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Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X that have been culled from around the Net.. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Mac OS X, mail it to us and we will add it

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Should You Jump to Jaguar? Read Our Review - There's nothing wrong with OS X 10.1.5, and users who don't want to pay $129 for OS X 10.2 will be able to function just fine without it. But for most users, there are a lot of important improvements in this upgrade: performance boosts, improved printing, and interface enhancements will be immediate benefits. And over time, OS X 10.2's new technologies (including Quartz Extreme and Rendezvous) will make the update even more valuable

Dantz offers new Retrospect build to fix some Jaguar issues - The new Retrospect client also corrects a problem that causes the Retrospect client to spontaneously turn off after about 17 minutes. The "Defer" button in the Backup Server alert window is now functioning properly under Mac OS X 10.1.x, as well

Before you leap, check for Jaguar compatibility - As the days count down to the release of the Jaguar update (OS X 10.2), a number of "earlier adopter" reports about incompatibilities with third-party applications have begun to appear

OS X Jaguar Review - BUY IT. LEARN IT. LOVE IT. - In 7 days, Jag will hit the streets, and people will have to stop bitching about OS X for at least a day. Thank heavens. All of the features are welcomed additions to the OS, and some of them damn near killer. The general speed improvements are nice, making the overall experience pleasant and less time-consuming

Apple doesn't slam the door on OS 9 ... yet - Apple will be posting information to their Web site in the next few days enabling customers running Mac OS 8.6 or under, or that no longer have their Mac OS 9 CD, to get a copy of OS 9. Under the Mac OS up-to-date fulfillment program, with proof of purchase of Jaguar, customers can purchase Mac OS 9 for $19.95

Thursday - Create Banners - reate a short banner with the Unix command 'banner'.

How to Back Up and Restore Your User Data and Files In Mac OS X - This document explains how to locate your files and data, create a backup (or archive), and restore files and data from the backup. This is useful, for example, after you have erased the computer's Mac OS X disk or volume

How To Run fsck To Examine A Non-boot Volume In Mac OS X - Those of you who have used Mac OS X since the days of the Public Beta, and those of you who joined this adventure later but have been paying close attention, are aware of the fact that when the Disk First Aid portion of Disk Utility is run from the startup volume and asked to examine the startup volume, it gives unreliable diagnoses. For example, it often incorrectly reports that there are problems, such as "orphaned indirect inodes," with the startup volume.

Netscape notes Mozilla browser and Jaguar Java issues - The open-source Web browser Mozilla appears to have some issues related to Java and Mac OS X 10.2, codenamed "Jaguar." Mac OS X 10.2 will be officially released late next week

Apple gives break to multi-Mac homes - The family license program, to some degree, depends on the honor system. Although legally Mac owners are required to purchase a copy of the operating system for each Mac they own, Apple, unlike Microsoft, does not put technical barriers in place to prevent people from installing software on more than one machine

Filmmakers to be showcased at Mac OS release event - Castle Computers in Latham will showcase local filmmakers at an event leading up to the release of Apple Computer Inc.'s new UNIX-based operating system. The "Made with a Mac" expo Aug. 23 will feature area filmmakers and other artists who use Apple products.

Apple's Wider iMac Screen, Jaguar System Are Big Steps - I tested Jaguar on two Macs. The new 17-inch iMac Apple came preloaded with it and I installed it myself on a year-old PowerBook laptop. It worked without a single hitch on both machines. Apple claims there are 150 new features and refinements in Jaguar, but I'll focus on only a few major items

X marks the spots - given that it is only about five years since, in a much more buoyant computer industry, most analysts were predicting the imminent demise of Apple Computer and had its bones sold off to everyone from IBM to Gateway (who?), it is worth taking the Cupertino company's pulse. I am able to report that it is steady, the heart pumping nicely.

Fun with Mac OS X Preferences - Mac OS still uses Internet Config to some extent, but it is different than in Mac OS 9 in a few ways

Dr. Mac says: "Rebuild the OS X desktop? Well, sort of..."

How to Start up in Single-User or Verbose Mode In Mac OS X - Use the appropriate key combination when you turn on the computer to enter single-user mode or verbose mode, which can be used for troubleshooting and in software development.

Week 6 - Useful Utilities - To find out how to convert from anything to anything use the Unix command 'units'. In the first example I wish to convert between feet and metres (meters), and so I type 'feet' then 'metres' (or 'meters')

No Mac OS 9 included with Jaguar? Are you really surprised? - Why are they so surprised? Did they not see Steve Jobs' Mac OS X adoption clock demonstration? What did they think would happen when the clock reached midnight?

How Much Should Jaguar Cost? How Much Is A Customer Worth? - That's right, my preconception that Apple is going to treat me right is seriously threatened right now. I honestly feel that Apple is showing a complete lack of respect to early adopters, recent buyers of Mac OS X and Apple hardware, and especially Switchers, by not offering any sort of an upgrade path for Jaguar, the next version of Mac OS X that is scheduled to be released next week

Hillman's "HOT" - Windows Assault On Educators is BS !! - Macs and education are two words that used to go together hand in hand. Now, with Dell flexing its muscles in the field, there is another strong player on the field. Without Dell's strong education initiatives, one could argue that Apple would be able to march unimpeded back into education dominance. Unfortunately, that's not the case. The shootout at the education corral is on, and the players are swinging

Jaguar in Santa Clara - If you've followed the activity on Mac DevCenter and MacSlash during the The first week of August, you know that I finally came out and said what's been on my mind since Macworld N.Y.: "We've got to get behind Mac OS X."

Classic moves closer to the grave - Another step towards the inevitable, but probably way too fast for many to swallow. In fact, this will likely add to the growing ill will felt towards the mothership

Improved Chart-Drawing App Helps You See the Big Picture - The potential shown by The Omni Group's OmniGraffle 1.0 (Reviews, October 2001) is fulfilled in the more mature OmniGraffle 2.0.2. This version of the OS X-native chart-creation program includes enhancements such as the ability to implement AppleScripts and incorporate hyperlinks in charts. There are also several cool new design tools

ABSplus Now Boots Mac OS X & It ROCKS !! - New Mac OS X-Bootable Automatic Backup System Provides Easy Backup and Elegant Disaster Recovery in an Instant

How to Automatically Connect to a Server When You Log Into Mac OS X - By using a server's Internet Location file as a login item, you can have the Connect to Server dialog automatically appear when you log in

Dr. Mac - Speed and Size - They Do Matter! - I'm not like most users. I sit in front of my Mac all day, every day, and use it for dozens of different and diverse tasks in both work and play. And while the PowerBook (see last week's column) may have enough horsepower to be my main Mac, and a good enough screen for planes and hotels, it doesn't have enough display space for my needs at home

Dr. Mac on Swapping Big Drives for Small - One of my patients, Ken, is about to swap a smaller internal with a bigger external and asks for my opinion

High End Scanner Support In OS X? - "I want to upgradde to OSX at work, but I have one major problem. I am using the Saphire Ultra scanner. Heidelberg has dropped out of the scanning market and has no intention of writing any drivers for OS X. Is anyone using this scanner with the new OS?

Bluetooth on Mac OS X - One of the first practical applications of this technology is to provide an easy way for us to connect our cell phones to our computers. Everyone knows how difficult it is to type addresses and phone numbers into our phone address books, let alone input more advanced PIM data. But if the computer could be used to easily organize and transfer this information

AOL For X Is Here And It Was Worth The Wait - After an extensively long development period AOL’s Macintosh programming department today announced the completion of the Mac OS X version of the America Online access software. At first glance, the finished product looks as though it was well worth the wait as it looks as though it seamlessly integrates with the Mac OS X environment.

Macworld readers ready for X 10.2 - Almost half of Macworld Online readers will upgrade to Mac OS X 10.2 – codenamed Jaguar – on its release, according to a poll conducted on the site

Mac OS X gets an AOL update - New features in AOL for Mac OS X include a message counter that displays the number of new e-mails and instant messages on the AOL icon in the Mac OS X Dock; support for e-mail with rich HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) features; a new search service; and a new welcome screen with one-click access to e-mail

Dr. Mac: A dozen ways to eject or unmount a recalcitrant CD or DVD... - It seems there are more and more people reporting problems getting discs to pop out of some optical drives. I know I have to coax a disk to eject or a disk image to unmount using brute force every so often. And so I thought it would be nice to collect all the different ways to eject/dismount/open the drive tray/drive/slot.

Part 4 - Managing Permissions (Page 1 of 2) - The previous three parts have covered Unix basics, files, and directories. Once one starts to play around with files and directories, problems with Unix permissions will inevitably be encountered: so this is the next step in our understanding of Unix

Week 6 - Useful Utilities - To display a calendar for any month or year use the 'cal' command

Mac OS X Internet and Network Topics (Getting Connected, Troubleshooting) - This document discusses common Internet and network topics, including how to connect to the Internet, how to troubleshoot your Internet connection, and how to set up a small network

Mac OS X technology powers new Forwardmyemail company - Venture capitalist H. David Smith from Nashville, Tennessee, and his son, Joe of Boone, North Carolina, have formed Forwardmyemail, a firm dedicated to helping clients consolidate and manage a deluge of e-mail

Jaguar: Boxed and Ready to Roll - Apple appears to be running a very tight ship on X.2. Not only is the release somewhat earlier than originally anticipated, but the international editions appear ready to go

'Midnight Madness' spreads to NY, Wichita

Jaguar Advice: Be Prepared - You know that OS X 10.2 is a really big deal because it isn't free or even cheap, though as we've said before, just try making up your own OS and see how far you get. At any rate, with anything as major as this upgrade, you know what's going to happen, don't you? So just relax and take the long-term view...

ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3 - This article assumes you have the requisite hardware; Mac OS X and VirtualPC installed; and Red Hat Linux and ColdFusion MX available

Homemade Dot-Mac with OS X - So, still fuming about the .Mac annual fee? The question of whether .Mac is worth $100 is a personal matter, but one of the greatest ironies of this situation is that Mac OS X is packed full of features that make many aspects of .Mac unnecessary

Apple enhances Mac's enterprise credentials - As Apple endows Mac OS X with more enterprise-strength management features, many third-party software vendors are chipping in as well. For example, everStor Software Corp. last week started shipping the first version of its Replicator storage software to run natively on Mac OS. An unlimited user license costs $999. Advertisement

Serious Apple Server Released. Many skeptical - You're probably thinking, "So what's great about XServe? It surely sounds like another joke of a server from Apple." Well, you'd be dead wrong. Apple changed four main things about their server product. Cumulatively, one killer server was born. The XServe is the quintessence of Steve Jobs' unyielding perfectionism. Unlike its predecessors, the XServe is taking the industry by storm. Here is why

Jaguar Pricing Isn't As Bad As It Seems - I was really rather surprised with the outcry about Apple charging for Jaguar. I kind of expected it, since it has been well over a year since OS X first was charged for. Sure, the 10.0.x releases may not have been entirely usable for everyone, but let's face it. . . Apple is putting a lot into developing this puppy. . .err, kitty. For $129, you get "the world's most advanced operating system" with a host of new features, such as iSync, iCal, iChat, Rendezvous, and a really cool spotted box. The only thing you don't get is iFreeOperatingSystem

Jaguar: Smooth sailing ahead? - In a world where "the update for the update" is often released within days of the original, it's nice to hear about a fix that actually fixes more than it breaks

Dr. Mac - Unsanity makes it safe for Menu Extras in the future... - It's another Freeware Friday and today we'll look at one you might someday need, and one I wish there wasn't a need for...The Menu Extra Enabler from those clever chaps at Unsanity. In a nutshell, a future release of Mac OS X will break any menu extras you're using. If you're like me, you LIKE menu extras. Here's what Unsanity has to say about why they're not there...

Week 5 - Disc Management - zipping up files

How to Save a Finder View (Column, Icon, or List) for a Specific Folder or Disk - You open a new Finder window and then navigate to another folder or disk in the same window. You set the window to a different view and then close the window. The next time you open that folder or disk, it has reverted to the previous view.

RealOne Player for Mac OS X - After what feels like a long wait, the long-awaited Mac OS X version of the venerable RealPlayer is out. And it's real. Give it a listen. To my mind, RealPlayer is the "original" internet player. If only for sentimental reasons, I feel that an internet computer just isn't complete without it. Perhaps it was for that exact reason that I found RealOne Player for Mac OS X delightful to use

'Jaguar' name cannot be used in Australia - Mac OS X 'Jaguar' name cannot be used in Australia. "This has to do with Ford Motor Company's intellectual property of the name 'Jaguar'.

Third-party Jaguar 10.2 incompatibilities (list) - In the early part of Jaguar's development, some developers Think Secret spoke with were concerned that Mac OS X v10.2 would cause similar damage. In recent days, readers have expressed similar concern. Luckily, this hasn't been the case, by far. Jaguar hasn't introduced nearly as many issues with third-party software, and nearly all major apps work flawlessly in the final gold master of Jaguar

Rethinking Jaguar - I have to admit that I'm going to eat some crow here. In my MWNY column, I said that MacOS X 10.2 doesn't feel like a 1.x upgrade. That was based on my experiences with earlier developer releases. The more recent releases have changed my mind.

Dr. Mac's "How not to move your home..." - Regarding the tip about moving the home folder; This topic has been widely discussed on a number of different forums including and there are some significant problems that can arise by using the alias method. Here is a much safer way of doing it using the command line

Week 5 - Disc Management - A 'tar ball' is Unix-speak for a single file into which many other files have been bundled, or archived - similar to an Aladdin 'stuffit' file or a disc image

Mac OS X Server 10.1 - How to Set Up DNS in a NAT Environment - The Apple Mail Server and some configurations of the Web Server (Apache) require the presence of a correctly configured DNS Server on your network. Mac OS X Server can benefit from the availability of valid forward and reverse name resolution.

inetd: Expo - Jaguar Server - Perhaps the biggest Expo news for network folks is Jaguar Server, which is poised to be the server that Apple has needed for a long time. Finally, you'll be able to easily NetBoot and manage Mac OS X machines

Get the right gear for your new Apple lifestyle - To make things even easier, we picked out the gear that you'll need to you handle your Mac like a lifelong pro right off the bat. With the right equipment and Apple's built-in options, you'll be on your way in no time. And remember: once you go Mac, you never go back

Dr. Mac's Modifier Mayhem - Today's tip: Use those Modifier Keys. Command, Control, and Option are your friends. Use them. Here are some of my faves

Week 5 - Disc Management - summary of disc usage

"You are running Classic In Mac OS X without superuser (root privileges) ??" - This document explains how to resolve a potential issue in which the Classic environment does not start up, giving you an alert message about "superuser (root privileges)"

Unleash the UNIX geek inside... easily - You wouldn't want to drive a car on half an engine would you? Well you're using your operating system (Mac OS X) with only half of its power. You're using all these great Cocoa and Carbon applications, but what about the killer UNIX applications? Are you running the GIMP? I didn't think so. “But, Adam,” I hear you say, “I'm not a UNIX guy, I don't even USE the terminal.” Fear not, my fellow UNIX-aphobics, there are some great developers out there who KNOW how we Mac users like 'em: Easy

Inside iCal: A visual preview, part two - At Macworld, Steve Jobs demonstrated iCal, Apple's forthcoming calendaring app. iCal will be available as a free download in September. By popular request from readers, we've compiled some notes and screenshots from working with the new app

Bitmap Image Filters - Today we reenter the realm of Cocoa graphics, where we'll learn how to work with bitmap images on a pixel basis. Cocoa represents bitmap images using the NSImageRep subclass called NSBitmapImageRep. This subclass can work with data formats for many file types: TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and even raw, untagged data

Rendezvous on the LAN Side - Of all the announcements at MacWorld Expo, the most relevant to the networking world is Apple's new Rendezvous technology. This auto-IP-services discovery protocol is based on open IETF standards. The goal is to allow the computer to discover printers, file shares, instant message users and other network entities automatically, with no user intervention or configuration needed

OS X Odyssey 151 - User Accounts - One of Mac OS X's most vaunted features is its support for secure multiple user accounts. While OS 9 had a Multiple Users feature that allowed setting up individual user profiles with distinct Desktop settings and Preferences, etc., it was still essentially a patch on an 0S designed for single users. OS X, on the other hand, is engineered from scratch as a multiple-user operating system

Two Books on Mac OS X - Quite a few books on Mac OS X have hit the stores, some written during the public beta, others before the 10.1 update came out. But the many improvements that appeared in 10.1 made these early books obsolete almost instantly. That left us with another flurry of books that followed the 10.1 update (which will certainly be somewhat out of date soon, when 10.2 comes out, but that's the way this business works). From this last set, I've examined more than a dozen Mac OS X books, and have chosen two that, to me, seem to offer the most useful information for intermediate or advanced users

DVD-Authoring Program Adds OS X Compatibility and Final Cut Pro 3 Integration - Though Apple's latest release, DVD Studio Pro 1.5, isn't a major upgrade, it does add time-saving integration with Final Cut Pro 3.0.2 and support for Mac OS X, so you no longer have to boot into OS 9 to do your authoring. However, the program still has some user-interface flaws and poor documentation

Troubleshooting Installation and Software Updates In Mac OS X - This document provides general troubleshooting information and advice about installing Mac OS X and Mac OS X updates

OS X Odyssey 150 - Should Apple Disable OS 9 Support On New Macs? - An eWeek article late last week suggested that Apple may be fixing to disable new Macs from booting directly into OS 9 (Classic Mode in OS X would continue to be supported), possibly as soon as MacWorld Expo San Francisco in January. This strategy would be in aid of speeding up users' embrace of OS X, as well as providing further incentive for developers to get the lead out in transitioning their products to the OS X platform. It would also be completely nuts

Week 5 - Disc Management - directory sizes

Using Startup Items in Mac OS X - In MacOS-9, startup items were pretty simple affairs. All applications were treated roughly equally, and placing any of them in the Startup Items folder was enough to get them launched as soon as the Finder started up. In MacOS-X, things are a bit more complicated

Review: Office v. X - I can’t honestly recommend the cost (especially the upgrade cost) for Office v. X. The Office full version cost is acceptable (US $499), but the upgrade cost isn’t really worth what I see(US $299). I’d price it at $199 or $150, but that’s just me. All in all, Microsoft Office v. X is a solid application, and is welcomed addition to the already available applications for OS X.

Yet another Mac OS X command line introduction - You’ve got Mac OS X. You’re enjoying all the eye candy, licking the buttons, bouncing the dock icons about. You’ve read everywhere about the Unix ancestry of our new best friend, and you know that lurking somewhere is the Terminal program where you can delve into the command-line underbelly. Why on earth would Mac fanatics of the 21st century dirty themselves using 1970s command-line technology? Because it’s fun!

The Little Mac OS X Book - The title of this book is a little misleading: it's not a little book! Fortunately, good things do come in large packages, too. One reason this book is so large (about 800 8.5" x 10" pages) is that Robin Williams provides both a detailed guide on how to use OS X and its associated software and information about the fundamentals of using a Mac

How Apple is worming its way into corporate IT - During the Xserve announcement event back in May, I asked the assembled Apple execs whether the upgrade to Mac OS X Server version 10.2 (aka Jaguar Server) would be free for Xserve customers. No, came the unhesitating response: Since Jaguar Server is a major upgrade, the company is going to charge for it. But while Apple's other Jaguar-related pricing announcements might give consumers pause, Xserve customers have cause to be content

The Anti-OS X Conspiracy - Sgh. No, hell, you wouldn't want to install OS X, would you? Can't have users taking back control of their machines. Can't have users being independent of IT services. Can't have IT staff [gulp]

Amazon Pulls Jaguar Offer. What! - This is a very poor decision on's behalf. In fact, it's outrageous

Apple/Sun Plans Prematurely Revealed? - C|Net is now reporting that Sun has "muddied" somewhat the suggestion that it's co-developing StarOffice for Mac OS X. Apparently, the leak didn't upset Apple (at least, Apple hasn't said so in public or rumors) but the piece did upset the OpenOffice open source developer community. Sun's officially stance is that they don't have a product for Mac OS X and aren't commenting on a future product

Viewing Files - To view a file live (as it is updating) use option '-f' with 'tail'.

Troubleshooting the Mac OS X Classic Environment - This document provides information for troubleshooting situations that cause the Classic environment not to start up, to quit unexpectedly, or to stop responding ("freeze")

Feature: Running OS X on Wallstreet and Lombard PowerBooks - Got a G3 PowerBook? Thinking of making the switch to OS X? Can X be a productive platform with the G3? Is it worth it, or do you need a better, faster Mac? Here we'll look at the viability of going X on an older PowerBook G3

Free thinkers at the gates - Microsoft's Office:mac v.10 is one of the most desirable software packages written for the Macintosh. It is out on its own - or at least it used to be. Now there is a rival, and the good news is that where the price of Microsoft's product is enough to curl the edges of anyone's credit card, the newcomer costs less than $100, about one-tenth of the price demanded by Microsoft. This brave software warrior banging at the gates of Gates is ThinkFree

Virtual PC v. 5.0.4 w/ XP Home - It was just six months ago when Applelinks' Kirk Hiner reviewed the new Virtual PC 5 with Windows 98. Since that time, Connectix has improved the program with some important improvements, and some bug squishes; created a new bug; and released a new updater to squash that new bug, and that brings us to version 5.0.4. In addition, Connectix has released version 5 with Windows XP. It was time to test the new improvements, features and the new OS.

Mac OS X Server Cross-platform Issues - Information and links related to using Mac OS X Server with Windows clients and servers

Sun muddies StarOffice plans for OS X - The public turnabout in Sun's positioning comes after Siress previously sketched a fairly cohesive strategy for releasing StarOffice. But the plan as outlined in the story drew the ire of volunteer developers at, which is charged with release of an open-source version of StarOffice, called OpenOffice, for Mac OS X

CNET Responds To Sun's Denial Of StarOffice Port - The story alarmed members of the open-source community working on OpenOffice, the progenitor of Sun's StarOffice. Shortly after the CNET article was published and after being contacted by Dan Williams, one of the two programmers working on the OS X port of OpenOffice, Siress sent an e-mail to an open-source mailing list to address the situation

Jaguar 6C115 & a closer look at - Jaguar 6C115 has been seeded to developers. This is a final release candidate, not the golden master (GM). I was able to install it as an upgrade over 6C106 on my iBook without any problems. There are many bug fixes but few visible changes in this version. One notable fix is that it now automatically connects to an airport network when it wakes up

Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around - As I see it, the Mac community (of which I'm a member) has become too distracted by OS 9 vs. OS X debates, upgrade pricing, and related issues. These distractions have fragmented the community and undermined overall support for the platform -- and at a time when unification is more important than indignation

OSXFAQ Daily Unix Tricks - heads or tails

Creating a new port configuration in Mac OS X - When using the Automatic location in its default state, Mac OS X detects which of your network interfaces is/are connected to a network. You do not have to manually switch between different interfaces when using this location in its default state. But what if you must set up the same network interface two different ways, manually at work but via DHCP at home, for example?

Dr. Mac's New and Improved Way to "Go FSCK Your Disk..." - Just a quick note: if there was a lot of damage to a disk, rather than type "reboot" or "exit" a better option would be:

Quartz anti-aliasing: Jaggies be gone! but at what price? - The font anti-aliasing, or smoothing, in Mac OS X is a major selling point, but not everyone likes it, and judgment is so subjective that it's confusing to talk about. The recent release of Mac OS 10.1.5 made things even more confusing – it enabled anti-aliasing for applications that didn't have it before, but also introduced some unfortunate side effects. Here's my take on what's going on

Amazon Rebate Pulled? - Curiouser and curiouser... we suspect it would be best to wait until there's some consistency in Amazon's information before placing an order

OpenOffice a Good Alternative to Microsoft Office -- And It's Free - If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Microsoft Corp. should feel supremely complimented by the suite of software. And, perhaps, just a tad worried.     OpenOffice's sleek word processor, spreadsheet and presentation programs capture Microsoft Office's look and some of the most popular features without the $479 price tag and anti-piracy measures pulls Jaguar rebate after strong demand - Overwhelming demand caused to retract its US$50 rebate for Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar, MacMinute has learned

Mac OS X v10.2 "Jaguar" hits gold master - The news came as a surprise to some developers, who expected a GM date more in line with Apple's own projections. Even more surprising is that the gold master build is 6C115, Final Candidate 1, which was built Wednesday

Apple to Slam Lid on Mac OS 9 - Apple Computer Inc. plans to crank up the heat on users and developers slow to move to Mac OS X, sources told eWEEK. A tweak to new models in its Macintosh line of desktop and portable computers will prevent booting into Mac OS 9, sources said, leaving the Unix-based Mac OS X as the sole operating system

Why StarOffice for Mac is important to Linux - A while back I asked an IBM mainframe marketing person which operating system she liked best. I expected her to say "AIX" or "Linux" because AIX and Linux are the two OSes that run on the product line she sells. But she said, "Companies big enough to buy mainframes have every operating system there is running somewhere. I can't afford to like one better than another."

Week 3 - Globbing - To match any one of a range of characters, separate a pair of characters with '-'.

Taming Jaguar - Understanding and Administrating Mac OS X v10.2 - This two-day seminar focuses on understanding the concepts behind OS X and in particular, 10.2, code named Jaguar, Apple's major update to their operating system, OS X

X Files - why has Apple done this strange thing? Well as it happens it is not just Apple watching too many X Files -- it's in Windows XP and 2000 also. The reason is for stability and security when sharing your computer. It also makes it easier to back up your files from one place

Rendezvous with Jaguar: Apple Prepares to Bid Farewell to AppleTalk - Rendezvous, an IP-based browser/chooser/finder, LDAP Directory; and Workgroup Manager, an LDAP-based replacement for Macintosh Manager, will all make their debuts in the upcoming Jaguar (MacOS 10.2), slated to ship on August 24

If you build it, will they come? - MY SINCEREST APOLOGIES for misquoting James Earl Jones, but I really need to make a point here, and my own take on that line from "Field of Dreams" keeps popping into my head when I think about the attitude of the El Gato Software rep I spoke with on Day One at MacWorld. "OS 9 is dead," said he, "and we don't develop software for a dead system."

Dr. Mac's Brain Melt - Before StickyBrain I had little bits and pieces of this, that, and the others all over the place. I had folders with text clippings, text files, saved e-mail, Word files, and even a couple of FileMaker Pro database files. And they all contained little tiny bits of information I felt was worth saving. Problem was, finding anything was a nightmare

The Secure Trusted Operating System Consortium ( STOS ) is pleased to announce the 1st annual Mac OS X & BSD Security Symposium - The Secure Trusted Operating System Consortium ( STOS ) is pleased to announce the 1st annual Mac OS X & BSD Security Symposium. The symposium is designed for system and lab administrators, programmers, developers, strategists, and other technical staff involved in the deployment and securing of systems

Dr. Mac learns a secret troubleshooting technique from an Apple support tech... - What is this magical technique? Resetting the Open Firmware. It's kind of like zapping the PRAM but different.

Palm Conduit for Entourage X Released, Yanked - Microsoft released a Palm conduit that synchronizes addresses, tasks, memos, and calendar items (but not email, unfortunately) to any handheld running Palm OS 3 or later

Apple Shakes-up 3D compositing - The product has been used in over a hundred movies, including The Lord of The Rings, Gladiator and The Matrix. Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, observed: 'Shake is the industry's most advanced compositing software used by major motion picture studios and leading visual effects houses,'

Making Jaguar, .mac More Palatable - Apple made a lot of people happy with Jaguar -- then disappointed current OS X users by not offering a reduced cost upgrade path. Apple made a lot of people happy with iTools -- then disappointed current iTools users by renaming it .mac and turning it into a revenue center. I think Apple could do better. I have a suggestion that would turn their disappointed customers into fans again

OSXFAQ and The Mac Trainers Team Up to provide "Jaguar" seminars in North America & Europe - OSXFAQ and The Mac Trainers are teaming up for a series of seminars to start September 5th dealing with understanding and administrating Jaguar, Apple's latest update to its operating system, Mac OS X 10.2. These two-day seminars, called "Taming Jaguar - Understanding and Administrating Mac OS X", are designed for powers users and administrators

.mac - "there is no free lunch" - I want to share some of my opinions on the iTools/.Mac conundrum. I think everyone is getting a little too worked up over this. For the purpose of this discussion let's take a look at the two elements of iTools/.mac that are probably the most universal and useful, email and online storage

Week 3 - Globbing - So what is globbing? Globbing is where you specify an ambiguous filename and the shell finds all those files (in the given directory) that match it.

Dr. Mac $ay$: Con$ider thi$ before you in$tall QuickTime $ix... - If you need the QuickTime Pro features you're going to have to cough up at least another $29.99. QuickTime Pro keys for versions 4 or 5 are worthless to QuickTime 6. You need to buy a new key. But wait; there's more

How To: Install Perl 5.8.0 On Your Mac OS X Computer - Perl is widely respected as the "Swiss Army Chainsaw" of scripting languages. It is the preffered programming language for CGI web applications, to the point that Perl and CGI are used interchangeably by some. It is also used by Unix Admins, some to the point of abandoning shell scripting

OSX Migration Tutorial For Leaders - Mac OS X represents a revolution for those of us in the Apple community. The session provided information on how MUG leaders can assist their members in migrating to MacOS X, including both methods and books

MW Expo: Apple skinned over Jaguar charge - "There were 48 people from our group at the show and the one big negative aside from no more free iTools was the $129 charge for Jaguar. For people who have just bought a new Mac $129 is a lot of money to pay. At the very least Apple should consider offering such

An Alternate Way to Print Between Mac OS X and Windows - Recently I acquired a venerable (read: old) LED-style laser printer. It functions well, has multiple interfaces, including LocalTalk, and supports PostScript. It should have been a slam-dunk for Mac printing. Well, my iMac doesn't have a LocalTalk port, and this particular printer wasn't fitted with an optional ethernet card

Dr. Mac says, I think icon, I think icon... - I'm going to choose four of my favorite icon artists and tell you a bit about them and their work. Each has a different style and each is an excellent practitioner of the ancient art of icon making

The Keynote - Part One - Jaguar - Does it work? - Jaguar is just about done, and according to Steve it will hit the shelves on August 24th for $129.00. That amount is still much less than Windows. The new Windows XP home edition (the Fisher-Price OS) sells for $189.00 at PcConnection, and Windows XP Pro (still about half the power of OS X) sells for $495 at the same place. $495 for Microsoft's imitation of OS X 10.0. And people want to whine about $129??

MW Expo: Quicken cashes in on X - The popular PC-only cash-management application Quicken will port to Mac OS X in August, Intuit announced today at Macworld Expo

Dr. Mac examines RAM usage at no charge - Mac OS 9 users have no doubt noticed that Mac OS X does not show memory allocation and usage in the About This Computer window anymore. I suppose that's because Mac OS X manages memory allocation and usage for you and you don't have to worry about it. Still, I wanted to know what was using memory and how much each program was using. So I learned a couple of ways, neither of which will cost you a penny

Automating terminal commands using AppleScript - Part 2 - n the second part, I'll provide some concrete examples of how to get useful work done with AppleScript's shell capabilites

Dr. Mac says: The old Shift-key-at-startup trick is back! - I was tickled last week to discover one entitled, "Mac OS X: How to Prevent Login Items From Opening Automatically."

MiniReview: RealOne Player OSX - it does play audio streams very well. I hope Real improves G3 performance before the final release

Jaguar may be slow to catch on - The problem is that I'm really not using X that much. I want to, but I'm in that tricky spot where a few critical little things are still missing, and as long as I don't have to do without them, I won't. I suspect I am not alone

Jobs Unveils Jaguar Server - Apple believes that it can contribute its trademark ease-of-use to the server OS space, said Tom Goguen, Apple's director of Worldwide Product Marketing for Server Software. "You don't need a black-belt in UNIX," he said, pointing out that while OS X Server has an "industrial-strength" UNIX core, it takes only one button to start up the Apache web server

Apple's Jaguar Includes IM - Apple Computer previewed iChat last May. The client features a Aqua interface, allowing seamless instant messaging between members, AOL members and AIM users

Mac OS X upgrade doesn't come cheap - Users may balk at paying £99 for Apple's new operating system upgrade, but the company says software development doesn't come cheap

Apple unveils juicy new lineup - New OS, iPod for Windows and 17-inch iMac announced

MWNY: Jobs - "Fastest OS Transition in History" - Jobs said in his keynote this morning that of systems shipped with OS X as the boot system, some 77% of users stayed in OS X

Lesson 2 - Users, Groups, and Permissions 2 - The secret to preventing unwanted file removals lies in making a directory 'append only'. Files can be added but not removed by unprivileged users. Such a directory is termed a sticky directory

Dr. Mac's time and trouble-saving Mac OS X Preference backup trick - Whichever way you figure it out, once you've decided that a preference file is to blame for a problem, you're only halfway to your solution. The other half is figuring out which particular preference file is the problem

Automating terminal commands using AppleScript - Burried in the excitement around the rapidly evolving capabilities of MacOS-X and the deserved praise given to AppleScript Studio, the good folks at Apple have quietly provided a revolutionary capability to their OS. Tucked into the 10.1.2 update was a new version of the Standard Scripting Additions, one which included the command "do shell script"

Image Editor Emerges for Mac OS X, Provides Handy New Features for Every User - Photoshop 7 runs almost as fast under OS X as it does under OS 9, and in our quantitative tests, we found that actual speed differences were slight. If you're in a high-volume production situation where you're running automated batch operations, you may be better off sticking with OS 9, to reap the accumulated speed benefits. But if you're working interactively and using any Mac upward of a 933MHz or dual-500MHz Power Mac G4, the speed difference will likely be trivial.

Software Update Brings Command Line Goodness - In another move that shows that Apple is continuing to figure out that they now have a whole lotta Unix weenies using their OS, the latest version of Software Update adds a bonus feature in addition to its stated purpose of securing the update process. This new feature is a command line interface to the software update utility. Yes, you too can now remotely log into your Mac OS X client machine and update it.

Mac OS X as preventive medicine - Consolidation on a single desktop and server operating system is a popular idea, but when it comes to security, homogeneity can be a liability. Adding systems running Mac OS X can help create a heterogeneous environment that presents a defense against particularly threatening viruses that target a single operating system

Despite Criticism of Apple's Efforts, Software Giant Says It's Committed to Mac Platform - "If things don't dramatically turn around, we'll be evaluating this business with Apple," Browne said. Speaking to Macworld editors Tuesday, however, Microsoft officials downplayed any disagreements with Apple and stressed that it was in the Mac business to stay. "We're very committed to the Mac platform," said Tim McDonough, director of marketing for Microsoft's Mac Business Unit. "We want the platform to succeed. That helps us to succeed."

Apple Refutes Microsoft's Mac OS X Claims - "We do a tremendous amount of marketing on Mac OS X and I'm proud of the progress we've made with the platform since it was introduced last May," said Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple, in Cupertino, Calif. Schiller said there are about 2.5 million active customers who use Mac OS X as their primary operating system.

Browne expands on OS X allegations - The head of Microsoft's Mac Business Unit Kevin Browne has expanded on allegations he made earlier this week to the Wall Street Journal that Apple has not put enough effort into promoting Mac OS X

Woe is Microsoft and Corel (when it comes to Mac OS X) - Come on, let's get down to the real issue here. Microsoft doesn't like the fact that Apple's encouraging people to Switch (the correct term) to Mac OS X. "Real people" in television commercials are putting themselves out there, saying "I was a Windows [user/admin/whatever], and I've switched to Mac OS X, and you know what? It's better." You can't get any clearer than that, can you?

iNexus : Infinitely Pensive : The Backwards OS - Here's a question for you: what has the power to eject CDs, unmount disks, disconnect servers and delete files yet can't even close a window? Give up? The Trash Can in the Dock on Mac OS X! T

Advanced Anti-Spam Techniques for MacOS X - Most of your spam will come from a few dedicated spammers, and you can cut the majority of your incoming spam by filtering those spammers directly. Sometimes you get one particular spammer that continually sends you junk mail, anything sent from that address or domain will always be spam. With procmail, it is easy to send these messages straight to /dev/null, the Unix equivalent of the trash can

Week 2 - The Unix Manual - If you are not sure how to use a Unix command (such as 'ls') read its manual page using:

Dr. Mac's prescription for finding a damaged or corrupted preference file fast. - while I've had no extension conflicts in OS X, I have had something just as ugly-a rash of corrupted preference files that cause application or even system freezes and crashes

Apple fixes BugTraq OS X security hole - BugTraq explained: "HTTP is used with absolutely no authentication. Using well known techniques, such as DNS Spoofing or DNS Cache Poisoning, it is trivial to trick a user into installing a malicious program posing as an update from Apple."

OS X audio: Widget wars, part two - Presumably, Steve Jobs will officially announce Apple's plans for audio production, either during his keynote tomorrow or at a "special event" next month

Mac OS X Takes Macintosh to New Level - With real memory protection ... Mac OS X is at last a 'real operating system.'

OS X adoption rate draws fire from Microsoft, Corel - Browne's comments drew criticism from Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, Phil Schiller. Schiller told the Wall Street Journal that Microsoft's concerns are "very, very misplaced" and suggested that the $499 price tag of Office may be a reason why Microsoft's sales are sluggish. What's more, Schiller said that "the majority" of OS X software developers are happy with their sales. Schiller also said that Apple is "right on top" of its own targets for Mac OS X's adoption rate -- totaling about 10 percent of the estimated 25 million Mac users.

Microsoft steps in Macworld's spotlight - Microsoft on Monday launched the first of several pre-emptive strikes against Apple Computer's Macworld trade show by making announcements about new technologies far ahead of their delivery to market. The strategic attack comes as tensions mount between Apple and Microsoft

Microsoft Exec Takes Issue With OS X Marketing, Suggest Possible End Of Office v. X - Apple has a spot of enormously negative coverage from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to kick off the week of MACWORLD Expo. The WSJ has published comments (subscription required) from Kevin Browne, the head of Microsoft's Mac Business Unit, that not only takes Apple to task for not pushing OS X on its existing user base, but also calls into question the existence of Office v. X after 2003

Sybase for Mac OS X: First Look - the release of Sybase ASE is a watershed event, because it's a certain kind of major enterprise database we're talking about here, one of the old guard databases like DB2 and Oracle

Jaguar To Be Released Early, For US$129. Steve Jobs: "Jaguar Is Light Years Ahead Of Windows XP." - Jaguar is almost here. The code name for the Mac OS X 10.2, Jaguar will be used in Apple's official marketing for the new OS. The company is using both the name, as well as Jaguar markings on the "X" in Mac OS X

On Cocoa, Classes, and Killer Apps - An Interview with Erik J. Barzeski, Editor-in-Chief of Cocoa Dev Central & Chief Software Architect of Freshly Squeezed Software

The Aqua Designer's Toolbox - Carpenters, engineers, baristas -- they all have their favorite tools. Graphic designers are no different. Whether you're new to the Mac platform, or interested in expanding your existing toolset, here's an overview of some of the most powerful design applications for Mac OS X

Dr. Mac's EscapePod - It Forces Mac OS X Apps To Quit When A Force Quit Fails... - There are times that Mac OS X appears to be hung (especially in some games) when it really isn't -- just the frontmost application's GUI is wedged. Additionally, when the entire GUI appears to be hung, it is safer to do a force-logout than to simply reboot your machine (and it is quicker, too). Thus, escapepod was created.

Acrobat eBook Prime Time Minus Mac OS X - Why my sudden interest in this product? My after-hours course of study will be moving to an e-text format shortly, requiring eBook Reader. I have been at a distinct disadvantage in this program already, as the university has standardized on Microsoft Word for Windows in practically all of its dealings. That was fine, but getting my files readable on others' machines was an exercise for a little while. Having solved that cross-platform communications crisis, now another one is about to crop up. The thing does run under native Mac OS, but not in Classic mode

Mac OS X Command Line 101 - In our previous column, we looked at shell variables: what they are, how to set them and unset them, etc. We ended with a quick perusal of reserved shell variables that the shell uses to hold certain values that are used for different parts of the shell. Normally, these are stored in environment variables

Inside X - OS X Disk Maintenance Part 1 - Mac OS X allows users to install and run MOSX on two different disk formats. The most popular format is HFS+ which Apple introduced during the development of Mac OS 8. The other format is called UFS, or UNIX File System. There is no reason for a regular Mac OS X user to use the UFS format. Only experts who KNOW they require it will use it. Most likely they will be sharing the volume on a network with other flavors of UNIX

X vs Mac OS X and Other Matters - An interesting web site has just appeared. It is called X-Solutions, and offers X Window solutions to users of Windows and unix machines. For about the same price, you can get X on Mac OS X, and the operating system is thrown in "free"!

RIP Classic Mac OS Making the move to OS X - The release of Photoshop 7 gives graphic designers one more reason to make the move to OS X. The only missing piece for those who design for print is QuarkXPress. Several of my clients are taking a serious look at Adobe InDesign as an alternative to QuarkXPress

OS X Day 1: Enter the iBook - I came to realize something: I'd been with Microsoft for so long, who are complacent and hoard their customers, that I'd forgotten what it's like to use an operating system built by people who want it to cooperate with the rest of the world. It's good

Customize Your OS 9 Desktop Folder in Mac OS X - I thought it was odd that OS X wouldn't let me replace my OS 9 desktop folder icon, so I tinkered a bit and found out how it can be done

OSXFAQ Daily Unix Tricks - Week 1 - Finding Files

Enable Sendmail and eliminate sendmail startup hangs - Sendmail is the built-in mail server on Mac OS X (its bundled with many Unix operating systems). By default, it is disabled for security purposes, but it can be enabled easily by making a small modification to the /etc/hostconfig file

Learning Cocoa in Java - There's a lack of resources for Java Cocoa development as it is so when I picked up Learning Cocoa from O'Reilly press I was pretty miffed that it didn't have any examples in Java. Hopefully this site will be help to those who wish to use the Java Cocoa API's while programming.

Xserve InfoZone - The Best OS X Server Information From Around The Net! -

Mac OS X Software Update security issue uncovered - Apple has been using an automated system to update users computers on Mac OS X since the software was first released over a year ago. According to the Bug Traq Security list, Mac OS X's implementation of the Software Update is vulnerable to attack

Dr. Mac Is Hacking OS X Again ... - a relatively unknown little company called Unsanity has released several unsanely-great shareware utilities priced at $7 and several others that are free. They call them "haxies," but don't let that fool you -- these are elegant, well-designed, mostly well-behaved programs

How to: Move your OS X swapfiles to a separate disk to improve virtual memory performance - Swapfiles are created 80MB at a time, and only when needed. If these are written to the same disk as everything else, your main disk will become fragmented after significant use

Software Update Attack... BEWARE !! - Right now, this very second, your Macintosh OS X computer is just about as insecure as a one of those other computers

Dr. Mac Makes Menu Bar Icons In Mac OS X More Manageable - When you hold down the Command (apple) key and click on the icons, you can re-arrange them. Also, you can remove them; they even poof like the dock icons do!

X Software Update hole exposed - Mac OS X's Software Update facility could be vulnerable to attack by hackers, claims security list Bugtraq.

Crunch time for Apple OS security - Users took a bite out of Apple yesterday after security experts issued an alert detailing how malicious hackers could inject code running as root into a Mac

Dr. Mac learns a thing or two about Ejecting a partition... - A forum member had asked if it was possible to "isolate" one of his internal drives - a drive he used excluseively for backups -- to insure it wasn't used or modified between backups

How and why to move your home directory to a different partition - Moving your home directory to a separate partition can be very beneficial: if you ever need to reinstall OS X, you can simply format the OS X partition, reinstall OS X, and be up and running in less than an hour without having to spend time backing up your personal files

How OS X Could Rescue the PC Biz - Apple's new operating system should inspire developers -- both Mac and Windows -- to renew their quest for gotta-have innovations

The Joy of X with Classic - There's been a fair bit of talk on the Mac Web this week about people going 100% OS X. I have a feeling I'm never going to be one of them

OS X and Classic - Apple is touting Mac OS X as the second coming of the Mac. Is it? Or is it just another of the many Mac OS updates that have occurred since 1984? I have been using the final version of OS X since its release two weeks ago, and I have to say I'm impressed.

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 78 - catman - format cat pages from man pages

Dr. Mac's murdering the cycle stealing drop shadows in Mac OS X with ShadowKiller - ShadowKiller removes window and menu shadows in MacOS X. This changes the look of MacOS X completely, and speeds up its operation for slower Macs

Remote Administration/Backup of Mac OS X Using rsync - If you're looking for something to fill the role of RevRDist on Mac OS X, rsync is probably your answer. rsync allows you to synchronize files locally on a machine or on two machines on a network

Between Friends: Attachments, Encoding And Mac OS X - It remains a fundamental problem, sharing files between dissimilar computers. Mac OS X has come a long way, but things aren't perfect yet for some of us, particularly when it comes to sharing email attachments

Shareware gems worth what you pay, or don't - ONE of the most refreshing things I've found about using Mac OS X, even in its earliest days, is the profusion of useful, high-quality, low-priced software

Internet Explorer 5.2.1 for Mac OS X - provides all the latest security and performance enhancements for Internet Explorer 5 for Mac OS X

Mac Sightings - OS X Makes Big Screen Debut In MIB: II - I saw it yesterday and lo and behold OS X shows up. The cool thing was that the screen was round, so they modified OSX to be round too

Microsoft changes tack over Linux - The software giant, which makes no secret of its contempt for the open-source development model, will exhibit its embedded offerings at the LinuxWorld show and begin a 'dialogue'

How Mac OS X and Windows XP are like the tailfins of a '57 Caddy - In the article, John discusses the state of Apple's Macintosh, and how it is, essentially, the same computer that came out in 1984. In addition, he notes that Microsoft and the PC manufacturers copy Apple, so if Apple is stagnating, these other companies must be even worse off. I agree, and believe that if Apple needs to learn this lesson

OS X Installation: Optimizing Classic - Generally, people use a full installation of Mac OS 9.1 as their Classic environment. This installation, however, includes many extensions whose functionality is provided by Mac OS X. Having these extra extensions installed leads to longer boot times and instability

Review: Learning Unix for Mac OS X (book) - he book is written for someone in an office environment, with access to a system administrator, who doesn't really need to use Unix for anything that can't easily be done from Aqua, and who wants only to use Unix, not to understand it

Review of Unsanity's MacOSX Haxies - Not everyone's happy with the default look and feel of MacOSX. So the Unsanity LLC guys have come to fullfil feature requests from many MacOSX users. They have written applications that are basically "hacks" (Unsanity prefers the word "haxies"), that they change MacOSX, sometimes in a pretty fundamental way. We tested three of their products, Fruitmenu, WindowShadeX and Xounds

RIP Classic Mac OS Making the move to OS X - The release of Photoshop 7 gives graphic designers one more reason to make the move to OS X. The only missing piece for those who design for print is QuarkXPress

OSX - I'm Not Feeling the Love (Updated!) - I'm trying to love it. It is beautiful in its simplicity, its smooth fonts. It doesn't make a sound, My digital camera works like an extention of the ibook. It does everything. Well, almost everything. I miss Linux. I miss the action in the Linux world

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 77 - ar - create and maintain library archives

Dr. Mac's quick and dirty OS X speed tips - I get a lot of mail asking why OS X is so slow, or how to speed it up. Here's a quick and dirty list of things that I've found can make OS X feel faster (or even make it run faster)

Apple: Taking OS X security seriously--finally - Thanks to Mac OS X's Unix plumbing, any vulnerabilities in Unix software can instantly become vulnerabilities in OS X. Unix vendors as a rule have always been quick to issue both security alerts and fixes for discovered holes. Which means that Apple now has a pretty high standard to live up to

Mac OS X as Preventive Medicine -    Consolidation on a single desktop and server operating system is a popular idea, but when it comes to security, homogeneity can be a liability. Adding systems running Mac OS X can help create a heterogeneous environment that presents a defense against particularly threatening viruses that target a single operating system.

Mac OS X undergoes Common Criteria Evaluation - The Common Criteria is a standard for evaluating the security of IT products. The tests, which take 1-4 years to complete, don't say which operating system is more secure, but it does set up a basis for determining how secure one product is to another

Enterprises Eye Mac OS X - The bad news for Macintosh supporters is that the IT jury is still out on how Mac OS X fits into the enterprise. The good news is that at least some IT managers are deliberating with open minds.

Apple - Mac OS X - Codename: Jaguar - The initial release of Mac OS X gave you the power of UNIX with the simplicity of Macintosh. But it merely paved the way for the next generation of hardware and software offerings from Apple and third parties. Here are a few of Jaguar's extraordinary new features that will take us to the next level.

How To Save Desktop Space And Make Finding Files In Mac OS X A Lot More Efficient - My favorite technique, tip, whatever, is to hide my hard drives from my desktop

Developing a Personal Security Strategy Under Mac OS X - These articles will help you articulate your own security strategy. Everyone should have one. These articles will give you the knowledge you need to develop one

Mac OS X in Enterprise and Education - "The Windows Centric Administrator" - While fully aware that some of you may be asking "But what's that got to do with me?" I implore you to read on. Education means more than you know, and the problem at the heart of educational computing comes from an extremely specific place

Life in Six Degrees: Confessions from a Beta-tester of a Killer App - As a 1.0 release, Six Degrees is already surprisingly powerful. It's so profoundly aggressive, it's approach is so terribly innovative, that I imagine the principle architects wisely restricted the design scope early on in the development

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 75 - 'man' is a very useful command. It calls upon the Unix manual pages

Dr. Mac's three easy cures for OS X wonkiness... - when OS X acts wonky, here are three easy things you should try before you panic (or move on to more intensive troubleshooting...):

How To Fix Stubborn Trash & Why It Won't Delete. (page 1 of 2) - Naturally, if you say to empty the trash, you want it emptied. There is no one specific cause to this mutinous behaviour, and therefore no specific solution can be given. Instead, I will explain how the trash is implemented in Mac OS X, and present an arsenal of techniques one can employ to manually delete it.

Reviews: ThinkFree Office 2.0 - This product is 100% Java. It sold out within 30 minutes of the floor opening at the Expo. I hope everyone is happier with their purchase than I am (James Sullivan put a copy into my hands). Maybe I just have a hard drive problem, but after I got way into the writeup on this review, it poofed the document, nowhere to be found

"Learning Cocoa" is broken down into three parts. In Part 1 you start off with an overview of the frameworks and the high-level frameworks that they provide application programmers

Apple Releases Security Update To Patch Apache Worm Hole - It's been said that there's no such thing as a completely secure web applicaton. As if to prove that point reports that hackers have released a worm that attacks Apache servers

Checkmate; Apple wins - Jaguar is the Windows Killer - I spent all day yesterday with the latest build of Jaguar. If you think you've seen Jaguar, you're wrong (unless of course you are a developer). Come late summer I would suggest Bill Gates start to look into retirement, because it's over…OS X is about to turn the computer industry on its ear.

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 71 - Keycap - keyboard mappings

Terminal Aliases In Mac OS X - To save typing on the command line embrace the beauty of aliases

In Mac OS X You can call me... "Dr. Macro" - In an upcoming column, perhaps you'd like to make a recommendation on how to program those hot/function keys for those of us who are running OS X and still using the Apple keyboard? It seems like such a waste to just let them lie fallow. There are many, many ways... but for the sake of brevity, today I'll stick to the one I know and love --

The One-Man Studio Revisited - Stand-alone filmmaking comes of age in the digital age with Mac OS X

To serve or not to serve - Apache on OS X - The goal of this article was to make sure that before you switch on Web Sharing in Mac OS X you are aware of all the can happen. While not everything may apply to you, other potential problems may apply that I haven't even discussed. If you have any doubts you should think twice before using this powerful feature

High noon for OS X - I'm using Mac OS X. The big daddy of all Mac OSes, the OS to save Apple and open up the gates of market share heaven. Well, someone better go back to their market share Bible before this July, or else Apple may end up in that other market share place - you know what I'm talking about - Pic 'n' Save

Just A Thought - Fishing For Fusion: Apple's IT Grassroots Efforts May Bear Fruit - Converting the IT masses to see Macs as a viable UNIX workstation and server is equally tough, but perhaps Apple is on to something. It has the right materials in OS X and new hardware, if it can just find the right advertising energies, a new star will be born

Want Good Looking Text In Mac OS X Carbon Apps? Get Silk! - Silk is a "haxie" or hack for OS X that will convince Carbon applications to use the Quartz smoothing and anti-aliasing features normally available to Cocoa applications

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 70 - Get Directory Sizes

Telnet Windows In Mac OS X - I could not do this in until today. Here's how

Mission Lockdown - Get Smart With Security Tactics for Mac OS X - Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is the implementation of strong security measures for your OS X Macintosh.

Doctor Mac's Stupid Mac OS X Clock Trick - First, just in case you hate the results, duplicate the Clock program by selecting its icon (Macintosh HD/Applications) and using the keyboard shortcut Command-d. This will create a copy of the Clock program, called, naturally enough, 'Clock copy.'

ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part - In this series of articles, Dick Applebaum discusses the evolution of ColdFusion MX, one of the hottest new Web development products, and how to get ColdFusion MX running on Mac OS X -

Help Desk: Apps give Macs online music - Steve Jobs, Apple Computer's chief executive, has done a lot in the past two years to make Apple's Mac OS X operating system a choice platform for handling digital music and video. But one glaring problem has persisted: It's been harder to download music and video with a Mac

Cider Press: Boys Say, Boys Say, Girls Say, Girls Say, "Office X Has Sex Appeal" .... But How Does Our Reviewer Feel, Hey baby, hey baby, hey ....- There's something particularly unsettling about reviews of software like Microsoft Office:mac v.X.  Along with Photoshop and QuarkXpress, Office is the kind of program that maintains a vast lead over its competitors in terms of market share and, as a result, offers few surprises from one revision to another

Dumb Terminal Tricks - Part 43 - Ever Wanted To Get Only (a) Specific Column(s) Out Of A Text File Or Other Output?

RealViz Ships SceneWeaver for Mac OS X - SceneWeaver enables users to create 3D environments from stills or panoramic photos, and allows for importing 3D objects and creating object hierarchies for delivery to Macromedia Director and interactive Web formats

Motionbuilder 4 Coming to Mac OS X - Motionbuilder is a real-time 3D character animation package formerly known as FiLMBOX animation. The new version, due out in August, will support Mac OS X, as well as Windows and Linux

Classical Software releases TFM 1.0 for Mac OS X - With TFM you can search, study or simply browse: Mac OS X developer documentation, framework headers, source code examples, system header files and your own source and documentation

FontAgent X Released From Insider Software - FontAgent X is a font management utility designed for font library creation and verification

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