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The Mac Partisan: Why Choose A Mac? Why The Dell Not ...! - A Resource
Helping To Point Out The Obvious Advantages Of The Mac In The Most Bias Way

Updated: 01/24/03

Below you will find an index of links to stories relating to why using Macs is a better choice than other computing platforms. These stories have been culled from around the Net. Like our other 'Hub' pages, this one is intended as a one stop launching point to the wealth of information that exists on the Web related to this topic. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the use of Macs from a partisan perspecitve, mail it to us and we will add it.

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TBWA Absolut - An older gent enjoying a stroll in London's Hyde Park in the early '80s never expected a six-pound sledgehammer to fly into his path, narrowly missing him. But such was the case when Chiat/Day conducted a casting call to find a heroine capable of throwing the hammer in Apple's epic "1984" ad drama. The potential hazard caused by dozens of models trying to throw the hammer ended when Anya Major, an experienced discus thrower, was discovered at a London health club

IBM looks to arm more PDAs with Linux - to promote the OS. IBM's Microelectronics division announced on Tuesday it will offer a PDA blueprint aimed at fostering the development of new versions of handhelds based on its PowerPC 405LP chip and MontaVista Software's Linux

Is there hope for Java - A judge has ordered Microsoft to make it easy for Sun's popular programming language to work with Windows. But the remedy may be too little, too late

When Bill Gates speaks, look for the devil in the details - That's the frustration of a Microsoft keynote. Their great ideas are only potentially great. Would I buy a SPOTWatch? If the information services are free, absolutely; if "22 degrees and a wind-chill factor incompatible with human life" is going to cost me $3 a month, forget it

Linux vs. Mac: The Pitched Battle for Second Place - Linux works on any old box. Remember all those old PCs that people leave laying around after they've bought a newer, faster one? "Hey, let's try this new Linux thing on that Dell in the basement." Score one for Linux

MS bids to intercept Unix defectors at LinuxWorld - Microsoft Corp is journeying deep into the enemy heartland this week, by opening a stand at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in an attempt to snag wavering Unix users

MIKE WENDLAND: Apple's looks, functions convert this PC devotee - My five-month-old Dell Dimension 8200 system got pushed aside like a jilted lover. What's caused this lifestyle change? I'm a sucker for a pretty interface -- and the way the Mac looks and feels and operates simply seduced me

Mac OS X on 24 - Did anyone see the 14 January episode of Fox's 24?

Apple OS X Team wins award in 4th Annual Wired Rave Awards - Apple was nominated in two categories for The 4th Annual Wired Rave Awards. In the category of "Industrial Designer," The Apple Industrial Design Team was nominated for the iMac

Goldman Sachs: Fear the Penguin - Goldman Sachs believes that the emergence of Linux "will most directly benefit independent PC semiconductor companies (Intel and AMD) and Intel-based server businesses (Dell)." It also will benefit "open" infrastructure software vendors, such as BEA Systems, BMC Software, Oracle and Veritas

Microsoft programmers not getting excited about security - A year after Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates demanded that his company focus on making software secure, the man put in charge of the effort says it's been challenging to get developers excited about a concept long regarded as boring

Where We'll Go in 2003 - By year's end, Microsoft will still have a monster share of the desktop market, but it will have lost ground. Really, that is almost inevitable amid growing resentment of the company and its increasing prices, combined with the availability of solid alternatives

Apple Protests Microsoft/California Settlement In Sharply Worded Statement - Microsoft simply can not let any opportunity slip by that could let the company expand its market share. Some call that good business, but when it is being built on the back of an antitrust settlement, it's just disgusting

The byte from the Apple is rotten at its core - A lot of people really hate Apple Computer. They sneer at their odd-looking computers, and they've got nothing good to say about the Mac's "think different" operating system. What's more, they absolutely detest Steve Jobs. They can't stomach the faded jeans and black turtlenecks he wears for every MacWorld keynote address -- and rarely hesitate to say so. If Jobs addressed the MacWorld Expo in a blue wool Armani suit, they almost certainly wouldn't like that any better

Jaguar: year's best software - Writing for CNN/Money , Brian Clark picks Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) as his favorite software of 2002

Ive nominated 'top designer' - Brit Jonathan Ive, Apple's vice president of industrial design, has been nominated for the first Designer of the Year award, presented by London's Design Museum

REWIND exhibition features Apple products  - Apple’s products are, yet again, on display in a museum! This time, it’s at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

Microsoft plots Macromedia coup against Java - Industry and analyst sources believe Microsoft covets San Francisco, California-based Macromedia's Flash vector graphics design tool and player, which was radically updated this year. Microsoft's own scripting efforts are regarded as relatively inferior to the cross-platform Flash, w

Microsoft ordered to carry Java - issued by Judge J. Frederick Motz in Baltimore is a double-barreled victory for Sun, which won preliminary injunctions on both the order to carry Java and a copyright infringement claim

iMac designer Jonathon Ive finishes third out of four in BBC Newsmaker of Year poll

Company Claims Add-On Will Make Beige PC Monitor "Look Like An Apple iMac" - It's truly bizarre that this company chose to position its product as some sort of faux-iMac. Why not push it for what it is, a monitor attachment that adds rounded corners and a couple of trays to your monitor? Oh, right. Because it wouldn't sell

Pretend you have a Mac; fake iMac faceplate disguises beige Wintel PC - Tiggon Corporation, a Dallas-based designer of cool products for the computer, has introduced ScreenArena, an innovative product that brightens up the boring old PC by making it look like an Apple iMac

BBC Includes Apple's Jonathan Ive In "Culture Newsmakers Of The Year" Poll - We've commented on this before, but it's quite amazing that Mr. Ive gets included not in a category of designers or technology, but rather as a cultural person. Very cool

Apple's QuickTime phones Japan  - Apple's QuickTime is poised to make headway as an audio and video delivery platform for mobile phones in Japan, with new standards-compatible software on its way and a fresh endorsement by leading wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo

Judge says Sun assaulted by Microsoft - A federal judge on Thursday compared Microsoft Corp.'s (NasdaqNM:MSFT - News) treatment of Sun Microsystems Inc. (NasdaqNM:SUNW - News) to the 1994 knee-clubbing of Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan

Worshipping at the Altar of Mac   - Umberto Eco, the Italian semiologist, once famously compared Macs and PCs to the two main branches of the Christian faith: Catholics and Protestants. The Mac is Catholic, he wrote in his back-page column of the Italian news weekly, Espresso, in September 1994. It is "cheerful, friendly, conciliatory, it tells the faithful how they must proceed step by step to reach -- if not the Kingdom of Heaven -- the moment in which their document is

Apple up for two BETT awards - The BETT Awards recognize and reward the creativity, innovation and commitment of an organization or company in developing high-quality and effective educational-ICT resources

Apple: It's the Brand, Stupid - Within this half-baked amateur psychologizing, there lie some half-truths. It is true that Apple was an upstart company in the late 1970s and early 1980s, taking on Big Blue - and winning - at least for a while. But if anyone doubts Apple's technical innovation, one need look no further than the Lisa/Mac GUI.

For Mac Users, It Takes a Village   - Consumer behaviorist Tom O'Guinn thinks the key to Apple's loyalty is the Mac community itself. Apple users are not loyal to Apple per se. They are loyal to Apple and to each other. "It's not just about the relationship to the marketer," he said. "It's a triad between marketer, customer and customer."

Mac Loyalists are sadomasochistic? Hardly. - I found a recent article in ‘Wired’ by Leander Kahney called “Mac Loyalists: Don’t Tread on Us” pretty interesting but somehow off the mark. Especially the comments attributed to Mathew Rothenberg, an editor at Ziff Davis. Rothenberg likens the relationship between Mac users and their Macs to an S&M experience and seems to believe that there needs to be a psychosexual analysis of the Mac Community.

A Smooth Switch with Move2Mac - You're all dressed up, but you don't want to go without all the PC files you have been hoarding ever since you bought your original 4.77 MHz IBM PC back in '81 -- or was it '82? You really can't remember that far back. How do you get all your files from the PC to the Mac? Detto Technologies has recently released a program called Move2Mac that promises to make the move a snap. Does it deliver? We decided to find out

Linux makes inroads against Windows PCs - Could a wily little penguin disrupt Microsoft's desktop empire? The Linux operating system, symbolized by a penguin, has made impressive gains on corporate servers, but so far has failed to crack the desktop market

Microsoft wants your cellphone - The software king has big plans for making the world of mobile phones safe for Windows. Can phone makers, and a little Norwegian company called Opera, stop the onslaught?

MS bug exposes millions to attack - A software bug in a common component of Microsoft Web servers and Internet Explorer could leave millions of servers and home PCs open to attack, security researchers said

Office, Windows Cover Microsoft Divisions' Losses - Mac Office is a small piece of the pie here, but the MacBU's profitability is essential to v.X's long-term health. The MacBU has released some figures previously - probably to prod Apple into some kind of response - but has been wary about revenue figures

Lindows Unleashes Upgraded OS - Renegade software vendor Lindows.com has unleashed its new Linux-based operating system, promising an affordable Linux offering for the mass market that is compatible with Microsoft's Windows file formats.

MS exec rattles sabre, suggests Linux could infringe patents - The CEO of Microsoft Israel has played the FUD card against Linux, raising doubts about the provenance of the intellectual property in the software, and advising potential customers to seek indemnification from the supplier in the event of patent infringement

Microsoft reveals bleeding in four divisions - Xbox, MSN among money drains being carried by Windows

Gates gives $100m to fight HIV, $421m to fight Linux - We do hate to rain on a high-profile corporate love-fest, but we have to point out that in addition to the much trumpeted $100 million Billg has donated to India's fight against HIV, he's funding the Microsoft jihad against Linux to the far more impressive tune of $421 million. That means that Linux is more than four times worse than AIDS to Billg and his happy Redmond family

Is Windows Cheaper Than Linux? - Sure, Linux is unknown territory for most users and many admins. But Microsoft has the annoying habit of changing Windows quite a bit every two years or so

Apple Reclaims the Innovation Lead - With iMacs, iPods, OS X, and more, Jobs & Co. has grabbed the attention of consumers and -- just as important -- software developers

Fighting Microsoft the Open-Source Way - Apple, IBM, and Sun have opened up their software code to the public in their battle against Redmond. It just might work.

The Overachievers: Pixar's Animated Growth - Steve Jobs is not a genius, but he has a virtually untarnished track record for seeing around corners, for conceptualizing and capitalizing on market opportunities that just aren't apparent to others

Linux for the Rest of Us - With the long-awaited emergence of dirt-cheap new applications, the desktop alternative to Microsoft finally has emerged.

The Begrudging Acceptance of Apple - If you've been following the news feed on Mac DevCenter lately, then you've seen stories like Dell to sell iPods , PCWorld rates Apple customer support the best, PCMag says Xserve is an impressive server at a truly reasonable price, and Fortune Magazine says Jaguar is the most impressive new software of the year in its Fall Technology Guide

Steve Jobs named a Chrysler 'Design Champion' - The Chrysler brand is celebrating the achievements of six "Design Champions" -- individuals who have "consistently championed seminal works of architecture and design, and significantly influenced the culture of design in America."

Why Apple Keeps Clicking - Once again, the buzz says its end is nigh. Too bad Jobs & Co. is too busy satisfying consumers to go along with the doomsayers Apple Computer is the Mark Twain of the computer industry. Its death, declared time and again over the years, has been greatly exaggerated

'You're still guilty,' judge in Sun et al antitrust case tells MS - US District Judge J Frederick Motz has rejected a Microsoft attempt to - effectively - have a string of prior convictions expunged from its record. Y

Esquire names Apple's Jonathan Ive to America's "Best and Brightest" list - Jonathan Ive, Apple's vice president of design, is among the 43 innovators Esquire magazine has named to its "Best and Brightest" list

How did Microsoft end up policing Microsoft? - Her conclusion upholds only one substantive point of the plaintiff's case - a technicality - and dismisses the rest of the evidence in such a peremptory and high-handed manner it seems that the good Judge really dealt with the meat of the case in a single day

MS job ad seeks evangelist to 'demolish competition' - Now that pesky antitrust action is out of the way, it's back to business as usual at Microsoft. The kind and gentle convicted monopolist is now seeking a Developer Evangelist who can: "Demolish competition by knowing everything they do and thwarting their every move in the relevant spaces."

PC World: Apple tops in customer support - PC World Magazine reports that, according to info from 29,593 readers, PC support remains shaky and reliability is slipping, but Apple rates higher than any other computer maker regarding desktop systems

Microsoft Scores Sweeping Victory In Antitrust Ruling, Business-As-Usual For The Software Giant - In short, though Microsoft has been found to in fact be a predatory, abusive monopoly by a lower court and an appellate court that upheld those findings, none of those abusive practices have been addressed in the settlement OK'd by Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly. Opening up some APIs is a red herring at best

Microsoft Compares MovieMaker To iMovie, "Innovates" By Adding FireWire Support - There's nothing really new in Microsoft copying features from Apple's software offerings; it's been going on for more than a decade. What chaps our collective hides is the fact that the company introduces these things as new, "dramatic," and even innovative

Apple Mexico reports 25% growth during 2002 - During the fiscal year, Apple has registered 25% growth in Mexico and it expects to grow by another 30% next year based on the establishment of new channels to enlarge its presence in the provinces

Apple Death Knell Counter - Apple Has Been Declared Dead 14 Times Since February, 1996 - We will also be adding a Hall of Buffoonery for those with the most dead-Apple predictions

Torvalds: 'I Was Wrong About Apple' - Founder of the Linux open-source movement, Linus Torvalds, has confessed: he was wrong in predicting the demise of Apple Computer.

Giga Group: Mac Platform Is Heading Into "Obsolescence," Apple Will Be Forced To Intel In 2003 - Continuing its strong tradition of not understanding Apple or the Mac platform, the Giga Information Group has reached a couple of startling conclusions in a report issued today. The report is called IT Trends 2003: Desktop and Mobile PCs (read the full report in PDF), written by Rob Enderle, and is part of a larger study under the umbrella name of IT Trends 2003. The first conclusion is that the Mac platform is all but irrelevant, and heading into "obsolescence," and the second, and just as groundless, claim is that Apple will be "forced" to go to Intel in 2003

Microsoft Can't Even Be Original When It Illegally Advertises - My problem with that campaign is that IBM was using public resources for its own profit, without permits from the cities they attacked, and without compensating the cities or the public for doing so. It's unethical, and immoral, in my never humble opinion, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that Microsoft has ripped off the idea to promote its MSN service. Microsoft can't even be original when it pursues an illegal advertising campaign. That's really sad

Microsoft's Intrusive License Agreement Conflicts With Federal Banking Laws - In a recent Boston Internet.com article, a possible clause in the end user license agreement (EULA) for Microsoft's Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 and Windows XP Service Pack 1 might cause banks to inadvertently break federal laws

Opinions aren't analysis - Since people are getting worked up, I figure let's disect the little rant, and see if we can learn anytihng: Apple is in long-term decline

Apple (UK and Ireland) - Hot News - A Linux User Defects - when I opened up the terminal application and found a perfectly ordinary BSD system under the hood, my joy was complete - I realised that the dream of Unix on the desktop had been realised. It is indeed possible to have the best of both worlds

"iBrotha" Movie Completed: What If Malcom X Evangelized The Mac? - The film's Web site says, "iBrotha is the story of a young man so passionate about Apple Mac computers he turns into Malcolm X to get the machines the respect they deserve. By any means necessary

Big beef: How MS might charge you for security - Word from Microsoft's chief technical officer Craig Mundie that the company "may offer security abilities on a paid basis" makes me wonder: How long will it be until MS sells you only as much--or as little--security as you are willing to pay for?

QuickTime 6 downloads top 25 million - Apple has announced that more than 25 million copies of QuickTime 6 have been downloaded in less than 100 days, demonstrating strong demand for the open standard MPEG-4 format upon which QuickTime 6 is based.

Dan Gillmor's eJournal - Background: Microsoft posted a semi-bogus Web page advertisement (Google cache; the original is gone) featuring a winsome young woman who supposedly switched from a Mac to a PC. The page was entitled "Mac to PC: Mission Accomplished, Convert Thrilled," and was a response to Apple's Switch (from PCs to Macs) campaign. Also typical for Microsoft -- take an Apple idea and clone it. But the ad was semi-bogus

Microsoft "regrets" Mac-to-PC ad - Although the ad appears to be from a "real person," similar to the Apple campaign, Microsoft said it commissioned the posting from a freelance writer who was paid for her work, although the company claims her experience was genuine. Microsoft also said that the photograph of the "convert" was actually a stock photograph.

UC Santa Barbara Bans Windows 2k/NT In Student Dormitories - Hell YES !! - Recently UC Santa Barbara took the extraordinary step of banning Windows 2000 and Windows NT from student dormitories after incidents of viruses, port scanning, and denial of service attacks

QuickTime used in 10 Downing Street series - A new series of articles today from No 10 Downing Street magazine, devoted to the history of Downing Street in London, tells a story about a room at number 10 in each part of the series -- and each has a QuickTime VR movie

Thinking Beyond the Box at Apple - Knowing that ever-faster machines no longer excite buyers, its push to make Macs your "digital hub" makes more sense every day

Lindows vs. Windows: Court Battle Continues - Lindows.com is firing back at Microsoft, claiming "windows" is a generic term for a category of software products

Why MS's new easy-to-use networking hardware stinks - isn't a standard supposed to be something everyone can use? Or is ease of use only for those who buy everything Microsoft tells them to buy?

Apple - Switch - Real Stories - We've received thousands of emails from people who have successfully switched from PCs to Macs. Executives. Parents. UNIX users. Students. Researchers. Retirees. Here are some of their true stories

Shattering the five percent myth - Yes, gentle readers, Apple has more installed personal computers in the world than any other individual computer brand. To phrase that idea in another, totally acceptable and accurate manner: Macintosh is the number one computer in the world. What does that fact do to the "Five Percent Myth?"

Guess Which Computer Is Most Reliable, At Least Down Under... - In the land of kangaroos and koala bears (which aren't really bears, but then, you knew that) users of Macs have a lot to smile about. Computers, in general, can't match the reliability of, say, a brick or a washing machine. Still, The Melbourne Herald Sun reports that our Aussie brothers and sisters say that the humble Macintosh is the most reliable desktop computer, according to the Australian Consumers Association

Fun With Microsoft: Amazing Help Center Drive Wiper - According to the Register, a "malicious Windows XP Help Center request" can silently delete directory contents on any PC. What's more, Microsoft has known about this problem for some time and has issued a fix without even mentioning the trouble

Microsoft Thursday: No Uninstall for Windows Media Player - Read all about it at ZDNet: the latest and much-hyped version of Microsoft's Windows Media Player can't be selectively removed once installed. And this is a beta version, mind you. The only way to get rid of the program is to apply the "System Restore" feature, which may have other consequences for users who have customized their software

Apple Computers - Surely there's no product that enjoys greater customer loyalty than Apple. Apple remains the gold standard in building brand loyalty. Apple users don't just like their machines, they adore them. They are loyal to the core, and rightly so. Very few Macanatics defect to the dread Wintel world and a look at the user reports below tells why

Microsoft's failure to disclose loan may be a violation of the law Microsoft loan to exec revealed - Microsoft may have violated Securities and Exchange regulations by failing to disclose a $15 million loan to former President Richard Belluzzo until after the loan was forgiven, according to securities lawyers

Lindows.com Forges Ahead with HP Printer Pact

Microsoft Exec: Our Products Just Aren't Engineered For Security - "I'm not proud," Valentine said, as he spoke to a crowd of developers here at the company's Windows .Net Server developer conference. "We really haven't done everything we could to protect our customers ... Our products just aren't engineered for security."

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