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An Interview with Michael Thole, the Creator of Searchling - .Searchling , a great little utility that plants a search field on your OS X menubar, is an example of this spirit. I've used Searchling for a couple of months now and it occurred to me that rather than just write a review it would be interesting to interview its creator

Beyond the Safari Hype - Safari Web browser has taken off faster than a brushfire on the Serengeti Plain. Within 24 hours of its January 7th introduction, Apple counted more than 300,000 downloads of Safari, and by January 10th, when an update was released, another 200,000 had been recorded. But how many people are actually using Safari for everyday Web browsing, and what do Mac community gurus think of it?

OS X Odyssey 246 - Partitioning Revisited Yet Again - In Odyssey 241 I outlined the reasons why I had decided not to partition the hard drive on my new iBook. The arguments seemed logical the time, and I had convinced myself that an unpartitioned drive was the way to go with this machine. However, after a week, I came to the realization that I wasn't going to be happy with a single volume hard drive

Post subject: deleting itunes temp files - Been having a problem with accumulating large temp files associated with itunes. Upgrades of the os and Itunes has not altered the situation.(currently using Itunes3 and Jaguar 2.2) These files are large and each is slightly larger than the one that precedes it in the list. They reside in my Itunes folder. I have a G4 and an Ibook. These files never appear on the Ibook, but are constantly being created on the G4

Special Report: QuarkXPress 6.0 inside details - details on the features that will be found in QuarkXPress 6.0, which they estimate will be released this summer. The June/July timeframe appears to be Quark's tentative schedule, internally, though this release date could certainly slip, as it has done already, several times

Apache security risk - Mac OS X affected - All Apache servers running on Mac OS X and possibly other operating systems may be susceptible to a modified Denial of Service (DoS) attack. The effect is a major slow down in computing - approximately 100% CPU usage and process ID numbers (PIDs) around the 30,000 or higher

Post subject: Is it really convenient to move the Swap files - There was a program named SwapCop which moved the Swap files to another partition (or disk) on OSX.1.x, but didn't work at all on OSX 10.2 or later... In the recent update of Xupport, there is an option to move the Swap, and as I've got an extra 120 Gb Firewire HD, I'm tempted to select it. But first I would like to know if it is convenient and if it is effective

Print A Folder WIndow List Easy In Jaguar

Redirection and Pipelines - Parts 1 to 4 covered basic Unix theory. In Parts 5 and 6 we used our Unix skills to in a more practical way: displaying and locating files with commands such as 'head', 'tail', 'locate', and 'find'; searching and changing within files with commands 'grep' and 'sed'

Safari Downloads Top 1 Million - more than 1 million copies of its new Safari web browser have been downloaded since the free public beta was posted on Apple's web site ( on January 7

Ten More Mac OS X Loose Ends Part Two - Last week we considered a list of five items to enhance the Mac OS X Jaguar user experience. Today we will look at five more that tweak a few of OS X's unix underpinnings

OS X Odyssey 244 - What OS X Native Software Shoud I Use? - of course depends a great deal on what you want to do with your computer. I use mostly OS X native software in OS X, but there are still a few applications that aren't available for OS X that keep me booting Classic

Charles Moore Reviews Mastering Mac OS X Second Edition - Comparisons with David Pogue's Mac OS X: The Missing Manual are inevitable, and as regular readers know, I like the Pogue book a lot, but Mastering Mac OS X, while in the same general category of reference, stakes out its own territory, and may appeal to a slightly different sort of reader

Safari Spell Check - OSXFAQ Reader Tip By James Dempsey

Surfin' Safari - Dave Hyatt's Weblog

Apple's Safari hunts Explorer users - With the introduction of Safari at the Macworld San Francisco trade show last week, Apple Computer Inc. boldly entered the "the browser wars." Though currently a "beta," computer-speak for "unfinished test version," Safari is impressive software

Third Party Hacks Add Numerous Features To Safari - The last time we mentioned Safari addons, we showed you Safari Enhancer and SafariNoBrush. It's only nine days into Safari's life, and VersionTracker is quickly filling up with modifications. (Listed software is freeware, unless stated otherwise.)

Weird Error Message in OS X - Ever since I've been using Mac OS X I've been getting this annoying dialog box when I log in

Safari -- First Thoughts - Well, I put Mac OS 10.2 ("Jagwire") on my notebook machine and installed Apple's new Web browser, Safari, to give it a try. It's all Apple has claimed, and less

Solid Mac OS X Apps Highlight a New Year and a New Approach - In this article, we'll take a look at some of the applications which distinguish themselves, which show in some way that they "get it." For the most part these apps are from small companies which are investing heavily in following Apple's lead.

Ultimately, UI is crucial differentiator, not render engine - In summary, there are many good rendering engines but very few great user interfaces, and in the end, UI is the crucial differentiator b/w browsers

Gimp-Print to the Rescue - Letting Macs with Jaguar Print on Windows Networks

Openworld's X move - BT Openworld has expanded its Mac support, introducing the drivers to support Mac OS X 10.1 and 10.2 on its Broadband Business 500 Plug & go products

OS X Odyssey 241 - Partitioning The iBook Part II - Decision - OK, I finally decided who go with a single partition on my iBook's 20 gigabyte hard drive. Here's my reasoning

OS X Odyssey 240 - To Partition Or Not To Partition? - One of the setup issues I've been pondering he is whether to partition the hard drive or not. I've always partitioned my drives, and my inclination has been to create at least two partitions -- a relatively small one for booting directly from OS 9, and a larger main one for OS X

I Switched (from OS 9 to OS X) - This was the first time I'd gone more than a weekend in OS X, and going back into OS 9 on Tuesday was a bit of an alien experience, sort of like going back to System 7.x after getting used to the improved appearance and new features of Mac OS 8.1

Need A Larger OS X Desktop? Try VirtualDesktop For Multiple Virtual Desktops! - VirtualDesktop is a program that will create multiple virtual desktops, and allow you to access any one at a time. You can see what desktops are active, and what is on each one of them, via a convenient Pager interface

The Mac OS X Books of Maria Langer - I like Maria Langer's Mac OS X books for three reasons: First, she is up to date. Maria was the first author to publicly release a 10.2 book (sorry David Pogue!). The second reason is her calm, clear and efficient style of writing, with bits of humor tossed in

A Web Authoring Review Of Safari - flak_mac writes "Hey there, those guys over at have a pretty objective review of Safari. It is worth the read becuase they touch the success and failures of the new browser and what it's going to have to do to be the browser of choice."

Poof! Safari Erased My Hard-Drive! - The evening of January 7th, after hours of work retouching digital photos, I was ready to do something fun. I dutifully saved my laboriously-retouched Photoshop files into desktop folders. That completed the day and evening's mission, preparing the files to be printed for client delivery the next morning. In Jaguar's multi-tasked OS jungle background lurked a download of Safari, Apple's futuristic and snappy new web browser.

Apple Updates Safari Beta, Third-Party Hacks Adds Debug Menu And Other Features - Apple has quietly updated the Safari Beta browser to version v51 or version 0.8.1, depending on where you look. Apple doesn't seem to be providing much information on what is new aside from "This Safari Update is recommended for all Safari users,"

Jaguar: year's best software - Writing for CNN/Money, Brian Clark picks Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) as his favorite software of 2002

OS X Odyssey 231 - The Quartz Extreme Conundrum  - One of the big conundrums is whether OS X Jaguar Quartz Extreme is supported adequately by the lower priced machine's 16 megabytes of the VRAM. I have been unable to find a direct scientific comparison, but I'm inclined to think that for the 12.1-inch, 1024 x 768 resolution monitor in the iBook, the extra 16 MB of video RAM in the 800 MHz unit probably wouldn't make a whole lot of difference *for the sort of work that I do.*

Mac OS X Year-End 2002  - Mac OS X has remained true to its roots, and my original reasons for getting into Mac OS X still stand. Those were industrial-strength stability and security. One of the key strengths of every flavor of unix is something called protected memory. I quickly experienced the value of protected memory in OS X the first time some recalcitrant Mac OS application, running in Classic mode, crashed

Mac Basics - Disk Repair And Maintenance  - With OS X, there seem to be several schools of thought regarding disk maintenance. Some suggest that Unix is so robust that you can for the most part use it and leave things alone. Others argue that you should run various maintenance and repair routines frequently, using both Apple's built-in tools and an arsenal of third-party utilities and hacks. I fall somewhere in the middle

Why OSX is better, reason 4: Can you say multi-tasking? - It's hard to appreciate true multitasking unless you've exprienced it. But it's almost impossible to go back once you have (to either Windows 98 or OS 9). New users to a true multitasking enviornment I find have trouble taking advantage of it

OS X Odyssey 229 - Should You Have To Work To Like An Operating System? - In a letter below, frequent OS X Odyssey correspondent James Rae Smith implies that I ought to work a bit harder at liking OS X. This raises some interesting philosophical questions. Should one have to work at liking a piece of software, or any other tool, and if so, why?

Post subject: How to duplicate a CD/DVD-ROM via the command line - If you need to create a personal backup copy of a CD-ROM or DVD, it's fairly simple to do so in the terminal

Apple Knowledge Base Article - Keyboard Shortcut May Conflict With Classic Applications In OS X 10.2 - If the command Command-Option-Shift-Q is used while using a Classic application, the Classic environment will force quit, losing all unsaved data. The solution is to avoid using this key comination until Apple provides a fix

Porting to Mac OS X from Windows Win32 API - Apple provides many programming resources for creating MacOSX applications, and which one you choose depends upon your needs, preferences, and constraints. If you are unfamiliar with the MacOSX platform, the process of choosing the right approach can be time-consuming and confusing. The purpose of this Guide is to get you started porting an existing procedural Win32 application written in C or C++ to MacOSX

Switching to the Mac for the Java Developer, Part 1 - In this series of articles, I will explore porting Java applications to Mac OS X. I assume you already are familiar with Java, Swing, and AWT, so I will concentrate on the Mac OS X aspects only. The series will be useful to Java developers who want to write more portable applications.

Post subject: Seting up networking in a mixed enviroment - we upgraded to 10.2 and cannot connect to any intranet web service without using the IP address, this unfortunate breaks the nav once on the web server.

Build Your Own Apache Server with mod_perl and mod_ssl - In part one of this article I discussed some of the issues with Mac OS X's default Apache install, and how we can get around those issues through the tried-and-true approach of compiling Apache yourself. Now I'd like to go back and guide you through the process of including support for mod_ssl in your custom build of Apache

How To Deal With Common OS X 10.2 Jaguar Problems

File Synchronization: One Step Closer to OS X - The program does what I need, albeit differently than the three programs I've used with the classic Mac OS. Instead of a control panel that sits in the background and intercepts copies, making them "smart," with File Synchronization I have to configure and run an application. As an OS X application, it can work in the background, just like the classic smart copiers

Where OS X Still Needs Work - Many peripherals, such as scanners and printers, are incompatible with Jaguar because drivers have not yet been written for them. And support for SCSI devices, which is standard in so-called "Classic" versions of Mac OS, has been spotty at best

Post subject: Help Viewer speed bothering anyone else? - This is a known issue with the Help Viewer. Apple calls it a "feature". Basically whats happening is that when launched the Help Viewer checks the interent for new/updated versions of the help files

More about Jaguar on the 800 MHz iBook - Another interesting thing that Apple has made available through their Developer page is IP over FireWire preview. It only works in Jaguar, but if you install it on two computers with Jaguar, you are able to connect them via a 6 pin FireWire cable for very fast file sharing or LAN gaming

Setting Up Disk Quotas In Mac OS X Using the GUI - I am a tech at Park Hall, Ithaca College where we have about 40 Apple Final Cut Pro editing stations, and having to move up to Mac OS X I needed a way to set up password protected accounts, about eight, for each machine

Why OSX is better, reason two: No more juggling ram - I don't have to play the ram game. Using OS 9 was a constant ram game. And yes, as ram became cheaper it was not as much of a concern. Still, even with 256mb of ram when doing something that involves Photoshop, Quark, and Distiller I still found myself having to close things, or change the ram allocation of programs

OS X Office Killers - Breaking The Dependence On Abusive Big Brother - I was just doing a little research and found that there are a BUNCH of potential alternatives to Microsoft Office. Most of them are currently in Beta, meaning that in the near future, the Mac will have a plethora of options on the market

OS X Odyssey 222 - Shortcuts To Switching Between OS 9 and OS X  - I switch back and forth between OS 9 and OS X several times a week -- occasionally more than once a day. The conventional method is to open the Startup Disk Control Panel for the Apple Menu Control Panels submenu, or the Startup Disk preference panel from System Preferences in OS X, a and choose the volume you want to boot from next from the list of partitions and disks that appears. This process is cumbersome, especially in OS X where the pertinent Windows take their time in opening. I've speeded things up a little with the Prefling Dockling

Beauty and Brains: Disturbing Jaguar Tendencies  - The looks and behaviors of Mac OS X applications present quite a mixed bag. While we marvel at the beauty, consistency and 21st-century looks of a handful of applications written exclusively for Mac OS X, like Apple's own Mail and iDVD 2, or the OmniGroup's OmniGraffle, we can't help noticing how the same level of polish is missing from the majority of apps that have been around for a long time, and have recently been rewritten to run natively in OS X

Apple: Certain Macs will boot OS 9 until June 2003 - Apple today confirmed that several of its current Macintosh configurations would be able to boot into Mac OS 9 until June 2003. While speculation was that Apple would be making such a move to accommodate customers of QuarkXPress, which is currently only available in an OS 9 version, Apple also pointed to its education customers as a reason for the move

Post subject: firewire external harddrives - what a mess... - I'm trying to find a way to share a firewire drive between a new (yippee) ibook and my old windows desktop

Review: Mac OS X Killer Tips (book) - Many books have been written about Mac OS X, from thick compendia to slim introductions, covering the full range of user needs and skill levels, mostly providing a complete roadmap to using the OS. But this new book, Mac OS X Killer Tips, by Scott Kelby, is a departure from the standard fare: it is a collection of tips, hints, and shortcuts to help users already familiar with OS X go further

OS X Odyssey 220 - A Reprieve On Dual-Booting Termination? - Yesterday, Slashdot posted an intrigueing thread based on rumors that Apple may be considering a postponement of OS X only boot support in new Macs from the deadline of January 8, 2003 that was announced in September, to June, 2003, apparently in response to lobbying by the developers of QuarkXpress

OS X on Intel? - There's been quite active discussion of this at Slashdot, so maybe it's time to debunk some of the more obvious misconceptions

 Mac OS X: Powerful But Awkward - The OS X 10.2 interface is a bit less awkward than in the past, and finally has helpful new features that can save time - including a quick, effective feature to find files, faster content searches, and a separate Sherlock for Internet searches

Electronic Circuit Design Using Mac OS X? - Since taking a digital circuits class in college, I have been tinkering around with some ideas for neat stuff to build. Unfortunately, some of these ideas got complicated in a hurry, so I decided I needed to find some kind of software to assist me. Dispite hunting around the Internet (MacUpdate, VersionTracker, Google, etc.), I can't seem to find any decent circuit design software for Mac OS X. I know the Mac isn't huge on CAD applications, but there used to be a few programs in the pre-X days

Drag and Drop Destinations - Drag and Drop is probably the user interface paradigm that most strongly screams "MACINTOSH!" It is most likely one of the biggest reasons why many of us fell in love with the Mac back in our youth. This one paradigm is so simple in its use yet so powerful in its ability to allow a program to receive data from other processes. Although this concept is a complicated one to tackle effectively, I think that you will agree that the Cocoa implementation is very clever and easy to use

Jaguar on the 800 MHz iBook - The interface seems reasonably well developed and looks stunning. It has some strange idiosyncrasies (notably, you can only drag items to the Dock from icon view), and the new application-specific menu is somewhat disorienting. Performance is excellent with the Radeon 7500, which can take advantage of Quartz Extreme, although still not up to OS 9 levels. In my use, I've noticed a 5-10% performance decrease in Jaguar

XDarwin X11 server for OS X offers academic discount - Faculty and students of higher educational institutions are now eligible for the academic discount of 30 percent off of the $59.95 retail package price of XDarwin

JagWyre Junkie - See, here's the thing that occurred to me the other day. Back in about 1996 (or was it 1997?) I remember the IT department at the company I work for discovering desktop standards. It seems they actually thought that Mac (on their desk) that I used was actually theirs and they could tell me what software to use on it. Can you imagine?

Learn C with Project Builder - So, you've decided to learn how to program and want to use your Mac with all the great tools that you've heard comes with it. The only problem is that when you first launch Project Builder you're overwhelmed with all the options and how to set up the tutorial projects that are in your learning C book. Fear not. It's easier than it looks and once you know the basics, it's all downhill. The goal of this tutorial is to get someone that is new to programming up to speed with how to create, edit, build and debugging a basic project in OS X

jcw: Jaguar's Finder's fine - I was listening recently to an interview on "Your Mac Life" with John Gruber of, regarding what he perceives as deficiencies in the Mac OS X Finder. (More information is also available in a post on his site.) I feel that while he makes some good points, he may not be as right as he, and many other people think

Firing up Jaguar on older Macs - Apple's website warns: Mac OSX does not "support" the original PowerBook G3 portable Mac, or the processor upgrade cards used by many people to boost performance of older machines. The Barrow is here to tell you that the latest version of Mac OSX, 10.2 or Jaguar, in fact runs quite happily on most G3 Power Macs, with or without processor upgrades

OS X Switch: interface issues - I recently switched from Windows to OS X and while i'm beginning to see most differences as advantages i still find it hard to get used to some aspects of the MAC OS document-centric interface. There are several issues but here are my two main problems. Would be great if any of you had a solution or work-around

Serving Files Using FTP in Mac OS X - Mac OS X integrates the FTP server into the operating system, making it easy to share your files without needing a separate server

Memory Management 101 - Memory management is one of those topics which can cause even the most astute of developers to wring their hands madly. Developers are keen to write tight, robust, efficient software, and understanding Cocoa's memory management is central to that desire

OS X Odyssey 217 -- New Networking Troubles  - I wanted to transfer a piece of software I had download the night before to the Pismo. I selected "Connect to Server" as usual, but in the OS 9 File Sharing control panel. It seemed to take an extraordinarily long time for the S-900 to show up in the servers window, and when I hit the Connect" button, I got this error message. That had never happened before

Apple in OpenSourceLand ... and Free Software - It is getting well known that at the base of MacOSX is an open source project which brings Apple not only in an open source land but also in a free software land. Free software is not anything, it is a philosophy put forth, defined and most of all applied by the GNU Project of which the starting point was a manifesto by Richard M Stallman. However, that does not make everything clear. There are a few distinctions that must be made first

Software Shootout: Best P2P FileSharing App - Anonymous Coward writes "I'm looking for opinions. Which do you think is the best software app to download music? I've tried Limewire, Aquisition, Fern , KDX, and Mactella, but I have not found one that works consistently. I've read some descent reviews of Drumbeat, but haven't used it myself." I've been playing with Neo lately when downloading non-copyrighted materials from the Internet. It's worked very well for me. What do you use?

Xupport brings a whole new level of control to OS X users - Xupport, developed by Laurent Muller and available as Shareware for $20, is the best application I've seen for people who want a nice GUI to access all of OS X's UNIX-based power. That said, this is not an application that should be used by novice computer users

How to access another user's files in the Finder - If you have more than one account on a computer and you are logged in as one user, it is not possible to read another user's files. Yes, you can do it via terminal by using su or sudo commands, but not via the GUI. Here is a way around it:

Reviews Mac OS X: The Missing Manual - Second Edition  - Such is the way of computer software books, which tend to have a very short useful life. Happily, David Pogue and O'Reilly end Associates, Inc. have managed to get the second edition of Mac OS X: The Missing Manual off the presses in timely fashion, with content expanded from 581 to 712 pages covering the more than 150 new features and myriad other changes in OS X. 10.2

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