Apple Breaks The GHz Barrier! Power Macintosh January 2002 Upgrade & Information Page
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Common Facts & Features

  • Introduced: January 28th, 2002
  • Discontinued: N/A
  • Processor Family: Motorola MPC7455 AKA Apollo G4
  • Processor L1 cache: 32K
  • Processor L2 cache: 256K at full processor speed.
  • Processor L3 cache: Varies by machine. See below.
  • System Bus Speed: 133 MHz
  • RAM Slots: 3, 168-pin SDRAM DIMM (1.5 GB max)
  • PCI Slots: Four full length slots, 64-bit, 33MHz
  • Graphics Slot: 4x AGP slot, filled
  • Expansion Bays: Three 3.5-inch hard drive expansion bays, one filled.
  • FireWire: Two 400Mbps ports (15W total power)
  • USB: Two USB 1.1 ports
  • Networking: 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet, 56k V.90 internal modem & AirPort slot (IEEE 802.11b compliant)

Power Mac G4/800 Facts at a Glance

  • Processor: G4/800
  • Processor L1 cache: 32K
  • Processor L2 cache: 256K at 800 MHz.
  • Processor L3 cache: None
  • Installed RAM: 256MB PC133 SDRAM
  • Graphics Card: ATI RADEON 7500, 32MB DDR SDRAM. ADC & VGA connections.
  • Hard Drive: 40GB Ultra ATA (7200 rpm)
  • Optical Drive: CD-RW (24x10x32)
  • Initial Shipping OS: 10.1 (boot) and 9.2
  • Initial Retail Price: $1,599
  • Current Price

Power Mac G4/933 Facts at a Glance

  • Processor: G4/933
  • Processor L1 cache: 32K
  • Processor L2 cache: 256K at 933MHz.
  • Processor L3 cache: 2MB DDR SDRAM at 233MHz
  • Installed RAM: 512MB PC133 SDRAM
  • Graphics Card: nVIDIA GeForce4 MX, 64MB of DDR SDRAM. ADC & VGA connections.
  • Hard Drive: 60GB Ultra ATA (7200 rpm)
  • Optical Drive: "Super Drive" Writes DVD-R at 2x, Reads DVDs at 6x, Writes CD-R at 8x, Writes CD-RW at 4x, reads CDs at 24x
  • Initial Shipping OS: 10.1 (boot) and 9.2
  • Initial Retail Price: $2,299
  • Current Price

Power Mac Dual G4/1GHz Facts at a Glance

  • Processor: G4/933
  • Processor L1 cache: 32K
  • Processor L2 cache: 256K at 1GHz.
  • Processor L3 cache: 2MB DDR SDRAM at 250MHz
  • Installed RAM: 512MB PC133 SDRAM
  • Graphics Card: nVIDIA GeForce4 MX, 64MB of DDR SDRAM. ADC & VGA connections.
  • Hard Drive: 80GB Ultra ATA (7200 rpm)
  • Optical Drive: "Super Drive" Writes DVD-R at 2x, Reads DVDs at 6x, Writes CD-R at 8x, Writes CD-RW at 4x, reads CDs at 24x
  • Initial Shipping OS: 10.1 (boot) and 9.2
  • Initial Retail Price: $2,299
  • Current Prices

The introduction of the January 2002 Power Macs was a quiet one. The official announcement came weeks after the Macworld expo in San Francisco. This was done, no doubt, to avoid stealing the new iMac's thunder, but the new towers are definitely deserving of attention.

This latest round of Power Macs are the first to break the elusive (for Motorola at any rate) "Gigahertz barrier." The new lineup consists of a G4/800, a G4/933 and a Dual G4/1GHz. all three use Motorola's new MPC7455 processor, aka Apollo. The Apollo is manufactured using a silicon-on-insulator process which boosts clock speed and lowers power consumption. All three models sport 256K "on chip" cache running at full processor speed, but the low end model lacks the 2MB backside (or level 3) cache found on the G4/933 and Dual G4/1GHz machines. The L3 cache runs at one quarter of the processor speed, or 233MHz and 250MHz for the G4/933 and (dual) G4/1GHz respectively. Although the MPC7455 is currently topped out at 1GHz, Motorola claims there is plenty of room to push this number higher.

While the previous generation of Power Macs relied exclusively on nVIDIA for their graphics power, new lineup includes an ATI RADEON 7500 card in the low end G4/800. The G4/933 and Dual G4/1GHz machines sport nVIDIA's brand new gForce4 MX with 64MB DDR SDRAM. Although the 7500 only sports half the SDRAM, the remainder of its published specs best the gForce4 MX, as noted by our friends over at Bare Feats. Shortly after the launch, Apple added the far more powerful gForce4 Titanium card as a build to order option. The gForce4 Titanium sports a whopping 128MB DDR SDRAM and far superior memory throughput. Adding the card to the G4/800 will set you back $350, adding it to the G4/933 or dual G4/1GHz costs $250.

Additional Resources

Apple Finally Goes Gigahertz - Apple's Power Mac G4: gigahertz times two this is just what Apple needs in the performance department. Previously, the fastest G4 chip in an Apple machine was the 867 MHz G4 released in July. But as so many Mac fanatics are quick to point out, there's a lot more to a computer's performance than the raw clock speed of the processor. Still, none will deny themselves the joy of saying a word that has so far eluded them: gigahertz.

Apple Adds Super Fast GeForce4 Titanium As BTO option For Power Mac G4s - Many Mac users were critical of the GeForce4 MX as some benchmarks showed that it was actually slower than the previous generation GeForce3 cards. Today's announcement from Apple will likely silence those critics. The card also supports dual-monitors from the single card and has 128 MB of DDR SDRAM on board.

The Laptop vs. Desktop Dialectic - David Coursey and David Berlind over at AnchorDesk have been conducting a public discussion on the topic of using a laptop as one's only computer. Berlind, the laptop advocate, and Editorial Director of ZDNet Tech UpdateToday, has been practicing what he preaches for 10 years , while Coursey says he would like to go laptop-only, but can't.

Power Mac G4s get Nvidia GeForce4 Titanium option - Apple indicated that the GeForce4 Titanium can pump out 87 million triangles and 4.9 billion textured pixels per second. The GeForce4 Ti-based card is being offered on a 4x AGP card equipped with 128MB of double data rate (DDR) SDRAM. Apple also noted that the GeForce4 Ti-based card comes equipped with both Apple Display Connector (ADC) and Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connectors.

Apple product managers on the 1GHz Power Mac - With the announcement of new Power Macs earlier today, Apple broke a barrier that every Mac user has been waiting for -- the release of a 1GHz Power Mac. MacCentral spoke with Greg Joswiak, Apple's senior director of Hardware Product Marketing and Tom Boger, director of Power Mac Product Marketing about the new systems.

Apple - Education - University of Colorado/Colorado Springs - ItŐs no coincidence that musician Adrian Johnson counts Nine Inch Nails founder Trent Reznor as one of his prime influences. "Reznor started out just like me, doing everything on his own on his Mac, then eventually hiring live musicians."

That's a Whole Lot of Power, Mac - Apple promises the dual-processor machine can perform an "amazing" 15 billion floating-point operations per second, or 15 gigaflops. According to Apple, this allows the machine to run Adobe Photoshop about 70 percent faster than an Intel Pentium 4 at 2 GHz. And encoding video is 300 percent faster, Apple claims.

Power chip hits 1GHz, Geforce 4 inside - APPLE ANNOUNCED its dual 1GHz Power Mac G4 yesterday, meaning that Motorola has succeeded in clocking the chip to 1GHz. That is brandished by Apple and Motorola as a milestone but it does beg the question just how important any of this megahurts stuff actually is.

Motorola talks about the Apollo G4 1GHz - William Swearingen, Director of Strategic Communications at Motorola, told MacCentral that the G4s driving Apple's new G4 mini-tower systems are indeed the long anticipated Apollo processors. Labeled MPC 7455 and MPC 7445, the Apollo G4s achieve all of the goals that Motorola outlined at the 2000 Microprocessor Forum.

nVidia talks about the GeForce 4MX in the new PowerMac - With the announcement of the new 1Ghz Power Mac G4 Apple not only broke the Gigahertz Gap but also introduced the world to the nVidia GeForce 4MX graphics processor. The catch: nVidia has not yet announced the GeForce 4 family of graphics processors. Today, after the announcement, we spoke with Diane Vanasse, PR for Apple Video products for nVidia about the GeForce 4MX found in the new PowerMac G4.

New Power Macs Pack Plenty of Oomph - Although many had hoped Apple would ship computers equipped with Motorola's (NYSE: MOT) or IBM's (NYSE: IBM) G5 processor, the newly upgraded lineup acts as a very adequate stopgap measure until the chip is released. Several industry analysts have predicted a G5 introduction as early as March at Macworld Tokyo and as late as July at Macworld New York.

n-depth Preview: Apple hits Ghz with new PowerMac G4 - the new models include an enhanced software bundle of cool additional advanced applications that add to its over-all value. Oh, and by the way, speaking of over-all value, the top model of PowerMac G4 is less than $3000. That's the new PowerMac G4 at a glance; let's get into the details.

GeForce 4 ships in new Power Macs - The top of the range Power Mac has two 1GHz PowerPC G4 processors alongside Nvidia's upcoming GeForce 4 graphics chip - and Apple has cut the price too.

Apple brings Power Macs up to speed - "Apple faces the same misperception it has always faced, as far as clock speed goes," said Tim Deal, an analyst with Technology Business Research. "It is a misperception that more clock speed means a better machine. It's a marketing ploy."

Apple eyes workstation biz with G4 revamp - Although the new machines are G4 and not G5 based, which isn't that surprising, real and potential bandwidth improvements suggest that Apple is serious about taking on SGI's low end business with its own professional Unix workstation.

Power Macs gain software bundle - Non-Apple applications include PixelNHance, Snapz Pro, GraphicConverter, OmniGraffleand OmniOutliner as well as FAXstf X for sending faxes via the built-in modem and a new scientific calculator, PCalc.

Faster PowerPC also saves energy - The new PowerPC, which is part of Motorola's G4 family of chips, boasts higher clock speed and lower power consumption than previous versions of the chip. The enhancements come from a newer manufacturing process that includes silicon on insulator (SOI), which has chiefly been a feature in high-end server chips.

Motorola pushes PowerPC to 1-GHz with SOI technology - The faster MPC7455 is shipping today, and the lower-power consuming MPC7445 is now sampling, said Motorola. Pricing for the 800-MHz MPC7445 has been set at $125 each in quantities of 10,000. The 1-GHz MPC755 has a suggested retail price of $295 in similar quantities.

Comments: Will They or Won't They Buy the New G4s? - some graphics pros and Web designers have decided to go with the brand-new iMacs, and for good reasons: speed, movable flat panel monitor, value, etc. They recognize what the more astute pundits do, that all the multimedia software and hardware is elegantly integrated and ready to roll.

Media 100 Announces Support of Apple's Dual 1-GHz Power Mac G4; New Power Mac G4 Systems Boost Performance of Media 100 i Product Line - Media 100 i, the award-winning content design system for professional content creators, broadcast designers and digital media artists, has been tested extensively on the dual 1-GHz as well as the 933 MHz Power Mac G4 systems with notable performance increases.

UPDATE: PowerMac release delayed - A principal reason that may have contributed to the decision is the number of existing Power Macs that remain in the channel. US sources report that these are continuing to sell well, despite anticipation of new models.