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iBook InfoZone - The Best iBook Information From Around The Net!

Retired: Wed, Sep 4, 2002
Current page

Below you will find a list of links to stories relating to Apple's new iBooks, culled from around the Web.

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Apple CEO joins King in promoting laptops - Apple CEO Steve Jobs made his first visit Monday to the state where schools are implementing a vision he shares with Maine Gov. Angus King: a laptop computer for every student.

Cookin' Book - It's got more grunt than the old model and can perform tasks up to 35 per cent faster - all hail the new iBook

Portable Showdown: Notebook PCs vs. Apple's iBook/PowerBook - Although the jazzed-up iBook is finding consumer success, Apple may have to work a little harder to convince its non-multimedia business audience to buy the pricier PowerBook

PowerBook and iBook: Resetting Power Management Unit - Why reset the PMU? "Over time, the settings in the Power Manager may become unusable, which can result in operational anomalies with the computer

MacDirectory Reviews: Apple iBook - Steve Jobs' presentation at MacWorld is getting the most mileage out of the new iMac. However, there is some other very good news for iBook lovers. Apple has updated the iBook and lowered the prices

Packing a bigger punch - Just in case you iBook people thought the corporate suits had run away from you with their updated Titanium PowerBooks, here comes the updated iBook line. As happened with the revved TiBooks, the new machines look identical to those they replace. The changes are not cosmetic but inside

Maine Laptop Funding Threatened - A $180-million budget shortfall in Maine is threatening a statewide laptop program for middle schools, just as teachers are seeing initial success with their students. In December, the state signed a four-year, $37.2-million contract with Apple Computer to provide wireless iBooks to all seventh- and eighth-grade students and teachers in Maine

Are The New iBooks A Worthwhile Upgrade? - Apple wimped out on even giving the new iBooks clock speed parity with the hottest G4 TiBooks, and went with a ho-hum 700 MHz G3 for the top of the line iBook, which is a disappointment, because with 800 MHz, 900 MHz, and 1 GHz 750FX chips available, the iBook is obviously being held back arbitrarily to avoid the market placement embarrassment of having consumer laptops nominally faster than the professional line.

Potent laptops shove desktops aside - the Apple iBook, which weighs 4.9 pounds and has a 12.1 inch screen. Its processor is slower than the big Titanium, but prices start at $1,199. That, say experts, poses another threat to full-size PCs

Henrico County School Board Votes Unanimously To Expand iBook Purchase - This is a testament to the success of using Apple's products in education. A unanimous vote from a school board on an issue like this indicates a bunch of hard core Macheads, or a program that has worked

Henrico board expands iBook initiative - A unanimous vote yesterday ensured that sixth-grade Henrico County School Board students would receive iBook laptop computers for the coming school year of 2002/2003

Macs for College Students - So what would I recommend for students? Let's look at a few test cases

The New iBook: The G3's Last Hurrah? - Apple's updated iBook line is bigger, faster and generally better than the models it replaced, and costs the same. Would I buy one (if I had the money)? Well, maybe

Follow up: Buy-back promo appears across Europe - If you live in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK or Russia, you can trade in your 4/5/6/7/8/9000 series or G3 beige PowerMac and get a rebate on the purchase of a new G4

Shapleigh's laptops sharpen skills - The 45 teachers and principals came from around Region 9, which includes York County, to see how Shapleigh seventh-graders have learned to use their Apple iBook notebooks. The educators then borrowed the laptop computers themselves to improve their knowledge of the devices and figure out how best to use them as learning tools

Tempting New iBooks? - Good, but I'm Not Going to Upgrade

Apple Preps iBooks for 'Jaguar' - By giving its popular iBook portable line a processor speed boost, more memory and an enhanced graphics card, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) is positioning the lower end of its notebook offerings to take better advantage of the Mac OS X 'Jaguar' upgrade, due to be released by late summer.

Students, parents, teachers rave about iBooks - It's good to see this program progressing so well, which is in stark contrast in many respects to the ridiculous problems being encountered by a similar in programVirginia

No G4 iBooks, but a decent revision nonetheless - Hey, its not that we hate the new iBooks, we don't, but come on, admit it, didn't you want more?

Apple Introduces New iBooks: Faster Processors, Faster Video, Better Level 2 Cache - We find it very interesting that Apple is upgrading this unit now without including a graphics card capable of supporting Quartz Extreme

Apple releases 700MHz iBook - Apple today updated its iBook portable computers with double the on-chip level 2 cache, a more powerful ATI Mobility Radeon graphics processor, larger hard drives and two models that includes a 700MHz G3 processor

Apple juices its iBook line - Apple Computer on Monday offered a minor speed improvement to its iBook line of consumer notebooks, boosting the hard drives and processor speeds and adding more powerful graphics

Larger iBook shows signs of design compromises - Apple has introduced a larger iBook with a 14.1-inch display but an identical 1,024-by-768-pixel resolution, which translates into text that is much easier to make out. I tested the bigger iBook and, legibility aside, decided I like the smaller model more

New 700 MHz iBooks to Debut Next Week - Replaced are the 500 and 600 MHz models with 15 and 20 GB HDDs. Little (if any) domestic national inventory remains on the current 500 and 600 MHz iBooks although the Apple store is still taking orders

iBook update may be on the way - Beginning last weekend, rumors were spreading about the release of new iBooks. When? "Soon," one Apple insider said at the time. "That's definite." Initially, we were hesitant to believe this particular rumor

EUNITEK Offers Mac Airline Deal - EUNITEK the Apple's Leading Authorized Reseller and Specialist is offering a FREE Roundtrip Airline Ticket to over 120 cities within 48 contiguous United States with a purchase of a PowerMac, PowerBook, iMac, or iBook and an AppleCare 3-Year Protection Plan

Comment: iBook? eBook? Or NoBook? - rumored iBooks he reported earlier today on IGM, one question pops up: is Apple taking the iBook upmarket?

A Dell in the Dock is No iceBook - Lke the base and mid-range iBooks, the X200 ships with a 12.1" TFT display. But, unlike the iBook, it also costs a whopping $1,999 - sans any dock gadgets. Add all the docking fruit and your wallet/purse will burn to the tune of $2,557. And, for that price you could have a new TiBook 667MHz, with the Mobile Radeon 7500, L3 cache on the G4, combo CDRW/DVD drive, DVI out, huge screen. By comparison, it is impossible to pay more than $1,499 for the not-ultralight, but fully-featured iBook 12.1".

New iBooks on the Horizon - This Week? - A reliable PowerPage source tells us that iBook revisions may be announced as soon as this week. Specifications are still unconfirmed, but we hear that the new iBook will ship with

The Speed Zone: Let The Chips Fall Where They May! - Mac Processors & Wintel Processors: A Resource

So Where's The eBook? - If Apple is serious about making consumers DVD movie burners, it has to make it at least possible for e/iBook owners to use iDVD on their machines. And, if it wants that great mass of G3 Series users to make a once-and-for-all jump to OS X (not part-timing in OS 9.2), then it has to give them compelling hardware

Laptop vs. desktop for college students - My daughter is off to Notre Dame this fall as a freshman. They suggest bringing a computer to the dorm. Do you think a laptop or desktop PC is more practical?

NMU may allow iBooks on campus - Now that Northern Michigan University has two years of experience in its laptop program, the TLC committee is considering offering Apple iBooks to Art and Design students

Laptop purchase required for future teachers, officials say - The University formally announced Monday that UT students entering teacher preparation programs will now be required to purchase Apple laptops upon their entrance

University Of Texas Colleges Require Students To Have "Apple Laptops" - How many times have we heard about a school or a university requiring its incoming students to have a Windows laptop? The tables have turned, at least at a couple of colleges at the University of Texas.

Does the iBook Still Make The Grade? LCD iMac v. iBook - Contemplating an iBook purchase? Stop. Think. Since January this year, the whole ball game has changed. No longer can the differencesbetween Mac consumer desktops and portables be measured in mere megahertz

iBook, iPod sales good, pro systems' sales 'flat' - Shipments of the iBook laptop jumped, with shipments and revenue up from those of a year ago. Apple shipped 141,000 iBooks in the just-ended quarter. "We're pleased with the results; the iBook is doing well in the channel and, particularly, in the education market," Apple Chief Financial Officer Fred Anderson said

In the past few weeks, the first shipments of iBook notebook computers arrived at nine Maine middle schools - These schools, one in each region of the state, were selected to be Demonstration/Exploration Schools to receive an advance deployment of computers, in order to serve as learning laboratories and training sites for teacher professional development, as well as to test the technical reliability of the equipment

Comments: Latest School iBooks Developments - The last we heard, things were still hopping in the Richmond, Virginia (Henrico County) school system. A number of students who were issued iBooks decided to dowload and distribute naughty pictures, the schools had the laptops modified by Apple to prevent this, the kids figured out how to do it anyway, and dozens of students were being suspended for "subverting" the iBooks' operating systems

Software Spotlight: Apple's iBook boasts 14.1-inch screen, faster processor - Apple Computer did a great thing when it introduced the iBook laptop: It combined sleek, compact style with a price that was among the lowest in its class. Apple recently updated its line of iBooks with features like a Combo drive, a faster processor and a bigger hard drive. But the most noticeable update was in the top-of-the-line model: a screen that grew from 12.1 inches to 14.1 inches

School district's technology access being enhanced - Across the Shawnee school district, students' and teachers' access to technology is being enhanced. The district's technology department is installing some $375,000 worth of computers, peripherals, software and computer networks. "We found that so many of our (computers) were really getting out of date," said Lynda Nichol, director of technology. "We couldn't use them on the Internet. We really needed to make a lot of changes in all the buildings." The district is leasing the computers for five years, at $75,000 each year. They are dealing directly with Apple Computers (for MacIntoshes) and Compaq (for IBM-compatibles).

Laptops going home with students - Seventh-grader Heather Stults is being extra careful with the new laptop computer the school loans her. Every time Heather slips the machine into its black shoulder-bag case, she double-checks to make sure the bag is zipped tightly and her laptop can't fall out as she totes it from class to class. "I don't want it to get hurt, and I don't want it to get taken away, because it helps me get my work done," said 13-year-old Heather, her fingers delicately stroking the laptop's mouse pad.

All notebooks are not created equal - Great value. For the same price as the other notebooks, you get a 20-gigabyte hard disk, twice as much RAM as most and a combination DVD-ROM and CD burner. In addition to the two USB ports, Apple includes its standard FireWire socket (its version of IEEE 1394), so you could use the supplied software for pulling video out of a digital video camera. The battery life kills the opposition: expect up to six hours. Very stylish

Technology eases laptop transition - Students learning how to use their new laptop computers at Auburn Middle School can surf the Internet and exchange e-mail without tripping over network cables or power cords

12" iBooks designated 'End of Life' & stock dwindling? - After hearing a tidbit from one of the Authors at TheiMac Network, and a little bit of research, it appears that the two 12" models of iBook have been designated End of Life. While this story walks the fine line between rumor and fact, the EOL issue is an apparent reality

King taps private sector for Maineís laptop plan - Maine legislators have turned skittish about funding Gov. Angus Kingís ambitious $37 million plan to provide Apple iBook laptop computers to schoolchildren. So King is taking his crusade to the private sector, hoping to preserve his technology legacy in his final year as governor.

My iBook, Part 3 - Last time I talked about unpacking my iBook and shared first impressions. Now that I've had it for a week, I've decided to finish this series. This time, I'll be talking about the built-in applications as well as as any other loose ends I can tie up

Students race to laptop time - A group of Maranacook Community Middle School seventh-graders scrambled to their classroom in record-breaking time Wednesday morning. The laptops had arrived. White Apple iBooks rested on each desk, with tags listing a student's name

Your Digital Hub To Go - Comprising an iBook, a DV camcorder and a digital camera, the Portable Digital Media Lab is a mobile content creation and editing suite that brings a radical new perspective to learning, giving pupils the freedom to document, discover and interact with the world around them in new and exciting ways

Will There Be A G4 iBook? - Now that the iMac has gone G4, speculation has turned to prospects for a G4 iBook, which is the last G3 Mac in production, save for the price-leader holdover CRT iMacs. There likely will be a G4 iBook, but the question, of course, is not if, but when

My iBook, Part 1 - I decided it was time to retire my almost ancient computing duo (540c and 7200/90) from my main tasks and go buy a new iBook

Apple - K12 Education - Mounds Park Academy - In the spring of 2000, MPA administrators decided to purchase 300 wireless-enabled iBooks for each of the school's upper school students and faculty. The installation of seven AirPort Base Stations also ensured wireless printing, email, and web access in all of MPA's buildings, as well as outside areas and parking lots. Thanks to the new initiative, says Offerman, MPA has effectively dissolved the "walls" of its classrooms

As iMacs, iBooks approach middle age, things start to creak - When I got my iBook back in 1999, the battery life was great -- a charge was good for more than five hours. But now it lasts only a little over an hour, which means I can't do much of anything without plugging the machine in. Is there anything I can do to rejuvenate the battery?

Albanese sanguine about laptop plan

iBook/Combo versus PowerBook G4/667: First Impressions - BMW 750IL versus Subaru WRX. That's the first thing that went through my mind when I was trying to think up something to describe the difference between a PowerBook G4/667/DVD and a 600MHz 12" iBook/Combo

Apple iBook (PowerPC G3, 600MHz, 256MB, 20GB, 14.1-in. display) - The good: Ample-sized display; decent battery life; impressive performance. The bad: Limited expandability; keyboard flexes too much; skimpy support policy.

Forward Migration: Johnson Bible College loves iBooks - Last summer the teacher education department at Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, TN, installed 30 iBooks in their new educational technology building, along with 12 iMacs and 12 G4s. (They also installed 12 PCs, so it's obvious which platform they prefer.) And they're recommended iBooks to incoming freshmen

Apple (UK and Ireland) - Education - Breakfast with an iBook - A fast-track initiative running across 20 Manchester schools has delivered impressive results among Year 6 pupils in the attainment of Maths and English Key Stage 2 qualifications. Crucial to the success of the project has been an innovative Mac-based solution comprising an iBook, a card reader and some great educational software

Is Your PowerBook or iBook Insured? - Is your 'Book insured? If not, you are taking a substantial financial risk, especially if you use your machine for road warrioring

Laptops would be leased, not owned, under deal - Language in the contract says that initially the state would buy the laptops from Apple, but at the end of the 41û2 years, the state would sell them back to the company. That essentially means the state would lease the laptops, Assistant Attorney General Bill Laubenstein said Monday

No shortage of opinions on laptops in schools - ask her what she thinks of the state's plan to provide laptop computers to all public school seventh- and eighth-graders, and you likely won't hear 'love' in her answer. "As a computer person, I just think that is a phenomenal idea," she said. "Realistically, I have my doubts."

Hey, Maine: iBooks Ahoy! - Hey, so wait, did the Maine laptop initiative thingy go through after all? The last we'd heard, the deal was in limbo because of the massive public outcry and heavy political pressure for Governor King to spend the funds on social services instead of blowing the wad on 36,000 iBooks for every middle school student

Laptop use judged a success in SAD 4 - Apple's contract with Maine stipulates that the company is required to have technicians on call and must provide spare machines so that no student goes for more than one school day without a machine. Teachers found the iBooks to be rugged and durable, SAD4 representatives said. Although Apple offered "tremendous" technical assistance and resources, the school rarely needed to call the company with problems, Oliver said. "Students treat them like a pound of gold," he said.

iBook v. Pismo: Ice Over Charcoal - Do you get a brand new iBook with all the fruit, or do you save a few hundred bucks on the Pismo and spec it up to the new iBook? Or, alternatively, should you get a base 12.1" iBook for roughly the same money as used Pismo?

Coming soon: foot-powered laptops - A US developer is coming to market with a device which lets users recharge batteries using a foot-operated pump. The StepCharger, from AladdinPower, gives approximately 20 minutes of laptop power after five minutes of brisk pumping

Review: Apple IBook (14-Inch) - Bigger display headlines fastest iBook ever. But it isn't for everybody

Which laptop do you need? -

The Laptop vs. Desktop Dialectic - I think that for most computer users, a laptop constitutes the best choice in a workhorse machine if you're only having one. Indeed, I have come to regard the desktop personal computer as an inferior species, albeit one with more brute power in many instances than the more logical laptop

New edition of the iBook doesn't grow into a swan - The original iBook was just a few sparkly bits away from being as dramatic as the kandy-kolored tangerine- flake streamline babies Tom Wolfe wrote about decades ago at custom car shows. Available in any color as long as it wasn't bland, with a built-in handle, the touch-me-squeeze-me iBook was kitschy-kitschy-cool. But, baby, the iBook isn't a toddler anymore. It's an awkward adolescent

Maine: Damn the budget, bring on the iBooks - despite a budget crunch, Maine is sticking with its plan to put a computer into the lap of every seventh and eighth-grader in the state

The New iBook Value Equation - With the new flat panel iMacs and the 14" iBook, Apple is defining a middle level between the inexpensive consumer models and the pro-oriented models. How well does the 14" iBook fill that niche?

System Shootouts! - Compare all Apple desktops & laptops to each other

iBook boosts Christmas Euro sales

14.1" iBook: Size and weight comparisons

Apple tightens competition with new iBook - Apple Computer has often led other notebook manufacturers when it comes to design, but with its new iBook, the company is also closing the gap with competitors in another area: price.

Does The 14 in. iBook Qualify As - I've continued to believe that the cooler-running, less power demanding, G3 chip is a better choice for portable use than the G4, at least for folks who don't need Altivec horsepower to run Photoshop and the like.

The iBook vs. TiBook quandary worsens - The bottom line is that the TiBook is definitely worth the extra dough. But ultimately it is a lifestyle choice. If you don't need the extra stuff, then you don't need to pay for it

Lot to Learn About School Laptops - While Maine educators look forward to the day when students and teachers will integrate one-to-one computing into their courses, they are realistic about the patience, time and training that this ambitious project will take. No one knows that better than technology coordinator Crystal Priest. All eighth graders in her district have been working with laptops for over a year

Maine Students Hit the IBooks - Maine is known for its lobster and blueberries, and now, its Apples. Wireless Apple iBooks, that is

Apple: 14-inch iBook no threat to TiPB line - The addition of a 14-inch version of the "ice" iBook to Apple's portable lineup might appear likely to cannibalize sales of the 15-inch Titanium PowerBook, but the company apparently doesn't think so

Copying Audio CDs on the iBook - Copying an audio CD on OS X seems like it should be as easy as drag and drop, but it appears to be just a drag...Maybe this is something completely obvious, but I'm apparently missing it. I'm trying to find a simple way of copying an audio CD using the CD-R drive on my iBook

Maine Dept. Of Education Inks Four Year $37.2 million iBook Supply Contract With Apple - Maine also has an almost entirely Mac-based court system. Nine years ago, Maine's judicial department equipped each circuit judge with a PowerBook and modem.

TECH21 Look for ever lighter, feature-packed notebooks in 2002 Notebooks pack more for less - Mac fans will be quick to note that Apple has been on top of all these trends. In its last quarter, notebook models accounted for more than 36 percent of all Macs shipped. All Macs for several years have included FireWire

What it's like to own an iBook - Now I'm not some Apple freak, but I know what I like, and I think they make nice machines. For the record, this iBook of mine hasn't crashed once. It runs Mac OS9.0.4; there are no dead pixels on screen, no anomalies, no hassle! This is how a computer should be. Having had the iMac, I now love the portability that the iBook affords me.

Why Did Apple's iBook Have To Grow Up? - Like so many others who use Apple laptops, I'm a happy user of the company's iBook line and recently had the opportunity to look at Apple's new 14" iBook at my local Apple retailer. But I left the store scratching my head and wondering why the design broke away from its ideal form factor

iBooks: Two Million In '02 - Whether or not Apple is "thinking different," it sure looks like the company is thinking big. Cupertino has been maddeningly tightfisted with the sales figures for the past couple of months, but now that the holiday buying season has finally drawn to a close, we're on pins and needles to hear some actual numbers when Uncle Steve does his usual "State of the Mac" address as part of his next Stevenote in a couple of weeks

The Performance Edge: PowerBook G4/550 vs iBook G3/600 And OS 9 - The G4 Advantage Is More Specialized - A Performance Comparison Under OS 9.2.1 -The advantage of the PowerBook's G4 processor under OS 9 is less consistent than it is under OS X. However, as you'll see from the results below, in certain applications the performance of the G4 will run rings around the G3, even when that G3 has a higher clock speed.

The Performance Edge: PowerBook G4/550 vs iBook G3/600 How Much Of Difference Does A Number Change And Titanium Case Make - A Performance Review Under OS X - Below we provide a performance review of the PowerBook G4/550 compared to the iBook G3/600 when running OS 10.1. In most of our OS 10.1 tests, the G4 PowerBook bested the higher clocked iBook ... sometimes by a large margin.

Feature: Italy With the iBook Part 1 - In the next three installments or so I hope to share with TheMacMind audience some of the pleasures and travails of traveling with my iBook in Italy

Middle school to have wireless Apple laptops - Sommer explained features of the devices for which the state accepted a proposal from MacIntosh this month. She gave each member this year's model of the Apple laptops, which the students will be using and the school system owning. "This year's model is basically what you are looking at," Sommers said. "It is a full-bodied computer on which they will be able to make multi-media presentations. It really opens up a lot avenues for our students."

Book 600 Compared to PC notebooks - What we're comparing are the iBook 600 DVD model from Apple, a Dell Inspiron 2100, a Sony SuperSlim R505, and an IBM Thinkpad Type X.

The Performance Edge: How Does A 20% Clock-Speed mprovement Turn Into A 40% Performance Improvement? - The iBook G3/500 vs The iBook G3/600 - On the surface of things, it would appear that there is very little difference between the previous 500 MHz iBooks and the current crop of 600 MHz ones. They are basically the same. Same form factor, same graphics card, same optical drives, same memory amount & memory sub-system. Sure there is a modest speed bump of 100 MHz, to the same G3 processor found in both iBook generations. This should, however, yield about a 20% performance improvement. Then why in many of our test results below are we seeing close to a 30% - 40% performance gain?

Apple may cinch 30,000+ iBook deal with Maine DOE - If things work out, Apple may close a deal with the state of Maine that makes the company's previous success with Henrico County, Va. pale by comparison. Maine's Department of Education recently announced that Apple was selected as the top-scoring bidder for the Maine Learning Technology Wireless Classroom Solution

New PowerBook, iBook models offer greater value - I reviewed the original PowerBook G4 in January and called it "perhaps the slickest PowerBook of all time." And in June I said, "after a month I have very few complaints, none major," about the iBook. Today, after spending a month using the top-of-the-line new models -- the fastest PowerBook and iBook ever built, I might add -- those opinions are still valid and then some

iBook Wins Australian Personal Computer NoteBook of the Year Award - Yawn. Yet another award for Apple's icey iBook. This time, from the land downunder, Australian Personal Computer Magazine - which is a fairly Wintel-centric operation - awarded the iBook their NoteBook of the Year award.

Hands on with the iBook - The iBook, though still weighing just 4.9 pounds and measuring 11.2 x 9.1 x 1.35 inches, now packs more processing power, a faster system bus and a larger hard drive than before. Apple says it's the lightest all-in-one, full-featured consumer portable on the planet and I've found no reason to argue

Apple iBook (600MHz) - For educational or home use, Apple's iBook has been one of the company's biggest success stories. Taking cues from the PowerBook G4, Apple shed the toy-inspired look and came up with a tiny (4.9 pounds, plus 12 ounces for the power supply), sleek, elegant white-polycarbonate and silver-magnesium case that looks and feels rugged.

Apple offers separate AppleWorks and iBook promos - Apple today posted details on its Web site about two new promotions. One promotion is for the iBook and a separate promotion is for AppleWorks.

Buy an iBook. Get $100 back - Just buy an iBook between November 21 and December 31, 2001, from an authorized reseller and you'll get $100 back by mail

Apple's new laptops - Slick and slicker: the hot-selling iBook and the Titanium PowerBook G4, Apple's stylish laptop twins, have come of age with healthy speed bumps

Does An Upgraded WallStreet Still Make Sense As An iBook Alternative? - here we are in late 2001, and the used WallStreet/new iBook comparison is still a reasonable one, thanks to the 500 MHz/1 MB L2 processor upgrade cards for WallStreet offered by PowerLogix and now Sonnet

How well does OS X run on the PowerBook G4 "rev B" and 600MHz iBook "rev B"? - Some of you want to know how well OS X.1 runs on each. So I ran some OS X tests

Sonnet Upgrade for Wallstreet Beats New iBook - I just received my Sonnet Crescendo/WS in the mail today. It is a 500 MHz CPU upgrade for Wallstreet PowerBooks (which have 233 to 300 MHz originally). I installed mine into a 300 MHz model:

iBooks for Innovation underway in Arizona - Students are participating in the second year of a pilot project called "iBooks for Innovation" in the Deer Valley (AZ) Unified School District in which the district's two newest schools are equipped with iBooks. Over 230 fourth- through sixth-graders at two older schools in the district's poorest socioeconomic areas are participating in the project,

Best new laptop - The latest iBook may well be the best all-around computer Apple has ever made.

Apple education VP talks iBooks, iPods, ROI - Though the economy is tough right now, Apple is very pleased overall with the response its getting to its educational products, Cheryl Vedoe, Apple's vice president of education marketing & solutions, told MacCentral. In an interview with MacCentral at this week's EDUCAUSE education conference, she talked of Apple's success, platform preferences and the iPod.

EDUCAUSE: Apple introduces new digital media bundles - Apple has introduced three new digital media solution bundles for the education market

Cool as Ice - At 4.9 pounds, Apple's new snow-white iBook is trimmer and lighter than the model it replaces, yet it dwarfs other lightweight consumer portables when it comes to features. Chill out with the Mac blanc

Apple Europe iBook Product Manager Talks New PowerBook G4, iBook - In his interview with MacGeneration, Ricard rates the Mobile Radeon as one of the key features of the TiBook, emphasising its resolution and frame-rate capabilities with demanding games such as Quake. He also noted that the Radeon performs even better with OS X than OS 9

iBook 2001 - Last May, Apple stepped up to the plate and hit a home run out of the park. The new revision of the iBook sports a more conservative design (mimicking the sleek TiBook) as well as a number of improvements over the original. In this review, I won't bother you with all of the amazing features of the iBook 2001. You can read the plethora of reviews from Mac, PC, and regular news outlets to get the scoop on how good of a machine it is. Since this is a gaming site, I'll try to look at the iBook from the perspective of gamers and their needs

Apple's Cool New Portable AC Adapter - The yo-yo adapter is too big and has a spotty reliability record. While it harmonized well with the Fisher-Price-esque styling motif of the colored iBooks, it looks incongruous with the black understatedness of the G3 PowerBooks, and only slightly less so with the TiBook and 2nd Gen iBook. Apple has finally (hooray!) seen the light, and replaced the yo-yo

Apple Touts iBook Sales As Sales To Education Triple - Apple is pushing this issue hard, and obviously considers the iBook a success in education

iBook (600 MHz) - A little over five months after Apple released the 500 MHz iBook (a.k.a. iceBook), they replaced it with this 600 MHz model available in DVD, CD-RW, and ComboDrive versions. Changes include a faster CPU, a faster system bus (100 MHz vs. 66 MHz) and a larger hard drive (15-20 GB, with a 30 GB option)

Apple pumps up speed, features of PowerBook G4, iBook - Apple also made some significant changes to the iBook. It, too, scored faster processing and a new, faster system bus, more storage capacity and more RAM standard across the line. The Top-of-the-line DVD-ROM/CD-RW "Combo" drive-equipped iBook also got a price break.

Apple polishes iBook, PowerBook lines - Upgrades to Apple's hot-selling iBook, sales of which are expected to be a bright spot in fiscal fourth-quarter earnings, were more modest than those made to the PowerBook line.

Apple Enhances Popular iBook Line - New iBook Line Features Increased Performance, More Memory & Larger Hard Drives

Dispense of Your Warranty with Style: Overclocking Your Silver iBook to 600 Mhz, 100 Mhz Bus - Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Do you love taking things apart, and laugh at the humor of having parts left over? Do your favorite (mis)adventures fly in the face of the phrase "warranty violation"? Then overclocking iBooks may be a career for you! Well, maybe not a career, but you could certainly do it to your own.

Five Observations About Apple's Great iBook - All in all, I'm still very impressed with Apple's iBook. After using the computer day-in and day-out for about two months, I'm especially happy with the overall quality and usefulness of this little 5 pound wonder. This said, here are five things I've learned about Apple's iBook

iBooks used en masse for Washington DC Citizens Summit - in Washington, DC the mayor will host an open town hall called the Washington DC Citizens Summit. Why is this of interest to Mac users? It turns out that 300-plus iBooks (including over 200 of the newer iBooks) will be used to help create an interactive meeting environmen

Think Forward: Apple's Entire Product Line Makes PC Magazine's List of 'Forward-Thinking' Computers - The October 16, 2001, issue of PC Magazine includes all of Apple's four hardware products as vanguards of the "New Shape of Computing."

Things They Don't Tell You about the iBook - This is a look at some interesting and puzzling features of the iBook you may not have read about in those reviews

iBook 2001 vs G4 Cube Speed Bake-off - That's it. I was SHOCKED at the speed differences here, frankly -- probably because in day-to-day actual USAGE of these apps (and others) I 'feel' very little difference between these 2 machines,

APPLE iBOOK - Despite these problems, though, the iBook goes a long way toward becoming a portable computer that actually lives up to that name

iBook or TiPB? - It's been my pleasure to test-drive both Apple's Titanium PowerBook (TiPB) and totally revamped iBook. The former is the hands-down winner, though it should be, since it's a lot pricier than the latter. When you compare bang for the buck, they're pretty evenly matched. Each has its pros and cons

iBook500 - While the new iBook commercial makes us absolutely cringe (can someone please slap that obnoxious guy on the airplane upside the head?), the new line of iBooks is anything but cringe inducing. If the TiBook has you drooling but concerned about your bank account, the iBook will certainly satisfy most Mac users in performance as well as price

Me & Portables - I've always had one enduring philosophy about notebooks, and it's this: Either it has to be as powerful and able as my desktop or it has to be so perfectly portable and convenient that it's not a drag to lug it around. Well, to this day there still isn't a portable that can deliver what my desktop can, so that "demand" stands on principle alone. As for portability... I don't consider seven, eight, nine or ten pounds to be really all that portable. Blasphemous as it may seem, the Titanium Powerbook is too big for my use. It's got this great big screen (lovely as it is... don't get me wrong) that makes the whole unit just a tad larger than my needs, which is something that is about the size of a sheet of paper or smaller

iBooks to be part of new elementary school - Chaparral Elementary School in Ladera Ranch, CA is opening next month and implementing a laptop program later this fall. Principal Kevin Rafferty has asked parents of third-, fourth- and fifth-graders to send their children to school with an iBook, which they'll use for word processing and storing assignments

iBooks at home in school system's new Mobile Computer Lab - The Sweetwater Union High School District in Chula Vista, CA, revved up for the 2001-2002 school year over the summer by implementing their Mobile Computer Lab, a van with 40 new iBooks, 10 mini-DV cameras, and 10 digital still cameras

Comments After Seeing All the Current Macs - Whether most of you realize it or not, an Internet editor like myself has no more opportunity to play with new toys than anybody else. I didn't go to Macworld and I don't live near an Apple store, but today I saw the complete Apple lineup on display at Simutek in Tucson, Arizona, and here are some brief impressions

Fun, Sleek & Practical - A Review Of The G3 iBooks, With New Performance Numbers - Fresh from reviewing Apple's new, elegant, titanium G4 PowerBooks, I was prepared to be disappointed by "Titanium JR". However, though Apple's plucky new iBook isn't made of titanium and can't match the PowerBook in terms of performance, Apple's newest iBook has a beauty and grace all of its own, wrapped in a sturdy economical package

Travelling with Your iBook - How to conquer continental nonconformity

The Ultimate iBook Review - what about performance? We know that people who buy a low-price consumer portable are not necessarily looking for the ultimate speed demon, but it is nice to know how the iBook stacks up in terms of power

More New iBook Blues - Last week I wrote here about a friend of mine who purchased a new 500 MHz iBook to replace his aging PowerBook 3400, but was bitterly disappointed to discover that there was a problem with the trackpad on the new machine that made it so unstable as to be virtually unusable

Wireless for the masses: New notebooks from Gateway, Apple - At $299, the Gateway wireless option is top dollar for built-in connectivity, though I expect the price to come down. Apple charges only $99 for the AirPort 802.11b add-on card for the iBook.

Hands On: iBook vs. Upgraded WallStreet - Two weeks ago, my wife purchased an iBook 2001 to replace her WallStreet. Even though I had pumped up her WallStreet with a G4/466 MHz CPU, 20 GB hard drive, and 192 MB of RAM, she was frustrated with the hassles associated with using FireWire and USB devices via CardBus

There is a gap in Apple's product line and it is not the PDA - While the iBook barely falls in the under-$1300 range, it offers enough feature advantages that most users considering a laptop in that range will find it compelling enough to pay the difference. If you look at Apple's iBook offering though, you notice that they actually do climb into the $1800 range, leading you to think that Apple competes well in the mid-range market

Bottom-Feeder Laptop Shootout! (Spring 2001) - I spent a few hours going through the online stores of 7 major players in the home-PC business, configuring the best entry-level laptop system I could for under $1,300

Educators rejoice: the new iBook has it all - A couple of weeks ago, I started bringing my new iBook to the class, to show it off, but also to see how quickly and easily it could be integrated into my own instruction plans. With Location Manager I configured a special set of preferences for sharing files and accessing the Internet. Next I wanted to see how well the new VGA output worked with an external 19 inch monitor, and a projections device. Perfectly, in each case - for educators, being able use our portables with projectors and external monitors means being able to work outside of class time designing multimedia artifacts, and just plugging in and showing them off. Previous iBooks did not give good quality VGA output

Think Positive: iBook Again! - First, let me say that the iBook inspires in me two emotions; great awe, and great jealousy. You see I bought the first iBook. The little one offered in blueberry or tangerine, for a much heftier price tag, and with a feature set that I thought impressive at the time, but which pales in comparison with the new model

C'mon Decide: Which Apple Laptop? - Both the TiBook and the iBook are great machines, even with some flaws. Here's help in picking the winner for your needs

The New iBook Is Made for Students - It still has youth appeal, but now it also has what students and educators really need

iBook vs. TiBook - Which Is The Better Value? - I've been fascinated by the number of reviewers who have posed the TiBook vs. iBook question to themselves, and concluded that they would take the iBook. There are even reports of people "downgrading" from TiBooks to iBooks, although their numbers must be relatively few

Painting Instructions - Thanks for the tons of emails. I hope I cover everything here. I will try and answer as many questions as I can and also give instructions as to how I did the paint job

Rabid Anti-Apple Commentator Loves iBook, Pro-Apple Analyst Doesn't Get It - The sky is falling. No, seriously. The sky is falling. And hell, it's freezing over. I just know it. There can be no other explanation for David Coursey's editorial on the new iBook Apple introduced on Tuesday. Mr. Coursey was trained at the John Dvorak School Of Inflammatory Editorials

CNET First Take: Apple iBook (500MHz)  - With a sleek look and some promising new features, Apple's latest iBook compares well with other consumer-level notebooks

New iBook vs. Dell Inspiron 2100 - When you compare Apple's new iBook to its nearest competitor from Mr. Dell's stable, it's not hard to see why he would shy away from a direct comparison

The iBook Seductress - I am still dragging my chin around, saliva dripping and all, from the paralyzing applelust I have for this 'Book. There is no doubt - I WILL have one, I just don't know when. I may have to give up a trip to the Expo, and teach a summer class, for it. It almost hurts from the applelust pounding in chest. But I want one

Touchscreen system for new iBooks announced - Troll Touch has a new touchscreen system, the first Touch iBook, that's designed specifically to be internally integrated into the iBook

iBook: The Portable to Sink Dell? - Dell is in trouble. Big trouble. Beleagured even. Layoffs of 3,000-plus personnel. Recalls of over 250,000 notebooks. Stores closing. Profits down. Don't let the fact that Dell has a $31 billion turnover fool you into thinking it has a comfort zone. It doesn't. A few years ago, Apple had $10 billion in sales and a bigger market share than they have now, and they couldn't make a red cent

Seeing the light white - Where the old iBooks were wonderful fun and were sold by the truckload to students and those who wanted a bit of pizzazz on their personal images, business people generally shied away

NEC Launches New Laptop: 1 Pound Lighter than the iBook, but with a Catch - NEC just introduced a new Versa line that appears to stack-up well against the new iBooks in all categories but one.

Comparing the new iBook to the PowerBook 5300, 1400, 2400, and Pismo - How The New iBook Stacks Up Alongside Its PowerBook Forbears And Cousins

PowerBook G4, new iBook power adapters are compatible - An Apple technical document notes that power adapters for Apple's two new laptops are compatible, allowing users to share adapters between computers

IBook - Often a search for the coolest design ends with the simplest. Witness the iBook, Apple's consumer-priced laptop, which underwent a profound and much lauded transformation last week

iBook's new chapter rights the original version's wrongs - No matter how you feel about Apple, you've got to admit that the company's been on quite a roll. In just the past few months, Apple has shipped Mac OS X, released its fastest PowerMac G4 desktop to date (733MHz), introduced updated versions of the iMac and PowerMac G4 Cube, and shipped the blockbuster Titanium PowerBook G4. Things are going so well that Apple decided to open a few retail stores in its spare time. Heck, we're starting to think Steve Jobs might actually deserve his $90 million salary. OK, maybe that's getting a little carried away.

New iBook looks great, weighs in with all right features - I've heard a lot of people poke fun of the original iBook, saying it was "bulbous" or it "looks like an oversized Barbie makeup case" or that "no self-respecting grown-up would carry one." The new iBook will shut them up

Hands On iBook Observations - Schoun Regan of Complete Mac Seminars has his hands on one of the new iBooks and offers these observations

In Depth: Is Monitor-Spanning Possible on the New iBooks? - Is monitor spanning not possible because the Rage Mobility chip in the new iBooks is different from the one used in the PowerBooks? Does the new Pangea I/O controller have anything do to with this? That is, are we talking about a hardware limitation? Or, is monitor spanning somehow

It's official: iBook HD is running @ 4,200 rpm - we can confirm you that: "correct technical specification are: Ultra ATA/66 (Advanced Technology Attachment) hd, not IDE, @ 4,200 rpm (both 10 and 20 Gb) and Combo (DVD-Rom/CD-RW) writes @ 4x both CD-R and CD-RW

NEC unveils tiny new laptop at twice iBook price - Want a new, small laptop that's comparable to the iBook but runs Windows? Be prepared to shell out more -- a heck of a lot more -- than you would for an iBook

Apple's updated iBook has appealing size, price - Are you a Windows fan? You're bound to feel chagrined because the PC realm arguably lacks anything iBook-like. Comparably priced Windows portables tend to be much bulkier. Similarly proportioned laptops are pricier with, in many cases, fewer built-in features

A Students' Laptop - The iBook may seem like just a drop in the bucket in the notebook market for some. But for myself - a mac user, and student, I have seen nothing that is more revolutionary from my perspective. The sheer portability and power of the machine is just overwhelming. Below I have outlined a few key features that the iBook excels in

Five Pounds of Genius - Apple has hit several home runs in the last few years, but it never did anything as fine as the latest iBook. The 4.9 pound portable is an almost incredible combination of strength, small size, good looks, and technology at a good price

Through Eolake's Eyes - The iBook Will Be An Even Bigger Hit Than The iMac - All of us geeks or wannabe geeks tend to get hung up in technical details, like the number of ports, specific megahertz, blah blah blah. And even there, the iBook is doing well. But what counts is this

Just How Small Is The New iBook? - Since the release of the original iBook in 1999, the Mac faithful have been longing for the return of an ultra-compact portable machine, one along the lines of the popular but short-lived PowerBook 2400

New iBook: Pros and Cons - The new iBook is cool, no doubt. But does it measure up? In a word, yes. Apple has addressed most of the problems people had with the old model, from its size and weight to the lack of a microphone

Rabid Anti-Apple Commentator Loves iBook, Pro-Apple Analyst Doesn't Get It - The sky is falling. No, seriously. The sky is falling. And hell, it's freezing over. I just know it. There can be no other explanation for David Coursey's editorial on the new iBook Apple introduced on Tuesday. Mr. Coursey was trained at the John Dvorak School Of Inflammatory Editorials. He particularly likes to get Mac users all riled up by doing things like criticizing the old iBook.

Apple's new iBook: In depth look - what you see in the new iBook is basically the insides of the last PowerBook G3 (Pismo) with the look of the new PowerBook G4. There are minute differences, of course, so let's examine the technical merits of this new iBook and compare with other Apple laptops in the past

The New iBook Vs. Comparable Windows-based Laptops: How Does it Stack Up? - After reading over the specs on the new iBook announced today, I figured I'd check-out the competition. I browsed through the online stores of Gateway, Compaq, Dell, and WinBook, and custom-configured some similar models to match the iBook base configuration and DVD configuration

My take on the iBook - my feelings are rather mixed, each model brings out a different thought...I don't think I've ever really had a thing like this for any Apple product, I either loved it, loved it and knew it would fail, or hated it. So, in order to properly represent my views, I'm going to examine each configuration in detail.

Hate MS? Love MS? Either way, the new iBook is right for you - The new iBook beats a carry-around Linux machine in any number of ways, and you'll be the envy of your friends without losing your connection to UNIX, since the new iBook runs Mac OS X.

Elfin iBook Will Break Hearts but Not Backs or Pocketbooks - Cute. There, I've said it. It's a terrible thing, having to describe what may well be the single greatest price, performance, and design breakthrough in portables since, well, ever, with the word cute, which is such a frivolous adjective. But, when faced with the challenge of summating in a single word what is both tiny and powerful, simple and clever, sophisticated and light-hearted, elegant and dirt cheap, the vast eloquence of the language Shakespeare used to sculpt his love sonnets drops into a petulant squat and tosses out "cute."

Apple thinks "education" with new iBooks - Apple lost the top spot in education sales to Dell Computer last year. But Apple CEO Steve Jobs said Tuesday that the company has actually seen its market share grow in the education market's laptop segment, which he calls the fastest-growing part of the market aimed at schools

iBook 2: What it needs vs. What it gets - I just recently sold my iBook SE Graphite 466, great timing on my part. I also got my replacement for it, a 400mhz Pismo in the mail last night. After sitting down with the pismo, I was able to tell several things the iBook needed, and several things the TiBook needed--neither of which will ever get them.

New iBook First Thoughts - My biggest disappointment is that they didn't go to a 13.3" screen, but a 1,024 x 768 12.1" unit is an interesting concept. My concern is that those pixels are going to be mighty small, but the extra "space" will be welcome nonetheless. Sticking with a 66 MHz internal system bus seems a bit retrograde, but Apple may be (justifiably) concerned about cannibalizing sales from the TiBook

Apple nabs single largest sale of education laptops ever - Virginia's Henrico County Public Schools are getting 23,000 of the portables to give every middle and high school student and teacher access to their own laptop computer. And there are plans to eventually provide every teacher and student throughout the district with an iBook


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