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Power Mac InfoZone - The Best Power Mac Information From Around The Net!

This page retired : Friday, October 25, 2002
Current Power Mac InfoZone

Below you will find a list of links to articles and information from around the Web relating to Apple's new high-performance Power Macs. Like our other Information Pages, the Power Mac InfoZone is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's new Power Macs.. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the new Power Macs mail it to us and we will add it

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  • M8667LL/A - Dual G4/1000
  • M8666LL/A - G4/933
  • M8705LL/A - G4/800

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New DDR 1GHz MP Power Mac versus "Old" SDRAM version - Does the new 2.7GB/s DDR memory bus and 167MHz system bus make a difference? Has we taken a leap forward in Power Macs overall system throughput? I figured the best way to tell is to run the NEW DDR Dual 1GHz Power Mac against the "obsolete" SDR (short for SDRAM) Dual 1GHz Power Mac (and the DDR based Xserve Dual 1GHz)

Apple's New Power Mac; First Reactions - As many of you may know Apple today released new PowerMacs, marking the return, and addition of many user requested features, and the introduction of Double Date Rate memory to the Mac. here's my thoughts, based on what we see at Apple's site

Analyst: Dual processors a 'smart move' - While industry analysts agreed today that Apple's choice to outfit the company's desktop line with dual processors was a good move, they remain split on the addition of a SuperDrive equipped eMac to the product grid. Adding yet another product to an already expanding grid could cause confusion for consumers one analyst warned

Apple offers display deals - Any customer purchasing a Power Mac G4 can also buy up to five flat-panel displays at a discount price. The offer extends until October 31, 2002

Apple Announces New Towers: All Dual-Processes, Up To 1.25 GHz, Using Xserve Architecture (With Pic) - A 25% increase on the high end, along with the inexpensiveness of the dual 867 MHz models are very good news indeed. No doubt there are some in the Mac community who will be disappointed that Apple didn't introduce quad-processor 3 GHz P4s, but we think that the reality of a 25% increase on the high end is a very Good Thing

Apple Bumps Up Pro Towers - DDR SDRAM made its debut in Apple hardware in May, when the company took the wraps off the Xserve. The desktop models' support for 333MHz DDR SDRAM outperforms the Xserve's 266MHz limit, however; in addition, the dual 1.25GHz Power Mac G4 configuration is faster than the two 1GHz PowerPC G4 chips in the current high-end, $3,999 Xserve configuration

Apple refreshes Power Mac line - "I think Apple now has a very well differentiated line that covers most of the price and feature points they need to be at," said NPD TechWorld analyst Stephen Baker. "For a long time, you couldn't see enough advantage buying a Power Mac over the high-end iMac. Coming back to the original prices for iMac could appeal to PC switchers, too."

Apple Does Duets - They also sport a somewhat redesigned shell. The metallic Quicksilver has remained, but the face has been changed to accommodate a new layout for CD/DVD drives and speakers. The new design supports up to four internal drive bays, each capable of supporting a 120 GB hard drive. There's also space for two optical drive bays, each able to hold a CD/DVD drive. Now it will be easier to copy data from one CD or DVD directly to another

Apple goes SMP for all pro-Macs - Apple has added faster memory across its professional PowerMac range, cranked the top of the range to 1.2Ghz, and made dual processors the default across the line. That puts some ClearBlueWater between the iMac range and the professional range, the two had grown so similar in capabilities that the biggest difference appeared to be the inclusion of Ottomatic on one range, but not the other

Apple Unveils Dual-Processor Power Macs Starting at $1,699 - Fast Xserve Architecture, DDR Memory & Pre-loaded Mac OS X v10.2 "Jaguar"

Apple goes dual-processor bananas - RATHER THAN COME UP WITH a new rating system for its 1.25GHz chips so that they sound as fast as, say, a 2.53 Pentium 4 chip, Apple has decided slip a second processor in to its systems instead. Photoshoppers the world over will be delighted by the move, we imagine, grateful for a new opportunity to flannel on about the superiority of their platform

The New G4 Value Equation - At Low End Mac, we're always concerned with computing value. Today we're asking how yesterday's announcements change the picture

New Apples Versus Comparable Dell - Apple's announcement this morning, of new dual-processor, DDR memory (double data rate -- super efficient memory), gigabit-Ethernet PowerMacs made me ask: what does it really cost now to buy a fully equipped Mac server with this new architecture versus Dell, one of the cheapest and best Wintel providers. The answer honestly surprised me

Powermac G4 PCI Throughput - I was reading Apple's documentation on the PCI bus in the PowerMac G4, and they said it was capable of 215 MBps throughput due to the absence of a PCI bridge, which they referred to as a bottleneck. Does anybody have a detailed explanation as to why this works?

Xserve Solo vs XServe Dual vs Power Mac Dual - After all the hype touting the Xserve's "phenomenal processingpower," I was disappoined in the performance. The more expensive Double Data Rate Memory gives it no measureable advantage. I guess memory with 2GB/s throughput won't help you if the system bus is limited to 1GB/s throughput

Apple gives products more bang for the buck - Offering dual processors and a new architecture designed for the new Jaguar Macintosh operating system gives Apple some marketing ammunition against similarly priced or cheaper PC workstations that have one faster processor, said Tim Deal, an analyst with Technology Business Research of Hampton, N.H

Apple's Newest Power Macs Sport a New Look--But the Real Change Is Inside - But with this latest desktop update, Apple has radically redesigned the inside of the Power Mac, bolstering performance beyond a slight increase to processor speed. Coupled with an improved operating system -- these Power Macs will come equipped with OS X 10.2, even before the Jaguar update ships on August 24 -- Apple figures the redesigned machines will be able to handle whatever processing-intensive task pro users can throw at it.

Laptop Or Desktop? - The big issue facing us as we pack the car is what type of computer she should bring along. I raised these issues when we took a tour of campuses last year. The "Mac vs. PC" question is a non-issue. All of the campuses she considered say it doesn't really matter. The big issue is laptop vs. desktop

New G4s to arrive tomorrow - Although dual processor configurations across the line are a pleasant surprise, the modest 250MHz speed increase at the high-end is greatly disappointing. It is also somewhat bewildering that after all this time that Apple can't do any better than September for its high-end machine.

Announcing: Rev.2 of BlueIce G4

BARE FEATS ASKS: How Does The Pentium 4 and Athlon XP Running Windows XP Compare To The G4 Power Macintosh Running OS X? - In this new version of the very popular "PC vs Mac" page, I tried to match the clocks speeds as close as possible. (2000 MHz Pentium 4 versus 1000 x 2 = 2000 MHz G4) I felt it would help clarify whether megahertz was really a mythical measure of speed, as some have suggested

Apple Power Mac desktops - comparisons Nvidious? - LAST WEEK'S suggestion that Apple's next generation of Power Mac desktop, believed to be based on Motorola's latest PowerPC, the 7470, will also contain Nvidia nForce technology has since received a little vindication in the form of a series of illicit piccies of the machine

Deep In The Zone: Comparing 14 Current & Former Power Macs, iMacs, PowerBooks And iBooks When Running OS X - A Performance Report

Apple launches Crystal Clear Savings promotion - Called Crystal-clear savings, the promotion allows users to save up to US$500 on a monitor.

Apple offers discount on Power Macs - Apple Computer launched Monday a new promotion offering a discount of up to $500 to those who buy a Power Mac desktop along with a 17-inch, 22-inch or 23-inch Apple flat-panel monitor

ZDNet: 17" iMacs Coming To Town, PowerMac Retail Inventory Building Up - The report also says that Apple will not be releasing new, faster PowerMacs at the show, and will instead focus on reducing inventory of the units that has been building up

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Overclocking the Blue and White G3 - Last time we discussed overclocking your Macintosh, but we never really got into the nitty-gritty of actually changing the settings inside your computer, since this can be come a very complicated thing to do. This time we're finally going to get into it and actually do some over clocking

Velocity-X: 200 Gigaflop Mac cluster - The Danish Technical University (DTU) has developed Scandinavia's largest dedicated Mac cluster, consisting of 32 dedicated Power Mac G4 Dual-800 MHz workstations

Apple in Power Mac-exchange offer - Its newest offer promises "Money and Power" - it's an opportunity for older Power Macintosh owners to upgrade their Macs at a substantial discount. Qualifying Power Macs include the 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000-series Macs, and more recent beige G3 desktop Power Macs

Follow up: Buy-back promo appears across Europe - If you live in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK or Russia, you can trade in your 4/5/6/7/8/9000 series or G3 beige PowerMac and get a rebate on the purchase of a new G4

The shape of Macs to come - We will be seeing faster memory (DDR266) and CPUs, but clock speeds will likely still be under 1.5GHz. The high-end will still be a dual processor G4, even if Apple does call it a "G5." 8X AGP is an intriguing possibility and would do much to dispell the impression that Macs lag behind in graphics technology, but to me it doesn't seem likely given the relative immaturity of the standard and lack of hardware.

Comments: Is an Idling Ferrari Still a Speed Demon? - His main purpose here is to determine which Mac OS X-ready applications are "multi-processor friendly," i.e. which ones perform significantly better on the dual-processor Power Mac

Performance: Apples to Apples - Dual G4 1 GHz versus the G4 933 MHz

Apple offers up to $300 cash back on desktop G4 - Apple today added the Desktop G4 to its current list of promotions on the company's Web site

Both the 800MHz and 933MHz G4s are very powerful machines and well worth considering for those who can't afford the 1GHz DP -

Installing A SuperDrive in a G4 - I'm currently working on a 2 year old G 4 450 with a CD/DVD Drive. When I found that I could replace my old CD/DVD-rom drive with a Pioneer DVR-104 DVD-R/CDRW combo drive, for $379.99, I knew I had found my storage solution

Dual 1GHz Mac: better machine, better price - overall, the dual GHz processor is a great system for creative professionals, graphic designers, hardcore gamers, and, well, anyone who wants to watch Mac OS X fly. More features, more software, and a lower price. I can live with that

Apple - Hot News - Sculpting with Video - In architecture, we were always building models or proposals of a work of architecture. When I started creating digital images on my Power Mac G4, I was beginning to make originals instead of proposals

Laptop vs. desktop for college students - Q. My daughter is off to Notre Dame this fall as a freshman. They suggest bringing a computer to the dorm. Do you think a laptop or desktop PC is more practical? A. Depends on the student, actually ...

Is The GeForce4 Titanium in A Dual G4/1000 Power Mac The Ultimate 3D Game Machine? - So the question can now be answered: Is the GeForce4 Titanium the ultimate graphics accelerator card for the Power Mac G4? And in combination with the Dual G4/1000, is the Power Mac the ultimate game system?

Peace of mind - Buy a new Power Mac G4 with a 17" Apple Studio Display and AppleCare Protection Plan, and save up to 207 on your purchase

Dual 1 GHz Power Mac: Desktop Envy - If interest in DVD burning flares with the same intensity as the CD burning frenzy of a few years ago, Apple's US$3000 dual 1 GHz Power Mac G4 will be at the forefront of the revolution

Mac Reference Desk: The Dual Processor G4/1 GHz Power Mac - The introduction of the January 2002 Power Macs was a quiet one. The official announcement came weeks after the Macworld expo in San Francisco. This was done, no doubt, to avoid stealing the new iMac's thunder, but the new towers are definitely deserving of attention.

How Fast Does Photoshop 7 Run On the Fastest G4 Power Macs? - Do I really need a dual G4 Power Mac to get the most out of Photoshop 7? It depends on what functions and filters you use the most.

Dual 1-GHz Makes the Fastest Apples Yet - The speed and configuration of the dual 1-GHz Mac are sure to please Mac fans and may even win over new users. We hope additional speed increases aren't long in coming

iBook, iPod sales good, pro systems' sales 'flat' - Unfortunately, the story isn't as good with Apple's professional line. Sales were "flat" compared to last quarter. Apple shipped 89,000 PowerBooks and 211,000 Power Macs this quarter

SuperDrive now BTO option for Power Mac/800 system - The low-end model of Apple's pro line has been the Rodney Dangerfield of the Power Mac desktops: getting no respect. After all, the high-end iMac -- a consumer model -- comes with a SuperDrive and the 800MHz Power Mac doesn't. Or didn't

Which Of The Power Mac G4's Is The Fastest Digital Video "Engine"? - This test was inspired by a reader who was trying to decide between the G4/933 and G4/1000MP for digital video production. He wanted to know if the 1000MP was worth the added $700

Apple launches Big Deal flat panel promo - Dubbed "Big Deal," the new promotion offers users up to US$300 off a new flat panel display when purchased with Power Mac G4

Inside the SuperDrive - Is it a CD burner? Is it a DVD burner? Yes, it's both. With a SuperDrive-equipped Power Mac G4 or iMac, creative professionals can now write to CDs and DVDs without additional software, simply using the Finder on Mac OS X. Furthermore, with Apple's easy-to-use DVD authoring software, anyone can create a DVD-Video playable on computers with DVD-ROM drives as well as most consumer DVD players.

The Performance Edge: Faster Than A Speeding Bullet, Or Slower Than Molasses In A Juneau Winter? - Virtual PC Performance On The New G4 Tower Macintoshes - Well it actually falls somewhere between these two extremes

Apple Store offers 90-day no payments - Apple is offering users that purchase product from the company's online store a grace period before they have to start paying for their new hardware and software

Power Mac the digital hub choice for pros, prosumers - The iMac is getting most of the press these days. With its radical design and Apple CEO Steve Jobs' proclamation that it is "the best thing we've ever done" and "the ultimate digital hub," it's no wonder that the revamped pro line, which includes a dual processor 1 GHz system, sometimes comes across as the ignored older brother of the Mac family

Hands on with the dual 1-GHz Power Mac - Not that Apple's new high-end Mac -- which sports not one, but two gig G4 processors -- isn't a speed demon. Though not as revolutionary an overhaul of the Power Mac pro line as the luscious new iMac is on the consumer end of things, the dual gig machine offers the most powerful Mac ever at a lower price point than most people expected

Apple Power Mac G4 (dual PowerPC, 1GHz) - The dual 1GHz PowerPC G4 is more about perception than power. Not only is this system the fastest Mac that Apple has built to date, it finally breaks the gigahertz glass ceiling that the company has labored under for so long. And if the ceiling hasn't exactly come crashing down, at least there's now a hole for the Power Mac to poke its head through.

The Performance Edge: Eeny Meeny, Miney Moe - All The New G4 Towers Go Toe To Toe - A Performance Report - We finally have benchmark results for all three of the new Tower Power Macs. In general, the results confirm our feelings about each one of these machines

The Performance Edge: Dual Processors, Gaming And OS X - In Terms Of Performance The Gigahertz Machine Is A Giant Killer! - Quality games for Mac OS X are beginning to show up in force. One of the recent ones is called Giants by game developer Planet Moon Studio and released for the Mac by game publisher MacPlay. It is an innovative game, not only in looks, theme, gameplay and temperament, but also technologically. Underneath the hood it takes, shall we say, giant steps forward.

"No Supercomputer" THIS - as faithful viewer Timothy Ritchey pointed out, it looks like everyone else out there forgot their lines. Even The Register, normally way better about this sort of thing, surprised us by running a headline of "Benchmarks demolish Apple speed boasts"-- sheesh. So now, much as we hate to do it, we're forced to backtrack and mention a couple of obvious reasons why c't's benchmarking results aren't really a reason to start drafting a suicide note

Power Macintosh G4/800, G4/933, and Dual-1GHz - New Power Macs Break Speed Records and 1GHz Barrier - These new Power Mac G4s are all solid performers. At this point, there's little for us to complain about in the Power Mac line. Sure, it would be nice to have support for faster UltraATA drive specs and an additional 5.25-inch drive bay, for example, but those are minor quibbles. Each of these new G4 towers will appeal to a different audience

MOTU lauds the power of the dual 1GHz Mac - Apple's recently revamped Creative Web site has just posted a new article entitled The Ultimate Desktop Recording System. Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) Director of Marketing, Jim Cooper, wrote the article that heaps praise on the dual GHz desktop for its power

Apple's Gigahertz System and the SPEC Benchmark - This January not only brought new Apple systems, but also a MAC OS X-adapted benchmark suite by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) entitled CPU2000. On the one hand, this suite allows comparisons to be made within a certain framework with the Intel competition and, on the other, it shows that Motorola and Apple were able to get more out of the new gigahertz processor than might have been expected by simply taking the pure clock frequency difference to the 866 MHz predecessor model into account

How Does The Pentium 4 and Athlon XP Running Windows XP Compare To The G4 Power Macintosh Running OS X? - Which is the fastest? It depends what you are running. Is megahertz immaterial? It would seem so. When a 1400MHz Athlong runs as fast or faster than a G4 "2000" and faster than an 1800MHz Pentium you have to look elsewhere for answers.

AppleTalk: Why I Need A Dual G4 Gigahertz Power Mac -Short Stories From The Trenches About Power Shortages ... The other day we posted an article with numerous benchmarks showing that the new Dual Processor G4/1GHz Tower from Apple, left a lot of its processing power on the table when running typical mainstream applications. We posed the question to readers, "Is the Dual Processor machine overkill for most people?" And If readers thought that they needed this top of the line machine, we asked them to send in their reasons why ... how would they use all this power. Well we got a boatload of responses...

Will Apple's Next Power Mac Pack New 3GIO? - According to the PCI Special Interest Group, a number of upcoming technological developments will require a faster internal input/output scheme.

As Apple develops new Power Macs, DDR may be an issue - With the new 1-GHz Power Macs out the door, rumors are already spreading throughout the industry about the next revision to Apple's professional desktop.

1 GHz Dual Processor Quicksilver PowerMac G4 Speedup to 1.2 GHz - I recently purchased a Dual Processor Quicksilver G4 running at 1000 MHz, and just finished accelerating it to 1200 MHz. Instructions, observations, and benchmarks follow.

The Performance Edge: Photoshop, Gaming And More - A Further Exploration Of The Comparative Performance Of The New Dual Gigahertz And 933 MHz G4 Towers - Below we take a performance look at the new Dual GHz and 933 MHz Towers (comparing them to each other and the last generation of Tower machines), when booted into a variant of Mac OS 9. The tests below confirm our perspective that, unless you are making heavy duty use of processor intensive applications (such as Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, iMovie, audio applications, etc.), applications that can take advantage of dual processors, or just want to have the baddest, meanest Mac on the block, the top of the line Professional Dual G4/1GHz Tower may be overkill for your needs.

The Performance Edge: Is Apple's Top Of The Line Dual Processor Gigahertz Tower Too Fast, Too Powerful? Perhaps - The Dual Processor G4/1GHz vs The G4/933, A Performance Report - We spent the weekend benchmarking the new single processor G4/933 Tower. Below you will find some of the results of our work, and a comparison between the 933 and the dual GHz G4.

New Power Macs Reviewed - A few weeks after launching the revamped iMac, Apple upgraded its line of Power Macs designed for professionals. Atop the list was the company's first machine to hit the 1 gigahertz threshold. That's old news to anyone who follows Intel-based PCs, which now run at speeds of 2.2 GHz. But the new Dual 1 GHz Power Mac G4 has two processors, each running at 1 GHz. That horsepower is readily apparent in everything from games to running processor-intensive scientific programs.

The Performance Edge: More Extensive Performance Numbers On The Dual G4 Gigahertz Machine When Running OS X - We are following up our our first look at the performance of the new Power Mac Dual G4/1 GHz machine, with a more detailed look. This time we add in the single processor G4/867 from the last generation Power Mac to the mix. We also expand the number and variety of test we have run.

Mac Cluster's Last Stand? - Researchers on the Human Genome Project would rather use Apple Macintosh computers than anything else to process the massive amount of DNA data they've got on hand -- if only they could. Unfortunately, Apple's computers are the wrong shape to make into high-power computer clusters.

The NEW Dual 1000MHz G4 Power Mac Takes On All The Other G4 Macs - The Dual G4/1000 is the fastest. But as long as the refurbished Dual G4/800's are available for $2K, they give the best bang for the buck.

The Inside Scoop On The Gigahertz Power Mac - Up Close And Personal - A Pictorial Review - Today we take a look inside. The internal components of these computers are laid out in a nice, uncluttered way.

Review: Apple Power Macintosh G4 Dual 1GHz - It feels like just a few weeks ago I was justifying the fact that Apple's hardware line lacked a machine with a gigahertz clock speed. I backed up my argument with numbers showing how in our lab tests, Apple's 733-MHz G4 was neck and neck with Pentium chips that were "blazing fast." Well, no sooner had I said "Megahertz don't matter" when Apple decided to surprise the world with a new line of G4s, the top maxing out at 1 GHz. But Apple doesn't give you just one gigahertz, it gives you two, which will give you the right to thumb your nose at your speed-hungry PC-loving friends.

The Performance Edge: A Dueling, Dual Processor Shoot Out - A First Look At The Performance Of The New Gigahertz Tower Compared To The Last Generation Dual Processor Machine - This is our first look at the performance of the new Power Mac Dual G4/1 GHz machine. We decided to first compare it the the previous generation's dual processor machine, the Dual G4/800.

The Gigahertz Power Mac Unveiled - A Pictorial Review - This page covers the machine's arrival and unpacking.

Apple SuperDrive turns multimedia burn into pleasure - This week I want to focus on a remarkable technology built into two of the three new Mac models: the SuperDrive. This electromechanical marvel is a key element in Apple's Digital Hub strategy. With SuperDrive, anyone can create DVDs with digital-quality video, animated menus and other so-called "rich media."

Apple Bidding To Regain Speed Throne - Depending on the type of search performed, Apple claims its Power Mac delivers anywhere from 3 to 50 times the performance of a Linux workstation.

Apple follows up beauty with iMac 'beast' - Apple kicked off 2002 with the beauty: the stunning new iMac with the floating flat panel display. Now it's following up with the beast: a new line of Power Macs, one of which boasts twin 1-gigahertz (GHz) G4 PowerPC chips.

Apple Finally Goes Gigahertz - Apple's Power Mac G4: gigahertz times twoThis is just what Apple needs in the performance department. Previously, the fastest G4 chip in an Apple machine was the 867 MHz G4 released in July. But as so many Mac fanatics are quick to point out, there's a lot more to a computer's performance than the raw clock speed of the processor. Still, none will deny themselves the joy of saying a word that has so far eluded them: gigahertz.

Apple Adds Super Fast GeForce4 Titanium As BTO option For PowerMac G4s - Many Mac users were critical of the GeForce4 MX as some benchmarks showed that it was actually slower than the previous generation GeForce3 cards. Today's announcement from Apple will likely silence those critics. The card also supports dual-monitors from the single card and has 128 MB of DDR SDRAM on board.

The Laptop vs. Desktop Dialectic - David Coursey and David Berlind over at AnchorDesk have been conducting a public discussion on the topic of using a laptop as one's only computer. Berlind, the laptop advocate, and Editorial Director of ZDNet Tech UpdateToday, has been practicing what he preaches for 10 years , while Coursey says he would like to go laptop-only, but can't.

Power Mac G4s get Nvidia GeForce4 Titanium option - Apple indicated that the GeForce4 Titanium can pump out 87 million triangles and 4.9 billion textured pixels per second. The GeForce4 Ti-based card is being offered on a 4x AGP card equipped with 128MB of double data rate (DDR) SDRAM. Apple also noted that the GeForce4 Ti-based card comes equipped with both Apple Display Connector (ADC) and Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connectors,

Apple product managers on the 1GHz Power Mac - With the announcement of new Power Macs earlier today, Apple broke a barrier that every Mac user has been waiting for -- the release of a 1GHz Power Mac. MacCentral spoke with Greg Joswiak, Apple's senior director of Hardware Product Marketing and Tom Boger, director of Power Mac Product Marketing about the new systems.

Apple - Education - University of Colorado/Colorado Springs - It's no coincidence that musician Adrian Johnson counts Nine Inch Nails founder Trent Reznor as one of his prime influences. "Reznor started out just like me, doing everything on his own on his Mac, then eventually hiring live musicians."

That's a Whole Lot of Power, Mac - Apple promises the dual-processor machine can perform an "amazing" 15 billion floating-point operations per second, or 15 gigaflops. According to Apple, this allows the machine to run Adobe Photoshop about 70 percent faster than an Intel Pentium 4 at 2 GHz. And encoding video is 300 percent faster, Apple claims.

Power chip hits 1GHz, Geforce 4 inside - APPLE ANNOUNCED its dual 1GHz Power Mac G4 yesterday, meaning that Motorola has succeeded in clocking the chip to 1GHz. That is brandished by Apple and Motorola as a milestone but it does beg the question just how important any of this megahurts stuff actually is.

Motorola talks about the Apollo G4 1GHz - William Swearingen, Director of Strategic Communications at Motorola, told MacCentral that the G4s driving Apple's new G4 mini-tower systems are indeed the long anticipated Apollo processors. Labeled MPC 7455 and MPC 7445, the Apollo G4s achieve all of the goals that Motorola outlined at the 2000 Microprocessor Forum .

nVidia talks about the GeForce 4MX in the new PowerMac - With the announcement of the new 1Ghz Power Mac G4 Apple not only broke the Gigahertz Gap but also introduced the world to the nVidia GeForce 4MX graphics processor. The catch: nVidia has not yet announced the GeForce 4 family of graphics processors. Today, after the announcement, we spoke with Diane Vanasse, PR for Apple Video products for nVidia about the GeForce 4MX found in the new PowerMac G4.

New Power Macs Pack Plenty of Oomph - Although many had hoped Apple would ship computers equipped with Motorola's (NYSE: MOT) or IBM's (NYSE: IBM) G5 processor, the newly upgraded lineup acts as a very adequate stopgap measure until the chip is released. Several industry analysts have predicted a G5 introduction as early as March at Macworld Tokyo and as late as July at Macworld New York.

In-depth Preview: Apple hits Ghz with new PowerMac G4 - the new models include an enhanced software bundle of cool additional advanced applications that add to its over-all value. Oh, and by the way, speaking of over-all value, the top model of PowerMac G4 is less than $3000. That's the new PowerMac G4 at a glance; let's get into the details.

GeForce 4 ships in new Power Macs - The top of the range Power Mac has two 1GHz PowerPC G4 processors alongside Nvidia's upcoming GeForce 4 graphics chip - and Apple has cut the price too.

Apple brings Power Macs up to speed - "Apple faces the same misperception it has always faced, as far as clock speed goes," said Tim Deal, an analyst with Technology Business Research. "It is a misperception that more clock speed means a better machine. It's a marketing ploy."

Apple eyes workstation biz with G4 revamp - Although the new machines are G4 and not G5 based, which isn't that surprising, real and potential bandwidth improvements suggest that Apple is serious about taking on SGI's low end business with its own professional Unix workstation.

Power Macs gain software bundle - Non-Apple applications include PixelNHance, Snapz Pro, GraphicConverter, OmniGraffleand OmniOutliner as well as FAXstf X for sending faxes via the built-in modem and a new scientific calculator, PCalc.

Faster PowerPC also saves energy - The new PowerPC, which is part of Motorola's G4 family of chips, boasts higher clock speed and lower power consumption than previous versions of the chip. The enhancements come from a newer manufacturing process that includes silicon on insulator (SOI), which has chiefly been a feature in high-end server chips.

Motorola pushes PowerPC to 1-GHz with SOI technology - The faster MPC7455 is shipping today, and the lower-power consuming MPC7445 is now sampling, said Motorola. Pricing for the 800-MHz MPC7445 has been set at $125 each in quantities of 10,000. The 1-GHz MPC755 has a suggested retail price of $295 in similar quantities.

Comments: Will They or Won't They Buy the New G4s? - some graphics pros and Web designers have decided to go with the brand-new iMacs, and for good reasons: speed, movable flat panel monitor, value, etc. They recognize what the more astute pundits do, that all the multimedia software and hardware is elegantly integrated and ready to roll.

Media 100 Announces Support of Apple's Dual 1-GHz Power Mac G4; New Power Mac G4 Systems Boost Performance of Media 100 i Product Line - Media 100 i, the award-winning content design system for professional content creators, broadcast designers and digital media artists, has been tested extensively on the dual 1-GHz as well as the 933 MHz Power Mac G4 systems with notable performance increases.

UPDATE: PowerMac release delayed - A principal reason that may have contributed to the decision is the number of existing Power Macs that remain in the channel. US sources report that these are continuing to sell well, despite anticipation of new models.

Details on the Gigahertz Macs [Updated] - I work for an Apple reseller in [removed], and here Apple has an internal training program. Today, someone screwed up. they posted, albeit VERY briefly, the new G4 specs, in their entirety. So here they are.

Apple's New Magic Bullet? - I predicted -- adamantly -- that Apple would come out with a new range of professional-strength Power Mac towers that swept past the 1GHz barrier and trebled the current 133MHz limit on the system bus. That announcement didn't materialize.

Macs kick graphics class up a notch - .EAST HAVEN - Students who take Gina Russo's graphic arts class may soon have skills that rival those of professionals thanks to some new computers. East Haven High School recently gave students access to Macintosh Power Mac G4 computers.

Dual Duel, Part 2 - The dual-800MHz Power Mac G4 outdid every workstation with its cool external looks. The silver color floats beneath a clear case. Keyboard and mouse attach using USB, a welcome change from the legacy of one parallel, two serial, and two PS2 ports on the back of the Windows 2000 workstations in this Roundup.

How Does A 1.8GHz Pentium With Radeon 8500 Running Windows XP Compare To A G4/800MP Power Mac With GeForce3 Running OS X? - Now before you get too excited, with the exception of Unreal, the applications above are optimized for multiple processors. So the Dual G4/800 Power Mac is running the equivalent of 1.6 GHz... or faster if you factor in AltiVec optimizations. In other words, when I ran NON-MP aware apps like Bryce, the Pentium 4 system was faster... but.... not as fast as you would expect when you consider the G4 is hobbling along on one 800MHz CPU!

Project BlueIce G4 first started as a concept I had shortly after I saw the first iMac released by Apple a few years ago. I thought color customizing was cool but what if I wanted another color to match my current mood and I didn't want to buy half-a-dozen Macs to do it? Then I thought, what if you could make the make the case light up with a certain color, you could just change the color via bulbs or even a switch. Hmmm, eww moodMac.

Apple Power Mac G4 Dual 800MHz PowerPC G4 - The fastest Mac available is--not surprisingly--the most expensive by far; unless you use Mac OS X or have apps that use symmetric multiprocessing, you can get just a little less power for a lot less money.

EDUCAUSE: Apple introduces new digital media bundles - Apple has introduced three new digital media solution bundles for the education market at this week's EDUCAUSE educational conference in Indianapolis, IN.

Power Mac G4: How to Differentiate Between Models

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