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Below you will find a list of links of news stories from around the Internet relating to the Titanium PowerBooks. The Titanium Central is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's G4 PowerBooks. . Check out our PowerBook Buyer's Guide for additional information.

Titanium PowerBook G4

  • 800 MHz - M8592LL/A
  • 667 MHz - M8591LL/A (May, 02)
  • 667 MHz - M8363LL/A
  • 550 MHz - M8362LL/A
  • 400 MHz-M7952
  • 500 MHz-M7710)

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PowerBook SuperDrive fits earlier models, technicians say - The SuperDrive unit in the new 1 GHz PowerBook works in some earlier laptops, according to technicians and support reps with Apple service centers

Coolshield is cool indeed! You’re gonna love this thing - “Coolshield” is a shielding device that allows you to view your PowerBook (or iBook) screen in full daylight, outdoors, in all its glory, as easily as you can indoors. And it even allows you the privacy you may need when working in a public environment.

TiBook Wireless Problems Persist, While iBook Exceeds Expectations - Engst reports that TiBook owners have overcome the Airport limitation by using PCMCIA cards in the PowerBook's slot, although this lacks the elegance of an internal solution. Nevertheless, this remains the most frequently employed solution when using a PC notebook. Most Windows notebooks have 802.11b as an optional add-on. By contrast, an internal Airport slot is built into all shipping Macs

Powerbook G3 Wallstreet take-apart instructions - For disassembly, you'll need a regular screwdriver, a small philips, a torx-8 and for the pc-card cage a torx-6.

Avacaduo - Well here it is friends. Then one you've been waiting for. A custom painted 680x0 based powerbook :). Underneth, it's a Duo 230, up above, it's an Apple Avacaduo

PC NoteBooks Vs. PowerBook + iBook = No Contest - "We really don't think of Apple as a competitor," Leo Suarez, vice president of product marketing in IBM's personal computer division, quoted in Elizabeth Millard's Newsfactor story. "The question I would ask is, if you're a multinational company and you want to support offices in 27 different countries, how are you going to do that with Apple? You can't," Suarez says. The question we would ask Suarez is "why not?"

PowerBook Repair Part on Back Order  - After reading about the paint problems with the older G4 PowerBooks I decided to call Apple to have them replace the case. Over the DVD/CD-RW slot it was starting to bubble, you could feel and see it clearly. The left corner already had the paint flaking off and on the light grey area below the touchpad looked like it was starting to turn green

PowerBook G4 1GHz - The changes that Apple has made to the PowerBook are greatly welcome. The PowerBook G4 1GHz is the best portable computer money can buy

Quick Review of 1 GHz PowerBook G4 - I tested the 1 GHz PowerBook G4 introduced by Apple a few days ago. The tested machine is the DVD-R/CD-RW model with 512 MB of RAM and 60 GB hard disk. I wanted to find out if the new PowerBook is a good replacement for a desktop machine. And the conclusion? Yes, you can replace your desktop with this portable, with some reservations.

Welcome, Tom... - the only time he's booted up his ThinkPad since the Titanium goodness of Apple's "uber-book" pulled him into the light was to check the model number as part of the preparation for his very own "switch" article.

New GHz TiBooks pack surprise hard drive punch - In most circles, the IBM Travelstar GNX 40 is considered to be the top dog for laptop hard drives. The drive spins at 5400 RPM, but most importantly it included an 8 MB cache. The new TiBooks include a 60 GB Fujitsu 2 MB cache drive (MHS2060AT), a change from 60 GB IBM drives that were shipping with earlier models. Curious as to see why Apple switched drives, and also to see what drive offers the best performance, we ran some hard drive tests and was surprised to see the Fujitsu score so well

First Exposure: Apple Powerbook G4 - If you do not already own a Macintosh desktop computer or if you need to upgrade your current Mac system I would recommend getting a PowerBook and using it as your primary computer - it's what I plan to do. A PowerBook will run all the software that works on the Mac OS system including Microsoft Office for business functions, Filemaker Pro as a user friendly database and of course all the imaging software needed to meet one's photographic needs. With a PowerBook one no longer has to sacrifice functionality for portability

The Laptop Performance Bottleneck - As convenient as mobile computers are, they have always been sluggish compared with desktop PCs. Hard drive speed has been the biggest bottleneck. Although disk drives are not the only mobile components that lag behind their desktop counterparts, they are by far the most noticeable

Novel Heat Sinks for PowerBook and iBook  - Regardless of what anyone says about how much cooler the PB G4 667/800MHz computers are, they still run WAY to hot for me. I feel it much more than my 400MHz machine which is not a cool puppy in itself. I have no idea what the new 1ghz are but I am guessing they could be hottest PB around. This leads me to finding ways to combat my finger and lap toasting problems

Apple expands AppleCare protection program - Users of Apple's PowerBook G4 or iBook will be glad to hear that the AppleCare Protection Plan now includes global repair for portable computers

Elegant engineering - Not that they were a surprise. Rumours of new, upgraded, faster, whizz-bang Titanium PowerBooks and upgraded iBooks have been surging around the Internet gossip sites for weeks, and now here they are, in fact, rather better than we had expected

First Look: Updated Apple iBooks, PowerBooks - It's not often Mac users can say they've got great, or even reasonably priced, hardware. So when we can, we have to say it often and loud. The latest laptop upgrades from Apple feature excellent prices on the entry-level end, and they offer performance that is closer to Apple's desktop line than ever before

TiBook: More on Paint Delamination  - A PowerPage contact at Apple says that the engineering department has pinpointed the flaw in the painting process that enables the paint delamination. Apparently there's an internal posting that effectively moves the bubbling paint issue from an engineering-level problem to a support-level issue. This means that there are replacement parts available that have the new paint process and that Apple will repair the defect at the customer support level

Hey Mac, Can You Burn a DVD?   - Apple announced the addition of a DVD burner to its Titanium PowerBook portable computer on Wednesday. The burning question: Will consumers who burn billions of audio CDs a year use the new portables to bootleg Hollywood movies?

10-Hour PowerBook Battery - Anonymous Coward writes "Valence has apparently caved to pressure from Mac fans and finally released iBook/TiBook compatible cabling for their N-Charge Power System. The N-Charge is a $300, 10-Hour Lithion-Ion battery that powers laptops and cell phones/pdas at the same time

Topic: New PowerBooks!

Forbes calls TiBook 'arguably the best notebook ever made'

PowerBook G4 (SuperDrive) - A bit more than six months after speed bumping the TiBook to 800 MHz, Apple updated the titanium workhorse yet again

Apple Upgrades PowerBook G4 Line To 1 GHz, SuperDrives, Radeon 9000 Mobility, Lower Prices - These new PowerBooks are simply stunning. The new features coupled with the price makes them very compelling

Apple intros 1GHz SuperDrive PowerBooks, new iBooks - In addition to increasing the speed, the new PowerBook also features an ATI Mobility Radeon 9000, and integrated 802.11 wireless networking

Apple adds DVD burner to PowerBook - The PowerBook line now includes an 867MHz model, available now for $2,299, and a 1GHz model that can both burn and read CDs and DVDs. That model will be available later this month for $2,999

Apple Buffs Up Laptops - The new PowerBook reaches the 1GHz mark at the high end and features a slot-loading SuperDrive for burning CDs and DVDs as well as an ATI Radeon 9000 graphics card

Taking tech to college - Computers, laptops and cell phones are no longer optional accessories for today's college students

PowerBooks Forever (iBooks Too!) - it's a pretty sure thing that Apple is going to announce something major in the desk top category at MacWorld Expo San Francisco, and it's unlikely (although not impossible) that they would want to risk having attention to their latest laptop tweaks distracted by those announcements.

Rumor: SuperDrive Not Coming to TiBook - Yet - The very elegance of the Ti is becoming self-defeating: due entirely to its design parameters, Apple have to wait - and sacrifice much-needed Pro sales - until a third-party manufacturer produces an ultra-slim DVD-R that's also slot-loading

PC Market Finally Catches Up To Apple's Titanium PowerBook - It's only taken a little over a year, but the PC world finally has a portable with a screen as nice as Apple's Titanium PowerBook G4 (TiBook)

Topic:   Extending TiBook wireless range (part deux) - I can't believe it, but my Airport's range is now like my iBook's!! I never could have done this from out here by the pool before, but here I am

Apple Adds Another New Promo: Save Up To US$400 On PowerMac Or PowerBook With Display - pple is really pushing the Apple Store promos this quarter in advance of the holiday shopping season. The company has added yet another new promo offer today, this one called Power Couple. Power Couple offers savings of up to US$400 (in the form of a rebate) on the purchase of a new PowerMac or PowerBook when purchased with a new Apple display

Poll: PowerBook G4 still popular - Asked "Is it time for the PowerBook G4 to get a facelift?" 68 per cent of respondees said that the laptop's titanium appearance should stay

Apple - Creative - Bruce Hornsby: Sound Decisions - From the PowerBook generating the tones of a Wurlitzer electric piano to the PARIS Pro workstation recording the concert and the Pro Tools system mixing the audio for the DIRECTV special, the Mac was involved in every step of creating, capturing and finessing the sounds of Bruce Hornsby's appearance at Villa Montalvo

Solutions to PowerBook G4 flaking paint - The fact that the paint on the outside of the PowerBook G4 flakes and falls off is well known and documented. But is there a way to stop it from starting in the first place? One of our readers has a suggestion

Apple - Hot News - Flogging Molly - Marino insists that in directing this success he gave only as good as he got - from an inspired band, a battery of digital cameras, and a flexible postproduction system tucked inside a PowerBook G4.

High-tech tools bring film to life - 'Charly' edited on Mac G4 laptop for just a fraction of Hollywood budget

PowerBooks, Final Cut Pro put to use in film, video - The film -- made by Brigham Young University graduates and friends -- is based on a book by Jack Weyland and released by Excel Entertainment Group. It's now showing in local Utah theaters.

Study: Flat-panel prices will dive - Shipments of the slender monitors dipped during the second quarter, according to a new report, leading to an oversupply of components and sparking a new round of price cuts. DisplaySearch, which tracks the monitor market, said unit shipments of flat-panel displays slipped by 3 percent sequentially during that quarter to 7.3 million units

It's a Laptop World at the Mac OS X Conference - This indeed is a laptop world at the Mac OS X Conference. You see PowerBooks aglow in all the sessions, iBooks are scattered about the break area upstairs, and the bar looks like a high tech Internet cafe in Europe -- and every single laptop is connected to the network

Buy a Mac, get Office v. X for $199 - Dubbed "Office party," the offer, valid from Oct. 1, 2002, through Jan. 7, 2003, allows North American customers that purchase any Mac system to also purchase Office for US$199 if purchased on the same day

G4 Upgraded Pismo or Lombard vs New iBook - Last week a reader suggested that the ideal replacement for my deceased WallStreet PowerBook might be a Pismo with a G4 upgrade card rather than an iBook. That is something I hadn't previously considered, but it's not such a bad idea

Does a laptop make sense for you? - The advantages of laptops are obvious: They're portable, they take up little desk space, they're simple to set up, and they use less electricity than desktop systems (which also means their cooling fans make less of a racket). And they look cool

New PowerBook G4s Being Tested at 1.2 GHz - The PowerPage had the chance to catch up with a little bird this weekend that told us some interesting things about the new PowerBooks that will eventually replace the current 667/800 MHz models

Apple's Big Bite - This time around, I'm actually reviewing a combination of several products from Apple, which all happen to work ideally together for the budget-minded videographer. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. This combo consists of the following items: The newest titanium-clad PowerBook G4 notebook computer, the Apple Cinema HD display, and Final Cut Pro 3 with Cinema Tools

Apple's high-end PowerBook G4 offers speed in a stylish package - we love the improvements Apple has made to the PowerBook G4, especially in the area of speed. We found it to be a dream system when connected to one of Apple's flat-panel displays. We could work at the office during the day without sacrificing speed or utility and then simply pop it into a briefcase for road trips or working at home. If you need high-end power in a portable and have the cash, you'll love the PowerBook G4

Laptops Could Pose Threat On Planes - As every passenger on a commercial jet has been told at least once, inadvertent interference from electronic devices theoretically can cause plane controls and signals to fail. But few know that common devices can be reprogrammed to intentionally interfere with a plane's functions

Mac, camera, action! - Soderbergh used an Apple G4 PowerMac, and we used my Apple PowerBook laptop

The SpeedZone: 667 MHz vs 700 MHz, G4 vs G3, PowerBook vs iBook - A Performance Report

What's Next For Apple's Book Brigade? - Now that the Power Mac towers have been speed bumped and the iMac/eMac cousins enhanced, the next item on Apple's upgrade dance card has to be the portables, both of which, by historical reckoning, are overdue for substantial model upgrades

MacBack on TiBook/iBook article - I received a lot of mail about my article on things I wish I'd known about TiBooks and iBooks. Here's the collected errata ...

PowerBook G4/DVI: Text too small? Not according to our readers - One of our readers asked if the text is too small to read comfortably on the new DVI PowerBook. From the responses we received, most folks think that the resolution is just fine

The Performance Edge: Comparing The Cold Hard Performance Numbers Of 25 Current And Previous G4 & G3 Macintosh Computers, And Laptops, To The New 667 MHz & 800 MHz PowerBooks - The top of the line 800 MHz PowerBook is nearly 83% faster than the high-end 667 PowerBook of yesteryear, when playing the game Quake in 'Quality Mode

PowerBook G4 (DVI) Experiences - I noticed that there was no AirPort signal. I remembered that you had to run the AirPort 2.0.2 software updated disc and I did. Still no signal. I tried the usual, zapping the PRAM, reinstalling/updating OS X again, updating OS 9.2.2, logging in as a different user, etc. Still no signal. Finally I booted in OS 9 and lo and behold, a signal. So I knew that the card was still working

The Performance Edge: G4 vs G4, 667 MHz vs 667 MHz, New vs Old,.... PowerBook vs PowerBook - A Performance Report - This is our first look at the performance of the new PowerBooks from Apple. This time we pit the last vesion's top of the line machine (the 667 MHz) to the low-end machine of the current crop of PowerBooks

Tips for College-Bound Computer Buyers - Windows vs. Mac. This is a matter of preference. I use both regularly, and I'm not going to argue that one is inherently better than the other. Do make sure, however, that your school is prepared to support your choice

Portable Showdown: Notebook PCs vs. Apple's iBook/PowerBook - Although the jazzed-up iBook is finding consumer success, Apple may have to work a little harder to convince its non-multimedia business audience to buy the pricier PowerBook

Tech test: Apple and IBM unleash new laptops - You're in the market for a new computer. Money is no object. So you buy the biggest, baddest desktop machine you can find, right? Well, maybe. But before you splurge on that megatower, consider the laptop option. Portables have become increasingly alluring alternatives for computer buyers because they meld desktop-caliber horsepower with pleasing portability

PowerBook and iBook: Resetting Power Management Unit (PMU) - Why reset the PMU? "Over time, the settings in the Power Manager may become unusable, which can result in operational anomalies

Apple's Titanium PowerBook line has received a welcome boost, with two faster processors and better displays - The new PowerBook G4 DVI models are faster, have higher-resolution screens and support DVI displays. However, they look almost identical to previous PowerBook G4s, with only a few visual clues to distinguish them

Review: Apple Titanium PowerBook G4 - Cosmetically, the Titanium PowerBook G4 is the same. Inside, however, you'll find a faster, 800-MHz G4 processor, which replaces the 667-MHz processor in the previous PowerBook. Apple also has added a 1MB L3 cache which, with the new processor, makes for a faster overall system

Where's Your TiBook S-Video Cable? - Apple has launched a S-Video cable fulfilment program page for PowerBook G4s (DVI), which may have shipped without the standard S-Video to composite adapter.

Potent laptops shove desktops aside - Tony Hillman, a retired television-news producer who splits his time between Vero Beach, Fla., and Caledon, Ontario. E-mail this story Write a letter to the Editor Printer-friendly version Related stories: 06/29/00 Poof! Goodbye computer... He uses his computer to write and to keep in touch with people around the world over the Internet. The power of the Apple Titanium makes the Internet easier to use, though Mr. Hillman points out it's the form, not the speed, that he Tech test: Apple and IBM unleash new laptopsappreciates

How To: Fix Your PowerBook's Feet - I decided to fix those pesky PowerBook G4 rubber feet once and for all. Here is the procedure:

Combo Drives Coming For Rev. A TiBooks - The PowerPage has obtained a confidential memo detailing plans for an internal CD-RW/DVD combo drive for the first generation (Rev. A) PowerBook G4 Titanium 400 and 500 MHz

TiBook Extreme Cooling: Dust Off - Screwed into the base of the board, is a stainless steel 1/8-inch diameter (6-inch high) upright tube, that has a hose clamp welded to the top of the tube. The hose clamp is just the right size to mount one of those compressed air "Dust Off" cans

PowerBook G4/800: Speed Bumped or Supercharged? - The performance improvements to the 2002 PowerBook are significant. The L3 cache, increased memory bus speed, and better graphics chip all combine with the faster cpu clock speed to provide performance on the PowerBook G4/800 that equals or exceeds that of the new iMac G4/800 and G4/800 Power Mac

Windows User Hooked by PowerBook - I have some advice for new computer users out there (I mean people who have never touched a computer before in their lives). If you are just looking for a good and reliable computer for word processing and graphics, a Macintosh computer might be the computer you are looking for. And if you end up getting a new Macintosh computer, make sure that you buy a USB (Universal Serial Bus) floppy disk drive for compatibility with older computers that offer or only have floppy disk drives

Apple's tweaked TiBook unleashes more beauty -- and the beast within - Going from a 500MHz G3 to an 800MHz G4, I expected a big performance boost, but I was floored by how big the difference actually is. Load times are much faster, tasks are done much more quickly, and the Finder's performance has improved dramatically: all the way up to what it should be. Sporting a 133MHz system bus and a 1MB Level 3 cache, the TiBook screams through processing chores

Is this a good 2-for-1 machine? - I have been considering getting rid of at least one of my Macs. I can't help but wonder if I could survive with just a PowerBook. It would make life so much easier

New Ti PowerBook Reaffirms Apple's Commitment to Portable Graphics, ATI - The new PowerBook Ti G4 did indeed jump to 800 MHz at the top of the line. And, as I predicted Sunday, Apple turned to the ATI Radeon 7500 graphics chip, boosting the graphics power while maintaining ties with ATI. Apple also boosted screen size a bit, popping up to a 15.2-inch widescreen flatpanel while upping resolution to 1,280 x 854 pixels, adding an internal DVI port to support serious external monitors (such as its own 23-inch Apple Cinema Display), including a 1 MB Level 3 cache of DDR SDRAM, and upgrading to gigabit Ethernet -- a first for notebooks. Clearly, Apple is reaffirming the PowerBook Ti's role as the portable video editing and graphics studio

EUNITEK Offers Mac Airline Deal - EUNITEK the Apple's Leading Authorized Reseller and Specialist is offering a FREE Roundtrip Airline Ticket to over 120 cities within 48 contiguous United States with a purchase of a PowerMac, PowerBook, iMac, or iBook and an AppleCare 3-Year Protection Plan

Positive PowerBook Repair Experience - Since I always read about negative Apple repair experiences (high cost, delays, etc.) I figured I'd post my great recent repair experience. I've got a 2 year old Pismo 400 that had all the usual problems - weakened screen hinges, several cracks in bottom plastics, and (what needed actual repair) a broken internal solder point for the power adapter plug

PowerBooking in China - I recently spent a month in China. My PowerBook 2400c came along for the ride. Here is a short guide about taking your PowerBook to a foreign country based on my experiences

In-depth look: The New 800MHz PowerBook G4 - When you compare those benchmarks to the benchmarks from the 800 MHz G4 Powerbook model, the frames per second on the 800 MHz model obviously and easily blow the older 667MHz model out of the water in the same game (Unreal Tournament) with the exact same settings and under Mac OS X as well. Achieving between 50 to 60 frames per second on the 800 MHz model with 512 MB of RAM in Unreal Tournament with the settings and graphics maxed out shouldn't be a problem at all

Mac Reference Desk: The April 2002 PowerBook G4/667 and G4/800 - On April 29th, between expos and with little fanfare, Apple introduced the latest revision of the PowerBook line. The new 'Books sport either a G4/667 or G4/800 processor, but unlike their immediate predecessors, the latest PowerBooks also have a 1 MB level 3 cache in addition to the 256K "on chip" (aka level 2) cache found on the December 2001 PowerBooks

Cider Press: Have Laptop, Will Play Games - One Of The Best Games Out There Makes Nice With Your Laptop And OS X - Escape Velocity: Nova Review

A look at the PowerBook G4's new graphics hardware - Apple also introduced a new PowerBook G4 top-end model, with several enhancements including a new video subsystem. To find out more about the new PowerBook's graphics capabilities, MacCentral talked with the company that makes the graphics hardware, ATI Technologies Inc

Promotions - Together at last - Now you can use the new Apple DVI to ADC Adapter to connect a turbo-charged PowerBook G4 computer to a dazzling Apple flat-panel display. You'll get the big picture - and save $150 when you buy all three at the same time.

Problems With 1 GB RAM in a TiBook - I have read stories everywhere about people purchasing 1 GB packages for the Tibook at dirt cheap prices and never getting them to work without the system freezing, having to remove the keyboard support bar, and other such problematic issues. Why do the gig packs cost more than two individual 512 chips (both low profile)? Also some stories of users buying two 512 MB chips independently (both low profile) only to find out that when both 512 MB chips are TOGETHER, the system seems to have the same problems

The Speed Zone: Let The Chips Fall Where They May! - Mac Processors & Wintel Processors: A Resource - Below you will find a list of links that have been culled from around the Net relating computer processors, mainly those used in Macintosh systems

Texas College to Require Education Students to Buy Laptops - Those that do not have such laptops may purchase them through the university at the special rate of $1,000, he said. The company was chosen over the Dell Computer Corp., whose equipment is IBM compatible, because Apple offered both a better product and lower prices, according to Mr. Abraham. In addition, the Austin school district relies on Apple and is a major employer of university graduates

800 MHz TiBooks Released With Higher-Res Screen And Musings on Apple's PowerBook Upgrade Path - This is a nice, welcome, incremental upgrade, although far from earth-shattering. By historical standards, the TiBook has already enjoyed one of the longest model runs of any PowerBook, currently 16 months and counting

TiBook Value: New vs. Old - Sometimes Apple upgrades an model, increases the price, and raises the question, "Is the new Mac a better value than the old one?" This is not one of those times. The new PowerBook G4 surrenders an infrared port but gains in almost every area with a minimal price increase over the earlier models

New Ti PowerBook Reaffirms Apple's Commitment to Portable Graphics, ATI - n the second paragraph of its announcement -- before even discussing the new 800 MHz processor -- Apple praised the new screen's "higher brightness and better color saturation," comments aimed straight at the professional graphics community. The L3 cache was praised as able to "boost performance for demanding applications like Final Cut Pro and Photoshop."

G4 Maintenance Road Test: Wild Eepz - Ah, the PowerBook G4. Sleek. Powerful. Sexy. Okay, not so sexy when the display unlatches itself in its bag or the hinge breaks or there are nasty marks on the screen. But suffering is the mother of invention here at the PowerPage, and reader John Grzeskowiak of Radiologic Technologies began marketing his own custom solution for hinge conditioning, display cushioning, and screen cleaning and protection

Apple PowerBook Specifications and Reviews Page - The April 2002 PowerBooks Compared To Older Models

Powerbook Gets Faster, Again - Now there's a case to be made that the Powerbook can in many cases literally become the desktop replacement machine so often discussed in the world of high-end Wintel notebook PCs. One thing making that more convenient is a new adapter that Apple announced yesterday that connects Powerbooks, which already come with gorgeous built-in LCD screens, to Apple's bigger and brighter Studio and Cinema flat-panel displays

PowerBook G4 - This developer note is a technical description of the PowerBook G4 computer. The note provides information about the computer's internal design, input-output features, and expansion capabilities

The New Ti PowerBook: 800 MHz, but What About the Video Card? - Reports -- from sources ranging from rumor pages like MacOS Rumors to stock analysts -- agree that Apple will add an 800 MHz G4 PowerBook Ti on April 30. This hardly comes as a shock, considering that the high-end G4 PowerBook Ti, the "professional" notebook model, currently has a slower processor than the low-end model of the new flatpanel iMac -- Apple's consumer desktop. Bad form.

New hardware, just in time for ... what? - What are the things TiBook users have been clamoring for? Larger screen? Larger hard drive? Faster processors? Better graphics? Better AirPort reception? More FireWire ports? Multiple batteries? Well, we can't have everything, or Apple wouldn't have anything to sell next quarter. But this rev of the TiBook does make some key improvements

PowerBook G4 improved with more speed and resolution - the new PowerBook G4 comes with the Pro software bundle that first debuted on the new Dual Ghz PowerMacs. Included in this software bundle is Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS X, iMovie 2, iTunes 2, iPhoto, Internet Explorer, Graphic Converter, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, PCalc, PixelNhance, Snapz Pro, FAXstf and Apple Hardware Test CD

Titanium PowerBook G4/667 - The impressive out-of-the-box specifications of the PowerBook G4/667 resulted in a personal first for me as a Mac user. Having owned a number of portable and desktop Macs, going as far back as the Macintosh SE/30, this was the first time I did not feel compelled to crack open the case to add additional memory or expansion cards after unpacking the computer

Apple Rolls Out Education eMac and Faster PowerBooks - Apple has also revised the high-end Titanium PowerBook G4 line. The most visible change is the screen: it still measures 15.2 inches but now offers a resolution of 1,280 by 854 pixels

Apple Introduces 800 MHz TiBook, Higher Resolution, New L3 Cache, & A Higher Price Tag - While rumors swirled that Apple would be releasing new 800 MHz PowerBook G4s (TiBooks), the rumors were off. By a day. Along with the new eMac, Apple introduced new TiBook models today. The new models will ship at 667 MHz and 800MHz, but also feature other improvements

Analysts, Resellers Anticipate Apple PowerBook Update - While Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) apparently has tightened the megahertz gap in its desktop line with the dual 1 GHz Power Mac G4, the company's top-of-the-line 667 MHz Titanium portable has a clock speed lower than that of the entry-level iMac G4, which runs at 700 MHz

The District - "Last night we did a green screen shot of a guy that was going to be composited into a shot that we were going to do that evening at a large building," says Brenton Fletcher, computer visual effects supervisor for "The District" CBS television series. "The shot was of this guy on top of the building. I had the PowerBook running After Effects on the set, so I could do a temp comp right there

CG Wizard of "Harry Potter" - For "Harry Potter," Legato furthered the art form by making visual effects look more spontaneous and alive, this time with the help of a PowerBook, Power Mac and Final Cut Pro

Spring TiBook Gains New Video - Out is the current anemic 16 MB ATI Mobility RADEON graphics accelerator. In is a new video chipset that will include a DVI output

New Portables - Spring or Summer? - Q. Hi! I am posting from Berlin/ Germany. My local AppleStore (Gravis) tells me today, that Apple will not deliver new orders. Apple delivers no portables, they are sold out. So, he says I should wait until May for buying a TiBook. The PB G4s and the iBooks will be new. Do you know about that?

Comments: Ti-Book Reality Check, Again - According to John C. Welch at, not much. In his words, "As far as AirPort goes, lets just say that the antenna" The reason is of course the metal case, which blocks radio waves (RF)

inetd: Six months with a TiBook - I've lived and worked with the TiBook for six months now, and I've come to know its strengths and weaknesses. Herewith ...

TiBooks & AirPort? Clueless in Taos - Yesterday we reported on ace Mac guru John Welch's six months with a TiBook piece posted at In it he railed about the TiBook's awful AirPort reception (due to antenna placement mandated by the metal case). As our esteemed colleague Charles W. Moore is fond of saying, your mileage may vary. That's certainly the case for one of our readers

TiBooks & AirPort Impairment: So What? - This just keeps getting better and better. We have heard from more readers on the issue of RF (radio frequency) reception in titanium-clad G4 PowerBooks. What this comes down to is yes, the metal case inhibits transmission (duh!). But there's also a case to be made for why we should feel ashamed to even bring it up..

PowerBook adventures - A couple of Titanium PowerBook computers, a video camera and a satellite telephone are among the essential items on board Kijana, the elegant 16.5-metre yacht that has set off on a two-year voyage around the world, captained by a skinny kid with a powerful personality

A Tale Of Two PowerBooks And a few words about a third - I am the fortunate owner of two G3 PowerBooks, and now that I've had the second one for six months, I figure that I've given it enough of a workout that I can make a fairly evaluated comparison with the older machine. That would be my 233 MHz WallStreet LE, which I purchased new in January, 1999. I can say without hesitation or reservation that this WallStreet is the best Mac I've ever owned

An experiment in passive cooling - Since even the 10GB iPod is not large enough for my music collection, I decided to try a cheaper solution. I know that pastry chefs and ice cream parlors use marble slabs to keep their ingredients cool, so I wondered if I could use the same trick

Apple Store offers 90-day no payments - Apple is offering users that purchase product from the company's online store a grace period before they have to start paying for their new hardware and software

Accessorizing Your Laptop - Perhaps the greatest boon to traveling users has been the advent of optical technology, allowing the creation of input devices that use less space, require no special mouse pad, and are more accurate and reliable than many older devices

Readers suggest methods for quieting the PowerBook G4 - Several readers have written in with suggestions for quieting the PowerBook G4's internal fan, or least keeping it from coming on so often

Readers comment on PowerBook G4 fan noise - Since commenting last week on the relative silence of the 600MHz iBook/Combo compared to a PowerBook G4/667/DVD, I've received several comments on the issue, both positive and negative. Here is a sampling

OS X Odyssey 71 - Rapid PowerBook Battery Drain In Sleep Mode - one of the really great things about OS X and PowerBooks (or any LCD equipped Mac) is the almost instant wake up from sleep, which, on my Pismo, takes only about three seconds, vs.10 to 15 seconds under OS 9. However, watch out for that battery drain when the 'Book is asleep

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