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QuickSilver Central - The Best Power Mac Information From Around The Net!

Page Retired Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Below you will find a list of links relating to Apple's QuickSilver Power Macs. Like our other Information Pages, the QuickSilver Central is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's QuickSilver Power Macs.. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the new Power Macs mail it to us and we will add it

Latest Power Mac News

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The Performance Edge: OS X Runs A Marathon While OS 9 Is Just Finishing Tying Its Shoes - OS X And The Multitasking/Multithreaded Factor - OS X has what is called Preemptive Multitasking. This allows the OS to run multiple tasks from two or more applications at once. The core of the OS acts as a cop giving each application the resources it needs, at any given time. No application is allowed to hog processor time. There is no more waiting for the front-most application to finish its task before background applications can start on their jobs. For example we had three copies of QuickTime, encoding three different files, all at once, under OS X. Try that under OS 9.2 and your computer will say, "thanks but no thanks", as it struggles to work on encoding just one file.

Hands on with the Dual 800 Quicksilver - To sum it up, if you're a heavy duty Photoshop or Final Cut Pro user (which means you're probably still using Mac OS 9.x), the dual processor system is probably the way to go. Ditto if you're planning on buying a system and plan on running the Mac OS X native version of these apps -- and others such as DVD Studio Pro -- when they finally arrive. For the rest of us, the 867MHz system is plenty quick. And we can take that extra thousand bucks, fill 'er up with RAM, and still have change left over for the latest games and goodies.

Macintosh Server G4 available with dual processors - What's the benefit of a dual-processor server? Both Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server have been engineered from the ground up to support symmetric multiprocessing. This means that the server allocates tasks to both processors, which let them do almost as twice as much work in the same amount of time, according to Apple

The Performance Edge: How Much Of A Difference Do Dual Processors Make? It's Mixed - The Dual Processor G4/800 Meets Mac OS 10.1 - As you'll see from the results below, performance of the dual processor machine is really mixed. Converting a QuickTime movie to a DV Stream showed an 80% speed improvement for the dual processor Power Mac. However when encoding the same file using a Sorenson codec, the dual processor machine was slightly slower than the single processor 867 MHz. So we are puzzled why we are getting good results in one instance but poor results in the other

No DVD-RW support planned for SuperDrive just yet - Some folks are wondering if and when Apple will support DVD-RW capabilities in its SuperDrive. Don't look for it in the immediate future

How do the NEW QuickSilver G4 Towers do against the previous models? - Many readers have indicated angst whether to buy the 800MP or 867. Unless you are doing 3D model rendering, you'll need a stopwatch to tell the difference. I chose the 800MP because it has the most speed potential with new OS X aware and MP aware software coming down the pike (like Quake 3 Arena OS X and Photoshop OS X)

How Fast Is Quake 3 Arena 1.30 Beta On The Dual G4/800 Running OS X 10.1? - Graeme Devine was named "Chief Designer" at Id Software in March of 1999. One of his missions has been to modify the code in Quake 3 Arena to take advantage of Power Mac distinctives such as the Velocity Engine, Multiple Processors, and OS X

Quicksilver muscle Macs, flat-display dream machines - Apple lent me a pair of them for evaluation: a Power Mac G4/867 and a Power Mac G4/dual-800 and a 22-inch TFT flat-panel Apple Cinema Display. I know; I know. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it. And so, upon their arrival I put my G4/500 in the closet, and for the past two months have been using one or the other of the Quicksilver models exclusively

The Performance Edge: Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe - A Performance Comparison Of The Quicksilver Dual Processor G4/800 To The G4/733 & G4/867 Power Macs - You will find that in most of the tests below, the 867 MHz Power Mac bests the dual 800 by a small margin. That is because most of our test, like most software under OS 9.2, does not take advantage of dual processors. The exception to this is in our Photoshop tests and CineBench 2000 RayTracing test, where the dual processor machine really comes into its own. OS X is supposed to be built from the ground up to take advantage of dual processors. Once you are running a Carbon or Cocoa application, you should see a significant performance improvement. We will be testing that assumption in the next few weeks

Think Forward: Apple's Entire Product Line Makes PC Magazine's List of 'Forward-Thinking' Computers - Page 152 (the Power Mac G4): "An outstanding example of innovation and ease of use can be found in the Apple PowerMac G4." The feature article adds that the "Apple Power Mac G4 workstations look great and put PCs to shame."

Hands on with the Power Mac G4/867 - In my opinion, the midrange Quicksilver is the perfect desktop Mac for anyone whose needs aren't met by the iMac line. The price is excellent -- especially considering that you get the SuperDrive -- it looks classy, and its performance will be more than sufficient for just about everyone

Quicksilver Tip: How to eject your optical drive without the Apple keyboard - Unfortunately, most third party keyboards don't ship with a Media Eject Key. Fortunately, Apple included a work around. You've got to go on a hunting expedition to find it, though. The fix is a little application called Eject. It ships with Mac OS 9.2.1. I don't think it was included with earlier versions of the Mac OS, but you can correct me if I'm wrong. [Eject This Disk has long been an available Speakable Items script.] Double-click Eject, and presto, your optical drive ejects. Double-click again, and your CD tray slides back into your Mac. Eject also comes as a Control Strip Module

Comments After Seeing All the Current Macs - QuickSilver PowerMacs -- STUNNING! An earlier model G4 machine was standing nearby on a used equipment display, so I could make side-by-side comparisons. Conclusion: anyone who complained about the latest cases being too much like the old ones is a bleeding moron. There is no doubt which one you would prefer to take home with you. None!

Noisy QuickSilvers? - If we were blessed with the funds for or gift of a new Power Macintosh G4 desktop machine, perhaps we could answer the question posed by our headline. Apparently the fans in the new units are noisier than in the past, and already people are talking about fixes

Quicksilver Hits The Streets - Now we've got true DVD-R, clock speeds never heard of in a Macintosh and scads of significant differences. One obvious note is the sleeker look of the enclosure. You can't really call this machine graphite, given the right lighting the thing looks nearly white. Color conscience will note that paneling no longer matches the Apple logos on the back of Apple's very sleek line of all digital displays. That sort of thing will only bother the incredibly picky I imagine.

Apple Speeds Up iMacs and Power Mac G4s - I'm pleased to see Apple continue shipping multiprocessor systems, particularly at processor speeds which keep up with the rest of the Power Mac line. Although multiprocessor support for Macs is still in its infancy, a handful of Mac OS 9 applications support multiprocessing now, including Adobe Premiere and Photoshop, and the just-shipped Digital Performer 3.0. Mac OS X offers multiprocessing capabilities to Mac OS X-native applications, and as more mainstream programs appear for Mac OS X, I'm hoping the potential power of multiprocessor systems will be realized after years of struggle and fleeting support. (Apple's first multiprocessor system was the 9500/180MP in mid-1996, although former clone-maker DayStar had multiprocessor systems on the market earlier).

Current Power Macs

  • M8361LL/A - Dual G4/800
  • M8360LL/A - G4/867
  • M8359LL/A - G4/733

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Additional Resources

Mailing Lists

  • MacintoshGuy: a list for fans and users of the new G4 Power Macs

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MWNY - Apple Releases Updated PowerMac G4 Line - While not an Earth moving improvement, faster G4s are a welcome addition to Apple's lineup. Most of the rumor sites had pegged the top end machine to be a 933MHz model, with a Dual 800 somewhere in the middle. As it turns out the Dual 800MHz machine now holds up Apple's top end. Faster machines will eventually see the light of day, but we are now likely forced to wait until MWSF to see the magical 1GHz barrier broken.

PowerMac G4 Quicksilver - Check out the slick as silver PowerMac G4 "Quicksilver" models from the Apple booth at MW NY 2001.

More Technical Details on QuickSilver Macs - The new PowerMacs do have revised logic boards: "The new logic board, which runs at 133MHz, supportsSDRAM but not the newer, faster (and more expensive) DDR standard." The boards are still based on the previous architecture, however

Apple Dresses/Speeds up PowerMac - Get an in depth look - The new low end PowerMac G4 starts out at the speed of last generation's high end - 733Mhz with a 867Mhz version, and a Dual 800 Mhz PowerMac buy popular demand of the professional Mac users. All models include a 256K on-chip L2 cache, and the 2x800Mhz/867Mhz models include a large 2MB backside Level 3 cache running at one fourth the processor speed. System bus is the same as the previous version running at 133Mhz and taking PC133 RAM. Additionally, Apple has updated its AGP (Advanced Graphic Port) from 2x to 4x, which should increase game play using the All nVidia graphic cards line-up

Ten O'Clock Tech: Apple Buffs Up The Mac - Apple has described the latest iteration of its "pro" line of computers as the "second-generation G4," which seems a tad odd since the name "G4" itself stands for the fourth generation of the Power PC processor chip that is the computer's central brain. Semantics aside, Apple has sent its three latest G4 machines to the gym and given them a face-lift. The result isn't disappointing

MORE POWER, LESS FLOWER The only thing up Apple's sleeve at Mac expo is faster models - Analyst Chris Le Tocq of Guernsey Research said the enhancements add up to "a fairly serious power uptick, the kind of horsepower the professional graphics people always appreciate."

Apple: Machines are more than megahertz - n an October conference call with analysts, Jobs said the company would unveil machines with faster G4 processors in an effort to close the "megahertz gap" with Intel chips during the first half of 2001 and would look to "make substantial progress in the remainder of the year." Although Apple has indeed introduced faster machines, including an 867MHz Power Mac on Wednesday, Intel's chips now run at up to 1.8GHz--or more than double the clock speed of the fastest Mac. Perhaps as a result, Apple is again making the pitch that megahertz doesn't matter and that its machines are still faster at the tasks many people perform

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