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Past OS X News

Retired: Sunday, April 14, 2002 - for most recent news click here

DEVONthink Personal Edition v1.0 New For Mac OS X Today - DEVONthink, based on the flexible yet robust and language independent DEVONtechnology, is a completely new knowledge management solution ideal for storing and organising documents, pictures, source codes, multi-media files, code-fragments or structured data

X2maxt Released xmCHART v2.1 For Mac OS X

Gpg Tools v1.0 New For Mac OS X - What it is Gpg Tools is a Mac OS X graphical interface to the GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) utility. It provides approximately the functionality of the old PGPtools. What it isn't Gpg Tools is not encryption software. It relies entirely on GPG being already installed on your computer. All it does is provide a nicer-than-command-line interface to the UNIX gpg tool

Forex Manager New For Mac OS X - Forex Manager is a Foreign Exchange Manager designed for International Market trading

The New REALbasic Developer Magazine For Mac OS X Developers - DesignWrite announces the launch of REALbasic Developer (RBD), a new bimonthly magazine devoted to users of REAL Software's award-winning REALbasic programming language

Mac OS X Hidden Secrets Revealed - Newcomers to Apple's new technologies sometimes wonder at the productivity of the ex-NeXT users -- and in particular developers -- and ask themselves how is it possible that these people are able to achieve so much with so little documentation. Finally we uncover the secrets. Class libraries, API and Preferences settings heretofore shared only be an elite few, exposed today for all.

Innovation and Style rule at CeBit Microsoft's new Windows X - In a bold move, our good friends in Redmond decided they would finally, after all these years, admit that Windows is truly innovated from Apple's Mac OS. You may know of Apple as that slightly off-kilter company that thinks people buy computers because they like them. Well, we know better don't we? As for what this admission brings to the table, is that PC users can now have all of the dazzling eye-candy of Mac OS X on their PCs

WINDOW PEEL Microsoft Office v. X Service Release v. 1: Introducing Microsoft Translucent Text v. Z - The long-awaited and much-anticipated first Service Release for Microsoft Office v.╩X will be released later on today by Microsoft through its MacTopia web site

Apple Announces Mac OS X For x86, Moves To Intel's Processors - Apple has announced Mac OS X for Intel's line of processors, commonly referred to as x86. Calling the new release "Mac OS X for x86," Apple is attempting to leverage the popular "Intel Inside" logo in order to increase its market share

Improved Cataloging App For iPod and OS X - Norbert M. Doerner has released an update for CDFinder, bringing it to version 3.6. CDFinder is a cataloging app designed for the file management of hard disks, DVD's and MP3's

Mac OS X - really worth the change? - As I sit at my iMac, admiring aqua-coloured progress-bars and windows that literally vanish, I wonder - was OS X really worth the change? Did Apple really need to abandon the Classic Mac OS that users worldwide new so well?

TechData move causing OS X users problems - TechData ( -- a global provider of IT products, logistics management and other value-added services and seller to computer resellers and retailers -- has made a move that bodes ill for the Mac platform, according to sources

Reader Report: Norton Systemworks 2.0/NUM 7 - Although the Symantec web site says that Norton Systemworks 2.0 won't ship until the second week of April, I was just notified that it has shipped today

OS X Odyssey 83 - The Journey Gets Serious - At Least For A Day Or Three - I decided that I had better put up or shut up with this Mac OS X odyssey. Ricardo Ettore's release last week of a usable build of TypeIt4Me X had removed a big roadblock, and the long weekend seemed like a good time to attempt to switch to OS X for production work

Blow Out a Candle for OS X - In an odd case of life imitating art, a Mac fan held a birthday party for Apple's new operating system at work this week: a scenario satirized by the popular Joy of Tech cartoon.

Five Great Days in May - Join thousands of developers in San Jose May 6-10 at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference where you'll learn about the future of Mac OS X, Apple's UNIX-based operating system

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 13 - Want To Show Hidden Files & Directories In The Finder & Sherlock?

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day ╩ Dr. Mac Shows How To Make New Finder Windows Appear Where You Want Them, In The View You Pefer...

WirelessDriver v1.0.0b4 For Mac OS X - Driver for 3rd party wireless ethernet adapters

Pict Encrypt v2.0 New Today For Mac OS X - Easily hide text messages in pictures

The SpeedTools Test Suite v1.0 For Mac OS X - Are your drives fast enough? Will they save your data reliably every time? The answers to your questions have arrived

Hello wURLd Release 3.5 beta for Mac OS X - Hello wURLd is a shareware application that can automate the opening of your favorite web pages while you grab some coffee.

Newsflash alpha11 New Today For Mac OS X - Usenet (NNTP) newsreader

MyIP 0.7b New Today For Mac OS X 10.1.3 - MyIP is a simple utility that shows you your current IP address, WAN address, router address, and your Primary DNS server address

Microspot X-RIP Direct Connection v1.0 officially released - UK-based Microspot has officially released version 1.0 of Microspot X-RIP Direct Connection, the new Mac OS X savvy printing driver tool for large format printing on plotters

MacAmp Is Back - And, Loving It - Is there still a market for shareware MP3 players now that Apple's iApps division puts iTunes on the desktop of every Mac sold? (and more). Maybe

MConvert For OS X Makes Science Fun - MConvert is a Multi Conversion Tool, which converts all items of a group at once

BitHeadz Ships Unity Session OS X Update - The new 3.0 plug-in architecture allows the combination of sampling, synthesis, and physical modeling, with extensive real-time audio manipulation features

OS X software out for Microtek ScanMaker 8700 Pro Design - The new version has support for Mac OS X's Aqua user interface, and Microtek said that its software engineers have "worked tireless" to adhere as closely as possible to Apple's user interface guidelines for Mac OS X applications

MarbleX - PR Spin A Super Time Sink, brought to you by illumineX, the Evil Purveyor of pleasantly addictive games for Mac OS X. Download MarbleX now. Come-on! You know you want to. Besides, everyone else did! Go with the flow (or circle the drain?) Our Translation A bit pushy, and of questionable veracity, but I'll have to admit that ever since I downloaded it, my wife has sunk a LOT of time into playing this game nearly every free fifteen minutes she gets

Review: Watson 1.5 - Watson can do a broad range of things. It can find movie show times in your area; track packages through FedEx or UPS; retrieve the latest stock quotes; watch and search eBay auctions; and even find TV listings, which Watson can sort and display by your cable or satellite provider.

Inside X: Text-To-Speech in MOSX 10.1.x - Related Articles - Article: MOSX Menu Bar Shareware Question: What was the first thing the original Macintosh computer did after Steve Jobs removed its veil for public view? Calculate the square root of pi?

Final Cut Pro 3 Solid Update Adds Mac OS X Compatibility, Limited Real-Time Effects - Within nine months of shipping Final Cut Pro 2, Apple delivered version 3, an impressive update that adds real-time effects, new color-correction and -measurement tools, and expanded editing features. Perhaps most significant, Final Cut Pro 3 is Mac OS X native--although OS X introduces important compatibility and workflow issues you'll need to consider before switching. Final Cut Pro 3 also has some minor bugs, but it should prove to be as big a hit as its predecessors

OS X Odyssey 84 - Hard Drive Fragmentation And Other Speed Issues - SpeedDisk informed me that the partition upon which OS X and all of my X-native applications reside had only light fragmentation after five months of use. What was more interesting and also a puzzle was that my least-used partition, basically a storage bin for application and system installer files, showed "severe" fragmentation

Making OSX Work - Part 1 - The "Classic" OS is a long time in the making-generations of Apple coders have spent time crafting, perfecting, and sculpting it into the most useable GUI on the planet. With MacOS X, they have a similar yet infinitely more complex problem: create a system that is as useable as the last, yet has to technical prowess and expandability to last into the future

Guides: An Introduction to Open Source for OS X Users - In this OSXGuide we'll be looking at the world of Open Source software from the perspective of MacOS X users. This OSXGuide will be helpful if you've just started using MacOS X and aren't really sure what Open Source is all about OR if you've already been installing Open Source software and are looking to learn more

Time to switch to OS X? It's getting better all the time - Mac OS X 10.0 was released to the public a little over a year ago. At the time, the freshly hatched operating system was better suited to tinkerers than consumers. It wasn't until version 10.1 came out in September that things began to get interesting for the non-bleeding-edge demographic. Shortly after 10.1's release, I decided to try using it as my full-time OS

Mac OS X celebrates its first birthday - Mac OS X celebrated its birthday on Sunday, becoming one year old. We've heard so much about Mac OS X in the past year, it seems like it's been around much longer than that

AppleScript for OS X is 'best ever' - "'What we've done is make OS X a peer language of AppleScript and Java - so you can now make whole OS X applications entirely in AppleScript, or in a combination of Java, Objective C, and AppleScript.

OS X Support and Speed Improvements Highlight Upgraded Emulator - For Mac users on a quest for the holy grail of just-like-the-real-thing PC emulation, the search is coming to an end. Connectix's Virtual PC 5.0 -- now Carbonized to run in either Mac OS X or Mac OS 9 -- performs flawlessly; hosts almost all PC operating systems past and present, including Linux variants; and provides some improvements that can make using these guest operating systems with Virtual PC preferable to running them on their native platform

Bookends 7 bibliography software goes OS X - Bookends enables users to import references from hundreds of different online sources into a personal database

SwapTop adds Mac OS X multiple monitor support - SwapTop lets Mac users set up a schedule to automatically choose a random desktop picture, to download new pictures from the Webshots network each day, as well as search online for new images

Google gets X appeal - Independent developer Elizabeth Harshaw has released SearchGoogle.service, a Mac OS X-based utility that will run a search in Google from within almost any text application.

Mac OS X SpinImage due next month - The US$999 SpinImage DV Pro, which is nearing completion, is a 3D imaging solution. Its output doesn't require a plug-in and is visible to users of all major Web browsers

iMsafe Update Adds Synchronization Features - iMsafe backs up or synchronizes data stored on any mounted OS X volume (such as your HD) to any mounted OS X volume (e.g. HD, removable HD, Zip, network volume, iPod). Users can edit, run, stop and resume backups

Photoshop 7 Preview - The Heal & Patch Tools - The most amazing of these features being the new Heal and Patch tools. These two tools alone may very well be worth the upgrade price. Almost eclipsing the fact that Photoshop 7 is finally OS X native. Yippee! Sit tight and read on as I give a preview of the Heal and Patch tool.

Photoshop 7 Preview - Lucky Number 7 - We've been waiting impatiently for this day. Of course, there are 'other' programs that could somewhat fill the void that Photoshop 7 created, but none of them are prepared to step up and take it's place. Not with what I'm prepared to show you in the next few paragraphs. I think we may even come to forgive Adobe for taking their time releasing this most anticipated upgrade considering the amount of blood, sweat and tears put into version 7, which features a new file browser, new painting tools, an entirely re-design paint engine, tool presets, custom workspaces, automatic color correcting, spell checking and...Oh yeah, it's OS X native

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 11 - Want To Get A Quick Peek Of The Specs Of Your Mac ?

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day - "New browser on the block... Dr. Mac Uncovers The Secret"

Pandaware Updates Timecache To Version 4.1.8 For Mac OS X - The PandaWare Company has released an update to TimeCache, its popular time and expense tracking application for Macintosh users who bill clients for project work

CronMaster v1.0 New for Mac OS X - Runs the three cron tasks (daily, weekly, monthly) immediately no wait.

PTHClock v2.0.0 All New For Mac OS X - PTHClock is a very simple menu bar clock program for OS X

Boris GRAFFITI 2.0 now shipping For Mac OS X - a major upgrade to their award-winning graphics and titling application

FileMaker to iPod! New Today For Mac OS X - Now you can export to your iPod from any data source: just import your contacts into this nifty little database first

Toast with Jam v5.0 For Mac OS X - Toast with Jam is the ultimate studio tool that lets you arrange and master pro audio CDs on the Mac.. This all new suite includes three award-winning applications in one powerful software suite:

Microspot PrintmiX released for OS X - Microspot Ltd, a developer of graphics software and printer/plotter drivers for the Mac and Windoze, has announced the release of Microspot PrintmiX for the Macintosh OSX and Classic operating systems to enable the printing of multiple images and formats on a single sheet of paper.

QuicKeys X 1.0 - For more than 12 years, savvy Mac users have used QuicKeys to automate repetitious tasks - if you used your Mac to do something, you could usually do it faster with a QuicKeys shortcut. Thanks to QuicKeys X, from CE Software, macro fans who have made the switch to Mac OS X won't have to abandon their favourite utility. However, QuicKeys X's limited feature set may leave them wanting more

On-Screen Keyboard Accessibility Solution for Mac OS X Ready for Prime Time - Niemeijer Consult today announced that, KeyStrokes, its popular on-screen keyboard software for the Macintosh, is now available for Mac OS X. The much anticipated KeyStrokes for Mac OS X, is the first fully functional on-screen keyboard to run natively on Apple's next generation operating system and one of the first accessibility solutions bringing the power of Mac OS X to people with disabilities

Software Updates: Suitcase 10.1.2 Upgrade give Extensis the advantage - software developer, Extensis would be offering a free Suitcase 10.1.2 upgrade to its registered users

Charles Moore Reviews - Simply Mac OS X - The last OS X book I reviewed here, two weeks ago, was a very big book - John Ray and William C. Ray's nearly 1500 page "Mac OS X Unleashed." This time, we're reviewing the smallest OS X book I've checked out in this series of reviews -- Richard Hill's "Simply Mac OS X" at a tiny 221 pages by comparison

Lucent Wavelan Card and Mac OS X - A friend of PowerPage writes: No luck on getting the Lucent Wavelan card to run on my dad's PowerBook under Mac OS X. The software that you directed me to allowed me to get a connection to the airport itself, but I was unable to connect to the internet at that point.

Reader Report: Fragmentation - Check the hard disk after performing any OS X system installation or updating and you'll see this fragmentation. The installation process itself is what does it. I always immediately run DiskWarrior and PlusOptimizer after doing any such installation. Anyhow, I suggest that what Apple is doing to these drives is simply installing OS X on them

OS X, Here I Come╔Hope We're Ready for Each Other - Preface: This column was written in two sessions. One, while I was waiting for my G4 to format drives. The second was after my first day of using OS X on my G4

Reflections on a Year With Mac OS X - It has been a year since the debut of Mac OS X. We looked at it together in my first Critical Mass article, Mac OS X First Look. And we never looked back.

Announcing the Annual Stepwise "Cocoa/WebObjects" Birds of a Feather at WWDC - Stepwise and Apple are happy to announce the annual Stepwise "Cocoa/WebObjects" Birds of a Feather at WWDC, sponsored by Apple Computer, Inc. This year the event will be held in the Civic Auditorium (directly across from the San Jose Convention Center), from 6:30-9:30pm, on Tuesday 7 May. As in previous years, this will be an informal event aimed at bringing together the user community of Apple's next-generation technologies, including Cocoa and WebObjects

Could the Mac Be the Premiere Linux Platform? - Terra Soft Solutions' Yellow Dog Linux 2.2 delivers support for newer Apple hardware, including improved nVidia and Radeon support for digital LCD screens. More importantly, it includes the Gnome 1.4 interface, which company officials claim is an "aesthetic rival to Mac OS X."

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 10 - Want To Change The Terminal window transparency [0 = invisible, 1 = opaque] ?

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day - Do you HAVE to have OS 9 to run OS X?... Dr Mac Tells All..

XRay v1.0, New For Mac OS X Today - XRay offers users a much more detailed view of files, folders, applications and volumes than Mac OS X's "Show Info" window does

Version 3.1 Of "MacBreakZ!" For Mac OS X Shipping Today - MacBreakZ! is a personal ergonomic assistant which monitors keyboard and mouse activity and helps computer users structure their computer use in a healthy manner, preventing computer-related injuries from developing

MYOB FirstEdge New For Mac OS X Today !! - FirstEdge, an easy-to-use business management product for the Mac, takes complete advantage of Mac OS X, is specifically designed for the very small business, and brings all the financial and management processes together in one place

IntelliMerge 2.1.5 Updated For Mac OS X and iPod - Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce IntelliMerge 2.1.5, adding the ability to import Contacts from the Apple iPod to its popular e-mail merge software for the Mac

Microsoft Mac chief confirms Entourage Palm conduit - Kevin Browne, the general manager of Microsoft's Macintosh business unit (MacBU), has confirmed that development is under way on a conduit to enable Entourage X to synchronise with Palm-based handhelds

Mac OS X Version of Maya 3D Graphics Program To Get Parity - High-end 3D rendering software Maya, used in production of Lord of the Rings, once worked only on powerful Windows-based or IRIX platforms

OS X Odyssey 82 - Battery Management In OS X - In Odyssey 71 I growled a bit about how quickly my Pismo PowerBook drains its battery while asleep OS X. Subsequent reader feedback indicated that this may be a issue particular to the Pismo, and perhaps the other G3 Series PowerBooks, and less of a problem with the TiBook and iBook. Perhaps it is also the price one pays for instant wake up under OS X

One Year Later Mac OS X - Sucks Less - What are you doing to celebrate the one year anniversary of Mac OS X? The folks over at Geek Culture commemorated the event with their "Joy of Tech" cartoon. As for me, I am celebrating by declaring my love for Mac OS X

New Mac system means new Mac apps - Using OS X, Apple's next generation operating system for Macintosh computers? Then it's time for an update on some software that should help make your Mac easier and more entertaining to use

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 9 - Want To Get A Complete Process Listing Of What Is Running On Your Mac ?

Changing the Default Screenshot Format

StarfishMonkey v1.0 New For Mac OS X - StarfishMonkey software protects a POP account from unsolicited commercial mail ("spam") while still letting legitimate senders contact you via e-mail.

File Buddy v7 Shipping For Mac OS X - File Buddy 7 is quite simply the most powerful and popular high-level file utility available for your Macintosh

StickyBrain Productivity Application Free Today Only - For Mac OS X - Chronos calls its product the ˝The best utility you never knew you needed.ţ StickyBrain is a personal productivity application that incorporates a ˝sticky noteţ interface. But that═s where the similarity to the standard Stickies program ends. StickyBrain is the ultimate information storehouse. It helps users organize all of the miscellaneous information that clutters their lives and desktops

HardLine Pro X v1.0 New For Mac OS X - HardLine is a powerful stockmarket charting application which acesses all market data from the HardLine server via the internet

Carbon Events Plug-In For OS X Updated - Will Cosgrove is pleased to announce an update to his Carbon Events plug-in for REALbasic and Mac OS X

Mailsmith 1.5 For Mac OS X First Impressions - Like most people I spend a huge amount of time everyday reading and sending email so it's only nature that I'm always on the lookout for the next best email client. Anyway this week I thought I'd take a look at Mailsmith 1.5 from Bare Bones software.

Watson Has Web Puzzle Figured Out - Karelia Software today announced the release of Watson 1.5, a significant upgrade to its pioneering desktop interface to the most popular web content and services

OSX Odyssey 81 - TypeIt4Me For OSX Now Ready For Prime Time - TypeIt4Me seems to be both reliable and lightning-fast. Indeed it's WAY faster than the legacy OS version of TypeIt4Me on either of my PowerBooks

OS X Journal: Sendmail - Controlling your SMTP world - My latest adventure is OS X-ing is Sendmail. My Internet situation makes sending email increasing difficult. This week, we look towards OS X to solve my problems

Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 4 - As you might have already discovered, Terminal provides you with lots of ways to customize its windows. You can set text and background colors, window size, title bar text, and much more

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 7

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day - "Want to move the cursor in Terminal without touching those darned arrow keys? Here's how."

Guides: Create a Web-Accessible MP3 Juke Box Using OS X and Netjuke - Assuming you have MySQL installed and PHP installed, we'll show you how you can turn your MP3 collection into an online jukebox accessible from any computer with Web access and an MP3 player

Contact This! Update Released - Contact This! is an Entourage address book importer for use with OS X's mail app

eLister v1.3 Now Available For Mac OS X - eLister 1.3, the fourth generation auction listing utility for use with the eBay online auction

Canto Announces ZIP AssetProcessor Option For Mac OS X - Cumulus ZIP AssetProcessor, a new Option available to further enhance Cumulus to meet the needs of individual businesses. The Cumulus ZIP AssetProcessor allows users to convert assets cataloged in Cumulus into Zip archives with the click of a button.

Bare Bones Software Releases Mailsmith v1.5 For Mac OS X !! - Bare Bones Software today announced the release and immediate availability of Mailsmith 1.5, an Internet email client for Mac OS X

MagiSign Injects Illustrator With OS X Power - New Ceres Solutions today announced the release 1.3 of NCS MagiSign, its collection of plug-in's for Adobe Illustrator

Palm finalises software for Mac OS X - More than 140,000 users downloaded the beta-test version of Palm Desktop 4.0 for the Mac, Palm said

A look at Palm Desktop 4, or at least an attempt - The first time I tried to sync, it seemed to go well until I received the dreaded "Hot Sync was interrupted" error. I tried it 2 more times, then decided that I would delete my profile on my computer so that it would be as if I was installing for the first time. This time it prompted me for my password, and synced, again producing an error at the end

OS X Odyssey 79 - Exploring Text Edit - The OS X replacement for SimpleText is Text Edit, which finally qualifies as a real, text editor, thanks to its ability to access OS X services like spell checking (as you type, if you wish), find and replace, font formatting, and even kerning and ligature

OS X on a Beige G3 - I bought a new TiBook 400 at close-out prices and threw in a 48 GB drive and 512 MB of RAM. The TiBook is a wonderful machine, capable of replacing my desktops and allowing me to have all of my data and applications with me at all times

Editorial - DR. Mac - What a Difference a Year Makes... - Almost a year ago to the day in this column, I said: Mac OS X requires existing programs be rewritten to take advantage of its advanced features. These programs, officially called, "Built for Mac OS X," are the only ones that take advantage of Mac OS X's advanced features, display the beautiful new "Aqua" interface, and won't bring down your entire system if they crash. Therein lies the rub: Only a handful of commercial programs have been rewritten for OS X so far, and it's unclear when many of the good ones will be. With Mac OS X celebrating its first birthday this Sunday (March 24), I

A look at the efforts to create a trusted Darwin OS - The Secure Trusted Operating System (STOS) Consortium is creating a high-volume secure, trusted version of Mac OS X's core, Darwin. The group's goal is to develop SE-Darwin, a security-enhanced OS that can be used by government and defense contractors

iMsafe Update Adds Synchronization Features - iMsafe 1.6, a new update to the Cocoa backup application designed for Mac OS X adds synchronization. Users can now easily switch between backup and synchronization for the same task

A Better Finder RENAME Enhances Mac OS - A Better Finder RENAME version 4.5 beta 1 for MacOS X features the long awaiting contextual menu integration into the OS X Finder

Photoshop 7 - The Business End of the Brush Tool - After a long wait, Photoshop 7 is here. Known as Liquid Sky in its beta form, Photoshop is one of my favorite applications, and one that I really can't live without. I've been running Photoshop 5.5 and didn't upgrade when 6 came out, so my perspective will be coming from a 5.5 point-of-view

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 5

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day - You don't have to be limited to a single iPhoto Library folder anymore... Dr. Mac has been using a program that lets you have as many as you like! And it's absolutely FREE!

Mac OS X System Overview

STIMULUS 2.0 Now Available For Mac OS X - Enjoy Your Personal Collection of Photos, Digital Music, Video Clips, and More with One Integrated Software Viewer/Player!

Captain FTP Version 1.2 New For Mac OS X - they are proud to announce that there team has released the new version of your favourite FTP Client for Mac OS X - Captain FTP Version 1.2!

Article: MOSX Menu Bar Shareware - Related Articles Alan Cook, a Mac OS X developer, recently gave me a simple request: "Could you do a third party Menu Bar item review?" As an incentive he provided me with a free copy of his own shareware, AquilaCalendar. That's marketing I can admire. Consider me challenged

illumineX adds new modules to OS X screen saver - This updated screen saver pack (for Mac OS X only) adds two new screen savers based on the illumineX games MarbleX and RoX

Peer Visual 2.2 for Mac OS X, Updated for 3D Effects - Peer Visual 2.2 for Mac OS X is software that makes dynamic reports, charts, diagrams and other visuals for print and Web distribution

MacGIS: New Mac OS X products from MicroImages Inc - MicroImages, Inc., is a provider of some of the most advanced software in the industry for GIS, desktop cartographic publishing, image processing and geospatial analysis. Recently the company has informed Architosh of its new Mac OS X software

OS X Odyssey 78 - Sputnix and AudioGalaxy - I decided to take another shot at getting the Sputnix OS X client for the AudioGalaxy network up and running this week. If you've been along on this Odyssey for awhile, you'll perhaps recall that I took a shot at this once before, reported in Odyssey, but gave up after the AudioGalaxy signup form rejected about a dozen attempts to get it to simultaneously accept a user name a and password

Prompts, commands, and man pages - In this column, we will explore the shell prompt, UNIX commands, and the notorious "man" pages

Microsoft Office - You have to feel for the folks in the Macintosh Business Unit of Microsoft. There they are working for the company that many Mac users love to hate, developing software for a computer that many Windows user are downright hostile toward. Yet somehow they managed to overhaul four major applications to run natively on OS X in only one year's time since the release of Office 2001

Mac OS X Internet Browsers - Last week we built a supercharged internet browser called Dillo. It is an X Window application that runs on Mac OS X. It stacks up surprisingly well against Internet Explorer and OmniWeb, the OS X heavies

A year later, developers have started to embrace OS X - ALMOST a year ago to the day in this column, I wrote: Mac OS X requires existing programs be rewritten to take advantage of its advanced features. These programs, officially called, "Built for Mac OS X," are the only ones that take advantage of Mac OS X's advanced features, display the beautiful new "Aqua" interface, and won't bring down your entire system if they crash. Therein lies the rub: Only a handful of commercial programs have been rewritten for OS X so far, and it's unclear when many of the good ones will be. With Mac OS X celebrating its first birthday Sunday, I thought it time for a second look

OS X can bypass PDF security - Mac OS X's Preview application can bypass all the security settings in a PDF file, claims the editor of a Mac Web site

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 5

Tech Tips Mac OS X: Multihoming - OS X allows users to switch connection types on the fly. If you have an iBook or PowerBook, this works great when going from office to home. Open your Network Preference Pane and choose Active Network Ports from the Show option. Drag your connection type up or down

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day - "How you can keep Dock icons from squirming out from under your cursor when you drag an item onto them... It puzzled Dr. Mac but it doesn't anymore. Find out how in today's Dr. Mac's Tip-of-the-Day"

Web Page Calendar Maker 1.0 New For Mac OS X - Creating monthly web page calendars for your site just got easier with Web Page Calendar Maker 1.0 by Creative Computer Solutions! With this program, you can easily type in your events for each day of a chosen month and it will generate all of the necessary web page code for you.

PrefsOverload v4.1.1 For Mac OS X Released - PrefsOverload is a full-featured tool for managing the Preferences Folder, which contains your various "Preference Files". Preference Files are those files in which applications store their settings and other information

Maxum Development Announces Release Of NetCloak For Mac OS X - NetCloak, Maxum Development's award-winning tool for creating dynamic, interactive Web sites, is now available for Mac OS X

MacVCD Takes OS X To The Movies - Supporting full-screen video playback (which QuickTime doesn't), MacVCD can also play movies as a background app in either OS X or OS 9.

Guides: Introduction to - For many MacOS X users, may be your first and most direct interface with the Unix operating system. Hopefully your sense of adventure will push you to learn more about this exciting world

OS X Odyssey 77 - Musings On Elegance And Efficiency - It's always difficult to anticipate how readers are going to react to my commentaries here

Font Reserve Moves to Mac OS X - Font Reserve, from DiamondSoft, is a font management utility to which I've been enthusiastically addicted for years

Creo, Inc. - A productivity solution for people who work with many messages, files and people, Six Degrees software offers a new way to quickly navigate through projects, continually making connections between the messages you send and receive, the files you create, and the people you work with

OS X Odyssey 72 - Browser Mini-Shootout; Mozilla/iCab/OmniWeb - I downloaded the latest 0.9.9 build of Mozilla this week, and since my impression has been that beginning with Mozilla 0.9.8 it is now the fastest OS X browser, I thought I would test that impression objectively against the other two OS X browsers I use regularly -- iCab and OmniWeb

Performance Tuning Mac OS X - The following are performance tuning techniques to speed up Mac OS X so that it is useable on a G3 Mac. Of course, they will speed up G4 Macs

OS 9, OS X ePhoto Announced - eVision today announced the world's first cross platform software solution that enables digital photos and videos to be viewed, stored, shared and visually searched.

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day - "What's faster than Ethernet, doesn't require a hub or a crossover cable, and is built in at no extra charge to almost all FireWire-equipped Macs. Give up? You'll find the answer in today's exciting Dr. Mac's Tip-of-the-Day"

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 3

New MegaSeg Beta Released For Mac OS X - Fidelity Media released a new beta of their MegaSeg DJ mixing software targeted at mobile and club DJ's, radio stations, restaurants and bars

Sig Software released Classic Menu 2.5.1 For Mac OS X - Classic Menu brings the classic Mac OS apple menu back to Mac OS X, replacing the system's built-in apple menu

Guides: Change the Default "Open Application" For Files in OS X - we show you how to easily and quickly change the default application for opening a particular file (or all files of that type, if you want) in MacOS X

X-bytes: The one who dies with the most X apps...

Alien Skin Ships Splat! - Alien Skin Software has released Splat!, a new set of effects filters for Adobe Photoshop. The new release includes a variety of plugins, all built within the same basic interface as the company's Eye Candy 4000 plugins

Interested In Saving Streaming MP3 Audio? Try RadioFree For OS X - Before the Internet, radio stations were pretty much limited to a small geographical area near a transmitter, but with the advent of streaming media players like Apple's iTunes, you can listen to a streaming radio station no matter where you are. This is great, but most players can do only that, play. They can't save...

OS X Odyssey 75 - Freeware FTP Clients; Captain FTP 1.2 And RBrowser Lite - there are several good OS X FTP clients available, including the venerable Fetch, Panic Software's solid and dependable Transmit, and RBrowser, to name a few

VIAVOICE FOR MAC OS X - First Speech-Recognition Program for OS X Shows Promise but Doesn't Offer Complete Control -

PageSpinner 4.0 HTML editor sports OS X support, more - Optima System today released PageSpinner 4.0, the newest version of the company's HTML editor for the Mac

iReplace improves Mac OS X features - iReplace allows you to specify multiple items to find and replace or just to search for those items

Solving the OS X mystery - Pogue had been writing books - most notably the best-selling Macs For Dummies and the offbeat Magic For Dummies - for various publishing houses and had been paid peanuts. He was keen to start his own publishing venture. As he listened to the aggrieved Mac fan, an idea crystallised: the Missing Manual series

Outliners for OS X - Dave Winer from Userland Software has been teasing an announcement sometime later this week of a new tie-in between his popular Radio 8 content management and Web writing software and the outliner capabilties hidden deep inside Radio. And in honor of that upcoming announcement, I want to take a quick look at some of the outliners currently available for OS X

Ask the Mac experts! - How To Tell if You Need More RAM In OS X

OS X Journal: Apple Remote Desktop - Last week Apple announced Apple Remote Desktop. I'm kind of excited about it, but I still have some reservations. I think remote desktop is desperately needed for OS X, but I think Apple may have missed the mark for my uses

Check out this tough competitor for Windows PCs - Windows XP has company. If you're willing to try something new, take a good look at something from Microsoft's biggest rival. It's called OS X, pronounced "oh ess ten." The company that makes it is ... well, it's a name you'd instantly recognize, but I'll keep it to myself for the next minute or so

e.p.i.c. posts Carbon game updates - German Mac game developer/publisher e.p.i.c. interactive has posted some news about its efforts to Carbonize its line of Mac game conversions

iNET will run on Mac OS X - iNET includes an IL2JAVA converter, which generates Java class files or Java source code from the Microsoft .NET Intermediate Language (IL). iNET also provides a full Java implementation of the .NET class libraries that runs on all Java-enabled platforms, including Mac OS X

Reason to sport core OS X support - Reason is the cross platform solution that emulates a rack of electronic synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, FX's and sequencers.

New Symantec tools for OS X - Symantec has announced Internet security and problem-solving products for Mac OS X.

Show puts music on OS X map - Frankfurt's MusikMesse event is helping put music-making on Mac OS X on the map.

Maxum Announces Major FTP Server Update For Mac - Maxum Development's class-leading FTP server software for Mac OS and Mac OS X, has reached version 2.1

Tranquility 5.0 game goes OS X - Tranquility is an offbeat online 3D game of exploration

Storm Music Studio 2.0 adds OS X compatibility, more - The new version adds Mac OS X compatibility and "The Hall," a set of interactive, online features that lets you join the community of Storm users while they're working live in their respective studios

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day - "You want it. You need it. Mac OS X loves it... But how much RAM do you really need to run Mac OS X properly? The Dr. Mac Tip-of-the-Day has the story"

OS X SCSI RAID Performance Results - The thought of using a SCSI card from a G3 or finding a good deal on a used LVD card was in the back of my head for quite some time. I assumed that I couldn't use any older "non supported cards" cards due to most of the SCSI card manufactures only supporting their newest cards with OS X. Then I started thinking that I haven't heard any complaints from people who are running OS X on G3's that came with the Adaptec 2490U2B so I bought one from Ebay

OS X chat clients: So many programs, so little time... - The choice of chat programs for OS X are much wider than the offerings under the Classic OS. In this short overview I take a look at some of the major single- and multi-protocol chat programs that I have tested under OS X

Mac at the X-Roads - Many of you are asking yourselves the Mac community's current sixty-four thousand dollar question: Should I upgrade to Mac OS X? It's a hefty decision. On one side OS X's Aqua beckons with gleaming new beauty, on the other side the familiarity and reliability of OS 9 are hard to leave. Whichever way you go, each individual's decision will add up to determine the future of the Mac

Photoshop 7 - MacDirectory was lucky enough to sit in on a preview of Photoshop 7. Even though a lot of people would have been satisfied with an OS X native version of Photoshop 6, in terms of features, this is a substantial upgrade

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 1

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day - Who says you can't back up a bootable copy of your OS X drive? Dr. Mac says you can!

Tristan Harris Announces Mac OS X version of his popular Bibliographer software - Bibliographer is the #1 choice for bibliography generation software on the Mac OS X platform. Best of all, it is completely free

Optigold ISP 2.9.5 For Mac OS X Released Today - Optigold ISP is a cross-platform business software package to run all aspects of an internet service provider (from billing to server management)

PocketNotes v1.13 released For Mac OS X - PocketNotes is an easy-to-use, flexible notepad application for outlining and planning

CommonGround Softworks Announces Qilan 2.5 For Mac OS X - Qilan provides a powerful tool for web developers seeking to overcome the limitations of existing products, who seek to integrate, migrate or scale upward from existing web projects. Web pages can be built using your favorite HTML authoring environment, then imported into Qilan

Focus FireStore DV system gains OS X support, more - The product enables video pros to record directly to disk from a DV-equipped system.

Niemeijer Consult Proudly Announces On-Screen Keyboard Accessibility Solutions for Mac OS X - on-screen keyboard software for the Macintosh, will make its public debut on Mac OS X at CSUN's 17th Annual International Conference "Technology and Persons with Disabilities"

Post.Office comes to OS X - Post.Office is an SMTP/POP3/IMAP messaging server developed for small and mid-sized Internet Service Providers.

Seattle's dBug MUG Starts An OS X SIG - eattle's dBug Mac Users Group has created an OS X Special Interest Group

More Penguins Peek At OS X - Doc Searls and Brent Simmons of the Linux Journal recently took a TiBook loaded with OS X around the track for a few spins. The two Linuxheads liked what they saw, and had some very positive things to say

Charles Moore Reviews Mac OS X Unleashed - I was only a few pages into John Ray and William C. Ray's Mac OS X Unleashed when it dawned on me that this book is something special. "Labor of love" is an overused cliche, but I think it can be appropriately applied in describing this book

OS X Odyssey 73 - Disk Troubleshooting With Disk Utility And fsck - In a letter that appears below, reader James Rae Smith chastises me for failing to suggest to another reader who complained of serious stability problems under OS X, that he ought to run some repair diagnostics. Point taken

Apple Communication: The Little Technote that Would - In my last column I wrote about what I feel is a serious shortcoming in Apple's current approach to system software updates: the severe dearth of information made available to end users about what is actually included in each and every update that has been released since Mac OS X 10.0.0 first came out, almost a year ago. This week, I am pleased to report that Apple has finally made some information available

Photoshop Elements has future on Mac OS X - With Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for Mac OS X announced, attention is turning toward the company's other applications. An industry insider confirmed to Think Secret that Photoshop Elements will ship for the next-generation operating system

OS X and Me Perfect Together - I have to admit that I haven't been the most ideal Mac user out there in fact I totally left the Mac party all together in 1998, not for enemy (Windows) but for Linux. For the last few years I've used nothing but Linux, (even started a Linux website, It wasn't until OSX Public Beta came out that I thought "hey, I gotta check this out" after all it is BSD isn't it? plus the UI looked oh so sweet.

Mozilla On Mac OS X Part 3 - I have come to realize that there comes a point where the casual unix user, such as ourselves, must let go of the process, and allow others to help. Today's article will follow that vein, as you will see

Of 1,000 programs, some are good, a few essential - I've tried well over 1,000 alleged timesaving utility programs in the year since Mac OS X was released. Of that, around 200 were worth keeping, and 20 or 30 are what I'd call "essential."

Click to enlargeOS X Running Quake I, II, & III

EZPZapps announces that Kartolina has added linking to Mac OS X Mail App - Create personal greeting cards using your digital video and photos

CharisMac Discribe CD / DVD Mastering Utility Updated For Mac OS X - CharisMac Engineering added support for 40x CD recorders in an update to their popular Discribe CD / DVD mastering program

Easy-to-use FTP, SFTP and SSH file transfer for Mac OS X - Remote Browser (RBrowser) provides access to files on the local host as well as remote UNIX systems with an easy-to-use graphical interface. RBrowser provides a uniform interface to distributed file transfer and file related operations, greatly simplifying access and use of files on remote systems scattered across the Internet

Monitoring Bandwidth Usage with MRTG - Being the stats freak that I am, I monitor anything and everything I possibly can, and of course this includes Bandwidth. For this, the job goes to MRTG, an invaluable tool in the SysAdmin tool box

Cubase SX -- Mac OS X support in Q2 - Steinberg announced at Musikmesse Frankfurt that Cubase SX, the next version of its pro-level music sequencer, will ship at the end of the second quarter with Mac OS X support.

'Digital e-cassette' gains OS X support - Digisette L.L.C. has an unusual device called the digital e-cassette. It's a digital audio player that looks like and works like a cassette tape.

WebDesign 1.5 for Mac OS X - WebDesign is a unique Macintosh web development tool offering many features not found in standard HTML editors. WebDesign allows you to visually create HTML elements including forms and image maps and insert them into your document

Digital Photo Goodies for Mac OS X - Mac OS X is becoming a great digital photography platform. Today I'm going to cover some new tools that work with iPhoto, including SplashPhoto

A Mac OS X Odyssey: Part IV - If you ignore the crummy Finder, Mac OS X isn't that different from OS 9, especially if you use your familiar applications. The most significant difference, and the one that frustrates me the most, the way OS X handles windows

MS Office X for Macintosh - Apple has been looking for a 'killer app' to convince users to upgrade to Mac OS X and, ironically, rival Microsoft has obliged

Apple mailing lists announced - unix porting and Fortran Development on OS X - Apple has created two new mailing lists for discussion of Mac OS X related topics: porting Unix tools to Mac OS X and Fortran Development on Mac OS X.

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day - Do applications have to reside in the OS X Applications folder? Some do and other don't. Find out the scoop in today's Dr. Mac's Tip-of-the-day

FEELORIUM Released Textation v1.0.5 For Mac OS X - Textation is an easy to use QuickTime text track editor. Simply point, click and type the text needed to display,

Objective Development Announces Launchbar 3.2 For Mac OS X - LaunchBar 3.2 for Mac OS X, an award-winning productivity utility that provides lightning fast access to thousands of files, web-bookmarks, email-addresses and applications just by entering short abbreviations

PocketBackup 1.0b1 Released For Mac OS X - PocketBackup is an easy to use, reliable, and affordable personal backup system

Keyboard Maestro Updated To v1.0.3 For Mac OS X - The Hot Key feature enables you to perform any number of user configurable actions simply by pressing a keystroke

Gideon Softworks Announces Snard v1.0a2 For Mac OS X - Snard is a launcher that can be used as a system menu or from the dock.

Power On Releases OS X Public Beta of Now Up-to-Date, Contact - Power On have released free public betas of their Palm conduits for OS X

Book Review: Mac OS X - The Missing Manual - The book is a good overview of MacOSX. At places it is shallow, but at other places it is more in-depth. This book will appeal a lot for the people who just want to learn basic use of MacOSX, no matter if they come from MacOS 9 or Windows.

Stone Studio by Stone Design - If you've been longing for a complete set of Cocoa tools for web and print layout, design, and small business accounting, you're in for a treat with Stone Design's Stone Studio for OS X. Consisting of seven tightly integrated applications, Stone Studio seems to have accomplished what none of the big boys have managed so far: a complete suite of native OS X tools with an easy to use GUI. I'll take them one at a time during this review

Get the scoop on QuickTime 6 and Flash FX for Mac OS X - During QuickTime Live, Apple announced the next version of QuickTime, version 6 with some great new features

StampInStone debuts; OS X PDF watermarking tool - Stone Design today announced the forthcoming release of StampInStone. It's an OS X-native PDF watermarking application that enables you to add text or an image to every page of a PDF document

Terra Soft Announces New Integrated PowerPC Linux/Mac OS X Rack System - Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., the leading developer of integrated PowerPC Linux solutions announces shipment of a dual GHz G4 cluster node/server/workstation in a GVS 9000 2U Rack System with Yellow Dog Linux 2.2 and Mac OS X pre-installed.

Free Office alternative is Open - Mac OS X users can soon look forward to a free-of-charge alternative to Microsoft Office, thanks to the efforts of open source developers. OpenOffice is a suite of standard office applications, including word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics programs

OS X Journal - The Great OS X Migration - Over the past few months I started migrating to Mac OS X. Surprisingly it has been a very gradual process, in fact happening without really realizing it. I always expected a dramatic switch over to Apple's new OS, but instead it just sort of happened

OS X Odyssey 70 - Obligatory Restarts Are Not A Thing Of The Past - One of of the things that is frequently touted as an advantage with 0S X is that while individual applications may still crash from time to time, the system itself remains unmolested by this sort of misbehavior, eliminating the need for periodic restarts, at least in theory. In practice, I've found that obligatory restarts, or at least shutting down all running applications and logging out/logging back in to get things working properly again, is far from a thing of the past with OS X

Those Still Living In Pre-OS-X World Need To 'Let It Go,' Cuz All Our Mac Are Belong To Unix - When Apple introduced System 7 several years ago, there were people who resisted and preferred to keep using older versions of what came to be known as the Mac OS. You know the kind of person I'm talking about. When Apple switched from "68k" to PowerPC processors, there were similar "hold outs," acolytes to the Old Way of doing things. You know that kind, too. I know people who are proud that they are using Mac OS 8.1. You know the kind. I know even more people who, for a continuum of reasons, have decided not to ever switch to Mac OS X. There is a subset of these people who refuse to switch to OS X because they believe this new OS is the worst move the company has ever made and will be the single action that spirals the company into nonexistence

Whose Rules? - The way tomorrow's workforce uses technology could have a profound effect on business - William Schneider, an earnest but somewhat unkempt 18-year-old, was excited when he bought the latest Apple operating system, Mac OS X, for his iMac PC. He liked the look and simplicity of the new system. But after putting it through its paces, he wanted to improve its performance, especially for a particular application that ran better on the previous operating system

Mac OS X: v10.1.1 - v10.1.3 - This Technical Note was created for application developers interested in writing software that is compatible with Mac OS X. This list includes changes that affect API level programming and product testing, it is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all the changes in software updates

An Anti-Mac Corporate Conspiracy? - A reader suggests that info-tech managers are keeping their companies PC-centric to protect their job security

Audiocorder is a sophisticated audio recording program for your Macintosh - First, it can work like a standard tape audio recorder. You simply click on the start button to begin sound recording, and the stop button to end recording

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day - Would you like to get better-organized, navigate your hard disk faster, launch items with ease, and save time in the bargain? Dr. Mac's Tip-of-the-Day today will show you how...

Things You Should Know Before You Update - you probably don't know Apple's dirty little software update secret: If you need to go back to an earlier version of Mac OS X after a software update, for any reason whatsoever, Apple recommends you reformat (erase) your boot drive

Galactic Patrol Mac OS X Beta Begins Today - Galactic Patrol is a new 3d homage to the classic arcade hits of the early 80's. The look and spirit of such legendary games as Space Invaders

Black Cat Systems Released v3.3.0 Of Audiocorder For Mac OS X - Audiocorder is a program which allows your Mac to act as a sophisticated audio recorder

Kartolina Welcomes New Mac OS - Kartolina is a tool for creating personal greeting cards from digital video and photos.

Classic Toggler Flips Out For X - Classic Toggler is a small application that provides a convenient means to launch, quit, and manage the Classic environment

Microspot X-RIP Prints Out Future Plan - Microspot X-RIP is a professional Mac OS X printer driver. Native to Mac OS X, Microspot X-RIP utilizes the latest Mac OS X operating system technologies to provide near photographic output on a wide range of large format printers

PageSucker 3.1.2 Updated For Mac OS X - It should fix at least the registration dialog problems

Lutris Announces Lutris EAS 4.1 J2EE Platform Preview for Mac OS X - Featuring the Java Services Architecture, Web Services capabilities, enterprise quality clustering and reliability and the industry's leading wireless and voice presentation capability, Lutris EAS will provide OS X developers the environment required to bring projects to market faster by reducing the need to re-architect their existing applications.

XMonitor for Mac OS X - XMonitor is a real-time, graphical, systems monitoring application for Mac OS X. XMonitor allows you to watch your CPU, RAM, disk, and network usage, PPP, IP address, Email, uptime, and much more.

A movie museum on your Mac - In repeated tests, Apple's iDVD2 software took in $6 blank DVD-Rs and spat out full-featured DVDs suitable for playing on almost all DVD players in American homes

Closing AppleMailServer From Spammers - With the release of 10.1.3 Server Apple finally fixed the open relay bug in AppleMailServer. Which for me and many other OS X Server admins, was much anticipated, but there seems to be a bit of confusion with the new features, which isn't all that surprising since Apples documentation on the topic is kind of poor. So hopefully this article will clear up some of the confusion.

System 1.0 and Mac OS X - I want to not just like it, but love it. I want it to be my primary OS and stop using Classic Mode altogether except for some older games. But the reality is that I use my Mac as a tool, and because I've grown up with the classic Mac OS, I'm much more productive using OS 9 than I am trying to learn the ins and outs of OS X.

Tux Meets Hexley: OS X & Linux on the Same Drive - As many of you know Mac OS X is based on BSD Unix, and well, in my humble opinion it's great! If you haven't already install it, now you'll be glad you did. But the folks at Apple aren't the only people who know Unix is a good foundation; heck they weren't even the first (not by a long shot). Enter Linux

Benchmarks demolish Apple speed boasts - As of this morning, thirty one entries have been submitted to the SPEC performance list for the year so far. But if you're wondering why Apple hasn't yet dispatched its latest "workstation class" G4 hardware for examination by the council, in what is the industry's most respected set of benchmark tests, C't has the answer

QPS Releases USB CDRW Driver for OS X

Gideon Softworks Announced Snard v1.0a1 For Mac OS X - Snard is a launcher that can be used as a system menu or from the dock

Cinema 4d Art R7 Out Now For Mac OS X - CINEMA 4D XL, are now available in CINEMA 4D ART, the 3D package for non-animators. CINEMA 4D ART R7 contains some very powerful new tools and features which will help all graphics artists to produce even more realistic pictures in even less time

SNAX 1.2.5 - File Browser for Mac OS X

AquilaCalendar Updates Released - AquilaCalendar allows unlimited calendar windows to be open at once in either, one, three, six or twelve month views each having any combination of years or months you can think of from 1000 AD to 3000 AD

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