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iMac InfoZone - The Best iMac Information From Around The Net!

Page Retired June 25, 2002 ... for current page click here

Below you will find a list of links to stories relating to Apple's new iMacs, culled from around the Web. Like our other Information Pages, the iMac InfoZone is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's new iMacs. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the new iMacs mail it to us and we will add it

Dealer offering 'tax free' iMac specials - ComputerTown has just announced a special promotion on the new flat-panel iMacs with prices starting at US$1,250 -- the price is tax-free anywhere in the US

The $299 2 GHz iMac '040 - did you ever wonder what became of the Motorola 68040, or even the 68030, for that matter? Motorola didn't just say, "Oh well, Apple quit using this chip, let's shut down all production of it." No, quite the opposite occurred. Motorola continued development, and the chip is now used in a wide variety of embedded and proprietary technologies. In fact, this venerable chip is approaching the 2 GHz level!

Review of the new LCD iMacs - I'm happy to say that they've done a bang-up job. While it may be hard to convince someone using a 2 year old PC that they need a new machine that is 500 MHz faster, it's a pretty easy sell to show people how easily they can quickly and easily do all sorts of useful things with this new iMac right out of the box

Proctor: iMac G4 has look of future - Are the iMacs above their competition? Well, the iMac includes four free Apple programs for digital content -- iPhoto for handling photos, iMovie for editing video, iTunes for music and iDVD for burning DVDs -- all of which perform very well.

Technology innovator: Jonathan Ive, designer of the iMac - Until 1998, we all knew what a personal computer looked like. Beige boxes surrounded by a terrifying tangle of peripherals and wires, we tended to stow them in corners to hide their ugliness. Then came the iMac, the brainchild of Apple's head of design Jonathan Ive.

Apple Store offers 90-day no payments - Apple is offering users that purchase product from the company's online store a grace period before they have to start paying for their new hardware and software

Redesigned iMac: A Flat-Out Winner - In our latest survey, we asked Macworld subscribers for their impressions about Apple's redesigned iMac. Karlin Associates surveyed 441 subscribers between February 6 and February 12

Apple Sent Me A Pornographic Object d' Art Without A Plain Brown Wrapper! - Undressing The New G4 iMac - Our G4/800 iMac arrived the other day, and as usual, we took a lot of pictures of the process of unpacking it. This is the most complex packaging we have ever seen Apple do on a product (except perhaps the 20th Anniversary Macintosh)

Amazon points to 48% of iMac G4 sales being PC Converts - We still have a few weeks left until Apple gives its quarterly report (probably to occur around the middle of April,) but indications are good that PC users are flocking to iMacs in record numbers. The specific numbers will most likely be in Apple's next quarterly report, but has given us something to think about. Of all of the major catalog sites online that sell Macs, is the only one that seems to allow readers to post their reviews of any product (including computers) that it sells. It is here that we find anecdotes to the possibility of triple the amount of PC converts as the previous iMac models

Moviemaking on iMac shows PCs need to catch up - Even the inconvenience of the ports being on the back of the snow-globe base didn't bother me (other reviewers have complained about it, but I think it's a nonissue). It's cool to look at, blazingly fast, nearly silent in spite of its internal fan, and has a 15-inch flat-panel display that's as sharp, bright and vivid as any I've seen. And the stainless steel arm, which lets you adjust the screen's height, depth and angle with one finger, is perhaps the slickest piece of industrial design magic ever seen in a personal computer

Finally, a Reason Not to Be PC - Ź Apple's new iMac has a pared-down price to match its sleek and simple design. Look no further for an excuse to defect from the PC ranks. This year's new and vastly improved iMac adds value to Macintosh style and simplicity. Apple Computer has given its entry-level iMac line a new microprocessor that is equivalent to a high-end Intel Pentium 4, and a CD drive that, in some models, can also write data to CDs and DVDs.

New Malaysian Animated Short: iMac At The iBeach Playing Limbo - has published a report about a new animated iMac short called "iBeach." According to, the 3D animation was produced by a company called Click Grafix as a demonstration of Lightwave on the Mac for the Malaysian market

Compaq, Apple book mucho 15-inch panels - Hannstar has won big orders from both Compaq and from Apple, with the latter using LCD screens in the next generation desktop iMac, which arrives in May

Gartner: Apple's Price Hike Will Be Imitated - During Macworld Expo in Tokyo last week, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) shocked its millions of fans by announcing that it will raise prices by US$100 across its three-model line of flat-panel iMacs. Apple, already struggling to meet demand for its new machines, also was struck with increased component costs. Those costs apparently made it impossible for the company to deliver its new iMacs at the original prices, which started at $1300, while retaining a reasonable profit margin

iMac Delay Gossip - Nothing can be proven, and that's just how Apple wants it. But according to MacUser UK (via MacSurfer's proprietary link), the reason those iMacs have been delayed has nothing to do with LCD screen shortages and everything to do with firmware and movable-arm assembly problems

Apple's Hot New Market: PC Converts - The new iMac is luring crossover buyers like never before, and that should help Jobs & Co. do well despite the industry's suffering

iMac delays linked to firmware glitch - An article posted to a restricted section of Apple's Knowledge Base online support resource contains details and installation instructions for an iMac firmware update. The file, which is only available to Apple internal staff members and official support providers, updates the firmware on the iMac's SuperDrive which improves compatibility with the Maxtor hard drive. The document says the update is only needed when performing a service repair on a SuperDrive iMac

TouchStar2 Touch-Enabled Apple LCD iMac Now Shipping - All Troll Touch touch screen products are cross-platform compatible

Behind the iMac Price Hike - Like a frugal Amish farmer, any columnist worth his byline welcomes every opportunity to roll up his sleeves and milk a promising topic for all it's worth. This week, Apple Computer's announcement that it will raise the price of its new iMacs to offset parts shortages lends new juice to my recent musings on Mac supply and demand

Can't Apple Take A Hint? Cheaper is Better! - That's right folks; the iMac costs $100 dollars more - that's $1,399 just for the base model. The reason? "Significant increases in component costs for memory and LCD flat-panel displays." Give me a break. Are you telling me Apple had to raise the cost of all iMac systems by 100 big ones just because the price of memory went up?

Apple tests history with iMac increases - According to Wall Street Journal reporter Jim Carlton in his best-seller, Apple: The Inside Story of Intrigue, Egomania and Business Blunders, a similar Mac price increase of up to 29 percent in 1988 ended up slashing Apple's profit margins from 51 percent to 48 percent.

iMac G4, helping or hurting Apple - Apple this week announced that it is now shipping "5,000 new iMacs per day, and hope[s] to catch up with demand soon," [Link] but will this be enough to stop the criticism that has plagued the company since the introduction of the next generation iMac? Well the answer is no. In response to "significant increases in component costs for memory and LCD flat-panel displays" Apple will also increase the cost of all iMacs by $100

Annecdotes confirm iMac shipments getting better - This news appears to confirm Steve Jobs' assertion that the new iMacs are now shipping in volume. Although Quanta certainly has an interest in making this information available, especially as it relates to analysts' expections

Improved iMac shipments to boost Quanta revenues in March - Quanta Computer said that despite worse-than-expected performance in January and February caused by complications in its shipments of Apple Computer's new iMac LCD PC, revenues and shipments for March are expected to set new monthly records thanks to notebook orders from Hewlett-Packard (HP) and the resolution of the iMac's shipment problems.

MACWORLD Tokyo - Japanese Company Offers Docking Station For iMac G4 With iPod Bay - A very cool innovation found on the showroom floor of MACWORLD Tokyo is a docking station for the new G4 iMacs made by a local company called IMTG. Normally, you'd have to reach around the base of the iMac to plug in your peripherals, but the new docking station brings everything to your fingertips

Apple In Volume Production of New iMacs - Apple today announced it has shipped more than 125,000 new flat-panel iMacØ computers since its launch in January and is now shipping over 5,000 new iMacs per day

iMac Availability - Reality Distortion? - Joswiak also takes issue with the perception -- and some published articles -- that Apple is stocking its own stores with iMacs, leaving their dealer network with none of the new flat panel computers to sell to its customers. "The reality is, this is just not true," said Joswiak. "We've shipped less than 10 percent of the new iMacs to our own retail stores

MACWORLD TOKYO - Apple's price rise no big deal say users - Apple Computer Inc.'s decision to raise the price of its iMac personal computer by US$100 in the face of climbing component prices has been largely accepted, if not welcomed, by users interviewed at MacWorld Tokyo 2002

Regret, ire greet pricier iMacs - If Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs was looking for a good place to deliver bad news, Tokyo may have been just far enough away from the company's California headquarters

iMac price hikes bruise Apple - Analysts worry that high component costs could take a bite out of the computer maker's bottom line

Apple exec on the iMac, iPod, Cinema and Bluetooth - "We have now shipped more than 125,000 iMacs and we've ramped production to more than 5,000 a day," Apple's Senior Director of Hardware Product Marketing Greg Joswiak told MacCentral. "This is really good news; it means that we are going to eat into to the backlog created for this product."

JP Morgan Trims Apple Computer Outlook on Higher Costs for iMac - Analyst Daniel Kunstler says the company's costs have tripled since the new iMac launch in January

For true out-of-the-box video editing - All things considered, should you buy the flat panel iMac just to dabble in video editing? Not necessarily. Buy the new iMac only if you are sold on the LCD monitor, smaller footprint, superior design and DVD burning capability. The important things here, again, are FireWire and iMovie, available on the older iMac

My iMac epiphany - After 17 years of loyalty to the PC (starting with the IBM PS/2 and ending with a Dell Dimension), I broke down and bought the new Apple iMac. The iMac has been called revolutionary by some (Apple fans and design freaks) and an expensive lamp or innovative dinner tray by others (PC diehards)

Lamp stand iMac proves elusive - Despite peppering consumers on the weekend with glossy brochures pushing all three flavours of its new-look iMac computer, Apple is struggling to fulfil back orders up to a month old, including large orders for a low-end model yet to reach the country.

Apple Profits May Fall Victim to iMac Success - As the first quarter of 2002 wraps up, financial analysts have modified their earnings estimates for Apple Computer (Nasdaq: AAPL). This shift comes despite -- or perhaps because of -- the thumbs-up reaction from analysts and industry watchers to the company's latest product, the G4 flat-panel iMac

Screens 'delay Taiwan iMac maker' - The site reports that iMac production has been affected by 15-inch LCD screen shortages:

iMac Makes for Sexy Computing - Everything about the new iMac is beautiful. I could even go further and call it sublime. The revolutionary machine looks less like a computer than the kind of ornate lamp the art deco and nouveau movements produced; while its operating system, Mac OS X (pronounced 10), not only looks beautiful, but runs like a dream

Apple's new iMac: The whole story on this snazzy system - Our reviews team finally got their hands on the much-hyped Apple iMac and gave it a thorough examination. We tested a $1,799 top-of-the-line unit complete with an 800MHz processor, a 60GB hard drive, and a Pioneer DVD-R/CD-RW drive. Apple does, however, offer two more conservative configurations, but all are powered by a PowerPC G4 CPU and an Nvidia GeForce2 MX graphics chip

Elusive iMac slowly turning up online - You might have to search a bit, but you can find Apple Computer's new iMac online--and you might not have to pay much more than the retail price

Apple (UK and Ireland) - Hot News - Paul Smith Meets the New iMac - Paul so loves the look of the new iMac that two of the revolutionary machines recently graced the windows of his flagship store in London's Covent Garden. Either side of the "nose" created by the shop's door, the twin flat-panel displays each carried a huge eyeball, both of which moved incessantly - and in tandem - much to the fascination and amusement of passers-by

A marvel of design New iMac lives up to its billing as the ultimate digital hub - Apple's eye-pleasing, powerful new iMac, introduced in January, is pointing the way. It features a stunning flat-panel screen, robust, easy-to-use music, photo and video software, along with practical hardware features.

Craving an iMac? Go to an Apple store - Shortages of a hot new product have Macintosh dealers grumbling that Apple Computer is showing preferential treatment to company-owned retail stores--something the company promised would not happen

Reader Report: Flat Panel iMac

Smelly G4 iMac Woes - As longtime Applelinks and MacOpinion readers will be aware, I am afflicted with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), which complicates my relationship with computers and many other things in our 21st

Hands on with iMac accessories - Since I took an in-depth look at the new flat panel iMac last Wednesday, today I thought I'd offer my hands-on experience with the first two peripherals especially made for the new computer: the gHub and the Flat Panel Wedge

PlayStation mag gives nod to iMac - An interesting acknowledgement of the new iMac's cool factor came from an unlikely source this month: PlayStation enthusiast magazine PSM

Apple iMac (PowerPC G4, 800 MHz) - The good: Eye-catching looks; great flat-panel display; decent performance; easy setup. The bad: Limited upgrade options; sparse documentation; average warranty

Window - iMac Commercial (QuickTime Movie)

Cool Design Won't Save a Dud Product Ever since the iMac, shelves have been littered with bold failures. Here's how to get it right. - Take an ordinary object, give it sleek curves and cool colors, and -- poof! -- instant market domination. Jonathan Ive, who created the look of the new iMac, has become a superstar in the field

IMac emulators will always fail - design guru - PC manufacturers have failed to learn the lessons dealt out by Apple -- a failure that could lead them to obscurity -- according to a UK finalist in the International Forum Design awards, Alloy Total Design

Apple flat-planel iMac the better way to go with digital media Details mean a lot with PCs - One looks like a toy igloo with a movie screen on top, the other more than a little like Darth Vader. One runs the Mac OS X by default, 9.2 if you prefer -- while the other has Windows XP Home Edition. But the difference that's uppermost in my mind, after using Apple's new flat-panel iMac and a Hewlett-Packard PC that's roughly comparable in price and positioning for the past few weeks, has nothing to do with hardware or software

iMac delays highlight Apple's forgotten promises to resellers - If the delays have highlighted anything, it's that the old promises of non-competition are long-forgotten by Apple. The company has been readily stocking its retail stores, but most independent resellers have been left in the cold

Testing out the new iMac - I could give you lots of technical info about the quality of the screen, the speed of the processor or how powerful the speakers are, but the bottom line is everybody who saw it, wanted it.

Hands on with the new iMac - Two weeks ago, I put aside my Power Mac G4 tower and have used nothing but the new flat panel iMac (the 800 MHz/ SuperDrive). I have to say that Steve Jobs may be right: this could be the best Mac Apple has ever made, at least on a "bang for the buck" basis

Flat-panel iMac hard to come by - The Cupertino, Calif.-based computer maker is struggling to produce, let alone meet demand for, its new all-in-one, flat-panel iMac, according to analysts and other sources. The production problems have been caused in part by a shortage of 15-inch LCD (liquid-crystal-display) flat panels, they say

Forbidden fruit - Jai Chulani, the Bombay boy who's now Apple's worldwide iMac product manager uses a slightly different measure. "Just see how often iMacs are shown in Hindi movies!" he says. Chulani's in India to launch the new iMac, revealed by Apple's founder Stephen Jobs in January. Reactions have ranged from Time magazine's rapturous cover, to more sceptical views that refer to it as the world's most advanced desklight or the iBreast (for the base)

Apple: The Comeback Kid? - S Don't laugh (or worse, try to change the subject). Apple's new iMac may get businesses to buy its computers again.

iMac delays due to shortage of LCD displays? - Ingram has 6,500 orders for the midrange and low-end iMacs, which are just coming into the market now. Tech Data has 1,000, but neither has any in stock or a firm ship date from Apple

Bold Apple System Avoids the Sophomore Slump - As the best-selling Mac of all time, the original iMac set a standard for Apple that's tough to top. To stand a chance, the design of any follow-up iMac would have to be just as bold, as remarkably different as the original. Apple has succeeded--its new pivoting two-piece flat-panel iMac is a triumph in terms of design, computing power, and value

As iMacs, iBooks approach middle age, things start to creak - I've switched to Mac OS X on my iMac, and mostly I'm happy with it. But fairly often, when I wake the machine up from sleeping, the sound no longer works, and the only way I can get it back is to reboot the whole system

Apple in a stew over iMac screens - Although an Apple spokesman declined to comment, analysts believe that the shortage is caused by the constricted supply of flat panels, which some have said is linked to radiation problems.

iMac supply 'at a trickle' - The report says distributors Ingram Micro and Tech Data have a backlog of orders extending 18.6 and 10.7 weeks respectively, and that they had received just 1,326 iMacs by March 4. Apple has already announced that 150,000 pre-orders were received in the weeks following the iMac's announcement.

Australian stores run out of new iMac - Two major Apple Distributors, MacSense and KH Distribution, report that sales of the new flat-screen iMac have been so good that supplies have been unable to keep up, creating a backlog that they expect to last until the end of March

When Supply Is Tight, Who Gets New Macs? - As it struggles to meet demand for its new iMac computer, Apple Computer is both expanding and contracting its retail universe. On one hand, it is opening more Apple-branded stores in the U.S.; on the other, it has severed ties with retail giant Circuit City.

A Study in Contrasts - Choosing between Apple's new iMac or a Windows XP computer involves more than deciding between stylish white or basic beige

iMacs to aim at new PC users in India - aking to The Times of India, Mahendran Balachandran, the newly-appointed country manager of Apple Computer India, said: "With the latest iMac launch, we want to position the Apple brand on the top of mind recall of the Indian PC users. The market strategy that we are deploying now is to strengthen our channel partners and engage the large customers directly." Apple India has over 80 channel partners spread across the country

Wait doesn't deter latest iMac buyers - About 40 percent of the people who buy PCs in Apple's 27 company-owned stores are buying Macs for the first time, according to Apple

Apple Hit By Production Delays - Early reports of delays were met with claims that the local market would be "awash" with iMacs by mid to late February. However many customers are still waiting and it's expected to be at least mid March before the February backlog is met.

Where O Where Has My New iMac Gone? - Recent news reports have confirmed that demand for the new computers has greatly surpassed both Apple's and industry analysts' highest expectations

CSFB cautions iMac shipments not meeting expectations - Credit Suisse First Boston late last night cautioned investors that iMac sales for the quarter are not expected to meet Wall Street forecasts this quarter and could significantly reduce Apple's earnings.

No new mid-range, low-end iMacs till April - Sources have confirmed to MacUser that the delays in availability of the flat-panel iMac were caused by serious problems on the production line. The insiders would not comment specifically on what delayed production, but confirmed the problems were 'firmware related', and caused the production line to be shut down for more than a week

My iMac(flat panel) first impressions - My First Impression was how fast I received it after ordering! I ordered my new 800 Mhz iMac(Flat panel) on Feb. 10th. and received it on the 19th. It actually took longer for the 5 pack DVDs that I ordered with it. HINT: don't pay for shipping... they air freight it from Taiwan:)

Undress Your Mac for Thrills - Apple's new flat-panel iMac is just starting to show up at people's homes in large numbers, and its arrival is prompting a strange manifestation of techno fetishism: People are holding iMac unpacking ceremonies for friends and family

Why Intel will never inspire an iMac - Three years ago at Intel's Developer Forum, a group of bunnymen in gold lamˇ bunnysuits bounced down the stage with Intel-commissioned concept PCs. It was a particularly low point of the bi-annual event. The reason? Much as it would like to, Intel will never make or inspire an iMac. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the summer of 1997, he brought one vital ingredient; an understanding of how design, manufacturing and technology should work together. Out went the over-extended production line of PC-wannabe beige boxes that proliferated under the gaze (or not, as I hope the case is), of Gil Amelio.

The shape of things to come - The iMac is the centrepiece of Apple's "digital hub" concept, a fancy name for an attractively simple idea. By teaming up peripherals such as a digital video camera, a digital still camera and the wonderful iPod portable MP3 player with the new iMac, Apple contends you have the "perfect foundation for the perfect digital lifestyle". You'd be forgiven for thinking this is simply the marketing department doing what marketing departments tend to do - believing their own nonsense - and that would be a fair assessment, until you factor in the superb suite of Apple software that allows all types of "digital lifestyle" devices to connect to your PC

Me and my iMac - If, like me, you have been slightly wary of the striking look of the new Apple iMac since its launch last month, I can prescribe the perfect cure: sit the machine on your desk and watch it go

The iMac Challenge - Apple's latest desktop or Gateway's 500SE: Which wins?Apple Computer's new iMac is the most stylish personal computer you can buy. But is it the best entry-level computer?

Apple Mulls Foray Into Retail Segment, Rolls Out Upscale iMacs - Speaking to The Financial Express on the sidelines of the launch of new, upscale iMacs, Mr Parminder Singh, marketing manager, Apple Computer, said: The entry into the retail arena is being actively considered. Presence in retail arena makes sense now as we've a fairly strong desktop portfolio With the induction of three new iMacs, in addition to the existing two iMacs.

Apple's sexy new iMac is seductive - up to a point - I've been seduced by a computer. Not just any computer, but the new iMac from Apple, the sleekest computer I've ever seen. It's so much fun to operate, so efficient and stunning to look at that I have come very close to abandoning the PC-based Windows XP computer that is my main system

Analyst: New iMacs slow in coming - Shares of Apple Computer fell Wednesday after a Merrill Lynch analyst warned that shipments of new flat-panel iMacs could fall short of estimates, citing reports of production problems in Taiwan

iMac packs in power - Apple has always pushed style and image when selling Macs, and this one is no different. In its first three weeks of release Apple took 150,000 orders for the new iMac, and after using it I can see why. It is classy, elegant and a great performer - and it attracted plenty of attention in the office.

'I want one!' - The arrival of the new iMac to the Computer Times office met with "oohs", "ahhs" and cries of "I want" from colleagues.

Focus on Design - Opinions have varied about whether the new design of the Apple iMac could be flawed. Some have argued that the machine is too easy to knock over because of its smaller-than-usual base. Others have questioned the reliability of the iMac's neck, which separates its LCD from the base. Apple, however, has said that it spent two years developing and testing the design and stands behind it.

Quest for an iMac - After about ten minutes of hanging out, we managed to attract the attention of a salesperson. We asked if they had any new iMacs. "Oh yeah, we got in eight of them. They're selling like crazy. In fact, that one (points to a box near the back of the corner) is the last one ." Maybe we had somehow missed the display model. We asked if there was one. "No, we don't have one out on display... just that one in the box." We asked if we could look at that one then. "Sorry, man, but we can't take it out of the box. But you can

Apple iMac balances style with substance - prices are in line with similarly configured PCs of the Windows world. I tested the top-of-the-line 800-megahertz model, which costs $1,799 and is now available in stores

Apple iMac: Bold New Look, Software Bundle Woos Converts - If the crowd in our labs is any indication, Apple has a success on its hands with the new iMac. Even jaded veterans of the platform wars stopped by to admire the machine's innovative design, attractive hardware complement, and excellent software bundle.

New iMac gives Apple a shine - Analyst David Bailey of Gerard Klauer Mattison says Apple is likely to attract first-time Apple buyers with the latest iMac

A look at the new iMac's shipping delays - It's no surprise that meeting demand for the new iMacs hasn't gone as smoothly as everyone hoped for -- the top-end model, originally slated to ship last month, is just now shipping in quantity to select dealers and Apple's own stores

Analysts, Amazon say iMac sales strong - Although it's still too early to get concrete sales figures for the iMac, which debuted last month, analysts believe that sales are strong so far. Market research firm NPD Techworld said it did not have enough data on the iMac's retail sales to comment. Amazon, however, said Friday that the new iMac, which appeared on the e-tailer's computer store Feb. 13, sold out in less than four hours. Amazon said that the iMac is the fastest-selling computer in the company's history and that Apple laptops and desktops occupy 10 of the top 25 best-seller spots in its computer store

Apple's fortunes hinge on iMac's success - The only thing flat about the latest iMac is its monitor. From early indications, the $1,299-to-$1,799 iMac is Apple Computer's hottest product in years. Introduced last month to rave reviews for its space-age design, consumers have since flooded Apple with orders - so many, in fact, that some buyers may have to wait up to a month to get their hands on one

iMac G4 Reviewed - For around $1200 (based on current pricewatch prices), you can put together a 1.67GHz Athlon, with a nice 15" CTX flat panel monitor, and Logitech wireless mouse/keyboard. So how does the iMac compare? While the Athlon comes in at a lower price, if you add the price of a DVD burner onto it, the Athlon and the iMac are roughly the same price, if you need IEEE1394 (firewire), then the iMac ends up being cheaper. The Athlon has a much larger footprint, after all you have the system unit, and the iMac takes up about as much space as a flat panel screen

Tech Testing: New iMac elegant, but falls short - Apple Computer's new flat-panel iMac, the one that looks like a folding-arm desk lamp, is the most elegantly designed computer I've ever touched. I only wish it were something more

Head-turning iMac inspires an O'ahu unveiling - It's a sign of the times when a computer maker creates enough excitement with its radically designed machines to inspire a public unveiling at Ala Moana Park

iMac out for meet-&-greet - Apple's taking its new iMac out to meet the public this month, announcing a series of 27 in-store "Discovery Days" across the UK.

Apple Debuts iMac Spots - In one spot entitled "SuperDrive," the iMac's flat-screen display stares down as its base, as the CD-ROM drive opens and closes. The iMac looks up, only to be startled that an audience is watching

The New iMac Impact - Will the new iMac increase Apple's marketshare? This question was pondered during a visit to the local FutureShop

San Josˇ Mercury News: New iMac Is Great, But So What? - Mike Langberg has reviewed Apple's new iMac for the San Josˇ Mercury News (article posted at The review takes on a slightly schizophrenic tone as Mr. Langberg loves the new iMac, but criticizes it for not being ground breaking enough.

New iMac is not an earthshaking change - Apple Computer's new flat-panel iMac, the one that looks like a folding-arm desk lamp, is the most elegantly designed computer I've ever touched. I only wish it were something more

Email Anonymous - I had another idea for a column yesterday until someone pointed me to the latest Mike Langberg column on the San Jose Mercury News site. Seems he's a bit disappointed in the new iMac. What a clown, what a clueless, pitiful clown

iMac review - After spending 6 days in transit our iMacs arrived yesterday. After spending several hours with them we think we can give you a fairly good idea of what to expect when yours arrive, or perhaps help you decide if you want to buy one

An Important Note About LCD iMacs and Memory - An Important Note About LCD iMacs and Memory By Amy Hoy, Editor Posted 02/15/2002 There are a few facts all potential owners need to know about the LCD iMac and memory. First, you may have noticed that it costs quite a bit ($200) to upgrade the memory to 512MB from 256MB on Apple¶s Built-to-Order site. The reason is an unfortunate side effect of its sexy design

Apple SuperDrive turns multimedia burn into pleasure - This week I want to focus on a remarkable technology built into two of the three new Mac models: the SuperDrive. This electromechanical marvel is a key element in Apple's Digital Hub strategy. With SuperDrive, anyone can create DVDs with digital-quality video, animated menus and other so-called "rich media."

Installing Linux on the iMac G4 - nstalling Linux on the iMac G4 is a pretty painless task. At the time of writing this guide, video support does not work correctly out of the box, we plan on testing out the latest kernel, XFree 4.2 and nvidia patches within the next day or two

Apple's New iMac ``Cool Factor' Stirs Demand in Richmond, Va - Capitol Mac already has a backorder list of 70 people ready to spend up to $1,799 for one of three iMac configurations. The local response reflects strong, early national demand for Apple

Five Ways to Improve the LCD iMac ...that don't involve the one-button mouse - Having had some time to reflect on my experience with the flat-panel iMac at Macworld, I have come up with five ways to improve the product which range from the impractical to the irresistable

Hook 'Em With Cuteness - the appearance of these two spots on Apple's ads page is no doubt kicking up the usual firestorm of controversy about whether or not the new ads suck. We can hear the complaints already-- "doesn't tell you anything about the system," "where are the price/performance figures," "why is the new iMac staring at its private parts," etc

New iMac TV Ads From Pixar On Apple's Web Site - If you're a fan of Apple's TV ads, you'll love this animated series by Pixar Animation Studios, presenting the new iMac in all its bouncing, flexing glory

iMacs hit UK retail - Limited quantities of Apple's new 800MHz iMac are beginning to ship in the UK

No bad Apples in new bunch - Which Mac? Reader Steven Vore wrote a few weeks ago wondering how to choose among processors and features in the lineup

New iMac all set to make debut - Dubai:Sunday, February 10, 2002

Innovative iMac melds form and function with finesse - So, it looks more like a Luxo lamp than a computer -- that's part of its charm. It looks like it belongs on a desktop, even more so than the old, egg-shaped iMac and certainly more so than the ugly rectangular boxes and hulking monitors of the rest of the computer world.

The Laptop vs. Desktop Dialectic - David Coursey and David Berlind over at AnchorDesk have been conducting a public discussion on the topic of using a laptop as one's only computer. Berlind, the laptop advocate, and Editorial Director of ZDNet Tech UpdateToday, has been practicing what he preaches for 10 years , while Coursey says he would like to go laptop-only, but can't

Short Take: ZDNet's David Coursey -- Apple Shill - When we were younger, my sister and I fought all of the time, so much so that, whenever she did something nice for me, I automatically blurted, "What do you want? Why are you being nice to me?" I have the same initial reaction to ZDNet Editor David Coursey -- take his comments from yesterday as a f'rinstance. He wrote a piece titled "Why I just love the new iMac (and why you might, too)," in which he publicly slobbers over the iMac, in an evenhanded sorta way

Apple Jacks It Up - Sure, it's odd. But with its powerful features, the new iMac is not only a great multimedia computer--it's also a surprisingly good bargain.

New iMac takes us back to the future - The first Machines to arrive in New Zealand will be the superdrive version, able to burn CDs and DVDs and selling for about $5500. Most of the first shipment has been sold already. In the first three weeks after announcing the iMac, Apple received 150,000 orders worldwide.

Finally, a No-Hassle, No-Strain Computer - Apple Computer Inc. long ago demonstrated that computers don't have to be ugly. And the new iMac, which is an excellent computer at a competitive price, is yet another striking example of the Apple tradition. But this time, Apple is taking on an even more important question: Why do computers have to be uncomfortable to use?

Why I just love the new iMac (and why you might, too) - It's been a week since I started using a new iMac as my full-time desktop and a PowerBook G4 as my portable PC, all as part of my month-long challenge to see if I, long a loyal Windows user, could make Apple the center of my computing universe. There are still a few problems--specifically related to getting PDA data in and out of Microsoft Office. But besides that, I've made a very smooth transition.

New iMac to launch in China today - the shows will be at the Hard Rock Cafˇ

UK iMac launch 'two weeks off'

Apple Leaves SuperDrive Idling at Top End - The newly unveiled iMac is a brilliant product, nothing less than what Steve Jobs has given us before. It is truly attractive. (Did I say it was brilliant?) Most importantly, it is both powerful and very user friendly. However, the version of the iMac priced at US$1299 should include Apple's SuperDrive (CD-R/W + DVD-R) to be considered truly revolutionary.

Apple Begins Shipping New iMacs - We have taken over 150,000 pre-orders for the new iMac in the first three weeks - which is more than all of the pre-orders we received for the original iMac in 1998, said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. It's sure looking like the new iMac is going to be a huge hit with both Mac users and PC switchers

Apple Computer's orders for new IMac PC break company record - Apple Computer Inc. said it received a record 150,000 orders for its new flat- screen IMac personal computer, introduced three weeks ago

Details on the LCD iMac's Fan - the new iMac does in fact contain a fan, rather than relying on convection cooling as we reported. However, we were pleased to learn that it isn't an ordinary fan. It's temperature-activated,

Digital editing, not flat screen, is the new iMac's real gem - is this reconstituted iMac worth the hype, or is Apple's marketing strategy merely artificial hysteria generated to invigorate both the moribund personal computer market and the company's anemic stock price? Brett Miller, a consumer electronics analyst for A.G. Edwards and Sons Inc. in St. Louis, says "yes" to the first part of that question, and "probably" to the second

The new iMac:Love it or hate it - IF PCs are the Hondas and Toyotas of the computing world, then Apple Macintoshes are its Italian sports cars. Pricey, sexy, objects of techno-fetishistic worship that at times borders on the pornographic.

Calling All Readers: How Many Of You Originally Hated, but Now You Love, The New iMac? - I've gone on record to say that I hated the new iMac when it was unveiled, only to change my mind after I was able to get my mitts on one. I'll even go so far as to say that Apple will sell more of these machines than it did with the original (six million sold, to date). I know that I, for instance, have never had a desire to own an iMac until after January 7

The new iMac from a gamer's perspective - At last, it's the iMac this gamer has been waiting for. Sexy and sophisticated, Apple's new consumer computer doesn't compromise performance for a small footprint. With Nvidia GeForce2 MX-based graphics, up to 1GB of RAM and the best looking digital flat-panel display in its class, the iMac is absolutely certain to appeal to a lot more gamers than its predecessors

Flat-Panel iMac vs. the World - Apple's G4 iMac is off to a fast start, generating brisk demand and capturing significant attention from customers. But hungry competitors are vying for the same consumer space and innovative PC designs from the Windows world are banging at the gate. By all indications, the new flat-panel iMac is a hit. Apple chief financial officer Fred Anderson claimed that the new system is generating the most product demand seen since the original iMac, and analysts are predicting that the G4 iMac could trigger a buying cycle from Apple's installed consumer user base

Will the New iMac Go the Way of the Cube? - Because of its radical design, unusual shape and small footprint, Apple's new iMac computer has been compared by many to the company's failed Cube. But I would argue that the new iMac is completely different from that machine. In fact, I believe it is a lot more like the original iMac then it is the Cube -- and may thus be destined for the same level of success

2001 iMacs on special at Apple Store - Well, now that the new "Luxo Jr." iMacs are here, Apple is finally ready to clear out their 2001 iMac inventory and is offering discounts of up to 30 percent.

Pro User's Perspective on the New iMac (and Other Apple Revelations) - As the Mac systems administrator for O'Reilly, I went to Macworld San Francisco with lots on my mind. I was in line at Moscone Center Monday at 6:30 a.m. for the keynote, attended the show each day throughout the week, and was still standing, though with tired feet, at 4:00 p.m. Friday to help pack up the few books we had remaining at the O'Reilly booth.

Apple Turns Profit In 1Q - But net income fell and the company signaled profits won't increase next quarter, as the cost of shipping new iMacs drains gross margins.

iPhoto more impressive than iMac? - The redesigned iMac stole headlines last week -- not to mention the cover of Time magazine. But I was even more impressed with some of the applications that are helping to sell Apple's hardware, especially the newest announced at Macworld last week, iPhoto

Apple iMac 800MHz PowerPC G4 - The iMac is dead; long live the iMac. After ringing up reported sales of 6 million units, Apple retires its famous teardrop-shaped consumer computer and replaces it with a visually striking device that has to be seen to be appreciated.

Desklamp is a head-turner - SOME folks say it looks like a desklamp. Others compare it with a soccer ball hacked in half, an igloo, an upturned bowl, a cantaloupe or a radar dome. However you look at it, there's no doubt Apple Computer's new iMac is different from any other PC you've seen. It's a head-turner, a crowd pleaser, a sexy, elegant and - some would say - exciting piece of industrial design

Flat-screen iMac wows design guru - Apple's new iMac has won the endorsement of the influential computer design guru Don Norman. "I searched it thoroughly and studied it carefully looking for problems or flaws," he said. "I couldn't find anything. It is brilliant design," he told the BBC World Service programme Go Digital

A Flat, Flat, Flat Screen World - With Apple's sleek new iMac leading the way, flat screen displays are poised to muscle bulky TV-style computer monitors off desks and into dumpsters. Despite a sluggish global economy, worldwide sales of stand-alone flat screen displays, also known as liquid crystal displays or LCDs, will rise 64 percent in 2002, while sales of traditional cathode-ray tube, or CRT, monitors will drop 6 percent, according to Eric Haruki, an analyst for the consulting firm IDC.

iMac is no threat to CRT screens, say experts - Apple chief executive Steve Jobs proclaimed "the official death of CRT" when he unveiled the new iMac flat screen design last week at the Macworld conference. Though Apple's design excellence has in the past spurred others to imitate it, the new iMac is unlikely to kill off the CRT monitor

The New iMac Makes Pictures Perfect - Apple's redesigned computer is playful and practical, and iPhoto may be the coolest application yet

That new iMac: tiny, white and not much else - I am starting to worry about Steve and design. It's a bit like watching the Flying Wallendas' tightrope act back in the '60s, as, one by one, they tried impossible world-class things, and, one by one, fell --- Do people really care whether their PC looks like a casaba melon or two books? Not much, I'd reckon.

The Bloor Perspective: The new iMac, web services and vendor wealth - So again, Apple comes up with a classic piece of kit. In the new digital world of music, cameras and video Apple integrates and makes its products easier to use than its Wintel counterparts

The new iMac: symbolic of what is wrong in technology - Besides the fact that the iMac hasn't broken 1ghz, it's ugly. Throw into that the realization that MacOS X isn't robust enough to handle a real utilitarian, and the choice here is simple, and it's not me loving an iMac

Hey, Cool - If I compare it against the Cube, this time it looks as if Apple has it right. True, the pricing isn't entry-level, but the Cube was trying to create a funny niche that wasn't there -- a price point too close to the regular Power Mac, with fewer features -- and it could only sell on cool. Some people say it doesn't have enough features, it looks odd, etc. They said that about the first iMac, and it sold.

Apple Needs a Revolution, Not Just a New iMac - Except for the (arguably) pleasing aesthetics of the base and the lack of cables from the back of the monitor, the new iMac is as revolutionary as was the original iMac. Both are just a visually pleasing version of something Apple or someone else already made

The New iMac Value Equation - Compared with the $999 classic iMac, the CD-RW G4 iMac runs 100 MHz faster, has the G4 processor, includes the same size hard drive, has half the memory, only has a single built-in speaker, includes an LCD monitor, and has a better CD-RW drive (24/10/32x vs. 8/4/24x). By way of comparison, a Power Mac G4/733 with a 15" Studio Display (which sells for $599 all by itself) would set you back $2,298. Same speed, same display, smaller footprint, less expansion options, $1,000 difference in price.

Where you'll find the new iMac - Apple's new iMac has already received acclaim from the general media, including us. It's being heralded as a great step forward - a LCD monitor is now affordable, and adding to that a SuperDrive, which was available for over 1,000 dollars just last year is quite astounding

Aesthetics aside, Expo crowd likes new iMac 'pro' features - "I never thought it would come with a G4 processor, and I never thought I'd get a SuperDrive for this price," said Tom Harrington of Sacramento, Calif. "I'll be buying one just for the performance it offers." When asked about its looks, Harrington commented, "I'm not crazy about it, but I can live with it."

New iMac friendlier, but Apple falls short - he company's new OS X operating system is built with the stability, multiuser support and networking ability required, and OS X is now the default operating system on every Mac. Also, the addition of easy, built-in peer-to-peer networking ability would raise the new iMac to a much higher plane

Hard Cider: It's A Lamp! It's A Computer! No, It's ... A Lamp Computer? The New iMac Shown Gracefully In Pictures - Apple pulled two jack rabbits out of the hat during Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld this morning, and one bunny. The biggest, of course, is the radically redesigned iMac.

Hard Cider: The New iMac Up Close And Personal - And You Thought Snow Was White - Below we bring you close-ups of different aspects of the iMac, for those of you not near an Apple Store. White is the theme ... as you can see

Hard Cider: More Detailed Pictures Of The New iMac In Different Angles Of Repose - We took the opportunity, as the Macworld Expo was drawing to a close on Friday, to snap a few more photos of the new iMac from different angles

Apple's New core

The Best Revenge Why the New iMacs Will Be Successful No Matter What They Look Like - In 1999, I was commissioned by Vanity Fair magazine to write a story about the relationship between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. While I know both men, I know them separately, not together, and I just wanted to better understand how they got along. The only hint I had was from a joint interview they did several years ago for Fortune magazine in which Gates said that when they were together, Jobs bossed him around. It is very hard to imagine anyone bossing around Bill Gates. I had to know more

IMac: What's in a Design, Anyway? - Called for comment this week on Apple's new iMac -- a redesigned, flat-screen, pivot-arm model -- several industrial designers offered a less consistent view of the new machine. None of them hated it; industrial designers seem to always find Apple products at least interesting. In fact, most of the designers loved the new machine, saying once again that it heralded a new trend. But a few were less sure about the iMac, saying the effort might be a little clumsy

Net watchdogs criticize Time's timing - According to one compatriot, Canada was the first to produce (partial list): degradable plastics, oil wells, the 911 CPR training dummy, a national commercial satellite telecommunications system, synthetic insulin, the streetcar, the snowmobile, the paint roller, standard time, the zipper, kerosene, pulp newsprint, the dental mirror, basketball, baseball, in-line skating. In other words, you might say, pretty much everything useful since Eve invented applesauce a few days following the dawn of human history. This past weekend, Canada was first again with's breathtaking scoop on the new Apple desk lamp, which many think may double as a desktop computer. was so swift with the news, which broke on the Web site Sunday night, that it even beat parent publication Time magazine in the United States. This was a great coup, notwithstanding the fact that it preceded a strict Monday noon embargo agreed upon between Time and Apple

Apple Delivers Hyperbole and Beauty - In the hours that followed, the Internet bulletin boards exploded with angry messages. "Steve, you lying [expletive]," wrote one indignant member of the forum. "How is iPhoto + iMac 'beyond the rumor sites'?!? They have been predicting that [stuff] for a year now. I AM NOT BLOWN AWAY!" Was Apple guilty of overhyping?

Apple has high hopes for iMac - With the launch this week of the new flat-panel iMac computer, Apple says it showed its strategy for riding out the current slump in PC sales and general consumer confidence: release compelling products, and the buyers will come. Apple believes the combination of new iMac and iBook computers, along with recent refinements to the new Mac OS X operating system and new software, will keep the company competitive even as the big PC makers are slashing prices and making massive layoffs

For Apple, to Be Flat Is a Virtue - You could join the PC-making herds who retreat into ever cheaper, ever more boring beige boxes. You could try tinkering with the existing iMac's plastic case, maybe trying out new patterns like paisley or argyle. Or you could pack that classic iMac off to the great flea market in the sky, betting the farm on something even more radical: a new design that eliminates both the beige and the box.

Something to celebrate at Macworld Amid tech industry's downturn, Apple offers fans an excuse to pull out their checkbooks - I have one prediction, based on a day at Macworld Expo: This will be the year the Macintosh faithful -- a 5 percent minority sect in the digital world -- single-handedly pull the tech industry out of its economic funk. We're talking about an orgy of consumption so unbridled that Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan will be moved to commission a new medal for meritorious shopping in the national interest

Can the iMac fix what's wrong with the PC? - Desktop computers don't get much stroking. We poke them, haul them and bang on them when they upset us. But stroking? Hardly. That's because most desktop computers do not respond to touch. They are squatting, dispassionate helpers. They do not move closer when we're feeling cozy, or turn away when we need space. At least they didn't until this week. Apple's new iMac does these things -- you can stroke it into position -- and that makes this design even friendlier than the original

The New IMac - Just An Angle-poise Lamp Or A Design Classic? - Perhaps unsurprisingly, given its radical break from past designs and the relatively high price, opinions on the new iMac are fairly closely divided. The 'Fors' only narrowly outweigh the 'Againsts'. While one poster echoed the thought of many saying 'absolutely beautiful - I want one', another was of the opposite opinion, saying, 'It's too weird, looks like a 70s lamp. And much too expensive?' One contributor is confident, however, that the iMac, 'will only take about six months to become a design classi

MWSF - GeForce2 MX Standard On All Mac Platforms - NIVIDIA Corporation has announced the extensive partnership with Apple on the heels of the introduction of the new iMac. NIVIDIA's GeForce2 MX is now standard across all Mac platforms. The 2D and 3D graphics engine will be the powerhouse behind the iMac's standard LCD flat screen and other graphics apps

Apple iMac (PowerPC G4, 800MHz, 256MB SDRAM) - While a complete evaluation in CNET Labs awaits, the new iMac appears to have great potential for both home and small-business users--that is, of course, if buyers can embrace the daringly different design

Reporter's Notebook: iMac ideas Apple never thought of - I certainly like the new machine. You've got to see it up close to truly appreciate its marvelous design. It's like the best design elements of the original iMac and the Cube merged into one machine, then taken to the next level. And though it does have a fan, as well as cooling by convection, it's surprisingly quiet

iMac G4 LCD Up Close Video (+3 coolest things about it) - You've seen the pictures, you've seen the keynote, and read the commentary, but you just can't get an idea for how the new iMac G4 works until you see it in action. In Video!

Clarification: Why the new iMac STILL isn't 'flat-out cool' - As part of AnchorDesk's cultural diversity program, I try to write about Apple Computer on a fairly regular basis. Believe it or not, I am an Apple fan and, frankly, I wish Apple had won the battle for desktop OS dominance

Please Lick This iMac Yet another utterly annoying, nearly perfect gizmo gem from those shameless bastards at Apple - Just what the hell is wrong with Apple Computer? We are in the middle of a snarling economic sociocultural downturn. We are depressed and angry and war-embittered and everything is bleak and mean and black as Donny Rumsfeld's beady eyes. No one is supposed to be offering gear like the new iMac right now. No one is supposed to be inventing bright clean outwardly dazzling apparently very well-made, classy, innovative, unique appliances in the vast teeming wasteland that is the electronics marketplace right now. This is just wrong

IMac Designers: Competing with an original - "At first blush it comes off (as) a bit weird, to put it gently," said Mark Rolston, vice president at industrial design firm Frog Design. "I think it's one of those designs that takes at least a few days to get used to." Ive noted that although Apple eventually sold roughly six million of the original iMacs, the all-in-one machines were initially met with skepticism

iMac Will Help Apple, but Price May Deter Some Schools - For large enterprises using Power Mac G4, the new iMac is a lower-cost alternative, but iMac comes with a limited one-year warranty. For mainstream corporate Mac users, the iMac is a viable alternative. Engineering and graphics arts users may still prefer the expandability and availability of dual processors in the G4 models. Education customers will have to consider whether they can afford to buy the new iMacs.

The Round Mound of iMac Rebound - Apple's new iMac has already earned a few nicknames, including the iTit and the iBlob. But perhaps the most telling is one being bandied about the Macworld show floor: the "iWant." Apple's new machine looks to be a smash hit, if the reaction at Macworld and online is anything to go by.

New iMac dazzles with a dome - Critics are fairly impressed with the new iMac. "The design is certainly very appealing," says Kristina DeNike, director of the test lab for Macworld magazine. "I'd give it a B-plus." Why not an A? "I'd like to see the entry price down around $1,000," she says

Up Close and Personal With the New iMac - the hemispherical base is quite a noticeable lump on the desktop. Its footprint is only 10 and a half inches in diameter, but it also rises 10 and a half inches up. Depending on your monitor angle, you may not even see the base in the course of normal work, but if you do, the bright white base is noticeable. The rounded shape is dramatic, but with the iMac's keyboard, mouse and speakers added, the shape could make arraying your workspace slightly more problematic. You can't, for example, push your keyboard up against the base

All Hail the iMac - analysts are overwhelmingly upbeat about iMac's prospects among its core audience and first-time computer buyers. Indeed, many expect the updated version to see the same kind of success that the original iMac enjoyed. "I think Apple, with the proper appeal of the product - which they definitely have - will draw in customers," says Kunstler. "Mind you, it's a tough act to follow, because the iMac didn't have any act to follow."

Add-on makers looking for piece of iPie - As in the past, makers of add-ons were sitting through Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo keynote, both marveling at Apple's latest creations and thinking of ways to cash in on the new machines. However, such companies are also mindful of mimicking Apple's designs too closely, after having been burned in the past by the company's frequent color changes.

Quanta gets a boost from Apple by way of new iMac - Quanta Computer Corp has been tapped by Apple Computer to manufacture the new iMac computer, local media said yesterday. Quanta will produce up to a million of the computers and 600,000 LCD screens from subsidiary Quanta Display, the report said.

The Tilting iMac Movie - MacityNet has made a special shot of the different configurations and the movement of the lcd panel:

Reader Report: Flat Panel iMac

Cool On Cool & Wanting More - As I sit back a day after the keynote, after digesting what Steve Jobs had to offer up, I feel like I'm living the old adage that says that one is always hungry an hour or so after eating Chinese food. What Jobs showed at the keynote was good, but I want more. It's not that I'm a greedy techno-junky who constantly needs a fix of bleeding edge gee-whizadry to function, it just that I feel I was promised more. I believed that I was going to finally feel like I'm living in the Second Millennium

Macworld and the new iMac - The size is both bigger than you might expect (compared to a lamp) and smaller than you're used to. It's much smaller than a gumdrop iMac, and smaller than most CRTs it would replace. The door mechanism on the drive opens more quietly and more smoothly than on my G3 Blue and White tower, and the monitor is easy to move and stays where you put it

Joy in iMacville - About the same time I was posting yesterday's Lament for a Budget iMac, MacCentral was publishing the news that Apple "has decided to keep two original CRT iMacs available for the education market and consumers -- both systems are priced under $1,000." Good for them -- that's exactly what I said they needed to do

TECH21 Apple's new iMac Team develops unique ideas - Its body is a half-sphere measuring 10 1/2 inches in diameter. Inside that is the main logic board (a.k.a. motherboard), which also is round, plus the system's drives, the power supply (no power brick needed) and an ultraquiet fan

Phil Schiller: iMac a breakthrough product - "If you're a new user getting into the marketplace, you have to look at the Mac and say, 'Wow, if I care about photos, video or music, the Mac is such a better place to be than a PC,'" Schiller told MacCentral

Apple still offering CRT iMacs - Although Cupertino is betting heavily on the success of the new flat-panel iMacs, they've chosen to continue offering older, CRT models for price conscious education and consumer buyers. Both models are priced under US$1,000

Apple's new iMac Suspense ends as Jobs unveils latest Apple innovation at Macworld Expo - "At the last couple of Macworlds, people have come away disappointed because there were no real changes to the iMac," Beaulieu said. He added that criticism against Apple has been somewhat unfair since competitors like Gateway and Dell have done nothing to change over the years, either. "You look at the rest of the PC industry, and the last time I checked, they were still shipping big beige boxes with wires hanging out of the back," Beaulieu said.

Flat screen will be death of big tubes, Apple says - Apple isn't the first computer maker to introduce all-in-one computers with flat-panel displays. IBM Corp. began selling a similar product in May 2000. But the IBM NetVista was aimed at corporate users and didn't offer the same flexibility as the Apple display.

Apple unveils new iMac Cost of flat-panel desktop questioned - With the computer industry in a nasty slump and Apple customers clamoring for something new, Apple's legendary publicity machine went all out to hype the new iMac. The company moved Jobs' speech up a day in an effort to trump Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates' speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Apple also arranged for a cover story on Jobs and the iMac in this week's Time magazine and distributed copies of the magazine to thousands of Macworld attendees as they exited Jobs' speech

MWSF - Closeup Pics Of The New iMac (With Pics) - The ones in the bottom row are from a prized possession held aloft on a pedestal onstage where the company was offering OS X presentations. It was almost perfect for taking pictures, which was why were asked not to actually take any. Go figure

Steve Jobs unveils slow new Macs, has Time Magazine editors murdered - When commie executive officer Steve Jobs tells us that he wants to "innovate" his way out of the recession, as he did yesterday at the keynote for San Francisco's annual Macworld show, he appears to mean "repackage existing, years-old technology in slightly different shapes." Taco Bell does the same thing, of course; year after year it introduces "new" food products ultimately comprised of the same six (and only six) ingredients

Lump-Stick-Rectangle II - It's official: we've got a new champion in the "Mac Community Flamebait" category, and that's really saying something. Based purely on voluminous viewer feedback, people seem split roughly fifty-fifty over the design of the new iMac, but it's a pretty polar split-- much like Key Lime or Flower Power, people tend to love it or hate it, without a whole lot of middle ground creeping in there. The good news is that the people who love it really seem to love it

Commentary: Mixed marks for new iMac - Most noteworthy is the new iMac's stylish design, which focuses on the half-sphere CPU base and pivoting flat-panel display. As it did with the first iMac, the iPod and the Cube, Apple is stressing the new iMac's industrial design and fashion as its primary competitive advantages. Gartner considers this new iMac introduction to be good news, because a product update was long overdue

New iMac "less shocking" than original - "The iMac has come to mean so much," said Apple design guru Jonathan Ive, who helped shape the original iMac as well as more recent PowerBooks, iBooks and the iPod. The question now is whether the public will gravitate toward the new model. The Power Mac G4 Cube, for example, also offered a unique design but lived a short, undistinguished life. And so far, the public is displaying a range of reactions to the new flat-panel iMac.

New iMacs. iPhoto. Good Stuff. - I'll be honest, none of the things that my various sources told me were to be announced were actually announced. We aren't in the rumor business here at TMO, but if we were I would have publicized what I "knew" because I was pretty sure it was right on target. Lo and Behold!, it was not. It's either that or there were some major last minute changes in plans

iMac: Insanely Great! - The "old" iMac was a social icon, a design to remember and the change will be hard for some. I have even heard people suggest that they should have developed a new name for such a radically different computer. This, of course, would have been foolish; Apple has too much invested in what the iMac name means; ease of use and affordability

Will public buy new iMac design? - IDC analyst Roger Kay wonders whether the new iMacs' similarity to a lamp could be its undoing. "I think that it may suffer some from its resemblance to some desk accessory," he said. "The proof will be in the usage of it. If it is flexible to use and the engineering is good, I think people will take to it. If any of that is off, given the look, it could be a disaster."

Does The New iMac Have What It Takes To Survive In School? - there is one glaring problem that I can see the new flat-panel iMac having. The problem that I'm referring to is durability. While it's not really fair for me to judge the strength and sturdiness of the new iMac since I'm home freezing in Philadelphia and the iMac is in sunny San Francisco I'll venture to say that the newest iMac isn't that tough. It certainly isn't as tough as the original iMac design

Hard Cider: It's A Lamp! It's A Computer! No, It's ... A Lamp Computer? The New iMac Shown Gracefully In Pictures - Apple pulled two jack rabbits out of the hat during Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld this morning, and one bunny. The biggest, of course, is the radically redesigned iMac pictured below

New iMacs: They're flat! Jobs unveils his latest shiny Apple - "We'll get them in high volume production this quarter," Jobs said optimistically.

New iMac Armed for Success - The small dome somewhat resembles the Airport networking station that Apple released in July 1999. According to Jobs, shrinking the size of the computer "eliminates the problems of boxes spewing all over the house."

iMac Unveiled Before Its Time - As news of the new iMac made it onto Macintosh discussion boards late Sunday evening, it appeared that Mac fans were indeed blown away by the machine. "I love Apple! When others recede, they refocus, when others slash, they armor, when others go around chanting the end of the world, Apple builds a new one," wrote Darcy,

Apple redesigns iMac for gadget lovers - During his two-hour address, Mr Jobs berated the rest of the computer industry for focusing on cost-cutting over the last year, instead of designing new products. "This project has taken two years," Mr Jobs told the conference. "We have been busy innovating while our rivals have been restructuring and laying off thousands of people."

New IMac looks like a swing-arm lamp - Analysts say it's about time for a change. The shape of the IMac has remained nearly unchanged since its introduction. The company added clear plastic so the machine's guts could be seen in 1999, and Apple also built in a slot-loading CD drive as a feature. There have been few other tweaks to the machine's look and feel. "For a company that lives on design changes, they can't just keep the same form factor," Needham & Co. securities analyst Charles Wolf said.

Apple unveils iMac2 - The Anglepoise Generation - We managed to rotate the base 90 degrees clockwise, and the monitor 90 degrees anti-clockwise to improve access, but it's not something you'd want to do too often. So some usability has been sacrificed in favour of aesthetics. Optimally, the Mac keyboard ought to have a FireWire port in addition to, or replacing, one of its USB ports. However, what could have been a perilous and ungainly operation - balancing an LCD on a hinged stand - works beautifully

Cover blown on new iMac, iPhoto - The new iMac has a 26.4-centimeter footprint and Time quotes iMac designer Jonathan Ive as calling the new design "a little cheeky".

Apple set to take the wraps off redesigned iMac - Details of the new iMac have been scarce, with Apple officials remaining tight-lipped on what users can expect the company to unveil at this week's Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The cat, however, is already out of the bag. The first pictures of the new iMac slipped into the public domain on Monday, when Time Inc.'s Canadian Web site, Time Canada, ran two photographs of the elusive revamped iMac

MWSF Shocker - Time Canada Prints Early Story Showing New G4 LCD iMac! - Could this have been an awful mistake by Time Canada's web staff? Is this even the big news? Is Steve tearing his hair out right now? Some of TMO's staff on hand in San Francisco reported hearing a banshee howl echoing out across the hills of the city late Sunday night, but couldn't confirm whether or not it was Mr. Jobs

Has Time Canada Spoilt The Party? - Time Magazine Canada may have unintentionally let the cat out of the bag with pictures of a new Mac pictured with Steve Jobs on the cover

Apple pares down the iMac - The revamped iMac looks nothing like its egg-shape predecessor or any other PC for that matter. A liquid crystal display attaches by a chrome swivel bar to a white base that holds the guts of the computer

Praise be to Steve Jobs - The marketing magician strikes again, with a Time cover story singing hosannas to a product on the very day of its public unveiling.

Futuristic Flat Panel iMacs Rock - And it plays as nice as it looks!


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