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Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X that have been culled from around the Net.. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Mac OS X, mail it to us and we will add it

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This page retired: Thursday, May 9, 2002.
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Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 33 - For all those important court cases where you have to prove the modification date of a file, there is a great way to spoof the time and date of any file on your drive

Dr. Mac's Spectacular Suggestions for Saving View Settings... of my patients recently asked me about a problem she'd been having with her View Settings not sticking. Or, as she explained, Mac OS X has begun to change some of my View Settings including all the folders at the root level of my hard drive, (Application, Users, Library, etc) are changing to their default setting rather than my global setting. Whenever I Restart or Shut Down, my settings are changed. Is there a way to fix this? Also, is there a way I can get OS X to change ALL of the folders to my global setting

HID Wizard Released for OS X

Stone Design Ships Latest Stone Studio with New Features - All seven of the applications have a new menu item under the application name: "Check for Updates". This allows realtime checking to see if you have the latest version of the Stone Studio - and directs you to the Stone Design download site if you do not

MicroNet announces OS X-compatible SANcube configs - The SANcube is a Storage Area Network (SAN) device with FireWire connectivity

TripleD Releases AG Shaders for OS X Shader set supports Electric Image Universe - AG_Shaders includes several separate collections of shaders and utilities, some of which can be purchased in a bundle. These include:

OS X Odyssey 104 - Hard Drive Partitioning In OS X - Partitioning makes even more sense with OS X then it does with the legacy Mac OS. In the Unix world, standard operating procedure is to have multiple partitions for the OS, user directories, applications, and application support files. OS X, although it is is based on Unix, does not require this

Autostart XDarwin and The Gimp from AppleScript - Previously, metallicburgundy published a hint showing how to create a droplet that would let you load pictures from iPhoto into the Gimp. It used perl to parse the file name and required that you manually start XDarwin and the Gimp before using it. The following script makes all that work unnecessary

A Troubleshooting Guide For Os X Running On An Imac 800 (Flat Panel) Part 5 of a 6 Part Series -

How To Use Your Verizon Motorola Phone as a Wireless USB Modem in Mac OS X - I discovered that Verizon Wireless has this nifty service called Mobile Office, which allows you to use your cell phone as a 14.4 kbps wireless modem for your computer - at no extra charge! Note that this is not the same thing as their optional Mobile Web service, which is for WAP-enabled cell phones and costs extra per month. Of course, your cell phone needs to be a data-capable digital one, but even the discounted low-end phone I got when I signed up (the Motorola V. Series 120c) is one.

Mac OS X 10.1.5 in the Works - We now know (from the build that it sampled, build 5S37) that two more additions will be making it: a new "eject" icon pops up when using the eject key on Macs (the button, not the emergency hole); and iDisk access will be faster. The question is now when it would be released.

Mac OS X: The Case for Carbon - A number of developers for the Macintosh platform have opted to embrace the OpenStep-inspired Cocoa programming environment: the Objective-C classes that are used to call APIs (application programming interfaces) in Mac OS X . Cocoa also provides comparatively easy access to Quartz graphics technology and other functions. Some major players, however, have stuck with Carbon -- a modified set of APIs capable of producing Mac OS X applications that also run on earlier versions of the Mac OS (8.1 or later)

iPhoto v1.1 coming "soon" - an update to iPhoto, Apple's digital photo application, is due out "soon" via the Software Update

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 32 - Want To Identifie ALL The Open Files On Your Macintosh ?

"The Doc dishes out delicious Dock delights for your enjoyment and edification" - I recall that I mentioned doing the Command-Option-D (Hide/Show Dock) shortcut two times in a row to make (some) application windows automagically resize themselves and get out of the Dock's way

PrintMagic For OS X - PrintMagic works with virtually any program that allows you to select text, PrintMagic accelerates printing, and PrintMagic eliminates web browser printing problems. Additionally, PrintMagic can dramatically reduce your expenditures on ink/toner and paper!

Add multimedia to your email - It's easy to add pictures, movies and sound to your email with Entourage X. It's called HTML email, and it's hated by many. Why?

Ham radio operators can go OS X with Antenna Master 2 - Antenna Master is an antenna design package for amateur ham radio operators and other radio enthusiasts, as well as other folks in the communications business

Dreamweaver MX for Mac OS X announced - Dreamweaver MX allows development of HTML, XHTML, ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP or PHP websites. The application enables control over code and design with layout tools as well as coding features like code hints, tag editors, extensible color coding, tag choosers, snippets and code validation

Macromedia Intros Dreamweaver MX & Fireworks MX OS X-native apps include ColdFusion MX integration; trial downloads available now - Macromedia has unveiled three new members of its MX family of design and developments tools--Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX and ColdFusion MX. The new versions of Dreamweaver and Fireworks, set to ship in May, include for the first time native Mac OS X support, as well as the ability to integrate with Macromedia's server technologies, including ColdFusion

Live 1.5 Released as Free Update Sequencer runs natively in OS X - According to Ableton, Live is an audio sequencer that can be played like an instrument

Z Sculpt debuts 'InputSprocket compatibility for OS X' - One big change with Mac OS X's release in March of 2001 has been a source of extraordinary frustration for the average Mac gamer -- the lack of support for game controllers. Now Z Sculpt is taking charge with a new library intended for Mac game developers to bridge the gap between old and new technology. It's called HID Wizard 0.9b1, and it's free

Spark 2.5 with Mac OS X support now shipping - Spark offers multi-FX processing capabilities, audio editing and mastering via a one-window-approach. It transparently combines all aspects of audio editing from file database to audio editor and play list to browser view

OS X Odyssey 103 - Cocoa Browser Updates - OS Xbrowser development has been proceeding fast and furious, especially with the two Cocoa browser projects. The Chimera team has been releasing new versions about twice a week, while the OmniWeb group has had two new betas out in the past two weeks. Browsers are one category where OS X has a definite speed advantage over the legacy OS, especially in start-up times

A Troubleshooting Guide For Os X Running On An Imac 800 (Flat Panel) Part 4 of a 6 Part Series

Another look: Mac OS X 10.1.5 and QuickTime 6 (with images) - In the past week, sources have experimented with pre-release beta versions of the update, and found that Apple's claim of streamlined WebDAV support for iDisks is true indeed. As shown in the QuickTime movie below, using your iDisk will be significantly faster in 10.1.5

Top Mac OS X Utilities: Alternative Controls - In the previous installment of this series on Mac OS X utilities, I looked at Mac OS X programs that restored common capabilities provided by third party utilities in Mac OS 9. I said then that I was ignoring a large subset of that category, utilities that offer alternative control mechanisms

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 31 - Want To Show The Amount Of Dynamic Memory Acquired On Your Macintosh ?

MovingChart Coming to Mac in June OS X-native version included in release - StageTools has announced MovingChart, a new tool for motion graphics professionals for producing 3D charts and graphs in video presentations

Cleaner 5.1 is now OS X compatible and more powerful than ever. - Several of us here at MacNETv2 work with Digital Video. Some do it as a hobby and some do it as a profession. But all of us use the same tools, Sony or Canon Digital Camcorders, a fast Mac, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Cleaner 5. We don't consider a project done until it's been run through Cleaner 5, the industry-standard tool for authoring and delivering our QuickTime or DV files

Apple Remote Desktop - Another 'Killer App' from Apple - Apple Remote Desktop may very well be the Application that drives current educators who use Macs to make the move to OS X, and it will most certainly to the deciding factor for many educators who might still be sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to go with the Mac or the PC. Apple Remote Desktop is THAT good

Airport is not strictly an OS X feature, but part of getting OS X right is making sure that everything works out of the box. No fuss, no dip switches, no config nightmares -

Mac Sci/tech: Critical MATLAB for Mac OS X Survey Underway - Architosh has been asked to participate in the Sci/tech market for Mac OS X since 2000 and we have run a number of stories on this growing market for Apple in the past. Today we wish to point out one very important story and survey. MATLAB for Mac OS X

OS X Odyssey 102 -- Desktop Pictures In OS X - I am not especially smitten with any of the supplied images. I tend to be a partial to landscapes or cityscapes as desktop pictures in general, although currently the desktop picture I have selected it is of an F-18 fighter jet breaking the sound barrier Happily, OS X still allows you to import your own desktop pictures in any of the standard graphics formats

A Troubleshooting Guide For Os X Running On An Imac 800 (Flat Panel) Part 3 of a 6 Part Series - Panic Attack The UNIX core fails, strings fo text coat with errors messages displayed

OS X Releases & Updates - From the OSX FAQ

Review of Corel Graphics Suite 10 - Upon receiving the Corel Graphics Suite 10 I was happy to see that this suite of applications was OS X ready. Now I have a good reason to upgrade my system to OS X!

Powerful Solutions for 10.1 - the operating system is still in its infancy. While many improvements have been made by Apple since OS X originally shipped, there are still soft spots which effect Mac users' everyday experience

An Apple/Microsoft Support Story - The other day, after I plugged an LCD projector into the Mac as I was giving a public talk, the machine crashed in a classic kernel panic. When I restarted I could no longer run Internet Explorer

Mac OS X Command Line 101 - the vast majority of users can go a long time without having to ever touch the terminal. In fact, many of the longtime Mac faithful don't care to learn it at all, but there are growing numbers of people who would like to know how to use it. Mac OS X Command Line 101 is going to try and help those people do just that

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 30 - Want To See The Mach kernel Version Information ?

A Troubleshooting Guide For Os X Running On An Imac 800 (Flat Panel) Part 2 of a 6 Part Series - Some problems, as Dave Pogue points out in his book, are not problems in OS X. if you can't trash a file or preference it may be because you don't have Administrator access or it is at the Root

FormZ 4.0 Coming in Late July - The new version of the 3D modeler will include a host of new features, including Mac OS X support

AdAgentPlus released for Mac OS X - AdAgentPlus performs job costing, estimating, tracking and billing functions

OS X Odyssey 101 -- OS X Origin Of The Species - One of the hot topics on the Mac Web this week (hey, it's been a slow news week) has been the anti-Mac comments posted on what I'm convinced is a hoax Web site by a bogus purported fundamentalist Christian organization calling itself "Objective Christian Ministries."

Enable remote system event logging - I have been trying to figure out for some time how to do remote logging. This morning I finally got it to work and figured I would share the fruits of my labor

A Troubleshooting Guide For Os X Running On An Imac 800 (Flat Panel) Part 2 of a 6 Part Series - These notes were compiled after one month of working with my Imac, navigating OS X and troubleshooting the complexities of MS office, Adobe Distiller and other third party software. I ended up having to restore my hard drive twice. I researched first aid methods consulting books, articles, with input from authors and experts online

Mac OS X 10.1.4 Reader Reports: Part II

OS X Server in show - Mac OS X Server is generating great interest at London's New Media Show. Show exhibitor 21st Century Communications revealed how Apple's server solution is coming into its own. The company's chief software engineer Sumit Rai said: "OS X Server is Apple's new focus. It has previously been plumping for Mac OS X, the iPod, and the new iMac, and hasn't pushed OS X Server so far. However, all this is changing."

Applescript, BBEdit, PHP, MySQL and Flash MX Working Together as a Development Environment on Mac OS X - The new version of Macromedia's Flash MX, recently released for OS X, is an excellent upgrade to the program. Flash was always somewhat spongy on OS 9 and prone to crash. I have yet to crash MX no matter the length of time working, the amount of work done or the type of development being done

X Marks the Spot - In the year since Mac OS X was released, adoption of the new operating system has been at best, spotty. For graphics professionals, nonexistent is probably a more accurate term. Apple is out to change this during X's second year. The new iPhoto program is one of the signs of this campaign

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