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iMac InfoZone - The Best iMac Information From Around The Net!

Page Retired 12/31/02 ... for current page click here

Below you will find a list of links to stories relating to Apple's new iMacs, culled from around the Web. Like our other Information Pages, the iMac InfoZone is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's new iMacs. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the new iMacs mail it to us and we will add it

MacDirectory Review of The New iMac - he new model provides the most common user requests - a flat-panel display, a G4 chip, and a DVD-R SuperDrive - but, like the original, it complements that functionality with a stunning and innovative look. MacDirectory took a look at the new iMac and the story behind it.

19-inch Big iMacs to arrive in Q4 - it seems Apple will launch a 19-inch iMac in the fourth quarter, according to the Taiwanese press

Profile, I've seen the iMac. I've used the iMac. The iMac is a remarkable machine. Profile, you're no iMac - I'm getting the feeling that Gateway has committed a major faux pas, right up there with the former Vice President from Indiana, when they elected to feature the iMac in their advertising. For the vast majority of PC purchasers, Apple's machines aren't even on their radar screens. They're accustomed to buying bland beige boxes at bargain-basement prices. And the Profile, in spite of its impressive feature set and remarkable pricing, is still lacking in the style department. Frankly, it seems Gateway expended a lot more effort in ripping off the 1997 20th Anniversary Macintosh than they did in appropriating the style of today's 17" widescreen iMac

Is Gateway's Profile 4 a 'Smarter' Buy than Apple's iMac? - In comparing the Profile 4 to the iMac, though, Gateway takes a risk: Will its machine be found wanting? Apple's Macs reek of quality, after all

How Gateway Profile 4 Compares to IMac - The cow jumps over the iMac but falls short

All-in-One PC Roundup - This may just be the beginning of the all-in-one computer's life cycle. In the past, critics of the all-in-one design pointed to the lack of expansion ports, the absence of a decent graphics card, and notebook-like processing power. Today, we're living in a USB and FireWire world. We rely less on expansion slots. And processors have more than enough juice. For example, my G4 iMac is a digital video and audio powerhouse with just about everything I need. What they do still lack, for the most part, are gaming-level graphics cards

iMac Shortage...Again - The waiting lists for Apple's new 17 inch iMacs are once again a problem for Apple. USA Today reports that in Miami and Silicon Valley, the waits are daily. In Tyson's Corner, the wait is two to three weeks long. And in New York, the wait is one thousand names long

Apple to reward schools' digital video - Apple and Canon sponsors of the New Creativity In Digital Video awards will be kitting winners out with an iMac, digital-video editing software iMovie 2 and a Canon digital camera for their school

New iMac, Old Mac OS - I want to use OS X. I really do. But little things I really need keep yanking me back to 9. Odd little errors, missing functions, software that won't work and that I can't afford to replace

Apple iMacs take spotlight at V&A - D&AD has recognized Apple's product designs many times in recent years. The fruit-coloured iMacs were designed for the company in 1999, winning a Gold Award for the Apple Design Group and British designer Jonathan Ive

15-inch iMac desktop production to stop in October - Apple Computer will pull the plug on shipments of 15-inch flat-screens in October, said local PC makers familiar with the matter.

Apple Ups the Ante with Wide-Screen iMac, Jaguar OS - The 17-inch flat-panel iMac sells for $1,999 (list), which is $200 more than the top configuration of the 15-inch iMac. We think anyone viewing the two side by side would happily pay the extra money

Would you like a 'Luxo Jr.' mirror? - Shinza, a company that specializes in importing Japanese products to the US, is offering the iMirror -- a mirror with a base, adjustable arm and "screen" (the mirror) that's a knock-off of Apple's LCD iMac.

iMac kiosk readied - Nicknamed the Data Butler, the new kiosk has been designed to "complement the design of the flat panel iMac", the firm claims

Gateway eyes a bigger slice of iMac pie - Gateway will renew its battle with Apple Computer for consumer business next week with a new PC built around a flat-panel monitor

iMac turns four - Apple launched its revolutionary consumer desktop on August 15, 1998. It went on to become the biggest selling personal computer in the US from the day of its debut.

Apple Lowers Price On iMac, Adds DVD/SuperDrive Options To eMacs, Same Processors - Apple has announced several changes to its consumer desktop line, including both the iMac and eMac products. Apple has added a Combo Drive to its low-end eMac, bringing DVD playback options to the US$1099 model. The company has also introduced a new SuperDrive option for US$1499 to the eMac line, which is also a first for the eMac family

Apple Enhances Consumer Desktop Lines - "Now, for the first time, users can burn their own custom DVDs on an under-$1,500 computer," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO

The New G4 Value Equation - to get a G4 iMac with a SuperDrive, you have to spend $1,799. The eMac lacks the flat panel display of the G4 iMac, but otherwise pretty much matches it spec for spec. In that light, at $300 less than the SuperDrive iMac, the $1,499 eMac seems quite attractive

Maine Governor Wants to Honor Apple Laptop Contract, despite Budget Issues - Maine--Attorney General Steven Rowe's belief that it would be legal but risky for the state to break its laptops-for-students contract may discourage lawmakers from trying to kill the program, Gov. Angus King said Tuesday. The opinion "does raise a red flag about the dangers of doing this," King said of suggestions that the Legislature should break the $37.2 million contract with Apple Computer to save money

iMac 17 inch - There was little wrong with the iMac before this upgrade, but the addition of a bigger, wide-screen LCD will expand its appeal. It's a worthy addition to the range, and at the same price as the previous top-range model, it is an easy Mac to recommend highly

Apple Prepping a DVD-R eMac or Protecting iMac Sales? - Has Apple indenfified two very different markets for iMac and eMac? A DVD-R eMac would crossover with the low-end iMacs on price, but would of course lack the LCD, as well as the ground-breaking iMac design

Get the right gear for your new Apple lifestyle - There's a reason the iMac revitalized Apple back in the late '90s. Even with its new dome-and-flat-screen design, this sub-$2,000 machine remains exceptionally easy to use and powerful for the price

Consumer Reports gives Apple good marks - The 17-inch Apple Studio Display is the top rated LCD monitor. The 15-inch flat panel iMac gets a good rating in a section on desktop computers. In fact, the iMac is given its own sidebar story as an "object d'Apple

"Cut. No Don't Cut. No Cut" No Extra Price Relief for UK iMac - The reason for the confusion emerged due to the price cuts which were announced at MWNY, which were effective shortly after July 17. However, some news services assumed Apple had implemented further price cuts in its UK model range

OEM: Quanta expects iMac sales to rise - Quanta Computer, the company that manufactures Apple's flat panel iMacs and PowerBooks, expects a boost from sales of the recently introduced 17-inch LCD consumer desktop, according to Digitimes.

Apple pares UK iMac prices - Apple UK lopped list prices on two new iMacs yesterday

Cloning the eMac or the iMac? - Northgate may not have cloned the eMac or the iMac - but they're getting relatively close. Their Integra PC vaguely resembles the eMac, but features an LCD like an iMac.

From The iMac G3/233 To The iMac G4/800 - iMacs & eMacs: A Performance Review

Mac Reference Desk: Now Presented In Wide Screen! The July 2002 G4/800 iMac (17" screen) - Mac users have been clamoring for a 17" iMac almost since the original Bondi G3/233 iMac was launched. When Apple launched the radically different flat panel iMac last January, some folks were disappointed that it didn't sport a 17" screen. This was in spite of the fact that a 15" flat panel provides roughly the same screen real estate as a 17" CRT

Apple updates lowest-priced iMac - Apple Computer quietly updated its lowest-priced Macintosh this week, adding a faster processor and larger hard drive to the 15-inch G3 iMac

Gigahertz Gap? - I was in a computer store recently, checking out the new boxes, when I decided to have a little fun. I asked the sales kid whether I should get one of the new 800-MHz G4 iMacs or a kick-butt Sony MX system with a 2.0-GHz Pentium 4 chip. The iMac was $1900 and the Sony was close to $3400 with an LCD monitor. Quite a difference. "What do you want to do with it?" he asks. I tell him basic word processing, e-mail, Web browsing, maybe some digital camera stuff. Nothing serious. "You want the Sony," he says. "It's got a faster chip."

My month with a Mac - Apple's iMac lives up to its reputation for easy setup and does most tasks you need. But the Mac's new operating system takes time to learn

Jobs unveils new iPods and iMac - The new iMac features a larger display, 800MHz PowerPC G4 processor, 256MB of RAM, an 80GB hard drive, an Nvidia GeForce4 MX graphics card and a DVD recording drive for $1,999.

Star Wars producer recommends iMac - A recent high school graduate asked McCallum how best to go about getting a job as a movie producer. His answer? Make movies. But what's of specific interest is how he recommended going about it

Living Under the Snow Dome - I discovered to my shock recently that during my short career as a Mac user (since 1995), I have already owned something like 10 different Macintoshes. Although each one was different, I have loved them all. So when Steve Jobs says that the flat panel iMac is perhaps the best Mac Apple has made yet, do I agree? In a nutshell, yes - but not simply because of its catchy design or impressive hardware specifications

iMac - The new iMac's space-saving design provides the convenience of an all-in-one computer free from cables. The striking styling has married together the benefits of a crisp, 15-inch flat-panel display with the performance of the high-end PowerMac workstations

The 700 Club: eMac versus iMac versus iBook - You'll have to excuse me if I don't get excited about the eMac. The plastic shell looks thin and cheap. The screen is blurry and flickers at any setting above 1024x768 (nullifying the advantage of 17" screen). It's like an iMac on steroids -- scary

VHS Archiving with the iMac and Canopus ADVC-100 - Let me first say that I am a long time Windows user and no, I am not like one of those guys on the new Apple commercials; I will not be switching to the Mac for everything that I do. Having been primarily a Windows user for most of the last decade, I had a hard time figuring out what kind of article I would want to write for the Mac scene. And then it occurred to me: How about writing about what is a natural use of the new iMac desktop system? DVD burning! In particular, I decided that I would write about the experience that I had in archiving some of my VHS material onto the DVD-R format using the tools that Apple provides

Apple to expand iMac LCD display - Baker said that although it's an exciting upgrade, given that Apple started selling the flat-panel iMac only about six months ago, he doesn't think a 17-inch product "is going to help drive sales.

17" iMacs Coming To Town, PowerMac Retail Inventory Building Up - ZDNet is reporting that Apple is preparing to announce 17" iMacs at next week's MACWORLD New York expo. The report suggests that Apple is looking to build sales momentum for the iMac, and quotes analysts who are doubtful that a 17" display could do so

iMac slowdown hits Quanta - Another report issued during Far East computer show Computex claims: "Quanta will ship new 17- and 19-inch iMacs beginning in the third quarter 2002." Apple would define reports of this kind as rumour, in advance of any announcements at Macworld Expo

Poll: Keep G3 iMac say readers - "Should Apple scrap the G3 iMac?" Macworld asked its readers last week. 59% of those polled (Total votes: 529) said "No, keep it cheap". A further 2% said they preferred its small screen to a larger one

Does Apple Need To Cut iMac Prices? - Contrary to the recent predictions of a number of analysts - that April/May are slow months and that a pile up of inventory is not unusual - it is clear that the initial spurt of demand prompted by the LCD iMac's MWSF release did not necessarily represent what demand would be like once initial orders were satisfied

Apple iMac Review - The new iMac is a fantastic system for the price. You are paying for a compact and aesthetically pleasing design but are also getting a functional system packed with features

Cheaper LCD iMacs? Maybe! LCD Price Drop Coming - Still fuming over that US$100 increase Apple slapped onto the new iMacs? Wish Apple laptops were a tad cheaper? Take heart. According to a C|Net News article titled "LCD shipments expected to pick up

Apple iMac 2 - This arm is a clever piece of engineering: it's sensitive enough to let you adjust the height, tilt and swivel of the screen with fingertip pressure, but is strong enough to double up as a handle when you need to lift the 9.53kg unit.

Apple iMac series - Out with the teardrop, in with the dome. Apple's latest reinvention of the iMac houses the computer in a 10.6-inch-diameter white hemisphere and tops its north pole with a thick, stainless-steel, articulating arm supporting a crisp, 15-inch LCD. Its combination of striking design, ease of use, and decent performance adds up to another winning consumer system from Apple

Apple Said to be Shifting iMac Orders from Quanta to Hon Hai - Apple Computer Inc. recently has been reported to be shifting contracts for making its iMac computers with liquid-crystal display (LCD) monitors to Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. from Quanta Computer Inc. as a result of Quanta's failure to acquire some patented key components from Hon Hai

Buy-back promo appears across Europe - As often as not -- assuming the user can sell his Mac -- the second-hand price is higher than what Apple is offering. Also, I wonder why Apple isn't offering this program in the US? Could it have something to do with Europe's tougher recycling laws?

Review: Apple IMac - I've heard the argument before. "I don't care what my computer looks like, I just want it to work." But anyone who has to sit in front of a computer for more than a few hours a day will appreciate the new design of the iMac. It takes up very little desk space and provides a very bright, clean LCD display that is easy on the eyes

iMac takes two spots in Japanese top 10

MORE ON IMAC - Should I buy it? It's not for everyone. Those who like Windows or depend on Windows-only software needn't feel compelled to switch. But think iMac if you crave a powerful, user-friendly, space-saving home computer for such tasks as video editing, DVD burning and music- or photo-file organizing. Macs are hard to beat for such work

Practically pixel perfect - After popping my eyeballs back in their sockets, I gushed about the iMac G4 in a Jan. 14 column and said I planned to buy one. "Yeah, right," said my pals (and, I'm sure, some of you). "Seeing is believing." Well, it took a few months. But now, as a new Mac owner for the first time in nearly a decade, I'm mostly delighted. I say "mostly" because of one annoyance

Celine Dion kills iMacs! - As we reported last month, Celine's latest offering - A New Day Has Come - features copy-protection to prevent it being played and duplicated in a PC, and that same copy-protection was believed to be capable of damaging the PC's firmware. It seems that this is definitely the case, as once the CD is inserted into a new iMac it cannot be removed and the machine cannot be restarted.

The 10 products I couldn't live without - I've written enough about this previously. The best thing I can say about the Mac is that it gets out of my way--I'm less aware of it being a computer than a good tool

EUNITEK Offers Mac Airline Deal - Apple's Leading Authorized Reseller and Specialist is offering a FREE Roundtrip Airline Ticket to over 120 cities within 48 contiguous United States

iMac 2002 - The fact that the iMac now boasts a fast G4 processor (an unexpected bonus which previously was reserved solely for Apple's professional range) also makes the new iMac an interesting machine for Mac users who want to play games. The earlier G3 iMac, for all its benefits, could never really compete with the more expensive G4 Power Macs for game performance; and yet, the Power Mac price range was too expensive for the sorts of casual consumer users who would be likely to want to play a few games on their machines

Is the Future Flat? - Eric Haruki, an analyst for the consulting firm IDC, agrees with Jobs. "Flat displays are the future," he told Wired recently, predicting that by 2006 flat panel monitors will usurp majority market share from CRTs

iMac raves highlight growing Mac-PC design divide - Apple's Luxo Jr. iMac continues to draw rave reviews. In fact, it seems that hardware mavens of every stripe are queuing up to ritually prostrate themselves before the latest desktop heartthrob molded by the eminently capable hands of design guru Jonathan Ive.

A Troubleshooting Guide For Os X Running On An Imac 800 (Flat Panel) - Part 5 of a 6 Part Series

A Troubleshooting Guide For Os X Running On An Imac 800 (Flat Panel) - These notes were compiled after one month of working with my Imac, navigating OS X and troubleshooting the complexities of MS office, Adobe Distiller and other third party software. I ended up having to restore my hard drive twice. I researched first aid methods consulting books, articles, with input from authors and experts online.

New iMac lifts Apple's market position - Market researcher IDC, which recently wrapped up its preliminary first-quarter market numbers, said the Mac maker's unit sales were up 5.4 percent on a worldwide basis for the quarter, both sequentially and in year-over-year figures

New iMac alone in its class - PCs that run the Windows operating system may be more commonplace, but when it comes to aesthetics and sheer class, the Apple Macintosh is the winner. That was true back in 1984 when Apple first released the Mac, it was reiterated in 1998 when the company came out with the iMac, and it's truer than ever now that we have the new flat-screen iMac

Latest iMac design playful, inviting and a joy to use - But what about Windows users? Is this compelling enough to pull market share away from the dominant personal computing platform? I'd say that, for the first time in a long time, it may be

Couple Retire 15 Year Old Mac SE, Upgrade To iMac G4 - Not only do people tend not to use 15 year old PCs, they certainly don't write columns about saying goodbye to them when they finally dump them. We think that Mr. Dunphy's story is an outstanding one

iMac and Sony Vaio duke it out on Popular Science - Overall, however, the iMac edged out the Vaio when it came to ripping CDs to MP3, loading music onto a portable MP3 player, making a DVD

Put Up Your Digital Dukes! - Sony and Apple make computers they claim will bring order to the chaotic and confusing digital desktop. We put the two systems to a head-to-head test

Apple beats estimates thanks to new iMac design - Apple Computer said on Wednesday that "incredible" demand for its redesigned iMac desktop computer enabled it to eke out slightly higher-than-expected fiscal second-quarter results

Flat-screen iMacs a welcome windfall for Apple - Apple Computer, bolstered by strong sales of its new flat-screen iMac computer, posted a 4 per cent jump in fiscal second-quarter revenue even as net income declined 7 per cent from the year-earlier period

Flat Panel iMac Reader Report

Does the iBook Still Make The Grade? LCD iMac v. iBook - Related Articles - Best PowerBooks Under 1,000 Bucks - Article: Best PowerBooks Under 500 Bucks - Bargains, Bombs and Best Buys Contemplating an iBook purchase? Stop. Think. Since January this year, the whole ball game has changed. No longer can the differencesbetween Mac consumer desktops and portables be measured in mere megahertz

The Performance Edge: iMacs And Gaming Performance - The G4 iMacs Have The Rest Of The Gang Quaking In Their Boots - When Quake III first came out it nearly choked the original iMacs to death. In fastest mode we were able to get 17 fps out of the G3/233 iMac with the ATI Rage IIc accelerated 2D/3D graphics controller. In 'high-quality' mode we obtained a mind numbing 2.3 fps. Watching paint peel would be faster ... and perhaps more entertaining, once you got over the hilarity of the warriors grunting in slow motion. As you can see from the results below ... we've come a long way baby

Gartner: iMacs Priced Too High - an across-the-board price increase on the new and extremely popular flat-panel iMac, intended to offset the rising cost of LCD screens, has caused analysts to question Apple's ability to sustain current growth rates in the face of possible consumer price resistance

Apple presses the emotional buttons - With the iMac, the Apple team broke all the rules of the category and took the personal computer into completely new territory. They recognised that computers are like toilets - ugly but necessary - and set out to give them the desirability that had previously been the sole domain of software. Personal computers had reached a point where novelty and performance were no longer a relevant selling point.

iMac is Apple's financial shining star - Not surprisingly, the star of Apple's better than expected financial quarter was the new flat panel iMac. This despite heavy demand and rising component prices that chewed into profits

Apple, New iMac Under the Microscope - So far, the iMac has received a truckload of positive press and is a resounding success for Apple by any measure. Or is it? Today's quarterly report will tell the tale for most investors and computer industry watchers. No matter how successful the computer is in print or on someone's desktop, most people will be looking at the Apple's bottom line to measure the machine's true success

The Performance Edge: iMac vs 800 MHz Tower - Which Machine Gives You More Bang For The Buck, A Performance Report - They both have the same processor, running at the same speed and they both lack a L3 backside cache. So in raw processing power they should weigh in about the same. They do in some of our tests below, where only raw processing power is called for. However in many of the tests we ran, that are also processor focused, the iMac ran about 10-15% behind the Power Mac Tower

The Performance Edge: iMac G4/800 vs iMac G4/700 - How Much Difference Does 100 MHz And A SuperDrive Make? - A Performance Report - On average the 700 MHz G4 iMac was about 10% slower than its faster sibling

The Performance Edge: iMacs And Gaming Performance - The G4 iMacs Have The Rest Of The Gang Quaking In Their Boots - If you want to get an iMac to choke these days, you will have to load one of the new demanding games ... like Giants or 4X4 Evolution 2

Bottoms Up! - A Peek Inside The New G4 iMac - This is the last in our series of pictures of the new G4 iMac. It is doubtful that most iMac owners will look at the bottom of their iMac more than a handful of times during the life cycle of their machines. Apple doesn't care. Apple has brought the same attention to design detail to the bottom of the iMac, as they have brought to the rest of the machine

Internet Siteseeing: iMac, you Mac, we all should Mac - I know what it must be like to be a left-handed person in a right-handed world, or to be a punk rocker in a country-western line dance. You see, I'm an Apple Macintosh user in a Windows world.

New iMacs hit UK shelves - All models of Apple's new iMac are now shipping in the UK, according to the company's UK managing director Mark Rogers.

Inside The SuperDrive - Is it a CD burner? Is it a DVD burner? Yes, it's both. With a SuperDrive-equipped Power Mac G4 or iMac, creative professionals can now write to CDs and DVDs without additional software, simply using the Finder on Mac OS X. Furthermore, with Apple's easy-to-use DVD authoring software, anyone can create a DVD-Video playable on computers with DVD-ROM drives as well as most consumer DVD players

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