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Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X that have been culled from around the Net.. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Mac OS X, mail it to us and we will add it

Past OS X News

Retired: Friday, May 3, 2002 - for most recent news click here

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 29 - Want To Clear The Screen And Erase The Scrollback Buffer??

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 28 - Want To Do Some Work On Your Next Rocket Project ??

We Don't Need No Stinking Passwords In Mac OS X... Do We ?? - Anytime you install or update a piece of software you are asked for your password to continue the process. But what happens if you have accidentally forgotten your password. Well, there are a couple of methods in Mac OS X that can be used to resolve this issue

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 27 - Want To See Your System ID's On Your Macintosh ??

Dr. Mac's Prognosis "Grab It By The Hand" - Here's one from the "I didn't know you could do that" file:

Dr Mac's Prescription "Do It or Lose It" - Part II - this week we'll look at strategies, tactics, and tools for backing up your files

Kimeldorf's First Aid - A Troubleshooting Guide For Os X Running On An Imac 800 (Flat Panel)

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 25 - Want To See How Long Your Machine Has Been Runing ??

"An almost unbelievable utility." Dr. Mac says it's, "among my favorite OS X programs." What is this $19.95 marvel? - I prefer using the keyboard to the mouse, which is why LaunchBar is among my favorite OS X programs.

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 26 - Want To See Your OpenSSL Version Information ??

Three Tips for OS X Users - Now that I've been using OS X for some time now, I've discovered that it is not immune from the common bug of most "new and improved" operating systems: They're too new and improved, thus effectively doing things that you'd rather not have them do on their own. Today I'll help you remove these "features" and make OSX the new and improved operating system it should be

Missing MPEG Tools for OS X Builds MPEG-1, 2, Multliplexes Streams - If you've tried building VCDs or any MPEG movies in OS X and haven't sprung for Cleaner, you're in luck.

Xounds 1.2 - Xounds is a haxie that brings back Appearance Sounds to MacOS X

UK consultancy offers '3-Stage' Mac OS X transition - Malvern, Worcestershire, UK-based Iscentia announced today a '3-stage' Mac OS X transition service intended to help small and medium sized businesses move to the new operating system

Addonics Releases USB 2.0 Hub, Adapter - Addonics Technologies today announced two new USB 2.0 devices--a hub and a CardBus adapter for notebook computers. The devices are cross-platform, supporting Mac OS X and Windows systems, though the CardBus adapter will only provide USB 1.1 speeds on Mac OS X at present

OS X Odyssey 100 - There Is Progress, But Slower Than Anticipated - What I hadn't anticipated when I began this series of columns back in November is that I would still be using OS 9.1 for production work in the fourth week of April, but progress in the transition has gone more slowly than I had expected

Office v. X Demos

OS X Daily Dose: Kernel Panics

Simple OS X Backup Utility Gets the Job Done - If you use your Mac to make a living, you know how important it is to back up important files regularly. However, until release 10.1.2, Mac OS X didn't provide full support for backing up and restoring everything on a Mac OS X disk. FWB's $50 Backup Toolkit 3.0.5 is the first commercially available backup utility that can handle this job. It works well in both OS 8.6 and 9, but using it successfully in OS X requires a few extra steps.

OS X Journal: Key Differences Between Running OS X & OS 9 - Last week was an interesting column with plenty of feedback. I lined up my top ten gripes about OS X. I came up with a couple more in the past week

Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X, Part 6 - Following the first five Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X articles, Kevin Hemenway returns with a "put your legs up" sixth tutorial. This time he walks you through the various Apache modules that come with your Mac OS X installation and shows you what they can do

How to play DivX;-) video files with MacOS X ? - This document explains how to view DivX movies on MacOS X and how to fix the sound problems (synchro, and gliches) that often occur when trying to play such files

XP on the PowerPC - Some Windows users have been looking at the new iMac and iBook alongside traditional PC hardware offerings. Why not? Mac OS X is appealing to those who like a less intrusive OS, and one that is based on Unix. Tradeoffs exist with either platform. Mac OS X is young and still maturing. Windows XP is a dominating OS that doesn't play nice with the other kids. Wouldn't it be great to have the best of both?

X Marks the Spot - Why upgrade?

Speedier OS X Coming to G3 Macs - The rumor is that Apple will release a major update to OS X that will include drivers for Macintosh G3-based models with older ATI graphics accelerators.

What you get when you buy a modern Mac - The secret of the modern Mac is a no-brainer. The computer and the operating system, the hardware and the software, were made by the same company. They were made by people who actually speak to each other. They built good hardware and good software, and they knew what they were doing. It's as simple as that. Windows users don't have it so lucky. Compaq doesn't make Windows, and Microsoft doesn't make Compaq computers. Or Dell computers. You get the point. Microsoft makes the software in hopes that the people who make the hardware actually know what they're doing

Slow Surfing? Ridiculous! - Apparently the provocative speculation that Windows PCs may have an edge in Web surfing and page rendering speed is no longer believable in the Macintosh community. In any event, we have received almost no emails on the subject, whereas a similar piece published two years ago nearly broke our email client. What opinion we have encountered, however, is all on the side of the Mac

My phatty Mac - If you know me, then you know that I love Mac OSX, and for all of the smack that I talk about how great OSX is, it would be wise to assume that I would never throw myself into the clutches of Mac OS 9 again if I could avoid it, especially on my personal computer at home. So, what would you say if I told you that I have been using OS 9 at home for a long time, even while graciously calling for its demise?

iMac & OS X: 3, Windows XP: 0 - More Press Declare iMac & OS X Winners - Apple's Hot News never prints an article that has something disparaging to say about the iMac or OS X, so its no surprise to find three or more press items which glorify our computer and OS of choice. At the same time, Apple seldom, if ever, prints anything disparaging about Windows either. What is interesting about the following three articles we found at Apple's Hot News is that each comes up with the same conclusion: the iMac and OS X are winners, and in one case, that "Windows XP means Xtra Pain."

OS X Odyssey 99 - Tex Edit Plus 4.2.2 - Tom Bender is busy cranking out fractional version upgrades of Tex Edit Plus for OS X these days -- two in as many weeks. I am keenly interested in the progress of this application, because I spend more hours in it than any other program every day

The Sorry State Of OS X and Webcams - "All I want to do is be able to wave at my girlfriend!" This is the sentence I kept hearing myself yelling as I desperately looked at webcam options for OS X. The hunt for this particular piece of equipment painfully reminded me of the dark days when you couldn't find a single game from the top five best seller list for the Mac

OS X applications ranked by category - These programs are listed as I currently rank them, and as I update the document I will note why one program ranks above another. I also plan to note the date of the latest update and provide links to the applications and plug-ins or add-ons for the programs (as time permits)...

AppleTalk over the Internet - It's been a while since I've provided tips on Mac OS X, and I thought I'd drop you a quick one today. I get this question occasionally from pros who need to transfer files between their home and work machines when one or more resides behind a router. It's a quick process, but one that isn't immediately obvious for those who don't do much networking

Support for true G3 believers - HERE is some good news for owners of Apple Macs that use the G3 PowerPC microprocessor: under threat of legal action, Apple appears to be planning a backflip on its poor support for the Mac OS X operating system on these machines

Plugin Galaxy for AE released for OS X - Nuremberg, Germany-based The Plugin Site has announced the release of Plugin Galaxy for After Effects, this time for Mac OS X. It's a collection of 20 different After Effects plug-ins which sport 129 different video effects

ClipDoubler X, iOrganize X updated - Two Mac OS X utilities have been updated: ClipDoubler X and iOrganizeX

Vendetta Test Released for OS X

Curious About OS X Log Contents? Look To LogPile! - Sure, Mac OS 9 is mature and stable, but every now and then, it does crash. When it does, you may get little more than an obscure error code, if that, to help you understand why it crashed. But thanks to the UNIX underpinnings of OS X, crashes and other system events are stored in log files. If only you could view these log files with a handy utility...

Review: FileXaminer 1.0 - With the conception of Mac OS X, hundreds of common, every-day tasks have become streamlined and simple. On the other hand, many tasks that were once non-existent or simple have become extremely complicated, largely due to the fact that Mac OS X is based on UNIX

OS X Books Due This Summer From O'Reilly - In the past few years, O'Reilly has committed to more and more Macintosh related title, such as Applescript and David Pogue's "OS X: The Missing Guide." Now, O'Reilly is stepping up the effort with three new titles on the way this summer

OS X Odyssey 98 - OS X 10.1.4 Update Installed (And April Security Update Too) - I got the OS X 10.1.4 update installed over the weekend. Last Friday, reader George Carrington pointed out that the April Security Update that Apple released on April 4th is not included with the 10.1 0.4 update, and there was some ambiguity as to whether the Security Update was required. As it turns out, you can install the 10.1.4 update directly over OS X 10.1.3 without first installing the April Security Update

Mac OS X works rock-solid on Macintosh system - It's been about six weeks since I've switched over to Apple Computer's Macintosh operating system for the bulk of my work. So far, so good. Not perfect, mind you, but pretty darned good overall. The best part: Mac OS X is pretty rock-solid. It takes a lot - and I mean a whole lot - to make this operating system hiccup, let alone freeze. In fact, I can't recall a single "freeze" or "crash" in using OS X, version 10.1.3 (don't ask; I didn't name it) and heaven knows, I've tried to bring it down.

Quark: OS X Not Ready for Prime Time - According to Quark, the lack of an OS X-compliant Xpress is not the result of wavering commitment to the Macintosh platform; rather, it stems from a host of technical limitations in the year-old operating system that ostensibly limit its usefulness as a publishing tool

Building an OpenSource OSX Server - now, after reading the warning, if you're foolish enough to continue .....

Mac OS X 10.1.5 to include host of improvements - At least one more minor OS X update, version 10.1.5, is in the pipeline before Apple unveils the second major update to the OS, 10.2, code-named "Jaguar."

CinWave has free X-appeal

Aqua client of MCVE due this month - MCVE is a scalable credit card processing engine designed to handle credit card authorizations and transactions that is also certified to support major clearing house protocols

Mac OS X beta utilities updated - If you don't mind experimenting with beta software, there are three such products that have new beta versions for Mac OS X.

No Room to Update to 10.1.4 - I tried to update Mac OS X to version 10.1.4 last night -- and ran into the same problem I had with one of the earlier updates

OS X Odyssey 96 - Mac OS X 10.1.4 Released - I figured that my finally getting around to installing the OS X 10.1.3 update last weekend would mean that Apple would quickly release a 10.1.4 update. ;-) However, the 10.1.3 update is required for 10.1.4 anyway, so I'm still on track. This latest upgrade appears to be a relatively modest one, with the compressed file download only 1.7 MB

The Next Step for Mac OS X, Part 1 - Apple released Mac OS X in March 2001. Having used computers for almost twenty years, I can say that this new operating system is the best ever -- certainly better than my first Commodore VIC-20. Yet, there is an undercurrent of disappointment; there is something wrong with this OS

G3/OSX lawsuit amended, goes before judicial review - news of a class action suit filed against Apple by King & Ferlauto, a Los Angeles-based law firm which alleged Apple violated California law by not more fully supporting PowerPC G3-based Macs with Mac OS X. The lawyer responsible for filing the suit today told MacCentral that the suit has been amended, a meeting with a judge is set, and Apple may have modified its position, at least in online documentation

OS X Releases & Updates - From the OSX FAQ

PowerMate Driver download - Current version of the PowerMate driver for Mac OS X. Version 1.1 addresses comptibility issues with OS X 10.1.4.

Stubborn Trashes in OS X - But OS X, at least for now, has lost something, or perhaps it's just that I've lost something. For over 30 years I've managed to be able to work around any task within the Classic OS. My Windows friends and colleagues seemed to spend a good part of their computing time loading and re-loading Windows and trying to get things working. They often had to call in head scratching consultants. All this while I breezed on, able to get real work done. Classic never told you that you "can't get there from here." Not so OS X

Coming late to the party - Many peripherals and software that work fine under Mac OS9 are useless or impaired under Mac OSX. Many third parties share the blame with Apple for this, but especially in the area of device drivers, Apple's not helping the situation by withholding specifications. Granted, some of these drivers are for esoteric products ... that is, if you consider music and gaming, two areas that Apple is trying to emphasize, to be esoteric

Recycling Mac OS X Settings Into A New Mac - the goal of today's piece is to migrate users and applications from an existing Mac OS X machine over to a new one. It will require some tinkering at the unix command prompt

MacGamer X looks at Slashdock - MacGamer X, our ongoing column that informs and educates about OS X and how to use it, updates today with a look at a clever little utility called Slashdock. This item pops right into your dock and delivers information to you upon request about what's happening out there in the world

The Next Step for Mac OS X, Part 2 - Yesterday I wrote about replacing the graphical user interface with something more universally intuitive. Several ideas have since occurred to me about GUIs and their potential replacements

Bluetooth and GSM Tools For Editing Your Phonebook - What is Bluetooth good for, you ask? Well, if you purchase a new GSM phone (like the Sony Ericsson T68i) Bluetooth is a great way to manage your mobile phone's internal address book.

OS X Odyssey 97 - Does Classic Mode Slow You Down In 0S X? - I got they 10.1.4 update downloaded last night with no problem, and will install it over the weekend. I'm hoping that the site improvements in PPP dialup implementation will solve the crankiness that I've been contending with in that department.

Mac OS X Reader Reports: 10.1.4 Part I

Jaguar: Let the Rumors Fly! - I'm not sure where to start it's been such an interesting week, rumors are flying about the feature set in the next "Major" release of OS X code named Jaguar, we got a slew of updates from Explorer 5.1.4, to OS X 10.1.4, and Apple released their Q2 earnings...I'm sure you all read about this stuff, so I wont get into the slimy details. I guess the one big thing I want to touch base on is earlier this week Apple announced that it would be showing a sneak peak at the next major release of OS X, code named "Jaguar" to WWDC 2002 attendees

Apple 'investigating' X for older G3s - Apple is investigating implementing future Mac OS X-support for older ATI graphics-accelerators installed in older G3 Macs, MacCentral reports. The news comes as the company faces a class action suit, led by legal firm King & Ferlauto, that alleges Apple's violation of Californian consumer-protection law. The case maintains that Apple violated the act by not furnishing certain G3-equipped models with the same features that OS X afforded to more recent G4 systems.

OS X puts all file-transfer procedures in one place, although few users find it - Transferring files from machine to machine should be one of the easiest tasks on any computer operating system. Oddly, it's often one of the most difficult, especially when crossing platforms, like Mac to Windows or Linux to Mac

Mac OS X 10.1.4 Is Out! - This looks like it should be a nice little speed-up, at least for some areas

Apple's Beta Test Delivers - isn't just a pretty e-mail address anymore. While iDisk lets you access files from whatever Mac you can get your hands on and HomePage lets you create Web pages made available to the entire Internet, used to require a POP- or IMAP-enabled e-mail client. Apple this week introduced a beta version of an online Web-mail client for

Jobs Promises A Sneak Peek At Jaguar - As previously announced, Steve Jobs will be making the keynote speech at May's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose. One sentence in the press release announcing Jobs' involvement is particularly tantalizing and refers to the previously hush-hush update to OS X, known to rumor-site fans as Jaguar and to everyone else as OS X 10.2.

Coderus Limited Unveils "MacDX" for Mac OS X - The MacDX for Mac OS allows you to bring Direct-X orientated products to the Mac OS platform without the need to re-develop the product. As the DirectX interface is one of the most popular interfaces with a vast amount of information and published documentation

Apple talks various uses for new Remote Desktop - On March 14, Apple announced Apple Remote Desktop for Mac OS X, which lets teachers, administrators and others remotely manage other Mac desktops anywhere on a local network, AirPort wireless network, or across the Internet. Tom Goguen, Apple's director of Server Software, told MacCentral that the product is targeted mainly to educators, but also has applications in the business world and, heck, even in homes

OS X Journal: Top Ten OS X 10.1 Problems, 10.1.4 & Jaguar - Housekeeping

OS X, the iMac, and the move forward... - It no longer matters to me that Apple has not declared the transition to OS X complete. Because my copy of Adobe Photoshop is on the way (is that the doorbell now?) and I have upgraded all the applications I use on a daily basis, including Office, GoLive 6, Painter 7, Corel Graphics Suite 10 and Canvas 8, I have no use for Classic. The transition is complete, for me, and I can only assume that hordes of people who might have been waiting to make the switch are in the process of doing so

Apple: Give me back my pixels (and fix the Finder) - As those of you who tuned in last time will remember, I recently discovered that I was spending more time running Mac OS X than Mac OS 9. This state of affairs snuck up on me, but makes plenty of sense in hindsight: I can do a lot of nifty and useful stuff under Mac OS X that I couldn't do under Mac OS 9. But there are two things I miss dearly whenever I'm in X: visual clarity and interface sanity

OS X Odyssey 95 - A New Eudora Beta And Other Email Musings - There's a new Eudora for OS X beta out -- another evolutionary improvement in the all-round best email client application for OS X and the Mac platform in general. Actually, the bigger news is that there is also a new Eudora 5.1.1 public beta for the legacy Mac OS available as well, the first Eudora upgrade for that platform in a year or so. I downloaded both last night.

Photoshop 7 Arrives for Apple's Flagship OS X - With the release of Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for Mac OS X, the new operating system has become almost instantly legitimized as a photography production platform

Entourage or Palm Desktop on OS X? - Which is the best application for you to choose as your own PIM? While there are many options to choose from, the only two really big ones available for Mac OSX are Microsoft Entourage V.x and Palm Desktop 4.0 for X, and I'll be looking at the two programs based on several categories: speed, Price, features, interface/customizability, compatibility with the Palm and other applications, and overall quality

Protein Researchers Want Mac OS X Users - To better understand how proteins fold in the hopes of discovering possible cures for illnesses, Stanford University's Pande Group is asking for help from Mac users willing to put their idle computers to work running Folding@home, a massively distributed simulation of how proteins assemble themselves

Book Review: Mac OS X Unleashed - This book is a treasure for MacOSX power users and administrators. It is a MacOSX book with UNIX in mind. It is clearly destined for people who want to put their Mac/Unix_Underneath system to do more than Photoshop. For users who just want to use the GUI system and hardly do more than web surfing, "MacOSX - The Missing Manual" is probably a better buy. However, for most OSNews readers -- power users that is -- "Mac OS X Unleashed" is what you would ever want or need if you have a Mac

Mac OS X emacs Easter Egg - Cookie Recipes, Bad Jokes, And More - Q: What do you call a person who hacks while wearing no clothes? A: A gnudist. This little knee-slapper and many more can be found lurking in your copy of OS X.

Econ Technologies, Inc. adds features and some bug fixes to ChronoSync, the Mac OS X solution to synchronizing files easily and automatically! New features like Safe Deletions, Enhanced Mount Detection and Improved Removable Media Handling make this free update a must-have for all current users

Ericom Software Releases Power Term For OS X - Ericom Software has released a powerful terminal emulation package for OS X called Power Term Interconnect. This product allows "legacy, host-based applications" to run in Mac OS X, something that many businesses need to do

IPNetMonitorX v1.0 Overview - Based on our award-winning IPNetMonitor Classic, IPNetMonitorX has been re-written from the ground up using Cocoa and BSD networking to bring these functions to Mac OS X. The tools included at this time are Lookup, Ping, Trace Route, Name Server Query, Who Is, Finger, Monitor, TCP Info, Connection List, Address Scan, Port Scan, DHCP Lease, Link Rate, TCP Dump, and Subnet Calculator

Galactic Patrol for Mac OS X goes gold - Galactic Patrol is a 3D homage to the classic arcade hits of the early 80s. The look and spirit of such legendary games as Space Invaders, Galaga, Phoenix, and Galaxian pulse through Galactic Patrol's 25 levels in over 300 waves of shoot 'em up fun

First Annual OS X Poetry Contest - Get out your thesauruses! It's time for's First Annual OS X Poetry Contest. Submit your best poetry having at least somethign to do with OS X and win a fully copy of the Big Box of Art clipart/photo collection for OS X

Do you know how to quickly determine when a problem is the result of a damaged or corrupted preference file? Dr. Mac does... - When I made the move to OS X one of the things I was particularly thankful for was the end of the "extension conflict dance," where I had to figure out which of my myriad extensions or control panels was causing today's crash or freeze. And while I've had no extension conflicts in OS X, I have had something just as ugly--a rash of corrupted preference files that cause application or even system freezes and crashes.

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 24 - Want To See Your Machine Type ??

Mac OS X Server 10.1.4 improves mail services - Billed by Apple as "an industrial-strength server with Macintosh ease of use," Mac OS X Server is built on the same core technology that's included with Mac OS X itself

Free Spam Filtering for MacOS X: How To Do It - Unix mail utilities like fetchmail and procmail are intended for single-user workstations that don't want to run a full mail exchanger like Sendmail. You can configure fetchmail to grab your email from 1 or more ISP accounts, procmail will filter it with scripts from SpamBouncer, then you can use MacOS X to grab your mail from a filtered Unix mailbox

Vulnerability in HP Photosmart/Deskjet Drivers for Mac OS X (rootcompromise) - after some frustration with the HP Photosmart printer driver not being as smart as the name suggests and HP support not as suppor- tive as I would wish about the issues raised below, I've decided to bring the following multiple security vulnerabilities of the HP Photosmart/Deskjet printer drivers for Mac OS X to the list's attention

OS X Odyssey 94 - Checking Out The Chimera 0.2.0 Web Browser - After some rave reviews from readers, I decided to download and try out the new Cocoa native Chimera OS X browser that is being developed by a group in the Mozilla organization. Chimera uses Cocoazilla, a variant of Fizzilla that consists of a UNIX back end wed to a Cocoa front end. The cross-platform UI will be replaced with native Cocoa widgetry

Adobe ships new Photoshop - Is Photoshop 7.0 worth the upgrade? Adobe Systems on Tuesday began shipping the new version of its Photoshop graphics software, a major release expected to pay dividends for Apple Computer as well as for Adobe.

Adobe Officially Ships Photoshop 7: Comparing The Mac OS X & Windows XP Specific Press Releases - Yesterday we mentioned that VersionTracker had reported the release of Photoshop 7, and the company has now officially released press releases announcing said shipping (note that some of our forum members report receiving their copies). There are actually three press releases, one to announce the release, and then one each to focus on Mac OS X and Windows XP. The interesting thing about those press releases is the language of the two OS specific announcements

Corel Offers Discount on KPT for Photoshop 7.0 - Lifelong rivals Adobe and Corel have gotten together on a promotion for Corel's Procreate KPT Effects and Adobe's Photoshop 7.0. Bundled with Photoshop 7.0, which just started shipping today, is a trial version of KPT Effects, which can be upgraded to the full version at a reduced price

Microsoft Office v. X Combined Updater 10.0.3 - This updater contains three updates for Microsoft Office v. X for Mac. Even if you have already installed any of the updates included in this updater, you must install this update package.

Web Watch is a screen saver for Mac OS X that is actually useful! It keeps you informed by going through a list of your favorite websites and displaying them in your default browser. It does its best to avoid disturbing browser windows that are already open, and when it is deactivated it tries to close the window it was using. It also tries to close any pop-up windows that appear while it is running.

Quickeys X 1.5.1 released - CE Software today released an update for the company's popular automation utility

Cider Press: Hooray For Hollywood! - Final Draft Gets Spiffied Up For Mac OS X Including Some New Killer Features - Just a few scant months ago I reviewed Final Draft 5 for MacReviewZone, and despite some reservations I found it to be a superb piece of software suitable for the beginning or advanced screenwriter. Perhaps the greatest drawback to the upgrade was a lack of native support for Mac OS X, but the Final Draft folks promised a revision soon, and I was willing to wait patiently. Since then, we have experienced a major upgrade to OS X that has made it a prime time operating system, and I was surprised to see a message in my email about a new, native version of Final Draft. Even more incredibly, this isn't just an OSX/XP upgrade to the software. Numerous new features have been added, and many bug fixes were purportedly fixed

Mac OS X drivers available for Microsoft hardware - Starting today users can download drivers for the Office Keyboard, Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer, Natural Keyboard Pro, Internet Keyboard Pro and IntelliMouse Optical

Kensington offers 2.0b1 of MouseWorks for OS X - Peripheral maker Kensington Technology is now offering a new public beta version of its MouseWorks software used to program the company's line of multibutton mice and trackball devices

Amadeus Brings Audio Editing Power To OS X - Amadeus II lets you use your Macintosh computer for many sound-related applications, such as live audio recording

Kumulipo Brings Audio Abstraction To OS X - One of my favorite things to do with my Mac is to manipulate audio. Any real Mac fan knows that playing with audio on the Mac is so easy

Want To Know What Is Using Memory And How Much Each Program Is Using...Dr Mac Tells All. - OS 9 users have no doubt noticed that Mac OS X does not show memory allocation and usage in the About This Computer window anymore. I suppose that's because Mac OS X manages memory allocation and usage for you and you don't have to worry about it. Still, I wanted to know what was using memory and how much each program was using. So I learned a couple of ways

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 23 - Want To See A Report On All Open Files That Your System Is Using ??

Speak Your Mind to Your Mac -It''s unfortunate that ViaVoice is not a more capable application, especially since it's the only option for Mac OS X users who want to free themselves from their keyboards. It's fine for dictation but falls short in offering complete computer control

How Fast Does Photoshop 7 Run On the Fastest G4 Power Macs? - whether you need dual G4's to get the most from Photoshop 7, I say "yes." According to Adobe engineers, "almost everything is threaded for MP to some extent."

Photoshop 7 - Even though the ship date was still about four weeks away as this issue was going to press, MacDirectory was lucky enough to sit in on a preview of Photoshop 7. Even though a lot of people would have been satisfied with an OS X native version of Photoshop 6, in terms of features, this is a substantial upgrade

Mac OS X 10.1.4 update nearing release - According to sources, the 10.1.4 update will include improvements in several key areas. Following the release of the OS X security update this month, 10.1.4 will carry some additional security enhancements under the hood

Mac OS X: Apple's Key to the Enterprise Door - If Apple begins to seize a larger piece of the enterprise market because of OS X, interoperability with established platforms will be a prime issue

Editorial: Mac OS X, The MOST intuitive User Interface EVER (part 1 of 2) - The Classic Mac OS (System 7- OS 9) was widely regarded as the most intuitive Operating System ever. Let's get something straight off the bat. I want to define intuitive, which means 'known directly and instinctively without being discovered or consciously perceived' and that's the definition in my local dictionary, and that's what I'm going to use. Now that we've got that cleared up, whether you like OS X or not, I intend to point out its more intuitive nature

AppleScript - Toolbar Scripts - One of the exciting new features of Mac OS X is the ability to place links to files, folders and applications in the Finder Toolbar, a special area at the top of every Finder window

OS X Odyssey 93 - 10.1.3 Update And New Trash Tricks - I finally got around to installing the OS X 10.1.3 update over the weekend. I had held off, and thought I might sit this upgrade out after a rash of reported problems, especially with PowerBooks. Hyper-cautious, perhaps, but I finally had 10.1.2 working reliably and was reluctant to rock the boat. However, I received an interesting piece of software for review that required 10.1.3 or later

Dr Mac's Prescription "Do It or Lose It" - If your computer and all the files on it were to vaporize tomorrow, how bad would it hurt? If your answer was anything but, "not a bit," you should have a backup plan in place and adhere to it religiously. It's a big subject, so this week I have an overview

IMPress released for Mac OS X - Ultimate Technographics has released a Mac OS X version of its IMPress imposition application for on-demand and digital printing

Wipeout 2097 goes Carbon - Known in North America as Wipeout XL, the game puts you in control of hovering vehicles that make their way through a number of high-speed tracks around the globe

Genealogy Pro for OS X makes public beta release - Interested in tracking your family history? The first public beta release of Genealogy Pro for Mac OS X is now in distribution

Ever Find Too Many Servers In Your Connect To Server Dialog Box? Dr. Mac Knows A Fix... - When you choose Go--> Connect to Server...(Command-K) in the Finder, you should see a list of all the servers you can choose to connect to. Sometimes you will see multiple entries for a computer or computers on your network

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 22 - Want to see what your system is doing at startup ??


OS X Releases & Updates - From the OSX FAQ

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 20 - John Sculley is alive! - Stupid Terminal Tricks

Dr. Mac Shows How To Choose Protocol Helpers While Remaining Microsoft-Free - I find it very annoying that there is no way to set the FTP program you want to use as long as your FTP program doesn't support setting itself as the FTP protocol helper. Fortunately, there's a program called "Vince" that fixes this

Pandora PDF solution coming to Mac OS X - Pandora is a PDF-based prepress production tool written in Java. Pandora can produce PostScript, PDF, Adobe PJTF job tickets, and Creo PCF files. The Mac OS X will deliver "increased performance in automating packaging and label layouts,"

Mammoth PostgreSQL released for OS X - The software is an SQL-compatible Object Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS) that runs on several platforms including Mac OS X

NAB 2002: Boris boosts Continuum, details OS X support - Only one Boris FX product, Graffiti 2.0, runs on Mac OS X. According to company founder and president Boris Yamnitsky, two other of the company's products will also appear on OS X in the next six weeks via free upgrades downloadable from the Boris Web site.

OS X 91 - IBM developerWorks Analyzes Aqua Usability And Finds It Wanting - IBM's developerWorks has posted an article , entitled "The Cranky User: Drowning in Aqua" analyzing Aqua's usability, and it's not very complimentary. Actually, despite my own criticisms of OS X Finder functionality,I think the author, Peter Seebach, was perhaps a bit harder on Aqua than warranted

Mac Web Browsers Draw Battle Lines - iCab and Opera, two of the fastest and most compact browsers available for any platform, became available for Mac OS X early this year, but have languished

Microsoft plans Mac Office fixes - Microsoft plans to offer a modest update to its Mac OS X version of Office in late May or early June, but the company is not saying when it will solve one major shortcoming in its OS X offering: the lack of an e-mail program that can directly share data with a Microsoft Exchange server

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 19 - Want To Locate Things That Sherlock Can't Or Won't Show You

What You Don't Know Could Hurt You... Dr. Mac Makes You Safe - If you use password protection with your screensaver, don't use a screensaver that lets you see the desktop.

Dr. Mac's OSXFAQ OS X Speed Tips

Synchronize! Pro X 1.1 Released - Qdea's Synchronize! Pro X is re-engineered for OS X, taking advantage of the modern properties of the operating system, such as pre-emptive multitasking, and supporting the full capabilities of the file system

Reviews: Big Box of Art for OS X (Hemera Tech.) - The Big Box of Art is the first large-scale clipart collection that is made to work natively with OS X

OS X-Files: Necessity and the Mothers of Invention - Printing and scanning in OS-X has been hindered by a lack of drivers. It's amazing at how many ways there are to work around these problems

OS X Odyssey 90 - Another "Not A Crash, Exactly" Adventure - Since a rough patch I encountered a couple of months ago, OS X has been largely behaving itself for me, although I continue to find the supposed "rock-solid stability" claimed for it by advocates elusive. A case in point was what happened yesterday

OS X Journal: Tragedy Avoided - Bitten by Norton 7 - As I noted last week, SystemWorks 2.0 includes Norton 7 and Anti-Virus 8 for Mac OS X, but only versions 6 and 7 for OS 9. Clearly SystemWorks 2.0 is intended as an OS X upgrade, at least for those who have SystemWorks 1.0

The x86 OS X Success Strategy - For those of you who have been wishing for a copy of Apple's Mac OS X to run on your x86 PC, your wish may soon be granted if recent reports regarding graphics accelerator companies ATI and Nvidia are to be believed. According to the reports, the two companies apparently have set up teams to investigate porting OS X to an x86 CPU.

"Total OS X" Sign of Good Things to Come? - As you know, we're having a great time with Mac OS X around here. It's getting to the point where we ask, "I wonder if it can do this?," then proceed to try

A dramatic shift in Apple's strategy toward Java support in Mac OS could jump-start the deployment of Java-based applications and services on a user-friendly consumer operating system, specifically with the issues surrounding Java support in the new Microsoft operating system, Windows XP. This article reviews the features of Apple's Java implementation and explores what makes OS X a great operating system for the development and deployment of Java-based applications

Worldwide Developer Darwin Sessions - Extensive session details, including daily schedules, for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2002 are now available

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 18 - Want To See Even A Cleaner Way To See Your Current IP Address Is ??

Dr. Mac Shows Where To Find The Free TrueType Font Editor You Already Have - Want a free TrueType Font Editor? Easy: install either Simplified or Traditional Chinese Language Support

Wipeout 2097 to be Carbonized - The Italian Macintosh website Applicando is reporting that Virtual Programming Ltd. is carbonizing Wipeout 2097, an "anti-grav racing" game, for Mac OS X

BIAS Debuts Deck 3.5 for Mac OS X - Berkley Integrated Audio Software, Inc. (BIAS) unveiled Deck 3.5, a brand-new version of their award multi-track digital audio workstation software for the Mac. This important upgrade offers several important new features including native Mac OS X compatibility with CoreAudio and CoreMIDI support, OMF import, and real-time Surround Mixing capabilities

Retrospect 5 update fixes OS X memory issue, more - The update corrects a problem that cause all Retrospect Backup 5.0 editions under Mac OS X to increase their memory usage while any LaunchCFMApp process was running

Apple - Mac OS X - FirstEdge - to help fledgling entrepreneurs benefit from better bookkeeping, the award-winning accounting software developer MYOB has released FirstEdge, a simple yet powerful accounting and business management solution especially for sole proprietors or very small businesses. FirstEdge also works exclusively on Macintosh, taking full advantage of the power and interface of Mac OS X

OS X Odyssey 89 - Fruit Menu Brings Back Traditional Apple Menu Functionality - A loud chorus of user complaints convinced Apple to restore the Apple Menu -- at least sort of an Apple Menu, back in its rightful place at the extreme left of the menu bar. However, the OS X Apple Menu is a mere shadow of its former self, mainly incorporating functions that used to be included in the Special Menu in OS 9, such as Sleep, Restart, Shutdown. It's better than no Apple Menu, but I've been missing the real thing

Top Mac OS X Utilities: Restoring Third Party Capabilities - In the first installment of this series on Mac OS X utilities, I looked at utilities that restored capabilities inherent to Mac OS 9 that we had all been accustomed to over the years. For many people though, the full Mac OS 9 experience came not just from Apple, but from a bevy of utility developers who extended Mac OS 9 well beyond the stock configuration. This week I'll look at a few of the most important utilities that have evolved to bring those capabilities into the world of Mac OS X.

Indispensable OS X Wares - Mac OS X is almost everything you could ask for in an OS. If "almost" is not good enough for you, here are ten programs that help make your OSX experience complete

Microsoft To Detail Mac .NET Plans - Reaffirming its support for the Macintosh platform and opening a bevy of new options for Apple's corporate direction, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) this week is expected to announce its plans for implementing the .NET platform on the Mac OS. Mac business unit vice president Kevin Browne will deliver the news.

.NET for Mac OS X? - In WinInfo Short Takes: Week of April 8, Paul Thurrott speculates on the impact that the FreeBSD release of Rotor might have on Mac OS X Releases Java Quality Assurance App For OS X - and ISM have joined forces in development of JQA - The Software Quality Assurance Solution for the Java(TM) Platform. The JQA is a Java development tool designed for the quality assurance of code within Java based applications. The app now features OS X support

Two Bytes of the Cherry: Unicode and Mac OS X, Part 2

Top Mac OS X Utilities: Restoring Third Party Capabilities

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 17 - Want To See What Your Current IP Address Is ??

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day - Dr. Mac Shows How To Revive Recalcitrant Optical Drives With Eject-O-Matic

TMO Short Take - All Hail the Haxie: Key Xing, DockFun!, Visage, XShelf, etc... and 'Marching Icons' - Back when the "Classic" Mac OS was the only Mac OS, I would regularly elicit cursing and sounds of disbelief from friend when they saw my Mac boot up. They were surprised that my computer actually was stable, considering the number of shareware, freeware and betaware that I had installed on my machine at any given time.

Care To Change Some OS X Visuals? Look At Visage! - Visage is a program (more specifically, a System Preferences Pane) that offers a number of ways for one to customize the Mac OS X startup and login experience

Reviews: FileXaminer 1.0 - True to its name, FileXaminer is a Mac OS X utility that allows you to view, and more importantly, edit file attributes of any file on your system. Think of it as a Get Info on steroids for your Mac

Apple Patches UNIX Security Bugs In Mac OS X - Apple Computer [NASDAQ:AAPL] has released a security update to its Mac OS X operating system that closes more than a half dozen serious security vulnerabilities

OS X Odyssey - OS X Browser Bake-off Revisited - I was mildly taken to task by OmniWeb fans for pitting a three month old build of OmniWeb against then brand new Mozilla 0.9.9 and the fairly recent 2.7.1 build of iCab in a browser speed bake-off in Odyssey 72. Consequently, when the latest OmniWeb beta 4.1b2 was released last week, I decided to do a rematch

Console Mode in OS X (killing the GUI) - Ever want to dump the GUI and work strait from with the command line? Maybe you just want to free up some memory created by the GUI while your machine sits idle. Wonder no more, here's how...

Deck 3.5 coming to Mac OS X - Berkley Integrated Audio Software (BIAS) is previewing Deck 3.5, a brand-new version of their multi-track digital audio workstation software for the Mac, at this week's National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show in Las Vegas

Review - QuicKeys X 1.0.2 - It is certainly no secret that Macintosh users are customization-crazy. Anything that can tweak or customize a Macintosh computer is something that even the most rigid Mac users will go for in an instant. For years, Macintosh users have benefited from QuicKeys, a handy macro/shortcut utility that allows users to automate repetitive tasks. CE Software has long been dedicated to the Macintosh platform, and stuck with Apple through the "hard years." Now, with Apple flourishing in the release of a new operating system, CE Software has released QuicKeys X 1.0, which allows Macintosh users to adopt Mac OS X without giving up their favorite utility

The Cranky User: Drowning in Aqua - Apple's new user interface, Aqua, reads like a checklist of things that the classic Macintosh interface got right, and everyone else got wrong. Aqua gets most of them wrong.

Windows to get competition? - in what could represent a sea change in Linux desktop computing, new software from a Minnesota firm lets Linux users install and use Office for Windows. That's right: They can forgo the usual Windows license when installing Office 97 or Office 2000 for Windows. They need only the $55 CrossOver Office program from St. Paul-based CodeWeavers to use Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint on their Linux machines

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 14 - Want To Show The Date, Time, Day and Year??

Dr. Mac's OS X Tip-of-the-Day - Dr. Mac Has The Cure For Occasional Dock blockage.

HP insider: Scanner drivers to arrive soon

Type Utility Updated From Selznick Scientific - Typist is a text utility designed to simplify often used text

Stone Design Ships StampInStone Native OS X PDF Watermarking - StampInStone allows you to instantly add text or an image to every page of a PDF document. With control over color, font, size and placement, StampInStone provides an intuitive interface for creating stamps. Documents can be "unstamped" with one click

HD SpeedTools 3.5 improves OS X compatibility, more - The new update introduces two utilities written for Mac OS X: Integrity X and QuickBench X. The new applications are complete rewrites of Classic Mac OS versions designed to take full advantage of Mac OS X

Java QA tool released for Mac OS X - and Informatique Sur Mesure (ISM) announced today the release of a new Java tool designed to help Mac OS X software developers improve their Java code quality

OS X Odyssey 85 - Test Flight Grounded For Now, But The Odyssey Continues - Ahhhhhhhhhh. That's the sound of me settling back down to work on my faithful old WallStreet PowerBook, running OS 9.1, after several days trial using OS X for production work. There is this incredible lightness of being -- sort of like stripping down to running shorts and sneakers after a doing a 20 mi. hike carrying full pack and wearing work boots. Like stepping from a big truck into a sports car

OS X Part 5: Getting it Right? - One of my biggest complaints about OS X has been the lack of distributed windowing. True, there is VNC, designed to allow remove access of desktops (as far as I know, only a client runs on OS X but I use it to display X sessions on Linux machines). Then, there are various attempts at getting the X Window system running on OS X. But I felt that there should be an out of the box way to run an app on one Mac and view it on another

Better Templates for iPhoto's BetterHTMLExport - BetterHTMLExport, at version 1.3 at time of writing, provides significant improvements over the built-in HTMLExport filter, including the option for you to create your own templates. In this article I will walk you through the process of creating your own template set

Tuesday, April 02, 2002 Apple to triple Mac-based developers - APPLE Computer Inc hopes to triple the number of developers using Mac OS X to develop software in the Asian region within the next five years.

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 16 - Want To See What Programs Are Running On Your Mac With The Path Names

Default Folder X 1.1.1 has been released! - Default Folder X is a completely rewritten version of our classic Default Folder utility for Mac OS X! It overcomes a number of shortcomings in the Open and Save dialogs of Mac OS X-native Carbon applications and adds the quick access to favorite, recent, and Finder folders

OS X Security Update April 2002 - I recently wrote an article on this site about my frustrations with the timeliness of OS X security updates. Mainly my biggest gripe was with the latest OpenSSH vulnerability. The article generated a lot of traffic and many many people flamed me for it, saying that I didn't know what I was talking about, some bluntly called me an "idiot"

The Babying Mac - One of my favorite features of Windows (yes, there are some) is the fact that you can cut and paste files instead of dragging them from window to window. Mac OS X allows you to copy-and-paste (but not cut-and-paste) files in this manner. Why?

Voodoo 3Dfx 3 2000 works on OS X! - I had a very pleasant surprise tonight as I tried to put my voodoo 3dfx card on my G4 533. so that i could test out whether my old Apple 15" AV multiscan monitor could work as a dual display monitor on OS 9.2. This monitor has mic and sound input...its has speakers by the side...very old monitor

OS X Odyssey 87 - The Classic Experience - Classic may or may not be an issue for folks who have newly moved to the Mac since OS X became the default boot OS. OS 9 is still there, and having it available is no hardship, but if one doesn't have a collection of non-Carbonized Mac applications, there would be little reason to use Classic mode in routine operations, although being able to boot directly into OS 9.2.2 can be a wonderful facility for troubleshooting

OS X Journal: Dynamic domain hosting, iRock for iPod - I found out something strange this week. Norton System Works 2.0 includes Norton Utilities 7 and Anti-Virus 8 or OS X, but only includes NU 6 and NAV 7 for OS 9. I don't get that.

Office Packages for Mac OS X - Recently there has been a need around here to do Microsoft PowerPoint. A couple of weeks ago Comdex West was held here in Vancouver, British Columbia. Reviewing some of the materials required Microsoft PowerPoint, an excellent opportunity to play with Office for Mac OS X. There are other fish to fry also, such as AbiWord and of course AppleWorks

Mac OS X 10.1.3 Security Update - April 2002 Released - Apple has released the April 2002 security update for Mac OS X 10.1.3. This patch updates a number of unix tools and services to increase security

WWDC Registration Update - WWDC pre-registration is well underway, and offers some very cool pre-registration incentive packages. For starters, Apple has extended the early bird discount registration period. Those registering through April 19, 2002 pay $1,295 for the conference, a savings of $300 off the normal price of $1,595

OS X Releases & Updates - From the OSX FAQ

"I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid you can't do that (at least not on a Dell...) - I have had the new top-of-the-line iMac (the "Steve Jobs Shaving Mirror" model) for almost a month. Of course I loved it. I'm a Mac guy and there's nothing about it not to love. Even the inconvenience of the ports being located on the very back of the snow-globe base didn't bother me (other reviewers have complained about it but I think it's a non-issue).

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 12 - Want To Get A Quick Peek Of The Specs Of You Mac... And Save A Copy ??

On-Screen Keyboard Accessibility Solution for Mac OS X Ready for Prime Time - KeyStrokes for Mac OS X, is the first fully functional on-screen keyboard to run natively on Apple's next generation operating system and one of the first accessibility solutions bringing the power of Mac OS X to people with disabilities

AFS Monitor v1.0 For Mac OS X - AFS Monitor is an application used to monitor current connections to the local AppleFileServer (AFS). It shows who is currently connected as well as how many files and directories the currently connected users have created and deleted.

QT HTML v1.0 New Today For Mac OS X - Generates complex Quicktime HTML tags

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