac OS X 10.1 was released Saturday, but Symantec has already optimized their Internet security and problem solving solutions for the update

BBEdit Lite 6.1.2 addresses issues with Mac OS X 10.1 - BBEdit Lite 6.1.2 corrects problems encountered with using the Clipboard, and in adding items to the "Open Recent" menu when running under the latest version of the next generation operating system.

Speed Download ready for Mac OS X - Download speeds are very often far from their theoretical maximums. This can be due to general congestion of the Internet but often it is because servers will try and share bandwidth between clients, Yazbeck said. By using up to 32 simultaneous connections Speed Download helps overcome this limitation. All downloads are resumable and a queue system that supports schedules and scripting allows for efficient use of online time

MacVector sequence analysis app is Mac OS X native - MacVector is a sequence analysis package that's previously been available for PowerPC-based Macs running older versions of the Macintosh operating system. However, thanks to some Carbonization, the latest version runs natively on Mac OS X -- and on Mac OS 8.6 and higher with the CarbonLib extensions installed

ScreenWatch to work with Mac OS X, says OPTX - Peter Cohen, October 1, 2001 11:10 am ET OPTX International announced today that it will support Mac OS X with its ScreenWatch software. ScreenWatch is a screen capture and recording system designed to work in tandem with RealNetworks' RealPlayer software

ZyGoVideo Pro ready for Mac OS X - "ZyGoVideo running under QuickTime rivals Windows Media Player and Real Player in both visual quality and compression speed at streaming rates of 28.8 kbps and 56 kbps," Rob Sheffield, president and CEO of Media Metastasis, told MacCentral. "ZyGoVideo Pro for Mac OS X completes the complement of ZyGoVideo QuickTime products for both the Mac and PC platforms."

Quake III OS X 1.30b1 Available - id Software has posted the OS X version of the Quake III 1.30b1

A look at connecting to Samba servers in X - The most important new feature in Mac OS X 10.1 is arguably the addition of Samba networking support. Mac users can finally participate in local area networks out of the box. Even more importantly, Mac OS X users can now connect to Windows-based servers while simultaneously supporting other network activities

Mac OS X 10.1 Reviewed - Overall I think this was a great update. While it wasnęt available for download like I would have wanted, the update was easy to install and address a lot of smaller issues. While I wasnęt thrilled about no DVD support, and flakey SAMBA support, I do believe that these issues will be addressed over time. This update is really something. I think this is the first truly usable version of Mac OS X.

Mac OS X: Our First Impressions - The new release has a few subtle usability improvements: you can set the date and time by clicking on the menu bar clock, for example. A few caveats, however:- Internet Explorer appears to have some timing-related issues. We found timeouts occurring on some sites, sites with which OmniWeb had no problems. And the click-and-hold method of bringing up a context menu seems to wait indefinitely before displaying the menu.

Backseat driver: Movin' on up to Mac OS X 10.1 - Having played around with previous versions of Mac OS X, I've eagerly awaited the day when the next generation operating system would be ready for primetime. That day has come, at least for me. In my job as a reporter, I use my Mac for three main business chores: writing, e-mail and Internet access. AppleWorks -- especially the latest version (6.2.1) that's designed especially for Mac OS X 10.1 -- serves most of my word processing needs (though I am anxious to give Word X a whirl). Here are my first impressions

Columnist encourages a look at OS X 10.1 - ZDNet Anchordesk executive editor David Coursey encourages his readers to take a look at Mac OS X's latest incarnation, version 10.1

Yo, Windows users! Please take a look at Mac OS X.1 - OS X is the nicest operating system I've ever seen. It works like an OS should work, but is very different from all previous Mac operating systems. Mostly, this is a good thing for average users, though people used to troubleshooting Mac problems must begin their education pretty much from scratch.

Two CompUSA Locations Go Above & Beyond For Mac OS X 10.1 - I don't have an Apple Store nearby, and both of the CompUSAs in my area are pretty well run. On Friday, CompUSA's PR department told me specifically that every store would receive 100 copies of the free version of the update, but I had no doubt that this would not be the case everywhere. While I was assuming I was too late to get a packet, even if they got their 100 copies in, I was curious to see how things were going

Mac OS X 10.1 Flies Off The Shelves, Some Stores Burned Copies For Customers - At most locations offering the Mac OS X 10.1 update this weekend, demand far outstripped the supply of upgrade packets from Apple. In response, many Mac retailers took the effort to burn copies of the CD: we have reports of many CompUSAs and other Mac retailers around the country burning additional copies of the CDs as soon as they arrived.

What's New In Mac OS X 10.1? (Updated) - We are working on more comprehensive look at Mac OS X 10.1, but we wanted to offer a quick look at some of the changes in the meanwhile. This is by no means an exhaustive look at the new features and other changes, but it should give you a good idea of what to expect

New version of OS X points the way - The drum roll has been reverberating for quite a while but, right on promised time, the first full-flavoured edition of Mac OS X, version 10.1, was released last week to a breathless world. (Well, we doubt there was much heavy breathing in the Wintel camp, but many a Mac-head was trembling with anticipation.)

Acquiring Mac OS X 10.1 - The Mac OS X 10.1 upgrade is free to all owners of Mac OS X and purchasers of Macs that shipped with Mac OS X pre-installed. However, because Mac OS X 10.1's size forces it to be available only on CD-ROM, Apple is charging a $20 shipping and handling fee (plus local sales tax, which you must calculate yourself). The full upgrade package, available to U.S. and Canadian users via Apple's Mac OS Up-To-Date program through 31-Dec-01, includes a Mac OS X 10.1 upgrade CD, a full Mac OS 9.2.1 CD, an updated Developer Tools CD,

Mac OS X 10.1: The Main Features - The worst problem suffered by Mac OS X 10.0 was performance. Throwing lots of RAM and processor power (particularly a PowerPC G4 with the Velocity Engine coprocessor) at the problem helped, but PowerPC G3-based Macs, and particularly those on the lower end of the RAM scale, were unacceptably slow. My 250 MHz PowerBook G3 Series with 160 MB of RAM couldn't even restart in Mac OS X 10.0 without timing out.

Updated OS X may power Apple growth - Apple's decision to distribute the update free to existing users is part of a strategy to persuade them to build "digital hubs," based on the new Macintosh system, that would link devices from cameras to DVDs, Schiller said. "We are still just beginning to build the marketplace for Mac OS X," he said.

Great expectations for XP and OS X - Will the new operating systems from Microsoft and Apple breathe life into a PC industry suffering from falling sales? Well, yes and no

iMovie Plug-in Pack out for Mac OS X - Apple has released iMovie Plug-in Pack 2.1.1 for Mac OS X, which contains a set of effects, transitions and titles that you can add to iMovie for Mac OS X.

AppleScript muscles up in Mac OS X 10.1 - It's ironic that, in years past, when Apple was planning its next generation operating system (Copland, Rhapsody, and the others that preceded Mac OS X), there was talk of scrapping AppleScript and implementing an entirely new scripting language. Now Mac OS X v.10.1 is (almost) here and AppleScript is bigger and better in the new operating system

New beta of FoldersSynchronizer for Mac OS X available - With FoldersSynchronizer, you can either maintain mirror copies of directories on multiple hard drives, or you can use the software to backup and delete content from one volume to another. The software contains a wide variety of customization features to tailor your backup or archive and it is AppleScriptable

FlexiSheet is Coming to Mac OS X - FlexiSheet follows in the big footsteps of such great applications as Lotus Improv and Lighthouse Design's Quantrix. Taking an object oriented approach to tables and data, it allows the user to reorganize rows and columns on the fly, without losing data. FlexiSheet's user interface was designed from scratch to adhere to Apple's Aqua guidelines and makes number crunching really easy and enjoyable

Mac OS X Clean Install Migration Guide - Feeling ill? Six months of installs, pre-releases, betas and experiments gone horribly wrong can leave the meticulous OS X user feeling queasy. Many of us are novices who are learning a whole new operating system. That can make finding and removing the digital crust almost impossible, but with the release of Mac OS X 10.1, it's a perfect time to start with a clean slate. If you happen to be the kind of user that's been incrementally upgrading the same Mac since System 7.5.5, piling OS upon OS, there's nothing to see here. Move along now. Show's over. "But I've never had any trouble. I know a million people who-"

Mac OS X's Publishing Pitch - Apple rose to the challenge on Tuesday morning, announcing the imminent arrival of an upgrade that brings the client and server versions of the industrial-strength OS within striking distance, performance-wise, of the classic Mac OS.

TMO's List Of Retail Locations That Will Carry The Free Mac OS X 10.1 Upgrade (Updated) - The following is a list of some of the retailers that will be carrying it plus any notes we have on what those retailers might be requiring for you to get a copy. While most of the locations have told us that they will not be requiring proof of ownership of Mac OS X (the CD works only as an upgrade, and requires an earlier version of Mac OS X to be installed on your system)

Dealers getting copies of OS X 10.1; reviews positive - reviews of Mac OS X 10.1 in the mainstream press have, overall, been very positive.

Hang Ten: What's New In OS X For PowerBooks? - Quite A Bit! - With Mac OS X, Apple Computer has made your portable computing experience even more pleasant, with clever touches that will make your iBook or PowerBook run faster and more efficiently

First Major Upgrade to Mac OS X Hits Stores This Weekend - The Mac OS X v10.1 retail package is available for a suggested retail price of $129 (US). Current Mac OS X users can upgrade using the standard Mac OS Up-to-Date program for $19.95 (US). A free Instant Up-to-Date upgrade kit for existing Mac OS X users will be available through October 31, 2001, or while supplies last through Appleęs retail stores and at participating retail outlets

Major Mac OS X Server v10.1 Update Now Available - Apple today announced the availability of Mac OS X Server version 10.1, the first major upgrade to the companyęs industrial-strength, UNIX-based server operating system. Mac OS X Server v10.1 delivers system-wide performance enhancements, increased reliability and substantially faster file transfer times

More than 1,400 Third-Party Applications Now Available for Mac OS X v10.1 - Apple today announced that more than 1,400 third-party applications are now available for Mac OS X version 10.1. Native applications available today and introduced at this weekęs Seybold San Francisco 2001 take full advantage of the system-wide improvements to Mac OS X v10.1. This major upgrade to Mac OS X includes dramatically increased performance, a refined Aqua user interface, and unprecedented connectivity to popular digital peripherals like DV camcorders, MP3 players and digital cameras

Apple to release OS X update Saturday - Apple Computer will release on Saturday an operating system update designed to improve performance and add capabilities to the original version of Mac OS X that debuted in the sprin

Mac, Unix make Apple tops for next-gen home machine - THE KEYS TO OS X are that it's Unix inside and Mac outside. This combination of stability, support for industry standards, and wide developer support coupled with Apple's Aqua graphical user interface and emphasis on graphic performance makes this a truly great operating system. Unfortunately, in a head-on competition with Windows, the very people who need OS X most are least likely to see it

Mac OS X gets down on the (Compile) Farm - OSDN has added Mac OS X and PowerMac G4 servers to the Compile Farm. This means that developers will now be able to use the world's largest Open Source development website to test drive their applications on Mac OS X version 10.1

Microsoft Releases Word Test Drive For Mac OS X - Microsoft has released a "test drive" release of Word X for Mac OS X. For those keeping score at home, this means you can download and use a pre-release version of Word for Mac OS X for free

Extensis Announces Availability of Suitcase for Mac OS X; Free Upgrade for Suitcase 10 Owners Set to Ship November 19 - Extensis Suitcase 10 is the fastest way to work with fonts. Packed with automated features that help you preview, organize and activate your fonts, Suitcase 10 makes it easy to find the right font fast. Activate only the fonts you need, preview fonts in several different ways, collect fonts for output, and create sample pages

Mac OS X Security Part Nine: Configuring BrickHouse & ZoneAlarm - Last week we looked at an affordable solution to the security issues introduced by running Classic Mode, VirtualPC, and DAVE. This week we resume our firewall studies, and spend some time under the hood with BrickHouse for OS X and ZoneAlarm for Windows

Wacom Releases OS X Driver Today Software supports Native and Classic environments - The new driver, being distributed freely on Wacom's site as of today, requires Mac OS X 10.1

KPT have X effect appeal - KPTeffects comprises nine modules, for to call them filters would be to do them a disservice. Each module, when selected, opens up into a full-screen editing environment and a plethora of controls. Though this may at first look confusing, the beauty of KPT is that you learn quickly and easily simply by playing around

3D asset browser Turbo Squid LT supports OS X - Turbo Squid has announced the release of a new version of Turbo Squid LT, a search utility developed for 3D artists. The new beta version of the software has been developed to work with Mac OS X. With Turbo Squid LT, you can browse asset collections comprised of over 75,000 3D models, motion capture files, textures and shaders that are available through Turbo Squid's own online marketplace

Color Correction App Released For OS X - Lantana has released a new version of Crackerjack, bringing it to version 4.0. Crackerjack is a color correcting app designed for use by print professionals in the graphic arts market. The new version has several new features as well as support for OS X

Spreadsheet bonus for X - P&L Software has announced Mesa 3.0.4, an upgrade to its Mac OS X spreadsheet application. Mesa was formerly the best-selling spreadsheet product on NeXTStep operating systems. This version has been designed in Cocoa, so fully utilizes the features of OS X

Grammarian X ships for Mac OS X - Mac software publisher Casady & Greene announced that Grammarian X is ready for download from their Web site. It's a Mac OS X-native implementation of the application-independent grammar checker, and it supports Carbon and Cocoa applications

Apple posts OS X firmware - Apple has released Firmware Update 4.19 for Power Mac G4s, G4 Cubes and slot-loading iMacs. The update improves start-up in Mac OS X, as well as FireWire target-disk mode, network startup, improves gigabit networking on so-equipped systems, and improves system stability.

Mac OS X Shortcuts for New Users - Mac OS X will make it into the operating system hall of fame some day. Will it make it into yours? Maybe, if you can just figure out how to get started. That's exactly what we'll tackle today. I highly recommend digesting the booklet that comes with your OS X kit. If you've lost it, there is an Acrobat version called Welcome to Mac OS X on the CD itself

Adobe to make OS X debut with Illustrator 10 - Illustrator will be the first of Adobe's major software products to be OS X native. Version 10 introduces an array of new features to the graphics design, illustration and, now more so then ever, Web content creation package

Illustrator 10 sports new tools, OS X support - Adobe Systems Inc. today announced the forthcoming release of Illustrator 10, the latest major upgrade to the company's popular vector graphics software. Adobe is emphasizing Illustrator's 10's new tools for network publishing and enhanced integration with other Adobe graphics programs like Photoshop, GoLive, Premiere, InDesign and others. Look for the software to hit store shelves later this year -- and yes, it's compatible with Mac OS X

FileMaker Developer announced for OS X - FileMaker has unleashed FileMaker Developer 5.5 for database administrators and corporate and independent developers. The application includes the full functionality of FileMaker 5.5, including Mac OS X compatibility, and additional features such as database-design reporting, script debugging, developer tools, plug-in samples, updated drivers, and improved support for XML and other standards

Photostudio X localized for Chinese market - Arcsoft is a software company focusing mostly on the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) market for digital cameras. Two Chinese people in the United States started the company in 1994. Since then, it has grown to a 100-man operation in the States with offices all over the world. They now have another 100 people working at their China offices

OS X Gets Its Finishing Touches - Version 10.1 of Apple's new operating system is everything the original should have been from the start

The Performance Edge: The 10.1 OS X Upgrade Put Through Its Paces Additional Benchmarks On The (mostly) Free Upgrade - We are all aware by now of the 10.1 improvements noted at the Seybold keynote, shorter application launch times, faster Aqua menus etc. These are mostly born out by our tests below

Porting Mac OS X to Intel - With the initial success of OS X (hey, it works) and the beginning of a migration to a Unix-based platform, much has been made of the possibility of Apple porting OS X to other platforms. The initial reaction of many is that this would greatly expand Apple's market share and allow them to gain on the Wintel competition. As I think through the ramifications on Apple's business, I have determined that porting Mac OS X to other hardware would be the last thing on which Apple should focus

Apple Tells Wall Street Journal That OS X Adoption Is Proceeding As Expected - Apple Computer Inc.'s new operating system, Mac OS X, has been adopted by the public at a rate that the company "expected and hoped," Phil Schiller, the Cupertino, Calif. computer maker's vice president of world-wide product marketing, said Tuesday

OpenWeb CD Installs 22 Unix/Server Tools On Your Mac OS X Mac - OpenOSX has put out a CD that many people interested in using Mac OS X as a server will find useful. It's called OpenWeb CD and it includes 22 open source (free) tools from the Unix world. The CD will install and configure those tools on your Mac OS X box. From OpenOSX

Troi Graphic Plug-in out for FileMaker 5.5, Mac OS X - The Troi Graphic Plug-in adds a variety of graphics functions to FileMaker Pro 5.5. With version 1.1, the Mac OS version of the plug-in is a "super fat" plug-in that will run natively on Mac OS 8, 9, and OS X

Virus X 7.0 is Mac OS X native - Virex X 7.0 includes a native Mac OS X application and a command-line scanner. Though the name indicates a completed product and it's described as an update, part of the online notes also call it a "beta," saying, "this beta has been designed to run only on the released version of OS X or later

AppleWorks tweaked for Mac OS X 10.1 - AppleWorks -- Apple's productivity suite containing word processor, spreadsheet, database and drawing tools components -- has been updated. The new version, AppleWorks X 6.2.1, is an upgrade only for users of Mac OS X 10.1

New OS X sections added to Apple SciTech site - Some of Apple's SciTech pages have been rewritten. There's a section on "High Performance Computing" and "High Performance Computing (HPC) Products for Mac OS X" to reflect the growing importance of Mac OS X

MACh Speed Control optimized for Mac OS X v.10.1 - XLR8, the folks who make multiprocessor upgrades and expansion products for the Mac, have revised their cache enabling and PowerPC processor optimization software, MACh Speed Control 2.6.0, to make it work better with -- you guessed it -- Mac OS X v.10.1

Cocoa on Mac OS X v.10.1' course slated for November - Now that Mac OS X v10.1 is on the way, The Big Nerd Ranch is holding its first class in "Programming Cocoa on Mac OS X 10.1." Cocoa is an advanced object-oriented programming environment. According to Apple, Cocoa gives developers a whole new toolbox for building the best next-generation applications. It's a collection of advanced, object-oriented APIs for developing applications written in Java and Objective-C

Canto ships Cumulus 5 Enterprise Edition for Mac OS X - The folks at Canto have gone wild at this week's Seybold San Francisco seminar with a flurry of Mac-related product announcements, including Cumulus 5 Enterprise Edition for Mac OS X, a new Option for the Cumulus line and Idţe's Espion Visual Search integration

Palm's year-end goal for X - Palm aims to complete its Palm Desktop for Mac OS X by "the end of the year", company sources told Macworld Online this morning

New Arcade Game Hits Mac OS X - A company called illumineX has released a new Mac OS X game called BabelBloX. BabelBloX is an arcade style game where you have to eliminate a mixed grid of different colored blocks by clicking on groups of two or more

Should OS X and Linux Fight or Join Forces? - Rather than providing a potential danger to Linux, OS X will instead be its perfect complement because Linux and OS X are so similar. With the recently released update to Mac OS X, Apple can now boast that it has created the first Unix-based operating system fit for the masses

Ask the Darwin team! - Here are the results of the "Ask the Darwin team" call for questions that ran in July. We received so many questions that we won't be able to answer each one here. What we've tried to do is to address as many as possible across the various topics that were covered.

Apple's Next Generation OS: Mac 10.1 Finally Released Despite Delays - The update to OS X makes the operating system incredibly fast. Along with speed improvements, the update includes a refined Aqua interface, has unrivaled support for more digital devices than any other operating system on the planet, and best of all, is free for existing OS X owners

Apple Revamps Mac OS X Clustering Web Pages - Apple has revamped part of the Science & Technology section of its Web site. The company has added new resources to its High Performance Computing (HPC) and Clustering Web pages. The HPC page offers general information on the concept of clustering and scalable computing. The Clustering page itself offers information and direct links to a number of resources for developing a Mac OS X based cluster

OS X applications reaching critical mass - Major applications available now, or destined to ship over the next few weeks include: Adobe's Illustrator 10 and InDesign 2.0, Microsoft's Office v.X for Mac, Alias|Wavefront's Maya, Internet Explorer 5.1, Macromedia's Freehand 10, Procreate's Painter 7 and KPT effects, Corel's Graphics Suite 10 for Mac, FileMaker Pro, many games, Internet security and hundreds of shareware titles. The trickle of applications has become a flood

Toast Titanium for Mac OS X updated - Company officials say this is "the first application to allow users to burn audio and data CDs and DVDs on Mac OS X." Preview #2 requires a Power Mac running Mac OS X version 10.1 or later and won't launch under Mac OS 9.

Stone Studio optimized for Mac OS X 10.1 - According to Stone Design CEO Andrew Stone, this version of Stone Studio has been optimized for Mac OS X 10.1. Plus, PhotoToWeb, which manages digital photographs and produces Web sites from albums of images, is now fully AppleScriptable

iDisk gets new features for Mac OS X 10.1 via WebDAV - The release of Mac OS X 10.1 brings some new features to iDisk, the iTools feature that provides Mac users with online data storage capabilities in capacities from 20MB to 1GB. The new features have been incorporated thanks to Apple's support for WebDAV, a multiplatform networking protocol that works on various flavors of Windows and Linux.

Gideon boosts three utilities with 10.1 compatibility - Gideon Software has updated several of its Mac OS X applications to make them compatible with Mac OS X 10.1

eMail Alert! now compatible with Mac OS X 10.1 - eMail Alert!, Intelli Innovations' e-mail notification and management software, has been updated to version 2.8, adding Mac OS 10.1 compatibility

Mac OS X slide show player adds Show Info option - Eridanus has updated Archer, a slideshow player for Mac OS X that supports audio and video as well as still images, to version 1.0.3


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