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Apple Introduces 10GB iPod - 2,000 Songs in Your Pocket - "iPod lets you easily put your entire music collection in your pocket and listen to it anywhere. With the new 10GB iPod, you can listen to your music continuously on six round-trip flights between San Francisco and Tokyo and never hear the same song twice," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "Plus, now you can store your contact lists inside your iPod, too."

MWTY - A Guided Tour To The New iPod Software's Features (With Pics) - The announcement of the 10GB capacity iPod caused heartache for some current iPod owners who wish that they had waited to buy the newer model, but the announcement of updated software (to version 1.1) for existing iPods was a soothing balm

Is iPod angling to be device du jour? - Many handhelds aspire to be more than just portable contact managers, adding MP3 playback and other features. But Apple Computer's iPod digital music player could begin to mature into a handheld and maybe more, say analysts and Mac enthusiasts

Apple exec on the iMac, iPod, Cinema and Bluetooth - during his keynote address at Macworld Tokyo, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced several updated products and also addressed concerns about iMac shipments. Much to the delight of the crowd, Jobs introduced a 10GB iPod, a 23-inch Cinema Display and a new Bluetooth product.

Review: XtremeMac Premium iPod Car Charger - One item that Apple does not offer as an accessory is a car charger. Enter XtremeMac. Their Premium iPod Car Charger fits the bill. It simply works

Apple - Hot News - Rodney Charters - "The iPod is an extraordinary little tool," says Rodney. "When I was directing my last episode of 'Roswell,' I was able to use the iPod to play back all of the parts on my iPod. I used to do this on cassette tape, so I could play it back in the car as I was driving around." But there are the extra benefits of doing this digitally on the iPod. "I'm able carry around the whole script, and manage the script order using the iPod's playlist cataloging system. Plus, I can bounce between scenes, just with a click on the dial to flash through the movie - which is important because we rarely film scenes in script order

Apple targets Windows users with iPod - Apple is targeting the Windows market with its iPod MP3 player, research claims. A report from Internet-data analyst Jupiter MMXI on Apple and its digital music player claims the iPod will lure non-Mac users into buying Apple-made products. The report says Apple, "hopes to tie its user base more tightly to the Mac, and ideally introduce the Apple brand name to the Windows community".

Survey Studies iPods, MP3 Use; You Can Help - A pair of surveys by a group of University of Michigan students aims to evaluate the usefulness and usability of MP3 players, and they're asking the online community to help out

Is iPod virtual theft a problem? - I don't mean to question Wired's editorial integrity, but the story just doesn't sit right with me. While the events the story recounts are certainly possible, it's just too neat and tidy

Time to Update the iPod? - When PCs with USB 2.0 are launched in the fall, the iPod will lose its biggest perceived advantage -- the transfer speed of FireWire. By then the iPod needs to be the standard or, despite many other advantages, it risks becoming one of many. Apple can only make it the standard if iPods are available at different price points

IPod: Coming Soon to PCs - Apple's IPod, the best-looking MP3 player I've seen, sounds great and is extremely easy to use. And though it's currently only Macintosh-compatible, some upcoming software will make it PC friendly

Have iPod, Will Secretly Bootleg -When Apple introduced the iPod, the company was aware that people might use it to rip off music from the Net or friends' machines. Each new iPod, in fact, is emblazoned with a sticker that warns, "Don't Steal Music." But it is unlikely that Apple imagined people would walk into computer stores, plug their iPod into display computers and use it to copy software off the hard drives

iPod As Accomplice To Software Pirating - The teenager stopped at a nearby display Macintosh [in CompUSA], pulled the iPod from his pocket and plugged it into the machine with a FireWire cable. Intrigued [Dallas computer consultant Kevin] Webb peeped over the kid&'s shoulder to see him copying Microsoft's new Office for OS X suite, which retails for $500

Mossberg Looks At A Riot, But Nods To iPod - Wall Street Journal's, Walter Mossberg, has compared the iPod to a newcomer, the Rio Riot, and given his editorial nod to the iPod. While the Riot has the advantage over the iPod in capacity, Mr. Mossberg points out, and it works out of the box on both Macs and Windows systems, there were several big negatives which dulls the shine in the new MP3 player from SonicBlue

Apple Leads the Pack iPod portable hard-drive music player - The iPod is a tour de force in miniaturization, but even that superlative is eclipsed by its data-transfer speed

iPod: MP3s and Data To Go - After using my iPod for about two weeks, I wonder how I ever got along without this handy little tool. I am amazed at how often I return to the house after realizing I accidentally left the little wonder behind

Review: XtremeMac iPod Kit - iPod Portability at Its Best - As a klutzy person and owner of an iPod, I've been wanting a case to protect my little music player from, well, myself. But almost all of the iPod cases available hinged on a single mode of attachment: the belt clip. To their detriment, I don't wear belts and a $30-40 iPod case is not going to change my stance on that. The XtremeMac iPod case is the only one so far that offers many different ways to secure your iPod

Movie Stars Love The iPod - according to faithful viewer nattybobo, Shaq was recently spotted on television offering up what appeared to be a spontaneous and unpaid endorsement for the iPod.

iPad - Successor to the iPod - Almost everyone thinks that the iPod is capable of delivering much more than music, in fact Apple went out of their way to make sure that the iPod isn't labeled only as an "MP3 Player"

Mac Sightings - David Bowie's iPod, TiBooks On TV, & Arnold Schwarzenegger - Observer Randy Souther was reading David Bowie's journal and came across this piece of glowing praise for our favorite little music player.

XtremeMac Deluxe iPod Case - Providing solid protection, amazing ease of use, and whatever combination of accessories your budget affords you, XtremeMac's Deluxe iPod Case is one of the best deals on the market today

Come Together - The iPod also promises 20 minutes of skip protection, which I put to the test running in Central Park. No matter how hard I was on the iPod--or myself--the Brian Setzer Orchestra didn't skip once

Apple IPod: Coming to a PC Near You - The impressive IPod MP3 player will become even more appealing with the help of new third-party Windows software

iPodlounge Announces International iPod Gallery - iPodlounge is announcing the release of an international iPod photo gallery. iPodlounge readers are encouraged to send in pictures of their iPods in front of interesting landmarks

iPod Free File App Now OS X-Compatible - iPod Free File SynX (iPFFX) by German developer Christian Vick is the only utility that allows synchronizing music from different iPods or any other source to your computer with ease

Review: XtremeMac iPod Case - Several companies have stepped up to the plate with offerings. After perusing several, I selected the case from XtremeMac, not to be confused with the legendary XtremMac 1.2 GHz G4 hoax of 2000. Here is my review

Mac fans get organised as ProVue tweaks the iPod - software is malleable and programmers are ingen-ious. At the MacWorld Expo last month in San Francisco, people were using their iPods as PDAs, with contact names and numbers in place of music titles. How?

Apple iPod - Apple styling comes at a price in this personal stereo system, but there's no doubting its superb capability

iPod: Long file problem solutions - A number of people wrote in, lamenting on just how lame their iPods are at managing MP3 files that are perhaps an hour or two in length. Some offered work-arounds

Super Dooper iPod Case - Super Dooper iPod Case Product: Super Dooper iPod Case Manufacturer: Waterfield Designs Price: $40.95 Review by: Marc Zeedar Not everyone agrees that the iPod is the best blend of size, features, and price for a music player, but everyone agrees that it desperately needs a carrying case. While the iPod white face and shiny steel back are beautiful, they are also easily scratched. So right after you spend that $400 on an iPod, spend a little more on a good carrying case

iPod + CompUSA Warranty = A great match! - When my iPod came, I took it down to CompUSA and they sold me a 2-year replacement warrantee for $29.99, no problem. It's quite a deal.

Super Dooper iPod Case Lives up to its Name - The Super Dooper iPod Case from Waterfield Designs is strong, durable and hellishly good looking

Apple iPod - In less politically correct times, the size of the iPod would have been compared with that of a packet of cigarettes (61.8mm by 102mm by 19.9mm). It weighs in at a solid 185g and owes much of its elegance to the less-is-more design of the controls

21st century Walkman? - Until the iPod, "computer music" was a cumbersome concept. Downloading songs from the Internet is pretty simple. What's harder, and more time-consuming, is ripping a CD into a computer file, burning the same file onto a blank CD and carrying around the copied CD to the car or home stereo

Apple at odds with iPod OS developer Pixo - Financial and business issues are resulting in a poor relationship between Apple Computer Inc. and Pixo Inc., the developer of the iPod's operating system, according to sources

iPod Drama For Beginners - the iPod looks like another success story for Apple-- a couple of weeks ago Uncle Steve revealed that 125,000 of the little suckers were sold in the product's first two months of availability, which breaks down to something like two thousand iPods sold every day

EphPod home page - EphPod is a program designed to make your iPod work with Windows. You will need a program to let you read Mac drives through Windows for EphPod to work properly. Currently, we recommend MacOpener

iPod Case Now Shipping From MARWARE - MARWARE, INC. is now shipping an iPod protective case. The SportSuit Sleeve for iPod is a neoprene sleeve designed to protect the iPod from scratches and damage from impacts. The sleeve features a rotating belt clip for carrying and a front pocket for earphone storage.

iTunes 2.0 - iTunes loves iPod This app integrates smoothly with iPod, Apple's first portable music player, and you can't transfer songs to the iPod without it. The transition is completely seamless. Simply plug in the iPod with a FireWire cable, which comes with the iPod, and iTunes transfers the playlists you select.

From Walkman to IPod - While many MP3 players have hit the market over the last three years, none has garnered more attention than Apple's iPod, with its revolutionary approach to digital music storage. This hot new MP3 player is now selling on the market for a rather steep $395. As you might know, there are many other MP3 players on the market already and some, with small memories, sell for as little as $99. But the iPod is very different from the other MP3 players in two distinct ways. The first and perhaps most impressive differentiation is its storage medium. While most MP3 players use flash memory for storage, the iPod has a 5 gigabyte hard drive inside and can hold up to 1,000 songs. I only have about 250 songs in my playlist and the iPod was able to store all of them with room for 750 more. This is by far the most storage available on any MP3 player and is why the iPod costs so much. The sound quality is also worth the price.

iPod has Mac people singing praises, PC fans the blues - It's rare that Apple owners have a chance to really make PC users envious. Well, eat your heart out, Bill Gates. Apple has released an MP3 player that is easily the best thing to happen to the genre since Napster. The iPod looks great, sounds great and stores an insane amount of music. But there is a catch: It costs $399. Everyone I showed the machine to was instantly smitten with its looks and its intuitive functionality.

Review: iPod - Apple's player is a bit expensive, but it is priced similarly to portable FireWire hard drives its size without an MP3 player function! Beyond that, it has an excellent LCD and comes in a well-done package with some really smart features. The design is excellent, although it tends to scratch easily if you are not careful and it catches your finger prints on its shiny surface.

Apple iPod - Apple's iPod portable MP3 player/FireWire hard disk is out, it's cool and I had to have one, despite the fact that I'm 6'3", 140 pounds and already look like a malnutrition victim. When the new Clarendon Apple Store opened, this was the first thing I looked for, hunting down the wandering "iPod guy" in the midst of well-heeled middle class shoppers like the mighty lion hunts down the overweight zebu on the Serengeti plains.

Other World announces the Pod Protector - Other World Computing (OWC), a provider of Mac products and services, has introduced the Pod Protector, a customized leather carrying case for Apple's iPod digital device. The protector encloses the iPod in full-grain, glove-soft leather and features a clear vinyl window to protect the iPod screen and clear vinyl protection for the buttons.

The iPod experience: Does $400 really get you that much play? - After a fortnight of testing, the iPod did not disappoint. I may not have put it through the most rigorous testing, but I believe I went through a lot of different scenarios to give an idea of what to expect, which is that everything you have read on the Internet is pretty much true. Yes, the scroll wheel is that cool and easy to use and yes, the iPod would be even better if Apple could somehow add voice recording to the device. As I give my little test unit back, I really do feel that I have solidified my choice to ditch my love of the VAIO and get an iPod when the time is right for me, which is hopefully signified by a Christmas rebate.

The Pod Plays On - If you are part of the PC-owning majority, however, you're out of luck - for now. Jobs has not ruled out producing Windows-compatible versions of iPod, but making tools for operating systems other than his own has never been his style. Better to hope iPod shakes up the MP3 industry the way the iMac shook up the makers of boxy beige PCs. There will probably be lots of generic cut-price, cross-platform knock-offs of the iPod by Christmas 2002. Meanwhile, there are more than enough Mac users in the world for Apple to make out like a bandit this holiday season. There really are no downsides to the iPod other than its relatively weighty price tag.

MP3 player seems familiar - A small San Diego company has come out with a device that shares similarities with two of the hottest gadgets in the tech world: Apple Computer's iPod and Handspring's Treo.

iPod: your friendly neighborhood CD server - when I travel to visit friends and family; and no more turning on the CD changer and amplifier on the second floor, running down to the first floor to relax, running back up the stairs to adjust the volume or change out a CD, etc, etc, blech. I can just plug an iPod into anything with an amp and speakers and I'm good to go. And if I want to compromise between good sound and high capacity, I can load up more than 400 mp3s encoded at 320kbps and do the same thing.

iPod - After seeing and reading all the hype, we finally got our grubby hands on the iPod. And guess what? From its gorgeous packaging to its excellent earbuds, it lives up to all that hype. Plus, it's so elegant (a buzzword from computing's not-so-distant past), it made us ashamed of our grubbiosity.

Video, Windows Compatibility on Tap for iPod? - Apple had posted several interesting job postings for their iPod division, then suddenly changed the descriptions to be much more generic. The former descriptions are an interesting insight into what the future may hold for iPod.

iPod excellent, but for price - Quite simply, while I love music, I hate headphones of any kind. They're an annoyance, they often irritate my rosebud-like ear canals and I grow tired and cranky after only a few minutes of having tunes pressed against the sides of my head. This being the case, Apple's iPod -- cost aside -- isn't on my Christmas gift list. And won't be until it evolves a touch further (which I'll get to later.) Then, maybe. But it's a hell of a gizmo, nonetheless. Thanks to the kindness of semi-strangers (the PR folk at Apple Canada) I have been given an iPod a test run for the past while, and I'm pleased to report that it's everything people say it is.

iPod Issue (Bug) With Lengthy MP3's - there is an issue with the iPod and particularly lengthy songs. With MP3's that will not fit in the iPod's ~20MB RAM cache, the iPod's hard drive spins during the entire duration of the song, rather than simply loading the current song (and a the next few) into the cache and shutting down the drive.

A Week with the iPod - The quality of the music playback is first-rate, and the provided headphones are truly great. The only headphones that I have that are better than the iPod's are some closed-ear, over-the-head DJ-style headphones that are much more bulky. I found the iPod's headphones comfortable to wear; however, two members of my family found them to be too big. One size does not seem to fit all.

Toss Those iPod Earbuds: Replace Them With Snug-fitting, Bassy 'Buds for Just $15 (And Save Your Battery Life!) - This article is for all those iPod owners out there who find themselves in the same predicament as me. On November 10th, the first day the iPod was available, I and two friends drove down to the Apple Store to be one of the first to own the iPod. I shelled out $400 for the iPod and was delighted with almost every aspect but the poorly fitting earbuds. I don't know about you, but they fall right out of my ears and don't deliver very good sound because I have to cram them in sideways to get them to stay!

iPod leads the pack - The new Apple iPod has been lauded as one the best MP3 players on the market. The unit, released earlier this month, can hold more than 1,000 songs.

Apple iPod - he iPod's strength lies in its simplicity, so maybe the lack of extras is for the best. As noted, at $399, the iPod isn't cheap. But its price tag compares favorably to other hard drive-based MP3 players, which may be a little less expensive but don't have half of the iPod's style. In case you can't tell, we're pretty sold on this device, and if we had a compatible Mac running OS 9.2 or 10.1, we wouldn't hesitate to plunk down the bucks for it.

ID3X 2.0 Released With iPod Support - ID3X is a MP3 file editor designed for renaming music files for iPod and iTunes. The new version now has iPod support and other features.

Converting Windows Users with the iPod - The iPod will only be a significant product for Apple if it sells in large enough numbers and brings Windows users and other new users to the Mac. Sure, Steve has mentioned looking at a Windows version of iTunes. After all, there is no point in putting off Windows users before they try the iPod, and the more of them that want to buy the better. However would a Windows version really benefit Apple?

Computer Accessories (Day 9) - The one company that is currently producing a case for the iPod is JR Hill. JR Hill makes leather cases for a number of Macintosh products. The case that they created for the iPod is made of black leather that fits the iPod like a neoprene sleeve. Also, because leather is a durable material you'll be able to feel pretty safe if your iPod takes a drop. The case includes a sewn in belt clip that will allow you to keep the iPod at your waist. People who work out should especially enjoy a belt clip for their iPod because the device can get probably get pretty heavy after holding it in your hand for a two-mile jog.

Apple turns in a pair of winners for the holiday season - What makes the iPod so very cool (and efficient) is its dual use as a FireWire hard drive. Within its lightweight chassis is a 5-gigabyte hard disk. The idea is that you can press your iPod into service as both an MP3 music player and as a backup storage device. So you can take along songs and those spreadsheet files from your Mac desktop or notebook.

Review: Apple iPod - Some folks thought the iPod was just peachy. I was skeptical, but being the Mac Addict that I am, I bought one. I had been in the market for an MP3 player, and I had been considering Creative's Nomad Jukebox. It's 6GB HD is larger, but the iPod has some features I couldn't resist. Overall, from the Office, to Home, to the Bus, to the Plane, the iPod has passed my field tests. So let's look at the iPod in its entirety, stem to stern.

iPod; Super Charged Digital Vehicle of the Future - I think that Apple could have this device automatically download pictures, movies, and other digital media directly from the source. So for example you could just plug your iPod into the FireWire port on your camera and have a whole set of new menus pop up. Then you could download the stills of the pictures you want and or the portion of video you want.

Observer Appreciation Art - Navigating TMO The iPod Way - There are few things that make the staff at The Mac Observer Towers tear up as much as someone going to the effort of dedicating a little artistic effort to TMO itself. TMO Forum Mod David Nelson got so excited about the idea of running Linux on the iPod, he thought he would carry it one further with the idea of viewing The Mac Observer on an iPod. Below is his idea on what that might look like, were it possible.

Dr. Bott Announces iPod Connection Kit, Auto Adapter - The Dr. Bott Auto Charger connects to the standard 12v DC cigarette lighter in most cars and charges the iPod via its FireWire port. Dr. Bott says that the adapter will ship in mid-December, and will be available for $24.95.

iPodservations - A Week in the 'Pod - The operative thing to remember about the iPod is that it rocks - but don't get me wrong, something this great can't be perfect... First order of business, nothing beats quality rips of your tunes, it's like the old Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO) acronym from school. Listening to your own rips at 192 (or higher) will give you a new appreciation for fidelity and suddenly make you much more critical of the quality of your downloaded MP3s. iPod makes me want to rip all my CDs - then throw them away.

iPod for Windows: Why Steve Jobs must join the dark side - Yes, Virginia, there will be an iPod for Windows. Let me be clear on what I'm saying here. Based on the warm reception the new digital music player has enjoyed, there's no doubt in my mind that somebody beat Apple to creating third-party software that'll let the gadget work with Windows. And as for the hardware itself? I am wondering whether Jobs will be able to resist the temptation of taking his new iPod to the unwashed--at least by Mac OS standards--masses. Apple won't cop to it, at least not officially, but I think the odds are pretty good that we'll soon see a Windows model, probably even an official Apple-endorsed model, complete with--gulp--Windows software for downloading music.

iPod Free File Access v. 1.1b2 Ready for Download - German developer Christian Vick has just announced the immediate availability of iPod Free File Access v. 1.1b2 for Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS X 10.1 (classic), and Mac OS 8.x (untested). With iPod Free File Access (iPFFA) you can easily access the music folder on the iPod disk created by iTunes 2.

Proctor: iPod music player: pluses, minuses - f you're one of those music hounds for whom money is no object -- and you already own a Mac -- the iPod is likely worth the price. It's small size and simple control interface (you can work it with your thumb) are pluses; so is the sound from its earbud headphones

OP/TECH USA Soft Pouch Case Review - This case is an ideal fit, offers significant protection to the iPod inside, has a handy velcro latch and a convenient belt clip. I would give this case a full 5 stars if it were not for the "do it yourself" component to this solution. As it is, I'll only deduct one point from a perfect review score.

Apple Makes Waves With New iPod - Apple has made much of the iPod's five-gigabyte hard drive, which doubles as a FireWire disk to store files and applications. But units with as much as 20 gigabytes of storage space, like Creative's NOMAD Jukebox, have been available for some time. Several, like the Archos Jukebox, which features six gigabytes of storage space, retail for significantly less than the iPod. But most critics agree that the iPod improves on existing portable MP3 technology in several ways.

Software to Connect IPod to PCs - Mediafour is in the pre-beta phase of developing XPod, an "inexpensive new software package" that will allow FireWire-equipped Windows PCs to interact with the iPod.

Windows Users to Get iPod Access - Windows users may soon get an unauthorized crack at Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod, thanks to new software that extends the sleek digital music player beyond the Mac desktop.

iPod-for-WinXP beta software due 'within weeks' - Mediafour, the company behind XPod, the first commercial attempt to connect Apple's iPod MP3 player to Windows, hopes to release a public beta of the software "within a couple of weeks."

Review: Apple iPod MP3 Player - Music is extremely personal, and it follows that music players are equally individual. For you to use it, a player must meet the delicate balance between weight, size, style, quality, and capacity that you require. It's not up to me to say whether Apple's iPod meets that goal for you: I can only say it more than accomplishes everything I need in a music player. Overall, iPod feels complete. It's loaded with dozens of subtle quality touches that Apple is famous for -- such as the fact that the prongs on the AC adapter fold down -- as though the designers thought about what they were doing and actually used the product. Whether the 1.0 version is the one you need to purchase is something you'll have to decide for yourself

The Complete iPod Review (With Pictures!) - The earbuds included with the iPod are a total disaster. They may have super high-tech magnets in them, but those don't help keep them in your ears! They did not fit in my ears, or the ears of the two men who accompanied me to the Apple Store to buy the iPod. They did not fit in the ears of the Baltimore Sun reviewer, either. If you smile, they will very likely fall out. They are just too frickin' big, about 20 or 30% bigger than the (wonderful) earbuds that came with my Nomad. I don't know what Apple was thinking on this front, but with the $400 price tag, one really shouldn't have to go out and buy new earbuds.

What is XPlay? - Cross-platform computing is what Mediafour does best, so we're readying an affordable new software package called XPlay. XPlay enables iPod owners using Windows Me, 98SE, 2000 and XP to use the iPod for cross-platform file transfer, play their iPod songs under Windows, and transfer their PC-based MP3 collections to the iPod for on-the-go listening.

Apple - iPod - Reaction

iPod Unboxing - Following are pictures of yesterday's iPod unboxing. The packaging is excellent as you would expect from Apple and it felt a little like Christmas had come early at Go2Mac headquarters. Save up your nickles and dimes, you will want one of these puppies.

Homerun - Portable digital music players are frustrating gadgets. These hand-held devices, which play songs in the MP3 format, seem like a great idea, but they are hobbled by major drawbacks. Some can hold only a scant 10-20 songs on little memory cards too expensive to buy in quantity. Others include built-in hard disks that can hold hundreds or thousands of songs but are large and bulky with lousy battery life. For the past 10 days or so, however, I've been testing a terrific digital music player that solves all of these problems. It has massive storage capacity, is small and light enough to slip into a pocket and can be run nonstop for an impressive amount of time. Its controls are simple and clear, and it downloads music from a computer at blazing speeds.

Apple - User Groups - iPod Tour - The Apple store in Palo Alto, which is always busy during its normal hours, was especially busy the evening of Sunday, Nov 11, from 7 to 9 pm. Apple invited members of Northern California Bay Area User Groups to the store for a special event featuring presentations on Mac OS X and the brand-new iPod.

iPod: Not Just iCandy - The 5GB Apple iPod MP3 player is so cool, you just might run out and buy a Mac.

Apple - User Groups - iPod - When iBook owner and technophile Bess Moffitt fell for the latest love in her life, she fell hard. "It's adorable," she said as she cradled the tiny thing in one hand, a look of affection in her eyes. What has captured Moffitt's heart so completely? iPod, Apple's new ultraslim, ultralight and ultraportable MP3 player, which many say is the best portable music player they've ever seen.

iPod Spawns Family - Okay, the iPod is overpriced. Steve Jobs has heard our complaints and plans to release four new iPod units after the holidays, according to our secret sources at Apple -- not to mention the guy who pumps Jobs' gas. The Big iPod First up will be a larger iPod designed around a 10 GB 2.5" notebook hard drive, the same mechanism found in the iceBook. These drives retail at $200 less than the tiny 1.8" drive used in the original iPod, which may be renamed the Little iPod or the Mini iPod.

iPod: More than an MP3 Player - should the iPod have been presented to the Press as a state of the art MP3 player? Lets look at some alternatives, as iPod is a state of the art FireWire backup device. How many of us would like to leave behind the Zip disks for regular backups of important files and taking files to friends and customers? How many camcorder users would like to be able to download an hours footage to a device the size of a pack of cards and keep filming? What is the professional market in CNN and the networks for such a device?

Handheld iPod joins MP3 band a bit late, but is standout player - Stand-alone music players that play back (and sometimes record) the high-quality compressed music format called MP3 appeared years ago, and flooded the market in great variety last Christmas. The iPod at first seems a late arrival. Scratch the surface, however, and its unique features turn its pack-of-cards size into a compelling and original bargain. Apple is asking you, in essence, why you would settle for less than the ultimate.

Apple's risk with iPod: Will the consumers bite? - With consumer confidence at a six-year low, the PC market in one of its worst slumps ever and chip giant Intel exiting the consumer electronics market, the timing of Apple's first non-computer device since its ill-fated Newton handheld seems odd at best. But Apple co-founder and chief Steve Jobs contends that his company's new iPod, a music player that can store about 1,000 songs on a miniature hard drive, will be a big seller, despite conflicting predictions about how jolly the upcoming holiday shopping season will be for retailers.

iPods 'made in Taiwan' - A Taiwan publication called the Economic Daily News claims Inventec has received orders for 600,000 PDAs from Apple, with shipments beginning in the fourth quarter 2001. The PDAs were described as iPods in later reports.

Small Step for iPod, Giant Leap for Apple - if this "revolutionary device" were a supercharged PalmPilot, would that have given Apple the boost it wants? Apple is trying to double its market share in the personal computer market from 5 percent to 10 percent. How would yet another PDA accomplish that? Answer is: It wouldn't. Building market share will require many Windows users making the switch to the Macintosh platform. And perhaps that is the real job of the iPod device.

Invasion of the iPod - Along comes Apple's iPod at the perfect time. It does almost everything right, creating a truly small player with a decent capacity. Sure, like everyone else, I'd love a 20GB player, and eventually Apple will make one, but right now 1.8" hard drives like the iPod uses are very expensive (the 5GB drive alone retails for over $300). Are there flaws or missing features in the iPod design? Some people are annoyed that the iPod is only Mac compatible, but I see that as a plus: it's just possible it will be the factor that lures a wavering college freshman to choose an iBook instead of a Dell. Besides, if Apple had to make it universally compatible, it would have had to give you playlist management via an small LCD interface: yucky.

Music to His Ears - Apple CEO Steve Jobs has always made a fetish out of industrial design. He talked with FORTUNE editor at large Brent Schlender on the eve of Apple's push into consumer electronics.

iPod - The Devil is in the Details - I happened to run into someone that had an iPod while I was at a pre-screening of a movie. Just to get things straight I do think that the price is justified, it is a quality machine, and that it is a good move for Apple. Apple products are for active lifestyles, which is the main reason for the 20 minutes of skip protection the iPod offers.

iPod - Where's The Hook? - The iPod looks like a fantastic utility. It has the simple elegance and appears to have the ease of use typical of Apple's high quality products. However, the iPod being merely an MP3 left me wondering how Apple could possibly think that such a device will result in a great number, or even a good number, of PC converts - which is one of their stated goals. There are a number of good quality MP3 players on the market that will satisfy the non-Mac user.

iPod Review - I'm not saying that it's perfect, but I am saying that there are plenty of reasons to buy one.

mp3s in a pod - As an MP3 player, iPod is about the fastest thing on the planet. Its FireWire system will suck the entire contents out of a CD in less than 10 seconds and will download its full capacity of 1000 tunes from your Macintosh in less than 10 minutes - 30 times faster than those doddery old USB players that you now find on the hips of millions.

Big portable MP3 player has style - What do you get when you cross a notebook-sized Firewire hard drive, a long-lasting rechargeable battery pack and hundreds of mp3s in one great looking, portable package? You get Apple's iPod - a terrific device. Not perfect, but an instant classic.

Apple's 21st-Century Walkman - CEO Steve Jobs thinks he has something pretty nifty. And if he's right, he might even spook Sony and Matsushita.

Apple's iPod - More to It than Meets the Eye? - the iPod's architecture provides far more capability than a music collection really warrants. First of all, the iPod transmits data via FireWire. This is same standard that was established for speedily transferring VIDEO.

Apple's iPod, a 6.5-ounce MP3 player the size of a deck of cards, is one of the most exciting products to come from Apple in years - The drive's enormous cache -- 32MB of solid-state RAM -- virtually eliminates skipping; shaking the iPod vigorously and even banging it against things didn't interrupt smooth play. (However, we don't recommend this- - shaking and banging can damage the hard disk.) The large cache also allows the hard disk to spin down, extending battery life.

Exclusive: The Apple Store iPod Demo - we got a first look at Apple's new Mp3 player the iPod at the Apple Store at Westfarms Mall in West Hartford, CT. The Westfarms store was the first new store to open since the iPod was announced last tues. 10/23. So we are able to share with you the iPod in store demonstration/presentation for you.

An Idiot's Look Beyond The iPod

iPods, TiBooks and Life - Well, I'd still like to get my hands on an iPod to check it out for myself, but I can tell you this much right now: We all fell pray to the Cupertino hype machine. $399 is simply too expensive for a portable MP3 player. I don't care how cool it is. And while I wish my Nomad Jukebox only weighed 6.5 ounces and had a firewire connection instead of its slower USB port, there isn't really anything revolutionary or groundbreaking about the iPod. Five gigs of storage is great, but Nomad, Neo and other manufacturers already offer MP3 walkmen with upwards of 20GB of storage space. The ability to double as a portable hard drive is a strong selling point of the iPod, sure; the ability to double as a portable hard drive is also a strong selling point of the Archos Jukebox and iOmega HipZip. Firewire and a reportedly very smooth UI are great features, but neither is "groundbreaking" or "revolutionary."

How Apple came to name the iPod - There seems to be no consensus within Apple about the derivation of the iPod name. One hardware engineer reported it stands for Pentium Out Done, while another suggested it signaled a message to the competition: Puckerup Or Die!

iPod vs. the Competition - When faced with competition, not just with other, less expensive MP3 players, but against other electronic gadgets in the $400 price range... I hate to say it, but strike three -- the iPod is out.

Apple education VP talks iBooks, iPods, ROI - Though the economy is tough right now, Apple is very pleased overall with the response its getting to its educational products, Cheryl Vedoe, Apple's vice president of education marketing & solutions, told MacCentral. In an interview with MacCentral at this week's EDUCAUSE education conference, she talked of Apple's success, platform preferences and the iPod.

iPod: Apple's First Step in Shift to Digital Devices? - before we worry about Apple heading for the same old Newton / Cube disaster, there's a chance that Apple isn't worried about selling huge numbers of this model of iPod at all. Maybe it's just the first small step in a much longer term strategy to move Apple from computer maker to digital product supplier.

iPod: A sheep in sheep's clothing - The demand for this thing in the Windows world is very much in question. While Apple may one day get around to finding a way for the 90 percent of the world without a Mac to use it, PC users tend to go for the cheapest and biggest - best can be damned. They won't pay the premium. They won't have the iTunes integration incentive, or even FireWire ports. And to be frank, they still use floppies to sneakernet their data. In the end, the iPod's just an MP3 player, and there are a ton of players in that space.

Preview: Apple's iPod - Apple has created a new toy. I call Apple's products toys even though they have valuable use because unlike other things, Apple's products are actually 'fun' to use. With Apple's digital hub idea, they have a framework on which to build on that will change the way people use technology. It is only logical that Apple creates innovative products like iPod. Plus, for all of those who want Apple to make a new PDA, this may be the start of something big.

Bypassing Apple's iPod Copy Limitation (With Pics) - The Mac Observer was able to spend some time with Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus and his review iPod unit this weekend, and together we looked at how to get around the limitations built into the iPod to keep users from sharing MP3s between different Macs.

Apple product manager talks about the iPod - Whether you think it is, as Apple describes it, a "breakthrough digital device" or not, the company's new iPod has people talking. And talking. And talking. Apple and MacCentral are no exception. Recently, Apple product manager Greg Joswiak spoke with us about the device's potential, pricing and Windows compatibility.

Apple's iPod has its charms - Like everyone else who attended the product's debut in Cupertino, I came away with an evaluation unit to play with, plus CD copies of all the songs loaded on it -- a gesture intended to show that Apple's endorsement of the MP3 format doesn't mean it condones stealing copyrighted music.

Mac Music - Apple may be late to the MP3 market, but its new iPod device for the Macintosh laps the field. Can quality alone guarantee success?

Retailers: Apple iPod demand iffy - When Apple Computer launched its new iPod MP3 device last week, CEO Steve Jobs said the product would be "the hottest gift this holiday season," but retailers say the response may be more tepid.

For Apple, Sweet Music From iPod This new pocket-size, 1,000-song MP3 player is a breakthrough product. And a PC version is coming next - The iPod is no bigger than a deck of cards, but I predict this new handheld digital-music player will stand tall. Very tall. It's going to do for MP3 music what the original Palm Pilot did for handheld computing in the late '90s -- that is, ignite demand like a match to dry twigs.

iPod Makes Music More Attractive - In the promotional video Apple created for its new audio player, Apple Vice President of Industrial Design Jonathan Ive says, "Our goal was to design the very very best MP3 player we could." Looking at the iPod, it's obvious that they've succeeded - but at $400 a pop, the big question is whether the iPod will turn into a success story like the iMac or a painful lesson like the G4 Cube.

What the Muses Deign: iPod - a revolution, really - Features. What about this device can be considered revolutionary, as was promised in the press invitations? The recharging via FireWire? It's a nice simplification, I'll give them that. HD size? Nope. Making the device multipurpose by allowing unused space to be used as a portable FireWire drive? Maybe, but does that mean that you have to sync the songs through iTunes to get them to the device? You can't just copy them and have them work? The interface? It looks fairly clean; the proof will be in the management tools. The battery? Perhaps, but this is likely more of a technology exercise to learn how to make it work well and experience the materials for future use than a breakthrough at this point.

The iPod first public Appearance: Special Report - It's the first time out on the street for the iPod here in Italy, well, not exactly on the street, but inside a trendy Cafe in Milan where the people from Apple Italy showed the device to a selection of journalists.

iPod Considered - All I heard in school on Wednesday was, "Have you heard about the new iPod," or "Did you see that new iPod MP3 player? It's amazing" Same thing on the Internet. All over -- links referring to the new Apple iPod.

iPod the secret that's "not a Mac" - I think the iPod will sell, but I don't see it being a huge success. It will have its market, though not a very large one, and will help the Apple brand grow. I think the product is two focused on mind blowing specifications and too expensive for the everyday college student to be purchasing. I think many would be happier with a cheaper device that featured half of the storage space. Hopefully in January Apple will update the iPod and create a few configurations.

How Valuable Is Apple's New iPod? - Create a best-of-breed MP3 player or portable hard drive, or solve a problem, and do it while building or maintaining the value of your existing products. The new iPod from Apple Computer (Nasdaq: AAPL) does all of these, with the company's traditional style and elegance, in my humble opinion.

The iPod Has An Easter Egg, You Can Play Breakout - If you thought the Easter Egg Era at Apple was over, you were wrong. MacityNet..it is reporting that Breakout, the classic game written by Steve Wozniak (and technically Steve Jobs) for Atari before the founding of Apple lies hidden in Apple's new MP3 player.

NY Times impressed with iPod's FireWire capabilities - David Pogue, Mac author and expert, says in his latest New York Times column that the iPod may not be, as Apple described it, "a breakthrough digital device," but it may be the finest portable music player ever built.

My Turn - iPod - Priced at $399, the iPod will sell a hundred thousand units in the first six months. Come Macworld Expo in January, I expect to hear Steve Jobs brag about the early success of the iPod. I envision something along these lines: "Let's talk about iPod." (clap-clap-clap) "When we created the iPod, we really thought we had a winner on our hands. Since its release last October, Apple has sold over 100,000 units!" (Louder "clap-clap-clap" from the sheep in the audience. Including me.) So the iPod will be an early success. No doubt about it. But after the initial wow factor of the Mac faithful wears off, sales will plummet, the price will be cut in half.

iPod vs. the competition - On Tuesday Apple released the iPod, a portable music player. Apple claims it is a breakthrough machine, but is it? The only way to know is to compare it to its competition. There are really only three products on the market that can compete with iPod. These are the Remote Solution Personal Jukebox, Creative Labs' Nomad Jukebox, and the Archos Jukebox HD. Each of these is a hard disk-based system designed to play music.

Why the iPod is a good deal - Despite all the features, the biggest attraction to the iPod maybe the combination of storage and size. Packing the iPod's capabilities into something roughly the size of a deck of cards puts a considerable premium on the device. To help digest the iPod's price, lets take a closer look at what makes it unique.

iPod: Catchy Like a Fishhook to the Eye - While the iPod was being revealed to the world at large, I had the unique good luck to be sitting in the dentist's chair getting a crown put on. I was so ... overjoyed at the occasion that I actually forgot about the 'breakthrough digital device' that was being announced while I lay there. When I came home I was less than enthusiastic. Sure, it looked cool, but wasn't it awfully expensive for what it was? Then I found out that it used an IBM MicroDrive.

iPod: Apple's secret weapon - With about a day and half to mull over Apple's latest product introduction, the press has looked at the iPod from nearly every conceivable angle. Apple said the iPod would be a groundbreaking product. While analysts and Mac watchers may not universally agree with that statement, I think everyone can agree on one thing: the iPod is a groundbreaking product for Apple.

XP: Phooey on youie! Why iPod is the Apple of our eyes today - The iPod announcement wasn't just a hyperbolic bit of diversionary competitive blocking. Instead, it's a product that embodies Apple at its very best and testifies to the fact that, thank heavens, Apple is still around to spread its characteristic sense of style and pizzazz through a technology landscape that's gotten, well, boring, XP's arrival notwithstanding.

iPod = iFlop? - My reaction to the iPod announcement was almost exactly the same as my reaction to the Cube. Cool. But knock $200 off the price before I'll look at it. Some people were pretty upset with my reaction to the Cube. But was I right? True, the upper end of the MP3 player market is not that far below $400. But that's undiscounted. ("Discount?" If you are Jobs fan, I'll give you a few minutes to look it up.) True, this new baby is a clever piece of design, and has some nice extras that have to add to the price. But we are talking consumer technology here, and price is the number one consideration if you are talking volume.

iPod equals iBroke - Cool device needs some market rethinking I know what most of you are saying. An MP3 player? A $400 MP3 player? This is a technological breakthrough? Oh there are those who will defend it telling us it's much more, and it is, but it the back of their minds they are thinking the same thing. A $400 MP3 player?

Why Did Apple Choose Chicago as the iPod Font? - Photos of the iPod suggest it uses Chicago as its font of choice. Why? This may seem minor to you, but on such a slick-looking device, why did Apple choose a system font that will remind users of System 6?

iPod Omission: PC Compatibility - So Apple can design the coolest digital device to hit the market. Who gives a rat's backside? I understand that, as a computer manufacturer, the goal is to get people to buy your hardware. But when you have an opportunity to sell the highest-end product in its niche, why cut out 90 percent of the market because it isn't compatible with their operating system? And if it is compatible with other platforms Apple should let everyone know up front.

iPod Preview One more reason to jump on the Mac wagon. Plenty of pics! - The iPod itself isn't so much a revolutionary development as it is a perfect (or very close) product. I was just IMing with Vinny from the Xbox site and we were discussing just this. For example, the iPod has a 5GB hard drive. MP3 fans probably know that portable jukeboxes are widely available in much larger configurations, i.e. Nomad's 30GB model. But a theme of practicality runs through the iPod, and 5GB is ample space for a strong majority of computer users. Plus, internal memory alone does not a player make.

iPod is a bargain, depending on how you look at it - While pundits may criticize the relatively high US$399 price tag of Apple's iPod, it's difficult to call the device's value into question. The iPod's 5GB drive is a tiny, 1.8-inch Toshiba drive that sells on its own (as a PCMCIA card) for $399 (although the MSRP is apparently $499). Similarly, SmartDisk's tiny FireFly FireWire drive, which uses the same drive, will sell for $399 when it ships.

Is This The iPod's Hard Drive? - There has been much discussion of the 5GB hard drive in Apple's new iPod (eg: see Moore's MailBag today). Given the iPod's external dimensions, it is obviously not a standard 2.5" laptop drive. While there is no confirmation of this, the probable unit residing inside to iPod's sleek, stainless steel case is a 1.8 inch, 5GB PC Card hard disk drive unveiled by Toshiba last spring.

Why iPod Doesn't Do Windows - With its automatic battery charging through the FireWire cable while connected to the "mother ship" Mac (there is also a dedicated AC adapter for charging); two inch, 160-by-128-pixel resolution, backlit LCD display; FireWire-based syncing with iTunes 2 song libraries and playlists on the host Mac; 20 minute skip protection, and 32MB memory cache, iPod has raised the bar for portable digital music players. And the punch line is that iPod is really a computer accessory rather than a freestanding device.

Apple iPod redux - Well, we finally got our mitts on an Apple's iPod last night. Just for a short time, you understand, while the company's staff were looking the other way, but enough to get a feel for what the new MP3 player is capable of - and what it isn't. Some readers will recall our initial scepticism about the device. There are more capacious, cheaper products out there, we said, and Apple is launching its product into a market that if not yet well established, isn't exactly cutting edge either. We thought that iPod isn't exactly innovatory, and doesn't live up to the "breakthrough" tagline the company applied to the device in pre-launch publicity material. Having held the small, cigarette pack-sized gadget in our hands, we're still not sure about how successful Apple's strategy will be and we certainly haven't been persuaded that it's something insanely great, to borrow Apple CEO Steve Jobs' favourite phrase. But we have to admit that it is a dashed fine machine, and even if the price tag is high, it's arguably best portable MP3 player on the market today.

Apple's iPod is a great device launched into a tough market - Soon after Apple Computer announced its $400 iPod MP3 player on Tuesday, one of my buddies from high school instant messaged me from Chicago. My friend Kasima Tharnpipitchai is a Mac fan. He's such a big Mac fan that in his spare time, he wrote code that allows the Samsung Uproar MP3 phone to connect to Apple's new OS X operating system. By many measures that makes him a bigger geek than I am.

Apple Unveils MP3 Player With Enough Capacity for 1,000 Songs - Beyond simplicity, Apple also wanted a device that could work seamlessly with the applications it's been producing as part of the Digital Hub strategy. Applications like iMovie and iTunes can take advantage of digital video cameras and MP3 players, "but there's never been a device built that can take advantage of all these apps," Jobs said. "We decided to build one."

iPod Uses Sub 2-Inch HDD, Plays Hi-Fi Audio - The iPod is 2.43 inches wide. The 5 GB HDD inside has to be something very special, like a sub 2-inch drive mechanism. Those are very scarce and the only one we found comes from Toshiba: http://www.toshiba.com/taecdpd/news/press39.shtml This is leading technology and the price per GB is definetely a lot higher than what Al Luckow compares it to (the 6 GB 2.5-inch drive).

Pundits compliment, criticize iPod - The iPod's price seems to be a major sticking point for many experts, especially given the expectation of soft consumer spending this holiday season. Some analysts and pundits seem to have been expecting the introduction of something different -- completely different -- from Apple, while others cite the iPod's Mac-only status as a sticking point. On the other hand, many are impressed by the iPod's industrial design, ease of use and features, suggesting that Apple may indeed be breaking new ground with the iPod.

Apple Unwraps IPod - In a month when even the military can't keep a secret, Apple's new gadget, called the iPod, had been shrouded in an impressive cloak of confidentiality for weeks. Not even its name, much less its purpose, had been confirmed, though rumors were many.

MacCommunist: Smash the iPod - Apple's new iPod follows some of Marx's rules for commodity fetishes. It looks great. Everyone should want one. But iDon't. That's not simply because of Apple's obnoxious commercial featuring a no-rhythm dot-com layoff, but because this MacCommunist has had a Nomad Jukebox for the past 13 months.

Apple jumps into the MP3 game--and does it right - Jaded and cynical columnist that I am, I really wasn't expecting to be as impressed as I was Tuesday morning. Apple had told us, the collected press corps, that it was going to announce something that was "not a Mac," so we dutifully trooped down to Cupertino for show and tell. The rumor mills had been redlined ever since invitations to the event went out last week, and most prognostications pointed toward some kind of digital audio device. However, the majority opinion of the tea-leaf reader contingent had dismissed the idea of a portable MP3 player, since there were plenty of them out there. It had already been done, as it were. BUT LEAVE IT TO APPLE to put its oar in those very waters, but with the crucial distinction that Apple seems to be the first company to have gotten the portable MP3 genre right.

A Look at iPod - Former Kerbango Senior Design Engineer and current Webmaster of Woz.org Al Luckow weighs in on the iPod.

An overview of iPod, iTunes 2, iDVD2 - MacCentral was present today as Steve Jobs hosted a special event at Apple's Cupertino headquarters to flesh out Apple's "Digital Hub" strategy. During the event, Jobs provided details about Apple's forthcoming efforts with iDVD 2, iTunes 2 and its much-speculated-upon new digital device, the iPod. Jobs and Apple have been pitching the Macintosh this year as the "center of the digital lifestyle," vaunting the Mac's ease of use with applications like iTunes (for digital music), iMovie (for digital movie editing) and iDVD (to record DVDs).

iPod Launch Event

It's Official: Apple Announces Portable MP3 Player Called The iPod & iTunes 2 (With Pic) - OK, what the heck is going on here? This should have been billed as a "breakthrough MP3 player," not a "breakthrough digital device!" Certainly this is the finest portable MP3 player on the market (not counting size, as there are several devices on the market already that offer 6 GB to 20 GB of capacity), but it is hardly breaking new ground.

Apple Debuts Audio Player - The system's lithium-polymer battery can power the iPod for 10 hours and takes one hour to charge. The device's chrome chassis measures 2.43 by 4.02 by 0.78 inches, and the iPod weighs 6.5 ounces. It features a backlit, 2-inch LCD display and a scroll wheel for browsing through audio files by play list, artist or song.

Apple pops iPod - In answer to our previous question, Apple's so-called "breakthrough digital device" is called the iPod, but as we feared, it also proves to be a 'me too' product. Designed with Apple's usual flair, iPod is ultimately nothing more than an MP3 player with a built-in hard drive, little different from Creative Labs' Nomad Jukebox

Get Ready for Apple's Incredible New...MP3 Player? - A big yawner, you say? Perhaps. After all, there are plenty of MP3 players out there. (Compaq Computer (CPQ), for example, offers one for $149.99 on its Web site.) But while Apple's latest debut might not score high on the significance meter - particularly according to Wall Street analysts hoping for a splashier announcement - it does offer a glimpse into the tactics computer makers are beginning to employ as demand for their core products wanes.

Apple's iPod spurs mixed reactions - Jobs said the iPod offers three breakthroughs: ease of use, ultra-portability and its ability to sync automatically with iTunes. Apple's iTunes software is used for playing digital-audio files and burning CDs.

Apple unveils digital music player - "I was really expecting them to have a hand-held computer, because they have a hole there in their product lineup," Enderle said. "But as far as MP3 players go, the one they introduced is arguably the best one on the market."

Apple's 'Breakthrough' iPod - he device has an unusual circular scroll-wheel that lets users search through their music library by playlist, artist, or genre. The iPod can also be used as a portable storage device for non-music files. It will allow Apple users to transfer files from one Mac to another, for example.

Apple Introduces New Portable Music Player - while industry analysts said the device appeared to be as consumer friendly as the company said it was, they also pointed to its relatively limited potential audience, around seven million owners of the latest Macintosh computers. Apple said it had not yet decided whether to introduce a version of the music player for computers with the Windows operating system, which is used by more than 90 percent of personal computer users. "It's a nice feature for Macintosh users," said P. J. McNealy, a senior analyst for Gartner G2, an e-commerce research group. "But to the rest of the Windows world, it doesn't make any difference."

Intel kit took iPOD name before Apple's did - Apple may run into problems following its decision to opt for iPod as the name for its new "breakthrough" MP3 player - from Intel. The chip giant already has a product on the market called... er... iPOD. You'll note the capital letters - enough, perhaps, to save Apple's ass - which stand for Phone Over Data.