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Past OS X News

Recent Tunes -Recent Tunes - NSStatusItem Background App - As you may know third party menu extra plug-ins no longer work in Jaguar, at least not without Unsanity's haxie. However, Cocoa provides the NSStatusItem class which allows you to add your own items to the system status bar. By creating a background NSStatusItem app, you will have a perfect replacement for a menu extra plug-in

Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 1 - Regardless of why you've previously avoided [yourhost:~] yourname%, I'll show you how to take your first steps with the Terminal application in Jaguar. Then I'll walk you through a tutorial that will accelerate your understanding of the Unix command line

Apple updates OS X, Final Cut Pro - The update improves the reliability and performance of applications that use Carbon Sound Manager

Listbox Auto-Find  - When you use the REALbasic Listbox control, sometimes it's nice to offer an "auto-find" feature. As you press keys on the keyboard, the Listbox should attempt to locate any rows that display text that matches the pressed keys. The REALbasic Listbox doesn't perform this functionality, but it's not difficult to implement it yourself. This week we'll show you how

Plugged-In Cocoa Making Other People's Software Work for You - The Objective-C run-time model is notably suited for dynamically loading and executing third-party code. However, few Cocoa applications take advantage of this capability to extend their own functionality through third-party plug-ins. We'll show one of the ways of doing so

Title Bar Icon Fun - A lot of applications let you play with the icon in the title bar. For example, in preview and TexEdit, dragging the icon from the title bar to the desktop will create an alias of the file in the desktop

Dr. Mac - How to Kill a Drag and Drop Operation Before the Drop - While I was sitting there with mouse button pressed, I started thinking about what might abort a drag and drop before dropping... Here's what I found

MacInTouch Reader Reports: Mac OS X Mail Clients

WEP Cracking for Mac OS X - Finally there is a tool to put default Apple AirPort hardware into monitoring mode for wireless security analysis

Drop Shadows Adding Drop Shadows to a NSView - Now that we have Rotate using controls and mouse events to handle all of our transformations, let's jazz up the drawing. We'll do it by adding a drop shadow to the path that we're drawing. Sounds difficult, right?

Eject with disktool

Hide...Hide...Hide.... Hiding from the Jaguar - One thing that bummed me out after upgrading to Jaguar was losing Menuversum (Jaguar broke it). Although I haven't yet found a replacement for the File Browser Menu, I have found a replacement for the Hide Front App and Hide All commands

Dr. Mac - Short and Sweet Deep Sleep - It puts your Mac into the deepest sleep possible instantly, with no fan noise, monitor hum, or disk chatter

Post subject: Keyboard Shortcuts In Mac OS - As a switcher from WinXP, I notice that the keyboard shortcuts appear to differ in certain respects on the Mac. One that I haven't yet figured out is the equivalent of using the Esc key to dismiss a dialogue box or sheet.

Post subject: OS X / Unix Subsystem and mounting disks. - There was a question posted in this forum a little earlier, Partition , where the user was asking if it was possible to grow a file system partition under OSX

disktool - 'disktool' will unmount, mount, rename, or eject drives and partitions

Making Files Invisible Without Having To Boot In To Mac OS 9 - Find to search for invisible files. Or, most FTP programs (like Transit and Fetch) can show invisible files in their browsers, and you can delete the files that way

Foundation Collections in IB Using Foundation Collections in Interface Builder - When you first played with Interface Builder, you may have tried briefly to create an array or a dictionary, and given up in disgust. Apple in its wisdom has not, as of Mac OS X 10.1.5, seen fit to add support for these fundamental classes to IB, and it is usually possible to work around this oversight

Open Source/GNU Software for MacOS X - Summary - Since Apple MacOS X is a member of UNIX family and shares many parts and components with other open source operating systems (especially FreeBSD), it is obviously that capabilities and features of MacOS X may be greatly extended with enormous number of free software packages. A

PATH - When you execute a command the shell simply looks in its cache, which is much quicker than searching PATH. Consequently when you add a new command or script it will not be found

Low Disk Space And Lost Preferences In Mac OS X - I too have lost my preference files when all the disk space has been taken over by swap files. This is particularly annoying for Finder and Dock preferences since all the items I have placed in the Dock and all the folder views are lost. Here is my solution

Objects - you may have already played around with putting controls in a window, but did you know you can connect them and get them to react to one another, All without typing a line of code!

Cocoa Drawer  - When I first started programing in cocoa (about 2 weeks ago) one of the first things I thought about was how I could create those funky draws you see in so many Cocoa apps. I thought it's bound to need lots of complicated code to be able to open and close the window. How wrong I was...

Silly Kernel Panic in Mac OS X 10.2.2 - from the don't-try-this-at-home dept. shibby tells us that it is easy to cause a kernel panic in Mac OS X 10.2.2, by attempting to move a directory into the same location as another one of the same name, using Terminal

A Mac User's Guide to the Unix Command Line, Part 1  - Unix is reputed to be complex - its cryptic commands are said to offer a steep learning curve and not be accessible to "the rest of us." While this can be true - some Unix commands are like a foreign language - the command line can also be simple, useful, and powerful

PATH - If you wish to put commands in a new bin directory add this directory to your path so commands will be found automatically, without typing the full pathname

Dr. Mac - Hiding Files from Friends and Enemies - what if you want to hide an entire file or folder from prying eyes? One simple trick I've used to keep casual users out of folders I don't want them to see is to turn the folder invisible

High Performance Computing on the Mac An Interview with Dr. Gaurav Khanna - Dr. Gaurav Khanna at the Long Island University in New York is an expert on this topic and has kindly agreed to be interviewed. What follows is a lot of what you need to know to get started in HPC

Part 6 - 'grep', 'sed', and Regular Expressions (Page 1 of 2) - This part continues where part five left off, introducing regular expressions and two commands that make use of them

How the Leopard Got His Spots - Whether you call 'em panthers, leopards or jaguars, Apple's point-two version of OS X has more than 100 improvements, and many of them translate into more joy for the audio practitioner.

OS X Odyssey 208 - A Networking Anomaly, Or Why I'm Not Ready Yet To Give Up On Dual Booting - I had a reminder yesterday why there is no way I'm ready to use a Mac that can't boot into OS 9, which Apple has decreed to be the new regime with all Macs starting a bit more than a month from now

Command Line History & Editing Your Commands - You've probably miss-typed a command and been faced with retyping the whole command again. You might be able to do a copy-and-paste, if the previous command is still on the screen. However, that is not always possible. And if you'll recall, Unix is more than a decade older than the first available GUI (the one on the Apple Lisa); with no mouse, doing a copy-and-paste is not so intuitive. What's needed is a way to move back and forth through a list of previous commands. You will not be surprised to read that this is possible

Post subject: System-wide Page Setup defaults - Is there any way to set the Page Setup default values once and have those settings be the default for the entire system, all applications?

Mac OS X Web Server Handbook - This book is not about using Apple's Mac OS X Server software, it is about how to set up your Mac as an Internet server using Mac OS X

OSX and other file systems - I know that HPFS can be mounted from FreeBSD and other *nix distros, but I'd like to do this in OSX if possible. Had anyone else had experience mounting drives in "weird" formats?

Ask MacSlash: Backing Up OS X - Zeal writes "With the recent release of RAR for Mac OSX, I was wondering what everyone out there uses for backing up their systems. Apple offers a utility called Backup which has received some bad reviews, and requires access to .Mac. So, what would be a good way to backup my system?

OS X Odyssey 206 - A Look At Path Finder 2.02  - John Martellaro suggests that Path Finder may be an OS X "killer app." I took a look. This is a very interesting and comprehensive program that it will take some time to really check out, but here's an overview

Kudos to Apple. Getting PHP & MySQL on my ibook - Think about this. Here is a big company that instead of trying to cover up or dismiss an incompatibility "Note: There is an known incompatibility between PHP 4.1 and MacOS X version 10.1.2." it steps up to the plate for the users, says there's a problem and not only helps insure you can get around it, but tells you that Joe Blow hacker (Marc) in this case has a fix!

OSX: Dive Right In!  - Surrounded by buttons, swirling documents, and transparent menus, it certainly has the cool factor nailed. But what really amazed me is that nothing went wrong

VectorWorks 10 - The most popular Mac CAD program comes to OS X

Post subject: Internet Sharring through WinXP gateway - Is there a way to connect to the internet using a WinXP system as the gateway computer?

How To Add A Permanent Static Route In Mac OS X

Installing Oracle 9i on Mac OS X, Part 2 - What the FileMaker developer can expect from Oracle 9i on Mac OS X

Connecting Mac OS X to Windows PCs - Mac users often have to share files with Windows machines, both at work and home. Occasionally, using portable media such as a ZIP disk or a USB portable storage does the job nicely, but for daily use a cross-platform network is more robust. Apple has incorporated technologies into Mac OS X that allow easy file sharing among platforms

Apple's Latest Server Environment Does Something for Every Mac Server Administrator  - Apple's latest server-software product is a complete operating system -- built atop OS X 10.2, (Jaguar) -- that offers easy access to the underlying Unix-based Internet services, as well as a host of cross-platform file-sharing and printer-sharing services. And although OS X Server 10.2 builds on the legacy of AppleShare IP 6, the similarities are only on the surface

Native OS X Applications

Is Apropos Appropriate?  - The command 'apropos' gives a brief one-line summary for a given command

IconFactory announces iPulse - Do you wonder why your Mac OS X system is running slow? iPulse will graphically show you exactly what's going on

Duality - Are you getting tired of the aqua theme? Or maybe you are just looking for something a little more exciting to enhance your interface. If this is the case, Duality is the way to go!

Post subject: System wide mapping of extensions to file types? - Is there anything in OS X.1.5 that maps file extensions to file types? Such as an application, or (hopefully and ideally for my situation) a file in the /var or /private or some such directory

What is Whatis? - The command 'whatis' displays a brief one-line summary of the given command

Tips For Batch Processing Mail In Jaguar - First off, if you want to strip the headers off a set of e-mails, select them all and use save-as. It'll save a text file containing nothing but the headers

Dr. Mac - The Fastest Alias In The West... - I'm not sure I'd have thought of that as a "tip," per se, but if you didn't know you could do it, it's one of the most convenient shortcuts in all of Macdom

Making Mac OS X Work Like X Windows? - X Fiend asks: "Is it possible to configure Mac OS X's window manager to run in a client-server mode like X Windows?

Apple offers 'X for Schools,' 'X on Campus' promotions - The promotion offers educators a copy of Mac OS X 10.2 ("Jaguar"), "Getting Started with Mac OS XÓ Training CD, and AppleWorks 6.2 Volume Licenses with 128MB RAM for US$99 per user

A Different Kind of Classic for Mac OS X? - Imagine if Apple got Mac OS X running on x86 hardware and included a Windows environment based on Connectix technology that let you run Windows apps with Classic-like integration.

Mac OS X: The Missing Manual; Jaguar Edition, First Look  - an initial perusal indicates that this "version update" of the Mac OS X book that I consider to be the one to have if you're only having one, is something to put on your Christmas wish list, if you can't resist running out and buying it right away

Kill(all) - To (force)quit an errant process use the kill command. This takes the process id (or PID) as a parameter

Running Processes - The 'ps' command lists running processes

Trash - Not Just For Your Dock Anymore !! - I can drag the trash alias to the Finder toolbar, and I also keep it on the desktop

Mac OS X Disaster Relief - While the focus of Mac OS X Disaster Relief is on troubleshooting OS X, the book includes lots of useful information and insights on how to get the most out of OS X

The SpeedZone: Mac OS 10.1 vs Jaguar ... How Extreme Is Quartz Extreme? A Detailed Performance Comparison Of Two Operating Systems - MacConnec Is Jaguar any faster than the previous version of OS X?  People have been going back and forth about this around the Net without anyone sitting down to do a dispassionate examination of the new OS's performance potential.

More On Journaling X Client/Server Differences - journaling operation itself does impose a performance penalty on disk writes. Mac OS X Server alters the sizes of certain buffers used for file transactions when journaling is enabled, which mitigates much of the performance hit, reducing it from the 10-15 percent range down to the 2-5 percent range

Stickies 2002... It Is So COOL In Jaguar - the revamped Stickies is the ability to make notes Transparent. Just like you can do in in the Terminal's Window Settings, you can set individual Stickies to become see-through!

Installing Oracle 9i on Mac OS X, Part 1 - In this first part of a three-part series exploring Oracle 9i on Mac OS X, David Simpson provides you with some excellent background information and a look at the ramifications for Solaris administrators

OS X Odyssey 202 - OS X 10.2.2 Notes  - According to Apple, enhancements delivered with this update include:

10.2.2: A Quick Journaling Test - "OK, after all the talk and hype about journaling in 10.2.2, I turned it on as soon as I installed 10.2.2 Monday night. Today, I thought I'd give it a whirl. So, (being the geek I am) with a bunch of programs running, I pulled the battery and the plug on my iBook and booted into single user mode. Here's the report..."

Under the Hood of OS X - Linux enthusiasts considering OS X will be happy to know that Jaguar now ships with the default shell for most Linux distributions, the Bourne Again Shell, better known as bash

It's All About the OS - Macworld New York has come and gone with new iMacs and iPods. Updated tower systems appeared a month or so later. Before these words go to press, we can expect other upgrades in hardware performances and perhaps even a new digital hub device. The real story of the "State of the Mac" in 2002, however, is continued enhancements in the Mac OS

Damn Mac OS 9 fanatics  - Friggin' Mac OS 9 fanatics had to go and spread FUD everywhere today. It seems there's this list of things in Mac OS X that either don't work or should. Nice idea, really, but the implementation of such is that anyone who comes up with a wild idea can add it to the list without anyone actually checking for it. Not good

Top Logging - Top can be used to periodically log usage statistics over a prolonged period

Apple's Latest Server Environment Does Something for Every Mac Server Administrator  - Apple's latest server-software product is a complete operating system -- built atop OS X 10.2, (Jaguar) -- that offers easy access to the underlying Unix-based Internet services, as well as a host of cross-platform file-sharing and printer-sharing services. And although OS X Server 10.2 builds on the legacy of AppleShare IP 6, the similarities are only on the surface

Book Review - Mac OS X (10.2) Visual QuickStart Guide - So you've run out and purchased OS X Jaguar or your new Mac just arrived and you tear the wrappings off, start up the computer and… where's the manual? Not sure what to do next or how to get started? Well, with Maria Langer's newest book, (book number 50, by the way!) Mac OS X (10.2), you'll be up and running in no time at all

Mac OS X 10.2.2 Gains Journaling - The journaling scheme automatically logs file system transactions to guarantee file system consistency in the event of a crash.

Problems Upgrading to 10.1 to Jaguar - I suspect if I do a minimal install of OS X on the partition, there won't be enough hard drive space left to install Jaguar on top of it. If you're going to upgrade, make sure you have at least 1.2 extra GB free and clear before beginning. I would recommend 2-3 GB free as an absolute minimum if you can swing it, due to the way those extra invisible files seem to be multiplying

Top of the Hogs - The 'top' command displays system usage statistics including cpu and memory usage

Apple Mac OS X Updater 10.2.2  - Version 10.2.2 delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability for the following applications and technologies: Address Book, iChat, IP Firewall, Mail, Print Center, Rendezvous, Sherlock and Windows file service discovery

Major Improvements Needed for Mac OS X's Mail Application - Pt. 1 - I have now had the opportunity to use Mail on a daily basis with my 18 different email accounts for an extended period of time, and this has given me a chance to write down a number of comments and observations on the 1.2 version of Mail that is included with Jaguar

Preferences - Preference can be set from the command line

Another Reason To Get a Jaguar... - you can now modify Ownership and Permissions for any file or folder (assuming you have an admin pass code) from the Get Info/Show Inspecor windows.
That's right. Pre-Jag, you needed to use the Terminal or third-party apps

Incorporating Rendezvous into Your Cocoa Applications, Part 1 - As Cocoa developers, what do we need to know about Rendezvous? And how can we effectively use it in our applications? These are questions that I want to answer in today's column.

Chimera Continues to Challenge IE on Mac OS X - As far as I'm concerned, one of the most delightful projects to come out of the Mozilla effort is the Chimera browser. I've been using it since 0.5, and the latest stable version, 0.6, is even better

Which One Should You Take to the Web?  - By working hard to avoid the feature bloat and unpredictable display problems of earlier browsers, the makers of these alternative applications are redefining how we access the Web. If you want to speed up your browsing, or if you're just curious about what else is out there, we'll help you explore the possibilities

Book Review - Office v.X For Mac Inside Out - While the Office v. X book field is not yet jammed with entries, Negrino, McElhearn, and Binder's Microsoft Office: mac v. X Inside Out will be stiff competition for any new competition. I strongly recommend it for both new Office users, and for upgraders

Book Review: O'Reilly "Mac OS X Pocket Reference" and "Learning UNIX for Mac OS X" - Toporek's Pocket Reference is undeniably well written and intelligently structured, and if you don't have an OS X manual and just want one that will help you convert from OS 9 or to troubleshoot, then it is a perfectly viable choice. It is small but rich in information, and as far as day to day Mac tips and pitfalls go, it covers all the bases. I was much less impressed by Taylor and Peek's UNIX for Mac OS X book

Software Shootout: Mac OS X Virus Protection - Anonymous Coward writes "As a new OSX user, I'm wondering what the consensus of the mac community is as to guarding your system against viruses. Do most people run anti-virus software? What to run -- the anti-virus software that comes with .mac or something else?

REALbasic 4.5 - This is a very impressive program. The user-interface is excellent and the features are helpful. The possibility to build new programs for both Macintosh and PC is of great benefit

Making Jaguar Purr - Mac OS X 10.2, also called Jaguar, is one cool cat, but even it can use a little grooming. I provide just that sprucing up in this month's Mac 911, in which we examine ways to create custom screen savers, keep desktop pictures fresh, extract attachments from the Mail application, configure your mouse's scroll wheel, move the Trash to the Finder's toolbar, import addresses into Address Book, and juggle tools within the toolbar

Turn iTunes and DVD Player into an alarm clocks - iSleep adds a sleep timer to Apple's iTunes and DVD Player

Energy Saver - The settings controlled by the Energy Saver system preference pane can also be set from the command line

Dr. Mac, meet Dr. Eliza... - Did you know there's a bona fide headshrinker inside your Mac? There is if you're running Mac OS X. Her name is Eliza and while she's not quite as smart as some psychiatrists I've known, she's more fun and a whole lot cheaper

Office v. X Update 10.1.2 - Ocelot writes "Microsoft's Mac Business Unit released an update to their Office v. X software today. It includes security updates as well as all older updates; They wrapped them in one big package called "Office Update 10.1.2.

Software Update - The Software Update utility can be called from the command line. It will list the updates available and allow one to select an update for installation

Software Tips: Localize Your Mac & Save 100's Of Megabytes - If you're using Mac OS X and are in need of more hard drive space but already tossed everything that you can think of ...

Build Your Own Apache Server with mod_perl - When Apple released Mac OS X, it included as part of the operating system one of the most powerful and most-used applications on the Internet today: the Apache Web server. This has been a boon for Mac users and dedicated Unix jocks alike, as the combination of Apache's simplicity and power and the legendary Mac OS ease-of-use has made for a robust Internet application development platform. Largely due to the inclusion of Apache, along with a host of other necessary Unix power tools, Mac OS X has rapidly become the Unix developer's platform of choice

OS X in the enterprise - Until recently, very few users and essentially no enterprises would give any thought to Apple as a server vendor. Small wonder, since Apple hadn't been trying to compete seriously in the server market. Things have changed

Regionless DVD Players for Mac OS X? - spooje would like to get to the core of the following issue: "Since a new Rochester DVD only store, Global DVD, just opened up with a large Asian section I decided to rent several. When I got home and popped one in my Mac (Sawtooth G4 running Mac OS X 10.2) it brought up a dialog box telling me the DVD was region 3. I could switch to region 3 mode, but I could only do this 4 more times. Since my DVD-RAM drive is supposed to be all region does anyone know of a workaround or patch for the Apple DVD player

Dock-Replacement Utility Tries to Help You Get Organized - Designed to replace the Dock in Mac OS X, Softchaos's WorkStrip X attempts to bring order to the desktops of harried Mac users. Like the Dock, WorkStrip lets you launch applications with one click on an icon. And it lets you organize your files into Workspaces, which are great if you need to keep track of many projects

Apple System Profiler - The Apple System Profiler in /Applications/Utilities can be called from the command line to write a profile report to the Terminal.

Dr. Mac - Broadband? Browse Different... - One of URLMP's best features is a "Read Daily" category, which in my case, contains URLs of 17 sites I try to read every day. I choose "Read Selected Items" from the URLManager Pro menu, which magically appears in the menu bar whenever Internet Explorer is active, and all 17 of 'em open at once. IE stacks the 17 windows nice and neatly so I can see all of their title bars.

Switching Between Networks in Mac OS X - Mac OS X significantly changes the way your Mac deals with networks. After years of juggling multiple control panels, seemingly random collections of extensions, and network terms that read like alphabet soup, OS X has only "Network," a single panel in the System Preferences. Whether you use Ethernet, AirPort, or whatever, it all funnels through Network

"Seamless" Integration of Mac OS X w/ Active Director - eexlebots asks: "I work for a small college which has a few Mac OS X 10.2 machines and a fairly standard Active Directory setup. Actual deployment of these clients rides on getting them to authenticate at login to our Active Directory server. Apple has stated that this is possible (easy! seamless!) with Jaguar without the use of an additional Mac OS X server, but I have found the case to be quite different. It is possible, but not without a good deal of nightmarish configuration issues

Death to the little smiling guy - Is Apple making a smart move or gambling needlessly? Most folks with whom we talked thought the company's transition plan was solid, though it poses risks. For example, while there are, according to Apple, about 4,000 native Mac OS X applications available, there are still many more than that for the traditional Mac operating system

Apple Scores with Able Server Hardware and Software -The unlimited client version of Mac OS X Server also includes Apple's WebObjects Web application development and deployment software and the open-source Tomcat package for Java application development. Database support is solid: The open-source database MySQL is supported by default, and support for Oracle9i is promised. These capabilities, coupled with the Xserve's Web services and its full Java 2 implementation, make the Xserve a powerful server for custom application deployment without any additional costs for software licensing

OS X Odyssey 196 - More On OS X Speed From Tom Bender - Tom Bender, developer of my favorite text editor -- Tex Edit Plus -- has taken time out from programming to offer more commentary on OS X speed issues and other matters

OS X v. Linux: Just Not "Getting It" - Related Articles - Torvalds: 'I Was Wrong About Apple' - OS X v. Linux: Who Will Win the Battle for the Unix Desktop? - Red Hat to produce PPC/Altivec-compatible Linux OS X is clearly causing some paranoia in certain sections of the Linux community - and it needn't be so, as both Linux and OS X have much in common - including a common foe

Skin a Dock Causes Damage - This morning, a brand new application came out, called Skin a Dock. It was designed to make it so that you could have a grassy dock, or a dock immersed in water or a dock that appeared on fire. It sounded like a cool thing to do, so I downloaded. This is my story. May it serve as object lesson for you!

Speed up your Mac OS X mouse to 'crazy fast' - Okay, enough complaints about Apple's so-called maximum mouse speed in the Mouse pane of Mac OS X's System Preferences. We use a third-party Preference Pane that controls our Mac OS X mice on a scale of 1 to 10 and, here's the kicker, Apple's fastest setting falls at 1.7 on this scale!

Project of the month: Fink - Apple's new operating system, Mac OS X, has many advantages. Besides having a beautiful UI, its foundation is built on top of a UNIX variant called Darwin. With its UNIX underpinnings, many users want to run the large library of Open Source applications that are available on Linux and other UNIX Platforms. SF.NET's November project of the month, Fink, provides an easy yet powerful way to install and keep up-to-date 100's of UNIX applications that have been ported to OS X (using Debian's apt-get as a starting point)

Using Perl With Cocoa Classes - one could install a xserver, along with the perl UI libraries, under OS X; there is a more elegant solution available. Enter CamelBones. This acts as a bridge between Cocoa classes and Perl, and unlike PerlObjCBridge allows you to do everything in ProjectBuilder. Its far easier than it sounds, and we are going to make a very simple program utilizing CamelBones

Post subject: System Works Vs Tech Tools - i want to upgrade to Jaguar and have heard there's been problems using norton system works in it. Iv'e had a look at tech tools and am thinking of switching. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Whats the best utilities programme to use in Jaguar?

Daily Unix Tricks - Screen Capture

Breaking into the Business: An Interview with Michael Matas - Meet Michael Matas. He's the graphic designer who helped Dan Wood create the great look for Watson and who's now designing for the Omni Group, as well as creating graphics and icons for other Mac OS X software developers

Apple China to offer Mac OS X Jaguar Seminar

OS X Odyssey 195 -- Jaguar And Firmware Upgrades - Apple has released a Knowledge Base article recommending that users of most supported Macs make sure their firmware has been upgraded to the latest version before installing OS X 10.2

Pico: An Easy To Use Command Line Editor - Like most holy wars, that involving your Unix editor choice often comes down to personal tastes and prejudices. Therefore, I tried to chose a middle path between something pretty complex (emacs) and something pretty simple (pico). Naturally it satisfied no one. Let this be a lesson, kids; by staying in the middle of the road, you're more likely to get hit by traffic

Cocoa Gestures: Sweeten Your Cocoa (Applications) - Cocoa Gestures is a nifty little freeware application which allows you to execute any menu functionality in a Cocoa program by using a pre-defined series of mouse movements. It will work in any cocoa-based application including most of Apple's built-in OS X applications and third-part applications like OmniWeb and Chimera

OS X Quark still months away - Quark executives are telling major customers in Europe not to expect a Mac OS X release of Quark XPress 6.0 until next summer.

Fortune: Jaguar tops for new software - USER COMMENTS 28 comments

Apple in OpenSourceLand - So I'm wandering around a bit until I arrive at a strange house where people are drinking tea and saying even stranger things. I listen a moment hearing all kinds of weird stuff like gtk, gnome, X11 but there comes something that makes me startle a bit "X11 rocks on my MacII"

Quartz Lament: 10.2 on the Low End - Here's what it's like opening a Finder window in OSX 10.2 on my PowerBook G3 333 (you'll find it right there at the very bottom of the OS X supported list): The hard drive starts to spin, (like bb's rolling around in an empty Miller Light can), then the cursor changes to the mesmerizing lollipop, then I take a deep breath, then on exhale the window opens. Windows don't "pop" open. They sort of emerge from a thick fog

Dr. Mac - What the little icon in the title bar is good for... - "that little icon in the title bar is known as the proxy icon. It behaves like the Finder icon for the file in most cases. You can drag the proxy icon to the desktop or a folder to create a copy of the file. Or, you can hold down Command and Option when you drag and create

Fall Technology Guide: Code of Honor - The most impressive new software so far this year is Apple OS X version 10.2, also known as Jaguar.

Security Firm Says Mac OS Least Vulnerable To Attack, Windows Most Vulnerable - This is hardly surprising, but it's great to see this notion get some attention. It is unconscionable that corporations spend as much money as they do on Windows when it so much money is lost from these sorts of attacks

Mac OS among least prone to attack - Apple Computer Inc.'s Macintosh was among the computer operating systems least prone to attack and damage from malicious hackers, worms and viruses in 2002, while Microsoft Corp.'s Windows and the Linux operating systems were the most vulnerable, according to a report by technology risk management company mi2g Ltd.

Byte does OS X -vs- Linux benchmark - cajal writes "Moshe Bar writes a Linux column for Byte magazine. Last month he posted an article praising OS X. This month he followed it up with some OS X -vs- Linux benchmarks. Linux won every benchmark, but the gap isn't that big. Moshe chose to use 10.1.5 and gcc 2.95.3; I'd expect Jaguar to show much improved performance. "

Post subject: Uninstalling System Preferences In Jaguar - Newbie question from someone who just switched to X (Jaguar). How do you uninstall System Preferences that you no longer want?

Dr. Mac - Another Way to Find the Find window - I trashed my Finder and LaunchServices Preferences today to see if that would resolve some ongoing weirdness I have been having. Plugin files have screwed up associations. Some think they're Final Cut Pro plugins (they're not). My contextual menu plugins think they belong to Canvas 8. I don't even use Canvas

Building Mac Applications Using REALbasic 4.5 for Mac OS X - I have been quietly watching the development of the Macintosh platform for the past several years. Many years ago I worked as a Mac programmer doing C Programming using Code Warrior from Metrowerks. Back then the Mac OS 8.5 was not a very stable platform and doing development on Mac wasn't really a very pleasant task

Apple gives Jaguar free to all K-12 teachers in Canada - Apple Canada has announced it will give a free copy of Mac OS X version 10.2 "Jaguar" to every qualified K-12 teacher in Canada

My Days at O'Reilly's Mac OS X Conference - The first session I sat in on was Matt Neurburg's Scripting session. This session was the kind I was looking forward too. I am to technical for MacWorld, and I have been looking forward too a good overall technical conference that was focused on Mac OS X. Matt was a good speaker and seemed to have loaded up on Starbucks before the session

Life with Jaguar, 2 months of using Mac OS 10.2 - Jaguar started rather tumultuously with me. When I first loaded it, the day it came out, the install went rather horribly. Rather than lose all functionality of my peripherals, I decided to load OS 10.2 on my external firewire drive. The install went normally until the end, where it took 45 minutes on top of the 35 minute install to optimize. The problem was that the optimization process wasn't done, and the aqua bar was taking way too long, and not even budging. So I restarted the iBook. Very bad move

ThinkFree Office - As good as Microsoft Office? - Right now,.... typing away.....writing this review, I am using ThinkFree Office. ThinkFree Office is a full-fledged office suite that has a Word Processor, Spreadsheet, and Presentation programs built in. The great part of all this is that after you have composed, listed, and created what you needed in ThinkFree office, you can save your work as a Microsoft Word .doc, or a Microsoft Excel .xls, or a Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt ThinkFree Office cost 10 times less than Microsoft Office 2001 for the Mac or Microsoft Office X; and it has versions for either OS 9 or OS X

Switch - instantly! PC to Mac and back! Apple Pro Keyboard on Windows! - my company gave me a bigger LCD monitor. It looked even better when I connected it to the iBook. So I got a Corega Changer, which connects a monitor, USB keyboard and mouse to both a PC and a Mac. I was surprised to find that the Apple Pro Keyboard works perfectly well on a Dell PC

Comparing Apples and Penguins - As good as Mac OS X is for desktops and laptops, one wonders if the FreeBSD inside is not too restricted by the Apple jacket around it to also make for an efficient, secure and fast server OS. Apple is now busy convincing the world that Apples make also for excellent server appliances in the handy U1 format, thanks to OS X. That new product is called Apple Xserve. Many potential buyers are, however, asking themselves if OS X - given its recent introduction - is ready today to handle their critical apps

Dr. Mac - Mac OS 9 is DEAD !! - Long LIVE Mac OS X !! - Under Mac OS 9, extensions and control panels could only be enabled or disabled by restarting. Virtual memory could only be enabled or disabled by restarting. Many popular utilities could only be enabled or disabled by restarting. In OS 9, everything I did was predicated upon the restart, which I consider an affront to my productivity. Restarting OS 9 wastes five or six minutes, so I always took great pains to avoid it.

Comparing Apples and Penguins - Last month, I described my romance with Mac OS X as a near-perfect environment for the desktop, and/or laptop. The harmonious combination of Apple GUI know-how with Unix (FreeBSD) for stability, security and efficiency are too sweet for geeks from all walks of life. I continue to use Apple laptops (I now have both the iBook and the Apple G4) for my writing, teaching and speaking activity. We received tons of reader's email here at in response to that column

Book Review - Mac OS X Killer Tips (10.2) - The book is full color, with razor-sharp imagery. Coming in at 267 pages, it may seem a small book, but it is packed with enough relevant information to satisfy almost anyone using Apple's latest operating system

Dr. Mac - Speed up Word Instantly With Today's Tips - It all began when I installed Office on a new PowerBook. Everything worked fine but Word seemed VERY slow to me. Scrolling was painfully slow and every so often the beachball of death would appear for a few seconds, seemingly while Word caught its breath. Then I remembered that I had tweaked Word several different ways

The OS For People Who Don't Like Computers? - As readers of my OS X Odyssey column here on Applelinks will be aware, I am sort of in the latter camp. I've diligently been trying to learn and like OS X for nearly a year now, but continue to use OS 9 for most of my production work, not least because I find that I can get that work done about 20 to 30% faster in OS 9.1 or 9.2,2 running on a 500 MHz Pismo PowerBook, than I can in OS X

Carbon vs. Cocoa Revisited - I seem to have "stumbled across a religious war between developers", namely those who believe that one of the two development frameworks (either Cocoa or Carbon) is superior, and those who believe that they are equal

Post subject: iDVD & 3rd party DVD Drives - I'm about to purchase a DVD drive, but was told iDVD only works with Macs that come with the superdrive. Is it true you can't but a DVD burner seperate {external or internal} and use iDVD?

OS X Special Commands - Friday - Kill All!

Reader posts fix for Jaguar iMac video firmware problem - Erik M. posted this potential fix for specific cases of "Jaguar-induced video problems in iMacs that weren't upgraded to the most recent firmware version issue"

Mac OS X: Not Ready for Prime Time? (Part III) - Last week I wrote a two-part column (part 1, part 2) concerning a trash that wouldn't delete under Mac OS X. I am amazed at the responses the columns generated. I received about a dozen emails and the talkback portions of both columns were littered with comments. It seemed I touched a nerve. The responses fell along certain lines, and rather than quote individuals directly, I thought I'd address several common points

Post subject: Invisible Folders In Jaguar - When I use Sherlock to locate them I click on the folder in Sherlock and it takes me directly to my primary drive, but no Desktop Folder. How can I retrieve those folders and files?

Carbon Apps... Printing In Classic - thought it would only open as an Mac OS X app, preventing me from printing through Classic. I was suprised to find, by accident, that I could choose Get Info on the app and select "Open in Classic Environment". This worked perfectly and I've noticed most other carbon Mac OS X apps allow the same option

iMac users: make sure your firmware is up-to-date before installing Jaguar - Apple posted a Knowledge Base article today. Information from sources say iMacs without the proper firmware can reportedly suffer a range of video problems

Teachers utilize Mac OS X in the classroom - Apple announced a new program to give teachers in the United States a free copy of Mac OS X Jaguar. While many schools districts throughout the U.S. have yet to try Apple's new operating system, some teachers and school districts have already implemented programs that utilize the applications and technologies in the OS

QuicKeys X Review - The only problem with these built in macro makers is that the learning curve can be rather steep to novices. In addition, in most cases, these utilities are usually application specific meaning that you cannot integrate other application together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Quickeys X by CE Software cures both of these problems

Note to self - When turning one's self into literal flame bait, coat with fire retardant.. - My last offering supposed that X-enabled Macs make a better choice in a school environment for a variety of reasons. When posted on an advocacy news list, an enormous number of posts and threads popped up, with a score of readers jumping all over each other (and me) about education, and macs in education. With due respect to those individuals posting with good intent, let's take time to do a reality check

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