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EphPod 2 -   EphPod's main function is to copy music over to the iPod and modify the iTunesDB file, a proprietary database file the iPod uses to organize, display, and play all audio files. Because EphPod deals mostly with putting music onto the iPod, it is a very clean-cut program with complex features that is excellent at what it does

iPod Envy - All the well-thought design in the world is not going to matter if the sound is not up to par. I am happy to say the iPod sounds wonderful. The included earphones really crank out deep bass and crisp highs. I myself prefer "behind the head" style headphones, so I picked up a pair of Sony MDR-G52 headphones ($20 everywhere), which sound a bit "fuller," compared to the included earphones

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Incase Designs Sleeve - Overall, the Sleeve is a very impressive case in respects to its design, materials and construction. I'm sure this case will become popular for iPoders who want leather, solid design and functionality for only $20. Though I had some minor issues with the Sleeve case, it's one of the best leather cases on the market

Review: LeatherPod - There's something to be said for simplicity. Too many products try to do too many different things. Dr. Bott's LeatherPod case for the iPod isn't one of them. It's basic and stylish, and gets the job done well. It's not perfect, but it's close

Let Her Rip With Apple's iPod - Every few years or so a product comes out that radically changes the way people do certain things. The personal computer changed the way we work, the microwave oven changed the way we cook (or at least re-heat) and the cell phone changed the way we communicate. Thanks to Apple Computer, there is now a device that may fundamentally change the way we listen to music

Best Buy & iPod: Perfect At Last Or Disaster In Progress - Best Buy is the single worst chain store Mac-retailer in Apple's history, and the company has consistently offered a very poor Mac experience. The key difference with the iPod agreement is that it's just iPods that are being sold, which should minimize the opportunities for Best Buy staff to mess things up (note that my comments are meant to be an indictment on Best Buy's management, and not a slam on the people that work at Best Buy). That doesn't leave me too comfy, however, but I want to hear what other people think

Review: Auto Charger for iPod - So, Dr. Bott's Car Adapter does what it says it will do. It's up to you to figure out if you need it badly enough to pay for it. I don't spend enough time on the road for it to make sense, but lots of people do. You can also get it along with one of Dr. Bott's iPod Connection Kits, which include iPod carry pouches, FM transmitters, and such

iPod to reach the masses - Best Buy will begin selling Apple Computer's iPod later this month, in a move that analysts say could be instrumental in igniting sales of the digital music player

IPod Adds Windows Format, So All Music Fans Can Enjoy - The Windows iPods look identical to the Mac ones, but the hard disk inside them is formatted as a Windows disk. The Windows iPods synchronize with the music on your PC using a special iPod-aware version of MusicMatch Jukebox, the best digital music software available on Windows, instead of Apple's Mac-only iTunes software

iPod guides you through The Singapore Art Museum - In a collaborative experiment with Apple, The Singapore Art Museum will be launching a new exhibition audioguide featuring Apple's iPod from September. The museum has came out with its own recordings and narratives of what is normally displayed in visual format, as wall text or brochures that will enable visitors to access a seamless experience of space and sound through listening while moving around the museum

iPod lets you store much music - The new controls on the device - more sensitive and responsive - make using the iPod a pleasure; the menus are easy to negotiate and a "lock" button can prevent accidents when walking or jogging. The unit's lithium ion battery fully charged can run the iPod for 10 hours straight.      In short, there's much to like about the iPod, and if you're doing your holiday shopping early this year, it's a gift certain to draw oohs and ahhs when unwrapped

PCs in a 'Pod -   Q: My girlfriend recently bought me an Apple iPod for my birthday, even though I'm a PC user. She swears there's a way to make it work with Windows, despite the Mac-only warnings in the manual. Am I dating a nutjob? Your girlfriend must love you very, very much, seeing as how she plunked down $300 to $400 to make sure you were blessed with the only digital-music player that matters.

Audible Books on Your iPod - The iPod is a simply delightful little machine packing lots of music into a robust package. I've been a happy owner of the 10-gigabyte model for a few months now. It's been nice to carry around a few hundred of my favorite songs when I go to the gym or ride on the train. But lately, I've discovered an amazing new use for the iPod: listening to books

Best buys in college gear - Napster's demise hasn't halted student demand for digital music. The latest generation of portable MP3 players just holds more of it. Leading the way has been Apple's elegant little iPod

Apple - iPod - Software Download - iPod Software 1.2 adds support for spoken word content from Audible.com. Download and listen to your favorite novel or magazine in your car, in the gym, in your living room or out in your backyard

iPod Software 1.2 due later today - First introduced during Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote last month, the new iPod software will include support for Sound Check, Audible.com

Get the right gear for your new Apple lifestyle - Admit it--one of the main reasons you wanted a Mac was so that you could get the seamless iPod-iTunes relationship that you've read so much about

Review: XtremeMac iPod Case and Car Charger - I have to admit that while acquiring my latest iPod case I was really only looking for an accessory, specifically, a cigarette lighter to FireWire adapter. Although the iPod has an ungodly amount of battery power, 10 to 12 hours during normal use, I consistently treat it like an island and constantly forget to charge it.

I'm Detecting A Transmission And It's Coming From That iPod - The iTrip is a wireless transmitter for the iPod that allows to the iPod to play its music over both in home and car stereos over unused FM radio frequencies

Apple iPod 20GB - There is no denying that the new iPod 20GB is the mightiest of all MP3 players available. It's a beautiful, simple and easy to use palm sized MP3 player that packs a 20GB punch. As the digital music explosion continues to rock the world of MP3 enthusiasts, the new iPod models have solidified Apple's position as the dominant force within the portable MP3 player industry

iPod 20GB Exposed

Triple Test: iPod Grinds Competition into the Dirt - The analysts are right: there's a $1 billion market for iPod out there and, the good thing is, Apple can reinvest a big chunk of that into our next Power Macs, PowerBooks and iMacs. And Windows users will have paid for it. Delicious irony, somehow

PluggedIn: New iPod Highlights Old Dilemma for PCs - But it brings with it a classic dilemma for the penny-pinching audiophile: Most PC users eager to make the switch will need to get a special add-in card for their computer to link to the new Windows-based iPod MP3 player, boosting the cost of an already pricey system

Pod's on the prize Apple's portable jukebox is the class of the field - There are other players in the hard-drive jukebox player category, such as the $200, 10-GB Roq-It from D-Link Systems Inc. of Irvine. And San Diego's E. Digital Corp. announced it will have a $350, 20-GB, voice-activated jukebox that closely resembles the iPod ready in the fall. But for now, the iPods have it

First look: 20GB iPod - On Friday, July 26, Los Angeles got its own two-story flagship Apple Store at the Grove. While I was amazed by the all-glass suspended, staircase, I was there for another purpose. I had to get my hands on the new scroll wheel and see what all the fuss was about and compare the old vs. new

Linux invades iPod - Software for allowing Linux users to access iPod has gone on sale just ten days after testing began. But there are a few additional requirements that consumers should be aware of

Fancy Features, Familiar Looks - It's e.Digital's new MP3 Player. It's PC- and Mac-compatible. And not only is it intended to compete with Apple Computer's (nasdaq: AAPL - news - people ) iPod player, it also bears a striking resemblance to it.

The Magic Of iPod - iPod convinces us that there is still enormous place for "cool" products. Great companies, though not the darling of Wall Street analysts, can still change the rules of the game and consumers would reward companies that come up with truly great products. iPod is the world's best MP3 player today; it remains to be seen whether it becomes the most successful MP3 player tomorrow.

Apple IPod - Form and function in a consumer electronics device? What a novel concept. In the IPod, Apple delivers an MP3 player that's not only sleek and trim but also has an intuitive interface and easy-to-use, wheel-based controls. The IPod can double as a portable hard drive, as well; as such, it can store your contact lists, other types of files

RIAA Compliments Apple/iPod, Steve Jobs Comments On Fair Use - Clearly the opportunistic RIAA has no idea how easily the iPod's "one player to one Mac" scheme can be circumvented with freely available software, but the fact that the organization is willing to recognize a path such as Apple's is the first indication of anything approaching sanity from that organization in years

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Reader: iPods now ship with 1 year warranty - Most likely this is a subtle response to the FireWire interface failure that began to show up on older iPods, and started a one-price hardware exchange policy for those who suffered from it

Hardware: The iPod Faces A Riot - As many of you may already know Rio, the founders of the handheld MP3 player recently released a new hard drive based MP3 player called the Riot. The Riot MP3 player gives Apple's own iPod a serious run for its money, no pun intended. For just $342.00 the Riot packs in a 20GB hard-drive that can hold over 5,000 high quality songs. The Riot also includes a backlit LCD display that is much larger than the one found on the iPod.

Apple's IPod Does Windows - The new players are debuting along with a new version of Apple's iTunes music software for its computers, iTunes 3. The new program includes new smart playlists, which can among other things make a list of the songs you play most. But unlike the iPod, there is no version of iTunes for Windows. Instead, the player will work with MusicMatch Jukebox for the PC

Owners of 'older' iPods can get firmware update - Though Apple revamped its iPod line this week at the Macworld Conference & Expo in New York, and improved the device's software, owners of current iPods need not worry. The new software will be offered as a firmware update for those owners next month, Greg Joswiak, Apple's senior director of Hardware Product Marketing, told MacCentral

iPod, iTunes More BeOS-Like; MacWorld Smells Funny - Even though I now have an "old" iPod, I still benefit from a bunch of enhnancements in iTunes 3, like the fact that it now offers Smart Playlists. This means playlists under OS X are now every bit as intelligent as the ones we were able to create in BeOS using nothing but attributes in the Be File System

iPod for Windows: Apple's Trojan Horse - "They really appear to be embracing the Windows market," Giga Information Group research fellow Rob Enderle told NewsFactor. "[iPod] is probably the best MP3 player on the market. Moving it over [to Windows] gives people a reason to walk into an Apple store."

iPod's new trackpad: How do they do that? - Apple's new 10GB and 20GB iPod models features a touch-sensitive scroll wheel that's "simply cool... and it works," commented Robin Stephens of Boston, Massachusetts -- an attendee at Macworld Expo in New York this week. "But how does it work?"

With IPod, Who Needs a Turntable? - Yesterday it was jukeboxes. Today, it's the ipod. An upscale New York nightclub has set up a unique DJ booth complete with a pair of iPods. The catch -- Patrons are invited to be the DJs

Apple taking bite from Windows with compatible operating system, iPod - Apple Computer reached out with open arms to the Windows world yesterday, extending its Mac OS X operating system to work with Windows file servers and printers, and adding Windows support to its iPod music player

iSync Synchronizes Your Mac, Phone, PDA and iPod - At today's Keynote, Apple introduced iSync -- software that uses Bluetooth to synchronize the information on your Macintosh with your PalmOS device, cellular phone, and iPod. Along with Cingular Wireless and Sony Ericsson, Apple will be working towards what they claim is 'the first easy-to-use, integrated "Mac to Mobile" solution.

iPod News: Windows compatibility, bundled remote control, more - Not of much use to Mac users, but earth-shaking none-the-less, the iPod is now Windows compatible. What is interesting is how Apple went about it. On the Windows platform, the iPod syncs to Windows with MusicMatch Jukebox Plus, a previously available and mature media manager

Jobs unveils new iPods and iMac - Apple lowered the price of the existing 5GB iPod to $299 from $399 and a redesigned 10GB model to $399 from $499. The 10GB model will come with a new case and remote control and is 10 percent thinner than its predecessor. Jobs also introduced a 20GB iPod for $499.

Hardboiled Wonderland: New iPod, New iMac, & Jaguar Roars - I must admit, the most exciting thing for me about Steve Jobs' keynote address this morning was the unveiling of the new iPod. I have a feeling that amid all the hoopla about the other things Jobs announced the new iPod might not get the attention it deserves

Posing 'Pod Possibilities - With the prospect of faster Power Macs next week looking ever dimmer, some have turned their attention to potential keynote revelations of a more 'Podular persuasion

Linux tries iPod on for size - Windows users have recently been given access to the popular Macintosh music player, iPod. Now Linux users may soon be able to take a bite out of Apple's gadget too

XtremeMac reduces price on iPod car charger - XtremeMac today reduced the price on its Premium iPod Car Charger by $5 to $20

iPod, You Pod, Will We All Pod? - The iPod is smaller than a deck of cards, but it represents a winning hand for Apple -- if it plays its cards right. That's because this digital handheld music player is the most successful product the company has ever marketed to general computer users

The iPod does Windows - Windows users, some of whom lusted after a device that arguably has no peer in the PC world, were shut out. No longer

Mediafour releases XPlay for the iPod - the folks behind such cross platform solutions as Macdrive, has released XPlay, software designed to let Windows users use the Apple iPod

Apple's iPod, Once Only for Macs, Gets Software for Windows - Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod portable music player may get a sales boost as a small Iowa company tomorrow begins selling software that enables the device to work with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system

New Toshiba digital audio player to take on iPod - Toshiba, which has shown a preference for Secure Digital memory cards in its own branded MP3 players, has just announced the Gigabeat MEG50JS digital audio player, featuring removable hard drive storage

Study: Products like the iPod spur digital music growth - The high-tech market research firm reports that with the availability of file swapping and new online subscription services and aforementioned portable players, consumers now have more choices than ever for how they enjoy their music. The result is that revenues derived from sales of online music (both physical media products and those that are downloaded) and digital music players will experience "exceptional growth rates,"

Apple's iPod opened to Windows - The latest version of MacOpener will allow Windows users to sync with an iPod - Apple has not yet revealed whether it will be releasing Windows iPod software

Hands on with the 10GB iPod - I was very pleased to see the capacity of the iPod hard drive increased to 10GB, but not because I could put an extra 1,000 songs in my pocket. For me, as a frequent traveler, the magic of the iPod is in its diversity

Hands on with iPod accessories - for those of us who are iPod fans, there are lots of accessories and peripherals to go with the music/data storage device. Recently, I've had the chance to check out a few

iPod2iTunes Utility Rocks With New Features - Within iTunes or the Finder it is not possible to transfer tracks or playlists from your iPod to your Mac(s). iPod2iTunes (i2i) is the only utility which allows you not only to copy but to synchronize tracks + playlists from your iPod(s) to your Mac(s)

The iPod for the iPoverished - At the high end, the Odyssey 300 boast 128MB flash memory built in, FM radio recording, although battery life is reduced to 12 hours. Like its stablemates, it also accepts an additional 128MB SmartMedia card

Product Review: Marware iPod Cases - I've been using two Marware cases for the past few days, and I would like to tell you my opinion about them

Apple's Evolving iPod - At the time, Apple was not interested in developing a PC-compatible version, but since the iPod has become so popular - and a real money maker for Apple - it would not surprise me if sometime soon they cave in and deliver a PC link for the iPod

Electronics Design Chain Magazine: Inside the Apple iPod Design Triumph - The company has always been tighter lipped than the Pentagon when it comes to releasing design chain details. But that hasn't prevented some companies from satisfying their curiosity about what's inside the advanced MP3 player. Some serious reverse engineering and discussion within the electronics industry unearthed unusual details of Apple's development process

Should Apple Release iPod Software For Windows? - A PC-toting pal of mine, who worships at the temple of Windows NT, made this clear recently when he declared the iPod "great" and the "best MP3 player out there." But there was a catch: "I'm not gonna buy a Mac just to use it

Apple retooling its iPod for Windows plan - "We know the experience won't be as good," said CEO Steve Jobs at the time, but Apple spokespeople have been coy when discussing a port

iPod > Music to Go - In October, Apple unveiled its first consumer digital device, iPod. A music player, iPod is a perfect fit into the company's new strategy. Not only is it an exciting option for Mac users, it's a no-compromise MP3 player that demolishes the status quo

iPod Silicone Jacket - iPod Silicone Jacket US$34 is a Japanese product from MacImports that is one kick ass iPod case!

Dying iPods may have common cause of failure - Several iPod owners have experienced a complete and permanent loss of FireWire connectivity from the device to a Macintosh

Apple releases iPod Software updater 1.1 - According to Apple, iPod Software Updater 1.1 adds audio playback and user interface improvements ...

Nomad Jukebox 3: Why it's better than Apple's iPod - Apple, however, isn't in any rush to add Windows compatibility, and third-party software like XPlay still doesn't offer synchronization, so an iPod won't do me any good. (Though it does continue to provide fodder for my husband's favorite game of "why Macs are better than PCs.")

Vaja produces leather iPod carrier - If you're looking for a customized way to carry your Apple iPod, you might want to check out Buenos Aires, Argentina-based Vaja Cases

Latest iPod model shakes, rattles and rolls - The original $399 5-gigabyte iPod is now joined by a $499 10-gigabyte model. The only difference is the storage capacity ... though I have to say it makes quite a bit of difference for a hundred bucks

Turn Up the Volume - With storage for thousands of songs, new Rio and iPod digital audio players can really...

Apple Offers Refurbished iMac G4s, iPods At Apple Store- - 5 GB iPods are also available, at a price of US$339, US$60 off the retail pricing of brand new units

iPodCradle, iPodDock to ship in early May - The iPodCradle ($30) allows the iPod to be supported in an upright position on the desktop (with or without most cases), while the iPodDock ($45) acts as a holder and also provides connection ports for audio and FireWire

New PC iPod On Horizon? - What we have been told is that there will soon be a new iPod announcement, possibly at the upcoming WWDC (May 6-10). Apple will roll out a "PC version" of the iPod with modified firmware to work with a Windows-based, iTunes-like application provided by RealNetworks

Apple's iPod as a 'digital wallet' - Apple's iPod mp3 player (launched last year) is fast becoming a 'digital wallet' for the rest of us. As well as being the coolest mp3 player currently on the market it can be made to work as a high speed pocket hard drive, address book, diary, musicians note pad, news reader and portable arcade machine

bPod v1 - This utility, made in Flash 5, allows the user to read in a contact file from an iPod, make changes, and then generate new text

Sweetwater offers free Musician's iPod Tools - Sweetwater Sound, makers of SetMaker and resellers of MIDI and musician's equipment, today announced the release of Musician's iPod Tools, a suite of programs designed to help musicians store data in their iPods

Does Size Matter? - The decision was made to go ahead and pick up the 5GB iPod, just days before the 10GB was unveiled. Now, usually I'd feel sheepish, but we picked it up for the refurbished price from Apple, and after some thought I realized the 10GB version really wasn't for me. My CD collection is ridiculous (as in, ridiculously large, ridiculously unorganized and ridiculously full of silly bands) and even the 10GB iPod wasn't going to hold it all

Music player takes on new guises - By extending the functions of their iPods beyond what it was designed to do, some enthusiastic users are showing off a humorous, sometimes illegal, and telling consumer trend in hi-tech gadgetry

Teaching Your iPod Some New Tricks - Four crafty ways to expand the horizons of Apple's potent MP3 player

Review: XtremeMac iPod Case - When you plunk down $400 or $500 for an iPod, it would be sorta nice if Apple included a carrying case. Apple always does its best to give the best, so rather than include a cheesy leather sack, Apple simply chose to include nothing. Whatever. Several companies have stepped up to the plate to fill this void

iBook, iPod sales good, pro systems' sales 'flat' - About 75,000 iPods sold last quarter, down from 125,000 units in the previous quarter, but in line with seasonal sales

New portables squeeze in a lot more music - back to Rio. By its very nature, the player invites comparisons to the Apple iPod, probably the sexiest of the digital players on the market. Rio isn't nearly as slick-looking as the white, playing-card-size Apple. Nor is it as fast. I was able to transfer 291 songs off a Mac onto iPod in a blazing two minutes; by contrast, it took me 53 minutes to move 359 tracks from a PC onto the Rio using the supplied Real Jukebox software. Of course, Apple uses FireWire connections while the Rio relies on slower US

Reviews: Gigabyte Players Mature - In simplicity and size, the iPod is the player to beat. The new iPod has the same design and shape of the 5-gigabyte model introduced last year and easily fits into a pocket. At 6.5 ounces, it won't pull your drawers down at the gym

The iPod: Beyond MP3s, beyond PDA - Analysis: This could be the device that drives Firewire into the consumer product space

Year of the iPod? - Mac fans certainly think so. Our Reader Survey found that most would have no problem paying over $400 for Apple's snazzy music player

Podtext 1.0 New For Mac OS X Today - Podtext is a quick'n'dirty tool to transfer text-based notes into your iPod that can be read just like "Contacts" directly on the iPod's screen. Podtext X runs natively under Mac OS X.

The best MP3 player on the planet just got even better. Presenting the new iPod: The first MP3 player to pack a mind-blowing 2,000 songs and a 10-hour battery into a stunning 6.5-ounce package you can take anywhere.

IPod: Music to Hackers' Ears - Jean-Olivier Lanctôt-David is a 14-year-old hacker who has figured out a way to display online news headlines on Apple's iPod digital music player. Lanctôt-David, who has been using Macs since he was 4 and programming since he was 11, was given an iPod for Christmas and immediately wanted to make it do more than just play music

Apple offers iPod car-stereo kit - Apple UK is running a special offer for new 5GB iPod purchasers - a free Dr Bott iPod Connection Kit.

Plucking the Fruit of iPod Envy - Even hardened PC users look longingly at Apple's new music player. A Windows version could boost market share, but it won't be easy

Improved Cataloging App For iPod and OS X - Norbert M. Doerner has released an update for CDFinder, bringing it to version 3.6. CDFinder is a cataloging app designed for the file management of hard disks, DVD's and MP3's

FileMaker to iPod has iPod export functions - FileMaker to iPod allows users to export data to an iPod from any data source

iPod Improvements for Science or Education? - I have been an avid user of iTunes since it was released, but after having spent a bit of time with an iPod, I have a few thoughts and ideas on how to improve the iPod for use in an academic or science setting

NowPak for iPod - is the simplest and easiest way to get your important Now Contact information into your iPod

Multiplatform iPod on the Horizon - Media Four's XPlay is among a handful of compatibility products meant to bring Apple's iPod to the x86 PC. Since its release, Apple's iPod MP3 player has been an anomaly like no other. Despite the fact that it is aimed at just 5 percent of the computing demographic, the device has managed to draw more media attention and consumer awareness than any competing MP3 player on the market

IPod Redux - Apple Computer's iPod portable MP3 player debuted to rave reviews last fall. The newest version, released last week, does little to diminish the applause. But it's not yet deserving of a standing ovation

Apple's Evolving iPod Stylish Device Is More Than Music on the Go - It was by far the best-designed MP3 player on the market. And, with its five-gigabyte hard drive and the ability to store up to 1,000 songs on a stylish, lightweight and very portable device, it quickly set the standard for MP3 players. However, since the iPod was strictly designed to work with a Mac, it had the PC folks drooling and hoping for Apple to create an IBM PC link for this popular player as well. At the time, Apple was not interested in developing a PC-compatible version, but since the iPod has become so popular - and a real money maker for Apple - it would not surprise me if sometime soon they cave in and deliver a PC link for the iPod

iPod 1.1 and Contact Management - iPod takes a baby step toward becoming a PDA with version 1.1, released this week by Apple. Now you can sync your contacts from Entourage, OS X Address Book, Eudora, and Palm Desktop to your iPod. While this doesn't make your iPod a PDA by a long shot, there's no denying it's a handy feature

Microsoft iPod's not hard to find - Apple's iPod music player doesn't yet officially work with Windows, but there are many options available on the Internet to extend its functions

Apple iCom - the Portable, Total Communication Solution - I think what consumers need today is an all-in-one, device that combines both a fully functional, palm-top computer, PDA, cell phone and MP3 player. An all-in-one-unit that is truly portable. I believe that Apple computer is just the company to develop such a device. For now, I call it the iCom, short for Intelligent

iPod 1.1: A welcome upgrade - Apple's 1.1 upgrade to the iPod software is a terrific step forward. Not only does 1.1 offer new functionality, but Apple has added some needed enhancements to the tools already there

MACWORLD Tokyo - Japanese Company Offers Docking - A very cool innovation found on the showroom floor of MACWORLD Tokyo is a docking station for the new G4 iMacs

iPod Scripts - The latest version of the iPod now supports the storing and display of vCard contact information. Users can now quickly scan iPods to retrieve email addresses and phone numbers from their computer-based contact lists

New iPod Software 1.1 - New iPod Software 1.1 adds a Contacts menu to store your address book and a new Equalizer with more than 20 presets and independent settings for each song

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