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Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X that have been culled from around the Net.. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Mac OS X, mail it to us and we will add it

Past OS X News

Radio Transmitter/Decoder Alpha For OS X Released- MultiMode is a short wave and ham radio message transmitter and decoder

Kanex Updates QuickPopup With Jaguar Support - Kanex Group, Inc. has released an update for QuickPopup, bringing it to version 3.0.1. QuickPopup is an instant messaging app designed for use on closed networks found in offices or educational environments

iPrompter Upgrade Features OS X Support - iPrompter is a text prompting app designed for use in business or educational environments

Sybase Announces First Enterprise Database to Port to Mac OS X - Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 Will Support WebObjects 5 and Will Be Shipping In Q3 2002 on Mac OS X

Harvey's Speculation On New Products Using Mac OS X - Here are my own speculations (not rumors :-) on exciting new Apple products, that I wish will be introduced sometime soon (before the end of this year I hope). These speculations are based on logical reasoning for the addition of two new technologies, which Apple is building into the next major upgrade to Mac OS X, code-named Jaguar

How To Make Transparent Mac OS X Icons With Ease - If you love OS X icons as much as I do, you've probably tried your hand at creating some of your own. In nearly every "how to" I've read, you have to jump through hoops in order to get the desired effect. However, if you just want to make a cool icon to copy and paste onto an application, document, or folder, there's a much easier way. To do this, you will need two programs

OS X Odyssey 114 - Musings On Stability And Finder Response - Using OS 9.2.2 on my WallStreet PowerBook for three weeks has provided me with more of a appreciation of why OS X stability is such a breath of fresh air for many users

Mac OS X Server's remote management tools - specially enhanced for Xserve - let you configure and monitor all key services through the easy-to-use Aqua interface

OS X Releases & Updates - From the OSX FAQ

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 42 - Ever Wanted To Count Lines Of A File, Program Output ETC.?

A Tip For Showing File Name "tooltips" In Column View In Mac OS X - Ever find yourself going through a list of files in column view, and hovering your mouse over a particular long file name, waiting for the yellow "tooltip" to pop up and show the entire name? Well, guess what? You can force that little tooltip open instantly

Dr. Mac's CPU is freaking out... Time for another EKG ??? - Saw your tip about PTHCPUMonitor and how Apple's CPU Monitor takes up real estate. But did you know that there's a way to configure CPU Monitor to not take up real estate? Here's how

webMathematica for Mac OS X shipping - webMathematica is Web server software for adding live calculations to Web sites

OpenOSX shipping Office 1.0 CD - OpenOSX, a company that offers open-source software, is now shipping their Office 1.0 CD, which includes a variety of apps for Mac OS X

Netscape, AOL client for Mac OS X updated - Netscape X, the integrated Web browser and e-mail client for Mac OS X, has been updated to version 6.2.3

MacAmp Lite X 1.0.0 released - Subband Software announced today the release of MacAmp Lite X (MaltX) 1.0.0, a complete rewrite of the original. MacAmp Lite is a digital music player for the Mac, and the new version has been "written from the ground up" in Cocoa, Mac OS X's own development environment

Batch e-mail checking comes to OS X - The software is intended for businesses or other organizations that send e-mail in bulk. EMail Verifier X enables you to validate the e-mail addresses in your database before sending out messages, thus negating "undeliverable" bounce backs from mail servers

S X Odyssey 113 - Okito Composer Upgraded To Version 0.4d2, Public Release 4 - Okito Composer is definitely the prettiest word processor I've ever used. The interface is gorgeous -- a truly professional effort that reminds me of the OmniWeb browser. Composer is not by any means a heavily-featured Word substitute, and doesn't appear to have aspirations toward the high-end, near-DTP word processor category

Pixar's Renderman 3D Software Coming to OS X? - To generate 3D animation of the caliber that Pixar has gained a reputation for producing, high-performance systems based on Sun, Linux and NT technology are the norm with most 3D animation companies. Pixar is no different in this regard, but Steve Jobs' role as CEO has caused many to wonder why Macintosh systems are not used at Pixar

Vindigo 2.0 released, for OS X - With Vindigo 2.0, you can install information about music, restaurants, stores, nightlife, museums and other happens in cities that you frequent. You can get maps and directions, info on nearby ATMs, and much more

Mac OS X Command Line 101 - The Missing Argument Chapter

OS X makes a mysterious appearance on The X-Files - In the episode, FBI agents Reyes and Dogget confer with Agent Scully about a mysterious electrical discharge coming from a corpse. The agents conduct their meeting via video conference. Agents Reyes and Dogget are seated in front of a Wintel box, but Scully is standing in front of what appeared to be a 22" Cinema Display, with a web cam mounted on top

Jobs Unveils OS X "Jaguar" but QuickTime's Future Remains in Doubt - QuickTime 6 will be a huge improvement with the addition of support for MPEG-4 video and AAC audio streaming. "QuickTime 6 will be the best platform for creating and viewing MPEG-4 content," said Apple marketing chief Philip Schiller. "Combining QuickTime 6 with the free QuickTime Streaming Server and QuickTime Broadcaster, Apple delivers the world's first complete media solution for creating, streaming and viewing MPEG-4 content." Of course, this assumes that the owners of the MPEG standard do not go from shooting themselves in the foot to shooting themselves in the head over licensing fees.

The next Mac OS X: Why it's gonna be one cool cat - I spent all of last week at Apple's 2002 Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose and, therefore, remain firmly within Jobs's notorious Reality Distortion Field. But I'll still try to review some of last week's bigger announcements with some dispassion

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 41 - Ever want to open a terminal window at a directory shown in the Finder, but without typing the full path name?

It's a matter of history... In Mac OS X - Displayed are the previous terminal commands in order of execution

PTHCPUMonitor - PTHCPUMonitor is an application that displays the system load on the menu bar

MemoryPro: Memory Management Utility for Mac OS X - MacZ Software presents a new memory management utility, MemoryPro. MemoryPro enables users to manage the memory allocation settings of their applications within a single window

PPCs get even friendlier with Macs - A pro version of IAA's PocketMac for connecting Pocket PCs to Macs is now in beta; new features include synchronization with Entourage, Exchange Server and the OS X address book

Topic: Why, And For What Do You Use The CLI? - I've been in a philosophical mood for a while now regarding graphical and command-line driven interfaces. So since we're all Mac users here, I'm wondering: what got you interested in the CLI, and what do you use it for?

Mac OS X Command Line 101 - Understanding Metacharacters

OS X Odyssey 112 - Show Info Innovations - One of the Finder protocols that has changed quite radically -- if subtly -- from OS 9 conventions is the Show Info dialoue. In some instances, the name changes in OS X are arbitrary and gratuitous, but in this case, a name change was appropriate, because the function is substantially different

Professional Font-Management Software with a Penchant for Zealous Organization Comes to OS X - This version of Font Reserve has a new Aqua interface and the program's tried-and-true easy font filtering; it lets you manage your fonts in OS X's Classic mode in a familiar way and introduces a feature that helps you avoid font conflicts in both OS X and Classic

X quest: Re-installing IE, the redux - A couple days ago, I asked IGM readers for help in re-installing Internet Explorer. I got some good suggestions for work arounds and even a couple step-by-steps on exactly how I should go about it. Here are the results thus far:

X on Mac OS X - Another Step Forward - how to install an excellent X Window server on Mac OS X

Jaguar - Getting Ready to Roar? - Apart from Quartz Extreme, the only other item that relates to MacOSX's performance in Apple's latest public announcement is the mention of a "multithreaded Finder". This, too, is welcome news, but is a far cry from the system-wide, universal performance enhancements still expected from Apple

Probably one of the most exciting announcements that happened at WWDC is the announcement of Quartz Extreme. Quartz, for those of you who have been asleep all this time, is the underlying graphics layer for Mac OS X It handles everything from such glorious tasks as drawing text on the screen to your mundane, everyday genie effects -

Developers Embrace Mac OS X 'Jaguar' - keynote demo of Jaguar was incredibly exciting for us; there's a ton of new toys in it. It's clear that Apple is listening to customers and developers and is actually excited about giving us what we want," Wil Shipley, president of the Omni Group, told NewsFactor

Apple's Jaguar - sliced and diced - You'd think Apple developers would have something better to do after a WWDC Beer Bash, than write to The Register. But instead of stumbling back to San Jose hotel rooms to be sick in a bucket, a number of you kind souls instead chose to tell us about "Jagwyre", the codename for the 10.2 release of Mac OS X. "Jagwyre" is definitely not a Harry Potter offshoot. It's Steve's private name for what Apple officially calls "Jaguar" but the stuffy and expensively-educated American trade press attending the keynote on Monday repeatedly sniggered at his pronunciation, which after deep consultation with you folks, we think is unforgivably bad manners. But after much to-ing and fro-ing we can exclusively give you a reasonably corroborated analysis of the new release, and we've garnered much more detail than we expected to

OS X Journal: Closer look at Jaguar's Quartz Extreme - Right now, the CPU handles majority of OS X's Quartz graphics. Tweaks aside, to improve Finder performance you'll have to either increase CPU speeds or unload rendering to a graphics processor (GPU). Quartz Extreme will allow Mac OS X to offload most of these Quartz graphics to the graphics card, freeing up a significant portion of the CPU to work on other tasks

Bluetooth faces number of challenges - hardware suppliers are building Bluetooth capabilities into their products, but the challenge remains for software suppliers to do the same thing with their operating systems and applications

Pixar Technologist: Dr. Michael Johnson Speaks on Animated Films - Johnson took advantage of his knowledge of the Cocoa rapid application development environment for Mac OS X, to get a very basic working application up the first evening

Audio: Users respond to OS X 'Jaguar' preview - So what's the big deal about Jaguar? What are the cool parts, and what are the bad parts? On this show listen as the listeners and host/producer talk about the latest preview of the upcoming Mac OS X update code named "Jaguar."

Bluetooth hardware - Here is a look at some of the Bluetooth hardware that's available today or due shortly

Steve Jobs and the History of Cocoa, Part Two - In Part One, Simson Garfinkel and Michael Mahoney explain why Cocoa and Mac OS X aren't nearly as revolutionary as they are evolutionary, beginning with Apple's genesis in the 1970s. Now they pick up the story with the Star Trek project and bring you to the current iteration of Mac OS X.

Enterprise Database Development Tools Come To Mac OS X - Sybase, Inc. has announced that two of its Enterprise-class database development tools, Open Client and Open Server, are now available for Mac OS X

Free Office Suite, OpenOffice, Reaches "Milestone" Developer Release For Mac OS X - OpenOffice is a project that is being developed in cooperation with Sun, and this release marks the first real release for Mac OS X. It's a "developer release," which means it is about as stable as an "alpha" build, and it requires the use of the X11 Windowing System for its GUI

Opinion: Release Classic as open source - I propose that Apple should -- with proper consideration given to their intellectual property rights -- open source Classic. Piece by piece Cupertino should release its back catalog operating systems to the public under GPL or some variant thereof, and let the luddites be luddites

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 39 - I was looking at Dr. Bob's Terminal screenshot in one of the tips and saw the top of the Terminal Window say Dr. Bob's Terminal. I wanted to know how to do that

Mute the boot up sound in Mac OS X! - It is very easy to mute that startup sound in OSX

Today's Prescription From Dr Mac Is "PDF Freedom" - Did you know you can create a PDF file in OS X from any program that can print, without any third-party software

chartConstructor 1.0 released for OS X - Headshack today announced the release of chartConstructor 1.0. It's a shareware application that can be used to build charts to help with project management

4-Sight Fax Comes To OS X - Soft Solutions has announced its OS X-native version of 4-Sight-Fax, which brings TCP/IP fax server access to Mac OS X.

Macintosh Explorer 3.1:better support for OSX - The $15 shareware Macintosh Explorer 3.1, Rage Software's file browser and file management tool, provides improved support for OS X

OS X Odyssey 110 - EasyFind Substitute For Sherlock Searches Requires No Indexing - I estimate that I have some 10,000 columns and news articles of my own archived on my hard drive, as well as perhaps half that many research documents. Retrievability is the problem. The Mac OS purports to offer a solution to this dilemma with Sherlock 2's "Find By Content" feature. However, in my humble opinion, Sherlock 2's implementation of this potentially valuable ability, ummmmm..., sucks

Photoshop 7 Arrives for Mac OS X - After one of the longest drum-rolls in software-development history, Adobe has released Photoshop 7.0, which runs natively in Mac OS X. This alone is reason to rejoice, since Photoshop on the Mac is like salt and pepper on the table

Mac OS X Reader Reports: Jaguar

OS X Beyond the PowerPC - we have Windows wed to PC hardware, the classic Mac OS wed to Apple hardware, and OSX and other Unix variants that are more or less platform independent. Although low-end Mac users are unlikely to abandon the classic Mac OS, for all intents the battle will come down to Microsoft's virtual Goliath and a handful of Unix pebbles in David's hands

Tim O'Reilly Explains Why Mac OS X Might Be the Next Big Thing - Tim praised Apple's approach to building Mac OS X, not because he was speaking at WWDC, but because Apple appears to be following a proven positive approach to the design of its Unix-based platform -- characteristics shared by another modern success story: the Apache Web server. Tim's three keys to survival are:

Apple Officially Skips Version 1.1, Updates iPhoto To Version 1.1.1- Apple briefly released, then pulled, a 1.1 updater for iPhoto last week, but the company officially released version 1.1.1 of the app today. The new version includes several new features

What is -, jointly founded in April 2002 by Internet Software Consortium, Inc. (ISC) and Apple, is an attempt to take cooperative Darwin development to the next level. Membership in the OpenDarwin project and access to its works are open to everyone. The project is also fully independent, with control over its own web site, project news, bug tracking information and CVS repository, as well as any other services that the community owners may wish to provide.

Darwin - Open Source - Apple's open source projects allow developers to customize and enhance key Apple software. Through the open source model, Apple engineers and the open source community collaborate to create better, faster and more reliable products for our users

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 38 - You can use the ~ to represent your home directory in pathnames. i.e. cp something ~/Documents will copy something to your home directory.

Add new features to your iPod In Mac OS X - Dr. Mac tells you how. - this third new feature, called "scrubbing," Which lets you scroll backwards or forwards to any point in a song while it is playing. If you've got a Pod and haven't tried it, here's how it works

OmniOutliner is the premier tool for outlining and organizing your thoughts on MacOS X

WWDC: Microtek Aqua-fies scanning software

Intuem: OS X MIDI music authoring for students, home - ntuem is a MIDI-based music authoring application for Mac OS X that has been developed specifically for education and home use

Omniweb 4.1b6 for OS X Released - Multithreaded and utilizing Apple's Cocoa frameworks, OmniWeb is a free, fully-native OS X browser

Apple WebObjects Updater X 5.1.2 - WebObjects 5.1.2 includes updated versions of several WebObjects class and jar files. A Refreshing Email Alternative - The big three email clients (, Entourage, and Eudora) draws mixed feelings from users. Bloat, poor interface design, and bugs have widened the market for alternative email clients

Guides: Adding Dynamic Content to Your OS X Website With RSS - Many people desire to add continually updated information to their Websites, enticing visitors to come back regularly. With OS X's built-in web server and the PHP module for Apache, you can easily add headlines from other Websites to your site, using a protocol called Rich Site Summary or "RSS."

OS X Odyssey 109 - Jaguar and Inkwell - "Jaguar" should entice a lot more to make the leap when it is it released in "late summer 2002." I guess that means it won't be ready for Mac World Expo NY

Jaguar: Mac OS X Prepares to Pounce - Fans of Mac OS 9's spring-loaded folders will be happy to see the feature return to Mac OS X, enabling you to click and hold on a folder to view its contents and drill down into other nested folders

Mac OS X: The Curse of the New - Matt Deatherage, the publisher of MDJ and MWJ, did some calculating based on numbers that came out of Apple's recent quarterly results. Apple has shipped about 3 million Macs with Mac OS X pre-installed so far, and as of last quarter had shipped 1 million boxed copies of Mac OS X. Based on those numbers and some extrapolation, Matt estimates there are about 4.2 million copies of Mac OS X out there

O'Reilly Experts, Garfinkel & Mahoney, Expose OS X & Cocoa - We cannot recommend Mr. Garfinkel and Mr. Mahoney's article enough, especially while the WWDC serves as a backdrop for Apple's latest push in courting developers.

OS X Releases & Updates - From the OSX FAQ

Apple Not Resting on Its Mac OS X Laurels - Last year, the call to developers was to support the new operating system by developing OS X apps as quickly as possible. At times, the tone of the conference had even bordered on threatening, as crystallized by Steve Jobs saying, "The train has left the station." This year's tone is much different. Now that Apple has managed to ship Mac OS X 10.1, iPhoto, the iPod, and some great new computers, they've been able to take a deep breath and begin a new phase of refinement and innovation.

Code-named "Jaguar," the next major release of Mac OS X will delight you with the innovation, elegance and ease of use you've come to expect from Apple -

Apple unveils a new OS at old system's funeral - Built into Jaguar will be iChat, a new instant messenger program complete with AOL-style Buddy Lists that enables Mac users -- even those without an AOL subscription -- to send text messages and multimedia files to AIM members

Jaguar preview disappointing! - I would have to say that Avatar chat wants to make me hurt people. Besides sacrificing sacred CPU cycles it's slow

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 37 - Want the MAC address of a local computer? (MAC = Media Access Control)

Want to know what shortcuts are in your tcsh file? - In a terminal type: alias

Spring blooms for Mac OS X - UserCreations has announced Spring for OS X, which it describes as an application that "acts as a desktop -- one with deep, thoughtful and imaginative communication and commerce integration."

Don't Like Your Keyboard Layout? Try DoubleCommand For OS X! - Although Apple makes great machines, some aspects of their peripherals leave something to be desired. Of particular note is many of the keyboards, which have layouts which may not suit all needs

WWDC: Filemaker Inc. to Demo Complete Suite on X - FileMaker also plans to show off its FileMaker Pro 5.5, FileMaker Server 5.5 and FileMaker Developer 5.5, all running natively on OS X

Cocoa Sprite Kit debuts for OS X game makers - The Cocoa Sprite Kit is a framework that helps to simplify the process of creating 2D graphics applications.

DAVE 3.1.1 shares outbound PostScript printers on OS X - DAVE enables Macs and Windows PCs working on the same network to better cooperate

New AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) for Mac OS X- Available Now!

Toon Boom Studio 1.2 Launches - Toon Boom Studio is an animation package targeted toward small animation houses an indivisuals creating animations for the Web

OmniObjectMeter is an essential part of any Mac OS X developer's toolbox: a tool that makes it easy for Cocoa and Unix developers to find and fix memory leaks, excessive allocation operations, "zombies", prematurely deallocated objects, and other performance issues.

ReportMill Software, Inc. will this week be demonstrating the latest version of their popular WebObjects/Java reporting tool at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference Exhibit Fair

O'Reilly makes OS X announcements - O'Reilly & Associates has introduced several Mac OS X-oriented products, at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

A useful tool for Mac users in a Windows world - Think Free Office is a solid, simple way to open and use Microsoft files on a Mac platform

"GeeGaw" What the hell is it? Ask Dr. Mac! - when I said the PowerMate was "one of my favorite toys," I meant "toy" in a good way, the same way I'd call my iPod, digital camera, camcorder, and other stuff "toys." In other words, when I say "toy," I mean it in the nicest sense of the word

OS X Odyssey 108 - Sputnix and AudioGalaxy - Sputnix is a nice little program -- vary polished for freeware. The interface is attractive, intuitive, and efficient, and the online manual is very nicely done. My main beef is that Sputnix boots up Internet Explorer by default

Microsoft Office v. X and Corrupt Fonts - I discovered today that Microsoft Office X "optimizes" your MacOS X fonts. Most of the time that isn't a problem, but, if you have the slightest disk error, the Office X application doing the optimizing will corrupt a font

Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 for OS X: Simply the Best - How's version 7.0, created to run natively on OS X (and it runs fine on OS 9, for those who've not yet switched over)? In a word, excellent

Mac OS X 10.1.4 - The update, according to Apple, delivers improved networking, security, and additional disc recording device support. Specific enhancements include updated and new support for Fast 10 SCSI drives, including the Pioneer 201 drive, expanded support for SmartDisk, EZQuest, and LaCie disc recording devices

New OS X 10.1.5 build seeded to developers - This new build contains further bugfixes

Jaguar, next major Mac OS X update coming this summer - The long-rumored Inkwell technology will let Mac users enter text using a pen in any application that accepts text. In talking of Inkwell, Jobs joked that finally Apple had gotten something out of all the technology it had invested in the Newton handheld device that never caught on with the general public

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference: A New Mac OS - With his usual flare for the dramatic, Apple CEO Steve Jobs began his keynote at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference standing mournfully over a coffin containing a box reading "Mac OS 9." Held in San Jose, California, in front of a packed house of approximately 2,000 developers, Jobs said that Mac OS 9 "isn't dead for users just yet, but it is dead for you."

Jobs puts Mac OS 9 to rest - While delivering an elegy for Mac OS 9, Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs promised Monday that Apple would ship the next major upgrade to OS X--including handwriting recognition--by the end of the summer

Apple Unveils Next Iteration Of Mac OS X - Code-named Jaguar, the upgrade is slated to be released late this summer and will include new applications and technology

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 36 - From your favorite shell enter: finger username

Dr. Mac's Prescription "Browsers are free and so are you" - I love these guys (The Omni Group). They have such a great attitude and make such nice, useful, cleanly designed software. Not to mention all the cool games they've ported to Mac OS X.

How To Change Your Hostname - If you've spent any time in the terminal, you'll no doubt have been bothered by the hostname be set at the rather bland "localhost"

UK schools given OS X microscope boost - Matthias Krauss Software has released Mac OS X beta drivers for Intel's Play QX3 USB microscope.

MenuStrip for Mac OS X now a System Preference Panel - MenuStrip allows quick access to frequently used settings, such as the computer volume and monitor controls, right from the OS X menubar

Marketcircle produces first PIM/CRM for Mac OS X platform - Beyond just a really good - and gorgeous looking - PIM (personal information manager) application, Daylite is a full featured CRM (customer relationship manager) app as well

Default Folder X 1.5 has been released! - This release now supports both Cocoa and Carbon applications

MCVE Client Has Good Credit On OS X - Now users have an Aqua Configuration utility, Aqua monitor utility, Aqua MCVE client, PHP client, and a batch utility to interface with the MCVE engine at the transaction level

Glider Pro Updated For OS X - Glider Pro is a gliding game where the object is to stay afloat through different themed houses. The update brings Glider Pro to OS X

OS X Odyssey 107 - Checking Out Xounds 1.2 - Xounds is a "haxie" from Unsanity Software that brings back OS 8-9 Appearance Sounds to MacOS X. Xounds is able to convert MacOS 8 or 9 Sound Sets

OS X Part 7: Another Thing Wrong -- Upgrades - Something that Apple has not yet got right yet is net-based upgrades

OS X Journal: 25 OS X tips for OS 9 Users - This week, we'll take a look at using OS X as an OS 9 user

Charles Moore Reviews Keystrokes For OS X - Regular readers will recall that one of the reasons I aborted my test flight using OS X for production work on and just after the Easter weekend was that the mouse drivers in X would not support clicking with one mouse while dragging with another - -one of the key workarounds I use in dealing with my chronic polyneuritis/fibromyalgia problem

A First Look At Microsoft Office v.X for Mac OS X - Today's desktop reality is that Microsoft Office rules. In earlier times, I felt that the attention might not have been completely justified, but Office v.X for OS X has changed all that. It's a terrific package, with enough elegance and power for the most sophisticated user, and intuitiveness for the occasional hack to make his way through a presentation without a lot of hand-holding

Mac OS X Command Line 101 - We'll start with some basic commands in our first column. The three most important things you can know about anything are: where things are, where you are, and where you can find more information. That's as good a place to start as any

OS X Daily Dose: Verbose Mode - Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when your computer boots into Mac OS X? In previous versions of the Mac operating system, we were always greeted with a row of extension icons that were loaded at system boot

Piles of new stuff indicate OS 9 on its way out - With the exception of the new version of Quark XPress that is OS 9 only (what were they thinking?), they're just not making much software for Mac OS 9 anymore

AOL UK is developing a Mac OS X 10.1 (and above) client

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 35 - Want A Quick Way To List Just Directories In The Terminal

Dr. Mac's Commentary on Comments and Commenting - Since I told you about lists yesterday, here's a tip with lots of commentary I've seen on one of Eric's lists. These all have to do with Comments in the Finder and the ways you can use them in Mac OS X

The Cool Mac OS X PowerBook Helper - This tip is about a shareware Mac OS X Location Manager. Something those of us with PowerBooks could really use

Tribeworks Unveils iShell 3 For Mac OSX -- Preview Release Adds Timeline Editor - Tribeworks is releasing the iShell 3 Preview release to its exclusive Gold Member Community for review starting today. Based on customer feedback the final version of iShell 3 is expected to be released in the summer of 2002

OS X Odyssey 106 - Tom Bender On Tex Edit Plus And OS X Porting Issues - In OS X Odyssey 99 I did a mini-review update on the latest OS X build of Tom Bender's Tex Edit Plus 2.4.2, noting that while TE+ for the legacy OS is, IMHO, well-nigh perfected, TE+ for OS X still leaves a bit to be desired, at least by comparison with its sibling

RAM disks on OS X - We've seen some discussion, some debate, some information, and some confusion and misinformation about using RAM disks on OS X

Cider Press: Have Laptop, Will Play Games - One Of The Best Games Out There Makes Nice With Your Laptop And OS X - Escape Velocity: Nova Review

Should Apple Drop OS X For Linux? - I was so appalled by the sheer ignorance (meant literally, not pejoratively) and tunnel-vision-like qualities of the opinions of one Mr. Beach, editor of magazine, I had to sound off (read Vern Seward's write up on the piece at TMO). Mr. Beach thinks Apple needs to come up with a GUI for Linux and offer a Linux-run iMac to the corporate and home markets

Not quite enterprise yet - With Windows, there is a plethora of "enterprise" tools that allow you to mange software from a central location. Symantec Ghost is a popular tool used to manage software rollouts and updates. Symantec's Norton Antivirus Corporate addition allows an administrator to check the status of virus scans, remotely authorize virus scans and update virus definitions. There are a lot of applications that come in "enterprise" or "corporate" guise which all feature centralized control. All of this magic happens from the comfy confines of your favorite task chair. I've long lamented that the MacOS hasn't been up to task when it comes to dancing the marengue with the rest of the folks in the enterprise space

Apple software elegant, useful - The Mac OS X operating system is the most elegant interpretation of Unix I've ever seen. As with all things Apple, the power and complexity are hidden beneath an elegant interface

An Apple for the Enterprise - "IF YOU WANT to sell more computers to the home market, sell more computers to the enterprise market." That was how a Gartner research analyst answered an inquiry from a representative of a tier-three PC company in October 1995. Makes sense, doesn't it? If I stare at a Dell computer on my desktop all day at work, Dell will most likely be top of mind when I'm in the market for a home computer. I was thinking of that Gartner moment when I visited one of those hip Apple retail stores and watched two IT professionals go ga-ga over the new iMac personal computer

Digital FireworX explodes onto OS X scene - Digital FireworX are fully rendered 3D particle animations created to simulate fireworks. Each firework piece is self-contained in its own file, so you can think of it as a plug-in

Photoshop 7 Down & Dirty Tricks - ou may have bought this book for either Photoshop 5 or 6. Both versions were great and they both are still on my shelf of computer books. If you have an innate need for MORE tricks, cooler effects and just an amazing amount of Photoshop knowledge this is a must have book

Review - Dreamweaver MX Beta - Dreamweaver MX is fast. If it was not for the annoying Licence Manager screen counting the days till this product expired, it would have launched in a jiffy. The new interface is really cool too. It has been fully aquafied. Even the small folders that once were Copland-esque have now turned aqua

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 - Without a doubt, Adobe Photoshop 7 is the most important Mac OS X release to date.

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 34 - Want To Display Information About The System Users ??

LiteSwitch for Mac OS X coming - Proteron has announced that LiteSwitch X, a keyboard application switcher for Mac OS X

eMail Alert! 3.0 for Mac OS X - eMail Alert! 3.0 has been redesigned from the ground up for Mac OS X, including a refined user interface with spaced controls, easier message readability, and a redesigned global alert system

JAW software ships MPEG2Splitter 1.4 for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X

Apple iPhoto X 1.0

Dr. Mac's Patients Get The "LIST" - Another place I find a lot of information that eventually works its way into my tips are the Mac OS X mailing lists run by Eric Prentice. I get them all. It's a lot of mail, frequently more than 100 messages a day. But Entourage is more than up to the task. Anyway, that's today's tip--if you can't get enough Mac OS X info, sign up for one or more of them

OS X Odyssey 105 - Disk Space Reclamation - A week or to let go, Low End Mac's Dan Knight mentioned that he'd hit a roadblock installing the OS X 10.1.4 updater because the two gigabyte OS X hard drive partition on his 10 gigabyte TiBook hard drive was nearly maxed out. I haven't run into that problem yet -- my OS X partition is 4 gigabytes -- but the partition has nevertheless been filling up alarmingly quickly

Disable Aqua on bootup for server use - Generally on my UNIX servers, I disable any GUI's so the server has more memory available and no processor time is being spent doing something that is not being used. Here is how to completely disable to GUI upon bootup in OS X and have just a plain UNIX login prompt

A Troubleshooting Guide For Os X Running On An Imac 800 (Flat Panel) Part 6 of a 6 Part Series - Many people feel it is best to partition and place OS 9 on a smaller portion (say 6 to 10 Gigs) with the lion's share for OS X

The ThinkFree Alternative - This shows you how to "create a multi-document word processor that has support for graphics, colors, rulers, alignment, super and subscripting, baseline control, UNICODE, kerning, and it reads and writes RTF and RTFD files" with ten lines of code.

Mac OS X Migration Centre - A Primer in Mac OS X Migration. - Migrating to Mac OS X can be a pain in the rear. This is not as easy as, say, migrating from System 7 to Mac OS 8, or from Mac OS 8 to Mac OS 9

Do FireWire Drives Run Faster or Slower On OS X? And Do Third Party FireWire Drivers Help? - At first I didn't notice it but now that I'm testing mostly in OS X, the FireWire drive speeds seem to have dropped compared to OS 9 testing. A closer study produced some interesting data including some insights on whether third party drivers help with either OS

Mac OS X 10.1.4 Reader Reports: Part III

Photoshop 7.0: Top-7 Tips & Tricks - A guide to some of the hidden features in Photoshop 7

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