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Helping To Point Out The Obvious Advantages Of The Mac In The Most Bias Way

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Below you will find an index of links that have been culled from around the Net, to stories relating to why using Macs is a better choice than other computing platforms. Like our other 'Hub' pages, this one is intended as a one stop launching point to the wealth of information that exists on the Web related to this topic. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the use of Macs from a partisan perspecitve, mail it to us and we will add it.

Apple: Windows Media Player shows anti-standards behavior - Apple Computer Inc. says that Microsoft's Corp.'s release of Windows Media Player 9 yesterday, shows the software giant is still trying to catch up to QuickTime 6, Apple's content creation and media player technology. Apple said the release of Windows Media Player 9 also shows the public how anti-standards Microsoft really is

Redmond's Prices May Cost Gates Dear - Is that a crack I see in the fortress of Redmond? In late August, 2002, Microsoft lost one of the biggest customers for its Office suite of applications. Hewlett-Packard, the world's largest PC manufacturer, is going to yank Office from its Pavilion line of home computers. Office has been usurped by the WordPerfect suite, a longtime rival produced by Canadian software maker Corel. WordPerfect offers most of Office's features -- but for about $100 less, at least in the shrink-wrapped version

NewsFactor: Jaguar Can't Save Apple, Apple All But Forced Out Of Education Market - Point-by-point rebuttals are among my least favorite bits of editorializing, but I am afraid I just can't help myself in this case. This article is truly one of the poorest excuses for journalism I have read in a long time, and NewsFactor deserves to be spanked for it

Microsoft's New Irrelevance - a funny thing happened on the way to a Microsoft-ruled world. Customers stopped obeying the software titan's whims. Instead of upgrading every time a new operating system was released, they began to ask questions. "How will this upgrade help us improve our business processes?" "Will it be worth the money we spend on it?" "Why should we migrate from a relatively stable version to a relatively untested one, with all of the support and training costs that entails?"

Another Retailer to Sell Lindows-Powered PCs - In a brazen touting of its products, Lindows.com said: "The beauty of the Click-N-Run Warehouse is that users do not pay for each application they download. Instead, they enjoy access to hundreds of applications for one $99 dollar price. Computer users at any skill level will find the programs to be diverse and easy to use."

Lindows Ain't Windows - Michael Robertson enjoys picking a fight. Why else would he name his Linux-based operating system package "Lindows"? It's lawsuit bait, and indeed, Microsoft (MSFT) attempted in court to block use of the name (and lost)

Microsoft Says `Office' Program Is Vulnerable to Infiltration - An infiltrator can issue commands to a computer using e-mail or through a Web site, Microsoft said in an e-mailed statement. The weakness also exists in Microsoft's Money program and five products for doing business on computer servers

What Mac Fans Want from Microsoft - Apple users share their thoughts on Redmond's inflated prices, buggy software, and the odd symbiosis that keeps Macs viable

Apple - Switch - Real Stories - We've received thousands of emails from people who have successfully switched from PCs to Macs. Executives. Parents. UNIX users. Students. Researchers. Retirees. Here are some of their true stories. We'll continue to add letters during the coming days

Students Say MS Buys Curriculum - Students at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, upset over a CN$2.3 million partnership fund from Microsoft Canada, have charged that the company is trying to buy its way into the academic curriculum. The corporation had lobbied UW staff to use its C# programming language in a new course before the partnership fund was announced

Apple Second In Customer Satisfaction According To New Study - Though the score is unchanged from a year ago, Apple has increased customer satisfaction since its low points in 1997 and 1998. It also enjoys a fairly high level of customer loyalty

Why Buying a Mac Still Makes Sense - Okay, so you wanna buy a computer, but of course you shouldn't consider a Mac, because obviously Apple's going of out business. I mean, hey, they just killed off licensing the Mac OS so you can't buy cheap clones any more, and rumors of interim CEO Steve Jobs' crazy antics are flooding the net: alienating Motorola and IBM (makers of the chip that's at the heart of the Macintosh computer), fumbling a deal with HP, making a pact with Devil Gates himself. It's all nonsense.

The Branding of Apple: Brands Embody Values - Few companies have proven as successful at branding as Apple, to the point where the Apple logo was reportedly once the sixth most-recognized in the world - an amazing feat for a company that doesn't have even a tenth of the personal computer market.

Arrogance, Thy Name Is Microsoft - Office users are steamed at Gates & Co.'s demand that they register their software. Keep it up, Bill. You make Apple look better every day

Apple, Intel policies win top marks from gay lobby - Of 319 companies reviewed by Human Rights Campaign Foundation of Washington -- which calls itself the nation's biggest gay and lesbian lobby -- Apple, Intel and 11 other companies scored 100 percent

Apple ranked number one in customer support - Consumer Reports recently conducted a survey of its subscribers rating customer satisfaction with repairs and getting help from computer hardware companies. Of the five companies in the survey, Apple ranked number one among Consumer Reports customers

Security expert breaks Windows - A UK security researcher has released a white paper that claims to identify inherent and unfixable flaws in the Windows operating system

Smile When You Say That, Microsoft - we fear that, without the respectability that Microsoft provides, especially in the corporate world, the Mac platform would collapse. And that's pretty tough to swallow. We find ourselves genuflecting to a company that most of us consider a shameless pilferer of Apple innovations -- a company that cleverly marketed those pilferings as its own, usurping Apple's rightful place as the leader in personal computing. Would the Mac platform really collapse without Microsoft's support? I, for one, am skeptical

Report: Windows alternatives sought as confidence drops - Now is the time for Apple to go after Windows users full force, it seems. Though Windows desktop operating systems will remain the dominant client desktop standard "for the foreseeable future," you shouldn't count Mac OS X and Linux out, concludes a new report

Consumer Reports gives Apple good marks - The 17-inch Apple Studio Display is the top rated LCD monitor. The 15-inch flat panel iMac gets a good rating in a section on desktop computers. In fact, the iMac is given its own sidebar story as an "object d'Apple."

Microsoft's Subscription-Software Plan Produces Grumbles - Microsoft's push to convert business customers to a new subscription software plan by Wednesday is causing some customers to abandon its products for cheaper alternatives. Cash-strapped companies and governments are complaining about the insurance-like plan they must purchase now to avoid paying more for software upgrades in the future

Apple seeding - Conventional wisdom holds that Apple Computer (AAPL) will never be able to break beyond its niche of multimedia-savvy users and educational institutions. But the conventional wisdom is wrong. You won't see it in the numbers yet, but Apple's new products and strategies are setting the stage for a strong multi-year growth spurt

Developers aim to give Apple more bite - Apple as a brand and organisation is fighting back, says the organiser of the second annual Macintosh developers' conference in Auckland next month. The South Pacific Mac Developers' Conference at the Albany Events Centre on August 24-25 is expecting up to 60 developers, more than double the 24 who went last year

Apple is the world's 50th best-known brand - according to the annual Most Valuable Brands survey conducted by the world's leading brands consultancy, Interbrand.

What Makes Apple so Delicious - I'd like to make the corollary that Mac users are successful business operators who run reasonably profitable businesses. The Mac test proved effective at InternetWorld when all but a couple of the most valuable eBiz discoveries made were being demonstrated on Macs. ALL of the Mac's I discovered prominently displayed were demonstrating worthwhile small business tools, and each of those Mac users provided software that would run on a Mac. I may have discovered a way to avoid the frustration of finding unusable or overpriced tools at internet trade shows!

Apple woos Windows users - In religion you had Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and the hell-raisers of the Bible belt. In Australian politics it might have been Gough Whitlam, though today's generation is tired of being told that it's time. But nothing really matches the fervour that shines at a Steve Jobs keynote address at the Macworld Expos

Microsoft Mac FUD, Phooey! - This is such a despicable tactic. Microsoft embraced Apple and gave them funding at the height of the antitrust investigation, as a way of sustaining the idea that there was still competition in the market. Now that Apple's back on their feet, and OS X is giving them a run for the money, they pull out of the market. This decision may end up as badly for Microsoft's Office division as Lotus' decision to skip Windows

Move2Mac helps PC users switch - At this week's Macworld Conference, Detto Technologies, a company that makes migration tools, announced Move2Mac, which enables PC users to move personal information from a Windows-based PC to a Mac.

Study of power consumption also finds Macs are cheaper to run - an independent analysis at the University of Liege, Belgium, has shown that Mac systems' significantly lower power consumption also means substantial savings over Windows PC systems

Apple's 'Switcher' stories growing - Apple has published more Switch stories from ex-Wintel users

Dvorak, PCs, and 'Weird' Switchers - the average period of time between Dvorak Mac-bashing articles seems to be about four weeks. Same as a paycheck, if you get my drift. You'd think a guy who depends on a company for his livelihood would be a little more positive about the relationship

Why I Don't Use Microsoft Software: No Need & No Trust - The fact is simple. I don't need Microsoft, and I say this sincerely. In my day-to-day computing needs, the only Microsoft product I use is Entourage. It "unexpectedly quits" on me on a daily basis, and as soon as I return to the States, I'll be making a switch to Eudora, or possibly back to Mail, pending its update in Jaguar

University confirms Gartner findings: Macs are cheaper Æ and less trouble - Here's one we almost overlooked: an IT manager at Melbourne University has confirmed the accuracy of the Gartner study, carried out at that university, which found that Macs were up to 36 percent cheaper to own and run than Windows PCs. What's more, he's specified ways in which Macs are less trouble than the PCs on the university network

MS: Why we can't trust your 'trustworthy' OS - Stung by criticism of its current offerings, Microsoft seems to be pinning its hopes for a truly "trustworthy" operating system on a future version of Windows, code-named Palladium. DonÍt expect to see that OS anytime soon. Palladium is a long-term project that requires not only a new operating system, but new computers as well. How long Microsoft won't say. I'm thinking 2006 or later

Dude, I'm Getting Rid of My Dell - At this point, and in the interest of fair journalism, I should come clean: perhaps I am more than a little bit jealous at having not been selected from among those that wrote Apple with their personal conversion stories. That's right, I am one of the new. I am a rookie. I am still wet behind the ears, as it were. And just as many immigrants are the most patriotic or the newly spiritually converted the most devout, perhaps my enthusiasm for everything Mac was somewhat too much -- too personal, or even too in-your-face -- for the Apple's new campaign.

Apple among companies with 'best coverage' - Wow. What a difference a few years makes. Four years ago, most of the mainstream press didn't report business stories on Apple without using the adjective "beleaguered" and hinting at its impending demise. But now a new study measuring good and bad news coverage about 750 of the largest companies in the world lists Apple among the 10 companies with the best coverage

Digital media: Will Microsoft win again? - A battle is brewing over the future of digital media that could determine whether consumers are locked into formats controlled by Microsoft or have access to more open standards championed by competitors

The secret's out: Mac's cheaper - "We have certainly found Macs are way down on the cost scale compared with Windows machines," Hale says. A major reason is the Mac's relative freedom from viruses, he says

MS to micro-manage your computer - Isn't it ironic that the company responsible for nearly every major computer security problem, virus, and backdoor -- thanks to its poor software development and testing among other factors -- is now heralding its ability to make everything right in a stroke? One might sense this is a manufactured problem resulting from Microsoft's inability to develop effective software in the first place.

Are Macs Really Cheaper To Own? - Gartner's test subject, Melbourne University, uses approximately 5,000 PCs and a similar number of Macs. Claiming that Macs cost the school about US$2000 per year to maintain while PCs rack up about $2500 in maintenance costs, Gartner also said the Macs required less troubleshooting support.

Apple bounces back - Don't look now, but Apple is becoming the most interesting computer company in America. That's a surprising turn, because Apple long ago lost the battle for market share. Fewer than 4 percent of U.S. computer users have a Mac on their desk. But a new vigor seems to be flowing into this once-floundering company

Statistics firms revisit QuickTime counts - Apple Computer is close to vindication in a long-running dispute with Web researchers over the popularity of its QuickTime multimedia technology--a victory that could help speed adoption of new digital video and audio standards

C|Net: Apple Considers Demoing Windows Next To Macs In Apple Stores - We would love to see Apple adopt this strategy. Side-by-side comparisons would do so much for Apple's efforts to bring in new customers from the Dark Side

Comments: "Punish Us and Windows Will Be Even Worse" - At any rate, the assertion that the disclosures sought by the states would make it easier for Windows to be hacked will surely (and unfortunately) have some impact

The Beginning of the End for Microsoft? - Microsoft appeared ready to escape its fate seemingly unscathed, with a settlement that not only would not harm the company but that actually would give it more power. Fortunately, the nine non-settling states and the District of Columbia have a powerful legal team of their own. Now, in the heat of all this distraction, Microsoft's position has been greatly disturbed. For example, the company's attempt to invade the game console industry has met with abysmal results, in my opinion. And the notoriously undefined .NET strategy thus far seems to have been equally unsuccessful

The Goodness Of The Mac And The Difference It Makes - IÍm glad Mr. Vander Wal has seen the light. Reading about his travails with Windows PCs over ten years inspired me to compare his experience with my correspondent ten years using Macs

Compulsory Windows: for Macs, and people without PCs? - Microsoft has come up with another novel way to make its software compulsory - an annual subscription licensing system for schools where you have to pay for all of the computers you're using, even if you don't want them to run the Microsoft software

OtT Permanent Entry - Why have I bought my last Windows-based computer? My problems revolve around the years of headaches of horrible business and technical practices that Microsoft breeds. Their concern is not the customer and their well being, but their pockets. In the 10 years that I have had my own Microsoft OS-based computers (four of them) I have had four complete meltdowns

Apple Harvests the Fruits of Innovation - While PC sales stagnate, Jobs & Co.'s latest wares leap off the shelves. The reason? Computers that are much more than mere appliances

Microsoft to dump Windows? Good idea! Here's why - Whenever I hear Microsoft execs--meaning Bill and Steve--say they'd take Windows off the market if the Nine States prevail in the antitrust case, I want to throw all my support behind the states. Why? As any regular reader of this column could tell you, it's not that I hate Microsoft or Windows. It's just that I like the idea of starting over with a clean slate. Tossing out Windows would give Microsoft a chance to build a real OS for the 21st century, instead of an OS that is still, at its heart, the descendant of MS-DOS

Why We Love Our Macs - I know of no rumor sites for Compaq, Gateway, Dell, or HP. Few message boards discuss the latest Wintel hardware in depth. Only Apple builds computers which capture the imagination of users

Forward Migration: A sailor and a photographer - A couple of Titanium PowerBook computers, a video camera and a satellite telephone are among the essential items on board Kijana, a 16.5-metre yacht that has set off on a two-year voyage around the world

Still More on Living Microsoft Free - My favorite bad PC story is the time that my buddies, all of whom own PCs, decided that they wanted to get all their computers networked together to play MechWarrior. After 8 hours they were still trying to get all the computers to talk on the network, much less play the game

What you see is what they want you to get - Apple says that its computers have appeared in more than 1,500 movies and TV shows. Programs with younger audiences like "Friends" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" like to use Apples, mostly because they have the image of being fun and casual. Companies want their products to appear in movies and on TV shows that attract the kind of people most likely to buy their wares

The Secret of Steve Jobs's Survival - Whenever Apple loses its way, the CEO's inspired innovations help it surge ahead of the PC pack. The latest example: DVD technology

BT to create UK AirPort network - BT plans to launch the UK's first public-access wireless IEEE 802.11b LAN (Local Area Network) Æ the industry-standard used by AppleÍs AirPort technology. Aimed initially at business users, BT hopes to have the service installed in 400 coffee shops, retail and business premises by June 2003, building up to 4,000 sites in mid-2005. The company is already negotiating with Costa Coffee

Does Apple have the magic touch? - -I wish more consumer technology companies would be like Apple Computer. No, I'm not one of those fawning, half-crazed Apple fanatics (OK, maybe just a little bit). It's simply that the company, for all of its considerable problems and quirks, has a knack for making easy-to-use devices that get the gadget gland pumping overtime

Cary lad's education of a different sort - Today, Scandariato runs a company called Intelli Innovations that retails eight Macintosh applications. The company also has developed proprietary software for internal uses at several companies, and Scandariato himself juggles as many as four consulting jobs at a time -- each bringing in $10,000 to $30,000

Mac & PC - We have prepared the following guide for all those who believe in openness and convergence. It aims to catalogue the different solutions that allow Macs and PCs to work together

Killer Apps - Granted, I am not a normal PC user. I have at my disposal at any given time five of the hottest and newest Windows-based laptops and I still use a Windows XP portable computer as my primary PC. However, the Titanium has given me some real reasons to consider making it a more integral part of my computing lifestyle. The new Mac OS X is by far the best windowing operating system on the market today

Mac broadband-satellite launched - Mac-dedicated Internet Service Provider Mac-1 Internet has launched three Mac broadband-satellite packages

Future Boy: The Apple Touch - The company's deep talent lies in making technology that's easy to love -- which is exactly what the digital world needs now

The land of Mac believe - A cult has developed around the look of Apple computers, with multitudes of enthusiasts devoting hours of their time to creating new designs. It is not done for financial gain and few ever expect to see their work used. Designing Macs, it would seem, is its own reward

Microsoft systems vulnerable - Microsoft systems vulnerable - Microsoft Corp., criticized for making software vulnerable to attack, said Friday that critical flaws in its Windows XP operating system, Internet Explorer browser and four other products can be exploited by hackers

Cult of the Mac - Why So Many Mac Fanatics? - Web sites abound with names like MacinTouch, MacMinute, Macinstein and Apple Lust. In fact, so many of these sites exist that no one would fault an uninformed observer for concluding that Apple owns 95 percent of U.S. computer market share, rather than 5 percent. While some refer to this phenomenon as the Cult of the Mac, others call it nothing more than common sense. So, what is it about the Mac that commands such loyalty? An even better question might be, what is Apple doing right?

Breaking Windows - in his book Breaking Windows: How Bill Gates Fumbled the Future of Microsoft, David Bank argues that it was the internal struggles, more than the legal battles, that ultimately undermined MicrosoftÍs reign as digital overlord

Everything is easier on a Mac

Tired of viruses and bugs? Ditch Microsoft - Yes, every software developer ships programs with bugs, but Microsoft has a lead over other companies in this department. And when those buggy programs are needed for mission-critical work, those bugs and security problems can grow into a major headache

Gates red-faced as Microsoft leaves Apple users exposed to hackers - Microsoft has warned Mac users that a security flaw in Office v.X for the OSX operating system could give malicious hackers access to computers on a network.

Apple showcases Amnesty DVD - Apple UK has published a case study examining how human rights organization Amnesty International is using Apple's DVD solutions to communicate its message

Games growing for Mac OS X - You hear it from the Windows press all the time: "There are no games for the Mac and too few business applications." The fact is, members of the Windows press haven't bothered to research the issue; they're just spouting the same old myths. In fact, there are so many games out now and in the works for Mac OS X alone that we need two Mac Advisor columns to round 'em up

Mac big hit with women - study - Published within ICM's Tech Tracker report for November 2001, the Future Purchase Plans section shows 17 per cent of 1,001 respondents may buy a computer in the near future; 14 per cent of these are considering Apple

AOL Sues Microsoft For Strangling Netscape - What took AOL so long? It may be that AOL can do what the DOJ seems unwilling to do, make Microsoft accountable for its actions. It's hard to pick a "good guy" in this suit, but the idea of the two companies focusing their energies on each other is a delightful one

Readers tell why they use Macs, part I - his week we're running excerpts from a small sampling of your letters. If we ran them all in their entirety, it would make "War and Peace" look like a novella

Pundit goes Mac after disastrous XP experience - Windows user and political pundit Andrew Sullivan has recently decided to switch to the Mac after experiencing a disastrous Windows XP upgrade. n a paragraph from his Web site, Sullivan writes: "OK, OK, no more e-mails, please. I'm defecting to Apple this weekend. And to all of you geek snobs: you're right. I'm a total techie loser. Like most bewildered and abandoned consumers of Microsoft's horrible products

Waiting for Windows XP - HOPELESS OPTIMISM must be a fundamental part of human nature, because we want to believe that new operating systems truly represent an improvement on their predecessors. It's easy to point to certain features in a new OS as examples of progress, but end-users often find that a new OS performs like molasses compared to the version they were using. As a result, CTOs wanting to capitalize on the benefits of a new OS may find that new hardware investments are necessary -- and expensive -- requirements. Unfortunately, Microsoft's Windows XP appears to be maintaining that tradition, as indicated by results of independent testing performed by CSA Research and confirmed by our work in the InfoWorld Test Center. Our tests of the multitasking capabilities of Windows XP and Windows 2000 demonstrated that under the same heavy load on identical hardware, Windows 2000 significantly outperformed Windows XP

Windows XP Home: Don't go there - First, Windows XP Home is essentially a downgrade from Windows 2000, gussied up with pretty icons and trimmed out with multimedia features that were mostly present in Windows Me. It is not a viable choice for most professional or laptop users. Though Windows XP's networking capabilities are the best yet, Windows XP Home Edition is deliberately crippled. It can't log on to Windows 2000 domains, which means that you probably can't use it at work - and may not be allowed to, since it can compromise the security of corporate networks

Microsoft Facing Mounting Customer Dissatisfaction Of XP Licensing Scheme - Microsoft's licensing schemes are finally getting noticed by some of its customers as reports spread that they will face significantly higher software costs because of those changes. Microsoft has eliminated existing licensing programs that allowed corporate clients to upgrade on their own schedule and is instead imposing a new corporate licensing program that locks customers into a two year upgrade cycle for which they pay by the year

80,000 Microsoft servers 'disappear' - The impact of Code Red and related viruses such as Nimda has caused over 150,000 IIS-based websites on around 80,000 different machines to disappear from the internet. It has also resulted in the closure of one of the most visible proponents of Microsoft technology for mass hosting. According to the most recent Netcraft web server report, released this week, a significant number of sites running IIS fell off the web during the Code Red crisis.

Study: Windows alternates should be considered for Web - A recent Gartner Group report recommends that businesses that must provide a Web presence should look for a different solution than one based upon Windows products, since patches must be applied almost weekly to correct bugs and security lapses

PC fan has a Mac attack - It wasn't sudden. No epiphany struck me. But for the past few months, a single heretical thought has begun bubbling up from my subconscious, searing long-held beliefs and well-established prejudices: My next computer may be an Apple. I know, I know. Long-time PC aficionados are dropping their DOS disks at the mere suggestion. But I can only say I once was one of you.

Microsoft to me: We're turning off your Office - FRANKLY, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I DID, if anything, to change the configuration of my computer. Nor should it be Microsoft's business if I did. As it stands, I am on an airplane, my original Office disk is 6 miles below and 2,200 miles behind me, and Microsoft has just told me that Office will die if I don't immediately reauthorize my copy.

My Old Flame: The Macintosh - I'm rethinking the Mac as a factor in computing. One simple reason: The Macintosh seems to work.

ConsumerAffairs: Apple Is A "Good Guy," Dell Makes Rogue's Gallery - ConsumerAffairs.com, a Web site dedicated to providing consumers with a wealth of unbiased information regarding products, services, and dealers has listed Apple Computer as one of their "Good Guys." Apple has generally received high customer rankings, and their dedication to service has earned them their high marks. According to ConsumerAffairs.

Getting Windows 2000 To Work Poses a Challenge Windows 2000 Can Be Fussy - More than two months after I first installed the Professional version on my Compaq Armada M300, The Laptop That Wouldn't Run Windows 2000 finally does. All it needed was three teleconferences with Microsoft and Compaq engineers, marketers and PR people; FedEx trips first to one company's labs, then to the other's and ultimately a new motherboard.

Through Eolake's Eyes - The Differences Between Windows and Macs -- Interview with Tim Robertson

Microsoft lacks motivation to change security - he constant inclusion of new features in Microsoft's software, and the bundling of new technologies into Microsoft's OS and application products, have created large, monolithic applications that are impossible to debug for all security vulnerabilities

Why Macs? - Several times in the last couple of months, people have asked me to provide them with reasons ¤ quantitative, measurable reasons why one would choose a Mac over a peecee

Ten reasons why Macs outshine PCs - HERE ARE 10 reasons I think Macs are better than PCs

Why STIMULUS chooses Apple Computer products - Apple Computer understands computers. They use state-of-the-art processors. They create the world's easiest and highly functional operating system. Apple Computer products provide a complete solution

Why Mac users should read PC World magazine - Folks, I am not making this stuff up

Most Hugest Page of Mac Facts - More substantiated facts about the Apple Macintosh than... well, anywhere

Windows95 Annoyances - This page contains a list of annoying "features" of Windows95

List of Applications and Hardware That Run On The Mac.

Mac vs Windows Benchmarks.

PC Fairy Tales

RedHerring Calls Dell An Anti-Technology Company (TMO Spin: What's It Mean To Apple) - Dell is not a technology company. There, we said it. Despite ample evidence to the contrary -- $32 billion in annual sales of computer systems, a Web business that does $30 million in sales a day, and the requisite Nasdaq listing -- calling Dell Computer a technology company is like calling the Bible a good book: it's true in one sense, but completely misses the point

Hot News - AirPort On the Go - Forget the American Express. Don't leave home without your Apple AirPort Card. You can email your boss, get weather reports, book a new flight, forward your presentation, change your hotel reservation, find out who won the game, trade stocks, check the news, see your kid on the Web cam - from your boarding gate, hotel lobby or favorite coffee hangout

Extra applications insulate Apple from IT shakeout - Steve Jobs's baby seems to have survived the worldwide computer consolidation and contraction. While all about them melt and merge, Apple Computer is being given an upbeat rating by IT industry analysts in the United States

Users rip MS license changes - What's the cost of little or no competition? For some Microsoft customers, it's paying as much as 107 percent more for the software they buy in volume

Macintosh Plus Web Server Reaches Milestone - I thought you might be interested in this milestone. My "Macintosh Plus Web Server" will soon have had 50,000 visitors (or may have already passed it by now). It has been up since May 8, 2003 (1998), it's clock was set 5 years forward to demo Y2K with an old Mac. After Y2K, I kept the clock set forward, since the Mac is still 5 years ahead of others

Cube wins spot at Museum of Modern Art - It isn't the first time New York's Museum of Modern Art has featured Apple products, either -- Patton reports that the museum's collection also includes a 1984-vintage Macintosh and a QuickTake digital camera.

Benefits of Mac Ownership - Macintosh computers are elegant and easy to use. You won't mind having the attractive hardware on your desk or in your backpack. But scratch the surface of the Mac, and you'll find the best stuff is inside.

"PCs are Cheaper Than Macs..." - comparing PC boxes to Macs: possible, small initial cost difference, but BIG quality, performance and ease of use differences. [We say "possible", as we have seen several examples where when comparing a Mac to a comparable PC, that the Mac is less expensive. But, for a worst case scenario, let's assume here that the purchase price of the Mac is slightly higher.]

What is it about these stylish computers that has created an almost cult-like following? - "I learned more in a week on my first Mac than I did in a year on my clones,'' Calicura said. "Macs are designed with transparent, easily accessible shortcuts so you don't find yourself getting slowed down by awkward procedures like you do in Windows. The Mac comes to you instead of you having to go to it.''

Moongroup.com: Microsoft should be feared and despised! - "I don't know how many times I've heard Microsoft described as "evil" by Linux zealots and open source supporters (which I am both) and thought, "They're losing it... Microsoft is just a company!" but now I'm forced to agree with them.

No Exciting Software Available For The Mac? More Disinformation And Ignorance From The Dark Side - David Coursey of ZDNet News says that whatever Apple does to close the megahertz gap with the Intel/AMD world will be irrelevant because, as he summarizes, "Today's cool software runs first under Windows and usually only under Windows. Huh? Has this guy ever done any research into what software actually is available for the Mac

Flying High - Tim Meehan's passion is chronicling events and telling people all over the world about them. That's why he never leaves home without his camcorder, PowerBook, and Final Cut Pro software

MS' Ballmer: Linux is communism - although he put Sun and Oracle ahead in terms of being stronger competitors. They of course are 'civilised' competitors - but the Linux crowd, in the world of Prez Steve, are communists.