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Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X that have been culled from around the Net.. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Mac OS X, mail it to us and we will add it

Past OS X News

Retired: Thursday, March 21, 2002 . For the latest news click here

iDraw - iDraw is a powerful, yet easy to use, illustration and animation program for Mac OS X. It has many of the features of high-end design programs

New Pocket Quicken for OS X beta fixes 'conduit issues' - Pocket Quicken works hand in hand with Intuit's Quicken 2002 for Mac OS X, Palm Desktop 4.0 or later, and a Palm OS-based PDA. It provides a way for Palm PDA users to help keep track of their finances when they're mobile

Reader Feedback: Users Chime in on SolidWorks for Mac OS X - Architosh has received some good feedback on the idea for SolidWorks for Mac OS X. This has come up in response to our recent features on Autocad for Mac OS X and our petition efforts

A Mac OS X Odyssey: Part III - The quickest way to tell if a user will be frustrated by the change to Mac OS X is to ask them what they think of the Mac Finder. If the person doesn't know what you're talking about, they'll probably handle the transition okay. If they start raving about Finder features like popup windows, they're in for a rough switch

OS X Odyssey 66 - Simpleshade 1.2 Finder Windowshader - One of the most frustrating omissions of Mac OS features from the Aqua Finder for me has been windowshading, for which I find collapsing windows to the Dock a clumsy and inadequate substitute

Flash MX - when the trial version of MX came my way I was like a kid in a candy store - in love all over again

A look at Macromedia Dreamweaver MX - et another piece of software is on the way from Macromedia -- Dreamweaver MX for Mac OS X, code-named Kojak. Several sources recently provided details on the new Dreamweaver, based on recent betas of the web-authoring application

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Gets Better With Age - Adobe Photoshop 7.0 ($609 list) addresses the very real issue of "image proliferation" with more efficient file management, easier retouching, and smarter Web output.

Seventh heaven - The other shoe has now dropped. The much-anticipated Mac OS X-compliant Photoshop 7.0 has been released and will be in the shops in Australia in about four weeks. For professionals and keen hobbyists, that is an announcement of major importance. Like its OS 9.x predecessor, Photoshop 6, the new version is tightly integrated with all major Adobe applications

Mac OS X Cross-Platform Special Report - Though there is little new in the way of Windows integration in OS X 10.0. Cross-platform compatibility suffered in the short term, but bodes well for the long term. It suffers short-term because much of the most popular cross-platform software for the Mac does not yet run on Mac OS X, even under the Classic mode. We should see most of these products ported to OS X by the end of the year.Mac OS X 10.1 improved cross-platform compatibility

Macs and Businesses Just Don't Mix - OS X has given Steve Jobs's quixotic corporate quest new vigor. Too bad the PC's cubicle dominance appears unshakable

O'Reilly editor looks at 'Changing Mac Community' - O'Reilly Network managing editor Derrick Story is a long time Mac user who is interested in how Mac OS X is affecting the Mac community. His exploration started last year with an article entitled The New Mac User and it continues today with another called The Changing Mac Community

Bubble Trouble Coming to OS X - . For those unfamiliar with the title, Bubble Trouble is an action game that sports cartoonish graphics and is described by Ambrosia rather interestingly: An otherwise peaceful fish bowl has been filled with bubbles that are being tossed around in an enthralling game of "Squish the Fish!"

Pocket Quicken 2.01 for Mac OS X - The new version, 2.01r2b3, fixes all known conduit issues

Trinfinity Software Releases EasyView X v1.0 For Mac OS X - Trinfinity Software released today EasyView X 1.0, a Mac OS X version of it's popular Visual Plugin for iTunes

Celview for Macintosh Version 3.0 - The leading product in 5250/3270 terminal emulation for the Macintosh, Celview 3.0 is the first carbonized 5250/3270 emulator to run on OS X

Tri-BACKUP Offers New OS X Utility - ri-BACKUP offers two different modes: "Immediate Actions" (to do easy and immediate backup, synchronizations, and restorations) and "Programmed actions

SecureFM Rocks OS X

Reunion Planner goes Mac OS X native - Version 5.0 of Reunion Planner -- software for planning and coordinating family, college, high school or company reunions -- is now available from Minutiae Software. And it's Mac OS X native.

Freeway 3.5 for X released - SoftPress has released Freeway 3.5 for Mac OS X, the Carbonized version of its Web-page design application.

Roxio Finishes Carbonizing Entire Toast Suite - Roxio has completed the whole Toast 5 Titanium transition to OS X. While Roxio shifted Toast to Carbon some months ago, the company released incremental updates to other elements of the package, including the iMovie VCD export plug-in

Mac3D: Mac OS X beta screenshots of SketchUp - Architects and other related designers on the Macintosh are going to get -- yet again -- another cool new application to add to their arsenal

ASCon-A 2.0.1 text converter for Mac OS X and Windows

4D Whitepaper on WebSTAR V vs. Apache on Mac OS

0S X Odyssey 67 - 10.1.3 Speed, Test-Flying Docktastic, And My OS X Launcher - Based on these tests at least, 0S X 10.1.2 remains the fastest version so far. However, depending on your needs, there may be advantages to upgrading to OS X 10.1.3 anyway

David Coursey, the Sr. Editor at ZDNet's Anchordesk, took up a challenge at the end of January to see if he could shuck his PC usin' ways and only use an iMac for a month to do all of his daily chores. In this interview, taped live on 2/26/02, we check in to see how the challenge is going, and if he's come to any decision. Results? Well, Coursey says Mac OS X is... naw... you gotta hear him for yourself

Adobe's Steve Tallent talks InDesign 2 for Mac OS X - Dru Richman welcomes Steve Tallent and Tom Dent of Adobe telling about Adobe InDesign 2.0 and Acrobat 5 for Mac OS 9 and X. You heard it right. InDesign 2.0 is on Mac OS X, and Quark isn't, and Steve goes through all of its cool features, and even discusses which of Adobe's page layout products you should choose between PageMaker, FrameMaker, and InDesign

Interview: Adobe talks Photoshop 7's coolest features - this week, Adobe's Sr. Product Manager for Photoshop, Karen Gauthier, tells about Photoshop's new features and takes us on a small tour of them in this live recorded interview with Dru. What do you think is the top feature of PS 7? Well, listen to find out what features are available, and you'll find out

Synchronize! Pro X 1.0.2 - Finally OS X now has a dependable and feature-rich backup utility! We recently were privileged to review Synchronize! Pro X 1.0.2and after exhaustive testing we can't find a thing about it that's negative. If you've been waiting for a good backup program for OS X your wait is over

Office vX - Ok, so we don't always agree with some of the things Microsoft does with respect to privacy on the net and so for, but when it comes to applications for the Mac it's safe to say that Microsoft's Mac Unit is one of the best software developers out there

DJBDNS on Mac OS X HOW-TO - This document gives an overview of the roles of dns resolvers, caching name servers, and authoritative name servers. It then describes a step by step installation procedure for installing djbdns on a Mac OS X computer

Living with Mac OS X, Part Three: Change Your Brain - I've been meaning to talk a little about the Mac OS X interface. In my first column, I talked about bending Mac OS X to my Mac OS 9-based will -- namely, by adding a menu that mirrors the older application menu, using shareware called ASM. This week, however, I'd like to talk about going with Mac OS X a bit, and letting go of an old Mac OS 9 habit

Apple's OS X: What Linux Wants To Be? - According to one analyst, Mac OS X is a big winner in a Linux vs. Mac face-off on the desktop side, but it is a big loser to Windows in terms of market share

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Week - When your global Finder settings don't stick, who are you gonna call? Dr. Mac has a possible solution...

Kebawe's AutoCat 3.0.4 Adds Support For Unicode Filenames On Mac OS X - AutoCat is a very intuitive software for keeping track of your MP3s, videos, pictures, any kind of files on your CDs, or any kind of disks

Taylor Design Releases TextSpresso 2.0b2 for Mac OS X - TextSpresso is an easy to use, professional level text editor and cleaner

Ben Bird Updates BTV Pro To v5.4 For Mac OS X - BTV Pro is software for video capture, editing, and stop-motion animation. It also has advanced features

JAW software ships MPEG2Splitter 1.3 for Mac OS X - JAW software ships MPEG2Splitter 1.3 for Mac OS X

Flash: More than just eye candy - Macromedia wants to make Flash a one-stop resource for Web design rather than just an added extra

Macromedia Flash for OS X nears release, FireWorks MX surfaces - While the company has publicly stated its committment to bringing its software to OS X, it has been lacking in recent releases, and was absent from January's Macworld Expo in San Francisco

Macromedia Flash MX Arrives Next Week Authoring tool gets Mac OS X support - According to Macromedia, the latest release is designed not only for creative content on the Web, but also for application development. It will also be Macromedia's second content creation tool to operate natively under Mac OS X

MovingPicture 3.0 gains Mac OS X support - MovingPicture has been developed to help documentary and industrial filmmakers to pan and zoom on high-res images

OS X Odyssey 31 - Checking Out Eudora Beta 5.1b21, aNd Frustration With iTools And AudioGalaxy - I have had no complaints about any of the Eudora 5.1 for OS X betas I've used now -- four I think. In fact, I find the OS X version less buggy than the legacy version of Eudora 5.1 I have on my WallStreet PowerBook

If Cars Were Like Operating Systems What if cars were designed like XP, OS X, and Linux? - We here at the Lite Side hate to see an old joke go to waste, so we're connecting the jumper cable terminals to the neck joint of humor one more time. If your car was built by a computer company....

Setting up Verizon DSL with an Airport Base Station on OS X - If you are trying to set up broadband with your Airport Base Station (ABS) just go to the KBase and search using any combination of the following keywords: DSL, PPOE and AIRPORT

OS X Part 4: Some Positives - OS X is obviously still a work in progress. That means I get to complain a lot because like most Mac users, I expect things to be good without doubt when using a Mac. Clearly though there must be positive points, otherwise I would be using OS 9, or one of the alternatives (an abacus springs to mind). Let's look then what's to like about OS X

inetd: Installers in OS X--the good & the guilty - Some time back, I wrote a reasonably well-received rant about installers, and the bad habits of some installer buillders. Having done that, I thought I should point out some people who are doing things right, and some more who aren't

You just TRY to make a Linux lover use a Mac - "Make no mistake: Linux servers are a cause for concern in Redmond and a source for happiness in data centers worldwide. Desktop Linux, on the other hand, is rapidly being assigned to the trash pile of computing history," Coursey wrote in a recent column. He suggested that Apple's Mac OS X would serve as a better alternative to Windows. "But running OS X would actually cost these Linux geeks money, and that's something I am not sure any of them are willing to spend."

Nicholas Riley responded to my response regarding his post about OS X and instability. It seems we have had very different experiences using the operation system. It would be interesting to note the differences in our usage styles; why my environment is so stable whereas Nicholas is experiencing such frustration

MS Office for OS X - WHEN Apple chief executive Steve Jobs says a Microsoft product is a benchmark for his new operating system, you have to sit up and take notice

XP and OS X New operating systems for Windows and Mac - Apple's new operating system is like the first guest to arrive at a really swell party. It's eager for a good time, but it doesn't have anyone to dance with

TFM is a tool to search, study or simply browse - Mac OS X developer documentation, framework headers , source code examples, system header files ("/usr/include"), your own source and documentation

Book Review - Mac OS X: The Missing Manual - While there is a place for cookbook manuals, the best books transcend this genre, and teach both principles and background for understanding, as well as providing cookbook-style recipes for doing. David Pogue's most recent addition to his "Missing Manual" series does just this for Macintosh OS X. If I were to pick one Mac OS X book for an extended stay on a desert island, Mac OS X: The Missing Manual would be the one.

Cleaner Moves Movies To OS X - Discreet has updated Cleaner 5, its professional video authoring tool, to version 5.1.1. The update adds native OS X support to the application

Indian Software Majors Set To Get A Big Byte Of Apple - Apple recently entered into contracts with leading Indian software companies for joint development of business software applications on its latest operating system, Mac OS X. The company is also working with other Indian independent software vendors (ISVs) to port their applications on Apple platform

Scalable Relational Database Server for Mac OS X - FrontBase was created to fill the need for a robust and scalable relational database server that was Internet enabled, had no downtime, and required zero administration

Adaptec Updates SCSI Drivers for OS X - The PowerDomain series and AVA-2906 fix a number of sleep problems on Power Mac G4s when certain SCSI peripherals are attached

Major Harpoon3 for OS X Update

Lineage Episode X Meets OS X

Apple releases Java 1.3.1 Update 1 - Apple today provided an update to the Java software used in Mac OS X. The update is in the form of a 21.1MB download now available to Mac OS X users through the Software Update system preference

Setting up a Firewall in OS X - You're trying to decide if you need a firewall. Perhaps you read The Practical Mac column, Internet Security for the Home User. In that column, we stated that the longer you stay connected to the Internet, the greater your need for a firewall. If you use OS X as your primary operating system, there is good news. You already own a firewall program and may not even know it!

LaunchBar in beta testing for Mac OS X - It's an OS X native version of the utility tool that lets you browse all of your files, applications, Web bookmarks, and e-mail addresses by entering abbreviations.

Family Address Book Sports New OS X Version - Katoemba Software has released the OS X version of Family Address Book, an organizer for all your contacts

Proteron Ships MaxMenus For Mac OS X - The system enhancing software which adds powerful, flexible menus to the OS X user interface in a manner harkening back to legacy OS 9 products such as Now Menus and ACTION Menus

OmniPage Pro X Offers Software Deal - What's in OmniPage Pro X? Here's a quick list of features and functionality:

iMsafe Presents New File Management Answer - Today PSoft is announcing iMsafe, a brand new backup application, written from the ground up for Mac OS X

A Mac OS X Odyssey: Part II - Last week I talked about my Mac OS X journey, and concluded by saying that Mac OS X is good enough for real work. That's very true, but it's also true that it depends on the kind of work you are doing

Our Favorite Utilities: DockFun! Version 2 - DockFun! allows you to create custom docks and switch between them, a godsend for those of us whose docks have become tangled, crowded messes.

Cocoa Diversions; More on Views - Mac OS X gave us a host of interface enhancements, for better or for worse. Some are seemingly frivolous, such as the whiz-bang animations that dominate Aqua, and others haven proven truly useful, such as the Finder's column view. Personally, I dig it all

Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 3 - Now that you have the regular maintenance cron jobs running at more reasonable times and emailing you their reports, you would probably like to know what those jobs do, and what the reports tell you. Today we'll first look at both of these things, and then finish up with a couple of "variations on the theme" -- additional procedures to make this process even easier (though with their own trade-offs and caveats)

You can finally stop your login items from launching by holding down the Shift key. Dr. Mac has the details... - I don't read every single Apple Tech Note that comes out. Who could? But I do scan their titles and read the ones that interest me. They show up on our front page each day and it only takes a minute to see if any of them strike my facncy. I was tickled last week to discover one entitled, "Mac OS X: How to Prevent Login Items From Opening Automatically." (Tech Note #106756 if you're interested. But I think my rendition below has a little more soul and is a bit easier to understand.)

When pasting a custom icon fails, there is something you can do about it. Dr. Mac tells all in today's Dr. Mac Tip-of-the-Day - Something that's bugged me about Mac OS X for a while, and still doesn't seem to be fixed, is that when you paste a custom icon onto a file, folder, disk, or document, it only works about half the time

BenaTong announces PowerGuardian(tm) for OS X - BenaTong announces PowerGuardian(tm) for OS X. The First Shipping UPS Monitoring Software for Mac OS X

Now Up-to-Date & Contact Palm Conduits - Power On's Now Up-to-Date & Contact Leads Market with PalmĘ Conduits for Mac OS X Public Beta Debuts with Mac OS X Native Synchronization

Terminal Technique to Eject A Stuck Disk Without Restarting or Resorting to Open Firmware Trickery - This one appeared as one of our very own OSXFAQ Reader Reports last week, but it's so good, I'm going to recycle it as today's Tip-of-the-Day. If you've ever had a stuck disk (or disc) inside your Mac's optical drive, you'll understand why I like it so much

PowerMail 3.1.2 Released, Ready for Mac OS X 10.1.3 - CTM today released the latest version of PowerMail, its leading e-mail client for the Mac. PowerMail 3.1.2 for Mac OS 9 and X offers a range of new features and is available.

Gideon Softworks Introduce Autologin v1.0 For Mac OS X - Autologin is a preference pane that can automatically mount Appleshare volumes when you login

iTools 6.5.1 For Mac OS X Now Available - Tenon Intersystems announced today, iTools 6.5.1, a new version of its Apache administration tools for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server.

MaBaSoft releases Euro Assistant Pro 2.5 For Mac OS X - Euro Assistant Pro is a currency converter directed to both European and non-European users. Euro Assistant Pro updates exchange rates over the Internet, logs, prints, saves and exports your conversions, imports and automatically converts series of amounts, calculates and converts the result of algebraic expressions

PandaWare Released Mac OS X Version Of TimeCache - The PandaWare Company has released updates to the Classic and OS X versions of TimeCache, its popular time and expense tracking application for Macintosh users who bill clients for project work.

First Look and final word: Adobe Photoshop 7 is Mac OS X native. - If Steve Jobs has seemed impatient waiting for Photoshop to come out Mac OS X native, then imagine how the rest of us feel. We'd be happy just to have it open in Aqua, and be a Wet Version 6. But Adobe can't usher out a mere OS X patch for the world's seminal design and imaging application. It can't just be a warmed over version of the same old thing. Well, Photoshop 7 is here, and it isn't just a warmed over version of Photoshop 6

Root User Creation - So you want to be a "Superuser" of your Macintosh? Well, whether you personally consider yourself a superuser or not, your Macintosh will not know that unless you actually setup a user called 'root.'

Unsupported OS X - Unsupported OS X exists as a forum for those using (or attempting to use) Mac OS X on pre-G3 Power Macs and other PowerPC-based Mac OS computers, especially those using Ryan Rempel's XPostFacto 2.1

HTMLEditorX - A new beginning - Learn how to start your application in ProjectBuilder and build a basic text editor with support for undo, pasteboard, saving, loading and multiple-documents

Virtual PC and Mac OS X - VPC 5 is dog-slow on OS X. Connectix knows about this and, believe it or not, blames Apple for putting out a modern operating system

Preview: Photoshop 7 arrives for X + packs new features - Of course, the big news is that Photoshop 7 is native for Mac OS X, but the best part of the new upgrade packs incredible new features into this bundle that make the new version much more than just a conversion to a new operating system

Adobe Ships LiveMotion For Mac OS X - After announcing Photoshop 7 and releasing GoLive 6, both for Mac OS X, one might think that Adobe had done enough. One would be wrong, however, to do so. Adobe has also announced LiveMotion 2.0 for Classic and Mac OS X. LiveMotion is Adobe's Flash and animation development tool

PSoft Releases Automatic OS X Backup - PSoft has released a new backup app for the Mac, iMsafe. iMsafe is an automatic backup utility designed for any mounted OS X volume

Want to Get the Latest News While Using OS X? MacReporter Has The Scoop - MacReporter provides OS X users with a nifty way to check out the maximum number of news sources, but take up a minimum amount of space. MacReporter goes in the Dock, and will let you know that there is something new by showing the number of new articles, making a sound, or both

OS X Odyssey 54 - Weekend ViaVoice Adventures And Other Troubleshooting - I spent half of Saturday afternoon, some of Saturday evening, and more time Sunday morning battling with ViaVoice for OS X, and I did finally get it working again, at least for now

ChartMaker Pro 5.0 Now Compatible with FileMaker 5.5 in OS X - ChartMaker Pro is used to create complex layered charts in FileMaker LAN solutions, and can easily be served from Lasso or Web Companion web solutions. Since it's not a plug-in, all users can generate charts and there are no licensing restrictions

OS X Odyssey 55 - Disk Maintenance, And A Tiny Venture Into UNIX - After all the force restarts and reset button pressing that I've done lately, I thought it might be a good idea to run a disk repair and maintenance utility to see if there had been any directory damage

Major Mac OS X Utility Updates - Sporting an Aqua interface, this advanced disk repair and recovery product has been designed exclusively for Mac OS X. In addition to repairing drives and recovering data, Drive 10 offers the additional benefit of providing automatic, regular backups of important volume structure data

OS X Odyssey 57 - Waiting For The Dust To Settle - My usual policy is to let the dust of the first wave of early adopter enthusiasm settle a bit before installing major system software upgrades. I waited nearly a month before installing the 10.1.1 and 10.1.2 upgrades respectively. However, I downloaded the Mac OS 10.1.3 upgrade yesterday, and am itching to install it, if no major disasters are reported in the first few days. So far, the news on various forums has been mixed

OS X Odyssey 58 - A Conversation With Viavoice Tech Support - in general there have been installation issues with ViaVoice for OS X that seem to be associated with networking configurations in OS X and/or permissions glitches, as well as conflicts with Internet Explorer Favorites

OS X Odyssey 59 - Enabling Your Root Account - My son, Tristan, dropped in Saturday evening, and we had a good time discussing his latest automotive acquisition, his new job doing Windows XP telephone tech support for a Microsoft subcontractor (this has not made him think more highly of Windows), and of course our latest adventures in OS X

OS X Odyssey 60 - A Change Of Strategy; Multitasking; OS 9.2.2; And Resumable Downloads In iCab - My original plan last fall was to spend a month or six weeks learning OS X, and then making the switch cold turkey. However, it doesn't look like that's how it's going to work for me. What seems more likely, and indeed what is happening, is that I will gradually ease into doing more stuff in OS X, while continuing to use OS 9 as my main production OS for some time yet

OS X Odyssey 61 - Why TIFF Is A Dumb Format For Screen Shots - One of the things that bugs me about the OS X Finder is Apple's decision to make the default and only format choice for screen capture saves using Grab or one of the keyboard shortcuts the humongous TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) file.

Finally, a Photoshop for OS X - Photoshop 7.0, Adobe's latest version of its popular photo-editing application, features a few fine new tools to speed up routine tasks like portrait retouching and photo cataloging, but when it's released in April, its biggest draw will be that it runs, finally, on Mac OS X

Ask questions now and update your Mac OS later - MACINTOSH system software updates -- for OS 9 and OS X -- are offered via the built-in Software Update mechanism. If you've got it enabled and have an Internet connection, your Mac checks in with the Apple mothership every day, week or month, alerts you when a system software update is available and offers to download and install it. Every time Apple ships an update, I get inundated with calls and e-mails asking if I think it's "safe." Here's what I answer: Never be the first to update. Wait a week (or two)

Mac OS X feature tweaks on the horizon - According to an informant, Apple is in the process of conducting a "design review" for future Mac OS X features. While this doesn't necessarily concern major feature updates, our source speculated that the review relates to smoothing the integration between iTools and applications like iPhoto, iTunes, and iMovie

Mac OS X 10.1.3: What Apple Isn't Telling Us - Ever since Apple first released Mac OS X (10.0) back in March 2001 and then started issuing system updates, Mac users world-wide have had to endure a singular dearth of useful information coming from the company about its system software

Mozilla On Mac OS X Part 1 - One of the beauties of Mac OS X is its inherent ability to click into the wide, wide world of unix open source software. Mozilla is the browser engine underneath Netscape's hood. You can download it for OS X. Or you can build it yourself from source code. Let's do it!

OS X Odyssey 63 - Graphics Formats Week Recap - Letters responding to my criticism of TIFF as the default screen shot format in OS X just keep coming. Mac users really care about graphics issues. I have learned a lot in the past three days, as has I imagine anyone who has followed this thread. That's what this Odyssey is about. Also -- very cool -- I have been informed of several more than satisfactory solutions to my problem

I Thought Mac OS X Was Supposed To Be The End Of Extensions Hell ?? - Question: I thought Mac OS X was supposed to be the end of extensions hell, but I still see a folder called Extensions in the System's Library Folder. What's the deal?

Contact-customer relationship manager coming to OS X - a company that develops, markets and supports Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions -- is working on Marketcircle DayLite, a Cocoa-based Contact and Customer Relationship Manager designed specifically for Mac OS X

PocketDock 2.41 Updated For Mac OS X - PocketDock 2.41 has been released and is available for download. PocketDock 2.41 is a maintenance release that fixes a bug that could prevent skins from installing properly

Pliris-Soft Releases Firewalk X v2.0 Updated For Mac OS X - Firewalk X 2 is a full featured firewall for Mac OS X. Offering flexible firewalling plus features such as restricting application connections and interactive, real-time alerts

STUFFIT DELUXE GOES 10 - Aladdin System's OSX native release of their popular, full featured compression suite, Stuffit Deluxe 6.5.1 offers users an intuitive utility which is far too easy to become addicted to

Charles W. Moore Reviews Special Edition Using Mac OS X - Two weeks ago I reviewed David Pogue's Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, which I liked a lot. This time it's Special Edition Using Mac OS X by Brad Miser, published by Que Publishing, and I like it a lot too, although it's quite a different presentation

IomegaWare now supports X

Staz Software Ships FutureBASIC, Release 6 - STAZ Software has implemented a number of changes that make FutureBASIC applications Carbon compatible: programs can run under Mac OS X, or in Mac OS 9. The new release provides access to all Appearance Manager buttons and implements all window types including sheets, floating windows, and windows with toolbars

Hex Appeal Game Brings Charm To OS - Hex Appeal is an original puzzle game designed and created by Ronan Dowling. The aim of the game is to unscramble a hexagonal grid of colored pieces in a given number of moves

Reader Feedback: Request for SolidWorks on OS X, petition? - Architosh has received lots of feedback over our Autocad for Mac OS X Petition articles -- most of it appreciative and helpful. In this response the reader asks why not SolidWorks instead?

Desktop Facelift - Customize the look and feel of Mac OS X Mac OS X may not have an Appearance Control Panel like Mac OS 9, but it still provides plenty of ways to customize its interface. You can tailor the user experience to your liking by exploring the following options

Home Office advise on maneuvering through OS X via keyboard shortcuts using the Command, Option, Control & Escape keys.

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day - It's Freeware Friday again, and you know what that means... it's time for more cool freeware. This week we're going to focus on... Icons

Apple listens to us and licenses CUPS - On December 7th 2001, I published my article "Network Printing and the Mac OS." [Link] The article went on to discuss the need for Apple to revamp their printer drivers for Mac OS X to bring essential features such as the ability for the Mac OS to dictate what port the printer is on, rather than a driver being written for USB only. That would allow a printer to be used via a Linksys or other print server using one of many protocols to connect to it. Well, it appears that someone at Apple read the article and agreed, since there is an indication that this may happen

Under the hood of 4D WebSTAR 5.1 Update - Mac OS X upped the ante for the makers of products like 4D WebSTAR Server Suite V. Built on Unix, Mac OS X already comes out of the box with the raw capabilities to mimic a commercial product like WebSTAR using open-source or otherwise bundled software. So what does WebSTAR bring to the table? Quite a lot, according to 4D WebSTAR director of engineering C.J. Holmes,

The POCWACTSO Files: Making the switch - the tale of a "non-early adopter" - at last month's Macworld came the nudge I needed; Jobs made two announcements that pushed me into the world of Aqua. One, that OS X would be the default OS out of the box, and two, the introduction of iPhoto. Both of these encouraged me to give OS X yet another try

OS X Odyssey 62 - Non-TIFF Screenshots; You Can Get There From Here, By Many Routes It Turns Out - As I have now been instructed, one does not have to settle for TIFF screenshots in OSX, and there are a plethora of workarounds workarounds, all of which have their merits

How Does The Pentium 4 and Athlon XP Running Windows XP Compare To The G4 Power Macintosh Running OS X? - Which is the fastest? It depends what you are running. Is megahertz immaterial? It would seem so

Unsanity updates Mac OS X tweaking tools - WindowShade X, which brings the traditional Mac operating system's WindowShade functionality to Mac OS X, has been updated to version 1.5.1

Entourage X Conduit for Palm Desktop X Beta Available

USB Overdrive Mouse & Joystick Driver for OS X Moves to Fourth Beta - USB Overdrive is a universal USB driver that handles all USB mice, trackballs, joysticks and gamepads from any manufacturer and lets you configure them either globally or on an application-specific basis

ChronoSync Updated to Version 1.0.1 - The first maintenance release for ChronoSync, the automated synchronization tool for Mac OS X, is now available

Marketcircle to offer Contact and Customer Relationship Manager for Mac OS X - a Cocoa based Contact and Customer Relationship Manager

MacDopplerPRO Finally Comes To OS X

SwitchPic - SwitchPic is an application that handles changing the desktop picture in Mac OS X 10.1

BenaTong announces PowerGuardian for OS X - The First Shipping UPS Monitoring Software for Mac OS X

Customer Tracker 2.6 Available For Mac OS X - Customer Tracker, an invoicing and customer database application, has been updated to version 2.6. Customer Tracker can be used to store and track jobs done for customers, print or email invoices, work logs, envelopes, labels and more

SETI Control For Darwin Fresh Off The Press - SETI control is a REALbasic application which allows the user to control the Darwin (Unix) version of SETI@home in Mac OS X.

Dr. Mac's prescription for making Classic run better, faster, and more reliably - Most OS X users believe you'll have fewer problems if you reduce the number of extensions and control panels you load from your Classic System Folder. I agree wholeheartedly. When I tried running my usual OS 9 extensions and control panels, Classic was quite flakey and quit unexpectedly much more often than I expected

AppleScript: AppleScript Studio - Created with AppleScript Studio 1.0, these projects are templates for creating your own floating movie players

LaunchBar for Mac OS X - LaunchBar provides lightning fast access to thousands of files, web-bookmarks, email-addresses and applications just by entering short abbreviations. Type OW to launch OmniWeb, AHN to open the "Apple Hot News" web page, BM to write an email to "Bob Miller" or HP01 to locate a folder named "Holiday Pictures 2001"

Mac OS X: Breeds of Programs, Part 3 - In the first two installments of this article, we looked first at Apple's proprietary programming environments for Mac OS X - Classic, Carbon, and Cocoa - and then at its cross-platform Unix layer. In this third and final segment, we'll examine Java

The Power of X How the Best Thing for Apple, for Users, and Even for Microsoft, Would Be an Intel Version of OS X - Jon Shirley, the only CEO of Microsoft to be universally identified as a grown-up, told me during his last week at the helm that the best thing that had ever happened for Microsoft's language business was Borland International and its language business

First Look and final word: Adobe Photoshop 7 is Mac OS X native - Photoshop 7 is here, and it isn't just a warmed over version of Photoshop 6. And it's not really here yet either. Sunday, February 24th Adobe announced the release of Photoshop 7, coming to your desktop in a month or so. While not available yet, Adobe promises to ship the app by the second quarter of this year. That means another month. But we've had our greedy hands on it already, and we're prepared to give you a little insight

How To Eject A Stuck Disk WITHOUT Using Open Firmware - I read with stunned disbelief the apple knowledge base article suggesting that you reboot(!) and use open firmware(!) to eject an un-ejectable CD or Firewire drive. This is a bit like cracking a peanut with an hydraulic press. How about just doing this from the terminal

Crescendo Released Picture Play v1.5.2 For Mac OS X - Picture Play is an application for creating compositions of many images. It is basically an electronic collage.

ConceptDraw For Mac OS X Updated To v1.7.5 - ConceptDraw is a cross-platform flowcharting and diagramming software package for Mac OS X.

Synchronize! Pro X 1.0 Ready For Prime Time - Synchronize! Pro X is re-engineered for OS X, taking advantage of the modern properties of the new operating system

PowerMate Driver download - The software provides complete programmability of the PowerMate to control any application

Beta version of Zend Studio for OS X released - The Zend Development Environment is an integrated platform for writing and maintaining PHP applications

Mamgoo For OS X Has The Right Plan - mamgoo provides all the features you might expect from a day- planner/to-do list application while remaining a clean and uncluttered application

OS X Server in the hands of a Linux geek - Yes I'm a Linux nut, but it's also no surprise that I'm a huge fan of Mac OS X, it's what I use on a daily basis and is what I'm using right now to write this. Well I was recently tasked with the duty of moving our servers at work over to OS X Server two of which are Linux servers. This was the first time I'd ever used OS X Server so I thought it would be a good idea to share my experiences, some good, some bad.

Snak The Full Featured IRC Client For Mac OS X - An IRC Client is a program that will let you participate in discussions in Internet Relay Chat channels. IRC is a service that uses the Internet to connect a large number of servers all over the world. Individuals then connect to a nearby server with the help of a client program like Snak and join

Picture Play 1.5.1 New For Mac OS X

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