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iBook InfoZone - The Best iBook Information From Around The Net!

Retired: Feb 4, 2003
Current page

Below you will find a list of links to stories relating to Apple's new iBooks, culled from around the Web.

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Future teachers adapt to life with laptops - Students seeking teacher certification, including students who are not education majors, are required to buy an Apple iBook or PowerBook starting this semester as they enter the professional sequence of their degree plans. Students and faculty have mixed opinions about the implementation of the program thus far.

iBooks part of New Zealand educational laptop program - The New Zealand Education Ministry is putting $6.5 million a year for three years into its laptops for secondary teachers program which it expects will fund between 8,000 and 14,000 computers, according to a New Zealand Herald article. The new program is open to all permanent full-time secondary teachers and will include iBooks among the laptops

Ireland's Royal College Of Surgeons Buys 305 iBooks For Incoming Students - the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland is using Macs for its incoming class of first-year students. The deal is worth €520,000 (US$521,451.68), and includes 305 iBooks purchased from Apple Ireland

Ask MacSlash: Ruggedizing An iBook - anarchivist writes "I'd like to make my iBook a little more durable so I can feel better using it on the road and outside more for GPS applications For example, I'd like to waterproof it, if possible, and add an antireflective coating to the screen to make it easier to use in sunlight. Where do I begin?"

The Laptop Performance Bottleneck - As convenient as mobile computers are, they have always been sluggish compared with desktop PCs. Hard drive speed has been the biggest bottleneck. Although disk drives are not the only mobile components that lag behind their desktop counterparts, they are by far the most noticeable

700MHz iBook has slightly modified appearance  - the new low-end 700MHz iBook has a slightly different appearance than the other models and is apparently made from different material

Faster speeds, lower prices, new OS from Apple - Perhaps the best value for home and sometimes mobile use is the iBook. The company recently dropped the price of the tough little notebook to start at $999

Apple expands AppleCare protection program - Users of Apple's PowerBook G4 or iBook will be glad to hear that the AppleCare Protection Plan now includes global repair for portable computers. Apple has also added coverage in the new plan for Apple displays purchased with a G4 PowerBook

Students Treat Laptops with TLC - Not many middle-schoolers would refer to a 500-page textbook or graphing calculator as a buddy. But that's the term one student in Maine used to describe his iBook, which he received as part of Maine's initiative to provide every seventh- and eighth-grader in the state with a laptop

$999 iBook v. $849 HP Pavilion - With last week's release of Apple's cut-price iBook, we thougt we'd take a quick look at how the base iBook 700 stacks up against the newly-released HP Pavilion.

Elegant engineering - While I love my TiBook, I have always said that the 14-inch iBook was a very tempting thing. Performance is good and the price is attractive. I mean, it's a bit like choosing between the aforementioned Ms Bundchen and Eva Herzigova (strictly for their talents as models, you understand). One is a stainless steel paragon at the height of her powers, the other is beautiful and just a tiny bit more cuddly.

Little Room for Improvement in New PowerBook, iBook - The new iBook sports a much better graphics processor, the same one used in the DVI PowerBook. It should help performance in OS X, which seems to be the biggest complaint in the first and second versions of this machine

First Look: Updated Apple iBooks, PowerBooks - For many consumers, the iBook has consistently had the options they wanted, but it cost a few hundred dollars more than a similarly equipped PC. Of course, with the PC you gave up style and added unneeded weight to get that low price. (And, with the lighter PCs, you had to deal with docks to have access to an optical drive.) Now, with a $999 price tag, it's even harder to recommend a PC over the iBook

Apple upgrades US education labs - Apple yesterday introduced its new line of mobile labs - called the Curriculum Mobile Labs - for the US education market

Topic: Power goes up, prices go down. The new iBooks - I am very impressed with the new models, especially the pricing. Apple has crossed the maginot line, to some extent, with this aggressive new pricing, and I think they are very compelling.

Apple Drops iBook Price To US$999, Adds QuartzExtreme Support, Faster Processors - Apple has raised the bar yet again on consumer portables. US$999 is a very, very competitive price, though the base RAM allotment of 128 MB is light for Jaguar. Be that as it may, offering this unit at less than US$1000 is a significant psychological barrier that has been cracked

Apple intros 1GHz SuperDrive PowerBooks, new iBooks - "The iBook has just been huge in education -- 40 percent of our sales last quarter were notebooks," said Joswiak. "Now you can get an iBook in education for $899

Apple Buffs Up Laptops - Just in time for the holidays, Apple Computer Inc. on Wednesday added new trimmings to both sides of its portable line with enhancements to its professional Titanium PowerBook G4 and consumer iBook lines

Apple Computer Cuts Price of iBook Laptops By as Much as 17% - Apple Computer Inc. lowered the price of iBook laptop computers by as much as 17 percent and added faster processors to the machines, ahead of what may be the worst holiday shopping season in a decade

Cheaper, faster iBooks coming this week  - Apple Computer is expected to unveil cheaper, faster iBooks later this week, according to sources, in an effort to boost holiday sales of its portable laptop

Proponents say Maine iBook program seeing results - Maine's program of equipping every seventh grader with an iBook is already making a difference, its proponents say. A Globe and Mail article reports that those in favor of the program claim that, even after just a month or so, the teacher-student experience is being fundamentally changed

Governor Angus King talks about Maine's laptop program - Maine Governor Angus King first announced a laptop initiative for seventh grade students two years ago -- the contract was won by Apple to supply the State with iBooks. Since the announcement, King has come under fire for the cost of the program, which the state threatened to cancel on a number of occasions. Governor King recently spent some time with MacCentral to discuss the initiative

Comments: iBook RAM? Now They Tell Me - "Most people don't realize that the clamshell's one SDRAM slot will accommodate a 512MB chip. All official specs state 256MB maximum (it was originally 128MB before a firmware upgrade). But you can find some RAM sellers who offer a 512MB chip for these iBooks, and they work fine."

Translucent Red Apple iBook Custom Mod - Anonymous Coward writes "There is a beautiful translucent red iBook mod that has surfaced on eBay, and the creator's homepage More and more of these mods are around lately.. pretty incredible."

Apple, iBooks, PowerSchool make school news - Enthusiasm for iBooks is also high in Arkansas. At Greenland Elementary School each student in kindergarten through fourth grade will receive an Apple laptop as part of a wireless network being established at the school. The program extends the district's commitment to provide all students in kindergarten through 12th grade with a technology-enriched curriculum

Windsor 7th-graders iBooking it - After having opened her new Apple iBook laptop computer, one of many provided by the state for the 29 members of her seventh-grade class, Lauren Dancer was trying to figure her way through a maze of commands as teacher Jana Diket introduced the new computer functions.

Apple's iBook: Why it's not just for home, anymore - when it came time to buy a modern Apple portable, I opted for a tricked-out 700MHz iBook with a 12.1-inch screen. In fact, I'm using it to type this very column. I maxed out the RAM to 640MB, chose the 40GB hard drive option, and now have a machine that is not only full-featured, but is almost unnoticeable when carried around in my bag. And it has excellent AirPort performance. While I will unquestionably miss the 800MHz TiBook's superior motherboard and CPU performance, its benefits were not sufficient to counterbalance the poor wireless reception

New Apples for teachers - The lease expires in December 2004. The plan is to replace them with newer ones and to get an additional 2,500. The eventual goal is one computer per five students. Ideally, a computer used by students would be replaced every four years and a teacher's every three years, all through leasing

Study: Flat-panel prices will dive - Shipments of the slender monitors dipped during the second quarter, according to a new report, leading to an oversupply of components and sparking a new round of price cuts. DisplaySearch, which tracks the monitor market, said unit shipments of flat-panel displays slipped by 3 percent sequentially during that quarter to 7.3 million units

Virginia expanding laptop program - a science maxim aptly describes the first year of Henrico County's program to equip high school students with laptop computers: "The more complex something is, the more likely it is that a small thing will upset it." As the Sept. 3 start of school approaches, administrators are confident last year's problems have been solved and that the technology initiative will run much smoother, even as it is expanded to middle schools

The SpeedZone: 667 MHz vs 700 MHz, G4 vs G3, PowerBook vs iBook - A Performance Report - Beyond the performance question, the PowerBook is much more feature rich than the iBook. At a $700 premium it is well worth the price, and will hold up its value better when you are in a position to let it go, and upgrade to something new.

OS 9.2.2 Boosts Pismo Performance; And iBook vs. Dell Inspiron Value - I made up a more comprehensive extensions set for the iListen test, ran Norton Disk Doctor and Disk Warrior to check the partition's directory, and discovered when I started using it that the Pismo is significantly faster running under OS 9.2.2 than it has been under OS 9.1, especially for Web work, where it now compares favorably with the performance of the late, lamented WallStreet. It wakes up from sleep faster too

Henrico iBooks a litmus test for Algebra courseware - Henrico County rose to prominence last year as one of the first school districts to strike a major deal with Apple for its then-newly redesigned iBook. iBooks are now in the hands of high schoolers in the county, and soon will be issued to middle schoolers as well

iBook: "Quite simply the notebook I'd want if I were back in college." - I would've thought that a lot more would have been made of the iBooks Combo drive, while the others feature only DVD-ROMs. Disc Burner and iTunes' burning capabilities should have been mentioned as well, along with iPod integration.

iBooks and TiBooks and MyBooks - iBook vs TiBook. iBook fits on cramped airplane traytables, whereas TiBook requires you to gouge your neighbours with your elbows. iBook has better wireless range than the TiBook (unless you use a PC-Card instead of the Airport card and a third-party driver). Oh, and of course, you can darn near afford two iBooks for the price of a TiBook (and as the saying goes, if you buy one iBook you've got two weeks to get another or get a divorce)

PC buyer's guide - ALSO CHECK OUT: The Apple iBook. It's roughly $1,825 including shipping. The best configuration has a 12.1-inch XGA display, a 700 MHz G3 processor, Mac OS X, 256MB of memory, a 20GB hard drive, a combination CD burner/DVD drive, AppleWorks productivity software, and a 3-year warranty

What 'Book To Buy; Upgrade Quandaries; And Future Laptop CPUs - my general advice is this. If your present machine is doing the job you' require of it reasonably well, and you're not shut out of any technology or feature that you really want or need, stick with it as long as you can. On the other hand, if your working efficiency or personal satisfaction is being inhibited by the limitations of older hardware, you had might as well make your move

iBook gets high marks in back to school shootout - Comparatively, Baig called the hefty Dell SmartStep 200N "the kind of machine that makes you glad your kid is carrying it and not you"

Pick a laptop: The perfect accessory for college - This Apple is yummy. It's quite simply the notebook I'd want if I were back in college. The inviting iBook is fun to look at, pick up and use. The $1,499 model I tested is lightweight (4.9 pounds) and quiet, and I didn't even mind that the 12.1-inch color display is the smallest of the computers reviewed here

Laptop Or Desktop? - The big issue facing us as we pack the car is what type of computer she should bring along. I raised these issues when we took a tour of campuses last year. The "Mac vs. PC" question is a non-issue. All of the campuses she considered say it doesn't really matter. The big issue is laptop vs. desktop

Maine AG Warns Against Killing iBook Contract - Just how astute are these legislators, anyway? If they went down to their local Chevy dealer and said they didn't want the SUV they've been driving for a year, do they think anybody else in town would want to do business with them?

King agrees with Rowe: Beware of canceling laptop deal - "There are big downsides to walking away," King said Tuesday. "The damage to the state would far outweigh the benefits of canceling the contract. You need to be dependable."

Hands on with the 700MHz iBook - I'm a big fan of Apple's iBook line, and the latest 700MHz model only increases my affection. Despite the fact that it only has a G3 processor, the iBook is more than acceptable for anyone using it for word processing, e-mail, Web surfing and the occasional game

iBook Takes a Lickin' - The second encounter with disaster had more serious consequences. I had just finished giving the "always move the laptop with two hands" lecture to the class when I elbowed the laptop off my desk. It landed on one corner on a padded seat, which for some reason caused the drive to pop out. Then it slid off the seat and landed, you guessed it, on the ejected drive tray, which snapped in two

Drive-speed cheer for Apple notebooks - Toshiba has boosted the rotational speed of its 2.5-inch high-density disk drives to 5,400 rpm, reports the IDG News Service. The company is engaged in developing a 60GB 2.5-inch drive that implements the higher spindle speed

Review: Apple IBook (14-Inch) - Weighing in at nearly six pounds -- a pound heavier than the smaller versions -- the 14-incher does claim to have added an hour more battery power per charge. That would be an astonishing six hours. We ran a couple of tests with energy saver off, and we were only able to get four hours of battery life out of our iBook. Four hours is not bad, but nowhere near the six hours Apple claims

More PowerBook/iBook Hard Drive Musings - Hard Drive Performance has traditionally been the weakest link in laptop performance compared with desktop machines of similar clock speed. While 3.5 in., 5400 rpm hard drives are the garden variety in the desktop orbit, with 7200 r.p.m. units commonly available, the vast majority of 2.5 in. hard disks used in portable are a poky 4200 rpm. There is progress in this regard

Apple's PowerBook and iBook Group Wants Your Feedback - The Portables team have three categories they want to address: hardware software and Mac OS. If you're a seasoned PiBook veteran or, heck, you're just a guy or gal in a suit who has an opinion, the friendly Portables team need YOU

Campus Radical: Apple iBook - Personal computers are displacing books as the main repositories of knowledge on college campuses. But you need to do some homework. Check with the admissions department to find out if the school recommends a model. Next, ask if there are special prices at the campus computer store; in many cases you can save $100 or more by shopping on campus. But if the school has no preference on which computer you use, I'd suggest the works-hard, plays-hard Apple iBook

iBook Obsessions, Apple Long Island - The iCurve was created to support the iBook, literally, and the company plans to start shipping the accessory in September for $40 a pop. According to a spokesperson for the company, "While iCurve could be mistaken for a modern art sculpture, its main purpose is to place a PowerBook or iBook in an ergonomically correct position when using the laptop as a permanent desktop computer."

The Maine iBook Initiative: A Battle Between Lemmings And Learning - For today's students, competence in the research and learning methods of the Information Age represents a new form of literacy. This form of literacy is fast becoming essential for academic success. For this reason I've followed the development of the Main iBook initiative. From the time the program was first announced, through the sometimes unsettling budget battles between Governor Angus King, Jr. and a loud and vocal group of legislators who continue to oppose the initiative

Deep In The Zone: Comparing 14 Current & Former Power Macs, iMacs, PowerBooks And iBooks When Running OS X - A Performance Report

OS X Day 1: Enter the iBook - I still remember when I went from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. It was awkward and clumsy, and nothing worked the way I wanted it to. I was grumbling and grizzling the whole time, moaning to my friends "why did they do this? I was perfectly happy the way I was!" Well, a decade later I'm no longer happy. Windows 2000 was eroding day by day, progressively becoming less stable, and Word was periodically aborting and losing work. Not good. I'm an editor. I need Word. Of course, I could have reinstalled the operating system and applications yet again, but life's too short to deal with degrading software. Enter the iBook

She Built a Business in 'No Time' - Karin Spitzer is a young fashion entrepreneur who is building a business out of nothing but a copyrighted phrase. Spitzer, 27, is a refined example of how little it takes to build a business in the information economy: Her tools consist only of a laptop and some imagination

Why My 2400 Is Better than an iBook - It would be real nice to see Apple release a new sublaptop. I know Steve Jobs has said he would not release such a such a machine on the pretext that it was merely half a computer. I disagree, and if tomorrow they released a 12" iBook with a PCMCIA slot, I will buy it tomorrow. Make it a half inch thinner, kill the optical drive, and I'd pay a few hundred dollars extra

The 700 Club: eMac versus iMac versus iBook - According to the specifications, the eMac G4/700 should be just as fast as the iMac G4/700. But is it? And what about the iBook G3/700? How does it compare? And I know some of you are going to ask, how does the PowerBook G4/667 relate? So here's all four

An Excellent iBook Luggage Solution by Waterfield - The manufacturing quality of these items is absolutely outstanding. When you feel the texture of the materials, the smoothness of the extra-strong zippers, when you carefully examine the stitches, the corners, the handles, the straps of these items, you just know it's stuff that will LAST for a very, very long time

Fitting into an iBook - The iBook is a wonderful computer: it's sleek, sturdy and fast. The only blemish on the clamshelled beauty is its rather small display. The iBook's maximum resolution is 800x600, whereas the standard resolution on all other current Macintoshes is a far more robust 1024x768. This means that the iBook displays 45% less information than every other Macintosh. Thankfully, there are several ways owners can maximize screen real estate in the iBook's cramped display

iBook (16 VRAM): Battery Level Shows More Than 100 Percent - Under certain conditions, iBook (16 VRAM) computers may indicate battery charge levels as being more than 100 percent, sometimes up to 106 percent

Legislators ready to raid laptop fund - Gov. Angus King's recommendation to attack a budget shortfall by reducing state aid to public schools has some lawmakers ready to raid his pet program to equip schools with laptop computers

iBooks, Quartz Extreme and G4 chips - Although it's the only Apple portable product remaining that sports a G3 chip, Apple's iBook line is right where it needs to be and continues to be a hot seller in the consumer and education markets, according to Dave Russell, Apple's director of consumer-education mobile products. Don't expect any major changes anytime soon

Global Mac News - Apple Says No G4 iBooks Anytime Soon - Apple says that the iBook is a bestseller as it is. Like the Brits would say, "don't change a winning team"

Tips for College-Bound Computer Buyers - Here's a quick tour of features you'll want your campus machine to have and some you can overlook

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