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Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X that have been culled from around the Net.. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Mac OS X, mail it to us and we will add it

Past OS X News

Jaguar Killer Tips - New Riders has another great book coming out: Jaguar Killer Tips by Scott Kelby. Kelby's previous book published by New Riders, Macintosh: The Naked Truth, is an exceptional, no-holds-barred account of a Mac user's world. If you haven't read it, I definitely recommend that you pick up a copy and do so. In the meantime, here's an excerpt from the upcoming Jaguar Killer Tips.

Great leap forward - So, does Jaguar, aka Max OS X 10.2, live up to its name? Is it faster and smoother? Well, yes. A good step up from OS X 10.1.5, and I liked it a lot. Some say Jaguar isn't yet quite as fast as Mac OS 9.2.2 at its best, but I would not think of going back and hardly use Classic now. There is no need to. All the major applications, and many minor ones, including FreeCell, which I play when the boss isn't watching, are now available in OS X versions

First Look: Mac OS X v 10.2 - Once people stop complaining about having to pay $129 for the next release of Apple's Mac OS X, or Jaguar, we'll hear how much they love the new release. Apple has done a phenomenal job cleaning up the interface systemwide, improving overall performance, refining existing applications, and adding a host of new features and applications

Adobe touts OS X advantage over Quark - Publishing-software giant Adobe Systems appears to be gaining ground on its main rival in the page-layout realm as long-time market leader Quark continues to delay support for Apple Computer's OS X

Cocoa Guru Andrew Stone of Stone Design - Stone Design was the first independent software house to ship a shrink-wrap product for the NeXT Computer in October, 1989

Taming the Big Cat - I was waiting for OS X 10.2, code-named "Jaguar," to solve all of my operating system problems. Not that I had that many problems, mind you. The biggest was speed. I have a Rev. B "Bondi" iMac, one of the original iMacs, which came out of the box with a 266 Mhz processor and 64 megabytes of RAM. It has become my second "FrankenMac" now -- it's got a 500 Mhz Sonnet Harmoni upgrade with a firewire port, 512 megabytes of RAM, a 40 gigabyte hard drive and an external firewire 60 gigabyte drive. Sounds plenty X capable, right? Well, yes. And no

Attention OS 8, 9'ers: You can catch up to Jaguar - If you have a stable set of hardware running an older system-software version, why bother? You have what you need, and until you find a missing piece that requires OS X, or you're ready for some new, faster hardware, you might as well just wait. Upgrading just for the sake of it isn't out of the question, but it does carry a cost. Many programs revised for OS X have an upgrade fee for the newer version, even when few additional features were added

Mac-on-Linux supports Mac OS X (including Jaguar) - Ibrium HB noted that Mac-on-Linux (MOL) now supports Mac OS X, 10.1 and 10.2 inclusive. MOL is an open source effort that enables Macs running PowerPC Linux to run Mac OS (and Mac OS X) natively while still working with Linux

Mac OS X in Enterprise and Education - Jaguar in Education - Making the Case

Why OmniWeb Is My Browser Of Choice - The day after I installed Mac OS X, I downloaded OmniWeb from In fact, it was the first thing I downloaded for my fresh install of OS X. Before iTunes, before AIM, before I had even installed the 10.1 update! Before I got OS X, I was drooling over OmniWeb. It looked great and everyone was raving about it. I had to have it. Now, almost a year later, I use virtually nothing else. Here's why (in no particular order):

OpenOffice X For Mac OS X Part Two - OpenOffice for Mac OS X, an open source port of StarOffice. Like the Linux version, it runs as an X Window application. It could be your mainline office package someday

Week 9 - Search Within Files - Friday - Word Counting

Command-Shift-4... Not your fathers screen shot any more!! - In Jaguar you can use the user selectable mode (command-shift-4) to do your screen shots

Dr. Mac Is Crazy !! - His tips are UNSANE !! - In a case of good triumphing over evil, although Apple broke most of their software line with Jaguar, did they give up? No. Did they take months to not update their programs? No. Did they fix Apple's oversights within days of Jaguar's shipping? YES THEY DID

Run Mac OS X Under Linux - A user writes, "Just saw at penguinppc that Mac-On-Linux can now run Mac OS X. Nothing like having Mac OS X running on a VT to switch to and from." Cool, but ... why?

Linux users say Mac OS X has future over Linux - Our recent story on IBM's 64-bit AltiVec aware PowerPC processor has sparked a lot of email. One reader has told us of a number of Linux users who are growing support of Mac OS X. A lot of this debate has come about over speculation as to what IBM has planned for a new Power4-derived 64-bit PowerPC -- which the company plans to introduce and talk about in October. Will Mac OS X Prevail Over Linux? Some Linux Users Seem to Think So

BT opens world to X 10.1 - Its products "became compatible" with Mac OS X 10.1 30 August, a BT Openworld spokesperson said yesterday. However, the company hasn't yet introduced Mac OS X 10.2 support

Dreamweaver MX - For the first time in the Web's existence, developers, application programmers, and designers can work together within one environment to build dynamic, professional Web projects with the tools available in Dreamweaver MX. Considering the amount of interactivity that happens between programmers and designers on sites, this could smooth out a lot of existing problems within corporations and Web design firms

X-quest: Dumping Entourage for Mail 1.2 - if you drag records from Entourage to a folder on your desktop, they are exported as V-cards (i.e. VCF format) that can be imported by Address Book.

The Two Faces of Jaguar - one that came in this week, in response to my "wait a bit before installing Jaguar" piece, did. A lot. The reader began by calling me "transparent," then went on to hypothesize that: ...this article was written by someone who is not pleased with Apple for various reasons and has irresponsibly, IMHO, used their forum to delay adoption as an attempt to hurt Apple...

Hello Jaguar 1.0 brings back "Happy Mac" - Hello Jaguar 1.0, a freeware utility that installs an edited version of the boot loader found in Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar), which returns the "Happy Mac" icon to the starup screen

AOL for Mac OS X delivers on its many promises - I was consumed by buyer's remorse until Apple introduced its new operating system, OS 10.1, last October. Software makers finally released new versions to take advantage of OS X's gorgeous interface and crash-resistant code. I fell in love with my Mac all over again. So it should be no surprise that I am quite pleased with the new AOL software designed for Mac OS X.

Voice Changes in Jaguar - I had AIM running when iChat froze (someone tried to establish a direct connection with me, which I guess iChat doesn't support), and I have Fred set to read the messages...let's just say that Apple's given him some personality

OS X Easter Egg in Sharing System Preference - I am rather curious: who's Timmy?

Jaguar - AppleScript and UNIX - Here's a very customizable and easy time-saving tip for reaching in and using those powerful UNIX tools without having to remember lengthy strings of commands.

Week 9 - Search Within Files - Thursday - Searching for Patterns

Dr. Mac - Scroll wheels... they're not just for vertical scrolling Anymore!! - In Jaguar we now have the ability to scroll sideways using the scroll-wheel of a mouse. Simply hold down the Shift key before scrolling.

Installation of Jaguar (OS X 10.2) on the Apple iMac - Now that I had the OS in my hands, what was installing this new OS going to be like for a person used to working with Windows installations?

Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar - The official product name for this release is "Mac OS X Version 10.2 Jaguar." The previous releases also had "big cat" code names. Version 10.0's somewhat inappropriate code name was "Cheetah." Version 10.1 was "Puma." But these code names never spread very far outside of Apple. Developers and technically-minded Mac enthusiasts were aware of them, but that's about it

Introducing: Shaguar! - Jaguar moves like Tweak from South Park after a bump of a well known illegal drug. Blazing baby, blazing. It's more than just speed though, it's how the OS moves. Really noticeable in iChat, Shaguar moves very fluidly. You get the sense of things sliding around, not lumbering through processes

Mac OS X: Look who else is switching - From the moment Mac OS X was announced, one of its most compelling features for me was its ability to run Mac and Unix software at the same time. It meant I wouldn't have to keep multiple systems around, booting into one or the other as needed. And now, with the release of version 10.2 (aka Jaguar), OS X is a better Unix than ever

Post subject: Mail app security leak?

Jaguar Open display or Sound System Preference Pane Tip

Week 9 - Search Within Files - Wednesday - Searching for Words

Mac OS X: The Bugs and the Missing Features - With the introduction of Mac OS 10.2 "Jaguar", many of the nagging bugs and missing features we had all been lamenting over for the past 17 months disappeared, however, many major bugs remain, and several key features are still lacking

OS X audio: 3rd-party hardware drivers - Two months after its acquisition by Apple, Emagic has released Logic Platinum 5 for Mac OS X (LPX), the first high-end sequencer to run under Apple's Unix-based OS. This is great news for registered users of Logic Audio Platinum 5; they can download the app and get right to work, enjoying the benefits of the CoreMIDI, CoreAudio, Audio Units standards, and support for high-resolution audio, including 32-bit floating-point data

Grading Jaguar - After 10 days or so of using Jaguar non-stop, I think I can offer a little insight into my impressions of how the operating system upgrade works in the real world on an older PowerBook system

Apple OS upgrade has great features, but be prepared to pay for them - To date, Apple says, 10% of users have switched to OS X since its introduction in March 2001; Jaguar's release could push that to 20% by year's end.

Do ya think I'm OS Xy? - For the bulk of the Mac world, which perseveres on Apple's OS 9 system, it's a case of when - not if - they shift. But Apple still needs its latest OS X incarnation - version 10.2 - to persuade them that now is the time to jump. After years of development, OSX 10.2 is the platform on which Apple will introduce a raft of new features

Post subject: Address book + pictures - why and how to use them elsewhere?

Mac OS X Trick For A Multi-Boot System - If you're a person (like a developer) who needs to boot into different versions of Mac OS 9, OS X or OS X Server for whatever reason and you're using a NewWorld Mac -- basically an iMac or later -- you've probably already learned the value of the Option key for giving you the ability to choose which partition, CD or NetBoot server you wish to boot from. If you do this fairly regularly, you might find this tip kind of handy

Week 9 - Search Within Files - Tuesday - Let's do the Recursive grep

Week 9 - Search Within Files - Monday - Let's do the grep

Opera for Mac OS X not a dead parrot - Opera Software tells us that the Mac OS X version of its browser, which was last updated seven long months ago, is still under development

Interesting Bits of Jaguar - Last week's much-anticipated release of Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar hasn't disappointed - Apple pulled out all the stops in improving and adding to Mac OS X. Despite the $130 upgrade cost, over 100,000 people purchased Jaguar in the first weekend it was available, a number Apple claims is a record for Mac OS sales in a single weekend (though it undoubtedly includes all the pre-orders placed up to that time as well)

Can Apple's Jaguar Break Windows? - But even with all the Jaguar fanfare, the marketing campaigns and the individual stories of redemption, the big question remains: Does the improved operating system pose a serious threat to Windows' dominance among consumers and in the enterprise

Jaguar stalks Windows users -  If Apple Computer's ubiquitous "Switch" ads, featuring real people who have jumped from Windows to the Macintosh, are tempting, the newest version of its OS X operating system offers a set of unique features that may be the deciding factor.

How To: Network with A PC - First things first, make sure you have 10.2, because trying to network, unfortunately with 10.1.5 is a nightmare. Also make sure you have Windows XP, because that is all I have ever networked with, sorry for everyone who has a previous version

Introduction To and Experiences With Mac Cocoa - Cocoa is the native system for developing applications on the Apple Mac. This article introduces Cocoa and describes my experiences after about a year implementing a complex application in Cocoa using Objective C

Good reasons to upgrade to OS X 10.2 Faster feel, plus interface and search improvements - I almost hate to say it, because I too was bothered by Apple's pricing policy, but after using 10.2 for a couple of weeks, I'm sold: If you use Mac OS X, upgrading to 10.2 is a worthwhile investment

Comparing Mac OS X Versions - In the following chart, we'll compare the capabilities of each of the major releases of Mac OS X: 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2

Jaguar Graphics performance - Jaguar improves graphics performance in many areas. The Marine Aquarium Mac OS X screensaver from SereneScreen, for example, runs at 46 frames per second (full screen mode, 1024x768, thousands of colors) on a 400 MHz G3 Mac with a PCI Radeon Mac Edition under Mac OS X 10.1.5, but 54 fps on the same machine under Jaguar.

OWC Releases XPostFacto 2.2 - Other World Computing has released version 2.2 of XPostFacto, its software utility that lets pre-G3 Macs install OS X - including the newly-released X.2, aka Jaguar.

Post subject: Apple's Commitment to Internet Standards (?) - It looks good. Putting Unix underneath the Mac OS really gives the impression of a company that is building the "computer of the internet". And it doesn't hurt that the world wide web was developed on NeXT workstations, whence OS X has come to us. On the face of it, we would seem to be headed toward an age where companies fight to be the one that does the internet best, using standardized languages and formats for everything from plain text to movies. But what is the reality?

Dr. Mac - Jaguar - The Cat Is Out of the Bag - gentle reader, this week's column is about why you should consider giving this cat a few weeks (or more) before installing it.

Jaguar: The cats meow? - There is an Art-Rock song that came out in the 80's called "Big Electric Cat" a fitting theme for Jaguar if ever there was one. I certainly was electrified that my old B&W G3 tower seems to be full of pep after updating it. But it's going to take some time to digest how important an update this is.

Cider Press: Aquarium for MacOS X - Turn Any Monitor Into A Fish Filled Tank - With the release of Mac OS X, screensavers are now built into the operating system, and compared to their Windows counterparts, they're beautiful. Mac OS X's advanced graphics engine renders its screensavers smoothly, colorfully, and with depth and sophistication. Unfortunately, there are only two or three really good screensaver modules in Mac OS X for my taste

Frequently Set Up New Users On Mac OS X Systems ???? - When you create a new User in OS X, it uses a "template" folder and file structure found in "/System/Library/UserTemplate" Inside are default folder layout for various languages. If you wanted all your student to have aliases to certain files, or readmes, course documents and the like already in place once a User acount is created , you simply edit the UserTemplate folder

Week 8 - Terminal Customisation - Wednesday - Customised Title Bar

Dr. Mac Shows How to Blow Up your Screen! - Have you ever used a computer with a video card that had a "virtual pan" mode? It would let you enlarge the screen to huge proportions; the display would scroll as you moved the cursor. It wasn't much use most of the time but every so often "hardware zoom" can be a great thing. And now, it's built right in

Quick Guide: Apache on Mac OS X - Mac OS X has the powerful Apache Web Server Software built right in. Today we take a quick look at how to activate Apache in Mac OS X and how to activate various web server technologies

OS X 10.2 Compatibility Report: Adobe Photoshop 7.0 - If there's one thing creative professionals don't need, it's to upgrade to a new operating system only to find out that applications don't behave as they're supposed to anymore. After all, you can't undo an OS upgrade with a simple Command-Z. Nevertheless, OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) offers some compelling reasons to upgrade. So, beginning today, DMN will publish compatibility tests with major software titles that affect the visual arts market. Today we take a look at the most ubiquitous tool for creative professionals, Adobe Photoshop

A Look Inside Address Book - Now that Jaguar is out, let's take a break from our recent series of graphics columns and look into one of the many new features of Mac OS X, version 10.2 that we Cocoa developers might be interested in: the AddressBook framework

P2P Networking with Rendezvous and iChat - By now you've probably figured out that you can't reenact the famous iTunes/Rendezvous demonstration until the next release of iTunes--there'll be no play-list sharing for a few months yet. So what the heck can you do with Rendezvous in the meantime?

Help for Help in Jaguar - I'm one of the many people who've had problems loading OS X's "Help" system after upgrading to Jaguar. First I got the spinning beach ball of death and had to force-quit Help. Then it degraded into a simple "Application unexpectedly quit" error whenever I tried to load Help

Jaguar: Early Impressions and Tidbits - We do not suspect that Quartz Extreme is working on our TiBook due to the video memory card and its 16MB of SDRAM. But, OS X is much faster overall and noticeably faster with screen drawing. This speed up is nice. In addition to the general Jaguar optimizations, Jaguar's OpenGL is completely revamped, increasing speed up there as well

Installing Perl 5.8 on Jaguar - The newest release of Apple's operating system, OS X v10.2 (Jaguar) is filled with many welcome improvements and additions. The integrated Address Book, improved Mail, System Preference tweaks - all good things. But what really excited me was the new stuff under the hood: bash, Python, gcc 3, Ruby. And what about my beloved Perl? Did they upgrade to version 5.6.1 or, better yet, get 5.8.0 installed in time? A quick trip to the Terminal window gave me the answer

TMO Reports - OS X Opens Doors To Small Developers: Inside Econ Technologies - OS X is Apple's new baby and Steve Jobs has been preaching that if you intend to develop for the Mac you'd better do it in OS X. Mr. Jobs emphasized this notion when he gave his now famous eulogy for OS 9 at the World Wide Developer's Conference this past May, making it clear that Apple considers OS 9 dead technology. That may be how Apple sees it, but what about developers? How has the move to OS X affected them?

A Linux PPC Developer Favors MacOSX Jaguar to Linux - Jaguar is the desktop that Linux should have had. I mean, don't get me wrong, KDE3 is very cool if you soup it up a bit, and I'm really enjoying GNOME2 on my actual cooker-based workstation. But OS X, and Aqua, have an elegance and refinement that KDE and GNOME are just lacking. [...]

Bet on Mac's cool new Jag - The sticker price could be a big negative to some but I would pay the price and upgrade.

Apple's Rendezvous: What it is and why it matters - TCP/IP won the network protocol wars for a vast number of reasons. Unfortunately, user friendliness was not one of them. Those of us lucky enough to use AppleTalk know that networking doesn't have to be hard. While Apple's original LocalTalk network speeds of 230.4kbps were rather feeble by today's standards, AppleTalk's ease of use has remained unavailable in today's TCP/IP-centric nets. Until now

Apple's Jaguar Leaps Ahead of Windows - The good old days are here again: The new version of OS X once more gives Macs clear superiority in operating systems

Apple likely pulls in more than $60 million during Jaguar Event - While not official by any means, Apple's recent press release revealing numbers of sales and foot traffic at the Jaguar launch event, clearly signals to exceptional revenue gains for the current quarter

Jaguar 'sold out in UK' - Most resellers have either sold-out of 10.2 - known as Jaguar in the US - or simply haven't been able to get hold of it, a number have confessed

'Happy Mac' Killed By Jaguar - A staid Apple logo illustrated in self-possessed shades of gray has replaced the eager-to-please icon in the new Jaguar version of the Macintosh operating system.

Taking Back Education With Mac OS X - Start With The Business - First In A Series.... - If you talk to an educational systems administrator, or school systems administrator who runs a Windows centric network in a school or district, and spends the vast majority of the money on Windows machines- even machines that start to run close to Apple hardware in cost, they will insist that the main difference between Macintosh and Windows systems comes down to a few simple concepts

Apple goes after PC users with new system upgrade - Apple Computer wants to win the hearts of PC users. And the company's new Jaguar operating system is clearly its biggest effort yet to make PC users who switch to Macs feel comfortable

Halloween Mode for Jaguar - Essentially, this lets you use White on Black while remaining in color mode, something the GUI interface seems to prevent. This has the dramatic effect of changing the standard Aqua colors into orange and black!

Toolbar Icon Changer 2.0.2 - Toolbar Icon Changer 2.0.2 August 27, 2002 Developer's site: Default Icons got you down? Well don't worry, Toolbar Icon Changer will take care of those blues

PPTP VPNs in Jaguar - Sometimes I think my parents must have dropped me on my head as a kid. It took me longer to find the obviously-named application that configures your Jaguar-running Mac to connect to a VPN network than it did for me to actually connect!

Week 8 - Terminal Customisation - Tuesday - Customised Prompt

Post subject: Jaguar internet connection sharing use Rendezvous - I'm curious as to how much effort sharing an internet connection in Jaguar takes. I've got a hardware router, and i either have to set up DHCP, or to manually assign IP addresses and explicitly point them at the router (i've done the later to avoid having multiple instances of my computers in the file sharing dialog). So, i figure that IP sharing can work in Jag in a few ways

Exposing Jaguar: Installation - Jaguar broke new ground - it was the first OS to come with more than one installation CD! The natural reaction is: so, you're going to force me to stare at the screen for hours to end? Not exactly

Dr. Mac - More Eject Tricks For Jaguar - Since one of my recent tip of the day tips was a litany of ways to eject recalcitrant optical disks and open recalcitrant optical drive doors, I'm happy to say that our second JWOT (Jag-Wire-Only-Tip) deals with that very issue. And it's absolutely free (with every copy of Jaguar)

Symantec: Boot off Norton Util disc to fix Jaguar - Symantec Corp. has updated its tech support database with information about compatibility between its Norton Utilities 7.0 software and Mac OS X 10.2, "Jaguar."

For some users, Jaguar upgrade comes with show-stopping 'gotchas' - Apple's new operating system upgrade - not-so-codenamed Jaguar - offers some impressive features and some compelling reasons to unleash it onto your system. But many users might be better off leaving this cat in the bag - at least for now

OS X Jaguar -- Early Impressions - I'm not seeing the vast speed increases I've been reading about in other coverage. My own TiBook, with version 10.1.5 and a considerably slower processor than the one Apple loaned me, just doesn't seem that much slower in normal operations. It does boot much more quickly, however, which would be more exciting if I needed to boot up very often, which I don't due to the OS's excellent stability

A star is born with Apple's new addition - I'm pretty happy to be reviewing Apple's newest edition of Mac OS X, believe you me. With 10.0 and 10.1, X was still climbing out of the evolutionary swamps, striving to develop the lungs and opposable thumbs of a truly usable new OS. But 90 percent of Mac OS X 10.2 ($129), aka "Jaguar," consists of cool, bouncy, double-clicky new features that are right out there to be immediately exploited by the average user; there's no need for Industry pundits to honk on and on

Jaguar Tidbits from O'Reilly - Now that the dust has settled on the initial install of Jaguar, here are a few subtle discoveries that have been enjoyable to find

The Jagwyre Review - Using Mac OS X is like touring a land of fabulous ancient treasures - with a tourist authority that's still busy renovating them, and that hasn't quite completed the infrastructure. The sights can be breathtaking, but the roads are potholed and incomplete, and sometimes you have to get out and push

Jaguar leaps onto Windows networks - I really like Apple's OS X. I think Apple has done a wonderful job of combining the best of their user-friendly operating system with powerful Unix-based underpinnings. But previous versions of OS X haven't been very helpful in allowing me to do work on the Microsoft network at my office. Apple says OS X Jaguar will change all that. I wanted to see if that was true

X.2 Server: The back (office) door to market growth? - Strong anecdotal evidence exists that X is gaining traction amongst Unix and Linux users. Slashdot and others have reported on this phenomena. Greg Coleman, a freelance programmer in Taiwan, told IGM that his cohorts have switched almost en masse from Linux and Windoze machines to Titanium PowerBooks.

Mac OS X 'Jaguar' gets thumbs-up - Some of the features of Mac OS X can be shared by all other programs. The system-wide spell-checker, for example, can be used with any application

Apple: 100,000 Copies Of Jaguar Sold, 50,000 People Visited 35 Apple Stores - Note that 100,000 copies translates into more than US$10,000,000 dollars added to Apple's bottom line. In a quarter where Apple is struggling to break even amidst lowered technology spending, those dollars are going to be a huge help

Apple's Wider iMac Screen, Jaguar System Are Big Steps - I tested Jaguar on two Macs. The new 17-inch iMac Apple came preloaded with it and I installed it myself on a year-old PowerBook laptop. It worked without a single hitch on both machines. Apple claims there are 150 new features and refinements in Jaguar, but I'll focus on only a few major items

The Mac is dead... long live the Mac - Apple's new operating system is more than a match for Microsoft's and 'classic' Mac will be no more. But, asks Charles Arthur, will this alienate existing users?

aguar Journal: Day Eight - Success! I finally got online using a Bluetooth-ready Ericsson T68i cell phone as a wireless modem for a Bluetooth-ready PowerBook G4

Jaguar journey: Mac OS X evolves - Apple Computer has bragging rights to many things. "The world's sexiest computers" is one. "Best computers for digital entertainment" is another. "An operating system you want to lick" is a third. But Apple didn't claim to have "the fastest operating system on the planet" recently for a reason: Its Mac OS X, while gumdrop-gorgeous and practically crashproof, was dog-slow. It kept improving, sure. Recent versions felt like Boxsters compared to earlier incarnations. Still, OS X sluggishness was the single best reason not to buy a Macintosh computer. "Jaguar" changes everything

It's not a Party till the Cops Show Up - There was one snafu to the evening. Eleo decided it was time to switch, so she and I stood in line so that we could buy her a brand new 17 inch iMac. After winding our way into the store and through the lines to the cash register, we were found out that there were no 17 inch iMacs in stock. Oops

Jaguar Journal: Day Nine - Several people have asked me about my experiences with Apple's Mail application. I earlier marveled at its spam-filtering capabilities but complained about sluggishness

Ignored-but-WOW feature in Mac OS X v10.2 - With all the hoopla around the "big ticket items" in Jaguar, I'm still surprised that no-one is trumpeting perhaps one of the best features: A preference pane called "Accounts"

Week 8 - Terminal Customisation - Monday - Terminal Startup

Dr. Mac Says - Get Info (Cmd-I) in Jaguar ROCKS! - Yea! The cat is finally out of the bag and I'm free to speak of Jaguar in the present tense! So here's the first of what will no doubt be many "Jaguar-only" tips and hints.

Keeping Your Mac Healthy With Regular Maintenance - With Mac OS X, your Mac is already scheduled to run maintenance tasks overnight. Unfortunately, for these tasks to run, it is required that your computer is turned on and awake at 3:45AM! Thankfully, there is a free program called MacJanitor

 Jaguar & Gimp-Print - With the Jaguar launch this weekend, some Jaguar pioneers are having problems printing to their existing printers.Thanks to the inclusion of the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) in Jaguar there are solutions to some of these problems

10.2 Jaguar bag of tips and tricks - Now that you have kicked the tires of Mac OS X 10.2 last weekend, here are a few tidbits worth trying or knowing.

AOL Updates its Mac Face - We can't report that America Online has finally updated its America Online client for Apple's Mac OS X, because AOL released version 5.1.2 - a quickie port that was compatible with the new operating system - several months ago. But with version 10.2, AOL now has the liquid look of OS X and even a few new features - not many, but enough to add up to a more pleasant online experience

Jaguar: iChat - Jaguar comes with iChat (even installs it in the Dock for you during install). iChat is a chat client, which currently speaks AIM and Apple's own chat format. I'm an AIM junkie--being a remote worker, I live and die by telephone, email and instant messages. I use Adium as my client, but I tried iChat just to see what it was like.

OS X 10.2 What Doesn't Work - So Far! - So, where do I start?      I was so enthusiastic and hurried to install OS X 10.2, that I installed it on my main hard drive instead of my secondary OS X hard drive (used specifically for product reviews). Well, I certainly paid the price; I lost a lot of vital functions

Mac OS X Bug List and Missing Features - With the introduction of Mac OS 10.2 "Jaguar", many of the nagging bugs and missing features we had all been lamenting over for the past 17 months disappeared, however, many major bugs remain, and several key features are still lacking.

Exposing Jaguar: The Calculator - Finally! The Calculator gets its first-ever decent update in 18 years! But not only does it have an Advanced mode, it also has a lot of features one rarely expects from such an antiquated tool

Jaguar First Impressions ... and Questions - All kidding aside, my Mac is running smoothly with a few minor exceptions. So I'll start with the positive comments, then post a couple disappointments with questions that I hope you have answers to

Jaguar First Impressions - Now that all of you hard-core Mac geeks (including myself) have been up all night upgrading (or formatting and indtalling as I did) and playing around with Mac OS X 10.2 what are your initial reactions? What new features do you like? Was it worth it? What's still missing? What needs tweaking or fixing?

Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar Review - Cons: Still sluggish UI, no ability to see all open windows in the Dock, Finder is downright weird. Backwards compatibility an issue. Kind of buggy still. No modern filesystem or MIME type-based system

Usability Shootout: Mac OS X vs. Windows XP - Let's take an in depth look at the basic usability of these 2 OSes. Is it no longer true Macs are easier than PCs? Has Windows XP finally caught up with (and maybe even surpassed) Mac OS X? To get a little more clarity on this topic, I decided to look at the 2 OSes - Mac OS X 10.2 and Windows XP - in depth,

Mac OS X Reader Reports: Jaguar Part II

Apple's Jaguar has a server claw - Much of the buzz over Apple Computer's Mac OS X 10.2 has focused on desktop computers, but the company also has a new server operating system that's been refined for businesses

Apple's Jaguar Unleashed - Another headlining feature is Sherlock 3, which has come a long way from being the application that searches the content of the hard drive. Once Sherlock was mainly used for cataloging and searching the contents of your hard drive. Now it can help you buy movie tickets--and even get driving directions to the theater. It will also come in handy for dealing with auctions on eBay

Rage Develops More Bite Under Jaguar - James' first hack works just fine on my Lombard with 10.1.5. This could eke even more life out of older Mac beige/portable/iMac hardware

Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar Report

Momentary Glitches: CompUSA Prices Jaguar At US$82,402.02 - Mistakes happen, especially in the fast moving world of online retail. CompUSA had a small glitch this weekend, but we think that this is one mistake that customers won't insist that the company honor.

Jaguar Arrives with Flair! - The first thing I tried was to do some speed tests on the new Finder. That's one of the areas that currently bothers me about Mac OS X and I'm anxious for Jaguar for the performance increases. While my tests were anything but objective, I decided that Jaguar is faster

"100 Minutes of Jaguar" - Palo Alto Store Photos - Live From The Apple Store In Palo Alto, California

Grr 101: Pat's Path To Feline Felicity - I will not be drawn once again into the cost of upgrading argument. Looking back at Apple's history of updates/upgrades fees, it's obvious that we were due. As far as the actual cost, compared to Microsoft's practices, Apple is a saint. As far as paying again for what should be a bug fix - I have but one word: System 7. If one Macintosh operating system should be called buggy, that would be it. Yet we all paid our dime and moved out to multitasking

Week 7 - When CLI Met GUI - Friday - Double Click a Shell Script

Dr. Mac Rebuilds Mac OS X Desktops The Easier Way....

OpenOffice X For Mac OS X - OpenOffice is an up and coming serious competitor to Microsoft Office. It contains four main programs, called Calc (spreadsheet), Draw (paint), Impress (slide presentation), and Writer (word processor). This version of OpenOffice is a developer preview edition, with all kinds of caveats. If you are anything but an early adopter of technology, then quit reading right here. This isn't for the faint of heart

Taking the Plunge: OS X in the Academic Computing Lab Part 2 - Here at CU, classes are once again in session, and I have found a few minor incompatibilities with NetInfo and some applications in our lab. This week , I'll share some of these issues and recount the problems from signing up all the users and getting the entire ball rolling

CAD Discussion in SlashDot article on Mac OS X and Scientist - Points to Nemetschek's VectorWorks, ProE and SolidWorks - Architosh discovered an excellent post on Slashdot this past Wednesday. Adam Salter wrote in about a Boston Globe article about many scientists and engineers who have switched to Apple workstations or have immediate plans to do so. According to the original Boston Globe article, some users, like Craig Hunter, an aerospace engineer at NASA, had this to say about Mac OS X

The Jaguar Genius Pizza! - It started last year, with our OS X Anniversary pizza. Now it's a tradition! We wanted to celebrate the release of Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar in geeky style, with a specially designed ultimate Jaguar Genius pizza! Here's what we did, and how you can make one too...

Jaguar Journal: Day Seven - Need a short list of Jaguar features? I compiled the following to go with a Jaguar review that will be published in the Pioneer Press on Monday

Why you should buy the new Mac OS X. Now - Apple Mail uses something called "latent semantic analysis"--more popularly known as "magic"--to tag spam before it lands in your mailbox. When you install the OS, spam filtering is in "learning mode" and displays spam--highlighted in an appropriately unappetizing shade of brown--along with the rest of your mail. You then have the option of tagging messages the filter missed as spam or to untag its mistakes

Is the new Mac OS X worth the price tag? - Apple's new operating system, OS X 10.2 -- known as "Jaguar" -- lives up to its sports-car nickname, according to ZDNet UK's review. But the software, released on 24 August, may not be worth the £99 (inc. VAT) price tag for those who have recently bought an earlier version of Mac OS X

Savvy users will keep Jaguar in bag for a while - this week's column is about why you should consider giving this cat a few weeks -- or more -- before letting it out of the bag. Don't get me wrong; I've been using Jaguar for a few days and am quite impressed. But before I go on the record about the new features and price, I want to beat on it for a while

Apple's Baby Steps Serve Its Market - Perhaps most important improvement is the brand-new mail client, creatively named Mail. This seems like a good client for handling your POP or IMAP mail accounts. Particularly nice is a new junk-mail filter which uses "latent semantic analysis" to screen out offending messages, initially turning them brown on the screen. I'd say Mail is designed to give Eudora and Microsoft Entourage a run for their money; and it seems more central to the OS than Windows' built-in Outlook Express e-mail client

The Game Is a Foot - When Apple's new operating system release, code-named Jaguar, hits the ground running this month, one of its clawed paws will land squarely on the throat of a clever utility named Watson

Jaguar: New Mac operating system a well-stuffed breed - Mac OS 9 users waiting for their favorite or necessary features can probably declare the wait over, too: Most of what was missing is finally back, and typically improved on. Current OS X users will find individual changes and additions not entirely compelling, but when taken as a whole, Jaguar is a worthwhile upward move

Jaguar Special Edition - OS X for Academics - There is really no question that OS X is a better operating system than OS 9. Though the interface is sometimes unfamiliar, where it counts OS X is streets ahead of its predecessor: multitasking and memory protection. It has true multitasking that doesn't just work, but works well. Yes, you can burn CDs while surfing the 'Net, and no, printing large PostScript files doesn't slow down the rest of the computer

Jaguar Special Edition - System Preferences in OS X 10.2 - Jaguar isn't really any more configurable that previous versions of OS X. Things are tidier, easier to use, and perhaps a little deeper in places, but otherwise this aspect of System 10.2 is very familiar. The fact that System Preferences are, frankly, a bit dull hides the fact that here is the place where you can make your OS X experience so much better

Keyed Archiving in Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) from Cocoa Recipes for Mac OS X - The Vermont Recipes - explanation of the ins and outs of keyed archiving, together with sample code to help you get started with it right away

UNIX changes between 10.1.5 & 10.2 - I've noticed that tcsh in Darwin 6.0 (OS 10.2) seems to be set up differently than in Darwin 5.5 (OS 10.1.5). Under 5.5 tcsh got its envrionment settings from /usr/share/init/tcsh/ . However, these collections of files don't seem to exist in 6.0 except in a collection of examples. I'm curious then how to go about setting up tcsh so that once again binaries in /usr/local/bin/ and man pages in /usr/local/man/ are once again in my path

A Look At Mac OS X 10.2 - While 10.1 may have brought Mac OS X up to speed, 10.2 takes it to a whole new level. With Jaguar, Mac OS X is really starting to flourish

Apple Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar - At this point, price is the only thing holding Jaguar back. It's the OS that Apple should have released in the first place, and it might be the best Mac OS ever. The price is a tough blow if you recently purchased version 10.1, but we still urge you to consider upgrading. The new networking features make Jaguar a must-have upgrade for anyone using OS 9 or OS X 10.1 in a corporate setting, and even those of you with small offices or home networks can reap the benefits

Jaguar Special Edition - Introducing iChat - If I were to use one word to describe Jaguar, it would be 'integration'. Nearly every new aspect of OS X 10.2 is linked to provide seamless operation between programs. The most evident of these is the integration between the new Mail App, Address Book and iChat

Jaguar Special Edition - Mail and Address Book Reborn - As an OS X early adopter, it would be nearly impossible for me to draw any sort of negative conclusion from upgrades to Mail and Address Book in Jaguar. For that to happen, Apple would have actually had to remove features or make little to no improvements with this release. What they did do, is make a snazzy little Mail client and Address Book package more integrated and a bit more robust

Jaguar Special Edition - The New Finder - The new Finder is one of Apple's main selling points for Jaguar. There is a specific page devoted to it in Apple's section on Jaguar on their web site. The first claim made by Apple is that the new Finder "has been rewritten to handle multi-threaded tasks" and therefore provides a significant speed boost

Jaguar Special Edition - InkWell and Quartz Extreme - How extreme is Quartz Extreme? Is dumping the task of drawing screen graphics to the video card really going to increase performance? Um, YES

Jaguar Special Edition - Installing Jaguar - Unsurprisingly, this new version of OS X retains the same stiff hardware demands as previous versions of OS X, requiring a stock G3 or G4 computer and plenty of RAM and disk space. Certain third-party SCSI and video cards are incompatible with the OS X installer and need to be removed for the installation. Although OS X will work on a machine with 128 MB of RAM, with OS X the more RAM the better, and 256 MB seems to be the minimum for comfortable performance

Jaguar--OS X 10.2 - All these features really just scratch the surface and give you the feeling that Apple is releasing a new operating system instead of just a refinement to an older one. And at $129 (available at and other online outlets), OS X 10.2 is priced like a new OS. Perhaps this near-perfect X is really an XI

Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar - Very little is actually needed to make Mac OS X into a full-fledged site server. Here is the short list of things that you'll need for working through these instructions

Observers Report Some Jaguar Orders Delayed Due To "Unexpected Supply Delays" - Several Observers have written in after receiving a letter from the Apple Store regarding their orders for Jaguar. According to the letters, some Jaguar orders are being delayed due to supply problems

WebObjects 5.1.4 now available; patched for 10.2 - WebObjects is Apple's Java Server Applications development environment. Using WebObjects, you can build powerful prototypes or deploy a full-scale e-commerce system

QT Streaming Server updated for Mac OS X Server v10.2 - Apple has updated QuickTime Streaming Server to version 4.1.1. The new update makes it possible for the software to work with Mac OS X Server v10.2 ("Jaguar"), and in the process introduces some enhancements

Apple's Update Takes the Next Step - Every operating system must evolve or risk becoming irrelevant. With Mac OS X, Apple has to carefully balance the addition of innovative features with productivity boosts and bug fixes. Jaguar addresses both needs in exciting ways

In Apple's 'Jaguar,' Upgrades Quick and Mighty - You could say 10.2 (christened "Jaguar" by Apple, after its earlier code name) is the company's biggest update ever. It's the first Mac operating system I've seen that took two CD-ROMs and more than an hour to install.

Jaguar Journal: Day Six - Bring two Rendezvous-ready Macs together on a wired Ethernet network or wireless AirPort (802.11b) network, and they are able to interact with minimum futzing via the standard IP networking protocol. Once networked, the Macs share files along with printers and other Rendezvous-compatible devices such as AirPort base stations

The Best of Both Worlds - Neal's contention is that the command line interface is more powerful and closer to the heart of the machine, and therefore it's a better interface than a GUI (Graphical User Interface). I reread this essay primarily to refresh my memory on what Neal had to say, especially in the light of the fact that today we have Mac OS X, which is an operating system with both a GUI and a command line

Oracle 9i, Full MSN, to Mac OS X. Tell Me Jaguar Isn't the Real Deal - At some point the general population is going realize what the software world already knows -- Mac OS X is the real deal. Three items in this week's news add more weight to this perception

Trash on the Desktop For Mac OS X - I don't know about you, but I miss the Trash on the Desktop. I've tried TrashX to get the Trash back on the Desktop, but it seemed to have problems and every time I updated the OS TrashX quit working. So I found a work around myself

Week 7 - When CLI Met GUI - Thursday - Launch GUI Applications

Dr. Mac presents a way to do iTunes windows. Faster - it turns out iTunes is one of the biggest offenders with its big, honking brushed plastic look. On slow machines it can take the window a second or two to catch up with the cursor. But I accidentally found a work-around for it. So here's today's tip

Shared Address Books for Mac OS X? - A friend asked me a question about setting up shared address books with Mac OS X, but I have no idea how to solve this

Review: Apple's Jaguar is One Cool Cat - Apple claims to have packed in more than 150 new features into Jaguar--and they show. Little tweaks and changes can be seen throughout the entire OS. But some of the most important changes, surprisingly, are the least obvious

Next Mac OS X Upgrade: Panther - As Apple Computer prepares to "let the cat out of the bag" for Jaguar, aka Mac OS X 10.2, the company's marketing department has reportedly decided to continue the feline theme for the next significant upgrade to the Unix-based OS

Apple users to get a taste of MSN - After years of eschewing the Macintosh Internet service market, the company will announce its intention Thursday to offer MSN Internet access and content to users of Apple Computer's Mac OS X--though the service won't be available until early next year. Prices and features will be similar to the PC version

Jaguar Upgrade: Belated Introduction - This is the seventh in a series of posts I'm writing about my upgrade to Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar".

O'Reilly: Apple should target Unix switchers - Tim O'Reilly, founder O'Reilly & Associates, has posted an editorial to the O'Reilly Network Mac DevCenter entitled Mac OS X Switcher Stories. O'Reilly examines the effectiveness of Apple's Switch ad campaign and notes an interesting trend in who is switching to the Mac

Apple Leaps Ahead Of Microsoft With Latest OS Upgrade - Apple's operating-system revision, Jaguar, is much more important. Officially called Mac OS X version 10.2, it's such a major upgrade that it probably ought to have been called Mac OS XI. It costs $129. I tested Jaguar on two Macs. The new 17-inch iMac Apple came preloaded with it and I installed it myself on a year-old PowerBook laptop. It worked without a hitch on both machines. Apple claims there are 150 new features and refinements in Jaguar, but I'll focus on a few major items

X marks the spots - Rubenstein, one of six who form Apple's close-knit, clearly brilliant and also somewhat secretive top management team, is very clear about the power and potential Apple sees in its new Unix-based operating system and the innovative software that has been developed to run on it. More than 3000 developers are now working with Mac OS X, and Apple is leading the way with its "iApps"

Apple Ups the Ante with Wide-Screen iMac, Jaguar OS - the bigger news from Apple is the release of OS X 10.2 ($129, or $199 for a five-license family pack). Apple is clearly serious about enticing Windows PC users to switch. This release has far more essential improvements for professionals working in multiplatform environments than for home users

When on EARTH will we see an apple browser?....

Mark my Words... The Apple Vision...??? - You will begin to see more and more crashes in IE 5.2 and beyond on your Mac running OS X. Oh sure these software glitches COULD be fixed but they are more sinister then that. They are "techno speed bumps", little anomalies in the 'road' that make you think about driving down a different street. I mean face it, it's a little browser. How can you not make a BROWSER stable. Of course Microsoft will blame it on the OS not being stable. Digital finger pointing

How Fast is Jaguar versus 10.1.5 on Your Mac? - I'm curious about Jaguar's performance on low-end G3s as well. Even the current iBooks fall into this category. Is X.2 really code-optimized for speed, or will it prove a resource hog?

Jaguar Journal: Day Five - One of the more interesting Jaguar additions to Mac OS X is Inkwell, a handwriting-recognition technology that is derived from Apple's now-defunct Newton handheld computer

Mac OS X Switcher Stories - Apple's Switch ad campaign focuses on people making the switch from Windows, but it may be the case that there's an even larger wave of switchers from Linux and other Unix platforms.

PowerManagement settings for PowerBooks - I recently discovered that it _is_ posible to have different power settings on your PowerBook depending on whether you are plugged in or not. In Mac OS X 10.1.5 Apple made some changes to the powermanger that are not accessable through the system prefs pane

Week 7 - When CLI Met GUI - Wednesday - Drag and Drop

Dr. Mac - The Brazilian way to force your Mac to boot up in OS X (and not OS 9) - If you hold down the Option key when you restart or start up your Mac, you'll see the Startup Manager. If you have only one hard disk volume (with both OS X and OS 9 on it), you can force that disk to start up in OS X by selecting it in the Startup Manager, then holding the X key during startup

Review of Matlab 6.5 for Mac OS X - "Matlab is the standard tool in technical and scientific computing. It is probably the most used tool in numerical computing, although sometimes other tools would be more appropriate. It is nice to see that Matlab is again available for Mac,

Integrating Tomcat with Apache Via the mod_jk Module - While there are a few available methods for integrating Tomcat with Apache, the recommended (and currently maintained) approach is to integrate Tomcat with Apache via the mod_jk module. (mod_jk is the approach used with the latest Coyote connector modules provided by the Tomcat developers.)

Aquarium for MacOS X: Dey Luke Ehm Lyke Reel Fesh, Eh? - With the release of Mac OS X, screensavers are now built into the operating system, and compared to their Windows counterparts, they're beautiful. Mac OS X's advanced graphics engine renders its screensavers smoothly, colorfully, and with depth and sophistication. Unfortunately, there are only two or three really good screensaver modules in Mac OS X for my taste. My favorite built-in module is slideshow

Jaguar Journal: Day Six - Jaguar technologies such as the aforementioned Bluetooth and InkWell have only niche appeal for now, but another technology called Rendezvous looks to be widely useful from the get-go. Rendezvous is a better and easier way to network two or more Macs

Apple To Open Stores At 10:20 PM Friday Night For Early Jaguar Sales - Apple is going to be having a promotional event at all of its stores from 10:20 PM to 1:00 AM called 100 Minutes To Jaguar. The stores will be closing at their normal times, and will reopen at 10:20 PM, 100 minutes before midnight.

OK, where's the web sharing log in OS X? - I've just switched over from running a home web server on an OS 9 machine to a machine running OS X (10.1.5). Now I'd like to find the equivalent of the sharing log I had under OS 9

Jaguar Journal: Day Four - I mentioned earlier that I couldn't get my Jaguar-equipped iMac to recognize a D-Link Bluetooth adapter nor to allow Internet Sharing activation. I tried the brute-force approach to solving these problems

Tuesday - Paste from the Clipboard - Copy a page from TextEdit using command-c. Now paste it to the Unix command 'wc' ('wc' counts the number of words in its input)

Dr. Mac Manages to Eject a Disc from the Terminal - Last week I provided a semi-exhaustive list of ways to open a recalcitrant CD or DVD drive or eject a recalcitrant CD or DVD disc. A post on our message board last week from jkiefer got me looking into solutions that use (gasp) the Terminal.

Dr. Mac - I'm a man.... I spell M..... A..... N..... - Yesterday's tip got me thinking about the Terminal and whether there were other cool disk options available using the hdiutil command.

Installer -- Install Packages From The Command Line - Take a look at the man page for the program 'installer'. This program makes installing packages from the command line quick and easy

Apple Releases August Security Update For Mac OS X - The update handles security issues with OpenSSL and some unspecified thing labeled "Security."

Jaguar Upgrade Options - "The d-day is almost here. Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) is coming in about 6 days. Of course, all the real MacHeads already have it ordered... But was it a good idea? Maybe you are entitled to better upgrade deals than the usual US$129

Jaguar Journal: Day Three - Sure, Jaguar is designed to be feline-fast on high-end Macintosh machines such as my loaner PowerBook G4. But how does it perform on somewhat more modest machines such as my recently purchased flat-panel iMac?

The Game Is a Foot - When Apple's new operating system release, code-named Jaguar, hits the ground running this month, one of its clawed paws will land squarely on the throat of a clever utility named Watson

Week 7 - When CLI Met GUI - Monday - Copy to the Clipboard

Jaguar kills broadband - I was using the BT broadband with 9,2.2 and OSX 10.1 without problem. When I installed Jaguar update, which took two hours, the OS9, was unaffeted. When I re-booted is OSX 10.2 I got the message 'Selected communication device does not exist!!'

Jaguar incompatibilities - The following applications and hardware have problems functioning under Mac OS X 10.2

Nemetschek N. A. offers official line on 'Jaguar' compatibility - According to info from our MacMall partners, many of you Macintosh CAD and 3D users are very excited about the upcoming Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2) release. We definitely understand the excitement given the new Quartz Extreme technologies and other features. Thus, we feel it is important to alert users about possible compatibility issues

OS X software for control freaks - Users of Mac OS X have a number of options to remote control other Macs

Observers Report Receiving Jaguar Shipping Information - Apple may well be keen on avoiding supply-issues associated with delivery of Mac OS X 10.1

Apple posts Mac OS X Server v10.2 tech briefs - With Mac OS X 10.2's imminent release, there's another change right around the corner, too -- Mac OS X Server v10.2, the latest major version of Apple's "industrial-strength server platform." To help highlight Mac OS X Server v10.2's features, Apple has posted downloadable technology briefs on its Web site

Mac OS X 10.2: How Apple got it right...again! - Apple has added yet another item to the list of things it's done right--and that Microsoft ought to copy. This time it involves the way you'll be able to license the newly minted upgrade to its already elegant operating system

Apple Does the Right Thing - Two licenses for me, three for her. $39.80 per copy. What a deal! Whether Apple did this in response to their customers or not (and I have a hard time believing the hue and cry over the complete absence of upgrade pricing had nothing to do with this), Apple has done right for those who want to run Jaguar on two or more Macs

Apple's OS 9: Buried Alive? - fresh users will start out with OS X and may know nothing of the Classic world. But the grumbling and difficulty that longtime Apple devotees will show in the face of the OS 9 abandonment may make some newer users think twice about giving loyalty to a company that would do this to its fans

Jaguar: Lots of Features, But Worth the Upgrade? - Quartz Extreme is X.2's big news, but to some extent it simply means your more powerful graphics card (if you own a current Mac or unpgraded your video card) is doing more of the work, and your G3/G4 less. The review says this translates into real-world gains, with less CPU-time hogged by applications demanding graphics compositing time. It means better, snappier response.

Excellent Jaguar Rebate Programs Ease Pricing Tensions - From free to $79.00, everyone seems to have an opinion on how "early adopters" should be charged for this release, if anything

Taking the Plunge: OS X in the Academic Computing Lab - So we've all talked (and wrote) about making the move to OS X. This summer, it was time to put my money where my mouth is, and move my entire lab to OS X and NetInfo services. Over the last couple of months, I have been working with the process in a series of steps and stages - and over the next of weeks, I'll share some of the pitfalls and tricks I encountered

Jaguar Journal: Day One - So I created this blog. Daily postings will chronicle my Jaguar experiences on the PowerBook and at least one other Mac. This culminates with Jaguar coverage in the Aug. 26

Software DesInstaller For Mac OS X - The DesInstaller is a simple tool that reads the receipts generated when you install a pkg file with Apple's Installer. Every file installed by this package is removed, even if it has been modified, and archived if you ask the DesInstaller to

Dr. Mac says, "Do you know who's landing in your AirPort?" - MacStumbler. Got an Airport card in your Mac? Take your > laptop with you wherever you go? MacStumbler searches for available wireless Internet connections that your Mac can connect to, telling you what kind of network it is, whether it's public, and the signal strength

Dr. Mac and the Cloak of Invisibility - What are invisible files and how do I work with them if they're invisible...

X-bytes: System enhancements, font tools

More Command Line Text Editing - The previous column took a look at how to do simple, basic things in the vi editor. This was enough to be getting on with, as the saying goes, but there is much more available to you. As promised, we'll take a fuller look at the commands available to you in this installment

Virtual PC for Mac OS X - I don't have the luxury of a dual-processor G4 tower, so I found Virtual PC aggressive on my total Mac resources

Migrate to OS X 10.2 with a Clean Install - Before you can enjoy the benefits of OS X 10.2, you first need to install it -- which may not be as easy as it sounds. Although you can update your existing OS X system to 10.2, you may encounter several problems (including crashing applications) after doing so. To avoid this, we suggest using the installer's new Archive And Install option, which installs a complete version of 10.2 and saves everything from your previous OS X system.

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