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Past Titanium PowerBook News

iBook/Combo versus PowerBook G4/667: First Impressions - My first impression out of the box was that the iBook is wonderfully compact. An inch here and an inch there sure does make a big difference

System Shootouts! - Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!

PowerBook G4 combo upgrade program delayed - Apple had originally planned on starting their PowerBook G4 Combo Upgrade Program today, but it has been delayed indefinitely

The iBook vs. TiBook quandary worsens - The bottom line is that the TiBook is definitely worth the extra dough. But ultimately it is a lifestyle choice. If you don't need the extra stuff, then you don't need to pay for it

Authoring DVDs on a PowerBook - Experience with Cyclone's DVD Revo - In the Mac Laptop world, there is currently no builtin drive option to support DVD burning, but there are still the external combo drives. With a 400 MHz G4 TiBook (MacOS 10.1) in hand, I thought I'd see what is possible, using a "DVD Revo" drive from CD Cyclone

The Performance Edge: Let The Games Begin! PowerBook G4/550 vs PowerBook G4/500 Under OS 9 - In Some Tasks The New PowerBook Shines and In Many It Doesn't - On raw processing power the new 550 MHz PowerBook lagged against the slower 500 MHz PowerBook (largely we believe because the newer Book lacks a large level two cache)

The Performance Edge: PowerBook G4/550 vs iBook G3/600 And OS 9 - The G4 Advantage Is More Specialized - A

Performance Comparison Under OS 9.2.1 - The advantage of the PowerBook's G4 processor under OS 9 is less consistent than it is under OS X. However, as you'll see from the results below, in certain applications the performance of the G4 will run rings around the G3, even when that` G3 has a higher clock speed

The Performance Edge: PowerBook G4/550 vs iBook G3/600 How Much Of Difference Does A Number Change And Titanium Case Make - A Performance Review Under OS X - Below we provide a performance review of the PowerBook G4/550 compared to the iBook G3/600 when running OS 10.1. In most of our OS 10.1 tests, the G4 PowerBook bested the higher clocked iBook ... sometimes by a large margin

Apple Updates TiBook. Should You Upgrade So Soon? - Most people were surprised that Apple didn't include a Combo drive when the PowerBook G4 was updated in October, and this most recent update is welcome by many. But what if you just purchased a 550 or 667MHz model without the slot-loading drive (as did this editor)? Should you feel cheated? Did Apple deceive you by offering an updated model in October knowing full well that they would include a Combo drive once supplies became avail

PowerBook adds combo drive - Apple Computer beefed up its line of PowerBook notebooks on Monday, doubling the memory and adding combination drives that can burn CDs and play DVD movies.

Apple updates PowerBook with combo drive - The Combo drive plays CD-ROM, audio CD, DVD video, DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM discs. Shipping for the combo drive equipped PowerBook is currently listed at one week for all configurations

Details emerge on PowerBook combo upgrade program - Beginning January 14, you can take your PowerBook to a Mac Genius in one of the 27 Apple Stores located across the U.S. to have the combo drive installed. They will verify your PowerBook qualifies for the program and then order the drive. When the drive arrives at the store, you will be asked to bring the PowerBook in to have the service done onsite

PowerBook G4 Combo Upgrade Program - Starting January 14, 2002, Apple will also offer current PowerBook G4 550MHz and 667MHz owners the opportunity to upgrade their existing DVD-ROM or CD-RW drive to the new Combo drive for US$299

VPC 5 Prevents TiBook Sleep Under OS X - Now that I have had a chance to work with things a bit I have discovered what appears to be a bug. My TiBook 667 will not sleep correctly if I have VPC 5 running. The screen darkens, but in some cases the HD continues to run. In addition, I have not been able to reactivate the screen without forcing a system restart

CDRW/DVD Combo Drive PowerBook Rumors Building - The mystery of PowerBook G4 orders deepens. Since the release of the revised version several weeks ago, the CDRW PowerBooks have been virtually non-existent. Moreover, supplies of 667MHz models have been relatively restricted, while 550MHz low-end examples are slightly thicker on the ground: but equipped with standard DVD-ROMs mostly

Apple: PowerBook DVD and CD-RW Drive Supply Problems - PowerBook G4s with the standard DVD drive are now listed at The Apple Store with an 8 day waiting period. Models with the optional BTO CD-RW drive are still unavailable. One of our readers shed some light on the situation

Apple, Nvidia products honored by gaming magazine - Apple and Graphics chipmaker, Nvidia received honors in Game Developer Magazine's Front Line award for the Titanium PowerBook and GeForce3 3D graphics architecture, respectively. Both were named in the Hardware of the Year category. The magazine annually singles out select hardware and software companies for providing a breakthrough product that streamlines the game development process and awards them the Front Line award

Is the PowerBook G4/667 too noisy? - Go2Mac ran a story yesterday about the noisy fan in 667MHz PowerBook G4s. After using my PowerBook G4/667 for a couple of weeks now, I have to agree. Even on a metal desk in a relatively cool room, the fan in my 667 runs nearly constantly,

New PowerBook, iBook models offer greater value - I usually don't recommend buying a Mac the month before Macworld Expo, which is Jan. 8-11 in San Francisco, but because these models were introduced just a month ago, there's little risk of them being eclipsed in January.

Comments on AirPort reception in the new PowerBook G4's - How good is the AirPort reception in the new PowerBook G4? Last week, I told you that I was getting a range of 62 feet in my home. While that's more than enough for me, for now, it's far short of Apple's claim of 150 feet. Apple claims that all aspects of AirPort performance have been improved in the new models, but it's still clearly not up to par

Why the new PowerBook G4 is a major fashion victim - Ever since it came out in January, I've not been a huge fan of the Titanium PowerBook G4. While its feature list is impressive, I found that actually using it reminded me of its shortcomings far more frequently than its strengths. The two most blatant problems with the PowerBook G4--aka the TiBook or the PBG4--when I initially tried it out were heat output (lots) and AirPort reception (little). As you might imagine, when Apple recently released the PowerBook G4 Rev. B, I was curious to see how many of Rev. A's vexing misfeatures were fixed, and how many persisted. So I moved my day-to-day data onto a 667MHz PBG4 Rev. B, and set off on my adventure.

Apple turns in a pair of winners for the holiday season - There is no doubt that the greatest notebook ever built also belongs to Apple. The Titanium G4 Powerbook features a 667-megahertz Power PC G4 processor, 256 MB of RAM, a 30-gigabyte hard drive (you can special order a custom-built unit with a 48 GB drive) and a 16-by-9 screen for viewing DVD movies

Mac Sightings - Chrysler Ad Uses Titanium PowerBook In Magazine Ad - We have seen other ads in the last two years that have featured some of Apple's computers as a source of positive comparison. It's amazing, if you really think about it for a moment, how often that has actually happened.

Road Testing the PowerBook Ti 667 - when Apple updated this product line and released the 667 MHz Titanium PowerBook G4, I figured that it was time to road test this beauty, to see if it truly lived up to its reputation of a power user's dream machine

Apple's new laptops - For their good behavior, both notebooks have earned faster processors and beefier hard drives, but the PowerBook G4, first released in January of this year, has received the larger share of goodies. Joining its desktop computer line, the upgraded PowerBook earns its mettle with the addition of gigabit Ethernet. ATI's Mobility Radeon chip is also on hand to deliver superior 3D performance.

10.1 Fixes TiBook Multi-Monitor Limits - One little tidbit I haven't seen regarding 10.1 and the TiBook is that is has fixed issues regarding switching between single and dual monitor modes

PowerBook G4/667 Unboxed & First Impressions - The TiBook is not without its quirks. The internal fan runs much more frequently than the fan in my Lombard. Over two and a half years, the Lombard's fan ran only half a dozen times (if that much). The TiBook's runs a couple of times an hour. There are a couple of fan speeds, but 'high' seems to be most common. I don't mind the fan, but I can see how it could annoy some people over time. It's definitely intrusive if it comes on while you're listening to a DVD or iTunes without headphones

How well does OS X run on the PowerBook G4 "rev B" and 600MHz iBook "rev B"? - Many of you indicated that my tests of the 550MHz and 667MHz "revision B" PowerBook G4 along with the 600MHz iBook helped to make a buying decision... almost. Some of you want to know how well OS X.1 runs on each. So I ran some OS X tests

Review: Notebook winners from Apple, IBM, Sony - I really wanted to like this machine. But while the hot buttons are great, the reality isn't quite there.

What's New in the Rev. B PowerBook G4? - The most significant improvement for my dollar is the 33 percent boost in system bus speed (from 100 to 133 MHz) in the top end model. Combined with the 667 MHz clock speed this machines really hums and is noticeably faster than previous 400 and 500 MHz TiBooks that I have used.

iPods, TiBooks and Life - Like I said, the TiBook is sweet. That shouldn't come as news to anyone. The screen is killer, the design and styling classic Jonathan Ives and 10.1 so far runs like a charm on it

Is The "Revision B" Titanium PowerBook G4 Really Improved? And how does it compare to the 600MHz iBook? - I've been campaigning since January for a better graphics chip in for the Titanium PowerBook G4. And I've been complaining since July about the FireWire speed deficiency. Check out these first four graphs to see for yourself if Apple succeeded in improving an already awesome laptop

Watershed Watermark - Within 15 minutes of Steve Jobs, United States-based chief executive of MacIntosh computer maker Apple, announcing the launch of the Titanium G4 Powerbook computers, Wellington-based illustration house Watermark had ordered eight of the machines.

Muscles and brains - The other point on which the aforesaid spirited exchange of views continues is whether or not Apple should have a CD-RW drive in the TiBook as standard. It's now there as an option at slightly extra cost (unless you can sweet-talk your dealer) but DVD-ROM is standard

Apple's Cool New Portable AC Adapter - Apple has finally (hooray!) seen the light, and replaced the yo-yo with a very classy-looking and genuinely innovative new 45 W power adapter shipping with the PowerBook G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) and iBook (Late 2001) computers announced this week, and also compatible with the first generation TiBooks and iBook (Dual USB) computers

Apple wins four Rave awards - Apple won four awards in the following categories: "Most Wired Design" (for the Titanium PowerBook), "Most Wired Extra" (for the 17-inch flat panel Studio Display), "Most Wired Ad Spot" (for the "Rip. Mix. Burn" advertisement) and "Designer of the Year" (for their Apple's Industrial Design Team).

New PowerBook G4: Pros and Cons - Overall, the updated TiBooks represent a solid upgrade. This is especially true for the high-end 667MHz model

PowerBooks Hit 667 MHz, Gets Faster System Bus, New Video Card, Gigabit Ethernet - Unlike the new iBook models, the revision to the PowerBook line is much more substantial. The speed increase is moderate, but the better video card, the Gigabit Ethernet, the larger hard drives, the cheaper price, and the included AirPort card on the high end, make these new models far more compelling than the previous models

Apple Offers "Double For Nothing" Free RAM Promo For New PowerBooks - Considering the fact that Apple charges way too much for RAM, this is a really good deal for consumers. It's also a great promo to help boost holiday sales. The new PowerBooks have impressive features and are aggressively priced. The Double for Nothing promo should help seal the deal for many potential buyers, and we think this is a smart offer

PowerBook RAM promotion may not benefit some users - Apple's new "Double for nothing" PowerBook promotion, which doubles the RAM the systems ship with, may not benefit some customers. The 667MHz model, which ships with 512MB of RAM as a result of the promotion, does so using two 256MB memory modules, not a single 512MB memory module. As the PowerBook G4 only features two memory slots, users looking to expand the system's RAM beyond 512MB will be forced to remove one of the two modules, essentially negating the promotion.

Apple pumps up speed, features of PowerBook G4, iBook - The outward appearance of the titanium-clad PowerBook G4 is identical to its predecessor, but what's under the hood has changed. The PowerBook G4's processor has been bumped up from 400 and 500MHz to 550 and 667MHz respectively. Like the Power Mac G4, the 667MHz PowerBook G4 also gets 133MHz system bus, while the 550MHz system retains the 100MHz bus of the previous generation

Apple polishes iBook, PowerBook lines - "It's great for Apple that it's getting new products out in a more speedy time frame when the market is demanding them, instead of waiting for a trade show," said NPD Intelect analyst Stephen Baker. The processor boost and other enhancements could be especially important for the PowerBook line, which Apple has not upgraded in about 10 months.

Apple Updates Titanium G4, iBook Laptops - Notebooks have been a revenue driver for Apple this year, and Fred Anderson, CFO of the company, cited iBook and Titanium G4 sales as key contributors to the company's financial results. In the third quarter, its most recent quarter, Apple sold 106,000 Titanium G4s and 182,000 iBooks

Apple Powers Up Titanium PowerBook G4 with New G4 Processors - New PowerBook Line Includes High Speed Graphics & Larger Hard Drives

Onyx: Heir to the TiBook Throne - The mills have been a-swirlin' and the Go2Mac InBox is full of tips on the much anticipated successor to the PowerBook G4 Titanium. We have confirmed that the update to the TiBook, code-named Onyx, will arrive before the end of the October.

How to repair broken $1600 hinges on your Powerbook G4 Titanium for ONLY $10! - 2001-03-21 I bougth a new Titanium 500MHz from the dealer in Iceland for about $4000. 2001-08-29 one of the hinges broke. I went to the dealer here in Iceland with the broken computer and asked the price for the repair. They told me that they could not fix it here in Iceland. They had to send it to the Netherlands by DHL (5 - 7 working days). The repair man got a repair quote from the Netherland about 800 Euro. By the way, same price a customer had to pay for a new motherboard a week before. A Titanium driven over by car!

Think Forward: Apple's Entire Product Line Makes PC Magazine's List of 'Forward-Thinking' Computers - The October 16, 2001, issue of PC Magazine includes all of Apple's four hardware products as vanguards of the "New Shape of Computing."

TiPB makes Outside's 'cool things' list - In their October issue, Outside magazine published its list of 120 cool things for technology, gear, clothes, travel, tools and fitness. Not surprisingly, the Titanium PowerBook G4 made the list

TiPB named 'Coolest Notebook in the World' - Mobile Computing magazine is featuring "Mobile Innovators of 2001 in their September" issue. And the Titanium PowerBook G4 is mentioned as the "Coolest Notebook In the World" under the Best Notebook category.

iBook or TiPB? - It's been my pleasure to test-drive both Apple's Titanium PowerBook (TiPB) and totally revamped iBook. The former is the hands-down winner, though it should be, since it's a lot pricier than the latter. When you compare bang for the buck, they're pretty evenly matched. Each has its pros and cons

Comments After Seeing All the Current Macs - TiBook -- amazingly, a big ho-hum for me. First response: "This is it?" Yes, I'm weird. Stylewise, I much prefer the shiny plastic of the iBook -- and for that matter, rectangular slabs just don't spin this editor's wheels. The big screen would be good for my work, though. Conclusion: this baby was already off my wish list because of impaired AirPort performance, but graphics pros who want a portable and need the screen real estate will love it.

A $1600 Titanium PowerBook Hinge? - A couple of months ago I bought a PBG4 - no problems with that, reliability wise or otherwise. Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago I dropped a bag that it was in. Since it was in a padded sleeve, the only damage it sustained was a broken hinge. I contacted Apple 12 days ago, and arranged for the laptop to be sent for repair (not to my local Apple dealer, as in days of yore, but to GERMANY - guess Apple treats the whole of Europe as one country now - crazy, IMHO). They received my laptop last Monday. Today, one week later (why so long to respond?), I get a quote for 1140 (US$1600!!!).

Annual Design Awards - TITANIUM POWERBOOK G4

Apple notebooks take a wide turn in a new direction - The first time I used Apple's new PowerBook G4 Titanium (aka TiBook) in public, I was writing a review of ''Best In Show,'' playing the DVD and taking notes, and I suddenly realized that the cute girl from the coffeeshop had slid in behind me and was watching over my shoulder. She'd never seen anything like the TiBook and had never seen a DVD played on a huge digital screen and, long story short, we're going to a flea market together on Sunday

Titanium an Unalloyed Success - I started out as a big Mac user back in 1984 when the Mac was first introduced and, even today, most of my staff uses Macs in the office. However, since I travel so much, I demand a very lightweight laptop and over the years, Apple has resisted creating a sleek lightweight laptop - until now

After the Dust Settles - The PB G4's Shortcomings - After some careful consideration and examination of this new machine and its layout, I have found what I think are some serious flaws with this new portable offering.

PowerBook G4 Titanium v. Wintel - The Titanium PowerBook G4 is Apple's latest and greatest and PC Pro portables have finally cracked the 1GHz barrier (up from 800MHz last year). But how much have the Wintels improved in the last 9 months? Have they caught up with the PowerBooks?

The Sweetest Gumdrop in Town - Apple's shiny new TiBook portable is proving to be the hit the company needs. Not to brag, but that's just what I said would happen

Why TiBook Is Not The Supreme Ultimate PowerBook - after my initial rush of enthusiasm, my ardor quickly began to cool, and not just because of well-documented issues like disks sticking in or contacting the case in the DVD drive, static discharges causing unplanned shutdowns, the disappointing news that the keyboard still contacts the display screen when the PowerBook is closed, and so on

Your Titanium: Made in Taiwan - Where was your PowerBook manufactured? More likely than not, somewhere close to Taipei. One billionaire has a big chunk of the market

Titanium PowerBook Report Part 6 - Final Observations

Titanium PowerBook Report Part 5 - Once I'd gotten my TiBook personalized and moved my important applications and files over from my Wallstreet, it was time to examine the Ti's speed

Titanium strengthens Apple laptop sales - Apple Computer bucked sluggish retail notebook sales in February, with sales up 31 percent year over year

PowerBook G4 Photoshop Performance Compared to Desktop G4s, 1GHz PC: - If you're curious about how a PowerBook G4/400 compares to the 500Mhz model in Photoshop, or how it compares to say a dual G4/450, single G4/500 or 1GHz Pentium III, I've ran the 21 filter PSBench tests comparing them

Moore's Machine - Second (And Third) Thoughts About TiBook - as nice as the TiBook is, moving from G3 to G4 but standing pat on clock speed and bus speed isn't going to provide much of a tangible speed bump for most users if they already have a Pismo. Indeed, for non-Altivec optimized software, the increase in performance will be barely perceptible

Why I Invested in Titanium - So why in the world did I buy one if I think they're overpriced? Well, my earlier point was not so much that the Titanium is overpriced as that Apple has left themselves with no middle ground. The most expensive iBook costs $1600 and the cheapest TiBook is $2600. That's a thousand dollar spread

Titanium PowerBook Report Part 1 - I pulled out the metal brick. Hmmm. Solid. Not heavy, but heavy enough to feel secure. I liked the feel already

Titanium PowerBook Report Part 2 - Despite the hype over using titanium for the shell, there's no question that the huge LCD screen is the TiBook's chief distinction. Even with the computer off it's incredibly impressive: there seems to be miles of display

OS X and Titanium PowerBook issue workarounds offered - the Mac OS 9.1 disk that ships with Mac OS X won't install on some Macs such as the Titanium PowerBook G4. However, there are workarounds, as several MacCentral readers have noted.

Titanium PowerBook Report Part 3 - text on the Titanium is beautifully huge! Within minutes of booting I'm already sighing with contentment at how enjoyable writing is going to be on this system. While I can see the value of including more pixels in the same amount of space, having an 8-point menu bar is not my idea of fun

Titanium PowerBook Report Part 4 - After experimenting with my Titanium for a few hours, it was time for some customization

Powerbook G4 400-->500 Speed Bump - You shouldn't do this to your PowerBook. Period. This information is for educational and entertainment use only. If you actually follow these procedures it will void your Apple Warranty. If you follow these procedures you may break your PowerBook. If you break your PowerBook, well... we warned you

Titanium G4 carrying case released - Willow Design has released the first of its carrying solutions for the Titanium PowerBook G4 (yep, more are coming).

Choose it or Lose it: Titanium v. Pismo - It's never been a better time to buy a PowerBook - G3 or G4. When the Wallstreets and Lombards made way for newer models, the channels were almost entirely dry by the time the new 'Book hit the streets. This time, you have a choice, but only for a very limited period

PowerBook G4 Titanium Dissection Shows Innovative Design - The "99.3% pure" titanium Apple talks about is the real thing, but it is really just 7 pieces of stamped sheet metal. The parts made of Ti are: The bezel around the keyboard, the bezel around the screen, the screen back panel (with the Apple logo on it), the bottom plate, the connection port door, a single piece glued to the battery and the button to open the screen

The TiBook Chronicles - MacWorld TiBook Benchmark Tests Reveal Some Surprises More TiBook Impressions And Performance Tests Apple Addresses PowerBook G4 DVD Misalignment - Repair Program Launched Lind Auto/Air DC Power Adapter Released For TiBook G4

Titanium PowerBooks: Marvellous Design - What do you get for the "extra" money besides the Apple name? Classy industrial design and a great look and feel. This is a marvelous new addition to the Apple family.

Madsonline Announces Titanium Accessories - G4 Micro-Adapter - Like their popular adapter for the PowerBook G3, the world?s smallest PowerBook AC Adapter has been redesigned for the PowerBook G4 Titanium.

A 2nd Look At The 'Squeezable' PowerBook G4 - I took seriously the criticism in reply to my editorial last week concerning perceived problems with the PowerBook's DVD-ROM/CD-ROM drive. Instead of getting upset with the ad hominen attacks, I decided to take them to heart and consider the possibility that I didn't see what I saw.

TiBook Troubles And Pismo Pondering - We are now entering phase two with the G4 PowerBook, as several problematical issues have reared their ugly heads to plague the early adopters

TiBook Report #7: Zap! - In brief, if I touch the TiBook near the keyboard, especially near the function keys, and the static flies, the computer stops in its tracks. It doesn't go to sleep. It doesn't shut down. It simply stops all activity

PowerBook G4 Diary: 400MHz Results The Best-laid Plans of Mice and Macs - the big surprise was that in SpeedMark, there was no difference in performance between a G4 400 and a PowerBook G3 500, the recently discontinued high-end of the PowerBook line. Remember, SpeedMark uses a suite of applications running common tasks to come up with a single measure of speed

Titanium: More on the new Display - The new Apple/Samsung 15.2-inch display in the PowerBook G4 is nothing short of amazing. Apple has made major improvements in viewing angle and visibility in direct sunlight

TiBook Report #6 - The ideal would be setting the TiBook on a glass surface and taking time lapse thermographs of the top and bottom while it ran. This would show not only which parts were hottest, but how long it took to get hot

TiBook vs. Cube As Portable Desktop Replacement - Last July when Apple introduced the Cube, I wrote a Road Warrior column suggesting that the Cube would have some merit as a portable machine. Few agreed with me, but I think some may have missed my point, which was not that the Cube would make a viable PowerBook substitute (for one thing it lacks battery power), but rather that it is the first desktop Mac since the Classic and Color Classic were discontinued that can be reasonably regarded as "luggable."

TiBook Report #4 - One of the most asked questions is about heat. Specifically, people want to know how hot it runs.

TiBook Report #5 - I don't recall the fan kicking in even once since putting the TiBook on the CoolPad. Sitting on my desk, the fan would usually kick in every few hours for 5 minutes or so. The sound wasn't objectionably loud. From a few feet away, the sounds from the other Macs in the office would probably drown it out.

PowerBook G4 Diary, Day Two - When I test a computer, I make it my computer until the test is done. It's the only way to get a sense for how that computer is going to work for someone who really is going to make it part of his or her daily life. Call it Method Reviewing

PowerBook G4 Titanium: First Impressions - I can say it's everything everyone has said it is... fast, light, huge glorious screen, extremely sturdy construction, very tight fit & finish, etc. a huge improvement over my last Powerbook, needless to say. If I'd quibble over anything (not that I have any real complaints, of course, this thing is awesome...) it'd be that the keyboard is a tad flimsier than that of Powerbooks past

TiBook: Day 2 - the TiBook is the right tool for the job, regardless of speed, price, or age. It has the screen size I need (just barely) for the way I work, it's portable, and to top it off, I'll be able to run OS X on it.

TiBook: Day 1 - The first rule of moving all your files to a new computer: set up file sharing on the new computer, log in from the old one, and then copy. If you do it the other way, it won't copy any active files (you'd be surprised at how many there are!), the Finder pauses while you tell it to skip the active file, and you end up having to start over and do it the right way

PowerBook G4 Diary, Day One - After an endless day waiting for Macworld Lab to finish Speedmark testing, I finally get my hands on the shiny new PowerBook G4 Titanium that's just arrived from Apple. I'm somewhat disturbed that I'm not the first person to break the seal on this new product, but I understand the necessity for the Lab analysts to be the first to touch the pristine new machine

First Impressions: TiBook - Since bringing it home, I've been fighting the kids for access to it. They had to try a DVD (The Matrix, of course). I just wanted to partition the drive and reinstall the software

Getting Ready for My TiBook - The titanium PowerBook G4, now commonly called the TiBook on the Mac Web, is going to mean some changes in the way I work. Some of those changes will be for the better (portability, wireless networking, and a bit more speed), but some won't

Simply The Coolest Piece Of Hardware Apple Has Ever Built, Part II - John Siracusa of Ars Technica noted last week that "One of the stated goals of the PowerBook G4 project was to create an 'unreasonably thin' portable computer while retaining all the functionality of a full 'desktop replacement laptop... It's faster and more capable than my desktop computer. It weighs about as much as my keyboard. I want one." Me too

Dialogue on the Ti Powerbook: Are You Kidding Me? - It's usually a bad idea to argue with colleagues. It's even worse when you don't keep quiet about it. But I've got trouble with what some of the other writers here at AppleLust have said about the new PowerBook G4 Ti

After the Dust Settles - The PB G4's Shortcomings - It is very sexy, and it is powerful. But that is not where it stops. After some careful consideration and examination of this new machine and its layout, I have found what I think are some serious flaws with this new portable offering

PowerBook G4 Titanium Burns Bright - The buzz before the Expo suggested Apple had a new laptop in the works, and the question before the keynote became: would it be a jaw-dropping reinvention or just a speed-bump upgrade with improved specs? Make room on the floor for your jaw

CNN 'to switch to PowerBooks - CNN will equip its news teams with PowerBooks as part of its restructuring plan, according to reports

MacWorld Expo San Francisco 2001 Comparing PowerBooks! - It seems that the "Ferrari in Armani" suit have left space to a "rocket in titanium case"...

The new PowerBook G4 - gaming on the go - Its short height, titanium chassis and wide screen certainly make it visually striking, but how does the PowerBook G4 stack up against past offerings when it comes to playing games? The previous generation of "Pismo" PowerBook G3's were surprisingly adept game machines, and the PowerBook G4 is even better

MW Expo: Titanium G4 PowerBook stunner - Apple claims that the Titanium PowerBook G4 outperforms Pentium III-based notebook systems by up to 30 per cent based on 12 commonly used actions in Adobe Photoshop 5.5. Apple also claims that its G4 processor means that the new laptop is 60 per cent faster when working with Final Cut Pro than the old G3 models

Buying a PowerBook G4 - Why am I buying a PowerBook G4 instead of a Cube or Power Mac G4? In a word: portability. WallStreet, Lombard, and Pismo were all attractive, but the screens were too small for the way I work. The titanium PowerBook is Apple's first with a large enough screen (1152x768) to replace the 19" (1152x768) I'm used to at home and nearly replace the 21" (1280x1024) I'm used to at work

Apple's new Power Mac G4s from a gamer's perspective - Now that the dust has settled, we've had time to evaluate the new hardware offerings from the perspective of the Mac gamer. Both systems offer some solid improvements that should be welcome news for gaming enthusiasts -- there's a bit of room for improvement, too

Titanium PowerBook: Simply The Coolest Piece Of Hardware Apple Has Ever Built, Part I - Wow! Last week when I predicted that the PowerBook landscape was about to be radically transformed, I figured that the new 'Book would be pretty cool, but I never anticipated that Apple would fill so many of the items on my wish list, exceeding some of them

Why Buy a PowerBook G4? - Of course no machine made by any company can ever please 100% of the people 100% of the time so I'm going to review both the pros and a few cons of this fine system and at the end tell you if it would be a machine I would buy based on my current computing situation

Three Good Reasons Not to Buy a PowerBook G4 - my heart says, 'Thanks, but no thanks - it just don't feel right.

The Powerbook Titanium's Achilles heel - I think one critical mistake was putting a DVD drive where a CD-RW ought to have gone. Remember when the iMac first came out? Everyone was pretty upset it didn't offer a floppy drive. Now here comes Titanium. And it doesn't have a floppy, a Zip, or even a CD-RW. Is anyone upset? It looks like I'm the only one

MWSF 2001 #1: The G4s Have Landed - Look, I'm a hardened newsman. (Go with me here.) I'm jaded - been doin' the Macworld scene for too long. I'm not one to be bowled over by a computer's looks or anything - I was lukewarm when the iMac came out, I was lukewarm when the iBook came out, I was lukewarm when the Cube came out. But the PowerBook G4 is a very nice looking computer

Titanium Lust Swooning over Apple's sleek new Powerbook, a little guiltily - the object of my current and relatively jaded fancy is of course Apple's brand-new, just released G4 PowerBook, a super-sleek super-thin Titanium-encased 5-pound slice of technological bliss with a huge screen and a whole new design and did I mention it's made of titanium?

The History Behind Apple's Choice of Titanium: International Titanium Association Interviewed - Brian Simpson, Executive Director of the association is both a longtime PowerBook user and PBZone reader. We sent him a few questions and he gave some detailed answers

Reader Report: Apple Systems introduced at Macword SF 2001

Titanium PowerBook: A test of Apple's mettle - One of the biggest things going for the Titanium is value, analysts say, which is something unusual in a Mac notebook. "Something they are doing with this system--and it's something they have not done in the past--is being price sensitive with PCs," Sargent said. "If you compare PowerBook to PC notebooks, the price-performance just hasn't been there." Apple's consumer portable, iBook, comes close, Sargent added. The entry-level Titanium model sells for around $2,600, making it about the cheapest notebook that packs a 15-inch display.

PowerBook G4 Titanium Secrets Revealed - We went out into the show floor and ran into a great Apple employee pretty high up in the engineering efforts for the PowerBook division. Here's all the info we were able to glean

Bad Omens and High Stakes at Macworld With plummeting sales and stacks of unsold Cubes, Jobs & Co. needs a hit at this year's Apple confab. A titanium PowerBook could be it

Drool-worthy: Why you, too, could love the PowerBook G4 Titanium - If you gave us a brand-new Pentium 3 notebook that was less than an inch thick, rated for five hours of battery life, had a screen bigger than John's television set, and was better looking than any other notebook on the market, we would be screaming from our rooftops. So as much as we would like to, we just can't bring ourselves to dismiss the Titanium. But don't expect us to join Barry on his next pilgrimage to Macworld Expo, because the fact is, we're still a bit frightened by the Cult o' Steve.

Powerbook G4 500 vs the PC world - The systems spec'ed out were a Powerbook G4/500, a Dell Latitude C800, a Compaq Armada M700, and an IBM Thinkpad T series