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Past OS X News

Retired: Sunday, February 28, 2002. For the latest news click here

Keyboard Maestro v1.0.2 Release For Mac OS X - Keyboard Maestro allows you to spend more time working and less time mousing, clicking, and typing to get your work done. Keyboard Maestro has three core features built into it to make working on the Mac much simpler: Hot Keys, Program Switcher, and Clipboard Switcher.

DCIT Announces Mac OS X Version Of Businessmind For Jewelers - DCIT Corporation, the leader in business management software to the Gem and Jewelry industries, today announced broad support of Apple's Mac OS X operating system making BusinessMindTM the first and only software solution available to jewelers using Apple's Macintosh computers

acgi Dispatcher For Mac OS X Released Today - acgi dispatcher is a program that enables you to use cgi programs written in AppleScript or other apple event aware languages with the Apache web server that is part of OSX

IntelliMerge 2.0 sports OS X-native direct mailing - IntelliMerge was developed for businesses that want to stay in touch with customers by sending personalized e-mail newsletters, letters, invoices, alerts and more over the Internet

Adium 1.5 released, AIM client for OS X - The new version, 1.5, has been in public testing for some time, but today marks the final version 1.5's release

USB 2.0 memory card controller to be Mac OS X compatible - Standard Microsystems Corp. says it's "sampling" to select customers an engineering prototype of its new USB97C210 USB 2.0 Memory Card Controller, which the company says will be Mac OS X compatible

Review: Watson 1.11. It's what Sherlock should have been - So what is Watson? It's what Sherlock should have been. Watson doesn't search your hard drive, but it searches just about everything else

Who Let the Dogs Out - when I walk in the door to my house, a X-10 switch triggeres the imac mp3 player and boldy said "Welcome to Darwin'. This got a little old after I came home a few times, so I changed it, now, when I get home, I am greeted by the thumping sounds of "Who Let the Dogs Out" by Baha Men. Would you like to be greeted in such a way as well, of course, who would'nt? Here is the dilly

Symantec planning SystemWorks release for Mac OS X - A source said that Symantec is planning to release its SystemWorks utility package for Mac OS X.

AOL UK for X stuck in limbo - AOL UK has no immediate plans to recommence development of a Mac OS X version of its browser, chief communications officer Matt Peacock told Macworld yesterday.

OS X and the Future of Linux - I have recently read several commentaries which predict the demise of Linux as a result of the release of Mac OS X. I disagree. I believe the popularity of Mac OS X gives Linux a renewed life

Living with Mac OS X, Part Two: Three Steps Forward, One Step Back - n my first piece about living with Mac OS X (titled, perhaps confusingly in my broken Spanish, Living La Vida Equis), I admitted that I had not yet committed to Mac OS X full-time. I made the big change back in December 2001, and promised you some results. Well I'm back. The results have been slow in coming and they aren't all pretty

NTFS support in OSX - We are requesting that Apple add NTFS support to OSX, specifically for Firewire/USB(1.1/2) drives

Apple - Power Mac G4 - Software

OS X Bumped To 10.1.3 With Bug Fixes & Enhancements - Apple has released the next version of OS X, bringing the OS to version 10.1.3. The new update brings fixes and enhancements to many areas of OS X, including wider CD burner compatibility, better camera support in iPhoto, and LDAP and Active Directory support

MegaSeg Version 2.1 Beta 5 Released For Mac OS - beta version of our MP3 DJ mixing application

Web Dumper v1.2 New For Mac OS X - Maxprog is proud to present another update of its web tool product named 'Web Dumper' a full featured internet tool that allows users to download web sites for offline browsing

SymmetryWorks for Mac OS X Delivers Simplicity in Creating Patterns and Surface Designs - Artlandia SymmetryWorks for Adobe Illustrator 10, the company's popular plug-in for interactive pattern making.

Suitcase Server coming to Mac OS X - In 2002, Extensis will continue to develop the Suitcase product line of font management tools by bringing Suitcase Server to the Mac OS X Server platform. The server will bring fully scalable system-wide font management to networks and enterprises

Web-Based catalog system runs on Mac OS X - Pindar Systems, a specialist in catalog content technology, has announced Agility, an all-new enterprise catalog commerce server that will enable B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to commerce) companies to develop complex catalogs and promotions across print, online and supply chain channels

Upcoming authoring software works with Mac OS X - Norpath Elements Design Studio introduces an object-based design environment that improves productivity by providing a more intuitive and natural approach to creating interactive applications

MySQLConnect for 4D adds OS X support - MySQLConnect for 4D is a plug-in designed to work with 4th Dimension, the popular database software

MacASP adds Mac OS X support - Mac Webmasters, take note: MacASP, a CGI that provides server side processing to Mac Web servers, has added Mac OS X support

Project Backer gets Mac OS X 10.1 support - If you overwrite something you weren't supposed to overwrite, just go back to a copy that Project Backer has saved for you

Free Ruler is a free screen ruler for Mac OS X.

Book Review: "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X" - Many in the developer community, including myself, agreed that Learning Cocoa has fallen quite short of providing developers with the critical information we need for serious Cocoa programming. Then along comes Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, hopefully to bring us the enlightenment which Learning Cocoa so miserably failed to do

Opera Composed for Mac OS X - The newest OS X-native beta version of the Opera browser launches faster than any other browser currently available for OS X and renders pages more quickly

Unix for the Mac - With all the sudden interest surrounding Unix, in both its Open Source form and in the body of OS X, there couldn't be a better time to install a version of Unix on your Mac

OS X Odyssey 50 - Why OS X Suits Some Users A Lot Better Than Others -my colleague at MacOpinion, Marc Zeedar, has this week posted an interesting deconstruction of a critique of Mac OS X by The Register's Andrew Orlowski, that sparked some Mac Web controversy a month or so ago

Macromedia Flash MX to boast Mac OS X compatibility - Sources said that Macromedia Inc. is developing a Mac OS X-compatible version of its Flash animation software, named Flash MX.

MS: New Mac Outlook not yet in development - One online news source has apparently taken this information, misrepresented quotes from a Microsoft PR representative, and suggested that Microsoft is currently in development of a new Mac OS X-compatible version of Outlook -- its enterprise messaging and collaboration client

Apimac Secret Folder - Secret Folder lets you conceal a folder and its contents. It provides you with an easy and fast way to protect documents and avoid them being seen, modified, or erased by other users

Trinfinity Released Seagull Video Player v2.0 For Mac OS X - Trinfinity Software released today an update to their very popular Seagull Video Player, the only Macintosh application available today for easily creating video playlists and playing them full screen on your computer

Managing Recreation Programs Is Easy With RecEnroll With 4D & Mac OS X - Recreation programs throughout the country offer a variety of services to their communities, but cumbersome program registration processes and record keeping can compromise the quality of the services provided. HD Industries, a Sacramento, California-based software firm, recognized the need for a streamlined process and has released RecEnroll, a recreation program management tool that can be hosted on Macintosh or Windows computers

Gideon Softworks Updates SFTP/FTP Client For Mac OS X

Palm software for OS X gets a thumbs-up - The new Palm Desktop beta software for Mac OS X is pretty nice. Not great, but nice

CryptoHeaven offers Mac OS X version - Touted as a free service, CrytoHeaven promises: secure e-mail; secure online storage, file sharing, and file distribution; security instant messaging; no third party keyholder; automatic key and contact management.

New version of File Buddy X out - There's a new beta version of FileBuddy X, the utility for working with Mac OS X files and folders

Mac OS X UNLEASHED - Mac OS X Unleashed is a complete guide and reference for Mac OS users and at 1500 pages there is nothing left untouched by the author. John Ray is an award-winning developer and security consultant

Adobe After Effects 5.5 is indeed a major upgrade. Not only is it now Carbonized to work with OS X it have some very nifty improvements and some brand new features. All in all, this is one great application

OS X Odyssey 52 - More ViaVoice Problems And Messing With Mailboxes - I am beginning to repent of my initial glowing assessment of ViaVoice for OS X. As I mentioned in Odyssey 43, I have been running into problems getting the SpeakPad to copy microphone input, although the input monitor light on the VoiceCenter registers, and the ViaVoice Setup Assistant utility declares that mic input is fine

A Mac OS X Odyssey: Part I - I've had Mac OS X for over a year now. But I've only been actively using it for the last six months. For a while, I'd been switching my Titanium PowerBook between Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. There were just too many missing parts to Mac OS X for me to stay in it permanently

What is the difference between Carbon and Cocoa and should I even care? - Since Mac OS X shipped, announcements regarding new versions of software applications designed to run natively on the new OS have become a daily occurrence. Some of these announcements mention that the application is Cocoa-based while others mention that the application is Carbon-based. The smart developers mention neither, knowing that the average Mac user doesn't know the difference and doesn't care

BSD '3 times as popular as desktop Linux' - Apple - BSD is now three times as popular on the desktop as Linux, Apple's Ernest Prabhakar told attendees at the annual USENIX BSD Conference here yesterday. That's thanks to Mac OS X, of course, which is a BSD-based Unix

Formerly Windows-only Company Goes 100% QuickTime and Mac OS - At one time only made specialized applications for corporate IT customers running Windows. Then, last year, one company hired to create a special project for the Mac OS. Since then, the idea of working with Macs has changed the lives of everyone at the company. At first, nobody was very thrilled. Then everyone learned a little more about the world of Macs. Today we are proud to announce that because we believe in the power of Apple's digital hub strategy, we are henceforth not planning any Windows versions of our titles

Adobe Illustrator 10 - it's difficult to mention Illustrator without also mentioning Freehand. Both programs target the same market; both are in release 10; both integrate vector and raster effects and Web functionality; both have been re-interfaced to provide familiarity to both Macromedia's and Adobe's users; and, maybe most significantly, both now run in Mac OS X natively

Review: Suitcase 10 for OS X and Classic - I haven't used Suitcase professionally since version 7, and really disliked it back then. I'm a big ATM fan, and went into this review fully prepared to hate this software and spend this column lamenting the loss of ATM for OS X

Colourfull Creations Releases Multi-DBServer For Macintosh OS X

Sig Software Announced NameCleaner 2.5 And Cross Platform 1.1.5 For Mac OS X

HELIOS is offering a free test drive of its server products for Mac OS X 10.1

VectorWorks 9.5 Viewer updated for Mac OS X - VectorWorks Viewer -- has been updated for Mac OS X compatibility. The free viewer application enables those who do not own the program to view and even print projects created in VectorWorks or any of its VectorWorks-based industry CAD solutions

How can you tell if your Mac has enough RAM for OS X? According to Dr. Mac, the freeware application MemoryStick is just the ticket - today's Freeware Friday pick is MemoryStick, a graphical RAM usage display written by Matt Neuburg of TidBits fame. With this little gem you can see how full your RAM - wired, active, and inactive - is getting and can optionally have it ring a bell to signal VM pageouts

Charles Moore Review: Mac OS X: The Missing Manual - Pogue has come through with flying colors. This book is a superb example of what it purports to be -- "the book that should have been in the box."

OS X Odyssey 53 - Monitoring Classic Activity With Classic Spy - One of the odd idiosyncrasies of OS X is that while almost everything else shows up either in the Dock or among the Menu Extras in the menu bar, Classic, which runs as an application in 0S X, doesn't, which makes it hard to figure out whether it's running or not without opening a non-OS X native program. (Classic does make an ephemeral appearance in the Dock while it is starting up). There are two ways to find out if the Classic emulator is running

AppleTalk: OS-X for Visual FX - For the professional post production and visual effects artist, the operating system and the computer play a vital part of their daily routine. For those in our trade routinely push the computing envelope putting demand on our systems unlike any other field outside of scientific research. Yet the industry has been in turmoil of late, caught in a quandary of switching to faster Windows based machines or staying with stable, powerful, but expensive UNIX operating systems. The battle has raged two and fro, but at last there may be a light at the end of this tunnel of confusion. And its name is MacOS X

Building An X Application for Mac OS X - Mac OS X is built on a BSD-unix foundation. Unix and the X Window system were made for each other. Typically unix applications are built on individual machines directly from source code, providing maximum cross-platform flexibility. Today we will try our hand at building a fun X application under Mac OS X

Apple exec refused 'Kill Dock' bribe - he nefarious approach to Apple's director of core OS engineering Brett Halle - a member of the executive team which made the momentous decision on what should be the successor to MacOS back in 1996 - took place at BSDCon in San Francisco yesterday

Flaws in Mac OS X and Office v. X: Are Apple and Microsoft Listening? - You wouldn't know it from reading most mainstream Mac media outlets - but the community of Mac OS X users is in crisis. The reason? There are several major flaws in Mac OS X and in Microsoft Office v. X that Apple and Microsoft seem unwilling to address

PIM Data in Mac OS, Not so Easy - I've been having a long e-mail conversation with Kevin Browne, general manager of Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit, about the problem of getting data from Microsoft Outlook into Microsoft Entourage, given that Entourage doesn't work as a client for Microsoft Exchange and there's no Mac OS X Outlook client

Matrox Talks OS X - Over the last couple of months--since the release of Final Cut Pro 3--readers have expressed concern about the future of the Matrox RTMac card on Mac OS X. (The RTMac is, of course, a real-time editing and capture board for Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.) Matrox has always said it will continue to support the Mac platform in general, but, until now, we haven't seen any concrete statement of support for Mac OS X and the RTMac card in particular. Well, we've pestered Matrox to the point that they've released a statement, and here it is

Stanford, CA - For years, Dr. Michael Cherry's desk was lost in space. More precisely, he'd lost most of his desk's available working space. A researcher in comparative genomics in Stanford School of Medicine's Department of Genetics, Cherry had three full-sized desktop computers on his desk - a Macintosh, a Windows system, and a UNIX "box" - on which he conducted his studies. But with the help of Mac OS X, Cherry recently did some office housecleaning. Now, a single Power Mac G4 running Mac OS X gives Cherry uncluttered access to his genome data, while delivering all the computing muscle he needs

Lamkin the Mac evangelist - Adobe has never been more committed to the Mac, the company's senior vice president of Web publishing told Macworld

Mac OS X is the Default: So Who Needs Classic? - I got a call from a client, a local graphic designer, who had decided to go all the way with Mac OS X. He wiped the hard drive on his "Pismo" PowerBook, then installed Mac OS X 10.1 and ran through the various and sundry updates. He reinstalled all his newly added native applications, but he did not reinstall a Classic Mac OS. "I'm going to stay in X, no matter what it takes," he remarked. So what is this individual giving up to avoid Classic?

Mac OS X: Some Folks Still Don't Have 10.1 - it may come as a surprise that some Mac users never heard of version 10.1, and have continued to struggle with older versions of the operating system.

A Picture Viewer With SlideShow Powers - Picture Browser 3 was built for people with a big collection of downloaded images and movies

'Unix Guide to Mac OS X' on board MacMania - MacMania is the upcoming seven-day ocean cruise, with ports of call in Alaska, that combines pleasure with 20 hours of conference courses. There'll be conference tracks for both developers and end users

Mac GasBlender II for OSX 2.0p1 - Mac GasBlender II is for SCUBA divers who are involved with gas blending or with Nitrox, Trimix, Heliox and HeliAir diving. It will allow you to

Flight Sim X-Plane 6.10 beta available, adds OS X support - X-Plane is a very good simulator, and this release directly addresses Microsoft Flight Sim 2002

Media 100 iV8 to ship for X

Adobe announces X-product seminar

Renicer Adds Power Boost To OS X Apps - Renicer is a GUI tool that automatically sets priority values for applications. Designed to run in the background, it automatically prioritizes whatever application is in front

SRTransport gets new features, pricing - SRTransport is designed to bring data manipulation capabilities into a user interface, to avoid programming against interfaces such as Oracle's OCI, Sybase's CTLIB or to XML and JDBC libraries, etc

OS X-ready Tattoo 'skins' QuickTime - Feelorium has announced the release of Tattoo 1.0. It's a QuickTime media skin editor that runs natively in Mac OS X, and it enables QuickTime developers and media producers to provide their users with a unique viewing experience

MT-Newswatcher 3.2 released, for OS X - Almost since the dawn of the Macintosh's use on the Internet, many Mac users have depended on John Norstad's Newswatcher or one of its various descendants in order to plumb the depths of the Usenet -- the Internet's resident newsgroup service. Now one of the more popular variations -- Simon Fraser's MT-Newswatcher -- is now available for Mac OS X

You Don't Have to Leave It Behind - Some traditional Mac wares that have been ported to OS X

OS X Odyssey 49 - Networking Success At Last - I finally got OS X to work on my little Ethernet crossover cable network over the weekend. As I chronicled in Odyssey 5, I had not been successful in previous attempts to get the Pismo running OS X to show up in the Chooser on my WallStreet running OS 9.1, or vice versa

Microsoft Office v.X's lame network-aware anti-piracy mechanism opens your Mac to mayhem. Dr. Mac explains how he dealt with the Microsoft "Updater from Hell" and made his Mac safe from the Borg menace once more

Apple iPhoto (OS X) 1.0 - This free download, built exclusively for Mac OS X, imports, stores, and displays your photos in an elegant interface. It also lets you add pics to a Web page, uploads the page to the Internet, and helps you order prints online. Photo pros won't get much from its limited editing tools, but if you just want a simple way to gather up and display tons of pictures, iPhoto's got your number.

Microsoft Plans Outlook Client for Mac OS X - With new OS X-native versions of both Entourage and Outlook on the way, it seems unlikely that Microsoft's development deal with Apple will be allowed to lapse

Need To Know About Performance Under OS X? Check It Out With Perfboard! - While our last Gadget, called Net Monitor is great for monitoring just network traffic, there may be other aspects of system performance that you'd want to know about

Mac Backup Alternatives To Dantz Retrospect - Mac Basics - Last week I posted a Mac Basics column describing some Mac OS backup software alternatives to Dantz Retrospect, the leading program in this category. While the article was not intended to be exhaustive, it did not include quite a few of the backup applications available. So here is a revised and updated article

Do you know how to quickly determine when a problem is the result of a damaged or corrupted preference file? Dr. Mac does... - When I made the move to OS X one of the things I was particularly thankful for was the end of the "extension conflict dance," where I had to figure out which of my myriad extensions or control panels was causing today's crash or freeze. And while I've had no extension conflicts in OS X, I have had something just as ugly--a rash of corrupted preference files

Prefsoverload 3.5.4 For Mac OS X Released - PrefsOverload is a full-featured tool for managing the Preferences Folder, which contains your various "Preference Files"

Synchronize! Pro X 1.0b7 Released - Synchronize! Pro X is re-engineered for OS X, taking advantage of the modern properties of the new operating system, such as pre-emptive multitasking, and supporting the full capabilities of the file system

VVI rolls out new OS X apps for graphs, CPU usage - VVI, a company that specializes in data reporting and visualizations solutions, has released two new applications for Mac OS X: Graph Vvilder 8.0, a visual layout application, and Computer Monitor 1.2, a utility for displaying single or dual CPU use.

Opera for Macintosh - There are currently two Macintosh releases available: Opera 5.0 for Mac Final and Beta 4 for Mac OS X.

Apple - Games - Ambrosia Software - "For me, Mac OS X is a dream," says Andrew Welch, the "el Presidente" and founder of Ambrosia Software

Eight OS X Gotchas - Mac OS X is the most advanced operating system on the planet. It is the most stable GUI-based OS. I have recently chronicled two completely successful migrations to OS X, and upgrade "horror stories" are few and far between -- especially considering that the upgrade to OS X is essentially a change to an operating system which is, at its very core, fundamentally different from any Macintosh OS that came before. While no one would seriously challenge these statements, OS X is by no means perfect.

TIFFany3 3.5.3 - Caffeine Software started in 1991 when two students created the first version of TIFFany, an image processing application for the NeXT market that brought fundamentally new concepts to the field of image processing. TIFFany's breakthrough functionality appealed to customers such as Warner Animation studios and NASA, who used the application for the Hubble Telescope project

OS X Odyssey 50 - The Dock On Top, And Other TinkerTool Tricks - If you've been following this Odyssey, you know that I'm not a big fan of the Dock, which seems to meet to exemplify the term "Jack of all trades, and master of none." When I first expressed this view several months ago, I was assured by several folks that I would grow to like the Dock as I got used to using it. I haven't.

Hands On: Microsoft Office v. X - Sometimes Microsoft and Apple seem like a dysfunctional old married couple; they often fight, and they've got the kids taking sides. But you know that down deep each of them really needs the other. Microsoft needs a strong Apple to show the world that Microsoft doesn't have a complete monopoly on desktop computing. And Apple often seems to function as the research-and-development team for Microsoft and the rest of the PC industry

Apple: Don't miss out! Make sure .Net works on OS X - Microsoft's .Net distinctly reminds me of Java in its early days, since there's a lot of buzz surrounding it, but it's unclear how it will evolve once it's out in the real world. What's more, .Net appears to be a far-reaching endeavor; the likelihood of some of its pieces failing and others succeeding is quite high

Apple at UNIX Workstation Crossroads - Apple could choose to stay the course that has put $4 billion into its bank account, or it could explore the broader UNIX server and workstation market.

"Learning Carbon and Learning Cocoa' - Through the CarbonLib, developers can now develop both MacOSX and MacOS9 applications with a single effort. Cocoa is the fully native MacOSX API; it gives access to more MacOSX-specific features and it can be programmed with Objective-C or Java. Apple, through O'Reilly, last year released two books, "Learning Carbon" and "Learning Cocoa".

Office for Mac has holes - A vulnerability in the Mac version of Microsoft Office v.X could allow an attacker to crash applications on a network. An advisory on the bug identifies the anti-piracy mechanism in Office v.X as at fault

New 'people book' utility is Mac OS X only - people book is lets you dial phone numbers and handle them smartly using different location settings if you're on the road

Contour ShuttlePRO OS X drivers done - After a period of public beta testing, Contour Design has finished its Mac OS X drivers for the ShuttlePRO Multimedia Controller.

Is Andrew Right? - In January, British publication The Register, published a piece by Andrew Orlowski titled "How I learned to stop worrying, and abandoned Mac OSX." It is one of the silliest pieces I've read in a long time. In many ways it's pure troll bait, but I'll take it and respond here

MS anti-piracy feature trips up Office for Mac - An anti-piracy feature in Microsoft Office for Mac has been linked to a denial of service risk, prompting Microsoft to issue a security fix

MS Outlook & Exchange For OS X, But Only With Your Help - Microsoft is calling for input to decide if they will bring Outlook and Exchange to OS X. At Mactopia, Microsoft's Mac portal, Microsoft is conducting a survey to see how much interest there is for those two products on Apple's OS X

md3d Studios offers Apple Developers Photo - Illustrious 3D graphics for the ultimate user experience with Apple's Mac OS X -

Mac OS X drivers now available for iMate, gPort - The folks at Griffin Technology, located in Nashville, TN, have updated drivers for their iMate and gPort products, bringing Mac OS X compatibility

Themer Released For Mac OS X - Themer is a theme switching application that comes with a number of pre-tested custom themes that modify the look and feel of Mac OS X.

Acrux Software Announced iBuild Lite/Pro/Site/Developer Version 1.1.2 For Mac OS X - iBuild is a rich, powerful and easy-to-use multimedia authoring and presentation tool for the Apple Macintosh. It's a good alternative to both HyperCard and PowerPoint for interactive and human-led presentations

AOL for Mac OS X Updated - This refresh of the AOL for Mac OS X software includes an updated version of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser

Econ Announces New OS X Tool - ChronoSync easily synchronizes or backs-up files and folders in a variety of ways

Creating a Mac OS X application with no code! - Cocoa is RAD, or a Rapid Application Development framework. It allows programmers to create extremely powerful programs with just a fraction of the code of say a Carbon application. This is the framework we will use today to write our own application in just a few easy steps!

OS X Odyssey 48 - Not Quite Ready For Prime Time Yet - I had been ruminating this week on whether to make at least a provisional switch to OS X for production work over the weekend, so yesterday I decided to do a trial run by preparing and posting an article entirely using OS X. I was writing a review of the OS X version of encyclopedia Britannica 2002 on CD-ROM for Moore's Views & Reviews this week, so that seemed to be a logical candidate for my experiment. It turned out to be a very long evening

iCab, PowerMail, the Dock, Selecting Files, and More - I've spend a few more days working in and out of Mac OS X. I sometimes ask myself why I'm doing this. It is just to be on the cutting edge, just so I can be familiar with OS X, just to attract readers (you seem to love articles about OS X), or for some real benefit?

It's a Fantastic Idea to Port OS X to Intel - Recently, both Korin Hasegawa-John and Adam Robert Guha published articles explaining why Apple should not port OS X to Intel. I don't have three names like these authors do, but I do know a good idea when I see it

Tired of viruses and bugs? Ditch Microsoft - News this morning of the security problems with Microsoft Office v. X and the subsequent release of a small security patch to close the hole in the anti-piracy code used by Microsoft in the OS X software has me thinking.

The low-down on... Mac OS X - With all the hype and hullabaloo surrounding the release of Windows XP, it's easy to forget that the first major operating system overhaul in 2001 was in fact Mac OS X. However, where Windows XP adds a redesigned interface, improved stability and some new functionality to the existing model, Mac OS X is a complete re-write, a completely new system based on Unix

New Mac OS X 10.1.3 seed released as development wraps up - On Wednesday, Think Secret received an indication that 10.1.3 would be out the door soon, with one source suggesting that it would be released via Software Update Thursday afternoon.

Making OS X a UNIX Contender - If developers could port their Motif-based applications to Aqua as easily as Mac Classic developers can port to Carbon, those nice UNIX apps might reach the Mac faster

WILL SUING APPLE DELIVER FASTER ATI DRIVERS? - It's no secret that some folks are quiet upset over the announcement neither ATI nor Apple will make any further attempts to get older 64-bit graphic chips, such as the RAGE PRO, to work better under Mac OS X. The end result is that millions of Mac users, with a host of iMacs and even first generation iBooks, are going to have to put up with tepid 3D performance and, in some cases, the inability to play DVDs unless they return to the Mac OS 9 environment

If You Think Mac OS X is Bad, Do You Remember System 7? - as soon as System 7.0 began to make its way along the Mac landscape, folks complained. Memory needs were prodigious, and you could no longer run an operating system and an application on your basic 1MB Mac. Worse, it was slower than the operating system it replaced, particularly on a Mac Plus or SE, those long-gone all-in-one Macs that are the true ancestors of the iMac

Mac OS X: Teaching an Old Mac User New Tricks - Take two computer novices and sit them down before two similarly equipped Macs. One of those Macs is running Mac OS 9, the other Mac OS X. Now give them a basic hands-on demonstration of how things work, and a simple setup guide, and let them figure out the rest for themselves. Now which operating system would they find easiest to master?

Mac OS X: Breeds of Programs, Part 2 - In the previous installment of this article we looked at three of the five breeds of programs that run in Mac OS X: Classic, Carbon, and Cocoa. Those three are most notable because they're used for the majority of current Mac OS X programs. Because all three of these APIs (application programming interfaces) are proprietary to Apple, they're available only in the Mac OS, and Apple is actively working to make them a productive and pleasant environment for Macintosh users and developers. However, Mac OS X also supports the public Unix and Java APIs that provide access to a plethora of cross-platform programs, including many types that aren't available in Classic, Carbon, or Cocoa. This week we're going to concentrate on the wide variety of Unix applications that you can run in Mac OS X

IBM's Chatty Revolution - ViaVoice for Mac OS X - When Mac OS X shipped early in 2001, ViaVoice wouldn't run as a Classic application, so users had to reboot into Mac OS 9, or hold their tongues, while hoping for a Mac OS X-native version. There was relief when IBM previewed such a version that summer, which turned to outrage when it transpired that a hefty percentage of ViaVoice for Mac OS X's $170 price tag would be charged even to users upgrading from an earlier version. There is good news on two fronts

A Faster Loading Classic Environment - If you've been using Macs for some time, odds are you've got lots of files in your classic System Folder that don't work or aren't necessary when using Classic mode in Mac OS X. Here's how to deal with that -- and get Classic to boot a bit faster at the same time

Going Ten: Progressing Slowly - et me be right up front and state that it's going to be a while before I stop booting into OS 9.x to get my work done. I've developed habits that depend on classic Mac features like a series of popup windows at the bottom of my screen and being able to select two noncontiguous files in list view without having the OS select everything between them. Nice as OS X is, and I appreciate more each day, it is a different OS

OS X Odyssey 45 - Checking Out The Okito Composer Word Processor - One promising alternative new word processor for OS X is Okito Composer, by harles Jolley, which is still very much a work in progress, but which can be downloaded for evaluation

Apple trains Telstra staff in OS X etiquette - Telstra's broadband network staff will support OS X for Apple users by April this year, with employees soon to be in training to adequately handle customer queries

FREE iPhoto Training! - Welcome to our FREE video tutorial series for Apple Computer's iPhoto. Just scroll down and click on titles in the list below . . .

Ever Find Too Many Servers In Your Connect To Server Dialog Box? Dr. Mac Knows A Fix... - When you choose Go--> Connect to Server...(Command-K) in the Finder, you should see a list of all the servers you can choose to connect to. Sometimes you will see multiple entries for a computer or computers on your network.

Perfect Guitar X: Get tuned for US$5 - Perfect Guitar X is a based Mac-based guiter tuner that offers several different looks

Einhugur Software Releases Update To Their Fine Grid Control - A Spreadsheet plug-in control for REALbasic

Picture Play 1.5 Has Been Officially Released As Of February 04, 2002. - Picture Play is an application for creating compositions of many images. It is basically an electronic collage. You can use it to incorporate multiple images into a single artistic image, and add editable text layers as well

Print production plug-ins out for X - Quite Software has released Mac OS X versions of its Acrobat print-production plug-ins.

Color Finesse After Effects plug-in adds OS X support - Synthetic Aperture today announced the release of Color Finesse 1.0.3, an updated version of their telecine-style color correction tool for Adobe After Effects

USB Overdrive beta 2 for Mac OS X released - USB Overdrive is a universal USB driver. The software recognizes input from USB devices like mice, trackballs, joysticks and gamepads. Support in this beta version is limited to mice and trackballs only, but the rest are coming soon

Stallion Ethernet Adapters Get OS 10.1.2 Support - Team ASA, Inc. has announced OS 10.1.2 support for the Stallion GE-II. The Stallion GE-II is a fiber based gigabit ethernet adapter

Proteron changes audio in OS X with Sonium - Proteron, a Mac developer that has been a player in the Mac MP3 game since the before-Napster era, today announced Sonium, a professional sound format conversion tool only for OS X

Lineage online RPG now available as Mac OS X beta - NCSoft Corp. today announced that its massively multiplayer online role playing game Lineage is now available as an open beta for Mac OS X. Players can download the beta version and play for free

Microsoft testing mouse drivers for Mac OS X (with images) - At Macworld Expo/San Francisco last month, it became known that Microsoft is actively developing Mac OS X-compatible drivers for its mouse products, such as the highly-rated IntelliMouse Explorer

Apple showcases Adobe OS X offerings - While the OS X version of Photoshop has become the Holy Grail for Mac users worldwide, Apple is obviously keen that we don't forget that Adobe has OS X versions of all its other key applications

Alan's Favourite Things - Apple is claiming that there are over 2,500 OS X applications. A quick peak at their list shows that lots are shareware or freeware products available for downloading. Here are some that I've found to be keepers

OS X Odyssey 44 - Fixing Broken Stuff, And Musing On Buggy OS X Software - When I left you on Friday, my ViaVoice for OS X installation was nonfunctional, and a Finder crash had broken OS 9.1 on my WallStreet. Not one of my better days

Mac OS X 10.1.3 nears release - Apple is putting the final touches on Mac OS X 10.1.3, MacMinute has learned.

Apple - Education - University of Colorado/Colorado Springs - It's no coincidence that musician Adrian ohnson counts Nine Inch Nails founder Trent Reznor as one of his prime influences. "Reznor started out just like me, doing everything on his own on his Mac, then eventually hiring live musicians," Johnson explains

Looking inside Mac OS X, Part II - Alldritt believes that the notion that a preemptive multitasking system can't be used for essentially real-time applications, such as advanced audio and video, is simply false. "You just have to make those processes run at the right priority to enable the applications get the processing power they need to complete the job," he said.

New Mac OS X digital book for creative professionals - "Mac OS X for Creative Professionals" is targeted to graphic designers, artists, producers and creative managers of print and digital media.

Apple to host OS X sessions at Seybold - Apple won't have a booth at the upcoming Seybold Seminars in New York City, but the company will be out in force to discuss Mac OS X

OS X Odyssey 40 - Customizing The Toolbar - I find much of the Aqua interface in OS X quite attractive now that I've gotten used to it, and I have learned how to shrink the Finder icons and the Dock to a more reasonable size, but I really dislike the appearance and size of the toolbar icons in open OS X windows. I didn't like the look when it first appeared in Sherlock for the legacy 0S, and hasn't grown on me

OS X Part 2: Speed - Generally, I find native apps disappointing. I don't have a large number installed as yet, but if I compare Netscape 6 with earlier versions, it is a slug. Of course, this could just be inefficiency on Netscape's part, but a much older web browser, OmniWeb, which was expressly written for NeXT and ported to OS X, is also a slug

Lessons from OS X on Unsupported Hardware - Is it worth it? Well, I have to admit that installation was (although rather slow) quite fun, and being able to ignore Apple's restrictive "No-can-do-with-old-beige-Macs" policy certainly feels good. Mike is happy as can be, as he has a new cheap toy to play with that looks positively stunning and can do everything an old Sun workstation can (and more)

Installing OS X on a SuperMac S900 - Not wanting to spend thousands of dollars simply to move from a relatively stable platform to OS X, I started slowly piecing together the components that would allow me to upgrade for under $500

10 Forward, Part 2 And How I Crashed OS X in One Easy Step - Throwing caution (but hopefully not good sense) to the wind, I inserted the OS X CD. Play ball! What happened next is very much a matter of one's perspective. From a user's standpoint, there was much rejoicing. From a columnist's point of view, however, there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth. I experienced every user's dream and every writer's nightmare: The install went absolutely, unequivocally, fully, and totally without incident

Setting up your computer as a router for a PPPoE/ADSL connection

Apple - Games - Black & White - Some games test your reflexes. Others test your critical thinking skills. The game Black & White, however, is a test of your personality

Snapz Pro for Mac OS X, Ambrosia Software, Inc. brings relief to the huddled masses - Once Snapz Pro X is installed, a single keystroke can immediately save anything visible on screen in a wide variety of image file formats

ThinkFree Office for Mac OS X on hold - ThinkFree Corp., a company that specializes in Web-based office productivity solutions, has pulled the Mac OS X version of ThinkFree Office -- a Microsoft Office compatible suite of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation graphics applications -- for now

OSXFoundry up and running - OSXFoundry -- a portal where Mac OS X developers can post their work, download source code, try out samples, share ideas, and information -- is ready for prime time

X XPress put to the test - Quark has reaffirmed its commitment to QuarkXPress 5.0 for Mac OS X. "The most important thing I have to convey about QuarkXPress and Mac OS X is that we are firmly committed, but it's a non-trivial task to accomplish," said Glen Turpin, communications manager of Quark. However, the "groundwork's been laid", and work "has been progressing for months"

Sports Scheduling App Released For OS X - Team Scheduler 1.8 is a sports themed scheduling app designed to cover all aspects of league organizing and scheduling

Mouseki makes text input in OS X easy for all - Mouseki 2.0, which also runs on Mac OS Classic and Windows, is designed to allow computer users to enter text in any situation where a keyboard is not an option due a kiosk environment or a physical impairment such as an RSI

Dear Microsoft: Make It Stop, Please! - Those incessant and infuriating dialog boxes in the Office X trial version that keep nagging me to buy just cost you a customer

QuarkXPress 5.0 Offers Key Features but Not for Mac OS X - The new QuarkXPress 5.0 page layout and design program has important new features but does not yet support Mac OS X -- even though most customers use Macs. Enterprises should carry out a full evaluation before buying

Apple Mac OS X 10.1 - Apple's long-awaited new OS brings the Mac platform roaring into the 21st Century without causing problems for those using older applications. Well worth the upgrade for any user of a modern Mac

ATI to develop Mac OS X drivers for older graphics chips - A source on the show floor of Macworld Expo/San Francisco earlier in the month said that ATI is planning to write Mac OS X drivers for the Rage Pro and Rage II graphics chips.

HyperCard Stacks Native on OS X: Hail the Revolution! - Do you have HyperCard or Supercard stacks that you are tired of running in Classic mode? Are you glad to be on Mac OS X and yet long for the days of building your own HyperCard apps? Don't want to learn C, Perl or even AppleScript to get something done? Then this Revolution is for you

X Photoshop delay 'not deliberate' - Adobe has denied it is deliberately delaying an OS X version of Photoshop because of a strained relationship with Apple. "Poppycock," Adobe senior vice president of Web publishing Bryan Lamkin

X Part 1: The Big Picture - First, let's get this straight. There's a lot to like in OS X, and also a lot to want to like. So, I need to vent some frustrations about things that aren't as they should be when they are reasonably close. That doesn't mean I am about to abandon the Mac for some other platform, but I hope to add to the debate about how to make it better

Receiving Daily System Reports in - BSD, the UNIX variant OSX is based on, preforms certain cleanup services in the backround every day. A report of what is done is sent to the root user on the system. The following instructions allow, the GUI application made by Apple included with OS X, to receive them.

Lotus Notes returns to bolster Mac in large corporations - The Mac's tentative presence in the corporate market received a boost with IBM's announcement that it will support Mac OS X in the next upgrade of its Lotus Notes groupware product, codenamed Rnext

Avid Xpress DV coming to Mac OS X - Avid plans to release future versions of Xpress DV for both Mac OS X and Windows. In fact, both versions will be identical in features and in file and project compatibility

All BIAS music apps moving to Mac OS X - The music software makers at BIAS have been on a roll with new products, including some that are Mac OS X compatible. One such product is BIAS Peak 3, the new version of the digital audio editing application. There's also a Mac OS X savvy version of BIAS Peak LE 3, the entry-level edition

Power On Software Updates Now Up-To-Date For Mac OS X - The good folks at Power On Software have released an update to Now Up-to-Date, the venerable contact manager and organizer solution. The new version, 4.1.1, includes improved Mac OS X performance and other improvements

Apple updates X language-support

ODBC Router Goes Multi-Processor - Today's new software release enables applications to launch multiple SQL database threads that run concurrently against one or more host databases, thereby substantially increasing overall performance.

Director updated, OS X Shockwave Player coming - Macromedia has updated Director Shockwave Studio, the authoring software used to create Shockwave content, to version 8.5.1 and told MacCentral that a native Mac OS X version of the widely distributed Macromedia Shockwave Player will be available later this month, probably Jan. 22

Cleaner 5.1 for X ships - Cleaner is the widely-adopted tool for creating streaming video and audio for multimedia and the Web. It's capable of transcoding content into all major digital-media formats.

Macintosh Explorer 3.0 Now OS X-Compatible - Macintosh Explorer is the advanced file browser and file management tool for the Mac. Like Windows Explorer, It offers a hierarchical overview of your files and folders on all mounted drives. Macintosh Explorer provides a wide variety of powerful file management tools, which can easily be accessed while browsing your hard drives.

OS X Odyssey 31 - Installing The New Eudora Beta And Other OS X Email Musings - With this beta, Qualcomm has sensibly decided to ship it with no installer. Instead, you just decompress the downloaded disk image, and drag the new components into your existing Eudora installation to replace the older ones. I guess that if you don't already have a copy of Eudora installed, you will need to download the earlier beta and install it first

Office:mac v.X update enters early beta testing - According to source on the show floor of Macworld Expo/San Francisco last week, a service release to Microsoft Office:mac v.X is in the works, and has just entered early beta testing

Apple Releases Printer Updates For OS X - Apple has released updated drivers to a boat load of printers from several manufacturers. The drivers include support for printers from HP, Cannon, and Epson, and are targeted for OS X only

Macromedia on Mac OS X, straight from the horses' mouth - Where is Macromedia? They weren't at MacWorld Expo SF 2002 this past week. They have released ONE application for Mac OS X. What is their X strategy? The whole Mac community are asking these questions. Tom Hale, Senior Vice President, Business Strategy, of Macromedia will be discussing all of these questions and issues with the Mac community on MacMic

Apple Seminar Aimed At Workstation Crowd - Apple is sponsoring a seminar which will be of interest to developers and scientific professionals. The seminar, called "Porting to Mac OS X- Your New UNIX Desktop", is aimed at those who currently use UNIX as their operating desktop of choice

HealthEngage-Asthma ready for Mac OS X - FireLogic said last March that it's embracing Apple's "digital hub" concept by adapting it to the home healthcare world with a new product series called the HealthEngage Technology Platform. The product is designed to assist chronic illness sufferers track the progress of their treatment

MacAlly releases mouse/trackball drivers for OS X - Mac peripheral maker MacAlly has released a new beta version of a Mac OS X-compatible driver for its mouse and keyboard products. The company noted that the driver is a beta version and is thus intended only for evaluation and testing purposes

ACTIVstudio whiteboard system comes to Mac OS X - ACTIVstudio is comprised of an interactive whiteboard hardware product called ACTIVboard, bundled with software tools and digital curriculum resources

VVI announces Peer Visual II for Mac OS X - Architosh Press Report: VVI (R), today announced the availability of Peer Visual II for Mac OS X and a chart service so that customers can immediately place dynamic charts on their own web sites

Myst for OS X 'in April' - The company bills it as a "director's cut" of the original Myst title, which was a smash hit with Mac-gamers in the mid-90s when it was released

OS X Odyssey 30 - ViaVoice X; First Flight - If there was no other reason to switch to OS X, for someone as dependent on dictation software as I am, ViaVoice X would be enough of an incentive. Moving from my current dictation program, ViaVoice Millennium Edition, to ViaVoice X, is like stepping out of Yugo into a Ferrari

MWSF Wrapup - Notes & Listings For MACWORLD Expo OS X Shareware Presentation - Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of participating in a Mac OS X Shareware, Freeware, & Otherware presentation with Bob LeVitus and Andy Ihnatko. The purpose of the presentation was for the three of us to show what we think is the coolest Mac OS X shareware on the planet

Going Ten, Part 1 - This is the first on an ongoing series as Low End Mac prepares for and jumps into the world of Mac OS X. Unlike others who submit articles for 10 Forward, I haven't used 10.1 yet, but I'm preparing to

UNIX and REALbasic: Why I love Mac OS X - With Mac OS X's built-in Apache server, enabling PHP, and installing MySQL, John was able to simulate our online Linux server. Now he did not need to upload his scripts to test them, he could run them straight off his own computer

Channel Storm updated, OS X version coming - Live Channel handles all the production and broadcasting steps in a single application. It's based on Channel Storm's proprietary Live Render technology that enables video switching, compositing and professional transitions, all performed with real-time anti-aliasing on the multiple live video and audio sources, recorded clips, still images, logos, graphics and text

Accordance Bible software now Mac OS X native - With Accordance, you can compare multiple translations in parallel; you can look up words in the original Greek and Hebrew; consult a variety of commentaries, Bible dictionaries and reference works; analyze your search results with informative charts and graphs; or record your own notes on any verse,

Pixion brings Web conferencing solution to Mac OS X - Pixion's solution -- targeted to businesses looking for an online means of dealing with sales, marketing, training and technical support -- will let Mac OS X users securely hold and attend Web-based meetings, view presentations, review and revise documents, demonstrate software and share desktop applications.

Classic laser disc games come to Mac OS X - If you're a 1980's-era arcade game fan, you'll probably remember some of the titles in Digital Leisure's roster: Dragon's Lair, Space Ace and Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp, for example

RealMYST comes to Mac OS X courtesy of MacPlay - Mac game publisher MacPlay made some major announcements at Macworld Expo San Francisco last week. One announcement almost got overlooked because it wasn't official until the show's last day: the Mac game publisher has struck a deal with Ubi Soft Entertainment to bring realMYST to the Macintosh

MegaSeg DJ software adds Mac OS X support - MegaSeg is DJ music automation software. It lets you consolidate your CD collection on the hard drive of your Mac. You can then segue (mix) between songs for a professional DJ presentation without the need for extra CD players or mixers

Eudora Pro (Finally) Gets A New OS X Beta - Eudora users, rejoice! After many long months without a new beta release of Eudora Pro for Mac OS X, the developers of the venerable e-mail app have at last done so.

Book Reviews Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, 1st Edition - Fortunately for Mac OS X users, this documentation "vacuum" has been filled by David Pogue's Mac OS X: The Missing Manual. David's book contains almost 600 pages of essential information about OS X -- whether you are a first-time Mac user or a seasoned Mac veteran, Mac OS X: The Missing Manual will make your life easier while learning/using OS X!

Mac OS X By the Book: A Comparative Book Review - The 15 books chosen for review represent a cross-section of the best available, and fall into three clear categories

Troubleshooting Mac OS X & Using the Classic Environment in Mac OS X - Macworld Expo Sessions San Francisco, January 2002

Momentum slow for Apple's OS X - Despite the lengths undertaken to develop the platform and persuade software developers to commit to it, OS X lacks versions of several applications popular -- if not essential -- to the Macintosh crowd, made up largely of graphic design professionals. That has complicated the already formidable goal of regaining Apple's lost market share, which has slipped to 4 percent in U.S. personal computer sales in recent years

Adobe Photoshop for X to arrive in Apr/May/June 2002 - It is definitely unfortunate that Photoshop has not arrived yet, but it is good to know that it is coming soon,

WebPrint Plus - WebPrint Plus allows you to collect, save, edit, index, or print just the part(s) of the document/web page that you need -- anything from a single character to multiple pages may be saved or printed. Even non-contiguous selections from within a document/web page or across multiple sources/web pages may be combined so they are grouped together. Further, this can be done on the fly and without having to launch a separate program since WebPrint Plus is always available to you!

MWSF: Softmagic shipping Project-M Lite for Mac OS X - Built atop Mac OS X, Project-M Lite is a "Publish Different" desktop publishing solution that sports features such as a scalable objective-oriented environment and industry standard PDF imaging model, thanks to Quartz

Lotus To Support Mac OS X - IBM's Lotus Software division announced on Monday at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco that the forthcoming version of Lotus Notes, code-named Rnext, will support Apple Corp.'s next-generation operating system, Mac OS X

MWSF: Roxio Announces Toast for X Preview # 2, Toast with Jam 5.0 - According to Roxio, Toast with Jam will enable users to burn gold master CDs, which are fully Red Book compliant. The package will also ship with Bias Inc.'s Peak LE VST for audio pre-mastering and music editing

Niemeijer Consult Proudly Announces Future Release of First On-Screen Keyboard Solution for Mac OS X - KeyStrokes Lite for Mac OS X works seamlessly with all applications, allowing users to type with a mouse, trackball, head pointer or other cursor input device anywhere a user desires. KeyStrokes Lite for Mac OS X is ideal for special education, server management, touch screens, tablets, and couch surfing

MW Expo: Photoshop for Mac OS X demo - Apple CEO Steve Jobs peppered his opening keynote address at Macworld Expo San Francisco 2002 with jibes about how we are all waiting for Adobe to ship a Mac OS X-ready version of its market-leading image-editor Photoshop. And, during the keynote, Adobe finally showed an early beta version in action

Mac OS X version of DeBabelizer Pro 5 finished - DeBabelizer Pro 5 for Mac OS X -- professional software for automatically preparing images, animations, and digital video for delivery in a variety of media -- is now available from the automated solutions experts at Equilibrium.

MWSF: Windows Media Player for Mac OS X released - Windows Media Player for Mac OS X lets Mac users play back Windows Media Audio and Video content

OS X Odyssey 25 - The Orlowski Commentary Controversy - I am in the "it's annoying, but I'll persevere anyway" camp, and I think Andrew gave up on OS X too soon, but this response, although unscientific, really underscores my contention that Apple must pay attention to users' complaints and put some of that good ol' user-friendliness, flexibility, and convenience form the legacy Mac OS back into Aqua.

MacRelevant - Is Aqua Great? - Most such articles bemoan the loss of many of the functions from Mac OS 9, and the speed (or lack thereof) of Aqua, even on a fast processor. They cry for spring-loaded folders. (They are coming back.) They piss and moan about the loss of the Application Switcher. Or no window shading. Or that the OS is too "Steve'd", meaning you can't change a thing about the look or functionality of the OS, forced to use it as Steve Job has decreed. I won't sit here and tell you those complaints are wrong. But I will sit here and tell you that I am getting sick and tired of people who think that Mac OS X should be as easy to use as the Classic Mac OS

Mac OS X Server and Small News Organizations - with Mac OS X and subsequently Mac OS X Server maturing, it's looking like it is becoming time for those servers to start making the transition to Mac OS X and all the benefits of it's UNIX underpinnings. Before upgrading, what services are used and what will be gained needs to be addressed

MWSF: Blizzard Announces Diablo II for OS X - Blizzard Entertainment today announced its continued support for the Macintosh with a forthcoming Mac OS X patch for the best-selling Diablo II

MW Expo: We X-celled in 2001, says Corel - an LeGrow, vice president in charge of procreate development, told Macworld: "We said we'd deliver all our creative applications to Mac OS X, and have done so. "We made a lot of promises last year because we had a lot to prove," he continued. " Corel still has some great products in the pipeline. Now we have a track record that says we'll deliver."

MWSF: Mac OS X support comes to ShuttlePRO - Contour Design has added Mac OS X support for its ShuttlePRO device for video, audio, and multimedia editing functions. It's comprised of three major components: the ergonomic hardware, the software drivers and control panel, and the application settings or pre-defined application support.

MWSF: ZyGoVideo 1.2 Preview for Mac OS X released - A preview of ZyGoVideo Pro version 1.2 for Mac OS X is being released at this week's Macworld Expo San Francisco. ZyGoVideo is a codec for QuickTime and QuickTime Pro that compresses and decompresses video files to deliver broadcast-quality video at lower transmission speeds

MWSF: AEC previews FastTrack Schedule 8 for Mac OS X - FastTrack Schedule 8 is a fully native Mac OS X version built to be "tightly Integrated" with Apple's newest operating system, said Dennis Bilowus, CEO of AEC Software. The application takes full advantage of the performance enhancements in Mac OS X, as well as the "elegant" Aqua interface

MWSF: MacSpeech announces first Mac OS X product - MacSpeech, the Mac only speech recognition company, is announcing iDictate for Mac OS X today at Macworld Expo San Francisco. MacCentral recently got the first sneak peek at the product, which extends MacSpeech's TalkAnywhere technology to Apple's newest operating system

Macworld Expo: Power of X notes - Offering attendees a detailed overview of Mac OS X (think of a Steve Jobs keynote overview of Mac OS X, only three times longer), Macworld Expo's "Power of X" presentation Tuesday afternoon underscored the power and significance of Apple's next generation operating system

ChemDraw 7 supports Mac OS X, adds features - If you're in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical or chemical industries or if you're doing academic research that involves chemistry, you may be interested in the latest developments at CambridgeSoft. The company has announced the newest release of its popular chemical drawing software, ChemDraw

MyBooks software ready for Mac OS X - Targeted to small to mid-size business users, MyBooks offers users the option to simultaneously conduct higher level e-business by plugging into the enterprise applications of larger companies like Wal-Mart. It's also built to provide an easy upgrade from spreadsheet accounting

Mac fans get Opera 5, but not for OS X - The 5.0 browser boasts a number of features already familiar to users of Opera for Windows. These include a quick way to turn Web images on and off, a way to organize multiple Web site windows, a feature for zooming in on Web pages up to 1,000 percent, and a way to store passwords securely

Hard Cider: OS X At Macworld - Multitasking & Multiprocessing - How Far Can You Take It? - Monitoring CPU Processes - As part of his 'Power Of X' presentation, Avie Tevanian, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, emphasized the multitasking and multi-processing capabilities of OS X

Hard Cider: OS X At Macworld - Beyond The Bread & Circus Atmosphere And The Blender Salesman, It's Really About People And Their Work - On Tuesday, at noon Philip Schiller, Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing at Apple and Avie Tevanian, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering (the wunderkind behind OS X), gave a presentation on the 'Power of OS X'. It was great to see these two in a relaxed atmosphere, away from the canned speeches and remarks of a Keynote, talking about something they are both obviously very enthusiastic about .... OS X

Opera for Macintosh - the Opera Web browser is now available on the Macintosh in two flavors: PPC and Carbon. Opera

MWSF: MacPlay to publish AvP2, goes OS X only - MacPlay used the Apple Game Theatre to give Mac gamers not just one, but two sizable surprises: first, Aliens Vs. Predator 2 will be headed to the Mac in 2002, and second, going forward all games released by MacPlay will exclusively support Mac OS X

From The Expo Floor - ZephIR Joins The OS X Club With Prerelease Software - ZephIR system consists of an infrared transmitter/receiver and accompanying software that turns your Mac into a remote control on steroids.

MWSF: eZediaMX 3.0 for Mac OS X debuts - Version 3.0 of the multimedia authoring software allows users to not only create projects such as interactive business presentations, digital portfolios, storyboards, product demos, virtual environments, and training systems, but also to draw anti-aliased vector graphics, annotate movies, mask media and create templates to re-use in multiple projects

MWSF: Stitcher revved for Mac OS X - Targeted to photographers, Web designers, architects, 3D artists and post-production professionals, REALVIZ Stitcher is a professional application for building high-resolution panoramas

MWSF: e-on software intros first Mac, OS X application - e-on Software has introduced its first Mac product, Vue d'Esprit 4, at this week's Macworld San Francisco. For Mac OS X only, it's a landscape generator that includes SolidGrowth, a vegetation synthesis and rendering technology

MWSF: Toast 5 Titanium for Mac OS X released - Released in 2001 with support for Mac OS 9, Toast 5 Titanium is the latest edition of Roxio's enormously popular CD-R mastering software for the Macintosh

D1 Desktop, Iridium Series To Support OS X - Mac OS X is much better suited to the type of work our customers do because of its support for multiple processors, faster file systems and its high reliability," says Matt Dowling, product manager of Digital Voodoo

OS X Odyssey 27 - Booting Into OS 9 With The New Macs - I am 99.9% sure that the post-Expo Macs, which will henceforth be configured to default boot into OS X, will still be able to boot directly into OS 9.2.2 rather than just Classic mode

OS X Transition Help for Pros - The challenges of learning and mastering an entirely new operating system, as well as software compatibility issues, have caused most creative users to postpone this complex transition. A new book, "MacOS X for Creative Professionals" will help these users successfully transition to Mac OS X

MWSF: 'The Power of X' Special Presentation recap - At a special presentation during Macworld Expo San Francisco this week, Phil Schiller, Apple's Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing and Avie Tevanian, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, gave attendees a tour of Apple's flagship operating system intended to illustrate "The Power of X."

Mac Gaming News - Alien Vs. Predator Gets OS X Patch - The patch solves issues with running AvP in the latest version of OS X and fixes some other minor problems

On-Screen keyboard solution coming to Mac OS X - KeyStrokes Lite is the first on-screen keyboard to run natively on Mac OS and one of the first assistive technologies bringing the power of Mac OS X to physically impaired Mac users

MWSF: Sybase enterprise software coming to Mac OS X - The company's decision to bring its enterprise suite and client to Mac OS X is a sign that the operating system has a great potential in corporate America, it seems. Sybase's Open Client for Mac and ASE 12.5 for Mac OS X will be available later this year

MWSF: MaxMenus brings 'flexible menus' to Mac OS X - MacCentral got a sneak peak at the upcoming utility at this week's Macworld Expo San Francisco. If you were a fan of such tools for the traditional Mac OS as Now Menus, ACTION Menus, and ACTION files, you'll probably love MaxMenus. Not only do the product's menus have some similar features to those other products, they're customizable and streamline access to common items on your Mac

X bytes: New software and updates - Mariner Software has updated Mariner a US$50 spreadsheet alternative to MS Excel to Version 5.1 with the addition of new import filters for many graphical formats, along with an improvement to the Excel File Filter and bug fixes. The application runs on

Firewall Defense Analyser Get OS X Facelift - Lagoon Software has released an OS X compliant version of MacAnalysis. MacAnalysis is a virtual hacker tool designed to automatically find holes in a database firewall that could eventually develop into compromised security

MW Expo interview: Westlake chiefs game for X - The company has been the engineering and developmental muscle behind such successful Mac titles as The Sims, Spiderman, the recently-released Civilization III (pictured) and Harry Potter. The company is working on a forthcoming Star Wars title and is building the Macintosh port of Max Payne for MacSoft. Westlake also built the Mac ports of the Tomb Raider series, and hugely successful title Age of Empires II. Company chiefs Glenda and Sue-Ellen Adams took time out to speak with Macworld UK

Microsoft boss cheers Apple's OS X decision - The head of Microsoft's Mac Business Unit Kevin Browne has heaped praise on Apple's decision to make Mac OS X the default operating system on all its Macs

Secure Shell Logins and Mac OS X Part 1 - You see, Mac OS X is a unix operating system at its core. Hence it can use all of the available unix tools out there, including the built-in secure shell tools. With the right configuration, OS X can login to other unix hosts seamlessly. Let's look at that today,

Why We've Embraced Mac OS X - It all has to do with Mac OS X, which is completely different than anything Apple has ever produced before. As you know, OS X has Unix underpinnings and lots of familiar tools built-in including Apache, PHP, SSH, CGI, and Java. The essence of OS X, Darwin, is an Apple open source project. And this new OS has accomplished in a short period of time what others have struggled to do for years: bring a compelling, widely accepted GUI (called Aqua) to Unix. Oddly enough, Mac OS X is more popular in the open source community than it is in Apple's traditional customer base, many of whom dislike it and are rebelling against the change

OS X: Time to Upgrade? - Is OS 9 dead now that OS X is the default on all new Macs? No. Even though the new Apple iPhoto only runs on OS X and most of the major software companies have OS X versions of their products, what Apple doesn't make obvious is that in most cases there is an OS 9 version of the product

OS X Odyssey 28 - 10.1.X Upgrade Path Roadmapped - Apple has finally posted a Knowledge Base article that clarifies the sequence of update installs required to advance from Mac OS X 10.1 to later versions, entitled "Mac OS X 10.1: Cannot Install Mac OS X 10.1.X Update"

Mac OS 10.1.2 Show And Tell - The Finder Menu Bar now holds menu icons to replace features found in Mac OS 9.

MWSF sees an 'explosion' of OS X products - "We're getting the Mac developer community behind Mac OS X, as well as Unix and Java developers," Bereskin said. "We've seen 1,000 native products released in the past 90 days. And the number of Mac OS X applications you can expect to see in coming weeks and months is unbelievable."

MIDI USB X-driver boost - The driver makes all MOTU USB MIDI interfaces compatible with Mac software that supports standard OS X MIDI drivers

Adobe to Announce GoLive 6 for OS X at Macworld - Whether it will also ship on that date is unknown. One Think Secret informant says that GoLive 6 is nearly out the door, while another claims that it still has a ways to go before it reaches the final gold master stage.

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