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Newton Sync Utility for Mac OS X - "The Newton refuses to die! John Anderson has released nSync Public Preview 1, a Newton sync program designed for Mac OS X 10.2. It's rough right now (only supports serial connections, only syncs clock and AddressBook), but Anderson has big plans

OS X Special Commands - Wednesday - Bless You!

Top Ten Mac OS X Tips for Unix Geeks - These tips will show you the differences between Mac OS X and other flavors of Unix; help you find the bits that resemble the Unix you are used to; and even feather your nest with XFree86 and ports of popular open source applications

Mac OS X: Built On Outdated NeXT Kernel? - WCityMike writes "One of the programmers at Unsanity, maker of haxies, recently posted a rather shocking relevation on the company's weblog. If I read it correctly (and it is a bit technical!), they're saying that Mac OS X's kernel comes from a NeXTstep kernel that was designed for 68k chips, not from the one designed for the PowerPC architechture

Four Useful Utilities for OS X - Are there any replacements for Apple's dinky utilities included with OSX?

OS X Special Commands - Monday - ditto

Mac OS X and a Beige G3 - The beige G3 was released nearly five years ago (November 1997) and is the oldest Mac that Apple officially supports under Mac OSX. Upgrading this hardware for decent X performance is an important issue since there are a lot of them out there and Apple is really pushing Mac users to migrate to OSX

Cocoa Literature - The Cocoa community is amazingly friendly and helpful. Articles about programming in Cocoa are many and in many places. To help out, I made this collected index

More details on the 10.2.2 update - According to Apple documentation, 10.2.2 features improvements to Address Book, iChat, Mail, Print Center, Rendezvous, Sherlock, Windows networking, and OS X's built-in firewall. Testers also said that files were changed pertaining to disc recording, power management, and ATI and Nvidia graphics drivers

OS X takes step closer to corporate market - The next update for Mac OS X will see the platform adopt a new file system that should significantly improve its reliability, and set Apple up for a potential charge towards the corporate systems market

OS X Is Easy On The Eyes - the software developed by Apple in OS X is the much larger factor in alleviating eye strain. The issues of presenting information on a computer screen are not trivial and can vary depending upon the type of information presented. Surprisingly, presenting graphic information in many ways is more complicated than presenting text based information, however, OS X includes a number of new features and technologies such as Quartz and now Quartz Extreme that allow for operating system wide support of text anti-aliasing making it easier to spend time in front of the screen for extended periods of time

Polishing the Apple for the enterprise - longtime darling of the education, graphics, and desktop publishing markets -- is pushing the enterprise envelope. A powerful server, a commitment to open standards, and killer innovations such as FireWire are slowly nudging the cult favorite into viability and credibility as a corporate solution

Presentation matters - The result is a mixed bag. Aqua does some tricks, such as window-sizing animations, just to show off. But other tricks -- such as font-smoothing, window-border transparency, and textured backgrounds -- actually benefit users by reducing eye-strain and allowing higher data density

No worms here - Apple is jumping on the Web services bandwagon with both feet: SOAP and XML-RPC (XML Remote Procedure Call) support, and deployment and development tools including PHP, Ruby, MySQL, and WebObjects 5.1. What's even more impressive is that all this is bundled into Mac OS X's $999 unlimited client license

Post subject: How to keep Classic process active between user login/logout - I am currently running 10.1.5. A significant number of apps being used are still Classic and the machine is used by multiple users. I would like to be able to configure the Classic environment such that the process remains alive after a user logs out so that each user logging in does not have to wait for classic to start

More option key goodies in Jaguar - Hold down the option key while mousing over truncated filenames in the finder (works on the desktop and in finder windows), and the little 'tool tip' box with the complete filename appears instantly (overriding the 2-3 second delay)

Free News Friday !! - NetNewsWire Lite is an easy-to-use, 100% Cocoa, headline news reader for web sites. It grabs and displays headlines and descriptive text from thousands of sites; you can open any article in your browser with a single click. Best of all, its Dock menu updates itself with new articles so you don't even need to use the program to open a story

US teachers receive free OS X - Every K-12 (the equivalent of nursery through to high school in the UK) teacher in the US is eligible to a free copy of Mac OS X 10.2 as part of Apple's X for Teachers program. An Apple source said: "This offer is open to US-based teachers. Apple is evaluating its options for Europe."

Mac OS X: Not Ready for Prime Time? (Part II) - By this time I was starting to get rather desperate. I'd wasted an hour and I was no closer to finding a solution. Though I dreaded it immensely, I decided it was time to reboot. Perhaps I could log in as root and do something. I sadly watched as weeks worth of applications and open windows quietly closed and disappeared and the computer restarted. Ugh -- it was going to take me hours to get my system back to where I had it

Post subject: X.2 Memory Usage - I have 1 GB of RAM and X.2 is using almost 800 MB of swap space. I'm not running anything major but for some reason all of the processes have huge virtual spaces associated with them. Any ideas on why this is?

Enhancing Your 'tcsh' Shell Part 1 - If you use auto-completion frequently then the shell's constant beeping may annoy you, especially if you have the sound turned up while listening to iTunes. Set the shell variable matchbeep to stop this

Eject A Disk In Darwin - suppose you are caught short one day with only Darwin for company. Don't laugh .. it could easily happen to you one day. The correct way to eject a disk in Darwin is done like this

Apple (UK and Ireland) - Hot News - A Linux User Defects - FreeBSD? GNU Hurd? Windows? No, the operating system that's my tip for the OS of the future is nothing other than Apple's Mac OS X

Book Review - Mac OS X and the Digital - There are plenty of good books focusing on iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, and iDVD (the so-called "iApps.") Nevertheless, this is the first book to focus on the integration between the iApps. Miser does not tell you just how to use iMovie, iTunes, and iPhoto; he tells you how to use them all together

OS X Odyssey 184 - A Conversation About Jaguar, and Getting ViaVoice To Work - his friend's purchase of an 800 MHz Titanium PowerBook and the release of OS 10.2 Jaguar release have rekindled his Mac enthusiasm. "I was beginning to think that Windows XP wasn't so bad," he commented. "When you're not on the Mac a lot, you begin to forget what a piece of crap Window is by comparison."

A tale of two upgrades - AS ONE of the few, the proud, the unconvinced who has yet to fully embrace OS X as the operating system of choice for his clients, I've been paying particular attention to reports of "classic" Mac OS users who have made the leap to OS X. So when two such accounts came to my attention last week, I thought it would be helpful to examine the experiences of both "switchers" to see whether or not their verdict on X would be the same

Mac OS X: Not Ready for Prime Time? (Part I) - I didn't happen to have a partition with 2.5 gigs free. (My 40 gig drive is divided into a six partitions.) No problem -- I just needed to move a few items to a different volume to free up space on the one I was going to use to backup the project. So I copied those items to a different partition and then trashed them. But this was odd -- when I emptied the trash, the amount of free space didn't go up

Plug and Play" Parallel Computing In Jaguar. - Dauger Research, Inc., has shipped version 1.3 of Pooch, the Parallel OperatiOn and Control Heuristic application. The latest version of the cluster management software now enables application writers to take advantage of multiprocessor Macs and cluster computing using just one API

Post subject: Burning a DVD audio disk - I have a large collection of CD Audio talking books, and I am trying to find a way to burn a DVD audio disk containing some of the multi-volme sets. Is there any software specially for doing this, or some simple trick to creating a DVD audio disk

Dr. Mac - I Command You to Move, Not Copy... - Here's one you may not have noticed if you were an OS 9 user. If you want to move an icon from one disk to another in OS 9, you drag the icon from one place to the other to make a copy, then delete the original. In OS X (and not just Jaguar, either), you can save a step

Plug It In, Plug It In - In this column, we're going to talk a bit about Objective-C and how to implement a plug-in architecture for ImageApp

Jaguar sets a ferocious pace - When we spoke recently with Avie Tevanian, senior vicepresident in charge of software, he remarked on how the move to OS X and its tools had vastly improved the speed of development for Apple and thirdparty developers

MacOS X Killer Tips - MacOS X Killer Tips was one of the most anticipated computer books of the summer. For months we heard about it but it was still under wraps. I had to satisfy my craving with the LookInside pages at Luckily I didn't have to wait as long as most, I got one of the first copies off the press and it hasn't left my sight since. I'm convinced I can charge clients 25% more just because of this book; I'm now FULL of tips. Who ever thought of putting the Desktop icon in the Dock?

OS X Odyssey 183 - Finally Saying Hello To Jaguar - In terms of speed, my expectations were not high based on many reports of others over the past couple months, which is good, because anyone buying Jaguar in hope of a significant speed/performance boost would be disappointed, and at this juncture, I am having difficulty seeing $129 dollars worth of improvement in this release over what I had in OS 10.1.4. Perhaps more advantages will manifest themselves as I use Jaguar more

Going Native: The Attraction of the Cocoa Interface - What makes an application developed using Cocoa different from a Carbon application is that Carbon is still very much a work in progress, and that Apple has been somewhat slow to provide access through the Carbon environment to all the "goodies" that come with the MacOSX architecture. And many of these goodies have a very visual dimension, so that they can be perceived by users of Cocoa and Carbon applications as differences in the actual interface of these applications

Dr. Mac: An(other) Option for "Always Open With..." - It's fast and easy to set a document's Always Open With application with today's tip. I used it today and realized it's kind of hidden and worth mentioning. It's in the Finder's contextual menu and here's how to do it

Playing with UNIX in OS X, part 3 - By adding an X Windows server such as X Darwin, more complex UNIX applications can be run that in the simple command line interface of Terminal. With the addition of a window manager like OroborOSX, X Windows and any applications running within it even begin to look and feel like Aqua applications.

Speed of a 'Jaguar' - Apple computers are still in the minority, but there is no reason why they should be, especially in homes where simplicity and stability are important. Most of my experience with computers revolves around Windows PCs, but the release of the OS X 10.2 operating system - which is also known as "Jaguar" - provided a tempting opportunity to really get to know the Apple experience

Look Out Enterprise: Mac OS X to Get Journaling - Fresh on the heels of its "Jaguar" release of Mac OS X 10.2, Apple Computer Inc. is about to spring a new surprise for the Unix-based OS: A journaled file system designed to provide corporate Mac sites with a new, historical view of their data

Apple strengthens pro-Arabic stance - With the recent release of the acclaimed MAC OS X V10.2 'Jaguar', Apple has continued to display its commitment and resolve in serving the interests of its Middle Eastern users

Looking For An OS X Sync Solution? Check Out ExecutiveSync! - ExecutiveSync has a very straightforward configuration. You can maintain multiple "projects" which have different sets of folders, depending on how many devices you have, or places you need to synchronize

Enhancing Your 'tcsh' Shell Part 1 - The 'tcsh' shell has a built-in 'ls' that it uses for auto-completion. This can be made to list in colour by setting the shell variable 'color'

Printer Sharing And Rendezvous - you don't have to wait for new printers because you can have the feature right now

Dr. Mac Says: "...and I will call it AntiTroubleShooting..." - I have a technique that allows me to recover from almost any problem with OS X or a particular program in 15 minutes or less

Very simple rules for memory management in Cocoa - Newcomers to Cocoa often seem intent on making life difficult for themselves when it comes to memory management. Following a few simple rules can make life easy. Failure to adhere to the rules will almost certainly lead at some point to memory leaks, or runtime exceptions due to messages being sent to freed objects

Mac2Phone releases Jaguar Internet telephone products - Mac2phone Basic is freeware and lets you make free calls over the Internet from any Mac to another Mac or PC. You can also communicate with others on mobile phones and SIP IPPhone without costs

Paul Andrews: Apple-Unix convergence powers Mac switch - Frustrated with crashes on his Apple Macintosh, book publisher and Web pioneer Tim O'Reilly used to call it the "Crapintosh." But since Apple issued its Unix-based OS X operating system last year, O'Reilly has been singing a different tune

Free OpenOffice for Mac users - Sun Microsystems released the first beta of OpenOffice, the open-source sibling of its StarOffice package, for Mac OS X computers on Monday. The release coincides with the OpenOffice group's two-year anniversary

Missing the Boat - Where Education IT People Just Don't get IT - The task facing an educational IT director is daunting. In high schools across the country, they are asked to do a job that might earn them three times as much in the corporate world, yet they take on the task. Scratch one and you'll find an old teacher, a librarian who has moved into the IT world, someone outside the education world looking for less pressure- or all of the above. Mac fans are often frustrated by this group- a group that has made decisions to go with Wintel machines over and over. In the past months, I've shared a number of reasons why Wintel has dominated the IT world. This week though, I'll make a brief but unabashed case for moving toward Apple architecture

GhostScript for Mac OS X - By now, many of you hard-core unix fans have discovered Mac OS X and its unix roots. Others of you know about them, but don't know where to start. The GhostScript and GhostView applications for viewing PostScript files are a good place

Dr. Mac - Like the Clipboard? You'll like 20 clipboards (or more) even better. - Its programmer, Paul Haddad, says PTHPasteboard is a pasteboard buffer application. He must be an engineer. If he were a marketing guy he'd have said it's a multiple clipboard saver/rememberer/paster.

OS X Odyssey 181 - Force Quitting Programs - OS X is admirably stable, but unfortunately not all programs that run in it are. For example, there is one particular utility, that I use regularly, that is recalcitrant about quitting. If it is running, which it usually is, when I select the Logout, Restart, or Shutdown commands, I get a dialog box informing me that "[Application X] has canceled the log out" or some such. Then of course, there are those instances where an application to just hangs up that refuses to respond. Fortunately, OS X offers several ways to dismiss misbehaving programs

The Terminal in Jaguar - The Path Home

Apple courts server subscribers - Apple Computer is giving buyers of its Mac OS X Server the option of signing on for three years of unlimited access to software upgrades for the same price it charges for a single, onetime upgrade

Mathematica 4.2 for Mac OS X - If you need a mathematical software package for Mac OS X, Mathematica version 4.2 is currently the best choice. Maple is not yet available, and Matlab doesn't work too well (see a review of Matlab 6.5). Of course, Mathematica is not strong in numerical computing, and Matlab is weak in symbolic computation. I hope that Maple will soon be available for Mac OS X to generate some competition

Which Coding Framework for Mac OS X ? - DrStrangeLoop asks: "I am in the progress of getting into coding for Mac OS X, and I am wondering which GUI framework/language i should focus on. Apparantly, there are at least three options

AppleScript 1.9 - Information about AppleScript in Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar)

Usability Shootout: Mac OS X vs. Windows XP - XP's philosophy is slightly different. Rather than automating individual applications, Microsoft's scripting languages hook directly in to XP's underpinnings. The idea is that if you can hook directly in to Windows, you should be able to do just about anything. They call their scripting architecture WSH (Windows Script Host)

Grave concerns - A lot of blarney is flowing about the "funeral" Steve Jobs held for Mac OS 9 at Macworld Paris. Traditionalists were outraged. Zounds! Was the man a bounder, "forcing" people to move to OS X? Next thing he'd be proposing a ban on horse-drawn carriages on freeways

Unix book doesn't explain why Mac users should learn it - This slim little book has one object in mind: teaching Unix basics to those in the Macintosh world who want to be power users. It does a good job, though I have doubts as to the usefulness of some of the things it teaches

Build Dynamic Web Sites Without Leaving Your Mac - With the release of OS X, Mac users can at last build, test, and deploy dynamic Web sites--all from a single machine. Now, the same database tools used to build world-class Internet sites such as those from NASA,, and Yahoo Finance are available for free to OS Xusers. As a result, Mac users no longer have to take a backseat to Unix folks when it comes to developing dynamic Web sites

So Insensitive - By default, command and filename completion by the tab key is case sensitive. To make it non case sensitive add the following to your tcsh initialization file

Dr. Mac Says - The Option Key is your Friend! - open any menu then press and hold the Option key. Do it in the Finder's File menu and you'll see the Open With command transform into the immensely useful Always Open With command. The Close Window (Command-W) command turns magically into the equally useful Close All (Command-Option-W) command. Last but not least, the Get Info (Command-I) command transmogrifies into the oh-so-10.1-ish Show Inspector (Command-Option-I)

Swinging Away in Mac OS X (Part 2) - there's an even easier way to create a Java Swing Application in Mac OS X. Using the Developers tools CD that came with OS X, you will have installed the Apple IDE "Project Builder". In this article we'll take a quick look at how to build a Swing application using Project Builder which will automatically build an excutable file

Apple pitches Mac OS X to Linux fans - This year Apple attended Linux Expo for the first time to explain why Linux fans should take a look at its operating system

Microsoft Treads Where Apple Chooses Not To Go, Pushes Its Mac OS X Software - C|Net is reporting that Microsoft will be kicking off a new ad campaign that goes where Apple seems loathe to tread: pushing its Mac OS X offerings. Microsoft will begin a series of print ads in Mac and mainstream magazines that pushes Office v.X, and the very good compatibility between today's Macs and PCs

OS X Odyssey 179 - My Favorite Alternative To Sherlock Find By Content Indexing - OS X Sherlock is much more efficient at indexing the drive while you're working, and doesn't slow machine to a crawl when the process is ongoing, as was the case in OS 9

Organizing Documents Using iPhoto - Before OS X or 9.x I used PaperPort 5.1 in conjunction with the Visioneer Scanner to keep electronic copies of all my papers. I scanned receipts, bills, statements, etc. Since switching to OS X I've lost all that functionality since neither PaperPort nor the Visioneer scanner are supported.

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