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Review: A Look at the PodHolder - I hate how the only way that I can have my iPod on my desk is to have it lying flat

iPod Jam Jacket - Gummi Bear fanatics have a perfect new excuse to buy an iPod: the Jam Jacket. It's not made of rubbery candy, but rather of injection-molded rubber. Once you slide in your iPod, the Jam Jacket fits like a second skin--an Aqua, clear, or Graphite skin

Belkin iPod Case - The Belkin case is a very functional everyday case for your iPod. The design is simple and nondescript and blends well with the iPod

5GB iPod: EOL'd and On the Way Out? - The online Apple Stores appear to all be out of stock. It's unknown how inventory is out in the retail stores. This doesn't mean, necessarily, that there will be a revved iPod, but it's possible with new 40GB super-slim hard drives that the 20 will become 40 and the 10GB down to $299 as the new base model

Dixons to stop selling the iPod? - Although the reason for the decision was unclear, a store employee speculated that it may be related to Apple's iPod stocking policy

Oakland Newspaper Examines iPod Phenomenon - Local coverage in mainstream newspapers of Apple products is big deal. It offers the kind of exposure for the company, and the Mac platform, that money just can't buy. From the Wall Street Journal, to USA Today, to local papers like the Oakland Tribune, this sort of coverage simply can't be underestimated

RCA Lyra Raises the iPod Bar - what's different this time is that you can record TV shows from a TiVo or VCR, with up to 80 hours of programming on the lowest setting. You can also play back everything on a TV or stereo

Connected clothing for the networked world - the most interesting garment we tested falls into the third, techiest category -- clothing with electrical connections and controls physically integrated into its fibers. We tested the Burton Amp, from Burton Snowboards and Apple Computer, a jacket that is made for use only with Apple's iPod MP3 player. It's a handsome, perfectly normal-looking winter jacket, with one difference -- a fabric panel on the left sleeve with a set of raised audio-control buttons

Apple enthusiasts get all wrapped up in iPod - What he did unveil in regard to this tiny device, which has sold 600,000 units since its debut in 2001, is its incorporation into a snow boarding and ski jacket fashioned by Burton Snowboards. The jacket contains a pouch for the iPod, and its controls have been neatly incorporated on a sleeve. All the Apple maniacs in the audience howled with pleasure

Can a Human Being Fit on an IPod? - One researcher is using his MP3 player to carry around the human genome--and his collection of digital tunes

Apple, the iPod Isn't Finished! - iPod forums around the internet are flooded with suggestions for new iPod improvements and accessories. But I feel Apple still has more work to do with the iPod before these third-party companies do the work for them in a cheaper, uglier way. I have compiled a short list of suggestions of how to fix and improve the iPod. My criteria are that the fix be feasible, address a current problem, and be in the spirit of the iPod vision

C. Crane FM Transmitter - The assets of having a portable FM transmitter with a true digital quartz tuner and long battery time far outweigh the AM quality sound you get from the transmitter. The C. Crane FM transmitter is also a little pricey ($80), but it's well made and performs better than expected. The only major problem is the juggling you have to perform if you have to change frequencies and volume in traffic

Windows iPod music player - You could also argue that the iPod, connected to a pair of good speakers, can take the place of a home CD player. With a cassette adapter, the iPod doubles as a car stereo. Like most Apple products, iPod for Windows sets a high standard for quality and features and charges accordingly. I think it's worth the price. Go get one

Apple Sells 216,000 iPods In December Quarter, Half To Windows Users - Apple announced today that it sold some 216,000 iPods during the December quarter. Apple CFO Fred Anderson didn't offer a breakdown on which models sold in what quantities, but he did say that some 50% of those units were for Windows

iPod Stands Roundup - There are over 10 different stands on the market for your iPod. I'm going to introduce you to six desktop stands. Everything from the simple PodStand to the adjustable Metal Gear Stand

Creative's Jukebox Zen not quite iPod killer - Creative Technology clearly had Apple Computer's iPod in mind as it developed its latest portable music player, the Nomad Jukebox Zen

12 Days of X-Mas: iRock FM transmitter for the iPod - This little do-dad plugs into your iPod (or any audio device for that matter) and plays your music over short-range FM. You just turn on your radio and tune into one of four iRock channels and off you go. The only real disadvantage I found is when traveling a long distance you'll have to switch channels occasionally as you go into areas with interfering radio stations

Virtual iPod for your Mac just like real iPod - Called "iPodium," it plays your iTunes or iPod playlists, has Contacts, Calendar, and a Clock (even Breakout) just like the real iPod

Red Hot Chili Pods - Just a mention of the iPod on one of Flea's (bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers) Fleamail entries. "Got this ipod thing going on with lots of jams i dig it. Anthony and John got 'em too. ." Also... "Now I aM sitting in the Sydney Airport restaurant listening to Bob Marley on my ipod and having a cup of chamomile tea waiting for my plane to Melbourne."

What, No Cher Edition? - after careful consideration, we can calmly state without fear of exaggeration that Apple's new celebrity signature iPods are a million times more amazing than all previous iPods combined

Apple Posts Signature iPods From Tony Hawk, Beck, & Madonna - We find this to be very interesting. Super Special Edition Limited Run Signature versions of other products have been quite successful in the market place. From limited run books to Eddie Bauer Edition cars, this has been a lucrative field for many a company. It remains to be seen if Apple can replicate that kind of success

Limited Edition Madonna, Tony Hawk, Beck iPods - Pop singer Madonna, pro skateboarder Tony Hawk, No Doubt and Beck have made available separate limited edition iPods. The iPods, which will be available until January 8, 2003, will have the celebrities autograph etched on the back of the device

Arcane Arena iPod search - Freeverse has released another hint in their ongoing contest in which an iPod can be located and won by players of their online role playing game,

CEO of iPod chipmaker resigns - C|net reports that John Mallard has stepped down as CEO of PortalPlayer, the company whose chip powers Apple's iPod

Apple aims to get iPod "into the groove"  - The Macintosh maker has started selling versions of the iPod from its Web site that have the singer's lasered autograph engraved on the back of the device. Apple started allowing customers to add engravings to the back of their devices earlier this year, although this is the first time the company has added a celebrity touch

Tune in iPod - If I hadn't already bought one, this is the gift I would want to get.

Switcher info: change 'iPod for Windows' into 'iPod for Mac' - You can easily reformat iPod for Windows to work on your Mac by downloading the iPod for Mac Software Updater on the Apple Web site

Time Magazine compares iPod to Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen - "About the size of a cassette Walkman, the 20-GB Zen looks like an iPod wannabe. Yet in some respects, the Zen beats the iPod

iPod Buyer's Guide

iPod Life: Hands on with Transpod  - the Transpod is a cradle for the iPod that plugs into a cigarette outlet. The cigarette outlet then provides power for the FM broadcaster and also charges the iPod

Update for iPod may prove draining for battery  - Question: I have an Apple iPod, and recently the battery has been running down all by itself. It used to hold a charge if I didn't use it for a week. But now if I charge it and leave it off for more than two days, the battery is dead when I try to use it again

The Ultimate iPod Accessory  - Since the iPod is so cool that even PC makers are selling it, it should come as no surprise that companies have started using the iPod in their ads to promote their own coolness

Apple's "BluePod" - promiscuous exchanges with strangers - An iPod that can play your music to strangers and create impromptu public concerts is the stuff of dreams. Frankly it's the only product out of the four we floated last week that you think has much merit

Crunch Time for Apple - How's this for an iPod business strategy? A company launches a snazzy new product in a major growth market, and it's only compatible with 3.5 percent of the buying public

Why Breakout is the iPod's default game - Breakout was initially an Easter Egg (hidden) within the original iPod (5GB and 10GB) versions and has since been added to the iPod's Extras/Game menu as of MacWorld NYC 2002. Why Breakout of all games? Well, the legend goes like this

MSNBC 'Holiday Gift Guide' includes iPod - Listed at number seven out of seven products

Contour Design iSee - When I first started reviewing cases for iPodlounge, I had wondered about a hard case for iPod. I even drew some concept sketches of my idea of what an iPod hard case might look like. There's no need to wonder about it any longer. Mac peripheral and accessory manufacturer, Contour Design has developed and brought to market the first hard case for iPod

Headphones worthy of becoming the iPod's companion - The iPod earbuds provided by Apple are better than those included with other portable players by their respective manufacturers. The sound they are capable of producing, however, does not begin to do justice to the quality of the audio signal produced by the iPod. Replacements seemed to fall into one of two categories

iPod: "Grand Theft Audio"? - December's issue of Wired Magazine takes a look at the ever-growing numbers of CDRWs, blank CDR sales and the decline of on-line file swapping. And MP3 devices like the iPod are to blame.

Sweetness - Looks great, works great, Apple's iPod raises the bar for portable music players

Apple Partners With MP3.com to Promote iPod - Apple advertisements for the iPod will be included on MP3.com's site, as well as in emails to 550,000 subscribers. MP3.com users will also get a chance to win an iPod

Confessions of an Aging iPod - Recently (ever since I upgraded to the latest firmware actually), I have had any number of problems with the battery on my unit. Where I used to get upwards of 10 hours of playtime out of my beloved ToonBringer (my iPod's name), I suddenly started to see less and less playtime, the difference eventually becoming very dramatic. After extensive searching around I was advised to turn off some of the extra features, such as clock, alarms, etc, as they run even while your iPod is asleep. I followed all suggestions but got very little more out of my battery life

I-Volution 20GB iPod Case - If you've purchased an iPod, you no doubt want to protect your investment from unslightly scratches and bumps. But what is the ideal case? I've tried several, but the new I-Volution i-Vod leather semi-rigid case from Vaja Cases is near the top of my list. It's designed for the new 20GB iPod, but worked fine with my original 5GB iPod

Review: iPod Travel Accessories - it wasn't until I was asked to take a look at a couple iPod accessories that I really began to appreciate its portability. See, as much as I'd like to just take a bus or train to work so I could listen to the iPod, read, or (most likely) sleep, I'm forced to drive. NPR's Morning Edition sometimes is enough for the half-hour drive into Cleveland, but quite often I'd rather hear some OK Go or a little Oasis. Trouble is, my Blaupunkt CD player doesn't like to play CDs in the cold, Ohio winters

iPod Firmware Restore Workaround - Occasionally, after I interface my iPod with my computer, it starts with the icon of an exclamation point and a folder and then immediately shuts down. Apple technical support informed me that this can only be resolved by using the Restore option. This solves the problem but deletes all the data (MP3s, playlists, contacts, calendar entries and iPod settings). I wanted a solution that did not force me to reload my data

Scientist Uses iPod To Transport Entire Human Genome - When Apple released the iPod, perhaps the company knew that it would become an important scientific vessel. Or perhaps not. Be that as it may, the Sydney Morning Herald has a fascinating report today on how an Australian scientist is using his iPod as just that, a vessel to carry scientific data from Mac to Mac. In this particular case, it's nothing less than the entire human genome

Apple's new iPod packs more fun than a barrel of monkeys - At $499, this top of the line iPod might be too costly for many folks, but if its feature set appeals to you and you're a bit stretched for dough, fear not-Apple makes cheaper 10GB and 5GB units ($299 and $399, respectively. Whatever your cash situation, the iPod is music to your ears, providing hours and hours of great tunes no matter where you are. It even manages to pack in productivity features: Oh darn!

Latest MP3 players are smaller, cheaper, better - The iPod is the smallest hard drive unit around; Apple has access to minuscule hard drives from Toshiba, drives competitors haven't been able to get. The iPod came out last November, with rave reviews for its design, functionality and size. Apple has dominated the MP3 player market this year. The iPod is the No. 1 unit, with a 15% market share, says NPD Intelect.

Tips & Tricks: Using a Windows iPod with a Mac - iPods for Windows seem to be easier to find than iPods for Mac, so here's how you can use a Windows iPod with your Mac

Wired: Steve Jobs' iPod will complete what Napster started - A free utility called iPod2iTunes makes cloning my friends' iPods a plug-and-play operation. So enabled, the iPod is a pirate suitcase nuke

iPod receives kudos from celebrities  - "The Apple iPod was named a 'Rosie's Pick' in the Gift Guide of the Rosie magazine Farewell Issue

iPod Battery Life - My iPod battery isn't working properly. It will only run for about 3 hours and then the battery is dead. If i leave it for a day or two after i have used it for an hour or so and then use it, it is completely flat. What can i do about this?

IPods Go Wherever Their Owners Do  - The gallery features pictures of iPods in front of bombed-out palaces in Afghanistan, on jungle expeditions in Peru and in Mick Jagger's garden in London

Just A Thought - Apple Targets My Wallet With iPod - Before iPods came to Target, the thought of owning one rested comfortably in the back of my mind, like old lazy dog who may perk its ears and wag its tail when you call it, but otherwise it just lies around content with the knowledge that you'll get around to petting it eventually. Now that iPods are being displayed just outside of spitting distance from my front door, the idea of owning that little white and silver digital jewel ricochets around my psyche like a Chihuahua on a triple dose of speed

Beyond MP3s: iPod Holds Genome  - Everyone knows the truly cool kids carry music on Apple iPods. But one enterprising researcher uses it to store the entire human genome. Yes, all 3 billion chemical letters -- A, T, C and G, which represent adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine, the chemicals that spell out human genes -- fit on the iPod

Is Target Displaying iPod Effectively? - We visited the San Ramon, CA Target store and found the operable iPod display tucked away on the bottom shelf of the counter in the Electronics department

King: I Don't Like Idea Of iPod For Windows - In the latest installment of YML XTended, host Shawn King says he doesn't like "the idea of iPod for Windows." He also suggests that Apple is undermining the Switch campaign by making a Windows version available

Dell Selling iPods: The Start of Something New? - While the iPod is the only product to be offered now, it appears that the two companies are testing the waters for something bigger

iPOD 20GB - The 20GB model costs only $100 more than the 5GB iPod did when it was first announced, so it's a bargain by comparison, especially given the cool extras that come with it

Which? awards iPod best buy - Which? - the magazine of the UK Consumer's Association - has awarded Apple's iPod its "best buy" for MP3 players

How to Switch an iPod? - VMS Zealot writes "This isn't something that affects me since I don't own a Windows iPod - but it may well affect Switchers if they decide to swap to the Mac after the pleasurable experience of using the 'Pod. The question is this. Can a Mac use a FAT32 formatted iPod - I suppose the Mac will mount it in the same way as it will mount any Windows disk, but will iTunes be happy with such an abberation?

iMac, iPod up for PC Magazine Technical Excellence Award - PC Magazine today announced the finalists for its 19th annual Awards for Technical Excellence. The awards recognize "individuals and products that have advanced the state of technology and set new standards for technical innovation in 2002."

Mac iPod to be a hard find at Target - Despite Apple announcing both the Windows and Mac versions of the iPod would be available through Target retail stores across the US, Think Secret has learned that very few stores will stock the Mac version of the product

Dell puts enmity aside by selling Apple's iPod - While many Dell Computer competitors are pulling products from Dell's online store, Apple Computer is going the other way. Beginning Wednesday, Dell began selling the three Windows-compatible versions of Apple's iPod digital music player through the Dell store, online and over the phone

Poll: iPod 'too expensive' - A poll marking the iPod's first birthday asked readers: "Do you desire or own an iPod?" A slim majority of 27 per cent felt it was overpriced, while 26 per cent said they were " not interested".

Dell To Sell iPods, Huge Boost For Apple - This is unbelievably good news for Apple. Dell moves a lot of product, and the company *will* sell a lot of iPods for Apple. Apple is clearly looking at the iPod as a pure revenue generator, and not just an opportunity to expose people to Mac products

Battle of the pocket bulge: Zen vs iPod - Apple and Creative would both like your MP3 spending dollar, and both offer pocket-sized firewire-capable MP3 players. We put the Creative Zen head to head with the Apple iPod

Apple iPod for Windows - If you have spent the past year drooling over the iPod and cursing Apple for making it Mac-only, wipe your mouth and give thanks. Realising that Windows users aren't going to buy a Mac just to use an MP3 player, Apple has finally seen sense and released a Windows version of its plaudit-winning music machine

Add Wings To Your iPod - Apple designed the iPod to be a personal listening device. That means that when using it Apple expects you to have your headphones on. However, over time the iPod has evolved into more than just a personal audio player. Dozens of companies have released products that take advantage of the iPods audio out port to allow the device to play music in a more public manner

iPod 20GB - All in all, the new 20GB model solidly reaffirms the iPod's position as the world's best MP3 player. It sounds great, works great, looks great, and includes great accessories

Apple Reportedly To Sell iPods In Target Retail Outlets, Could Have Major Impact On Bottom Line - Apple has found a dandy. About the only place better than Target would be retail monster Wal-Mart. An arrangement with that outfit would blow the doors off of Apple's iPod sales

iPods to hit Target - Wolf estimated that Apple might be able to sell as many as half a million of the devices this quarter, assuming that the company can grab about 15 percent of the world market for portable music players and that sales reach the 4 million units that some market researchers are projecting.

iPod turns one - DJs switched to using iPods instead of vinyl, while students hosted iPod Breakout contests.

Built on the back of iPod Local accessories business booms - his team of eight employees are working on an overarching brand, DLO, which stands for Digital Lifestyle Outfitters, that will be emblazoned on everything from the car adapter kits to ear-bud head phones in addition to the original Netalog iPod jackets. And Netalog is betting big on iPod

Hands on with the 20GB iPod for Mac, Windows - The 20GB iPod looks the same as its 5GB and 10GB siblings, with the exception of the scroll wheel. With older models, the wheel moved in circles when turned to select songs or navigate menus; the new version features a touch sensitive scroll wheel that doesn't move. While it did take some getting used to -- I found myself pushing down on the wheel to make it move -- I like the sensitivity and overall feel of the new scroll wheel

iPod an 'unbelievable hit' - Apple's iPod is enjoying spectacular success in the MP3 player market, the company claimed yesterday. Yankee Group analyst Ryan Jones describes the product as an "unbelievable hit".

iPod Mods - Complete iPod Disassembly

Doing the iPod shuffle - For the past week, I've been acclimating myself to the iPod lifestyle, courtesy a new twenty gig player. And let me say without hesitation, this gets my vote as the most mind-blowing invention since the water bong. At first, I was skeptical.

A House For Your iPod - Since every other Apple device has a place that it can call home why should the iPod be any different? As it turns out the iPod does have a place to call home. After some research I found a pair of stands that will keep your iPod in its place when it's at home or on the road

Apple bets success on iPod - Popular MP3 player in the U.S. and Europe launches in Taiwan

Top 10 must-haves - Electronics Reviews - CNET.com - It's elegant, compact, and easy to navigate, and it can hold 10GB of MP3s--all reasons why the iPod has topped our most-wanted list for several months running

Topic: Creative unveils potential iPod killer - The Creative NOMAD Jukebox Zen has one target, and one target only: potential Windows iPod buyers. According to News.com, the 20GB FireWire (SB1394 ) MP3 player will sell for $249 after a $50 rebate, making it about $50 cheaper than Apple's standard price for the 5GB iPod,

Review: Vaja iPod Case - out of all the cases I have found, the fit, the protection, the quality of craftsmanship, and the very professional look of it makes it an excellent bodyguard for your precious iPod

The iPod People - we say the best MP3 player just got better.

Apple launches a quieter iPod for delicate French ears - Those dials no longer go all the way up to 11...

Review of the Apple iPod 10GB with Remote Control - Though Apple introduced versions of the iPod for Windows operating system, I decided to get the Mac version of the 10GB iPod to replace my original 5GB iPod. Let's take a look at how a really awesome mp3 player just got better

HeadRoom iPod Earphone System - AirHead is pointless for contemporary recordings. ER-6 has poor bass and too shrill medium-to-high response. Carry case too big for just an iPod and earphones

Apple's new tune: Portable music players - Apple Computer for the first time is offering a product truly for "the rest of us" - the 96 percent who use Windows personal computers rather than Apple's Macintosh - and the debut is a stunner: the iPod portable music player

The Apple iPod For Windows Begins A New Legacy - Apple is ready to take on the PC world with the release of the Apple iPod for Windows. While Apple's strategy in releasing the iPod for Windows remains a mystery, this device clearly shows what roles ease of use and good design can play in making a product successful

Apple's iPod sounds great with Windows - As a PC kind of guy, I rarely suffer from Mac envy, but I'll admit turning green last year when Apple announced its iPod digital music player. The elegant, 6.5-ounce gadget - about the size of a pack of cigarettes - featured a tiny but capacious hard drive and a slick, friendly interface that made competing players seem downright clunky. Now Apple has an iPod for the rest of us - or at least those who have the right PC

Newspaper Calls iPod A Device For Downloading Music From P2P Networks - The article is an attempt to explain the nature of peer-to-peer file sharing, and the dangers it holds for copyright owners and musicians. It contains many of the small, and some not so small, mistakes inherent in articles where the author tries to apply his or her limited knowledge to broader areas where that knowledge does not apply

Apple Releases iPod Updater 1.2.1 - The updater has two functions, 'update' and 'restore'. Update installs new software into the iPod (the installer will determine whether this is necessary), and Restore, which returns the iPods to factory specifications. Apple cautions that using Restore erases all music and other files on the iPod

iPod Back On French Shelves, Apple Claims 20% Of European Digital Music Market, & More Dutch Awards - Apple France released some remarkable sales data for the iPod. In the nine months since it was launched, the iPod managed to grab 20% of the digital music player market in Europe and France. With the new Windows-compatible models and the availability of gnuPod for Linux, the iPod is shaping up to be a crossover success for Cupertino. All of this bodes very well for the future of Apple's first non-Macintosh product since the Newton

Apple has a Tiger by the tail with updated iPod - Apple's iPod is the Tiger Woods of MP3 players. That's about as perfect an analogy as you'll ever get out of me, at least at these rates. It's not that the iPod is the perfect player for absolutely everyone. I note with due respect that Mr. Woods doesn't win every single tournament, either. But any debate about the best starts with the iPod

Noisy iPod withdrawn in France - The company has ceased iPod shipments in the country for the next 15 days as it develops a software fix to bring the device back in line with local law

Digital jukebox challenge - Moving the iPod to the Windows platform involves some tradeoffs, though, because Apple no longer controls the hardware. For one thing, not all Windows PCs have FireWire connections, so you may have to buy an adapter.

iPod on Linux... with GPLed software - Anonymous Coward writes "gnuPod 0.2 has just been released. It's the first GPLed program that allows you to use your iPod under Linux. It has support for playlists and stores information in a XML file, so it's very easy to edit the data or write a frontend

iPod To Get an iDock? - An iPod dock would be a natural for BlueTooth connectivity, where you could simply beam your iCal stuff or address book from your rumored Apple iPhone over to your iPod without the intervention of your Mac

Apple pulls iPod in France - Apple Computer has pulled its iPod music player from store shelves in France because the device is capable of producing noise levels that exceed government regulations

Apple iPod (10GB, Windows) - It's an understatement to say that we loved the original 5GB and 10GB iPods; at the time, they were the best-designed MP3 players that we'd ever seen in terms of size, interface, and software syncing. But they weren't compatible with Windows, except via occasionally sketchy, third-party software. Plus, the original iPods lacked a remote control, a carrying case, and full sound controls. The Windows iPod works just as well as the Mac version once you get the files on the player, but syncing is not quite as elegant as it is with a Mac

power proportions - We love the new iPod: wafer-thin on the outside, bigger than belief on the inside

iPod Groove Jacket - The two products we looked at were very different takes on the concept. The Groove Jacket is a simple rubber glove for your iPod, injection moulded and designed to fit the iPod perfectly. Which indeed it does. The iPod slips neatly into the case, and you could be forgiven for thinking that it was part of the original design. It adds little weight to the device and just a couple of millimetres in each direction

Make sure you shop around before buying your digital music player - Everything about the iPod is smart. Even the fast connecting FireWire cable doubles as the battery charge chord, keeping things neat and simple.

Larry Magid: MP3 as family music tool - My lack of enthusiasm for such devices is one of the reasons that it took me so long to check out any of the portable MP3 players like the Apple iPod, Archos Jukebox or Nomad Jukebox. But, after using an iPod for a couple of weeks, I'm now convinced the category has legs. Like my colleague Mike Langberg who reviewed the iPod last week, I too am ``impressed,'' but for different reasons.

Walt Mossberg Sings The Praises Of iPod On TV, Suggests More Could Be In Store For Device - Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal was on the second segment of the Charlie Rose Show last night on PBS. He was showing off some of his favorite new handheld devices. He had a Treo, the Danger Hiptop, a Samsung/Sprint PCSVision mobile phone, and The iPod. Mossberg described the iPod at length and declaimed it as the best MP3 player on the market.

IPod's deserved triumph - From the inside out, the iPod is built to last. Toshiba makes its capacious 1.8-inch hard drive. Its FireWire interface controller comes from Texas Instruments, its lithium battery from Sony, its flash memory chip from Sharp. But the elegance of the design is all Apple, in the tradition Steve Jobs has so tirelessly promoted

Apple Courts PC Users With New MP3 Player - Navigating through a vast song library remains a no-brainer, thanks to the fast scroll wheel and the info displayed on the backlit LCD screen. Beyond tunes, iPod for Windows also can import datebook data and contact lists. Because iPod comes up as a hard disc drive on the desktop, it can be used to store files, like most other HD-based music players

Vaja Classic Case - I placed the original 5GB iPod into the case, and the fit was like a glove. Keep in mind this case does not fit the new, thicker 20GB model. Vaja notes that the new thinner iPod 10GB fits the Vaja Classic cases. The case covers only the lower half of the iPod when inserted. I think it would be best if Vaja added enough leather to cover the entire height of the iPod, providing full protection

IPod portable player enters the Windows world - After a week listening to music and audiobooks on a borrowed 20 GB iPod for Windows, I'm very impressed. The all-white face and polished aluminum back are elegant, the controls are so well designed the iPod can be easily operated with one hand, and the rechargeable battery lived up to Apple's claim of 10 hours

Blasphemy! Apple Does Windows - The Windows iPod experience might not be as smooth as that of the Mac version, but it does bring the iPod's famous ease-of-use and portability to the other 95 percent of the market. We predict a lot of happy Windows users will be saying, "What took you so long?"

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