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Week 14 - The Terminal in Jaguar - Wednesday - Change History

Dr. Mac Loves Spring Loaded Toolbar Icons - Remember how much I like Spring-loaded folders? Well guess what... if you place any folder or disk icon in the Finder's window toolbar, those icons become spring-loaded, too

Cleaning you Mac OS X Caches - This problem has been happening ever since Mac OS X was released. Caches sometimes get corrupted, making your daily application tasks annoying at times

Working With Unix (Page 1 of 2) - We are now ready to start actually interacting with our files - viewing them, searching for them, searching within them, and changing them

Mac OS X and Quark: Trouble for DTP? - The publishing industry built atop Mac technology is bound for flux, as Apple Computer Inc., of Cupertino, Calif., and page-layout market leader Quark Inc., of Denver, both prepare to pull the plug on the classic Mac OS and focus exclusively on Mac OS X

Apple - Creative - Warren Group - After 17 years in a makeshift space in Venice Beach - and despite a loud hiccup in the economy - she'd recently moved her business to an airy, high-ceilinged Culver City studio. To complete that fresh start, she and her long-time tech consultant, Ben Levy, planned a shift to Mac OS X, a new operating system that was filled with promise

Apple in OpenSourceLand - Over a year ago, I was lying under a tree quite bored of reading through those Mac OS error code definitions. "In my world, I was saying, everything would be open sourced and it would be a great community of ..." Just then a little aqua rabbit jumped pass me saying "I'm not beta anymore! I'm not beta anymore!" Can you imagine my astonishment? Anyway I jumped in the hole where he had disapeared and I heard rumors (with a ghostly voice) : FreeBSD, GNU, Linux

Post subject: Bluetooth to Bluetooth • Mac to Mac - Aren't you supposed to be able to see two Macs that are Bluetooth enabled? Both my iBook and my Cube are Jaguar equipped with the latest version, BSD installed, and a D-Link Bluetooth (DBT-120) attached via USB ports on BOTH computers. I get the Bluetooth Icon in the upper Menu Bar. I see it as another networking device (Bluetooth modem?) on both computers under the Networking pane. Beyond that I see no device Icons (Such as a mounted device etc.)

Correct Copying Of Files In Darwin - The correct way to do file copying in Darwin is to use the 'ditto' command with the -rsrcFork switch to correctly copy the resource forks, type and creator

Week 14 - The Terminal in Jaguar - If you do not wish to follow Monday's tip, you can restore a few of the more useful shell features missing in 10.2 by adding these commands to the tcsh initialization file '~/.tcshrc'.

Dr. Mac: Add it to my iTunes 3 Library... Or not... - iTunes 3 has a pair of new Preferences I just love; both can be found in the Advanced pane of the Preferences window. The first is called, "Keep iTunes Music folder organized." This nifty new option automatically creates folders for artists and albums in your iTunes Music folder when you import a song (via drag and drop, burning, or the File menu's Import command). The second one is "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to Library" and it makes the first one even better.

Mac OS X Report Card: October 2002 - Perhaps the most ballyhooed aspect of the switch to Mac OS X was its vaunted stability in comparison to Mac OS 9. Overall, Mac OS X has done a good job in this regard, enabling users to work for weeks at a time without rebooting. Applications may crash, but Mac OS X generally handles that with aplomb, allowing the user to continue working without interruption. On the down side, Mac OS X has proven sensitive to network-related problems and potentially flaky hardware, with malfunctioning USB devices in particular causing sporadic and frustrating problems

O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference Report - Though it would be glib to categorize the attendees as a target audience of "alpha geeks" (to use Tim O'Reilly's phrase), the reality proved more interesting. A few of the usual suspects from conferences like MacHack were present, and a number of speakers also hailed from the traditional base of Macintosh power users. Similarly, I got the impression that a few people there were curious about Mac OS X, though they were still using other variants of Unix. Most of the attendees seemed to fall between those two extremes.

Looking back at Java from Mac OS X Conference - Looking back at the Java programming track from last week's O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, you'll find the following including some with presentations

Apple posts Jaguar modem fix - Apple has posted the Mac OS X Modem Update. The software corrects what Apple describes as "a rare issue" that could cause the built-in modems on some Macs to stop functioning all together under Mac OS X 10.2, "Jaguar." Modems affected by this problem continue working under Mac OS 9

OS X Odyssey 178 - Windows With Many Views - Unfortunately, IMHO, both Button view and Pop-up Folders are gone in OS X. The Dock provides sort of a similar function, but without the spatial predictability of my homemade folder full of alias buttons. Indeed, this is a general complaint I have about the OS X Finder -- stuff doesn't stay put.

Mac OS X: More Creative Than You Think - Mac OS X: More Creative Than You Think by Derrick Story Oct. 7, 2002 As I was sitting in the audience last week at the Mac OS X conference watching David Mash create beautiful music with his talent and a TiBook running Mac OS X applications, it seemed like a good time to dispel one of the lingering myths for this platform: Mac OS X is just for Unix geeks. That's not true! In fact, it's amazing for musicians, photographers, and digital movie makers

Good stock tracker tools are available for Mac OS X - several good ticker tools are available for Mac OS X. In the simple and free category, there's Wolfware's wStock, a small application that puts a customizable streaming ticker right into the Jaguar menu bar

Beefing Up OS X's Windows Networking - Starting with OS X 10.1, built-in SMB (a.k.a. Samba or CIFS -- not a social disease, but an acronym for Common Internet File System) support has made it possible to connect to shared Windows computers without any extra software

Post subject: Changing FTPd default port in Jaguar

How To Make A Jaguar Boot Disk - How do I make an OS X CD-ROM that I can startup from? What must be on it?

Dr. Mac - Sometimes it takes drastic measures... - In the end I just took the whole Preferences folder and moved it to the desktop where I renamed it "Old Musty Preferences." I next created a new Preferences folder in my Library, then moved a few dozen preference files I knew I needed (and hoped weren't the culprit) from Old & Musty to the real deal (Home/Library/Preferences)

Apple Prepping 10.2.2, 10.2.3 for Release before Xmas - It will be interesting to see how Jag sales pan out after the initial rush, and whether bug fixes and feature enhancements will induce more people to pony up the readies for X.2

Mac OS X 10.2 Makes Fast Break - Combining a thoughtfully designed user interface with components culled from the open-source community, Apple Computer Inc.'s BSD-based Mac OS X 10.2 operating system will probably fit into the mainstream enterprise desktop space better than any other Unix-based system

Understanding The "grep" Command In Mac OS X - In the previous column, we learned about regular expressions, and how to use them to search for text in vi. Having such a text-searching tool for the command line would be a valuable addition to Unix; naturally, such a tool exists. It is called grep, and it is the subject of today's column

iSync: Using .Mac to Synchronize Multiple Macs - My problem is an old one. I get and use information in multiple locations. I might enter an address on one computer, while putting in a phone number in another. Then inevitably, I would need a bit of information that was in one place, but not the other. The only remedy is to sit down regularly and manually coordinate the data making sure everything is the same everywhere. iSync has changed this.

The (in)Complete Guide to OS X Key Commands - The Mac OS allows for many common actions to be executed by way of the keyboard. These keystrokes are known as Key Commands. They involve two or more keys being pressed at the same time. By being familiar with Key Commands, the computer user can save time by not having to "hunt down" the action in the Finder or the Menu bar

Kate's Freeware Friday Jaguar Pick. - The WAY neat and generous folks at Freshly Squeezed Software have a cool freebie called Backlight, which slaps a little item up on your menu bar, and getting your screen effects (as they're called now) to play on your desktop is now a simple matter of selecting *which* screen effect you wanna play!

Week 13 - Advanced Find - Make an alias of the find command to do common searches.

Peachpit's Mac OS X Tipsheet Free - Peachpit Press has a free downloadable PDF file, called OS X Tipsheet, which features practical OS X tips from the industry's top Mac authors, including Robin Williams on networking and the redesigned control panels in Mac OS X

TMO Reports - Dantz: Adaptec SCSI Cards Unreliable With Retrospect & OS X - "Ongoing testing by DantzLab has found that Adaptec SCSI cards do not function in a consistent, reliable manner when used with Mac OS X." It also states that the problem isn't specific to any application or version of OS X. " The problem, which affects all versions of Mac OS X including 10.2 (Jaguar), is not application specific. Rather, incorrect data is passed by the SCSI card to and from any program communicating with a SCSI device. The result may simply be an inaccessible device, or worse, data corruption can occur."

New Crop of Apples - The juiciest new product from Apple Computer is the Mac OS X version 10.2 operating system.

Ex-Apple boffin calls Darwin 'dull' - "Darwin is not going to be the world's coolest Unix anytime soon," Vega said. "The reason Darwin's interesting is because it's part of Mac OS X."

OpenOffice/NeoOffice on Mac OS X - Before you start porting something like this, you have to ask yourself what kind of programmers you have. Old mac coders may not know Unix, and vice versa. You need both. And you have to ask yourself about your users. Do they want something with typical Mac "fit and finish"? There was a three stage porting approach

O'Reilly's X-Factor - Hubbard, who recently was hired as the Manager of BSD Technologies for Apple's Core OS Engineering division, was a cofounder of the FreeBSD project in 1992. In between these two positions he managed the FreeBSD CD-ROM project line for Wind River Systems. By bringing Hubbard into its fold, Apple instantly raised its standing in both the open-source and commercial Unix worlds, though many in those communities have maintained a wait-and-see attitude as to whether Hubbard will influence Apple or vice versa

Why Unix Matters to Mac OS X - O'Reilly urged Mac developers to think about the architecture philosophy of Unix. The Unix ideal is to keep things small and modular and help others use your application by providing information. When you write a Unix program you then write a man page for it. For example, the popular Mac text editor BBEdit has been available for a decade on Macs that didn't have Unix or a Terminal window. With Mac OS X you can call BBEdit from the command line. BareBones Software understands the responsibility that comes with this and provides a man page that lists the optional flags you can set. O'Reilly said that it's unlikely that people writing a dll for Windows think to write a corresponding document that's available to all users

Record Audio From Any Mac OS X Application - MrFreak writes "Have you ever wanted to grab a sound from DVD Player or record a RealMedia stream to AIFF? It's previously been impossible to do this digitally, but the folks at Rogue Amoeba have released a piece of software called Audio Hijack that allows you to record audio from any OS X application

Want to Drive your Apple Floppy Under Mac OS X ??

IBM Posts Survey Asking For Feedback In Porting DB2 To Mac OS X -IBM has posted a survey asking Mac OS X users if they are interested in having DB2 ported to Mac OS X. DB2 is an enterprise level database solution from IBM, and a Mac OS X port from IBM would be a major boost for Mac OS X in the corporate market place

Apple networking takes a giant leap with Jaguar - I tested Jaguar on two Macs. The new 17-inch iMac Apple came preloaded with it and I installed it myself on a year-old PowerBook laptop. It worked without a single hitch on both machines. Apple claims there are 150 new features and refinements in Jaguar, but I'll focus on only a few major items.

O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference: The Keynote Addresses - He said that Apple is most innovative of all tech companies. When Jobs saw Wozniak's Apple I, he had the vision to mass produce it (prior to that all personal computers of that era were kits you assembled yourself). Pogue quipped, "Too bad he didn't look around a little more or he would have seen that Woz had also invented the digital camera, the DVD, and the Internet."

The OS Wars: BSD vs. Linux - While the BSD operating system, an open source variant of Unix, enjoys a loyal following, is freely available in several flavors, and has potential for wider deployment in the future, that is where its similarities to Linux end. In terms of industry acceptance, Linux has an edge over BSD, which lacks the enterprise applications and market noise Linux has generated

OS X Odyssey 175 - Tex Edit's Tom Bender On Why He Prefers OS X - while the OS X version of TE+ shares the virtues of its Classic sibling, and has added some new ones like the Tex Aid floating tool palette, I've found that in some areas of performance that are important to me, such as fast scrolling, it lacks the polish and lightining speed of the Classic version

Why Not An Industrial Strength Macintosh? - What's an Apple to do? Our company line is Jaguar, and I'll stick by it. I'll leave Apple to do the selling, and I'll keep up with the begging. To put it simply, I put to the Windows enterprise world a simple question. WHY? The facts are compelling. More stable. Better engineered. More robust. CAN HANDLE UNIX TEXT APPLICATIONS LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW. Hardware that lasts. Hardware architecture that makes sense.

Porting Unix Apps to Darwin and OS X - Lots of small applications have already been brought to the Mac, but turning Unix software into something average folks want to use -- and will be able to install easily -- is not an altogether simple task

Stickies 2002... It Is So COOL In Jaguar - 10.2.x offers way-cool new Stickies features. First, you can have a Sticky become a floating window, like the Dock or the Speakable Items icon -- always on top of everything else

Week 13 - Advanced Find - Wednesday - Find This or That

Jaguar's CD Burner... A PC KILLER ??? - Apple (AppleCare services) confirmed an hour ago on the phone that OS 10.2 had a CD burner problem and only formatted CD-ROM's as Mac readable only -- not in universal PC/MAC compatible format as in earlier versions of Mac OS X. This problem has been corrected with Mac OS X.10.2.1. So, anyone out there who hasn't updated should be warned!!!

Don't fight the Mac OS X Dock; make it work for you - If you're a lover, not a fighter, and ignoring one of the most useful organizational tools any OS has ever presented to ordinary users strikes you as a waste, drag your hard drive icon into the right side of the dock. Leave it there. Forever. Apple should ship all Macs this way, by the way. Are you listening Cupertino?

Mac OS X Email Guide - From hard-core managers who sort through hundreds of messages a day to grandparents who get three messages a week from their kids, everyone uses e-mail, albeit in radically different ways. The various ways people use e-mail have given rise to a surprisingly large number of e-mail programs. A dozen, from companies big and small, now run natively in Mac OS X, and all offer varying combinations of ease of use, flexibility, and power

OS X Conference: Mac OS X for UNIX folk - According to Jordan Hubbard, Apple's manager of BSD technologies, Apple is working hard to make Mac OS X as seamless a change as possible to the many UNIX users out there. Most importantly, Apple wants this strong core of programmers to be able to bring their applications from the college mainframe home to the Mac and back without any hassle

OS X Conference: Digital Rights Management - According to Gillmor, Apple has been proactive in giving users control over their digital media with "digital lifestyles" applications such as iTunes and iDVD and with hardware such as the iPod. However, the entertainment industry is seeing the end of a business model that has been "really good for them." Moreover, they worry about users who see some digital media available for free and begin to expect all digital media to be free.

Hubbard talks about UNIX and Apple - Jordan Hubbard, Apple's manager of BSD technologies, is a product of this august background from the University of California, Berkeley. During his keynote this morning at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, he told the latest youth of the UNIX tribe the long and heroic history of UNIX, including two UNIX wars and how UNIX lost the desktop to Microsoft

Apple woos the terminal geeks - The growing number of Unix-friendly Mac users is especially apparent here at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, where developers and enthusiasts have gathered to discuss the company's new operating system. One sure sign that Apple is winning over Unix users is the abundance of laptop-totting Mac users who command their computers with a terminal window rather than a mouse

LeVitus & Silverman All Worked Up Over "JAGUAR" - I said Jaguar is the best OS Apple has ever shipped. Dwight, who is far more knowledgeable about Windows than I'll ever be, said this last Saturday: "OS X 10.2 is the best personal computer operating system available. Period. In fact, if my job didn't require writing about the hardware and software that 95 percent of the computing world uses -- and if I had the funds to replace all my gear and programs -- I'd probably have been a Mac user starting with 10.1."

Presenting Mac OS X - But the most telling part is how I spent the last 15 minutes of the presentation. I was answering questions about what my recommendations were for hardware configurations. They boiled down to:

Post subject: Configuring Network Setting In Jaguar - I met with some problems on configuring my internet connections; to hook up with the school's library server. I have configured the IP, Subnet Mask and Router exactly as my friend's PC (his was configured by the server admin) which gets connected without any fuss. Mine on the other hand can never get thru

Trouble with X.2 Jaguar and DSL? - Having trouble connecting your DSL with X.2? Here's how to fix it:

Week 13 - Advanced Find - Tuesday - Recently Modified Files

Randy Revisits The Panic Syndrome In Jaguar - The answer in many of these cases seems to be that their system isn't misbehaving because of a software problem at all. Often, instead, they are experiencing a hardware problem

Jaguar Brings Back Tabbed Windows? - Excitement ran high recently on TidBITS Talk, when Jim Grisham mentioned that it seemed as though some of the behavior for Mac OS 9's tabbed windows was partially available in Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar. Further investigation showed that Apple may be aiming at returning tabbed windows to Mac OS X, but the feature isn't quite there yet

OS X Conference: Getting started with Cocoa - Cocoa divides the Graphical User Interface development problem into two parts, the layout of the GUI and the code that dictates how an application runs and manages that GUI

O'Reilly, Pogue keynote Mac OS X Conference - Disrupting technologies often start out not working as well as the technologies they replace. New users regard them as toys, as was the case with early personal computers or web browsers. However, disrupting technologies eventually get better than the original. Using the disruptive idea, O'Reilly went on to say that numerous paradigm sifts have influenced computing, ultimately bringing us to the open source UNIX model that we see today on Mac OS X

Aqua eye-candy comes to the PC - Stardock has released a small utility that brings several of the dazzling effects seen in Apple's Aqua UI to the PC. WindowFX 2.0, released today, performs Direct3D operations including transparency and transitions on each window - which we think is a first on Windows - although Stardock is shying away from a confrontation with Apple's legal department by not including the hallmark Genie effect, for example

The Mac OS That Can't Be Tweaked - For years, one of the big attractions of the Mac was the ability to customize the operating system. Users could completely overhaul the machine's interface, sometimes to the point where it was entirely idiosyncratic. But all that has changed with OS X

Cmd-Double-Click in Jaguar, Old Trick / New Dog - the Cmd-Double-Click opening in a new window. This has been in the Mac OS since, I believe, at least 8.x.

Week 13 - Advanced Find - Monday - Find Directories

Randy B Sing(er)in About That Kernel Panic In Jaguar - You should keep a list of what you installed and in case you have a problem then you can go back and un-install it in the order that you installed it. Sort of the I-spy investigator trick

Burning rubber: 10.2 - I've been fiddling with computers since before DOS was a gleam in Bill's eye (anybody remember CPM and 8-inch floppies?), and all I can say is: 10.2 burns rubber. I still feel like an experienced stock car racer suddenly tossed into a Formula 1 racer: I scream around corners, hit the brakes, fishtail then heel-and-toe it, imaginary drag racing/surf tunes spinning in my head

Jaguar Does Windows--and Then Some - I clicked on a menu item called "connect to server." Then I chose my home network from a list, selected the Windows PC, and logged in with my Windows user name and password. In a few seconds, an icon representing the PC hard drive popped up on the screen and I could use the files as though they were on the Mac

Mac poses as much of challenge to Linux as to Windows - the grass gets trampled when the elephants fight. Apple Computer's snarky ad campaign urging people to switch from Microsoft Windows machines to Apple's Macintosh computers probably won't put a dent in Windows sales. But it could mean serious trouble for the effort to put the Linux operating systems on home and corporate desktops

If you aren't running Mac OS X by now you really are one of the 'crazy ones' - those of you with Mac OS X-capable hardware who are not running Mac OS X, yet, what are you thinking? To make it crystal clear, if your reason for not upgrading to Mac O X is that you're comfortable with the familiar surroundings of Mac OS 9 and you feel uncomfortable with how Mac OS X works, you're living in a box. Or more like, you're living in a cardboard box when you have the keys to a mansion within your reach

Mac OS X Rapidly Catching on with *nix Geeks - it comes with a Python compiler! I am pretty sure that Microsoft does not include a C and Python Compiler with XP. So, although there is still plenty of controversy around Mac OS X, Apple seems to have made the right choice by using NeXTstep and BSD Unix as the foundation for OS X

The Importance of the DarwinPorts project - Under FreeBSD the Ports system offers a simple, easy way for system administrators and or users to install applications. In FreeBSD there are over 7,000 ports (applications), and more are added every day

Backing You Up - You may not be concerned with backing up your files now, but when you accidentally overwrite or erase that big proposal, you'll wish you'd taken the time to download one of today's featured applications. This week we'll look at a few free options that can help safeguard your important files.

A Jaguar Tip Just Discovered... - I haven't read this anywhere else, but just as you can cmd-click a link in a web browser to open the page in a new window, you can cmd-click the items in your Finder toolbar to show the contents of that directory in a new window,

Playing with UNIX in OS X, part 2 - In the first part of this series we looked at how a Mac OS X user can interact with the UNIX heart of the operating system. Terminal is the most basic tool for this, but not the only one. By installing additional components the Mac OS X computer can can be configured to run not just the Mac operating system and relatively simple command line UNIX applications, but X Windows as well. This opens up a whole new world of applications, particularly in the core UNIX fields of computers, science, the Internet, and mathematics

IMG's OS X Week: Must Have Mac OS X Games - When Mac OS X was first released, games for Apple's new operating system were nearly non-existent. In the year since its release, though, a steady stream of OS X compatible games have been released. Today we finish up IMG's OS X Week with a look at the top games for Mac OS X

VNC Team Considers Official Mac OS X Support - If you have ever used VNC, you know what a useful tool it can be. A cross-platform remote desktop control application supporting Unix, Windows, Mac, etc. Oh, and it's completely FREE. Sadly, support for Mac OS X has been somewhat weak so far. So what can you do?

Some users see through Windows, laud Jaguar - I said Jaguar is the best OS Apple has ever shipped. Dwight, who is far more knowledgeable about Windows than I'll ever be, said this last Saturday: "OS X 10.2 is the best personal computer operating system available. Period. In fact, if my job didn't require writing about the hardware and software that 95 percent of the computing world uses -- and if I had the funds to replace all my gear and programs -- I'd probably have been a Mac user starting with 10.1."

iSync Public Beta - Use iSync Public Beta to synchronize your Address Book contacts and iCal calendars across Mac OS computers and devices, such as an iSync-compatible mobile phone, an iPod or a Palm OS device

Mac News: A Few Hours With 9 Really Helps You Appreciate 10 - Last night while doing some programming for a new Mac OS Planet site feature I had to revert to the Macintosh of the old. Since the Classic environment didn't cut it for this task I had to fully boot into Mac OS 9.1 for the first time in a long while and I couldn't believe the difference. Having made use of the Classic style of the Mac OS for the better part of eight-years I figured I'd quickly adapt to the old Macintosh platform and feel like I was right at home. Unfortunately, that just wasn't the case

Apple's Darwin evolves to 6.0.1. - Alongside its release of the code for its Rendezvous IP networking configuration technology, Apple released Darwin 6.0.1, the code at the heart of Mac OS X 10.2 yesterday.

Week 12 - Shell Aliases - Run any command periodically

Dr. Mac Asks - Got Corrupted Preference Files ?? - When I made the move to OS X one of the things I was particularly thankful for was the end of the "extension conflict dance," where I had to figure out which of my myriad extensions or control panels was causing today's crash or freeze. And while I've had no extension conflicts in OS X, I have had something just as ugly--a rash of corrupted preference files that cause application or even system freezes and crashes

Dr. Mac - Spell Better When You iChat. - t's about spell checking and iChat, in case you haven't guessed, and here's how to do it yourself

Jaguar adds screen shot capture option - The current issue of Apple's eNews offers another OS X tip for capturing screen shots: "Immediately hit the spacebar after typing Command-Shift-4. Instead of crosshairs, you'll see a little camera

OS X Week: Multiplayer OS X Games - It started out as a trickle: a shareware game here, a patch to an existing game there. But OS X gaming has finally come into its own. 12 months ago, it seemed like every new Mac game announcement was greeted with the question, "Will there be an OS X version?" Nowadays the question is "Will there be a Classic version?"

OS X Odyssey 171 - No More Nine -- More Perspectives - A couple of interesting articles around the Web this week address some of the topics we've been discussing/debating on OS X Odyssey recently

Topic: One Month Later, Are You Happy With Jaguar? - Jaguar was released one month (and a day) ago, and the 10.2.1 update was released last week Now that you have had some time to run it, what do you think? New features, performance, stability? Offer details, please.

Groveling: Jaguar Is Not Fat, Slow, and Deeply Flawed - Whoa, I can hear you shout, didn't I just a couple of weeks ago call 10.2 "fat, slow and lazy"?

iCal sharing: the next killer app? - Fire up that .Mac account, plug in the PDA, and get ready to sync away. iCal sharing is about to be the next craze in the geek community

What I Like About Jaguar (Part One) - more I use Jaguar the more I notice the subtle things, stuff no one talks about, key little changes that make using Mac OS X more productive and fun. Individually these things are almost irrelevant, but the cumulative effect is powerful. I feel like I've got a new computer. Mac OS X still has a ways to go before it recaptures the familiarity of the old Mac OS, but it's getting there, bit by bit

Week 12 - Shell Aliases - To have aliases set automatically add them to '.tcshrc' in your home directory. Here are a couple of examples:

Cloning Jaguars - A Follow-up - In response to my request for feedback in my original article, PowerPage readers have come through with a couple of gems, at price points above and below ChronoSync US$20 and Personal BackupUS$60

Utilities for Switching on the Cheap - The previous article covered some of the Mac OS X interface features for switchers. But if you're considering making the switch, you might be concerned about your additional software costs as well. Those basic utilities can add up fast! In this article, we'll look at some inexpensive options to get you productive on some common tasks

Folder Actions In Jaguar - First a little introduction, to why I think this is cool: One can connect to a server by command-k in the finder and by using afp:// connect as guest, and you see the drop box of the user. Here in Canada I can connect to my friends, which are using high speed access with various isp's, cable or dsl,it just works. Now, We just drop each other all kind of files. Next, wouldn't it be neat to know, when the transfer has terminated, when the files are available to be used?

OS X Week: Essential Software - While OS X is still in its infancy, its library, while understandably sparse at the moment, continues to grow at a steady rate as more and more developers turn their efforts toward it. As a tribute to this growing library, I'd like to present some programs that I consider to be indispensable for my day-to-day use of OS X.

Apple open-sources Rendezvous, offers new Darwin build - Apple announced today that it is open sourcing its Rendezvous networking technology. The company hopes that by releasing the source code to the open source community, it will hasten support for the technology

OS X Odyssey 170 - As The X Turns - Odyssey X The Opinion

OS X Audio Plug-ins: Format War or Peaceful Coexistence? - With the recent release of the first version of Emagic Logic for Mac OS X, the Mac pro audio world was shaken by the announcement that Emagic would no longer be supporting VST plug-ins. The VST format was originally created by Steinberg for use in Cubase, but it has since become somewhat of a standard on both the Mac and Windows platforms, and many of Steinberg's competitors have grudgingly accepted its dominance and included VST support in their applications. However, times have changed,

Post subject: Shell Initialization in 10.2 - Jaguar has broken the shell's usual startup sequence, and many alias and completions you may have been using will no longer work. To restore the situation to pre 10.2

How to use Eudora 5 through Classic In Jaguar - Up to 10.1.5 there was no problem running Eudora 5 downloading and uploading mail through Classic. Trying to start Eudora through Classic in Jaguar gives a blank (no contents) brand new version of Eudora (in 10.2), even though the version in 9.2.2 is pefectly intact and all mail folders etc are there.

Dr. Mac Presents His First Stupid Bluetooth Trick - While goofing around with it I figured out that the picture format for the phone's background and screen saver pictures is a .gif file precisely 101 pixels wide by 80 pixels long. Drag one onto Ericsson Client and you can display it full-screen on the phone as your background or screen saver picture

Jaguar Joyride - I have just taken Mac OS X 10.2 (a.k.a. "Jaguar") for a spin, and I am impressed. There's a lot of energy in this cat. The first major update to Apple's Unix-based OS in a year makes a compelling case for an upgrade. While it fixes a few bugs, the primary purpose of Jaguar is to advance and expand the feature set of the OS

OS X Week: Making the Switch - We are focused on games here at IMG. We eat, sleep and breathe games. My personal favorites are RPG and RTS titles. Most games, that are not already OS X native, will run in Classic mode. That being said, many of them will run better when the computer is booted with 9; however the performance difference is not that noticeable in most titles

Playing with UNIX in OS X, part 1 - Beating away flawlessly under the skin of OS X is its UNIX heart, known as Darwin. Many, perhaps most, Mac users will happily ignore this fact. Apple has done a superlative job in hiding the UNIX underpinnings of its latest operating system beneath the Aqua front-end, but it is still accessible to those who are curious or adventurous. I've never used UNIX before in my entire life, and for me delving around inside the workings of OS X began out of curiosity -- so believe me that everything here is for 'UNIX virgins'!

Need to Know The Weather Under OS X? Try Meteorologist! - Meteorologist is an application that, for one, will display weather data in either the OS X top Menu Bar, or the Dock. In either case, a brief indication of conditions (an icon and either city name or temperature) will appear in the corresponding location. But if you want to get the detailed picture, click on the icon, and you'll be presented with a wealth of details, both about current and future weather conditions

Cloning Jaguars - Backup Programs for Mac OS X - Everyone has a different strategy for backups and approaches can vary significantly. The important point is to insure against loss of data and time. Under classic OS, I used to back up my system and applications to a second internal HD. This has proven more difficult under X

History Lesson - Find That Forgotten Terminal Command In Jaguar. - Here's a terminal trick I find useful. It gives you a quick way to find old commands you have entered by searching through your shell history file. It comes in handy if you can't remember the exact syntax

Week 12 - Shell Aliases - Shell aliases are not the same as Finder aliases. A shell alias is shorthand for a command

Dr. Mac Loves a good read...   - Rob Griffiths has written an excellent mini-book (PDF) about Mac OS X aimed at people with some Mac OS X experience. But if you signed up for this list, it's right up your alley. It includes general hints and advice, plus a large collection of tips and tricks spanning 70+ pages with 32,000+ words, and over 100 images

I killed my Mac OS X Dock, and found something better - DragThing 4.5 was released. I decided to finally take a peek at it, and see what it's all about. People have rated this application so well, I imagined there had to be something going on here that is out of this world. After installation, I launched it, and began to play around with the features it packs, and all I have is one word to describe DragThing, WOW!

Extending iCal To Blogs And MP3s - Doug Adams has created a little AppleScript applet called iCal Calling iTunes which "lets you use iCal to schedule iTunes Playlists to play." With all this nifty innovation, it should be interesting to see what Apple does with the next version of iCal

Flirting With Mac OS X - Linux players, like IBM, are trying to make us believe that we actually like the GUIs available for Linux and that big corporations want to switch their thousands of expensive Windows workstations to dirty cheap Linux desktops. The reality is, it ain't happening. UNIX is for servers, Windows is for desktops. Right? No, wrong. Turns out nowadays you don't need to use that ugly W word to have a decent desktop and office environment. Enter Mac OS X (and people do insist you pronounce the X as "ten," not as "eks"). Many see it has the cool new kid on the UNIX block

Apple - Hot News - AppleScript Studio - "For me," says Hanaan Rosenthal, "AppleScript Studio makes life easier. First, I can fully control the interface on applications I create using the language that I've always known and loved, AppleScript. Also, AppleScript Studio is built on Apple's Project Builder - the program that developers use to write programs with Java or Objective C and other programming languages

OS X Odyssey 168 - Reflections On The Road Traveled So Far - This has been quite a week on the OS X Odyssey trail -- I perhaps should have renamed the column "OS X - Debating Society" for the duration. The basic controversy, however, dates back almost to the first Odyssey postings, as it became evident early on to both myself in readers that the journey was not going to be one of unqualified praise and celebration of Apple's new OS

Java Development Environments for Macintosh? - My company (with my persuasion) has decided to move from a Windows platform to a Macintosh. The issue that is slowing this move is one of software solutions - more specifically a Jave IDE and Sales Contact Management software.

iBirthday 1.3 All Happy For Jaguar - iBirthday is a personal desktop application which reminds the user of birthdays and other special events. The user can set how and when they wish to be reminded in several ways.

X-bytes: A better spinning cursor - Do you find Jaguar's wait cursor ugly, annoying or just plain inappropriate? I actually like it but I like being able to replace it even better. Blobber is a haxie that allows you to replace the wait cursor in X.2.

Post subject: How to recognize Compact Flash reader in Jaguar - I've found my Zio! Compact Flash reader is no longer recognized by Image Capture or iPhoto under Jaguar. Therefor, I cannot retrieve my digital photos... Zio! hasn't updated their own drivers for Jag yet either. Anyone know a way around this?

Specify hard drive spin down times in Jaguar - 10.2 eliminated the slider to choose how long before your hard drive spins down for power management and offering, instead, just a checkbox to spin the drive down when possible. The tip is that those who don't fear Terminal can not only specify how long before it spins down, but can also have different settings depending on whether they're getting power from the charger or from a battery

Friday - Let's Date - To query the current date and time use:

Dr. Mac - Wash away crud in any text with... - The program's tag line is: Powerful text cleaning made simple... Which just about says it all. If you have ever found yourself search-and-replacing or hand-tuning text, removing carriage returns, straightening smart quotes, removing angle brackets, or whatever, you must check this program out.

Feline good - What that has to do with computing or anything else, I don't know, except that marketing people have always borrowed the fur, form and fearsome personas of the big cats to convey images of lithe, flowing power and effortless speed. Clearly, that's what Apple was about in calling the latest version of its operating system Jaguar. Next time, we believe, there will be a Panther on the patch, and so the imagery will go on. But does Jaguar, aka Max OS X 10.2, live up to its name?

Unix gurus embrace OS X - In the run-up to Linux Expo in October, Apple has published a study of Linux users' move to Mac OS X

Installation of Jaguar bites a few readers - My most recent column (Sept. 7) offered advice to Mac OS 8 and 9 users on the right time to upgrade to OS X 10.2 (Jaguar). Readers wrote in with some serious difficulties I've seen no reports of elsewhere, such as installing 10.2 from scratch and then not being able to run Classic applications in the compatibility mode

Topic: 10.2.1 Installation & Performance Discussion - Apple released Mac OS X 10.2.1 earlier today. What kind of installation issues have you found? Have you noticed any change in performance? Several people have commented that they thought it was faster, but Apple doesn't specifically mention any speed enhancements. Have you had any problems from the installation?

Mac OS X 10.2.1 Update -- So Far So Good - Start with CDR burning. I burned a disc with my Sony CRX10U drive and tested it in Windows XP. Hooray! The Windows compatibility issue that had plagued Disc Burner in Jaguar seems to be fixed. The disc behaved well on both Macs and PCs. Speaking of Windows, Virtual PC does run better with 10.2.1

Post subject: Startup and Shutdown Automatically In Jaguar - Is there a way to startup and shutdown my G4 tower running OSX? It's completely doable using the energy saver control panel in OS 9, but in X, it appears that sleep is the only obvious option

Install Mac OS Classic on a Disk Image In Jaguar !! - Don't want to clutter your Mac OS X volume with the Mac OS 9 folders? Install Classic on a disk image! Mac OS X 10.2 will automatically mount the image from its file when Classic is needed

Week 11 - All About Your Mac - Thursday - Keepy-Uppy

Dr. Mac - Use the Force !! - OK. I'm in a killing mood so today we'll review some of the ways to force a recalcitrant program or process to quit.

We hack the 10.2 Menubar - In 10.2, Apple removed the ability to have third-party apps in the menubar. Well, there's a very easy way around that... Just a couple of files to mess with

 Learning Unix for Mac OS X September 2002 - So, you bought your brand-new Apple computer, excited to try out OS X and all its Unixy goodness, only to find out that while Apple is happy to tout the Unix heritage of OS X, they don't put any emphasis on all the goodies under the hood. The product manual shows you around the sexy new GUI, but you're left to stumble through the command-line toolbox that comes with it on your own. O'Reilly's Learning Unix for Mac OS X is the first book (that I'm aware of, anyway) out there to help the Mac faithful get a grip on Unix

Book Review - MacWorld Mac OS X Bible - The MacWorld Mac OS X Bible clearly shows the years of writing experience at work here. It is a solid, well-crafted, and readable manual that covers Macintosh OS X 10.1. Be forewarned that it is not the be-all and end-all reference manual for aspiring Unix geeks

Apple's new operating system may be something to roar about - Jaguar packs plenty of perquisites that many people may find well worth the struggle a struggle common with any substantially retooled operating system

Mac system is the real thing - aguar is everything that Apple has billed it to be. In fact, it's one fast feline. It boots faster, scrolls faster and launches programs faster than its predecessor. And it has plenty of new features

OS X Odyssey 166 - Why I Haven't Upgraded To Jaguar (Yet) - The essential thrust of Gene's volley was that since I have not upgraded to the "latest and greatest" version 10.2 of OS X, I am a bounder for commenting on OS X issues at all, and for citing comments by other writers who have posted hands-on critiques of Jaguar

X-only Macs 'the way ahead' - Apple's decision to move to OS X-only booting in 2003 has been applauded by Macworld online readers - the move was supported by 73 per cent of respondents in an online poll

Post subject: Web server through airport network - I want to be able to serve web pages from my machine, which is getting an IP address from an Airport Base Station using DHCP and NAT... The Base Station has the IP number given by my provider, and has given my machine the address So how do I point traffic to my machine?

Where Did All My Email Addresses Go? - I'd open Address Book, *all* my email addresses were in there. Now, when I open my Address Book only *some* of the email addresses are in there (the ones I assigned specific categories to). But when I'm in Mail App, it still completes typing of all the addresses I *used* to have (in the SEND TO field). So, I know my old addresses are *someplace*. Question is... where?

Week 11 - All About Your Mac - Wednesday - Network Id

Dr. Mac - The "Yes I'm Sure" Tip - one of the things we both hated was the way the Finder grouses if you try to change the file extension on a file. For example, Snapz Pro saves TIFF files using the .TIFF extension; Photoshop saves TIFF files with the .TIF (one "F") extension. They're both TIFF files; in fact, as far as I can tell the only way they're different is that one has "FF" and the other has only "F." Much to our annoyance, if you try to change the extension from one to the other, the Finder insists on throwing up a dialog box

OS X Musician: Fixed Bugs, Better Support, New Capabilities in Jaguar - After a rocky start, Mac OS X is finally a serious audio and MIDI operating system, offering significantly more power and stability than OS 9 and a dramatically streamlined setup process. Now there are some signs we'll all be able to start using that power

OS X Musician: Emagic Won't Support VSTin OS X - According to a discussion on its website, Apple-owned audio software developer Emagic has dropped plans to support VST plug-ins in Logic for OS X, instead opting for "Audio Units," the standard format built into OS X

Mac OS X on x86 could be a good idea - It has been rumored for over a year that Apple was secretly keeping Mac OS X builds for x86 deep in it's Cupertino Labs. In recent months, high profile articles have claimed to have testimony confirming the existence of such builds. These statements have generated quite a bit of controversy in the industry

Post subject: AGP video card options for Jaguar - Well, the wife and I can't afford a new powermac this season, but in order to take advantage of Quartz Extreme, it looks like we'll need a new video card. We have a 350Mhz AGP G4 with a Rage128 Pro (16MB) card now. From looking about, it looks like my only choice for an AGP retail card is either the Radeon 8500 and the new Radeon 9000

Jaguar, Part II - Week two of life with Jaguar brought some unexpected twists and turns. Just when I was starting to explore the new features of iTunes 3 and the joys of Prefling, a nifty shareware app for accessing individual system preferences directly from the Dock (Thanks to reader Michael Ng for pointing that one out), came the day I booted up Mail only to find all of my Mail had vanished.

CUPS Print Center in your web browser For Jaguar - Here is a nice way to make your web browser a CUPS print center

Week 11 - All About Your Mac - Tuesday - What on What?

Dr. Mac - Low To No Cost Beef Up For Jaguar

Serving on Mac OS X - At first I was thinking that I'd put the StarMax to use as a Web server. It has a good amount of RAM and can have a IDE drive with massive amounts of room for serving. Then I realized that it would be a waste of electricity. I can use my Power Mac as the server at the same time that I use it for other things

Apple Leaks Mac OS X Update - Mac users got an early peek at the first tweak to Apple Computer Inc.'s latest Mac OS X release on Monday, when the company briefly posted tech-support data on the free interim upgrade

The day the OS died - sung to the tune of Don McLean's "American Pie")

Only boot OS X? Yea right - First is Apple will initially prevent OS 9 booting, but will release a patch in a few weeks to re-enable Mac OS 9 support after they realize that many businesses need Mac OS 9, and won't reinvest in software to use Mac OS X, especially when everything is working well. This is just like how the eMac was for education only. Remember that?

I Want to Switch But.... - Now Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) is available, and the reviews are the same mixed bag. As with 10.0 and 10.1, the latest version of X is better than the earlier ones. It's faster. It has some new features. It supports more devices. And the consensus is that it's worth the time (60-90 minutes for installation) and money (as low as $100 if you shop around) for current OS X users to make the upgrade. But what about OS 9 users?

Apple's Mac OS X Ultimatum - While Apple was characteristically unwilling to respond to our reports, the company was unusually prompt in making the news official: At last week's Apple Expo in Paris, CEO Steve Jobs himself put users and developers on notice that January's Macs would boot Mac OS X only, although Classic will continue to function within forthcoming OS revs

Where is Quark for OS X? - Quark, Inc. is still keeping the wraps on a possible release date for an OS X version of QuarkXPress software. Many Mac users in the publishing industry expected a release date to be announced at Seybold, but all they got was the sound of crickets chirping in the background--no target dates were even mentioned

Can Your Dell Do This??? - OSXFAQ Screen Shot of the Day....

Quick Shot To Classic In Jaguar - you can put a Classic icon in the dock permanently. It's called Classic Startup

Week 11 - All About Your Mac - Get a hardware profile of your Mac with the command line profiler

XML on OS X - Meet NetNewsWire Lite; it's a lightweight cocoa application that you will soon fall in love with. What it does is take in XML feeds (in a flavor known as RSS or really simple syndication) from the sites you choose and display it in beautiful aqua. Sound lame? How about reading 30+ sites in under 10 minutes?

Sleek new Mac system beast of many features - The latest version of the Macintosh operating system, OS X 10.2 - or Jaguar - is a significant upgrade, with more than 150 new features. But it also has that "when is the fix coming?" feel about it.

Could Macs mean business at last? - My colleague David Coursey and I are working with Jaguar as a part of our ongoing investigations into its merits, deficiencies, and chances of winning over those who, by fiat or preference, are Windows devotees. If you ask me, OS X could stand a better chance of challenging Windows on the desktop than Linux does, or ever did

Apple Folds in Mac OS 9 Group - In yet another sign that Apple Computer Inc. is winding down its efforts to maintain the classic Mac OS 9 to concentrate on Mac OS X, the company last week quietly reorganized its OS development operation

Apple readies first Jaguar update - The document for the desktop version of Jaguar identified 31 bug fixes or enhancements. One change improves compatibility with CDs burned on Windows machines, while another adds support for seven more third-party CD-Rewritable drives

Moore's Even More Exhaustive Musings On The Termination Of Dual Booting Macs - Anyway, As I noted in OS X Odyssey 163 on Wednesday, I've never received such a tsunami of mail related to anything I've ever written on the Mac Web as I got in response to my editorial Tuesday morning about Apple's announcement at MacWorld Expo Paris that they will be terminating OS 9 dual boot capability on Macs in January, 2003

How Extreme Is 'Quartz Extreme? Very, According To Apple - A Performance Report - One thing that Phil spent some time on, and which was at the top of the presentation, was Quartz Extreme. For those of you that haven't heard, Quartz Extreme is Apple's name for the way Apple has coded the rendering of the Quartz Graphics layer in OS 10.2 to be done largely by the graphics card. This frees up the processor(s) for other tasks

Darwin vs Mac OS X Web Servers - My question is, is there any reason I can't use Darwin for a webserver on one of the G3s? I want to do PHP and MySQL, plus the usual Apache and Perl, and maybe some other stuff like Tech Support AIM bots, etc. Is there a particular reason for the Mac OS X GUI for this, assuming a good comfort level with a CLI? And what performance levels can I expect for a box that will get a fair amount of hits (hundreds, maybe thousands a day)?

OS X Jaguar: What is missing? - Some people really like Jaguar. I've used it a bit and think it is a big improvement. But I must admit I can't go to it as my primary OS yet (I use it on a secondary computer). In fact I have to have many computers in the usual geek mode; of having test and pretest machines, and ones with older versions of OS and tools and newer, and so on. I'm not doing the ordinary stuff (I'm doing development), but still, development tools are an Application; and I'd love to be able to just blindly upgrade and have faith that things would work. Like I used to

OS X Jaguar : What's cool? - There are a lot of improvements in it, and progress is obviously being made. Then I hear the people saying that "it is a good as a Mac", or that Apple is killing MacOS 9, so I wrote a whole article listing all the things still missing in Jaguar (here). This isn't to bash, but just correct those who mistakenly believe we are ahead of the game. We are overall, but not when it comes to Mac OS power users (and interface), yet

Finally somone gets OS X audio recording right! - There's a software company in England that seems to understand OS X better than most. It's applications take full advantage of OS X's strengths and features, giving their applications the edge over similar apps. The company is RealMac Software, and the application I'm talking about is AudioX, an incredible app that costs a mere $15.00 and delivers the biggest 'Bang for the Buck' of any app I've reviewed in the past 6 months. For $15 you get Audio recording functionality that you'd expect in applications costing 10 times as much, if not more.

Post subject: Jaguar Hard Drive sleeping - Is there any way to keep hard drives from spinning down and sleeping?

Quick End to Finder Freeze on Shutdown/Restart/Logout in Jaguar - Occasionally, the Finder will freeze when attempting to Shutdown/Restart/Logout.

Week 10 - Edit Files - Friday - Strip with col

Dr. Jaguar is now Dr. Happy Mac... - As some of you have noticed, Jaguar has killed the Happy Mac icon at startup, replacing it with a drab graphite Apple logo. Subtle and sophisticated perhaps, but what about those of us who prefer... 'cute?'

Mac OS X Jaguar Tweaks Part 1 - With any major software upgrade, there comes a risk of losing existing functionality. The Mac OS X Jaguar upgrade is no exception. A few surreptitious tweaks will bring things back

An in-depth look at Mac OS X 10.2 - Jaguar - As operating systems go, Jaguar is a fairly painless upgrade, and you don't need to pour over a big manual to get through the process. This is fortunate, for what passes for printed documentation when you open your Mac OS X 10.2 upgrade box is a 19-page booklet that limits the installation directions to inserting the first CD, double clicking the installer and following the onscreen instructions

Giving Mac OS 9 the Boot - MacFixIt has received hundreds of sharply opinionated letters on the issue, and the consensus does not seem to point in a clear direction. Many users are so infuriated by the decision that they have vowed to never purchase another piece of Apple hardware, while an equally proportioned group is so enthused by Apple's decision to "drop dead weight" that they are planning to employ significant measures to better embrace Mac OS X

The Death of Mac OS 9 - Well I finally received my copy of Jaguar, and one of the "little" surprises I discovered is that it no longer includes a copy of Mac OS 9. If you already have a copy of OS 9, you can install that, of course, but if you don't you're sending $19.95 to Apple in order to run Classic apps. That kind of made me grumpy

A happy geek - I'm an unabashed Unix geek. I recently installed about the best version of Unix I've ever worked with on all the computers I regularly use. At the same time, I installed the best window-based operating system I've ever used on the same machines. Obviously the only way I could have done both at the same time was to install the new Mac OSX 10.2 on my home and office computers, and that is what I did

Excellent goodies for Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2) - Ever since Mac OS 10.2 was released, aka Jaguar, it has been a sensation for mostly everyone. It's fast, smooth, more compatible with hardware, and some people agree it's price is worth to be spent for. So, I decided to write some words here about some of the favorite applications I use with it

Week 10 - Edit Files - Wednesday - Strip with grep

Week 10 - Edit Files - Thursday - Translate with tr

Dr. Mac's folders have sprung (and they're loaded, too...) - But wait - there's more. If you open Finder Preferences (they're not in System Preferences - they're under the Finder menu - go figure) you'll find a slider that sets the delay before spring-loaded folders pop open. That alone is worth the price of admission but with that power comes a small problem...

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