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Undressing the eMac Reveals A Starkly, Naked Beauty, That Grows Richer Over Time - A Pictorial Review

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

by David Engstrom

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It appears that Apple's 17" eMac has been a good seller for Apple. First released only to the education market, this G4/700 MHz computer, was opened up for purchase to the general public only a few

months later. There is a certain dignity and elegance to the machine but it lacks the immediate warmth of some of Apple's other offerings.

However the more you work with it, the more appreciative you become of the simple lines of the design. I just came back from Yosemite National Park and this machine reminds me, in a way, of El Capitan. You are a little awestruck by a massive, yet stark beauty of both items, and it takes a while to take their measure ... to come to terms with them. After the ice has broken and you know them better, you are rewarded with a richer relationship.

On to the pictorial ...

A picture of Saturn on the side of the eMac box is very appropriate. Saturn is one of our largest planets and the eMac is one of the bulkiest, and definitely the heaviest Mac in Apple's stable. The eMac does not have a handle built into is body, and lugging its 50 some odd pounds around the house, will negate any need to head for the gym

Click on picture for larger version

It is All about white man! Like the G4 iMac, Apple has turned its back on Multi-Colorism. A white on white optical mouse and keyboard are part of the machines accoutrements

Click on picture for larger version

The eMac in its chrysalis ... about to spread its wings

Click on picture for larger version

Ok, this is it. The whole kit and caboodle that you will have shelled out about a thousand bucks for

Click on picture for larger version


It almost looks like this could be a flat panel display from this angle. Actually the eMac is quite deep, 17 inches or so. The screen size, in a happy coincidence, is also 17" (16" in actual diagonal viewing area)

Click on picture for larger version

The eMac took its design from the last available CTR monitor from Apple.

Click on picture for larger version


Looking down on the eMac ... literally, not figuratively

Click on picture for larger version

Down and from the back. Nice clean lines makes what is a rather plain computer, quiet elegant

Click on picture for larger version

Looking at the eMac from the back, and below. The ring of holes that cut through the body of the machine are for air circulation. The computer and its monitor throw off a lot of heat which is exhaled through the back. At the bottom of the ring you can see the fan peeking through (also white by the way).

Click on picture for larger version

From the bottom you can see the metal compartment cover. Underneath the cover you will find the two RAM slots. The eMac can take up to 1 GB of RAM

Click on picture for larger version

All fired up and ready to go.

Click on picture for larger version


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