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The Mac Partisan: Making Fun Of Microsoft (It's Too Easy) And A Poke Or Two At Apple - A Resource
Helping To Point Out The Obvious Advantages Of The Mac In The Most Bias Way
Updated: 11/27/02

Below you will find a list of links that have been culled from around the Net relating to why using Macs is a better choice than other computing platforms. Like our other 'Hub' pages, this one is intended as a one stop launching point. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the use of Macs from a partisan perspecitve, mail it to us and we will add it.  

Segway Human Transporter control panel pays homage to Macintosh - Dean Kamen's Segway Human Transporter has just  gone on sale today at Amazon.com. One picture of the Segway's control panel looks very familiar to us

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American who 'switched' to Canada is worldwide hit - Chicago-born John Bender, a Web site designer who moved to Canada in 1996, is creating an Internet buzz with a parody of Apple Computer's "I switched" television ads. His ads give testimonial to life in his new home and take a backhand swipe at American patriotic fervour.

Wedding saved by Apple's iTunes - When I left for the coast not long ago to attend a wedding, the last thing I thought of was that my Macintosh iBook was going to be part of the wedding party

Shrine: Little IMacs Everywhere  - Like a lot of U.S. immigrants, Brazilian-born photographer Caesar Lima started from scratch when he moved to Los Angeles in 1985. Lima struggled for the first few years but now runs a thriving digital imaging studio, Caesar Photo Design, which he has turned into a shrine to the technology that helped make him successful: Apple computers

No Fish Tale: Swimming in Macs   - Comedian Jay Leno has an iMac aquarium. Steve Jobs reportedly has a couple of them. Timothy Leary had a Mac aquarium, and so did Abbey Hoffman. Wall Street is positively swimming in them: For some reason, they're a favorite gift among stockbrokers and bankers

New PowerBooks And iBooks Recalled. Schiller Missing Contact Lens - In a terrible setback for eager laptop purchasers, Apple announced early this morning that all new PowerBooks and iBooks, released only this week, have been recalled. According to sources at Apple, Senior Vice President for Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller is missing a contact lens and believes it may have fallen into one of the shiny new laptops

'Modders' Can't Leave Macs Alone  - Ever since the first PC rolled off an assembly line decades ago, computer owners have put their own stamp on their machines. In fact, the urge to tinker with hardware has turned into a thriving subculture called computer "modding." However, modifying Apple hardware is nowhere near as common as it is in the Windows PC world. The obvious explanation is that PC boxes are generally ugly and utilitarian

Japan's Growing Mac 'Mod' Squad  - Hayashi, a favorite with Mac owners who want to customize their machines, will paint a traditional Yuzen design on the lid of a PowerBook for about $300. He uses real gold dust suspended in paint, gold leaf and little strips of decorative paper lacquered onto the lid. To drum up business, Hayashi has exhibited at Macworld Tokyo. And he's done a roaring trade

Mac O'Lanterns Light Up Halloween  - In addition to a likeness of Feiss, the pair's Mac O'Lanterns feature Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, New York Times technology columnist David Pogue and the ghost of the "Happy Mac,"

Microsoft Executives Distracted By Fairy Imp - Stung by the company's embarrassingly fake testimonials earlier this week, executives at Microsoft attempted to explain the blunder by complaining that they have recently been distracted by a troublesome imp

Bill Gates Extols upon the superiority of the Mac - Mov file

Microsoft Make-Up - There's a lot of ass-covering going on. The idea that Microsoft published a made-up story about a Mac user who switched to a PC is, to say the least, embarrassing. False testimonials? Total amateur hour. As Dave Winer wrote yesterday: "You'd think Microsoft could at least find one real person to say they made the switch from Mac to Windows and were happy about it."

Dell May Can Steven, Should Apple Try And Get Him To Switch? - ABC News is reporting that Dell may be canning Steven, the Dell Dude (We have a report with more details and a bit of commentary going up at 9:00 AM, Central). With Microsoft pushing its own "Switcher" who worked at an advertising agency hired by Microsoft (see our story on that, as well), it seems like a great idea for Apple to try and see if Ben Curtis, the actor who portrayed Steven, is interested in Switching

MS pulls fake Mac-to-Windows testimonial - As it turns out, the so-called 'user experience' came from a PR rep working for a company retained by Microsoft, not from a full-time freelance writer. Her firm, Wes Rataushk & Associates, had actually devised the advertisement for MS

Switch Blog - Moving to the Apple Macintosh - News about Apple Computer's Switch Campaign, Parodies and Tips for Switching to Macintosh

Microsoft Offers, Then Pulls, Its Own Mac-To-Windows Switcher Story -Microsoft, in its tried and true tradition of copying everything it can from its competitors, has posted its own Mac-to-Windows Switcher story. No, seriously. The company has posted a Switcher story from a freelance writer touting the wonders of Windows XP, but there are a few differences in Microsoft's approach to "Switching."

Webhunter - They knew she was going to star in a TV commercial. But they didn't know she would turn into a pop-culture super chick, with some people calling her a pin-up girl for the stoned generation. In case you missed the fuss, Ellen Feiss is the latest chick-of-the-moment on the Net and everyone wants to know if she is stoned because she kinda looks and talks like she is

Apple Switch Campaign: Hard Time Beating Ellen - Ellen is real. She's offbeat, goofy and so typical it hurts. The campaign, though clever and catchy, is an attempt at boosting brand awareness, in addition to putting forth a direct sales pitch. I admit it. I love the Ellen Feiss ad

Apple Posts New Switch Ads With Hard(er) Hitting Themes - Last week we mentioned that Apple was launching a new Switch campaign this past weekend, and the company has now posted the new Switch commercials at the Switch site Four of them break away from previous commercials in several ways. Each of the four spokespersons offers a specific reason for having Switched, including some harder hitting anti-Windows themes. One ad even goes so far as to actually show something different that one can do with a Mac

New 'Switch' ads on Apple's Web site - Some of the original Switch ads featured folks in creative fields and garnered criticism for "preaching to the converted;" people in those fields who already know the benefit of Macintosh use. Apple seems to have taken the criticism to heart, as the new ads run the gamut from a lawyer to a veterinarian who switched their practices to Macs; a trucking company owner who appreciates the Mac's digital media device support; a software products manager who shows off a family photo album he made with iPhoto; a cop and college professor; and a woman who said she "saved Christmas" with her PowerBook and dad's digital camera

Mac Sightings - Austin Powers, Full Frontal, & The Usual Suspects DVD - Mac Sightings returns with a few Titanium PowerBook cameos in two summer movies, as well as a Mac appearance in a DVD featurette. The svelte PowerBook seems to be the hip choice of the well-known Austin Powers, and of the humble playwright, Arty (in Steven Soderbergh's Full Frontal). Watching the extras on the The Usual Suspects: Special Edition DVD reveals that editor/composer John Ottman uses Macs

The Jaguar Genius Pizza! - The Jaguar Genius Pizza! It started last year, with our OS X Anniversary pizza. Now it's a tradition! We wanted to celebrate the release of Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar in geeky style, with a specially designed ultimate Jaguar Genius pizza! Here's what we did, and how you can make one too...

Honda racing teams aided by Macs - The Honda teams use Macs for all of their data acquisition and setup needs. Titanium PowerBooks accompany them to all of the races, downloading information from sensors all over Hayden's championship Honda, according to team spokesperson

Rev. 2 BlueIce G4 - picture gallery - The progressive stages of the Rev. 2 BlueIce G4 mods click on thumbnails for large pic

Project Coursey Going Well - We thought it would have taken at least a few days to kick in, but faithful viewer The Mod Imposter informs us that ZDNet's David Coursey evidently succumbed to the influence of Reality Distortion Field energy on his very first day of temporary Mac usage

More Commentary On The Anti-Mac "Christian" Web site Hoax - Regarding the recent fundamentalist Christian website hoax, it may be interesting to note that *William Paley* was a historical figure who posited the "watchmaker hypothesis". He argued specifically that the human eye was so perfect that it must have been the result of intelligent design.

Apple promotes 'Godless Darwinism and Communism' - The real operating system hiding under the newest version of the Macintosh operating system (MacOS X) is called... Darwin! That's right, new Macs are based on Darwinism! While they currently don't advertise this fact to consumers, it is well known among the computer elite, who are mostly Atheists and Pagans. Furthermore, the Darwin OS is released under an "Open Source" license, which is just another name for Communism

Wisconsin man kills computer - Police recover sledgehammer from scene of crime A Wisconsin man smashed up a computer in the shop where he bought it after taking it back five times in three months. In a scene reminiscent of Fawlty Towers, the man 'punished' his PC in the shop by hitting it with a sledgehammer.

Apple Employee Fired For Thinking Different - a software analyst and beta-tester at Apple Computer headquarters in Cupertino, was fired Monday for "thinking a little too different."

Use of PCs Could Mean Trouble on '24' - Could computers be the key to who is good and evil on FOX's "24?" Yes, says Wired News, who reports that the show's good guys use Macs, while the bad ones use PCs running Microsoft Windows

Why Bill Gates is Richer than You - A lot of immigrants look up to Bill Gates as proof that the American Dream is achievable by anyone. They don't seem to realize that William Henry Gates III comes from one of the wealthiest families in the Pacific Northwes

Microsoft Acquires Monopoly - Microsoft announced yesterday that it has acquired Parker Brothers, Inc. for an undisclosed sum. Parker Brothers holds rights to the Monopoly board game and associated merchandise. A Microsoft spokesperson said, "Microsoft plans to produce a computer-based version of Monopoly¨ called MS-Monopoly

Welcome to Larry Brash's Microsoft & Bill Gates Jokes - Here are 42 pages of great Micro$oft and Bill Gates humour, more than 80 jokes (new ones and classics), clever quotes, funny images, anagrams, acronyms, animations, cheeky javascripts and lots of links

Why Do I Prefer Macs? Why Ask Why? - Hands exploded into the light, reaching for me. "Why you Mac lovin' freak!" I leaned back in my chair, just beyond the grasping, claw-like fingers, and chuckled softly. The owner of the hands scrambled forward, trying desperately to clutch me, his unseen mouth spewing incoherent curses and spittle, the table shook violently, as if it had come to life, but I continued to smile.

CASE SETTLED: JUSTICE TO BREAK UP APPLE FOR TURNING MICROSOFT INTO MONOPOLY - Microsoft and the U.S. Justice Department Friday announced a settlement in their landmark anti-trust case that calls for the break up of Apple Computer, as both sides agreed Apple's history of "self-inflicted, anti-competitive" management practices is primarily to blame for turning Microsoft into an illegal monopoly.

Mac Sightings - Is That A Mac Featured On A Microsoft Xbox Page? (With Pics) - Some things are just too perfect for words, but we are going to try and do justice to this item anyway. If you were Microsoft, where would you turn for the best industrial design work while developing your new console gaming system? Well, we would have turned to a company like frog design, but at the very least, you would of course turn to someone who works on a... a Mac?

Web Site Offers "Microsloth Monopoly XP" T-Shirt - Electric Escape sells Mac shirts, gaming shirts, robot shirts (seriously), and some other shirts, and the site has added a "Microsloth Monopoly XP" t-shirt

A Little Fun At Intel's Expense: Intel Makes Bogus Claim - Someone at Intel goofed. We all goof at sometime or another, but because this is Intel, we are going to have a bit of fun with the mistake. On the company's Web site, Intel claims that the Pentium 4 makes it possible to create MP3s at a *higher quality* than the Pentium 3

A MACWORLD Keynote Is The Epitome Of Decorum Compared To A Microsoft Rally (With Pics & Video) - Observer "mambamac" alerted us to a link at The Register containing hilarious QuickTime footage of M$ CEO Steve Ballmer doing an ugly imitation of "Thade" from Tim Burton's "Planet of the Apes."

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Breakup Microsoft.org - "It seems clear that it will be very hard to increase browser market share on the merits of IE 4 alone. It will be more important to leverage the OS asset to make people use IE instead of Navigator." -Microsoft manager Christian Wildfeuer (from an internal memo dated February 24, 1997).

Apple Ads Web Page - Macworld Expo New York brought us many exciting new products to talk about. And what goes along with new product announcements? Why, new ads of course!

The Freedom To Innovate? What A Load Of Bull! - Microsoft wanted to settle the case with the DOJ, with one caveat. That caveat was repeated even more often than their being willing to settle, and it was that they had to preserve their freedom to innovate. There is no doubt that many of the Microsoft drones out there buy this load of crap, perhaps millions of people even, but it doesn't change reality.

Ballmer Bombs on Keynote - Speaking to an audience that he said was the "most sophisticated in the world," Ballmer compared the upcoming changes in Internet technology to a hockey stick

The Rare Glitch Project: The legendary search for a stable version of Windows

Celebrity Handwriting Samples: What does Handwriting Analysis reveal about Bill Gates?

Spanking the Behemoth Go ahead, just try and portray Microsoft as the victimized innovator - What they fail to mention is how almost every major Microsoft product, from Windows to Internet Explorer to MSN, is either bought, borrowed, or stolen outright, in full view

We All Have A Little Mac Inside Us - A compilation of famous Mac users

The Apple Collection - We have 5'429 pictures

MacRocks.com - Macintosh, Music & Sound for all who Rock Different!

The Borg vs. Microsoft - "...Resistance is Futile..."

The Mac Gallery - The Mac Gallery provides the web's largest (over 630) collection of Apple Macintosh images.

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